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[ September 24, 2017 ]

LIVESTREAM VIDEO: Berkeley Free Speech Rally

[ September 24, 2017 ]

Breitbart News Coverage on Berkeley Free Speech March

[ September 24, 2017 ]

Photos/Video: Free Speech Rally at Berkeley #WeOvercame

[ September 24, 2017 ]

Breitbart News: Milo Announces Troll Academy Tour, Publishing Pamela Geller’s ‘Fatwa’ Under Dangerous Books

[ September 24, 2017 ]

WE WILL MARCH ON BERKELEY today despite cancellation #weshallovercome

[ September 24, 2017 ]

South Africa: Muslim twins plotted jihad attacks on Jewish institutions

[ September 24, 2017 ]

Austria: 4,364 asylum applicants vanish

[ September 24, 2017 ]

Australia: Muslim boys gang-rape 12-year-old girl in Sydney park

[ September 23, 2017 ]

FATWA! Hunted in America: Pamela Geller’s New Book from Milo’s Dangerous Publishing House

[ September 23, 2017 ]

YOUTUBE Suspends, Deletes Pamela Geller’s Account

Frankfurt Plans to House Senior Citizens and Muslim Refugees Together


This is euthanasia — German-style.

Photo: Muslims beat and kick Swedes on the street in broad daylight

Watch Muslim migrants abuse seniors on bus:

Video of Muslim migrant stealing from senior before a mom tries to stop him –

News from Germany and the world – Frankfurter Rundschau (Google Translate):

In Frankfurt’s Harheim seniors and refugees should live together. But citizens and district leaders have concerns about it. They criticize the municipal information policy.
That in an “integrative housing project” in Harheim refugees should live together with seniors, has caused concern among citizens and district politicians on Thursday night. At a special meeting of hundreds Ortsbeirats 14 residents came and listened to the concept of Social Department and the German Red Cross to.

muslim migrants 44

On a urban plot on the street Im Niedernfeld in the construction area Harheim-South Red Cross plans to build an accommodation for 130 people. There is provided a two-storey wooden modular buildings: There are 18 seniors and can accommodate 112 refugee men and families. Rooms for counseling and a café are also being considered. The city was looking for an investor for the 5000-square-meter area for years. “This is a temporary structure,” said the spokeswoman for the Social Dezernats, Manuela Skotnik.

They founded the project so that this year up to 12,000 asylum seekers should be included. According to Social Department to the refugees at least a year living in the plant, would last as long on average an application for asylum. It should not be ruled out that people stay longer because they are not equal to find an apartment in a rule. That it will be the last device in the north of Frankfurt, Skotnik could not promise. “If the numbers are increasing, we need to find more locations.”

The discussion at the community center proceeded heatedly. Manuela Skotnik stressed that there was so much resistance to refugee centers in any other district. And, although Harheim is one of the few neighborhoods that still harboring any fugitives. Citizens stoked fears: You criticized the social impact – and the municipal information policy. The majority will not support the project, said a local resident. “They sell us a wolf in sheep’s clothing.”

The criticism is aimed that the city has provided a preliminary planning to have brought about without a decision of the City Council. “We have informed as early in any institution like this,” said the managing director of the Red Cross Frankfurt, Dierk Dallwitz. He stressed: “. This is not yet a final project” that the land has already been cleared on Thursday came under residents to no good: Tanja Dieruff pointed out that live there under nature protection animals, including pheasants and owls. Manuela Skotnik stressed that the Social Department had not initiated the action.

Currently, a participation process in which urban residents raising concerns running. To implement the project, a change of the development plan is unnecessary, said the head of supervision, Simone Zapke. “We think this is a social institution of this size to be acceptable.”

The district-CDU sees it differently: The B-Plan will changed significantly, because he can only see old people living before, said party leader Bernd Kölling. He described the plan as “unfit” and spoke of “rabbit hutches” not einzögen in the elderly. “The Red Cross should be ashamed of such a plant to introduce ourselves.”

At the request of the CDU Ortsbeirat asks the magistrate now, not to realize the plan, but to find an integrative acceptable solution. The Panel decided nevertheless handouts of Greens and SPD: They’re sure to realize the project under the proviso that only move in families with permanent residence.

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  • djmdgo

    These absolute morons should be horsewhipped! Are these fools running Germany trying to kill off German citizens??

    • Jill

      Of course they are! is it such a surprise?

      • Barbara Tatum

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    • phnxgrl

      You know that in 1994 the NWO mandated that Islam would be the world’s religion. The German officials are just trying to make that happen!

