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[ September 22, 2017 ]

A Stella Open Thread

[ September 22, 2017 ]

Vanity Fair: “Milo Yiannopoulos’s Fyre-Festival Free Speech Week Is Canceled, Says Everyone but Milo”

[ September 22, 2017 ]

Czech President Zeman: Islamic Refugees are a Trojan Horse Phenomenon

[ September 22, 2017 ]

Belgium: 119 Islamic Institutions Investigated for “Extremism” in 2016

[ September 22, 2017 ]

In Pamela Geller beheading plot, Muslims ‘hoped to achieve martyrdom’

[ September 22, 2017 ]

Britain First leaders charged with harassing Muslim rapists

[ September 22, 2017 ]

Iran President Hassan Rouhani: Security for Israel ‘Not Possible’

[ September 22, 2017 ]

Muslims who plotted to behead Pamela Geller “laughed wildly about beheadings”

[ September 22, 2017 ]

Viktor Orban Calls George Soros a ‘Public Enemy’

[ September 22, 2017 ]

ACLU, Speakers Distance Themselves From UC Berkeley’s Free Speech Week

German Govt Posters to Muslim refugees: ‘Please don’t poop in the showers’ or rape our women


Why would any rational country import this?

It’s not just the showers. It’s the subway, the refugee centers, etc.

Germany to Muslim refugees: ‘Please don’t poop in showers’ Cheryl Chumley, WND, January 20, 2016
Cartoons, posters used in new anti-rape campaign

A poster in Germany demonstrates via cartoon image that men shouldn’t grope women.

In the wake of widespread sexual assaults on women during New Year’s Eve celebrations at choice spots in Germany, much of which was alleged to have been committed by recent refugees and migrants, the government has put out some alerts and warnings aimed at defraying future similar incidents – in the form of posters and cartoon pictures.

One such poster showed a cartoon of a bikini-clad woman, posing with her back toward the viewer. From the side panel and toward the woman’s bottom stretches an arm with ostensibly, a man’s hand, over which sits a bright red circle with a line drawn through the center. The accompanying text, below the picture in German, is a warning that in essence reads: “No grabbing the girls at the pool, please,” the Gateway Pundit reported.

Other posters and public messages are aimed at keeping Germans and visitors to the country from defecating outside the proper areas.

A graphic shows an image of a person, drawn in black, standing beneath a shower head. Alongside is a similar image of another person squatting above a black, triangular shaped object. The accompanying text, in both German and English: “Please do not poop in the showers,” the Twitter image showed.

Ann Coulter’s back, and she’s never been better than in “Adios, America!: The Left’s Plan to Turn our Country into a Third World Hellhole.”

As Gateway Pundit pointed, Germany’s also “printing little posters with ‘do’s and don’t’s’ for Muslim migrants … at swimming pools, and at festivals and carnivals, where groups of women might gather and where Muslim men may feel frisky.”

The purpose of these posters?

“The new German state also uses cartoons to teach migrants not to rape,” the news blog reported.

As WND reported, Germany’s government has come under fire for its official response to the numerous complaints of rape and sexual assault made by women during New Year’s Eve celebrations – a response that included several days of silence and media blackout.

  • Dan Knight

    Oh, yes. The “International Stop Symbol” (ISS) is all we need. Why without the ISS to tell us to stop being lazy, stupid, useless slaves, and be the inventive, productive, creative, industrious (but totally ignorant, evil, HRB monsters who are the source of all evil) we would never have invented the civilization the Lietards hate because it makes their lives so awesomely wonderful while we pick up the tab.

    LOL …

  • Enough_Already

    Such a fine group of people seeking help. Who wouldn’t want them to come to their country?
    Set up tents in the deserts of Syria for them, this would be an upgrade for them.

    • Benton Marder

      Since these people seem not to know what flush toilets are (much less how to use them), they might just as well be housed in tents out in the desert. There, they can fertilise the soil and, just maybe, grow something besides jihadis. More likely, though, is that they would allow the turds to dry and then use them for fuel for their campfires.

      • Mahou Shoujo

        They destroyed all the trees 1000 years ago. Wasn’t global warming, it is islamic stupidity.

