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[ October 16, 2017 ]

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Statue of the Virgin Mary beheaded, Churches vandalised in ‘extremist’ attacks


Destroying religious statues and icons is a righteous act under Islam.

“Churches vandalised and statue of the Virgin Mary beheaded in ‘extremist’ attacks,” By Chris Riches, Express, Jan 8, 2016:

DETECTIVES are hunting vandals who targeted two churches, beheading statues of Joseph and the Virgin Mary.

Twelve window panes at historic St Chad’s Church in the Lancashire town of Poulton-le-Fylde were smashed last week, just two months after they were repaired.

The vandals then turned on the church’s outdoor Nativity scene, decapitating a statue of the Virgin Mary and stealing the head.

Within 24 hours, churchgoers at Poulton Methodist Church were shocked to find their 3ft-tall outdoor Nativity statue of Joseph had also been beheaded.
Screen Shot 2016-01-09 at 5.22.40 PM

The congregations of both churches fear the attacks may have been the work of anti-Christian extremists. Robert Sly, verger at St Chad’s, said: “It’s very disappointing especially because the windows had just been refurbished.

We wouldn’t like any building to be vandalised but obviously the church is a special place for us

Robert Sly, verger at St Chad’s

“We spent around £13,500 on them. We have no idea how much it will cost to repair the damage.

“The screen in front of our Nativity scene was smashed and the Virgin Mary had her head knocked off.

“Normally we don’t have problems with vandalism. We wouldn’t like any building to be vandalised but obviously the church is a special place for us.”

The church’s windows had only recently been repaired

At Poulton Methodist Church, the vandals smashed a thick window of protective acrylic glass to gain access to the religious display. Church steward May Gandhi, 69, said: “We are all extremely upset because we are trying our very best to make the place look nice. But we can’t stop people walking through the church so there’s really nothing we can do.

“The statue cost £135 to buy. What a shame it will be if we can’t have another Nativity next year.”

church window2
The church had recently spent £13,500 repairing them

St Chad’s is first mentioned in a document of 1094 but there could well have been a church on the same spot in Saxon times.

The church is dedicated to an Anglo Saxon bishop who died in 627 AD. Vicar Martin Keighley said yesterday: “We will not let the vandals win. We are looking to replace the statue of the Virgin Mary and make sure the crib is repaired and the Nativity scene is there again next year. We will put the church to rights and make sure everything is as it should be.”

A police spokesman said: “An unknown offender used a hammer-type weapon to smash windows in the church at around 10.30pm on December 29. The suspect is a white male in a black jacket.”

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  • This is Islam.

  • Shafiq Islam

    Any act of desecration of a house of worship is wrong, whether placing bacon in a mosque or this savage destruction, but clearly this is far worse because it results in actual damage.

    • Alan

      Shafiq the murdering of innocent Christians ans Jews is much worse than this. Can you understand why people living in civilised countries do not welcome the messengers of hatred/ Islam?

      • Shafiq Islam

        First, I am a Christian convert, born into a very secular Muslim family. I live in South Asia but have to practice Christianity secretly to avoid decapitation. Second, I do understand very well the slaughter of innocent Christians (there are no Jews here) in my region. Third, I believe that western countries should not admit practicing Muslims on the ground that the tenets of Islam are incompatible with democracy and human rights. Fourth, persecuted Christians and Jews with appropriate job skills should be admitted instead of Muslims. Fifth, given the US’s and NATO’s role in creating the instability and refugee crisis, they should fund refugee centers and prevail upon Muslim-majority countries in the region to admit them.

        • Petrilia

          Shafi Islam. I hope you are truthful, I have come to believe a lot of lies and taquiya come from Muslims. If indeed you are a Christian convert, you are welcome. You do understand that we need to know who exactly who you are. I think you are real, but we Westerners have been played as fools many times after 9/11.