    • berserker

      The German citizens are also morons. Video of women in Cologne handing out roses to rapefugees in the wake of the assaults as a gesture against xenophobia:

      • Rachel

        That’s a gesture of suicidal stupidity!

    • pduffy4

      Yes they are determined to ethnically cleanse white GErmans and al white Europeans. The owners of the United Nations corporation want to bring us back to feudalism and there s o better way to do that than by use of Islam/Sharia.

      • djmdgo

        Fortunately in America there are still millions of folks who know how to fight back…in spite of the Marxist inhabiting OUR White House there will be a massive backlash when he thinks he’s going to import murderers here and disarm the citizens. I pray for the people of Germany to fight tooth and nail against this evil, and France and Sweden, all under ugly attack from this 14th century, inbred bunch of rapists and thugs…and get rid of idiots like Merkel. Me thinks she’s the German version of Hillary Clinton.

        • Rachel

          I see no evidence of any pushback, other than bellyaching on Twitter. We have become no better than the eunuchs of Europe.

          • djmdgo

            There is a quiet unifying all over the country within many churches. Ours has become involved with a national organization that deals only with church security. Those of us who are the sheep dogs will be trained to FBI standards in firearm defense. My pastor has worked with our local police swat teams and one of my good friends is the firearms instructor for the police dept. Fortunately most of our cops and deputies are on the same page, I’ve been a firearms instructor for 7 years and doing my best to put as many out there as I can to defend themselves and family. I think the smart ones who truly see the future are armed, training and ready to go to the wall. There are over 20 mosques in the northern part of my state. I live in the southwest and there are many hunters and ranchers ready to go, no mosques yet and I’ll be the first one to organize a brick wall against it.
            Sadly to many still have their heads in the sand, like the libs who invited a bunch of “refugees” to camp on their property and were murdered by them.

          • Rachel

            I’m really glad to hear that! Our 2nd Amendment might be why we survive the Islamic invasion and the Europeans don’t. God bless America.

          • Mindy Robinson

            Some of us are taking stand and some of us will end up in prison for it. What will the vast majority of Americans do about it? Just as you said , bellyache about it on twitter while those with courage are killed or taken as prisoners.

          • Rachel

            Yup…it’s time for civil disobedience. They can’t put us ALL in prison. Though they have let out a ton of felons to make room for US.

          • Mindy Robinson

            If enough Americans would band together , that is where the strength is, in numbers. No, they can’t throw 500,000 of us in prison. :) But those taking stands get very little support, eg: oath keepers and now Ammon Bundy’s group. There are very few truly stands right now , some have already been imprisoned. Lol! Indeed , they have made room haven’t they?

          • Rachel

            I’ve been standing with the paytreeots for years…and already had a visit fromFedz.

          • Steve

            You know you have to word what you say carefully but you can say almost anything if you say it in the right way. Just keep yourself legal and don’t hang with fools. Hopefully walking the pc tightrope will change for patriots with the new administration. If not civil disobedience may not leave the people any choice but to rise up to defend our country.

          • IzlamIsTyranny

            The Communists slaughtered millions of their own people who weren’t loyal enough to the cause, islam (spit) is no different.

          • IzlamIsTyranny

            “They can’t put us ALL in prison”? Don’t believe that for a second. Shitler, Mao Tse Tung and Stalin had no problem exterminating anyone even suspected of not being on-board w/their causes. Muslo-nazis slaughtered some 6 million people in the 20th century alone. Put them together w/the corrupt traitors in the District of Criminals and who knows what they’re capable of?

          • Steve

            That may have happened but you shouldn’t just give up. You need to plan in the best way you can or else just jump off a bridge and give up.

          • Steve

            Yes in a way but we can’t exactly get on a plane and go to the EU and Uk at the drop of a hat. Check some european media if you can -certain ones. We can do more than belly ache and there are some good exchanges on the posts for the most part. An informed educated public can make them safe being the sole means of our political and religious freedom as thomas jefferson said. Some things to do are to join, read articles and support groups like act for america and stop islamization of america incidently headed by brigitte gabrielle and pam geller -two modern day heroines. Robert Spencer, Dr Bill Warner and others are great information. Boycott the muslims wherever you can. Do not give them your business. Wear your religious and patriotic icons and clothing when you can. If there are peaceful protests and you won’t lose your job go to them. If it comes to civil disobedience we as the public are better prepared by being informed as thomas jefferson and many others said despite now being somewhat at a loss for immediacy of what to do. I think we will all feel much better with the next president not undermining this country like the current traitorous administration. Here’s a recent article on pam geller of ongoing protests happening now in the EU. Don’t forget we are not getting all the news here as the progressatards fear the public here will start organizing.