    • Budvarakbar

      No! — tell then to set up their own dam tents – and then SELL them the dam tents — and make THEM pay for the dam tents!!!
      Get off of the “We have to do ‘this for them'” CRAP — Wise up you dam fools!

      • usakindatheart

        I agree, my friend in Belgium says they have bank accounts in Saudi owned banks and draw it out all the time, they r NOT poor! They may brought essentials, but they have a bank account!

    • MattBracken

      The Orks are winning, and the stupid Notorks still don’t even know what Alienork means.
      If you have a moment, please share the link below with your
      PC friends and family. The Alienork Way is a new (free) short story that I just
      wrote. It is a cautionary tale about the mortal peril that Islam poses to
      civilization, and especially to P.C. civilizations that are too blind to
      understand the terrible danger of allowing even friendly-appearing Alienorks to move into their country. But it doesn’t name Islam, so there is a chance that your liberal bliss-ninny friends will read it. Then, they will understand. The Alienork Way is also a great teaching tool for kids 12 and up, to counter the PC lies they are being fed at school about “the religion of peace.”
      Here is the link to “The Alienork Way”

      Tet, Take Two: Islam’s 2016 European Offensive

      • Doctor Who?

        Some people suggest that Tolkien’s orcs were based on the Muslim Turks and that Mordor is an allegory for Mecca.

        • Furious

          It fits.

          • Doctor Who?

            By tradition the Turks originated in the Orkhun Valley in Mongolia.

          • Furious

            Ah! I didn’t know that. Interesting.

    • jon

      Hi Enough Already,

      Islam the fastest growing Religion in Germany.

      Non-Muslims Carried Out More than 90% of All Terrorist Attacks in America

      Charles Kurzman, a sociology professor at the University of North Carolina, called Muslim Americans “a minuscule threat to public safety”. In his recent report titled Muslim-American Terrorism in 2013, Charles states, “The United States suffered approximately 14,000 murders in 2013.

      Since 9/11, Muslim-American terrorism has claimed 37 lives in the United States, out of more than 190,000 murders during this period”.

      Less Than 2 Percent Of Terrorist Attacks In The E.U. Are Religiously Motivated

      Hundreds of thousand of Christians converting to … – YouTube


        Burn in HELL with your prophet of Satan who you call Moooohammed.

      • Mahou Shoujo

        It is, and, with the speed and ease muslims of different sects murder each other, it will also be the fastest diminishing group as well. As the economy of europe is destroyed by welfare colonists, there will be bloody infighting to see who gets what little there is, as islam is not an industrious or productive cult, it will starve itself to death when it runs out of european union carrion.

      • Honkingeese Watchgoose lll

        Did the world’s most perfect man poop in the shower too?

        • John Giametti

          Most likely he never bathed.

      • John Giametti

        Where are the Nazi SS when they are needed???

    • moberndorf

      These are not people. Islam has turned them into feral animals.

      • SFTOBEY


      • bobfairlane

        I think they are half goat. It explains the frizzy beards and farm animal noises they make at their mudsques.

      • Muslims are the spawn of Satan. Their vile actions are purely Satanic.

        • gataheart

          You were very prolific there for a few months ..and now months have flown by and you are nowhere. Hope you are ok. Say hello on Pamela Geller sometime ..soon. ?

        • gataheart

          Hope you are ok. If you must run to America.

  • Shafiq Islam

    A refugee went to the doctor with complaints of sadness, lack of energy, poor sleep and appetite and weakness. The doctor examined him and did some tests, then handed him a bucket with instructions to urinate and defecate into it, then place his face at the opening and breathe deeply for 30 minutes. When the doctor returned, the refugee said, “Doc, you’re a genius! I feel great now! But what was wrong with me?” The doctor replied, “You were homesick.”

    • ThisObamaNation

      LOL good one.

    • bladyblah


  • Bernadet Rodakowski

    Lots to roll one’s eyes at here, but do those posters really say, “Don’t rape OUR women?” Seems to me “No Raping,” would be best.

    • Ari Chen

      It would have been better if there was an axe to show that the hand would be cut off if it groped! Then these beasts would get the message.

