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[ September 24, 2017 ]

Australia: Muslim boys gang-rape 12-year-old girl in Sydney park

[ September 23, 2017 ]

FATWA! Hunted in America: Pamela Geller’s New Book from Milo’s Dangerous Publishing House

[ September 23, 2017 ]

YOUTUBE Suspends, Deletes Pamela Geller’s Account

[ September 23, 2017 ]

FATWA: Hunted in America #1 New Release in Libertarianism, #1 Release in Political Freedom

[ September 23, 2017 ]

Berkeley Cancels Free Speech Week: Casus Belli

[ September 23, 2017 ]

Napolitano: Berkeley “Free Speech Week” to feature “controversial and noxious ideas”

[ September 23, 2017 ]

Canada: Muslim bus driver charged with sexually assaulting 15-year-old disabled girl

[ September 23, 2017 ]

Oklahoma Muslim: “I felt oppressed so I beheaded her…That’s what Allah said in the Quran”

[ September 22, 2017 ]

A Stella Open Thread

[ September 22, 2017 ]

Vanity Fair: “Milo Yiannopoulos’s Fyre-Festival Free Speech Week Is Canceled, Says Everyone but Milo”

Germany: Govt ordered CCTV VIDEOS of Cologne MASS SEX ATTACKS ERASED


For weeks I have been asking, where are the videos? Now we know. The iron hand of Merkel erased them. The German people have no shot at overcoming this invasion unless they rebel. Merkel’s war is a stealth nazism — importing a hostile army by the millions. There is no law and order if the government destroys evidence — evidence of mass crimes against law-abiding citizens. Attacks against young girls.

When a nation abandons its women and children, as Germany did on New Year’s Eve, and covers it up as the UK did when it ignored the thousands of Muslim child sex gangs raping and trafficking in young, non-Muslim British girls, that country is finished.

Young girls are the future of any nation. Warriors may defend a nation, but it’s the women who give birth to them.

German admin ordered CCTV of Cologne attack, erased

The discussion was on Polish state TV’s TVP Info channel- in the “Po przecinku” (“After the comma”) program, shown on 9 January 2016.

The guests were Dr Magdalena El Ghamari, an expert on terrorism from Białystok university and Dr Ryszard Żółtaniecki, a sociologist and former diplomat.



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It's Geller's tell all, her story - and it's every story.
It's what happens when you stand for freedom today.
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  • Gidon Hackmi

    europe. where are you going?

    • freebird

      Where our traitor goverment is taking us:

      this will be our way but the times they are changing:

      • Keith

        I wonder where the police were, looks like the cenrte of Manchester maybe they were chasing some little old lady who had criticised Islam or some father trying to get his daughter back from a muslim rape gang

    • libsarescum

      To a third world muslim cesspool

  • forbesofindy


    EXPANDED BIO: Angela Merkel was born
    Angela Dorothea Kasner in Hamburg on 17. July 1954, the daughter of Horst
    Kasner, a Lutheran pastor and possible Communist sympathizer and wife, Herlind
    Jentzsch, a Communist and member of the Social Democratic Party of Germany.

    Merkel was educated in East Germany
    and the leader of the official, Communist-led youth movement Free German Youth
    (FDJ) (*very unpopular among East Germans) thus well-schooled in Bolsheviks
    Marx, Lenin and Trotsky (Lev Bronstein). A biography of Merkel read that she
    was “a supreme and very visible Young Communist official in East Germany,
    responsible for propaganda and agitation.”

    Beyond leading the Young Communist
    League, Merkel also held high rank in the Sozialistische Einheitspartei
    Deutschland (SED), (*Under the control of USSR President Leonid Ilyich
    Brezhnev). Seen as a hard line Communist) which was the leading
    Marxist-Leninist party of East Germany. Members of this party enjoyed ‘special
    privileges’ denied to ethnic Germans in East Germany after WWII. For example
    only closely trusted members of the Communist party (SED) were allowed to
    travel to western countries and Merkel often traveled to West Germany and other
    Western Nations.



    • sfcmac

      Where’s the link to the expanded bio?

    • Just Visiting

      That explains everything. Thanks.

    • Tina

      Thank you for this info.

  • overboosted

    Obama and the democrats want us to be like the Europeans, and it has been a slow, but steady decline into Euro style socialism and open borders.

  • FL_BigFoot

    You get the government you deserve…

    • JSebastian

      Not true at all. Some people do. Most do not.

      • FL_BigFoot

        If you don’t stand up to your government, then you deserve whatever comes your way.

        • Keith

          You can stand up to them and try and educate them but you can not make them listen. I have tried with my MP but he has steadfastly refused to take any notice of anything I have told him face to face at an appointment I had with him, even though he assured me he would look at the information that I left him with and let me know what he thought about it. That was back in July 15, since then the sound of silence.
          During the election campaign last year one of the candidates knocked on my door and asked me what I thought about things, so I asked her what she thought about that vile hate filled pedophillic misogynistic religion called Islam (Yes I could have worded it better as I knew she was a Liberal Democrat) I was called a racist bigot as she knows lots of muslims who are wonderful people.
          I have emailed news programs about them letting muslims bleat on about how peaceful Islam is without any challenge to them whilst any one who points out the truth about Islams hate filled books is ignored or is interviewed but only at the same time as an Islamic apologist to “set the record straight”.
          Tommy Robinson the leader and founder of the English Defence League was arrested and imprisoned whilst Anjem Choudhury and other Islamic hate preachers are allowed to spout their hate speech unmolested. Even Mr Weston was arrested for quoting Sir Winston Churchill about Islam.

          It is not easy to stand up to them. As my wife has long term health conditions and I am her carer I can not afford to take chances on being involved in demonstrations against the governments chosen and favourite minority no matter how vile they are. I will do what I can.

      • Daniel Burke

        Most people do. That’s how it works. Most people voted the bitch in.

  • JSebastian

    She needs to die. If I had a billion dollars she’d be dead already.

    • correcht

      You are a waste of the spark of life

      • r1ckJames

        So you support what she is doing to Germany?

        • correcht

          Sorry, because of the position of your post(towards left margin) I thot u meant Pamela Geller

    • joker

      That does not need a billion dollar just get a gun or a knife and get close to her as a refugee, make a last selfie. Job done.

  • Jonah

    This ‘scrubbing’ happens in America as well. Seems the terrorist jihadis always have their social media disappear.

    • rhondakelly07

      Biggest problem in The world is media hides Illegals, Drug Cartel. Blacks , Musliums crimes. It won’t put picture up so they get away with killing. It’s racist to show a killers face.

      • Luiza

        Unless it’s a crazy white dude! Then it’s fine.

  • StanS

    Achtung meinem Führer will die Bänder gelöscht.
    Löschen sie alle. JETZT!
    Hagel Hitler! lebe Hitler-Merkel!

    Attention my leader wants the tapes erased.
    Erase them all. NOW!
    Hail Hitler! Long live Hitler-Merkel!