        • Alan

          Shafiq I guess the country you are living in is probably Pakistan. One of my students is a Christian Pakistani and has told me of the horrific persecution Christians suffer there. My prayers are with you. May God keep you safe and use you for His glory wherever you are.

          • liam

            yes and our uk government still gives aid to muslim pakistan

          • Shafiq Islam

            We have it bad, but our brothers and sisters in Iraq and Syria have it far worse. US policy unleashed this fury in countries previously controlled by secular dictators and religious minorities thrived. And now that the US and NATO have opened the gates of hell, they stand back and let the Christians die. How many Christians has the US admitted? Just 34 total! They let more jihadis than that in every day. Pray for us, but also write to your elected officials to give Christians priority in immigration.

        • Rob Porter

          Shafiq, referring to your statement: “.. given the US’s and NATO’s role in creating the instability and refugee crisis,..” hopefully you will then agree that Muslim countries like Iran and Saudi Arabia should also “fund refugee centers” for all the instability they have created. Islam incessantly creates instability through its intolerant and hate-filled nature. Naturally they should be admitting refugees, but they want instability in western countries and ultimately their surrender to pigs dropping, Satanic Islam.

          • Shafiq Islam

            Rob, they should not only fund centers, they should practice what they preach and embrace their “brothers” (no, I’m not being sexist, the vast majority of these so called refugees happen to be young males) and allow them to become citizens. Failure to do so exposes their hypocrisy. Iran would only take Shia Muslims, of course.

        • joker

          Shafiq Islam in case what are you saying is true no harm will be done to you. You can come to Europe anytime.

          • Shafiq Islam

            You know, Joker, I’ve considered that. I’m an assistant professor of engineering and I could get a job abroad, but my parents have health problems and need help. Besides, soon Europe will be like my country anyway!

    • joker

      You are right, we ought not to damage at least any house of worship, whether it is a church, mosque, temple and whatsoever.

      • Michael Copeland

        “The mosques are our barracks”.

      • Shafiq Islam

        When they vandalise churches or synagogues we are offended, and we should not lower ourselves to their level. Otherwise they win be making us like them. Furthermore it just feeds their victimhood narrative.

    • Zippy

      Leaving bacon at a mosque is an act of disrespect.. to the bacon.

      • Shafiq Islam

        A couple of days ago a nominally Muslim friend and I were traveling by bus and he had to urinate in a crowded area. There are very few public toilets, so he wandered away for a few minutes to pee. He returned with a big smile and told me he had just urinated on the door of a mosque! There are actually quite a few people like that here, born into Islam but dubious of it. He’s a well educated engineer and finds the Qur’an offensive and Muhammad loathsome. I didn’t approve of his actions, but I’m saying this to make the point that there are many people in Islamic countries who do not support or practice the religion.

        • Zippy

          I too have been intimately involved with muslims who don’t practise the religion, however until they shed the label ‘muslim’ they are still trying to have their cake and eat it by claiming to oppose jihadists yet simultaneously hanging on to the ‘muslim’ label just in case Islamists take over the territory. This open disloyalty makes them a bad risk to the rest of us.

          If a nominal muslim truly abhors Muhammad and Islam they would be far too insulted and disgusted by the term ‘muslim’ to retain it. Until they reject it utterly we must assume they still have divided loyalties and are a strategic risk to our defence if we end up in an open conflict to vanquish all traces of Islam from our countries (which seems likely at some point in the not too distant future).

          I hope we can find a political solution to avert this fate for both sides’ sake, but it’s not looking promising based on the hasty formation of anti-muslim vigilante groups in places like Germany. If our muslim friends don’t reject Islam completely before a civil war kicks off they risk being evicted from non-muslim countires with every other full-blown Islamist.

          As an example it’s little different from a German refugee in WW2 claiming to hate Hitler and his ideology while simultaneously refusing to reject the label ‘Nazi’ and continuing to defend ‘Mein Kampf’ as something worthy of respect.