      • imakymama

        Better, still — actually chop off some of those hands and hang ’em high where the sub-humans can see them!

        • harbidoll

          Pax Roma- the only 100yr. peace, had crucifixes entrance of cities.

          • John Giametti

            We need a return to PAX ROMA IN EUROPE..STILL GOT PLENTY OF 4X4S FOR CROSSES.

        • Christine

          That’s what they do in Islamic countries – so they would feel right at home.

    • Problem solver

      Seems to me never allowing ANY of them into civilized nations would have been better. BUT now that they are there, it’s time to turn them around and make them leave. Give them 30 days to get out, make it a capital offense to hire or hide them, and after 30 days, open season on them. Problem solved.

      • bobfairlane

        How about 3 days? That would work better.

    • Mahou Shoujo

      A picture of a castrated rapist would be a very graphic explanation of what happens to rapists.

    • Honkingeese Watchgoose lll

      Don’t touch the humans.

    • Christine

      How bout ‘Rape is a crime which WILL result in immediate deportation.

      • bobfairlane

        If it was deportation of dead rapists with 2 mudslims handcuffed to each one, then you’d see some progress.

  • lilyred

    Pretty please???

  • Mahou Shoujo

    Trying to communicate with muslims is a total waste of time. They are obsessed with the idea that they and the qur’an are right. Anything infidels say is not to be listened to. The only thing they understand is ignorant violence. A severe kick in the nuts is a good way to discourage molesting girls, rubbing their faces in feces is the only thing they will understand.

    • Don Grantham

      … pig feces FTW

    • Bernadet Rodakowski

      “The only thing they understand is ignorant violence.”

      So sad, but true! The human mind and spirit (ability for goodness, compassion, learning, independent thought, ect) are crushed in Islam. Unquestioning physical abuse is the lowest behavioral element and what pervades the Islamic belief system.

      **So tell me again, good imam, what does the word “Islam” mean?**

      • Mahou Shoujo

        Muslims selectively submit to any subhuman behaviour that satisfies their inbred brains. The islamic clergy know they can manipulate and control these mindless dupes into doing any filthy violent action, by having saying “it is written” that influences a lot of illiterate maggots into doing what they are told, dying for it frequently.

        • harbidoll

          Lust & rape is a Virtue in Islam, a sin in Our Book.

          • Mahou Shoujo

            The qur’an justifies the breaking of each of the Ten Commandments, which makes it very appealing to licentious, violent, murdering, lying thieves and worshippers of evil.

    • ThisObamaNation

      Perhaps the women should throw acid on them.

      • Mahou Shoujo

        It is a thought… something is going to have to be done to get islam to become, if not actually a participant civilization, at least not an encumbrance dragging it back to primitive subhuman times.

      • IzlamIsTyranny

        I’d love to see that happen — let’s see the muslum man apes burn for a change.

    • Ron Cole

      Mam I feel the same way about leftist of every persuasion.
      They are to be defeated period.
      Give no quarter and take no prisoners.
      They may understand that `argument` after the fact.

      • Mahou Shoujo

        There are no arguments that can be used against the left, as they are completely convinced that they are right. They can only be defeated and crushed. Otherwise, they are back as soon as they can get off the ground.

    • Shafiq Islam

      Mahou, as you know I’m a Christian ex-Muslim, and for the most part I agree with you. However, I ask you to say “most Muslims” because I can tell you from experience that there are some–unfortunately not many–who are decent people, such as the man described in this article:

      I hate the Muslim religion and am trying to warn westerners about its dangers and quietly converting friends to Christianity at great peril for them and me. But I don’t hate Muslims, because our Lord taught us to love everyone, even our enemies.

      • Mahou Shoujo

        Actually, I know a few muslims here, who are decent people, they are, despite them not liking to be compared to jews, somewhat similar, as they do not adhere to the commands that involve violence. Personally, up until recently I was indifferent to islam, but, as it becomes more violent and oppressive, with those who follow it publicly behaving in a violent, disgusting arrogant manner, I and many others are totally repulsed by it. Christian scripture, in the new testament allows for leaving those who would not be tolerant or indifferent. “Turning the other cheek” is severely overworked and misused.