    • Khorne

      Well almost. Google translation is not very precise…

  • CWS

    Well that’s really going the extra mile…

    • Bamaguje

      Now they’ve destroyed the video evidence, the next step is to deny it ever happened… give it a few years.
      Remember how America’s lamestream media refused to cover NJ Muslims jubilating in support of 9/11 attacks… then when Trump recently mentioned it, the lamestream media denied it ever happened and condemned the Donald.

  • Rocinante44

    is there any doubt left that merkel is a muslim whose mission is to hand germany over to the muslims?

    • Mahou Shoujo

      None whatsoever.

  • Yitzhak

    Ah Jeez…crud upon crud upon Islamic crud
    The never-ending gift of the cult of the prophet

  • Bob Smith

    Isn’t the first thing criminals do is to delete the evidence so they can’t be prosecuted? Even Hillery deleted many of her emails.

  • Merkel is a traitor. Period.

    • Don Grantham

      Merkel must be erased. SOON

      • Pray Hard

        My bet is that Muslims will assassinate her before year’s end.

    • Phil McDonald

      Easier for Saudi to purchase Germany, Merkel the agent.

      • Wasn’t Angel Merkel once a big wig in the Communist Party?

        • Tina

          Yes. Another person posted this info which I saved:


          EXPANDED BIO: Angela Merkel was born Angela Dorothea Kasner in Hamburg on 17. July 1954, the daughter of Horst Kasner, a Lutheran pastor and possible Communist sympathizer and wife, Herlind Jentzsch, a Communist and member of the Social Democratic Party of Germany.

          Merkel was educated in East Germany and the leader of
          the official, Communist-led youth movement Free German Youth

          (FDJ) (*very unpopular among East Germans) thus well-schooled in Bolsheviks

          Marx, Lenin and Trotsky (Lev Bronstein). A biography of Merkel read that she was “a supreme and
          very visible Young Communist official in East Germany,
          responsible for propaganda and agitation.”

          Beyond leading the Young Communist League, Merkel also
          held high rank in the Sozialistische Einheitspartei
          Deutschland (SED), (*Under the control of USSR President Leonid Ilyich Brezhnev). Seen as a hard line Communist) which was the leading Marxist-Leninist party of East Germany. Members of this party enjoyed ‘special
          privileges’ denied to ethnic Germans in East Germany after WWII. For example only closely trusted members of the Communist party (SED) were allowed to travel to western countries and Merkel often traveled to West Germany and other Western Nations.



          • Arctic_Fox

            Sooooo Merkel was about 35, 36 or so when DDR collapsed in 1990. All through her life to 1990, no one in DDR achieved any sort of success without being a reliable Communist. Think of, say, Katarina Witt… who toed hardline Communist ideology even as she made her name as an ice skater. Merkel drank deeply from the Marxian-Leninist-Soviet well.

    • Jack

      The question now is how much time will pass by before the average German bands together to throwMerkel out of office and out of Germany

      • Andrew Rourke

        PEGIDA movements here in Germany are joining up together with GB, Poland, Switzerland, Austria, Hungary and others.

        • Jack

          It is good to hear that a segment of society is awake&attuned to what is taking place. What I still don’t comprehend is what is in it for the leaders of Europe& The USA other than a ‘morality’ “feel good” out of guilt without the realization they committing National Suicide and creating justified panic and chaos amongst their own people. All I can say is don’t reduce yourself to their savagery. There are 1001 ways achieve your shared goals. We are trying to prevent it before the fact over here.

          • Marcella Pierce

            It is not out of a sense of ‘morality’ that our governments take in these invaders. It is more the World Caliphate (or One World Order), whereby all of the governmental officials will become rich and protected, that the government is not only allowing it, but are instrumental in it.

            Millions of Americans are being divided into several groups right now.

            1) Those that actually believe there is a humanitarian effort in helping the ‘refugees’

            2) Those that are too afraid to accept that our government would do anything that would hurt it’s people.

            3) Those that would rather not see what’s going on because they live a cushier life and don’t want to be bothered with having to fight to keep it.

            4) Those that would rather not see the danger because they are either struggling just to survive themselves.

            5) Those that are saying no to the ‘refugees’ because there are just not enough resources to even take care of natural born Americans.

            6) Those that see what is truly happening to the world through the eyes of the world (what’s not only happening with terrorist events in the USA, but also in other countries around the world, and what has happened already to the countries already conquered) but are afraid to speak and act out against it because they fear being ridiculed.

            7) Those, like me, who see it happening, and ARE doing something about it by speaking out and informing people through actual information gained by statistics sites and world percentage maps, as well as timelines involving the spread of Islam, and it’s actions through the 3 stages of Jihad.

            The danger is real. It needs to be stopped. People need to see it before they will act upon it.

          • Nancy

            I agree, and it is scary…We have not been through anything like this before. History repeats it’s self……I am involved, and have been since 08..I do believe people see what is happening. I just pray it is not to late. GOD bless America

          • Patricia

            I understand your grievances Nancy however, why should God bless America?

            Our nation is guilty of throwing God Almighty out of every school across the Homeland and yet the Congress opens each session with a prayer, major hypocrisy. Those opening prayers do little if anything to bring our lawmakers together in a spirit of brotherly love. Pure BS.

            Our nation is guilty of aborting 55 Million+ future taxpayers, culture contributors and potential good citizens.

            Our nation is guilty of promoting Sodom & Gomorrah lifestyles. If that wasn’t bad enough, our President then bathes the White Mosque in the rainbow flag colors celebrating gay marriage, which the SCOTUS passed!

            Our nation’s alleged leadership has redefined LYING, elevating the NINTH COMMANDMENT to an art form. Parsing words much like Bill Clinton still does. Then they have the gall to look you straight in the eye and continue to dance around the truth, like some soap opera star.

            Our Congress, both houses, have lost their spines and their testes/ovaries. Refusing or too frightened to MAN THE HELL UP and make the changes that Americans are calling, emailing, writing letters, and tweeting about.

            There’s more, but this is already too long, we’re also sick of the hashing and re-hashing of conditions that should have been dealt with YEARS ago.

            I don’t take any pleasure in saying this but, America IS Babylon and we will fall and KNOW HIS WRATH!

          • Jack

            It saddens me greatly that I cannot disagree with anything that you’ve written I tweet, email etc and at times feel I’m wasting my time until I come accross a writing like yours. So I’ve discovered that there are many angry people out there and the biggest reason both parties smile and ignore us. They are not representative of the People and their shortsightedness is threatening all of us. Since Obama became POTUS his determination to ruin this Nation and change it to something it was never intended tone sent us sliding down the Mountain.

          • Strac5

            Spoken like a true anti-American.

          • IzlamIsTyranny

            Yeah let’s all take the moral high ground WRT islamic-nazism. The Christians of Lebanon took that moral high ground, as did the Hindus and Buddhists who used to inhabit Afghanistan. There are no Hindus or Buddhists in Afghanistan anymore and Lebanon’s Christian population is shrinking annually.