          Apostates must reject the label ‘muslim’ before non-muslims can risk trusting them as wholly unIslamic and therefore on the same side in this imminent world conflict.

          • Shafiq Islam

            Yes, that is true. The best one can hope for with pracitising Muslims is ambivalence, because the Qur’an prescribes terrorism and genocide and they believe it is God’s literal command for all time.

            I’m saddled with my last name, and a number of people on here have suggested I change it. However, where I live if I petitioned for a name change I’d be hacked to bits with machetes before I left the courthouse. It’s not as easy as they think.

          • Zippy

            I have to agree that the fear of attack from muslims after changing one’s name away from an Islamic sounding one is a major risk, but living a life imprisoned by that surname isn’t much better. I often worried that even if I had managed to convince my beloved to reject Islam it might have ended up getting her killed.
            Personally I think I’d rather take my chances and risk upsetting muslims than yield to their threats of thuggery. Once you surrender your right to make choices they own you 100%, and life as a slave is no life at all.

            How does that saying go..’Live free or die hard’.
            Also ‘This above all, to thine own self be true.’

            If your part of the world is too Islamified then find a way to quietly emigrate to a non-muslim country and then change your name once there.
            Islam only survives because muslims successfully make people too afraid to either oppose it or leave it. We must conquer that fear and visit it tenfold to the enemy if we ever wish to live in a world where Islam is no longer able to frighten people into submission.

            The 300 may have been a comic-book version of history that unfairly made the Persians look ridiculous, but its story of resistance against tyranny is a perfect parable for the zero tolerance we must show Islam today if we wish our children to live free from its shadow.

          • Shafiq Islam

            A childhood friend of mine converted to Christianity and was hacked to bits within days; the police wrote it off as a robbery gone wrong. I’d be forced out of my university teaching job and probably someone would find a way to charge me with blasphemy or even insulting the prophet, which carries the death penalty. Here in Pakistan, our lives have become very difficult.

          • Zippy

            I’m sorry to hear about your friend.. as a non-muslim I’d be terrified to live in Pakistan or any Islamic country, though if it was my own country I’d personally be joining whatever armed resistance movement was attacking Islam and fight until I died or no trace of Islam remained. Zero tolerance and outmatching their brutality is unfortunately the only way to remove Islam from a territory once it goes too far.

            My suggestion to you is the same – leave Pakistan for innocent reasons at your earliest opportunity and then start a new life in a non-muslim country where the laws protect your right to change or reject religion without penalty. Or if you’re angry enough about muslims attacking your people maybe join (or start) a resistance movement that targets anyone enforcing sharia and fight for your country’s freedom from Islam. Or anonymously spread passive information about Islam that opens people’s eyes to its evil until the shame of being muslim becomes too much to bear.. the internet age may well be the most powerful weapon against Islam since the internet cannot be intimidated by jihad threats.

          • Shafiq Islam

            Things were better for the tiny Hindu and Christian minorities here until the US deliberately radicalised the Sunni Muslims with help from the Saudis. Benazir Bhutto warned the US that it was creating a monster, but that’s exactly what they intended. Their astonishing folly was that they thought they could control the monster.

            My wife and I are professors, she in medicine and myself in engineering. Our parents are getting on in years and don’t want to leave, and they need looking after.

          • Zippy

            I absolutely agree with condemning the folly of Western leaders thinking they can do deals with the devil and not have to pay the piper down the line. I can only hope it’s ignorant naivete and misplaced optimism that makes them take such foolish decisions with regard to Islamism, and not some conscious effort to unleash Islam on the world so they can later justify a police state to ‘protect’ us, which wouldn’t surprise me. Frau Merkel of Germany recently imported a million Islamically-inclined hostiles and then pushed for the EU to approve a military ‘border protection’ force that would override the military and borders of each country in the EU.
            The Germans are at it again methinks, except this time they’re using treaties and trickery instead of tanks and bombs to take control of Europe.