        • Shafiq Islam

          Yes, turning the other cheek refers to our response to an aggressive insult, not to life threatening actions. In my experience most Muslims are unpleasant and some dangerous, and the percentage is highest among the pious. If you see a guy with a hat, mustacheless beard and high water pants, keep your distance.

          However, there are more nominal Muslims than you think who are disgusted with the religion and don’t believe in it, but in fear of their lives they keep that hidden. My own family is totally secular, and I have never prayed in a mosque. I only started reading the Qur’an to try to understand what makes most of them so horrible.

          • Mahou Shoujo

            Somehow it is going to have to get conveyed to islam, that they’re not the chosen ones to govern humanity. The inability of islam to manage even its individual members, specifically men with no self control, rationalizing crime by “it is written” manure, to make them assets to creation should prove that. But, in its arrogant criminal ignorance, islam assumes it is the creator’s enforcer. What kind of feeble weak entity does islam worship?

          • Shafiq Islam

            However, the west’s manipulations and attempts to control Muslim majority lands has awakened the beast. Carter and Reagan encouraged the Saudis to fund radical mosques and madrasas around the world, and the US funded and trained the mujahideen who eventually became the Taliban and al Qaeda. Their regime change strategy has turned Iraq, Libya and Syria into jihadi-controlled war zones, and Egypt was saved only by a coup.

            Rescue, disengage and isolate.

          • Mahou Shoujo

            Too many mistakes were made in the past through short sighted political manipulation, but the destruction of society by islam is not going to improve the situation. As there is no muslim country that can exist without foreign aid, or foreign customers for oil, it would be a very good thing for muslims to realize that if they did take control of major factors of production, their ignorant superstition would destroy it, starving them shortly thereafter. If it takes violence to educate islam, that may be necessary.

          • Shafiq Islam

            You have been trying that for a long time now and it doesn’t work. Even in small countries like Iraq and Afghanistan, you have done far more harm than good. Stop Muslim immigration, rescue vulnerable Christians, Jews, Yazidis and others, disengage except for arm’s length commerce and recognise that the Muslim religion is incompatible with democracy and human rights but ineradicable.

          • Mahou Shoujo

            Better plan than what has been happening for past few years.

          • Shafiq Islam

            Don’t get me wrong, I am very much an advocate for regime change. In Washington, Ottowa, London, Berlin and Stockholm, among others.

          • Mahou Shoujo

            That will be necessary, there are many other things the citizens of a country can do immediately.

          • IzlamIsTyranny

            The above is bullshit. It’s not Carter’s or Reagan’s fault. Muslums have been slaughtering/enslaving the kaffir al najjis even before the USA even existed and even when the USA was first created. How do you explain away the tens of millions of Hindus slaughtered/enslaved by muslum apes in the Indian sub-continent away? How do you explain away the fact Afghanistan was once a peaceful area run by Hindus and Buddhists? Who burned down the ancient library at Alexandria? Who burned down the ancient Buddhist library at
            at Nalanda in India?


          • Shafiq Islam

            I am aware of all of those things, and I have said in many, many posts that violence is intrinsic to the Muslim religion and that it is incompatible with democracy and human rights.

            The late medieval examples you cite are valid. However, Muslims had been relatively quiescent until the events I mentioned, and there has been, according to the US State Department, a 4 to 5-fold rise in terrorism since you began your war on terror.

            Do you not believe that radicalisation occurs?

      • SFTOBEY

        Pray that Almighty God gives them a personal “epiphany”.

    • bobfairlane

      Does the queeran teach them to poop in showers or something?

      • Mahou Shoujo

        Probably not, but then they are stupid to begin with, illiterate, very few muslims have actually read the qur’an, with even fewer understanding it. Islam is pontificated by imams or other semi literate simians who scream the “hate” quotes to keep the subhumans in the herd appeased and controlled.

  • pdxnag

    Who or what was the model for Borat? Mohammad?

  • John Giametti

    muslims are such barbarians what insanely suicidly stupidly liberal would even begin to think a sign will stop rape and shitting in the shower.DEPORT ALL THEIR ASSES.
    Why do German men not protect their women and girls with physical force???A machete can do a lot of damage and back of a crowd too.
    Are the German men such pussies they no longer have natural male instincts to protect their women????