          • Jack

            We have been One People 4000 years the oldest.. Each Generation there arises a group of People determined to destroy us and yet we are still here and they have gone to the abyss. As far as your wholesale murder of Christians, we Jews are Very much aware of the Barbarism and savagery you direct against us the Christians, Druze, fellow Muslims seeking only peace , Zoastrians , Circasians and every other non-believer. The strength of your Jihad will disappear and you will be once again

      • munchenfez

        We wish yesterday. Bitch is safe until next year unless there is a revolt of some kind.

    • John Galt

      Merkel declared total war to German natives. Our political “elite” and leftist media fraternise with her. Every opposition is suppressed, “ANTIFA” plunders and knocks people around. Civil war is in sight.

  • Mahou Shoujo

    By destroying evidence, the german police and government are, in essence, admitting there would have been sufficient evidence to force them to do their jobs and arrest know and photographed criminals. But, as with every other incident of government criminal insanity, like good german sheep, the citizens will beat politely, then wait for their balls to be cut off while being fleeced.

    • Luiza

      You cannot prosecute the gov’t for war crimes if you erase all evidence of the crime. Citizens are being slaughtered all over Germany. The police are not reporting it, the media is not reporting it. Those families want reparations. They cannot hold Merkel responsible for something she can make disappear. “What crimes? We didn’t have any crimes? What Moslem invaders? They didn’t hurt a fly. You’re a racist.”

      • Mahou Shoujo

        Perhaps a review of the neighbours actions, specifically France, is in order. The France revolution had a lot to do with an arrogant, ignorant, government oppressing the people until they had enough. How much is enough for germany?

        • Luiza

          If I thought the women of Germany were willing to take down Merkel a la “Storming of the Bastille-style” I would fly there and help them cut off her head myself. But when all I see are videos of them giving roses to rapists, I don’t have much hope of them coming to their senses.

          • Mahou Shoujo

            There is a problem germans intellect has regressed to the point of abject stupidity. They don’t know what they want, nor do they know what they don’t want. Truly a befuddled nation.

          • Andrew Rourke

            It´s called civilization

          • Mahou Shoujo

            Germany used to be relatively civilized, but then, so did various other societies that peaked, then hit the skids after a few generations of brilliance.

          • Andrew Rourke

            Germany is about three hundred years ahead of Islamic nations and always will be. Hell Muslims want to insert Sharia (god´s law) and continue their culture from the Middle Ages. Pedophilia, Mysogyny, Genocide etc.

          • Mahou Shoujo

            Germany, as does the european union, are very comfortable with regressing 1400 years as islam demands. The actions of europeans is clear acceptance of islam, with few dissenters, bit not enough to influence anything.

    • Julain Farmer

      Accessories after the fact too.

      • Mahou Shoujo

        There is some major house cleaning required in the german government and police. It would’t hurt to educate the enabling socialists on the cost of their traitorous ignorance either.

    • Andrew Rourke

      Just about all German Police are more interested in keeping their jobs than enforcing the law. Their subordinancy makes them curruptable. It´s always been that way here. They are afraid of the real criminals. Merkel´s system is fascist. She spares the criminals and criminalises the political opposition.

      • Mahou Shoujo

        Merkel and the german government are either remarkably, clinically criminally insane, or bribed to act against the interests wellbeing of europe. No one in their right mind, or not getting paid to do so, would commit the treason germany is committing on itself and europe.

        • Andrew Rourke

          Merkel´s coalition partner the CSU has threatened to bring Merkel´s party in front the Supreme Court if they continue to ignore the constitution, the laws with other EU countries and place a limit on refigees allowed into Germany. Although one refugee costs an average of 1600 € / Month the German people are going to pay dearly for Merkel´s solution to the so-called demographic problem.

          • Mahou Shoujo

            This is an adaptation of the old U.n, “north south” dialogue or something like that, which was a wealth equalization scheme wherein wealthy nations would give their wealth to the indolent ones, thereby dragging everyone down to third world conditions. That is where europe is headed, on the fast track, today.

          • Andrew Rourke

            Why give? Why not let them earn their way out themselves?

          • Mahou Shoujo

            Because that is insensitive. It is necessary for those who worked for their wealth, to be made feel guilty, then give it to the indolent who are too stupid and lazy to work, all in the name of progressive socialist multiculturalism.

          • Andrew Rourke

            I couldn´t have put it any clearer myself!

          • Mahou Shoujo

            Give it a try, everything can be improved on.

          • Ron Cole

            Almost everything.

          • Andrew Rourke

            That´s the German mentality and now all they have is bureaucracy.

          • Mahou Shoujo

            Unfortunately it is becoming increasingly influenced by shari’a.

      • IzlamIsTyranny

        Your position WRT Germanistan’s police force can easily be extended to include just about any of the dying western democracies in the world today.

        • Andrew Rourke

          Democracy is dying? I didn´t know that.

  • Voytek Gagalka

    Allahists invasion continues, accommodated by EU elites. Thanks that at least from Polish News in Europe one can learn the truth!

    • Mahou Shoujo

      It is up to countries behind the former iron curtain to defend freedom and democracy from islam and its subhuman tyranny. Russia and China will, if they haven’t already, replaced the United States as upholder of freedom against islam.

  • Nk

    Can someone explain what the benefit is to Merkel to allow her country to turn into a cesspool where no one is safe? I don’t get it.

    • Mahou Shoujo

      The geman government has been well bribed, they merely have to bark at the sheep for a while, once there are enough muslims in germany, they can take their bribe money to somewhere like Argentina, and live a happy islam free existence. Why would they care about germany, its all about them, Follow the money.

      • Countryboy


      • peanut

        Merkel bought a huge plantation in Paraguay.

        • joker

          Well Paraguay was a favourite spot for hanging out as a ex-Nazi. Or better a Nazi on the run

          • emilia sanguine

            Germany would be far better off if Hitler had won. This would NOT be happening.


          • Marcella Pierce

            Hitler was actually in league with the Muslims. It was the Muslims Hitler sent Jews to. When the Muslims no longer wanted anymore, they then told Hitler he would be better off killing them. Hitler even had Muslim military helping him.

            Just google it, you will find it.

          • emilia sanguine

            That does not mean that he would tolerate what is happening in Germany now.

          • Marcella Pierce

            I agree. He would realize that he would have been a target too once the Muslims had their way.

        • Mahou Shoujo

          Now all she has to do is get there.

          • Tina

            I hope she takes a detour through HELL!!

          • Mahou Shoujo

            She has turned germany into precisely that.

        • Mahou Shoujo

          She won’t be hiring muslims to work on it, that is for sure.

    • TimmyH

      She’s a Globalist, and all Globalists believe in open borders, despise nationalism, want a fascist world government. They intend to burn the west down, establish world tyranny, and kill billions while they retreat to their bunkers or Dubai mansions. Merkel hates Germany, she is a sick creature.