            If it’s simple naivete on the part of our so-called leaders then there’s still some hope a few of them might realise the danger in time to correct their decison-making in favour of securing all our countries against Islam.

            On the other hand if it’s deliberate treason as a plot to concentrate power for themselves then they could well find themselves swinging from the lampposts if a civil war against Islam eventually kicks off.

          • Shafiq Islam

            You’re right about Merkel, and the US’s continued support and protection of the world’s largest sponsor of radical Islamism and terrorism, Saudi Arabia, is even more outrageous. They’ve bought off your political elite, who are conducting a sham war on terrorism by not striking at the root.

          • Zippy

            If it were up to me the West would never ally itself or do any business with Saudi Arabia or any other ‘Islamic State’, oil included. Teslamotors will make oil pretty irrelevant within 5 years or so anyway all being well, unless a civil war with Islam sends all the plans for our 21st century societies up in smoke, which is sadly quite possible.

          • Shafiq Islam

            We’re pretty much on the same page. People need to recognise that Islam is incompatible with democracy and human rights, but has 1.5 billion adherents distributed widely, so it cannot be vanquished. Better to severely restrict Muslim immigration and disengage from the Muslim world.

          • Zippy

            Hear, hear. May the Force be with you!

          • Zippy

            I wish you and your family well.. and I would suggest not sharing additional personal information on this public forum if you fear violence for certain opinions. Anonymity is your best weapon on the internet, like a super hero with a secret identity.

  • Iamnumber6

    And when do the English and French decide enough is enough and hit back. These people act like their mosques are invulnerable. They are not. Something I suspect they will find out very soon..

    • the_dhimminator

      Targeting mosques and inciting violence is definitely not the right response.

      Bringing the perpetrators to justice and shining light on the evil politically correct belief system that whitewashes true hate (pure Islam) and demonizes any opposition as “far right extremists” and “xenophobes”, fearlessly and relentlessly is the only response.

      Justice means we fight the system until it does what it’s supposed to. When the police decide “not to prosecute”, or “not to pursue” the “vandals” (note they are not extremists, just “extremists” — in quotes– and vandals –not in quotes– not blasphemers, according to the complicit wicked media), we fight back and don’t let the bastards sleep until something is done about it.

      Praise God for people like Pamela Geller and Robert Spencer who do this so tirelessly.

      • Terry101

        The right response is actually not to let more Muslims in & prepare to deport those who have already infiltrated.

      • Iamnumber6

        I understand your position and sentiment. What happens though, when your own government prosecutes it’s citizens for speaking out against these invaders damaging the churches, raping women, and attacking police and fire fighters in no go zones. How can you fight the system when you are the one labeled a racist, a hater, and you are prosecuted for hate speech? At some point other means will be taken, just or not.

  • Khorne

    It is obvious who is the god of muslims.

  • Ant. I. Liberal

    Try Doing this is a Mosque and see what Happens ! There would be Riots in the Streets ! Where are all of the Christians on this ! WHERE THE HELL IS THE POPE ! Not a Peep out of those Feckless Pedophiles at that Vatican !

    • Anticonservative

      The Pope was on holidays with the Obama family at the time. But he made a statement that when he thinks of those poor children going to suffer because of this horrendous act- he get’s mad!- then he wiped a tear from his eye. The tear was due to his sticking his finger in his eye by mistake of course – had nothing to do with him being mad.

      • liam

        what are you doing to help christians the pope hasnt a army and if he did say something do you think any government will listen to him no they don’t the pope is doing his best to help persecuted christians but hey not newsworthy but if he was criticising islam it be all over the news condemning him , but when he is helping the persecuted the world news doesn’t want to tell the people that,

    • liam

      So its the popes fault is it lolol grow the hell up its our goverment fault for allowing them in and keep feeding us that islam is peaceful never heard the pope saying islam is peaceful the way cameron is always saying it. and by the way more child sex abuse happened in the protestant faith then in the catholic church fact. but catholics are hated around the world by people like you. do some proper research before you leave a stupid remark like Pedophiles at that Vatican because our royals covered up child sex abuse in her church so did our government fact and what is our queen doing to help christians nothing and you cry about the pope lmfao get of your fat arse and you do something about it. or are you just a coward.