    • ThisObamaNation

      They know their treasonous government will not be on their side in a court of law. They are afraid of spending the rest of their lives behind bars.

      • Drew Binkley

        Drive this POS government out of office has no one heard of rebellion,the police and military have families to they would be wise to think long and hard before attacking their own citizens over being brutalized by savages.

      • Mahou Shoujo

        So they let muslim rapists set the terms and conditions of german society. A feeble weak and cowardly germany like that does not deserve to exist, not will it, as it is a doormat, that when worn out, will be discarded.

        • John Giametti

          when we killed off the Nazis we must have killed all the good male breeding stock in Germany.No men there now…..not German anyway

          • Mahou Shoujo

            It looks like all of europe it deficit in an way of developing male like creatures containing testosterone, all that exist in europe are a bipedal form of jelly fish with nice hair and pedicures.

      • John Giametti

        So you let your women be raped at will by goat and little boy fucking muslims.Anyway have you heard of explosives,sniper rifles or just a knife when its just you and him????My daughter is worth it to me.

    • Mahou Shoujo

      There are no men in germany. There are muslim rapists, which is all the masculinity the country of germany has.

      • John Giametti

        Sadly correct.How could any men sit by while their women and girls are raped????That proves your point.

        • Mahou Shoujo

          In europe, apparently it is quite easily and frequently done, with the occasional whimper to authorities expressing guarded disproval, in general, of muslims who rape.

          • John Giametti

            Just have a hard time with the people, specifically so called men, sitting around and doing nothing after seeing the gov actually blames the women for getting raped. Have a daughter sister etc and the thought of that happening to them with the government refusing to arrest and jail guilty parties infuriates me.
            Im ex military from a military family and still a rather redneck southerner that worked in law enforcement .That all adds up to I would deal with it myself if the European circumstances occurred here.
            I think a large percentage of American men would do the same despite the growing number of metro sexual effeminate American males.

          • Mahou Shoujo

            There is no doubt that American men would deal with a muslim rapist in a very “unfriendly” manner, quickly and decisively. That is assuming the girl did not shoot the filthy pile of rags on the spot. American girls do not like to be raped, european girls have no choice. American citizens have the right to defend themselves,european citizens are consumables for socialism, and now islam.

          • John Giametti

            You’re correct of course.Makes me glad I raised my daughter learning martial arts and shooting.She’s ex military and excellent at both skills.She still shoots and is involved in martial arts.She especially would shoot those scumbags quick because she has 4 kids 3 of them girls.Hadn’t really thought of the difference in European women and American women until you mentioned it or for that matter of Europeans in general being “consumables”.
            Read somewhere that the government being scared of the citizens meant freedom but the citizens being afraid of the government means tyranny.
            Glad the 2nd Amendment,and 300,000,00 or so guns, has kept the American government somewhat scared of the citizens.

          • Mahou Shoujo

            Absolutely, it is written that a government should always fear its citizens a little, the citizen should never fear the government. That should be pounded into every person in the western world, and beaten into the submissive masses under the stone fist of islam.

  • Victor Redlick

    Ahh ‘those’ showers.

  • Drew the Infidel

    These savages interpret polite warnings as a sign of weakness. A better tactic would be a depiction of a jump suited raghead in a prison cell with the caption, “Ignorance of the law is no excuse.”

    • ThisObamaNation

      Maybe we should implement Sharia Law and cut off their hands or something else if they touch the women.

    • strayaway

      Maybe signs should be up warning politicians not to allow more rapists and guys who need house training into Germany.

    • John Giametti


  • Thank you traitor merkel :-)

    • Mahou Shoujo

      Merkel is a victim of early onset senility, there should be conditions set on elected positions that when the incumbent goes clinically insane, they are forced to retire, with a new election held immediately for the position.

      • John Giametti

        What ever Merkel is she is actively introducing conquerors and evil into Germany and the EU.Some of my ancestors were enslaved by muslims.There will be no further enslavement .The more I hear,see and learn in my studies of islam the more convinced I am that only a genocidal solution will stop them.They are smart,have been at this since 622AD,will never give up and incredibly determined.We had better learn to do the same or they win forever.