        • katzkiner

          Instead of deer season we will have unrestricted jihadi season.
          All year round, no bag limits. Dog hunting allowed.

        • JoseyWales

          There won’t be ANY of that “disarming” crap or putting our elderly, women, children at the mercy of those Islamic scum..there will be the wholesale slaughter of those cult worshipping ticks – guaranteed.

          • Steve

            Plenty of weapons besides guns can do the job!

        • Steve

          It goes back to the 7th century actually. The animals have been around a long time. They haven’t changed their dogma since the mecca days when it was actually peaceful for a very short time (at least relatively speaking). Then it became the medina and ever since the kookran has been a sociopathic murderers delight. Dr Bill Warner has some good videos on it.

      • Jean

        Yes but it may not turn out that way the Muslims are gong to take over and they will kill the Merkel’s of the world. They want them gone as well I can assure it will not turn out the way they planned.

    • Mahou Shoujo

      Absolutely yes.

    • Yitzhak

      They are not fools – this is cost effective -trimming the dead weight. They kill off the seniors – the Muslims do it for them and they have immunity from the law so no costs there. , they don’t have to pay their pensions anymore and they can give their apartments to Muslim immigrants.
      Win-win for Merkel and the corporate elite.

      • Steve

        Someone is going to take that woman out before its over. The germans are too proud.

    • Rachel

      Our ruling fools are doing the same thing HERE.

  • phnxgrl

    So the Eugenicists are still running Germany? Great idea put alpha level predator in with the ultimate prey. Interested in betting the results?

  • Pray Hard

    They sound just like the idiots at HUD.

  • Marc Yeager

    Amazing videos documenting the Islamic takeover of Europe. Just heard from some friends in Germany that in response to the sexual assaults in Cologne and other cities, Angela Merkel is calling for a national draft. Not of young German men of military age, but of German women aged 18 to 22 who will serve six months as comfort women for the refugees. The women will be selected through a lottery type draft and will be screened for any sexual diseases.

    • Mahou Shoujo

      If they con’t have sexually transmitted diseases when they start, they will when they are finished. Merkel should be the first one to hit the mattress.

      • IzlamIsTyranny

        Comfort women. I believe imperial Japan used Korean women for that, I’m not sure if they were paid for it though.

        • Mahou Shoujo

          They were allowed to live, some cultures enslave others, most grow out of it, islam does not.

      • Steve

        The women should consider spreading the latest STD – lead poisoning -to the barbarians and aren’t the germans good at making sausage. God willing, lol!

        • Mahou Shoujo

          That is a good idea, a std transmitted by Heckler and Kosh or Glock, preferably with malice, and a three day wait in the emergency ward waiting room, if infected.

          • Steve

            Sigs good too and how about a special er waiting room with formaldehyde “baths” for the future medical students. Sound grim but at least they would get to meet allah thinking they were getting a bath!

          • Mahou Shoujo

            Well, formaldehyde does tend to cover a lot of bad smells.

    • IzlamIsTyranny

      Institutionalized prostitution for muslums? I suppose it’s entirely plausible the enemedia is covering this up, but do you have any proof?

    • Lapsed Altruist

      Satire? Hope so.

  • Shafiq Islam

    Multicultural euthanasia.

  • VLParker
  • Areyoukiddingme

    Trying to kill the seniors I see

  • tiredofstupid

    How about letting the rapefugees live with the politicians and bureaucrats and see if there is a change in policy then.

  • Nk

    I will house a German refugee. They can’t stay there, they’ll be raped. Merkel should have to move in.

  • Mahou Shoujo

    Simple house rules, if a muslim rapes another resident, he is dragged to the street and shot. If a muslim fights with anyone, he is shot, any miss behaviour, a beating, repeat offenders deported or shot. Germany is a collection of weak both in mind and body fools.

    • Rachel

      Not a bad idea! A better idea is deport them all back to their hellholes.

      • Mahou Shoujo

        That would be the best solution to this stupid problem.

      • Steve

        There’s a lot of cliffs on the coast that would save the cost of flights.

        • Rachel

          Excellent point.

    • Lapsed Altruist

      Yep. Make a bloody example of one and you can educate a thousand.

      • Mahou Shoujo

        Make a bloody example of a thousand, might as well educate the whole stupid bunch.

  • punditwannabe

    He sounds like our Left, our college professors. What a horrible victim mentality he has, he has believed the lie.

  • joe1429

    Sounds like they want to liquadate their elderly!!!

  • Rachel

    They rape goats…you think they won’t rape Grandma? What in hell is wrong with the ruling class? Have they lost both their minds AND their souls?

  • George Macdonald

    Genocide by your own government .

