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[ October 16, 2017 ]

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Cologne police chief ‘to resign’ following mass sexual attacks against hundreds of women


What took so long? But it’s not his policy, it’s Merkel’s. She should resign.

The Mayor, a woman, who suggested it was the victims’ fault should resign. “The suggested code of conduct includes maintaining an arm’s length distance from strangers, to stick within your own group, to ask bystanders for help or to intervene as a witness, or to inform the police if you are the victim of such an assault.”

One 18-year-old victim is claiming that she had to go report her attack at a different police station, as the police in Cologne sent her away. Others are saying that the police were no help that evening.

“We arrested 15 people. …..‘Of these 15 people 14 are from Syria and one from Afghanistan.” (more here). It was the Muslim migrants. This is Merkel’s policy.

Cologne police chief ‘to resign’ following mass sexual assaults,” by ITV News, January 8, 2016 (thanks to Tom):

The police chief in the town of Cologne is set to resign following mass sexual assaults on women on New Years, a government source has told Reuters.

Police in the town had been criticised for failing to take action as gangs of men assaulted dozens of women in the town centre.


The Express is reporting:

German police have faced questions after over a hundred women were robbed, attacked or sexually assaulted during new year celebrations outside the city’s cathedral by as many as 1,000 drunk, aggressive men described as of “Arab or North African origin”.
Terrified women were subjected to the humiliating and terrifying attacks which were likened to ‘running the gauntlet’ in an internal police report.Police chief Wolfgang Albers has been relieved of his duties following criticism of his handling of the attacks in the city, state government source said.
Mr Albers, 60, was informed by the state interior minister Ralf Jaeger he would be given early retirement, according to the source.
An official announcement is expected later today.Cologne Mayor Henriette Reker suggested police had held back information from her and that her “trust in the Cologne police leadership is significantly shaken.”Scores of women from three German cities have come forward saying they were victims of the shocking crimes, which included rape, sexual assault and robbery.The majority of the attacks took place in Cologne, where police have received 121 criminal complaints – three quarters of which were sexual assault.

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  • Delilah

    The police chief is a patsy for the Islamic merkel regime.

  • Dale Wellman

    The police chief should resign for the attempted cover up, not for “failing to take action”. If the chief had “taken action” he would have been vilified for racism, or islamophobia by his government.

    • ruthy k

      He’s their scapegoat. The police did as they were told to do by the politicians. their hands are tied. That and probably he is to blame as well. But lets not forget that this is coming from much higher up.

  • Audrey Marie

    and merkel should be charged with accessory to the crime

    • MRHapla

      I think you mean treason

  • The Last English Prince

    Anyone else notice that the sexual attacks happened in the shadow of a Cathedral?
    If not safe next to a church…

    • ruthy k

      That was the point. Brazenly, openly in front of an iconic Christian structure w/ the police force watching raping a countries woman while raping the state of benefits and knowing you won’t be punished. That’s called conquest, jihad….whatever name. It means defeat.

    • Mahou Shoujo

      When the church is actively involved in encouraging Christians to submit to a society with no human resect and value, specifically islam, it is time to convert it into a bowling ally. Christian religions are not for poultry and doormats wishing to become muslim prayer mats. Either start to preach and live a reasonable amount of what the Bible says, or refrain from embarrassing it through a cowardly example of capitulation to the caliphate.

      • RetiredNavyphotog

        Catholic Charities are responsible for bringing these refugees into the US.
        As if the Catholic pedophile priests weren’t enough….

        • Mahou Shoujo

          Here we go again… divert from the issue of thousands of muslim rapes by bringing up Catholics, how about dragging in minor and professional sports coaches who abuse athletes as well, just for balance? Any non muslim, non Catholic celebrity who abuses anyone is ok?

          • RetiredNavyphotog

            I’m Catholic and in my city, Catholic Charities are bringing Syrian refugees into the city. Catholic Charities receives large dollars from the federal government for this “humanitarian” endeavor.

            What do you think is going to happen?

          • Mahou Shoujo

            The Catholic parish I belong to, it is part of the community group that is bringing two Syrian families to town. They don’t seem to be getting much money from the government, although the refugee allowance for a year will be good. After that, they will leave the desolation of the north moving to a souther ghetto, such as is the custom of their people. Joining larger concentrations of them, they will be the same problem every other muslim enclave in the world is. Best get a neighbourhood watch involved with the do gooders who are foisting this white elephant on your city. Muslims consider themselves to be better than infidels, are very arrogant and will walk all over anyone else given a chance. Prevention is better than cure.