        • Mahou Shoujo

          They are not that smart, generations of inbreeding and brainwashing have rendered them useless in any capacity to even feed themselves. Elimination of welfare and immediate deportation for those not assimilating will work. Germany knows how to move large numbers of people in a short time. A few refugee colonies in Libya and Somalia will do to retain the migrants until they figure out how to get home, as they did manage to get to europe.

  • Judi

    Even if they don’t poop, they’ll still be urinating everywhere.

  • atl slayer

    Having these “refugees” come to town is the real poop in the shower :/

  • Mamat Mamat

    The content of this billboard must be some kind of protest against the Finnish government. But, I think most of the audiences in the Islamic world would take it seriously as an invitation, and Muslim men and boys would crazed with rape jihad fantasy.

  • Europeans need to give these poor guys all their own goat to use! Maybe that would help, ya think? Best thing is to never let these Satanic Worshiping Pigs of Satan into your country! If you must let them in, require all Males to be Castrated or send them back to the sewer they crawled out of. Islam is the Syphilis of the soul!

    • Lindy

      there ya go. islam at its very best creates ambivalence, at its worst barbarism that will not permit disagreement or say-back. To murder is a divine act of faith. Refugees are smelly, nasty, and all-round ill begotten sons of Satan!

      • Amen to that, my friend!

      • Mahou Shoujo

        The qur’an is very quick
        To define where men put their dick
        In a goat or a sheep
        Any thing they can creep
        Up on, and shove in their prick.

    • Enough_Already
    • John Giametti

      Very good and accurate description of an inherently evil fake religion.These muslims try whole sale rape etc here at least there are still some men left in the USA who would stop it if the gov wouldnt.

  • Stephen Honig

    Muslims are inhuman and their inbreeding has something to do with their mental structure. They are by far the most resentful, arrogant, hateful and hated people on earth.

    • Lindy

      inbreeding and constant hate as a dogma of “faith”.

  • Frank Szabo

    … bullets would be more appropriate for the animals …

  • imbustinloose

    Wondering why Trump is so popular? Though he and Geller do not get along this site provides him one of the best campaign platforms.

    • ThisObamaNation

      Trump is the only one calling for a temporary ban on ALL mooooslim immigration. It seems rather ignorant not to support him.

      • IzlamIsTyranny

        Trump attacked Mrs. Geller publicly for holding her Draw Mohammad Art contest.

    • Luigi Valentino

      Pamela Geller for Vice President!

  • ivan gomez

    The past new years eve was only a try of the system. Did not work, and tens of women were on their own for hours with no help.Some practices are acceptable for muslim moderates and not for western infidels. What is next…?

  • Alan Hamilton

    Concentration camps, strip them naked, off to the free showers, next to the gas chambers, then to the ovens. Sound familiar?

    • Mahou Shoujo

      That’s been tried, didn’t work. Deport muslims to Libya and leave them there.

    • Luigi Valentino

      Sounds great but from their smell, I think it’s gonna be really hard to get a Muslim to actually take shower. Reopening the concentration (refugee) camps is going to be the only solution to this Muslim mess Europe has gotten itself into.

  • mezcukor

    I have made up my mind Germany is committing suicide.

  • Michael Taylor

    Europe hates itself and still feels compelled to atone for previous wars and political movements. Not realizing Islam is worse than Nazism or Communism, they’ve opened the gates. Most of our US politicians believe the same things, so we’ll be importing jihadis for decades.

    • John Giametti

      AND eventually the US will implement the 2nd amendment for use as intended by our founders.Carried a rifle in defense of the constitution before will do it again when needed.

  • DowntotheBone

    Over and over and over again, muslims show the world that they dehumanize themselves.

  • DVult

    Juxtapose that with an gimmigrant being booted out of Europe and/or a noose might be better.

  • Tatonka

    It’s like telling a snake not to bite

  • Carl Timothy Smith

    This might work. We should send a crack Team of Gender Study Feminists to Germany to teach Muslims not to rape.

