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[ August 21, 2017 ]


[ August 21, 2017 ]

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[ August 21, 2017 ]

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Day 2 Hostage Crisis: Iran ‘INTERROGATING’ US Sailors Captured In Gulf

There is no way that the engines of two US navy boats died at the same time and “drifted” into Iranian waters. The US Navy sailors are well trained, know their exact locations and emergency procedures. The Obama administration’s story stinks to high heaven. Our soldiers were taken hostage, and now they are being interrogated.
Why is the Obama administration covering up this act of war?


If we were still respected in the world, this would never have happened. Obama gave the Iranians everything they wanted and they repaid us by firing missiles near our warships and now kidnapping our soldiers.

“Iran ‘Interrogating’ US Sailors Detained In Gulf,” By Sky News US Team, January 12, 2016:

Iran detains the vessels and accuses the nine men and a woman of “illegally” entering its territorial waters.

Iran has said it is interrogating 10 US Navy sailors after their two small vessels apparently strayed into Iranian waters.

The Pentagon said they lost contact with the patrol boats as they moved through the Gulf between Kuwait and Bahrain on Tuesday.

Ten US Navy sailors, nine men and one woman, were detained by Iranian Revolutionary Guard forces, US officials said.

On Tuesday night White House spokesman Josh Earnest said: “We have received assurances from the Iranians that our sailors are safe and that they will be allowed to continue their journey promptly.”

They believe them??

U.S. Navy handout photo of a riverine patrol boat from Costal Riverine Squadron 2 escorts the guided-missile cruiser USS Bunker Hill while in the Arabia Gulf

US Navy handout photo of a riverine patrol boat

But a statement from Iran’s Revolutionary Guard forces said “what others say about sailors’ prompt release is their speculation and we don’t confirm or deny it”.

Iran’s semi-official Fars news agency said Iranian Revolutionary Guards had detained the vessels after they “illegally” entered Iranian territorial waters in the Gulf.

Missile base
: Iran Shows Off Missiles

The crews were on riverine patrol boats, which are high-speed vessels used by the US Navy and Marines to patrol rivers and littoral waters.

There are reports that at least one of the US vessels drifted after developing mechanical problems.

The US sailors are being held on Farsi Island in the Gulf, where the Iranian Revolutionary Guard have a base.

The White House says President Barack Obama has been briefed on the situation.

It came just hours before he delivered his final State of the Union address to Congress.

US Secretary of State John Kerry called Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammed Javad Zarif upon learning of the incident.

The Iran deal was reached at talks in Vienna
Video: July: ‘Historic’ Iran Nuclear Deal

The tension has rattled nerves days ahead of the expected implementation of July’s landmark nuclear accord with Tehran, which Mr Kerry helped broker with Mr Zarif.

Tuesday’s incident follows Iran’s launch of a test rocket near US warships passing through the Strait of Hormuz in late December.

In March 2007, Iranian forces seized 15 British servicemen in the mouth of a waterway separating Iran and Iraq.

They were held for 13 days, in a diplomatic crisis that at time bordered on farce.

  • Deborah Brown

    Does anyone else find it suspicious that two U.S. boats go down at the same time & “drift” into iranian waters. This just doesn’t make sense to me. But then anything the obama administration has a hand in is suspicious to me as well. One thing is positive, this wouldn’t happen under a Republican president, period.


      I agree.

    • honeybee

      You think we were spying on Iran ????????????????

    • Mark Bailey

      PERSONALLY, I think one boat may have been in trouble and the inexperienced officers and crew freaked out and they surrendered both boats. Our boats could have over taken them so easily, Iran had what, two Boston Whalers and we could have stated ‘try to come on board and your going to be bottom dwellers!” Remember when that military plane landed in China and the crew was decorated by Bush? They should have turned towards the closest US Ship and ditched the plane, instead they gave China massive information and equipment knowledge. I won’t be surprised if Ovomit does this if the mainline press starts to question this event in the negative, decorating these crews for using good judgement while under a stressful situation. Personally, I think the plane officers and these should be brought up on charges.

  • BrunoPBuhr

    If our sailors aren’t released immediately this should be considered an act of war. Reports indicate that Obama already folded and apologized. All actions associated with the Iranian treaty should cease immediately. If Obama does not act strongly he should be impeached!

    • Sam

      Entering another countries territorial waters can also be an act of war. If you are stupid enough to be looking for another war, you will find an excuse.


        Fascist Iran is looking for another war, to bring their pig mahdi messiah out of a well.

        How about DEATH to Iran!

        A response to the weekly calls for death to America rallies led by the supreme a-hole of Fascist Iran.

    • joe1429

      The strongest thin we did is have Lurch apologize, and than release 100 billion to iran.