        • Juanita

          Follow the money.

    • Shafiq Islam

      Frau Merkel and Mayor Rekel expect the women being groped to do the Christian thing and just turn the other cheek.

      • RetiredNavyphotog

        Neither one of them have to worry about being sexually assaulted.

    • honeybee

      It’s not safe in the church.

  • Dale Dimick

    Merkel is Germany’s NEW Hitler and muslims are her stormtroopers. It is time for the people and the military of Germany to rise up and remove the trators in their govt and kill all of the invaders.

  • the_dhimminator

    Finally the German media and government have been confronted with something too big to hide, and finally we are starting to see reports of what is really going on with the “migrant” invasion.

    Headlines in the Telegraph:

    “Cologne sex attacks: police chief ‘removed from post’ amid backlash over New Year’s Eve gang assaults”

    “Zurich and Helsinki report similar incidents as ‘immigrant’ Cologne suspects found with note in German and Arabic saying ‘I want to have sex with you’ ”

    “Two teenage girls gang-raped by four ‘Syrian nationals'”

    “Cultural difference is no excuse for rape”

    “‘They were groping and trying to pull us away’, says teenage victim”

    “Germany’s women are angry, afraid and tired of excuses”

    I am hoping and praying that finally the tide is starting to turn on the media/government whitewash and blackout of what are essentially islamic supremicist hate crimes against western freedoms. Eventually the truth will out when it becomes too big to hide.

  • Dave Quilty

    spiegel online is now covering this with at least four stories. The police reported organized resistance to their efforts. So collective resistance should be matched with collective response , its beyond criminal:
    “…Officers were hindered from pushing their way through to people calling for help by tight clusters of men….”

    • the_dhimminator

      Thanks Dave.

      From the article

      … In the days since the New Year’s Eve attacks, Cologne police have
      received more than 100 complaints. In an initial statement on the
      morning of Jan. 1, the police press department noted that the situation
      on the prior evening had been “relaxed.” Cologne Police President
      Wolfgang Albers later admitted that “this initial statement was
      incorrect.” …

      I personally believe resignation is not enough. Albers should be prosecuted.

    • Mahou Shoujo

      Then get some dogs and fire a few warning shots into the leaders.

    • RetiredNavyphotog

      It took too long for the German papers to even report these crimes.

    • MRHapla

      that’s when it’s time to breakout the wood shampoo,,,,

  • Politically Accurate

    When does Merkel resign for admitting these animals into Germany and causing law-abiding Germans to be assaulted and traumatized for life by these feral inbred Islamonazi savages?

    • Mahou Shoujo

      Severe outbreak of socialist stupid might do it.

  • spacearcadian

    muslims mass murder people like in paris, muslims can rape european women in public squares in europe in front of the police, and get away with it. and the traitor european politicians keep defending islam, keep flooding europe with million of muslims. the only way is to do like the italians did to mussolini, but it seems that there is no more patriot men in europe

  • spacearcadian

    I heard that there is a prophecy where mohammad says that Islam will rule the east and the west. Islam already rule the east, now it begins to rule the west (europe, USA). the prophecy of mohammad is being fulfilled before your very eyes

    • Mahou Shoujo

      Nope, the downfall of ignorant arrogant blasphemous islam has begun. Now get back in your coop, some one will be around to collect the eggs you have laid.

  • Honcho

    I feel for the police, these are honorable people who have taken an oath to serve and back it up by actually getting out there on the streets and putting their own lives at risk.
    It’s the politicians to blame, I hope with this chief’s resignation he can act as a whistle blower and show once and for all what we already know to be true, that which the political elite seem to think we are too stupid to find out for ourselves.
    I expect, EXPECT, further heads to roll, they won’t be resignations but humiliating public sackings.

  • Jason Smith

    Getting out before the s#!t storm………..

    • Mahou Shoujo

      No, kick the muslims out, with malice and vigour.

      • IzlamIsTyranny

        Maliciously vigorous?

        • Mahou Shoujo

          As soon as possible.