    • Mahou Shoujo

      Send a team of veterinarians to castrate muslims. Muslims cannot be educated as they are conditioned from birth that if something is not in the qur’an is is not of any value.

  • Fred Sawyer

    Execute the savages. Next case

  • scrubjay

    They could be house trained like pets. Stick their nose in it while giving them a spank.

    • John Giametti

      Only training works with muslims is stick their nose in it and put a bullet behind the ear.Problem solved.

  • Yitzhak

    Don’t poop in the showers and don’t blow up parliament please. Don’t they need a sign that says don’t kill Jews and other living things?

  • Gene

    I was wonder what Muslims used showers for.

    • Mahou Shoujo

      Toilets, the certainly don’t use them to keep clean.

  • jayson Teeman

    Can’t imagine the self loathing involved to allow people to come into your country and rape and kill and make the excuse that you’re some sort of barbarian if you don’t let them all in.

    This is fucking bizzaro world..

  • joker

    The problem is that they do not see it as rape. They did not come to Europe to learn a thing or two but do as they always did but then with more money supplied for by the awful infidels. And the infidels are letting it happen.

  • Pray Hard

    As a former educator, when you have to teach someone not to sh*t in the shower, you don’t have much to work with. Like a therapist I used to know who worked with head injury patients, mostly from motorcycle wrecks, said, you can’t rehabilitate them to better than they were before the wreck. Thus, when they were abysmally stupid to begin with, which was the primary cause of the wreck, you can only improve them to somewhat stupider than they were initially. Good luck, Krauts.

  • keith

    … history repeats… Europe needs a Richard the Lionhearted, but is instead stuck with David the Spineless & Angela the Enabler..!!

  • anon nona

    The only two classes of so called people that throw human feces are blacks and muslims. The only two classes of so called people that have to be told that violence is not acceptable are the blacks and muslims.

    In the U.S. blacks are the most violent race, and now the middle easterner muslims are right up there with the blacks.

    In every stone age black country in Africa there are signs everywhere telling people it is not alright to rape, steal, murder, etc. Now European countries have to do the same for the stone age muslims that have invaded civilization.

  • liz

    What a pathetic joke. This is like putting up signs in high crime areas, asking thugs to “please, pretty please, don’t mug defenseless citizens”.
    Or the hash tag plea to Boko Haram to “bring back our girls”.
    What utter, asinine insanity!

  • Honkingeese Watchgoose lll

    Are we really serious? We literally have to TOILET-TRAIN these animals? And Explain that RAPE = BAD? Are they retarded or are WE? The last thing I toilet trained was a Labrador…and it already knew not to rape people! If you have to explain that rape is wrong that should be enough right there to call it. Incompatible cultures.

    • Luigi Valentino

      Angela Merkel is retarded.

  • Bradley Barber

    The only good Muslim, like snakes, are DEAD ones! I have read the UNHOLY QURAN 50+ times, to go to their heaven, they MUST KILL NUFFAARS(NON MUSLIMS) OR HELP TO KILL NUFFAARS!!! NO EXCEPTIONS!!!

  • Furious

    This is just insane. Cartoons?! Really?!

    The muslims must be laughing their collective asses off.

    Truly pathetic.

  • Orvill Higgins

    Merkel, souns like our Feinstein!

  • Gia

    If it wasnt such a sad and truly horrible situation i would find this funny. What does that say to the Germn people? We have imported massive amounts of animals who look like people and can speak like humans but are truly untrained beasts. I cant even imagine needing to remind people not to defecate in the shower! Seriously? Even my dogs are house broken and know where to poop and not to poop! Imagine stumbling upon human crap in a public shower. God only knows how many diseases these creatures carry. Iwould hope they are at least immunized against major diseases but as of now i am guessing they dont And the signsaying no touching ?NO RAPE ? PLEASE? What a joke europe is doomed.

  • usakindatheart

    I don’t understand it either. It’s insane! When I read that a southern representative in Georgia is trying to put a bill about stopping free speech under islamphobia rhetoric, I was shocked. I know Georgia, this cretin will never be voted in again! Thank goodness it’s every 2 years for representatives elections!
    Get the word out to Georgia!

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