      • olliver holliver


  • Shafiq Islam

    I hope cooler heads prevail. Getting into a war with these fanatics will be long, expensive, bloody and frustrating. Better to play it cool, sit back and covertly fan the flames of enmity between Iran and Saudi Arabia, the equally vile theocracy. Let them go at it and hope that both governments fall, ideally to be replaced by some sort of secular autocrat like Mubarak.

    • farflung

      AH, the Muslim Jihadist up early today. Did you get your marching orders Jihad? It is obvious you are a home grown Ubed Wannabee.

      • Shafiq Islam

        It is late afternoon here. Sir, you really do need psychiatric help for your paranoid delusions and anger dyscontrol. You should see a qualified specialist.

        • wilypagan

          We don’t buy your taqiyya. Once a Muzzie, always a Muzzie.

          • joker

            That might be true but only the muzzrat will know that. That is why the good one ought to be hung on the left and the nasty one with a piano wire on the right.

        • joker

          In ISIS controlled land Farflung might find the proper help for his problem(s). They are very good in solving especially head problems.

      • RetiredNavyphotog

        You need to read his posts – they are thoughtful and insightful.
        No need to insult him just because you do not like his avatar.
        He has explained many times about his situation where he lives.

  • farflung

    Trump first win , then we Trump Iran> No war just totally take their ability to produce oil away and then it’s over.

    • olliver holliver

      You name is apt. Too bad Hitler is dead, you could have a second option.

      • farflung

        Oh well better luck next time, keep your head down. Visiting dark places not good for the soul.

  • Mark Rosenthal

    What’s next they take over the carrier. Where was the support for the 2 little ships? Why give up your ship without fighting for it? This should have been a stand off at sea not a takeover. More to this then we are being told…..

    • olliver holliver

      Brave man, you (and poor speller). Let’s shoot it out and have a battle every chance we get. Lucky thing you’re not the commander in chief or we might actually NEED to have 5 times the military budget of any other country.

      • Mark Rosenthal

        Is Ur head in Ur ASS what spelling do U find offensive pea brain. If I was POTUS we would not be having this posting due to the fact our men would not have been touched at all. Grow some balls little boy & try to have just a little back bone

  • Mommamia1

    They were part of the Iranian “Deal.” We built a navy & created the Marines to fight off barbaric muslim tyrants. obama is GIVING them our Navy firing the most senior admirals on false charges. As soon as they had their motto changed to “A Global Force for Good” it was all over for our Navy.

  • tim sweeney

    The Russians are busy supplying Iran and Hezbollah, and all their allies in the whole world with the S-400 missiles along with the latest in other military hardware. Remember when a Russian successfully took out of commission one of our US Navy ships as it neared the Crimea region a while back? It used some kind of technology to disable all of the ship’s weapon systems, and if I remember correctly that included losing engine power for a few hours. So the fact that both boats lost power at the same time tells me it was a similar co-ordinated attack that took these 2 US Navy vessels out of commission at exactly the same time. And look folks, this is the respect they show to our Dunce of a US President in exchange for empowering their vast Nuclear Weapons programs and initiating a new Nuclear Arms race there in the Middle-East, which is quickly spreading to all over the world. “Who is like the Beast? And who can make war with the Beast? Well, apparently the Iranians can, after Obama, the Dunce President, has given in to their every whim.


      Hmmm. Directed EMP to knock out electronics? But would Fascist Iran spill the beans of such tech? Two boats aren’t worth the revelation. Still this affair sounds fishy. Something is going on.

  • Christina Freedom

    If it was the other way round and Iran was in USA waters what then? Iran knows who the boss is and they will say okay these guys drifted into out waters and OK fine have them back. Everyone knows who has the nukes and the power.

  • Infidel Knight

    Did Obama just use our 2 boats and 10 sailors to deliver something to Iran? The sailors have been released, not the boats.


      I hope the boats are rigged to self destruct.

      But with Obama as President, there’s several billion dollars in the boats for Fascist Iran.

      • Infidel Knight

        They were rigged ,they all are .Can be detonated by those on the scene or by remote from great distances.

    • joe1429

      They are part of the iranian navy now

      • Infidel Knight

        That may not be far off at all.

  • Dusty Koellhoffer

    Democrats would eliminate the Electoral College and make voter fraud king

    Obama has said he will side with Islam against America – something NO Christian would ever say!

    How Obama, Hitler, and the Star Wars emperor are the same

    Climate change – nature being used by Democrats to dupe those ignorant of actual science into believing man can destroy the Earth with carbon dioxide.

    (Debate: Honest people wishing to debate will post their remarks in the comments of the article. Dishonest people wishing to dissuade people from reading the truth will post in the comments of a link.)