    • Steve

      Chronic Terminal Socialitis

  • Juan
  • Juan
    • Lapsed Altruist

      That one dude is a dead ringer for Ross Kemp, the television presenter who goes to some pretty heavy situations. He should take his show to Luton.

    • Mahou Shoujo

      Any time britain is interested in cleaning up the mess its politicians have made, they can start.

  • Janet

    Oh ya that’s a real good idea! NOT! These officials need their heads examined! The elderly and Muslim migrants living together! What could go wrong?

  • Mal M

    The EU should come to visit Israel and learn about Muslims.
    Instead they condemn Israel on every stupid action and give the Palestinians 22
    billion dollars that disappear in the pockets of their corrupted PA leaders. What a shame.

    • Mindy Robinson

      The world is about to find out what what Israel is suffering, maybe the reason we are about to find out is because of the persecution of Israel. I am deeply saddened, the world has gone insane. I pray and I prepare , I refuse to be a victim and I refuse to bow to the delusions of the insane.

      • Reagan40

        You’re right and I agree with you 100%.

  • Eldrick Wo

    old people cost to much

    • ljm4

      It’s one of the alinsky’s line of lies pushed alright.

  • Steve

    The Nazis routinely beat Jewish and others they hated in escalating fashion until they took them to “camps”and then murdered them-women and children first!

  • Lapsed Altruist

    Madness. They really are doomed. That is, unless the people do what they gotta do. I don’t need to state what that gotta do is because you know what I’m saying. They’d better get on the stick and deal with it quick because time is up. In my mind’s eye I see villagers lined up holding flails and pitchforks and whatever comes to hand, ready to meet the threat. That kind of can-do attitude has been long bred out of the population, it appears.

  • Jamie Chapman

    i sure would like to see one of these slimeballs doing that to a woman,good old fashion ass whopping time because i hit back

  • Mindy Robinson

    This is sick, there is no other way to state it. If you give to the red cross, stop, red cross is a dangerous org seeking to bring harm to others. Send those who follow islam back to the hell they created Germany!

    • Mal M

      The Red Cross becomes a political organization by the EU members. There is an excellent book about their activities – Catch the Jew by Tuvia Tenenbom. He writes about many so called “Humanitarian organizations” such as the Red Cross and others. In fact they are doing provocation against Israel and pay good salary to its members.

  • Mahou Shoujo

    The first thing the muslims will do is demand that all references and pictures of a “red cross” be removed as the cross is offensive to muslims. Then they will burn the place down to protest anything they are offended about next.

  • elopes

    Some years ago I had this weird felling about Merkel. It was like she was Hitler. Thought it was silly, I mean, how can someone like her be another Hitler? Makes no sense. Boy, I should pay more attention to my insights.

  • Harvey817

    Make the ignorant asinine politicians live with the mudslime killers before making anyone else. If they are not killed, then maybe a few old people could try.
    This is something Odamna would do, except we still,have our guns!

  • Laurence & hopeful

    Sometimes, although knowing better and definitely the wiser for it, I still occasionally find myself grieving over the loss of my pre-“red pill” state of knowledge and understanding.

    But the scarlet pill has been taken, and the hope I had and the vivid imagining for something better is daily being challenged or crumbling, by what I read and hear and see. Yet here I am relatively safe and at a distance from the actual goings on. (For the time being at least, though I am well aware one’s life can take a sudden turn.)

    What of the people who are in the very midst of it, being immediately affected by it, and are in a real and present danger. What of them? We who are at a distance, or have the means for protection, have a layer of insulation from the physical violence and other forms of direct and immediate heaps of abuse; but what of those who have nowhere to retreat to, no one to turn to, no one to provide protection, nowhere to hide and no one to hide behind – what of them?

    They are the ones who are really on the front lines. And now are paying the price of some of the following: mass immigration no matter the cost; politically correct usage of language – censuring of language; multiculturalism (as it is presently understood); loss of national identity and own culture and own religion; plus a seemingly partial (at least) self-loathing and/or a bizarre desire for seemingly self-destruction; Islamism (or for those who prefer, Islam), and that which comes with it, or at least in most cases follows it upon it’s arrival; such as the greater jihadi workings from within the Nation State, in addition to the lesser jihadi workings from outside of the Nation State – both of which may forever alter it, change it, topple it.

    Nations and their people, the world over, are in need of being delivered from an insidious and pernicious evil which is sweeping across the lands. Unfortunately such evil is coming from varying fronts and spheres, also from within and from without.

    And apparently, those in governments, as well as those holding
    positions of leadership, power, authority, and influence
    across all walks of life, are evidently not up to the obvious task at

    Dispiriting all.

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