      • freebird

        I think you make it to easy.
        We are now in global communication and that is good. Enemy´s of freedom are everywhere the same. No education, censor of different opinion and the worst of it “kill them”.
        Merkel and Co. try to prevent this fight without success, There is one side who thinks they can hit us but they will eat fire. Merkel have reach out her hands but (as woman) she have listen more to her feelings then to her reason (if she had one).
        Merkel – is the stupid believing in human equality without proof.

      • Pray Hard

        Neither bunkers nor Dubai mansions will save them. Such will become their coffins.

    • Shafiq Islam

      I think their perverse rationale is to import low-wage workers who will vote for her party. Of course most of those people will never work and many will commit crimes which harm the German people and cost a lot of money. She’s aided and abetted by well meaning people who make unfounded assumptions about the character of the people they are admitting.

    • levinbabbleon

      She has been promised a piece of the new world that takes place after the next true world war that wipes out 2/3rds of the population. Just a guess.

      • peanut

        Yes, the NWO (with Soros among others, maybe the Bush’s, definitely Clintons)

        • william couch

          Soros, cliton, Obama, and the rest of the illuminati, and this is after ospook becomes the head of the UN.

      • R U Nostradamas?

        Good guess I’d say.

      • Julie Kasenow

        She will have been lied to. The group running things will be small and most of these politicians selling out their countries wont be in that group.

        • levinbabbleon

          She and others will suffer the fate of Ernst Julius Günther Röhm during Night of the Long Knives.

        • Pray Hard

          They will be eaten by the Morlocks, just like the rest of us.

    • roger

      Because once the whole leftist train was started no one wants to admit any wrongdoing, especially in front of their back patting, latte drinking peers of the esteemed academic institutions,. If anyone of them were to admit error, then that would make them think about the terrible crimes committed because of their actions,.

      • Nk

        Better late than NEVER…before it all implodes. It could be turned around if we don’t wait til it’s too late.

    • Nothing but the truth

      Here is the explanation you have been looking for:
      She is as dumb as a f*&king rock.
      Either that, or Obama, who we know with 100% certainty hates whites and white civilization (particularly America) more than the devil hates Gawd, has used some of the trillions of dollars he’s printed to pay her to destroy Europe – while he goes about his business of buying off republicans and destroying white Christian America.

    • Luiza

      Members of her own party have admitted it is a breeding program. Germany has more deaths than births. The average Moslem man breeds 20-25 children each and takes child brides. So as soon as a young girl bleeds he can marry her. So the logic is that with rapes+breeding+child brides their will be a population increase to keep the tax revenues and goods/services industries busy. Crime means an expansion of gov’t which means more revenue into the system. Why do you think there are busloads of men coming? They are offering men a paycheck and housing to move there. They are also being paid by the Saudi gov’t to take war criminals. War is also very profitable. So it’s a win-win for everyone but the tax paying citizens being raped literally and figuratively.

      • Marcella Pierce

        A Muslim can marry a 1 year old. They can consummate the marriage when the girl reaches 9 years old. Mothers willingly marry off their infants to gain entrance to their ‘heaven’.

        • Mahou Shoujo

          Muslim women will do exactly as they are told by any muslim man. Women in islam are of lower social status than farm animals. On a muslims wedding night, the bride and a goat are taken to the groom, he will choose the goat, to illustrate to the women that she is not irreplaceable.

          • Marcella Pierce

            Yes, and it’s horrendous that the women do not rise up against the men, but some of them actually enjoy being submissive.

            Islam is a sick ideology that assuages the male ego. What’s so peaceful about living in fear all your life? Or living as a subdued thing lower than crap on your shoe?

          • Mahou Shoujo

            After generations of inbreeding, violence and brainwashing, today’s islam is the result.

      • Nk

        Ok but at the same time her country is going lawless. Doesn’t that make her job worse? And it’ll only get worse. Just don’t get it. One thing to get more citizens, but not people who disrupt the stability of a nation.

        • Luiza

          I think it might be a pedestrian mistake to impart “job” as in a job you or I might hold. She doesn’t have a “job” she isn’t held accountable for anything. She’s just an idiot puppet in a big wheel going round w/Arab cock up her ass. But yes, she is going from genocide to suicide imo. Anything less than her being drug out by an angry storming mob and beheaded will be seriously disappointing for me. I am logistically as far from the situation as possible and yet have seen myself go from moderate liberal to raging Nazi in 3 mos. It’s not even my country, it’s not my continent being destroyed but that’s the only way I can describe my rage! I’m enraged over the complete and utter insanity of it all. I can not imagine what it must be like to be a German citizen, much less a German woman.

          • Nk

            The Nazi loved the Arabs and hated Jews. Dont be a Nazi, they got things backwards. Jews are just trying to live peacefully and be left alone, for once.

    • Reagan40

      I know a lot of petrol dollar from middle eastern countries is involved. The love of money is the root of all evil. No nation does what Merkel is doing for nothing…same goes for American and the west.


      Germany is a major arms exporting nation to the wealthy Middle East sheikdoms. Islam supremacists long tern vision and Machiavellian strategy is to create lots and lots of refugees and asylum seekers in their mission to infiltrate and saturate the West. Angela Merkel is aiding and abetting. She has a lot to answer for. An extraordinary example of greed-induced short-sightedness. In any event, she and her frustrated tarts invited all these potential fifth columnists into Germany hoping for sexual satisfaction. Cheaper than going on holidays to West Africa to have sex with young African boys.

    • Mahou Shoujo

      She and her government are paid for their services.

  • renda blue

    Get a Big Long ROPE

    • IzlamIsTyranny

      No, no, a short rope and a tall tree!

  • Innstetten

    WDR, a regional channel of the German state broadcaster ARD, has studios very close to Cologne cathedral. And on New Year’s Eve, they had six HD cameras around the centre of the city to cover the big firework display.

    One of those cameras was directly in front of the cathedral, and presumably operating while the attacks were going on. They could have captured some very clear (HD) images of what was happening. If they did, it doesn’t seem likely that the German public (who fund the state TV channels by paying a tax) will ever see them.

    The recording of the 21-minute programme is still on the ARD website:

    But there is very little footage of the area in front of the cathedral.
    It can be seen at the following times in the video:

    04:18 (you can see a rocket hitting the cathedral)

    07:35, 08:33 – the square in front of the cathedral

    10:46, 12:18, 16:05, 20:58 – now you only see a view looking up at the cathedral – were the events on the ground unsuitable for TV?

    So they used perhaps a total of perhaps 25 seconds of footage from the cathedral camera. Hardly worth it.

    WDR had 29 people working on the coverage of the fireworks – some of them must have been aware of what was going on, but it seems they all just went home after the fireworks and said nothing. It is therefore all the more unforgivable that the German media suppressed news of the attacks for days afterwards.

    • Mahou Shoujo

      German lame stream media are as big a liars as any.