  • Mark Rosenthal

    Just got word they are free now. Shame they dropped their guns so fast tho. Never give up the ship means nothing I take it

    • Yo_Its_Me

      Iran must have approved of our butt-kissing Muslim president’s speech.

    • joe1429

      Maybe uner a normal admin, that would be the case, but we got a homosexual commander in chief, and a tranny first lady. youtube it for yourself

  • El Cid

    Very fishy that two US boats can’t navigate.

    The NYTimes today is presenting an analysis that says that there is a power struggle between the Revolutionary Guard and the civilian administration kind of saying that Obama is on track with the civilian leadership.

    That may or may not be the case. Whether or not the Revolutionary Guard acts independently the optics here are that Iran calls the shot and the US folds. If the revolutionary guard has the power, then they should be at the table. After all, they will be the beneficiary of the money.

    What did Kerry say that got the sailors released? One wonders. Did he agree to let the sailors take the blame for going ‘off course’? What else did it cost us and why doesn’t Obama feel the humiliation?


      That’s right. TWO. One couldn’t tow the other?

      I just hope the boats are rigged to self destruct on command.

      This is like drone crashing into Iran. I’m thinking a directed EMP.

  • Millionmileman

    The Junta has just apologized to the Iranians! Of course the Narcissist did not even reference this incident, in last nigh’s State of The Onion.’s-Revolutionary-Guards-free-10-US-seamen-after-Washington-apologizes


      Obamas updated script couldn’t be loaded into the teleprompter before the start of the State of the Union.

  • Sam

    The navy boats had entered Iranian waters. Capturing trespassers in your countries waters is standard protocol anywhere in the world. Happy they are safe and have been returned to the US navy, and you warmongers can no longer speak nonsense.


      Sham, We’re warmongers? Not the na zi ayatollahs of Fascist Iran who weekly call for death to America? Who hang gay teens, stone girls to death, who admire Socialist Shilter?

      Fascist Iran calling for death to America reminds Obama of Rev. Wright calling for death to America.

      How about Obama respond by calling for death to Fascist Iran?

  • karl59

    The only thing Barack Hussein Obama will ever get right is leaving the
    White House for good—But his ego will get in the way of that too!!!!!!!!

  • minny-me

    Just another beat-down for our military from this admin. Disgusting and evil.

    • joe1429

      Obama recently ordered transvestites in the service to serve OPENLY! Great for morale booster, lol

  • mark gentry

    If our Navy can’t defend them selfs they need to come home!

    • RetiredNavyphotog

      “Hands up. Don’t shoot” will be the new Navy recruiting commercial.

    • Alan Spicer

      If you can’t spell themselves you shouldn’t be making recommendations for the U.S. Military. And your statement is ridiculous on face value.

  • RetiredNavyphotog

    “Hands up. Don’t shoot.”
    Join the Navy and see the world.


    Yes, the “story” tends to stink! Our rules of engagement are so horrific, it has been suggested that there is a good possibility that the guns on the boats had no ammo! It will be interesting to see what kind of info eventually come out on this.

  • Mark Bailey

    Does anyone have a link about Navy rules/orders/laws concerning how this was supposed to unfold? Where in the Navy manuals does it speak of the Commander or Officer shall not allow anyone boarding our vessels and their surrendering the crew to another force? PLEASE help me here, this is key to everything and without it everything is just opinion.

  • Mark Bailey

    01/23/1969 the USS Pueblo was taken by N. Korea and the Captian faced a Court Marshal because he surrendered his ship and crew. He escaped it because of politics based upon their torture for exactly one year by the N. Koreans. Whats different now and then?

  • Rob Porter

    A couple more problems here, why didn’t these American sailor fight off the Iranians who seemed to approach in small boats and why if one of the American boat’s engine brake down, did the good boat not tow the other away from Iranian waters? If they were well-trained how come they didn’t know they were drifting into Iranian waters, and if they weren’t in Iranian waters why did the one sailor apologize. Since when does a serviceman of one country apologize to a serviceman of another hostile country? Did American airmen apologize to Germans who captured them after their plane was shot down over Germany? Of course not.

  • joe1429

    Got friends in europe. They stopped taking obama seriously years ago. The only leader feared over there is putin! Obama is considered a clown, the same like here

  • Beverly

    Watch the sailor to the left of the Captain. As the Captain speaks, the sailor to the left looks disgusted. The Captain undoubtedly had his orders from the higher ups on what to say. I don’t fault the sailors; they were following orders.

  • olliver holliver

    Whatever. One boat may have had some issues and refused to leave the other. Very likely they were in Iranian waters, in my humble opinion. Folks, notice I said, IN MY OPINION. That’s all anyone has to offer here, so chillax.

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