    • max

      Exactly! One strip of bacon on a mosque door got a 18 year old girl 1 year in prison. Authorities don’t even care about this.

    • RetiredNavyphotog

      Pope is too busy counting his money in Vatican City…which by the way, has not taken any Syrian refugees.

    • b

      5000 $ reward for putting bacom on a mosque door knob in veags. just burn all of them with the ragheads inside

      • Scott Tactical

        pretty humane of you

        • Zippy

          Burning them brings us down to their level.. we should simply deport anyone with loyalty to Muhammad and his ideology of jihad and let them live with the consequences of their CHOSEN allegiance to countries that enforce Muhammad’s Islamic laws ‘from Allah’ over the democratic ‘human’ laws of non-muslim countries.
          A muslim cannot oppose Islamic law without rejecting Muhammad’s authority and his claims to speak for god. A nice ‘moderate’ muslim who still retains the label ‘muslim’ is declaring to us that they remain utterly loyal to our Muhammaden jihadist enemy by their own words.

          Leave Islam or leave our countries.. this is the only rule for muslims that can save a non-muslim society from eventual Islamisation. The non-muslim societies of the Middle East tolerated Islam’s growth too long to be able to reverse eventual Islamisation.. we dare not make the same mistake if we value our freedom from Islam.

    • Patrick Adrien Varencaus

      right onnnnnn

  • Mahou Shoujo

    If any disrespect or vandalism to a mosque occurs, there are federal laws made to in reaction to such outrage, but let a Christian church be defiled, and it is all part of turning the other cheek. Enough, Vigilante Knights Templar are urgently required, followed by an inquisition and expulsion of muslims from civilization. Islam wants to be involved in another crusade? It will happen.

    • Tatonka

      The crusade,….It can’t be soon enough

      • Mahou Shoujo

        The longer it is in coming, the worse it is going to be.

      • Zippy

        But this time all traces of Islam must be destroyed all the way to Mecca so that our descendants never have to go through this same naive learning curve about Islamic jihad and pay the same price we have been paying in Paris, etc.

  • Barnaby Jones

    Huh. That much $ for a statue.

    Sounds like they should meet in a tent and spend that money helping the poor?

    Not to negate the crime.

  • Judi

    “Fear it is the work of anti-Christian extremists” aka muslims! Not a word on the news outlets btw.

  • Mal M

    It is the religion of death and hatred.

    • Scott Tactical

      I’m surprised everyone just assumes it was them.
      Oh it’s because Pam Geller is a fear monger and this is where we go to get a dose of fear.

      Dose up my addict friends!

      • Mal M

        You can’t buy wisdom in the market.

      • Zippy

        It’s not a blind assumption to assume any acts of terrorism are probably committed by muslims.. it’s basic pattern recognition due to their regularity and consistency.

  • Yulleg Rahardja

    Wonder why the UK people not rise up

    • Zippy

      The British always wait the longest and let their patience be tested beyond all reasonable limits before responding, but when it does finally snap it’s amazing how businesslike and cold-blooded those polite and patient Brits can become. When forced to reluctantly confront their enemies they tend to roll up their sleeves and calmly annihilate the opposition, which is probably why they’re desperately hoping they won’t have to unleash the dogs of war against unwitting foreign hostiles again, since they have no idea what a dangerously determined adversary the British become when finally roused to war.

      • Domus Canus.

        That was Britain of the past and yes they were that way. Now, there are no such people as English any more, far too many immigrants launched themselves at this island, London is now 45%English while the rest are others. Towns and entire areas in Northern England have been taken over by waves of immigrants, and your Mr Trump was exactly right when he brought up the no-go areas, even as the PM Cameron and Johnson the mayor of London denied they existed. Europe needs men like your Mr Trump, alas, what we now have are the dancing girlie men of the EU whose main raison d’etre is to turn this continent into another black hole of Calcutta, and I think they’re succeeding. Thanks, I enjoyed your post.