  • Countryboy

    Time for the German people to rise up and purge the criminals that have taken over their country….. that would be step #1

    • peanut

      But how?
      Pegida is met with water canons, even thought they’re peaceful.

      • Mahou Shoujo

        Excuses are easier to come up with than action, if germany wanted to do something, it would. From the total inaction, there is no reason not to think that the german people themselves, largely approve of this violent colonization. Look at Vietnam and Afghanistan, they both fought the most modern and powerful armies on earth to a standstill, then tossed them out, with what? Old weapons and the desire for their way of life.

        • Don Grantham

          Exactly. At some point (if not right now) they are either going to take a stand and deal with the consequences or watch their country be annihilated. Time is running out. I really want to hear from Germans living in the midst of all this… what is their take on the situation.

          • Eddica

            I live in Germany. It’s awful. Nobody can do / say anything without being called a nazi. The media is completely controlled and any media outside of the mainstream is called… you guessed it…. nazi / right wing. The left wing politicians fund the “anti-fascist” protestors. They arrive at any peaceful demonstration and cause a riot, and then the media spins it like the good guys showed up to stomp the fascists (who are just regular people saddened seeing their country being destroyed). Google ISIS & ANTIFA, and you will see them each holding each others flags. The far left is funding ISIS. It’s a fact. This is history repeating itself. Exact same marxists. Exact same group of people. Watch ‘The Greatest Story Never Told’. Banned in Germany, but has some important bits of history that have been swept under the rug.

          • Don Grantham

            It is a sad state of affairs, and I sympathize. However, the unfortunate truth is that you, or I, or anyone who wants this to stop are going to have to deal with being called racist, bigot, Islamophobe and even Nazi. Realize that all those words are just empty labels from the mindless left, so don’t let them stop you. When enough people band together and take a stand, it won’t seem so daunting. We are all in the midst of a major crisis, possibly the worst in the past 70 years… and I doubt it is going to get any better any time soon. Stand tall and strong… remember who you are.
            I wish you well.

          • Eddica

            That’s exactly it. There is going to be serious blowback at some point. Germans are nice, warm people. Until they’re not.

          • Don Grantham

            As I said… remember who you are. They will regret waking the Reichsadler.

        • IzlamIsTyranny

          Vietnam didn’t. North Vietnam only defeated S. Vietnam after the USA had pulled ALL of its military forces out of S. Vietnam.
          As for Afghanistan, who care? It’s been an islamic pigsty state for centuries.

          • Mahou Shoujo

            Excuses excuses, no one cares how the winner won, the fact is, to the victor go the spoils. The loser is precisely that.

      • Mamat Mamat

        Pegida or any other resistance group shouldn’t afraid of water canons, tear gas or left wing traitors’ counter demonstrations.
        The price of backing off is much uglier than a bloody fight. Your country is being invaded, your women and children is being violated, gang raped systematically, you have lost your honor! You still have change to restore your dignity with fierce resistance, if you care.

        • Luiza

          There were 0 police officers present in Cologne on NYE while 1,000 women were attacked. There were 800 police officers present to greet a silent PEGIDA march through the city. IMO, the corrupt heads of police union etc need to be removed from the equation b/f there will be any hope. The officers are just doing what they are told by their superiors. They are going to have to cut off the heads of the monster to get anywhere.

    • Andrew Rourke

      First of all we have to get the criminals out of government that are claiming to lead this country.

  • chiefpontiac

    it looks like Angela Merkel has morphed into Hillary Clinton….

    • Pet

      Or vice-versa…

    • Mahou Shoujo

      As evil a pair of doppelgängers as is possible.

  • joe kulak

    Merkel needs a therapeutic dose of high-velocity lead therapy, STAT!

  • maidservantofyahweh

    So we get a lot of cameras to control, I mean protect, us, but when those cameras film evildoers it is a goner??? The world is truly in the clutches of satan and his minions (and everybody that denies GOD and Yeshua/Jesus). Praise YAHWEH that I have a hope and future without all those evil beings.

  • Prophet


  • Doctor Who?

    The government in Germany is literally guilty of aiding and abetting Mass Rape.

  • Mother Nature

    Can anyone explain this to me? Is it fear of being criticized as “racist” that causes them to cover up criminal behaviors that any decent culture would flatly disavow? That’s certainly what happened in Rotherham, England. “Between 1997 and 2013, despite numerous reports of sexual abuse, only one case, involving three teenage girls, was prosecuted, and five men were sent to jail.” It went on for 16 years, and was covered up by all officials, including the police, for fear they would appear “racist.”

    • Evil Liberal

      Corruption. Pressure from their bosses. see The Angry Foreigner

    • Mahou Shoujo

      England is occupied with eunuch dhimmi and muslims. The activities that its government approve of are pure shari’a, especially those involving infidel girls.

    • MsRain

      In Germany they not only brow beat them with being a racist or bigot, but if they don’t go along and keep their mouths shut, then they are Nazi’s!

    • Do you really think anyone can explain?

      • Mahou Shoujo

        The british are cowards and sissies, they are no longer masters in their own house, first they invited muslim colonists to live in england at taxpayer’s expense, then they capitulated on every demand made, especially those incompatible with shari’a. Now, they are submissive dhimmi, to be laughed at and ridiculed at every opportunity. Even england’s soccer hooligans are plucked poultry.

        • Daniel Burke

          It’s more that football hooligans care about “their” team and not their country. They’re brain dead. No use to anyone.

          • Mahou Shoujo

            There does not appear to be any statistically significant number of persons in England with functioning brains.

  • Pet

    Watch this video (CC in english) for an in depth coverage of the nasty silenced invasion of Europe that the controlled liberal media won’t show you:

  • levinbabbleon

    Seems to me, that Germany needs their own Donald Trump type.

    • Pet

      Americans should seize the opportunity they have with Trump before it is too late. Europe won’t have a Trump type: all their high profile people are liberals. They will become an islam land (dâr al-islâm) or the people will react, fall in civil war and likely end up with authoritarian regimes, which will be much stronger than what Trump is about.

      • levinbabbleon

        I pitty their position, and my blood boils at the thought of the islamodevils touching any of the women in my life.

      • Daniel Burke

        Le Pen is close to power in France. She’s even better than Trump.

  • rsilverm

    This is ghastly. One would never have thought civilization would lay down and die like this. It is stunning. We have to stop this from happening in the US.

    • Pet

      Yep, stunning indeed. At 50 years old I can’t believe History with capital H is knocking back at the door of Europe like that even if it could have been seen coming from far. What stuns me the most is the acceleration over the last 3-5 years.

      • Reagan40

        The muslim brotherhood has been working silently on infiltrating the west for decades. We are seeing the outcome bit by bit. The reality is that their mosques, people, islamic tokens are everywhere. Creepy Islam is everywhere even in the whitehouse and corridors of power in Europe… They have succeeded in deceiving us to the point of turning our back on our allies especially Israel. A lot of petrol dollar from the middle east is involved in this subterfuge.