  • freebird

    Here in Europe we are talking now obout self-helping citizan groups.
    Our chancellor of Austria is even afraid to talk to the people. He knows we will spit on the Television if his face shows up.
    The solution of our well paid, stupid, corrupt, gay-and abortion supporting Polit-scum:
    “They will start a debatte about the insulting event”.
    This shameful politiical actors let many people wish to be killers on this filthy,rotten Musel-fuck, just to protect their country. But I also hope that our Gender-rotten-coward-corrupt- useless-dirt-Politicans get the same message from the nation..
    Be prepared the next time and beat the hell out of this Musel-cancer. 30.000 Musels with broken bones in one night – this message should go around the world from Europe.

    • joker

      30.000 is a bit much but a few hundred with broken legs, broken arms and some with bullets in the back of their heads will do the trick. By the by, I never knew Austria was also on the loony edge.

  • joker

    The police could have shot at least about twenty of them to make a clear point. And when is the mayor going to leave? The Syrian who was taunting that he was invited should have boarded directly a plane to Damascus. Free of charge.

    • Mahou Shoujo

      And unloaded while aircraft turning around over said place.

  • Mahou Shoujo

    The first of thousands of resignations that will be required to clean up the mess that socialist multicultural dimmi imbeciles have made.

  • Mephisto

    I know how to fix it, a muslim police chief and a muslim mayor…

  • Shafiq Islam

    Quite seriously, German women should immediately get German Shepherds, Rottweilers or Dobermans and take them everywhere. Muslims are disgusted by and terrified of dogs, and canines have the virtues of courage, loyalty and protectiveness so lacking in their politicians and police.

    • disqus_daK05Q2zCX

      And be allowed to legally carry a firearm and use it if necessary.

  • John Perkins

    Merkel and that mayor should be marched through that gauntlet

  • bargogx1

    The sick irony is that he’s being fired by the very same guy who refused to send him reinforcements to deal with the situation.

  • Punk Rock Patriot

    Are these miscreant mooslimes attacking German women or other Syrian women? If it’s German women where are the German men? This would never fly in America!

    • Mahou Shoujo

      Men? Germany has men? Really?

      • RetiredNavyphotog

        Girly men.

        • Mahou Shoujo

          Well, if that is all they got, the girls will have to deal with the issue themselves.

      • Punk Rock Patriot

        I guess not???

        • Mahou Shoujo

          It is entirely a theoretical possibility, will require research to find evidence this particle.

    • IzlamIsTyranny

      I remember I was drinking at an Irish pub in L.A. ten years ago and some hispanic/latino guys tried to steal a woman’s purse right in front of the bar — they had a rough night and some broken fingers for their efforts.

      • Punk Rock Patriot

        Yeah this kind of sh*t would never fly here. And you have to know it’s coming. I for one can’t wait!

  • Summerwarmth

    The mayor should resign or be kicked out.

  • BlackBeaver

    Time to retire Ms. Merkel….

  • BonniePrinceCharlie

    Perhaps if the German police were to pretend that it was Jews who were attacking these women they would be more assiduous in dealing with them.

    • Punk Rock Patriot

      It could be any other group and they would have been dealt with like they should have been dealt with. Only the scourge of the earth gets a pass! Strange days brother!

  • Glenn Partridge

    I don’t understand what is happening. A few years ago Merkel said multiculturalism had failed when it came to Muslims, what did she know then that she doesn’t know now? People who have informed themselves of Islam and of Muslim countries are not surprised at all of what happened in Cologne and in other German cities with the number of Muslim so called refugees invading their country. How can Merkel not know? All around the western world our leaders and mini leaders, from Prime Minister to Mayor sing from the same choir book, “it’s not Islam”. How can all of them not know? yet day after day people are being murdered to the scream of Allahu Ackbar, but it’s not Islam.

  • Kriemhild

    The police chief should not resign, he should only stop following orders from Merkel the Ferkel — she should resign, and be driven out of the country on a mule.

  • annie500

    All women should be given guns and trained to use them.

  • spacearcadian

    more whining and whining. As mamma Merkel, mamma Rekel, uncle Hollande, uncle Cameron suggest, don´t those women see the wonderful opportunity of integration with muslims they had? it was just about maintaining an arm´s lenght distance from muslims, and told them not to rape them, but to follow islam the religion of the murderer rapist mohammad who command to kill and rape. but don´t worry, mamma merkel, Rekel, uncle Hollande, cameron and the EU leaders know very well what´s happening and will make sure those islamophobic women will fianlly be integrated to islam!

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