        • Zippy

          It only takes a few of us with knowledge of the old ways to inspire the rest to save themselves when the crisis comes to a head and they’re looking for any way to survive. It always takes just a few good men to light the way for the rest to follow.

          • Domus Canus.

            I would have agreed with this comment in the past, but not today as the country has split into so many factions because of the onslaught of immigration. What does it say of a nation when her supposedly integrated citizens run off to join the other side, ISIS, then are allowed to return to join the mainstream when their stint in savagery is over? When a government continues a failed appeasement policy toward those who act up against the very country that gave them sanctuary, when political correctness has been legalised through the courts and when the demographics have shifted in favour of a foreign contingent within that country, then we are no longer speaking of England but a broken entity that once held sway throughout the world. There are indeed a few good people trying to change this but the media relentlessly castigate them for their efforts with the usual racist, xenophobe little Englander tar brush. But the same abusive behaviour is happening in the States if you are a Republican, even as the sheeple sleepwalking through life
            accept the tantalizing offer of a free ‘phone and will then vote like robots for a Democratic party that is dangerous, politically unbalanced and fiscally out of their collective minds. Debate is always good, but when it is hijacked for an unsound philosophical ideology then we all lose. Many thanks.

      • Black Eagle

        Sorry, I don’t see it. Like in Germany, they’ve raised generations of castrated boys, haven’t a clue about how to fight, much less the will.

        • Zippy

          Those instincts are merely suppressed, not lost, and cannot be programmed out of us as they are inherent to the male of the species. Muslim men may lack the ability to control their aggression, while our men are good at keeping their cards closer to their chest and this is sometimes mistaken for an absence of aggressive capability. It is this miscalculation on the part of our enemies that has served us well many times before.

          Whatever goes down you can count on the British to turn the tables and unexpectedly come out on top (again) seemingly from nowhere.. we’re just better poker players than our intellectually-challenged barbarian opponents.

          Never underestimate the suppressed anger of a patient people. Slow to anger, but unstoppable when unleashed. I hope you’re right and our enemies have once again forgotton this fact about the British.. it will make the war so much swifter to prosecute and conclude with finality when the time comes.

          • barry oldwater

            Never under estimate the germans, its the germans that the world had to come together to squash , twice, because there was not one country by itself that could do it.

    • laura m.

      UK (apathetic slackers) won’t rise up, or any where much in the EU except some areas of E. Europe that are waking up, who may not be EU members. EU folks get what they deserve for allowing this trash (invasion) to their country. Soon churches will burn, trashed incl the Vatican and St Peters B., along with historic buildings, and people will be killed and thrown into trenches, incl the leaders if they don’t convert and wear the “uniform”. In 2016 much will happen! It will “turn the tide” of history. (Tet take two, 2016 offensive, etc) by Matt Bracken go to:

      • Yulleg Rahardja

        You know the UK need someone like Burmese Priest that kick the butt of the Rohingya gang rapists. You all still have chance although as time goes by it shall be less and less chance. If you do exactly like that Burmese priest did and in much grander scale the West Europe can be saved. PS: You’ll need to kick Barry Soetoro out first. He’s the one that make Europeans in this mess since he’s the Leader of The West that unfortunately also an Indonesian Muslim.

  • noreligon

    is this what is called an “act of god”?

  • edbo


  • Black Eagle

    Assenine Brits, think they can go on as usual with the Muslim Mafia ruling the streets. They need to go back to the Old Testament for a while. Arm yourself Brits, even with a nice Cricket bat, and start patrolling the streets yourselves. Otherwise, go buy some chains and wrap around your ankles, and ask the local mosque if they are heavy enough to satisfy them.