        • Jack

          Unfortunately we’ve failed to educate our fellow Americans. They are Clueless. It’s not their fault but people like myself who know very well what is happening but shut down at some pont being called racist I can only deal with strangers. Also The President and people of authority plusMainstream media are hard to overcome. The military except for the boot kissers get it, thank God.

        • Pray Hard

          Basically, every Western “leader” currently, of any stature, is a leftist, dhimmi, evil moron … Obama, Trudeau, Merkel, Cameron, Turnbull, Hollande, etc. It has to be more than our “paranoia” when they ALL say almost exactly the same scripted response regarding anything about Islam and Muslims every f*cking time. And, it has filtered down to the lowest egg sucking government bureaucrat. Listen to them some time. They all sound like a recording of each other.

    • joe1429

      you would expect this behavior from a dictator…. which merkel has become!! vWhere is the eu outrage??? Go Trump!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • Steven

        Can’t wait for Geert Wilders to become PM

  • peanut

    No surprise actually, after I read about Merkel’s youth and history. She was born in Hamburg, West Germany. The Berlin Wall was still up., I think it was 1953. Anyway when she was 2, her father (supposedly a pastor, but so what) decided to move to East Germany with the family. East German people were trying to get out, risking their lives, often got caught and imprisoned, sometimes got killed.
    He moves there. Who? Does? That?
    Only a convinced communist.
    She was very active in the party and government.
    When she got elected she pretended to love the West. Well she obviously doesn’t.
    The woman has now made Germany kaput. She wants even more ‘refugees’, like 10 million. If they don’t throw her out soon, there will be no more Germany.

    • Mahou Shoujo

      For all practical purposes, sweden, germany and britain do not exist as free countries, they are islamic republics

      • IzlamIsTyranny

        Don’t forget Fwance, where the authorities successfully muzzled Brigitte Bardot for her public criticism of islam (spit) and muslums (spit again).

        • Mahou Shoujo

          Much as the world would like to, it can’t forget islam.

  • Jay Dillon

    The German government is effectively supporting and practically legalizing MASS PUBLIC RAPE.

  • Jay Dillon

    Now if Muslims kill people in the streets, we should expect the German government to do the same, they will erase any CCTV recordings of the murders. They will probably now legalize murder of non Muslims by Muslims. It’s astounding, but what else can we expect now?

    • Luiza

      They already have by their vow of silence. Police in UK, all over EU have been ordered to not arrest invaders and not disclose any disturbances by them. Even when they do arrest them for murder they won’t disclose that they are invaders. They are condoning by not condemning. They have not said one single word about the mass rapes except to destroy the evidence. Despite 1,050 police reports being filed for that one night. It’s been going on for years all over EU but the order of silence is louder than ever. They are saying “come, take our money, take our housing, rape, pillage, burn, riot, loot, bomb, beat and murder, it’s all fine.” But 800 police show up for a “silent, peace rally” of German citizens.

  • Jay Dillon


    • Mahou Shoujo

      Mostly idiots, socialists progressives and morons.

      • Numb3rTech

        And moslims running the U.N.

        • Mahou Shoujo

          The u.n is an islamic “old boys” club. Not to be listened to taken,seriously or even acknowledged. It is nothing but an islamic tool to force the world into submission. Shun it like the feces it is.

    • Mahou Shoujo


  • Alleged Comment

    Good point. No woner they brought in the men. Men with fertile sperm to BREED WHITES OUT and blunt mankind’s point of spear.

    THE WHITE PEOPLE! You are being betrayed.

  • How Not To Play The Game

    …..are their any real Germans in Germany’s body politic? What about the citizens of Germany? Are they paralyzed by the presence of these vermin? Their lack of willingness to do any thing but watch these folks destroy their country is not making any sense. Any more one has to actually be on the scene in person to even know if what we are being told is the truth or not.

  • Stephen Powell

    For the third time in barely over a century, governance in Europe has descended into insanity. What is wrong with the European people that they keep electing the mentally incompetent to lead them? Merkel is clearly senile, out of contact with reality and governing on pure emotion. Why is she not removed?

  • Tatonka

    She sold her worthless soul to the devil

    • Mahou Shoujo

      Hell wouldn’t have the garbage that germany’s politicians are.

      • Tatonka

        He’ll take them,..he needs cord wood to stoke the fires

        • Mahou Shoujo

          Hell must be hard up if it accepts muslims, but, there isn’t any other place for them. Other than making them live under islam, which is worse than hell.

  • roger

    If Governments and councils start deleting video evidence of crimes, ( that’s a crime in itself ) then it will be up to the people to present the truth.
    Perhaps some private group should install hidden camera’s in critical locations, and maybe even live stream them.

  • Kenny Dalglish

    unbelievable the world is simply insane.

    if we can’t have justice – there will be blood.

  • emilia sanguine

    This is the result of the Hitler and the German Nationalists being defeated by the Jew`s lies. Hitler was the defender.

    • Richard

      Completely whacked. When exactly were you pithed?

      • Extensive and disproportionate Jewish influence behind cultural Marxism is undeniable.

        Of course it’s not all Jewish, but a lot of it is.

    • IzlamIsTyranny

      Were you always insane? Hitler loved the muslums, he formed at least one SS division compromised of nothing but muslums (spit). The only religious leader Hitler put up in Berlin’s finest hotel at state expense was the Grand Mufti of Jerusalem — a rabid Jew hater just like der fuhrer was.
      Why don’t you follow the example your great shitlerian hero set in his fuhrer bunker in ’44’?

  • Anticonservative

    It seems the major problem with these migrant men is they can’t get their minds off of what’s hanging between their legs- Solution would be any migrant male wishing to receive refuge from their war torn land would agree to be sterilized prior to relocating. If what they say is true and they are running for their lives it would be a small price to pay. Otherwise stay at home and fight it out. Breed like rabbits if you must but do it somewhere else.

  • peppers1

    civil war is inevitable

  • Mary Brown

    Liberal morons signing their own death warrants. The stupid burns!

    • Numb3rTech

      This makes me ashamed of my German heritage…. :(

      • Mahou Shoujo

        What some germans do is no reflection on decent people, believe you are far superior than the german dhimmi., as you are.

        • Numb3rTech

          Yes, and thank you!

          • Mahou Shoujo

            Carry on, if we don’t do something, nothing will be done. Have fun, if your not, you’re doing it wrong.

  • joe1429

    All cologne tapes erased??? Who is being prosecuted for this crime?????

  • michaelofsydney

    What will happen to the price of gold if this erupts?

  • Merkel should be locked in the Hague awaiting Trial for Treason against all of Europe and for putting the lives of Europeans in danger from the Islamic Pigs of Satan/Allah!

  • Drew the Infidel

    You can ignore reality but you cannot ignore the consequences of having done so.

    • Daniel Burke

      Richard Feynman: Nature cannot be fooled.

  • I was watching the US Senate Committee hearings on Climate Science. What’s the connection to this topic? It’s not that Merkel is a full-throated Global Warmist/Redistributionist. It is that reason is dead in the heads of these people. I’m beginning to think it’s a form of diminished capacity. What follows is the verbatim words of witness, Dr. Christy, from the aforementioned hearing, January 25, 2016 (hh:mm:ss==00:45:51):

    Even to become a Saint in the Catholic Church, you have to pass a contested, uh, trial with the Devil’s Advocate. You know, you can’t be sainted without that, so every other region, every other aspect of human life has an adversarial process, [Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change] is the only one I know of that there’s nothing adversarial, in the Science.

    Re-read that sentence and take note of the context.

    You can’t get further from Science than religion. The Catholic Church is insinuated as role-model for intellectual integrity! This is “1984” after three generations of inbreeding.

    This is the precise measure of the depth and seriousness of our problem.

    The thing is, it–the irrationality of Britain, Sweden, Germany and, yes, America–it., that irrationality, is now very dangerous. In truth, it always was dangerous, but people, now, have had their “supermarket lives” intruded upon, if you get my meaning. (The inane “wakeup call”/snooze button is a symptom of this decay.)

    Now you know the reason I wouldn’t let Matt Bracken get away with using “childlessness” and “homosexuality” as a refutation of economic principles.

  • mark

    I was wondering if she was nazi

    • No, she was a communist in her youth, and is a radical multiculturalist now.

      • munchenfez

        A Cultural Marxist sucking at the teat of Coudenhov-Kalergi and imposed upon by G Soros.

  • Steven

    Merkel……one of the worst traitors


    Angela Merkel and many German women are ugly frustrated tarts dying for a poke and perchance gang-banged.

    • Mahou Shoujo

      Muslims will be dyeing to get out of germany.

  • Dow Jones

    As with France, Sweden,UK…. so goes Germany

    The sadomasochistic burden of “collective German NAZI guilt” displayed by
    the idealistic ignorant Europeon peasantry who refuse to grasp the big picture
    of how their continent is nothing more than a USSAN military outpost waging
    global war on humanity (Ramstein drone murder capital) while the German
    aristocracy milk their Anglozionazi alliance for every cent they can. But wait.. now the USSANS are destroying Volkswagen, outraged by faked “emissions”
    levels even as Pentacon Kill Inc blows up thousands of imported VWs in the 2015
    August attack in the port of Tianjin, China just after VW opened a major
    factory in Russia against Barry Obomber’s express orders to scuttle the German
    economy. Didn’t see it on ZDF with comedian Klaus Klebrig and sidekick Gundula
    Grausam…. can’t be true! What next; will the rotten and decrepit bankster
    bunker known as Deutsche Bank implode? It’s wobbling nicely right now with
    stock down 10% as the entire Potemkin Village USSAN “economy” evaporates. Bank on it Germany; agent Merkill has served her purpose and now will be led to the
    ritual slaughtering as the meat puppet successor of Bank E Moon rubber stamper
    at the USSA’S United Nations’ disgrace in New York as Germany erupts in the
    early stages of a civil war…or let’s just call it a Mercan style crime wave and
    rape spree at the hands of your new “citizens” horny for your wayward daughters
    going about as they are dressed and perfumed for sex as the testosterone jihadists’
    Wahhabi Mullah in Cologne quipped during “prayer”.

    Fat, comfortable and smug old Germans will keep voting for the trinity of banality
    known as the CDU/CSU and the SPD that have organized this fun “rape game” for
    their nefarious reasons at least until their pensions are gobbled in the next
    bankster heist. Germany is now a multi kulti sewer like the UK and USSA;
    apparently there is no going back without supposedly another one of those
    “final solutions”. Soon Germans will be strangers in their own land by design of Merkill and those she has betrayed Germany for as they were betrayed in the 1920’s when the money changers reigned supreme and the Anglozionazi mob in USSA financed Mr. Hitler to go to war against the Soviet Union. Did Europeons think that they could turn a blind eye to their psychopathic governments raping, pillaging and plundering the entire Middle East alongside their Anglozionazi masters and continue to sell weapons with impunity to every maniac with the cash to buy them and then invite millions of unknown “refugees” and Al CIAduh’s very own ISIS hairy goat zombies into their cities and nothing would happen? When did “refugees” (supposedly fleeing war) consist only of men between the ages of 17 and 50; almost no women and no kids? As he daily boasts, George Soros, the money changer evil Pied Piper of Color Coded Carnage and arch terror zionist (the so-called “philanthropist”), is behind all those refugee “smart” phones with their “NSA apps” being proudly wielded by these ISIS sleepers and millions of impoverished Arabs on the rat trail to destroy Rumsfeld’s Old Europe. GLADIO on steroids. Perhaps some will remember when Uncle Fidel kicked out the cutthroats, rapists and general dross from Cuba in 1993, sending them packing in boats to sunny Florida; the so-called Mariel boat people, a present for the yanquis who love Cuban terrorists so much they are still protecting them to this day.

    Germans have been betrayed yet again by their German Atlanticist zionist aristocracy. You wanted Nord Stream from Gazprom…you get Killer Erdogan’s concentration camp drip fed South Stream, a wave of human misery that will keep on giving in your new ghettos for the next one hundred years and where your grandchildren will not dare to enter…if you manage to produce any grandchildren. Lie back and enjoy it and think of das Vaterland and this wonderful cultural pollination the next time your children are raped and the pigs are nowhere to be seen as the sparks fly and the groping goat herders party Taharrush style at allah’s snackbar. After all it is what your aristocracy wants and indeed needs to fill their slum housing and pull the levers in their thriving arms factories.

    Out of respect and tolerance towards their new citizens perhaps German women
    and indeed all Europeon females could adopt the burka and refrain from driving
    and walking unaccompanied in public? Such a little to ask. STASI code-named
    agent “Erika” currently NSA GESTAPO asset Fatty Merkill will be modeling the
    Frumpy Dame spring collection of famed gay Saudi Arabian designer Abdul
    Kamelfikkah in all upcoming public outings along with Cologne Mayoress Reker
    (Germany’s answer to USSA’S ravishing Nancy Pelotas). Her fashion “statement”
    should be an inspiration for all modest Europeons, and will hopefully be seen
    as a mark of acknowledgement to the strong “religious convictions” of our new
    Europeon citizens. In a further show of subservience to the primitive
    traditions of the invading “refugees” agent Merkill will in future symbolically
    walk 10 meters behind her bodyguards in the tradition of Turkestan peasant
    wives daily seen schlepping their loads around the capital of Germany as their
    children run riot and their husbands lounge at home on welfare.

    Remember Europeons, if you see some flashing flesh… burka it!

    Keep your wenches in a bag and avoid hornydonkey goat fikking gang banging

    Fried VW beetle bugs in Tianjin Aug 2015

    5 wise members of the mutt sect help us understand “the plan” of our elite masters.