    • Zippy

      Cricket bats are far too inefficient old chap, there are far more effective weapons that can be improvised at the drop of a hat, and luckily the enemy wear a highly visible uniform to aid targeting of the enemy if we are forced to fight against jihad without our government’s support.

      There’s still time for a political solution that can avert most of the bloodshed via an official outlawing of Islam and mass deportations of its most faithful followers, but that window is closing fast as their numbers grow beyond our ability to ship off. Past a certain point it will be every muslim vs every non-muslim on the streets of Britain, and rest assured we will defeat the muslims if that worst-case scenario comes to pass.

      Why so certain? We have the advantage of knowing that their god is as fake as all the rest and won’t be able to save them from being hunted down and rounded up once Islam loses it’s protected status, and they’ll be genuinely befuddled at the lack of Muhammad’s promised angel reinforcements from Allah. And as a fiendishly imaginative suggestion to put the fear of god in our foes we could let women who have been kidnapped and raped by jihadists from around the world act as our executioners to terminate any jihadists we capture, and then bury them in the hollowed out corpses of pigs for maximum effect.
      It deterred Islamic terrorism in the Phillippines back in the day once word got back to the muslims about the punishment for jihad and it’ll work again now because their beliefs haven’t changed in 1400 years.

  • RKae

    If Islam is the religion of peace, then why aren’t “Islamic extremists” extremely peaceful?

  • Scott Tactical

    I don’t see any Mary statues. I think one is a Joseph and he’s not behated. Looks like someone knocked it over when they were rummaging.
    Pam Geller is a shill and instigator. I wouldn’t be surprised if she facilitated this.

    Forgiveness is Christian. :)

  • grace alone

    the catholics and muslims worship the same god the false prophet satan himself who convinces men to make a decision for jesus, read your bible go to church look to the law( 10 commandments) or your good works. satan succeds when he gets you to look anywhere but Christ alone for salvation. truth is at

  • Scott Tactical

    Seriously Pam Geller.
    You are an evil fear mongering wench.
    I don’t see any Maria statues and no indication that it was religious.

    Shame on you. Leave Christian retards alone. They can hate easy enough without you.

  • El Jeffe

    That statue has a beard…Seems kind of un-Mary like.

  • Arizona

    LISTEN TO THE LORD,get close to him NOW,america has become the most depraved nation on earth,IT WILL BE DESTROYED,the forces of EVIL and STUPIDITY have taken over,ARE YOU ALL BLIND??? get ready,stockup on food,water,and survival supplies,your out of time to be ready,AND get your neighbors ready too,or they’ll be at your door starving,and they may have children,YOU DO CARE ABOUT THE CHILDREN don’t you…then get ready…………

  • jafo

    Well the Pope did say this was to be our last Christmas. Things are on the way to getting much worse folks. I strongly feel that this is Europe’s last year to make a stand. If not their done. Germany, as the real power is the key. If they don’t take a stand now it’s over for them. America with its protection of the 2nd amendment is a tougher nut to crack. Therefore, other means will need to be put in action. What these may be is wide ranging. But the end result will be total upheaval of the country.

  • Alleged Comment

    These people are.challenging you to a fight!

    The next time it will be you! You have no choice but to wipe them OUT! Or they will return time and time again to menace you until they wipe YOU out..

    Read history! The only way to stop attacks was to WIPE YOUR ENEMY OUT. Where are the war buffs and tough guys??

    Now’s the time.

  • Nancy

    This is to ALL of the HATERS regarding Pope Francis! Do you actually believe the Father would WINK at your words?!!!! You’re PATHETIC! And yeah, Ant I. Liberal, I’m especially talking to you! Pedophiles, really? You don’t know what the HELL you’re talking about! Many, and I do mean MANY of the Priests that were sued were innocent! So SHUT YOUR PIE HOLE until you have something intelligent to say! GOOF BALL!

  • barbarakelly

    Once you find these vandals boot them out of the country never to return again. Send them to Syria.

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