    “The Khazarian Conspiracy” puts it all into glaring and obvious perspective

    Learning to adapt to our new “citizens” needs while we become extinct like
    the ancient Britons who invited in the barbarous Engels and Saxons

    Taharrush “Arab rape game”

  • Ludlow Porch

    Anyone could make a fortune smuggling guns and ammo into Germany and France, under these circumstances. Officer, that Muslim ran into my nail file, 17 times!

  • Angela Merkel is a traitor and should be removed from power by the German military.

  • 3GSimpleton

    Hey Merkel:

    Congratulations on your undying efforts to protect the rights of German women and girls!!! You must be really proud now.

  • Sifter

    .. Which points to a deliberate, systemic, concerted European effort to intentionally import millions of dont-get-along Muslims in order to disintegrate European nations. Questions are Who and Why? Maybe Putin wants to come in on a white horse and save Christendom? Naw, I don’t think so. Maybe Obama and fellow travelers want to create chaos and tumult over order and structure? More likely.

  • Jimmy Crackorn

    . It seems more and more like they have become like the Old Soviet Party. EU dictates policy to other country using their Ideas and propaganda tactics to control the population under harassment, extortion and fear of sanctions.

  • Mamat Mamat

    Some part of the writings on this billboard turned out to be photoshopped, but it’s very accurate. Just change the country name to Germany.

  • Allan

    Merkel is insane, delusional, dhimmi and treasonous.

  • Hindu Zionist

    Some people believe,that if things are hushed under carpet, things will go away. As If if we ignore issues, things will be ignored by the perpetrators as well. This is not case! They will only be emboldened further to commit such crimes. Hope good sense prevails soon and perpetrators are punished under law.

    • IzlamIsTyranny

      Long live the Hindu Nationalist Party.

      • Hindu Zionist

        Long Live World-Wide Patriotic Nationalism!!

  • Stephen Honig

    The more you erase evil, the stronger it gets.

  • IzlamIsTyranny

    G-d bless Poland for having the balls to air Germanistan’s dirty laundry.

  • Spinner

    Don’t they need video tape evidence for trial of criminals? I don’t understand how they can delete TAMPER with evidence? Isn’t this tampering illegal?

    • Jon in MD 22

      You need to understand the mind of a leftist. Nothing can stand in the way of the destruction of western civilization.

      The German politicians were wiling to cover up mass gang rape, the British establishment covered up the grooming of 1400 little girls, and the army made soldiers erase videos of the Fort Hood shooting.

      It might wake the low information sheep up before the politicians have sheared them.

    • Mahou Shoujo

      Not in a socialist society, liberal socialists have their own form or “taqiyya” it is called censorship.

  • Sirius Jones

    This makes Hilary’s scandal look like nothing.

  • Pray Hard

    The good news is that Muslims always reward appeasement the same way, with death. My bet is that Merkel will be slaughtered by Muslims before year’s end. Hey, if I’m wrong, I’m wrong, but I’m keeping my fingers crossed.

  • Vannevar Günther

    With all respect for your tireless work, Pamela, and the immense value this represents for us to better understand the realities and the threat of Islam… I would be cautious with the assertion that any video material was deleted just because there is hardly any available or because Polish TV takes a poke. I’m not suggesting this didn’t happen or couldn’t have happened, but rather that we’d need to wait for a better source. Truth is becoming a rare commodity in these troubling times and we have to seek it at all cost to remain credible. The cause is just. Let it stay just.

    As a German I can tell you we are indeed very badly equipped with video surveillance. You’re right to assume cameras are mounted at train stations etc, but these typically cover inside areas only, public spaces are fairly taboo. Germany (still) has an aversion towards surveillance that dates back to the horrendous experiences under Hitler’s culture of denunciation and later the Stasi surveillance in Eastern Germany. By contrast, the UK surveillance is beyond Orwellian. People are used to grueling detail at mouseclick.

    Furthermore, considering the size of the square in front of the dome/station and the lighting conditions, you’d not get more than a few blurry pixels per perpetrator, even with infrared. No,.. the fact that there’s hardly any video doesn’t surprise me.

    The fact that an entire nation, our free-spirited Germany, is still debating whether this has anything to do with Islam is worrying though. It has everything to do with Islam! The status of women in that merciless ideology is well documented, as is the treatment prescribed for ‘non-believers’.

    The truly disappointing response is coming from our feminists, who rather than standing strong for the hard-won rights of our women, preferred to summarily accuse all German men of having similar inclinations as the New Year mob. Reality-check: violence, rape and murder sadly occur in all societies, but never have they occurred on such massive and systematic level in Germany since the end of the Nazi regime. Nor had they in Norway, Sweden, Denmark, the United Kingdom, Belgium, France, Austria etc.

    And we have a saying in Germany since Hitler: “Wehret den Anfängen!”, which literally translates to “Defend against the beginnings!” or “Stem/Resist any onset!”… to prevent it from ever happening again.

    Nobody seems to heed this message. Islamic fascism is spreading unhindered worldwide and we’re totally blind to it, because it’s not coming from the far right corner.

    • D A

      With all due respect. You need to change the way you talk !!

      There is no such thing as “right” or “Far Right”. This is a theft of the language. The Nazis were National SOCIALISTS !!! Patriotism which is concerned about National issues is not “far right” or Fascist! Again the Fascists were SOCIALISTS….Leftists. As is Merkel and many in the EU leadership.

      There is ONLY Liberty versus Tyranny…. And Tyranny and Control take many forms but all lead to the same place eventually !!

  • Daiseymae

    I despise the German government.

  • Gabriel A. King

    Concealing evidence of a crime IS A CRIME. It’s time to arrest and / or execute your own government for high treason.

  • Spinner

    ‪How women are treated under Sharia law in Dubai Alicia Gali story – rape victim jailed for having sex outside marriage and rape requires 4 muslim male witnesses ‬

  • Spinner

    David Wood on gang rapes in UK because they were nonmuslim

  • Slim_Strontem

    Someone should have dumped them to the web. … Hard to think that no one did.
    Remember, if S starts to HTF in your neighborhood, get the files out.

  • Al Falfa

    Wow! That’s a mark of tyranny.

  • DIE_BankofAmerica_PHUKKING_DIE

    Merkel is hungry for muslim schlongs!

    She is an insane Lutheran communist who wants to have jihadi babies!

  • Oy Vey!

    Hot dog, so that’s where the videos went.

  • Alphapunk

    German men need to get beautiful German woman to walk at night in dangerous areas, when they are attacked the men need to defend the woman with lethal force. Do this a few thousand times and this problem will end. Women need protected.

  • Oxford Security

    Its always the victim who suffers. He should get punished for what he had done.

  • For weeks I have been asking, where are the videos? Now we know. The iron hand of Merkel erased them. The German people have no shot at overcoming this invasion unless they rebel

  • Its a very shameful act where crime is taking place and its recorded in camera but then also there is no relive for the victim as the evidence is removed.

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