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Authorities Call Latino-On-Latino Murder A Jew-On-Muslim Hate Crime


There it is. This is the very reason that Governor Rick Perry should never have signed “hate crimes” into law. The concept is purely subjective and can be used to pursue a subversive, persecutorial agenda.

Now the Texas authorities are advancing faked hate and islamofauxbia. Adjudicating faked hate.

Much the way blasphemy laws under Sharia are used to target perceived enemies of the totalitarian Islamic rule or as punitive retribution to settle a perceived grudge, “hate crimes” in the USA are being used to advance Islamic supremacism

Gov. Rick Perry of Texas signed a hate crimes bill 2001 that increased the penalties for offenses against minorities, gays and others.

Mr. Perry’s predecessor, President Bush, had refused to support the measure two years ago, saying all crimes are hate crimes.

Mr. Perry said today, ”This law sends a signal to would-be criminals that if you attack someone because of their religion or race or gender, you face stiffer penalties.”

What a dunce.

Back in 2009, the Democratic-led U.S. House of Representatives Wednesday approved an expansion of federal “hate crime” laws — an effort that former Republican President George W. Bush had opposed.

“Authorities Call Latino-On-Latino Murder A Jew-On-Muslim Hate Crime,” By Brian Anderson, Downtrend via WFAA, January 9, 2016 (thanks to Ruthy):

The application of hate crime laws in this country is crazy, and that madness is compounded by Obama’s insistence that Muslims receive a special level of protection. That’s the only explanation for why authorities in Texas are calling the murder of a Latino man by another Latino man an anti-Muslim hate crime perpetrated by a Jew.

WFAA reports that 30-year old Anthony Torres went to Omar’s Wheels and Tires in Dallas, TX on Christmas Eve. He asked for a specific employee and to use the air pump to fill his tires. The employees recognized Torres as someone who had an argument with one of their workers a week earlier. Torres was informed that the employee he was seeking was not there, but that he could fill his tires up with air.

Torres went back to his car and retrieved a handgun from his waistband. He turned and opened fire on the business. 25-year old Enrique Garcia-Mendoza was killed as he sat in the back of vehicle. Another person was struck in the chest and several employees and customers where injured.

The owner of the business came out of the office with his own gun and shot the gunman. Torres would later turn up at Baylor hospital with a gunshot wound, where he was arrested.

Okay, so we have a Latino shooting and killing another Latino. How do we get to Jew-on-Muslim hate crime? Well, like this:

The name of the business is Omar’s Wheel and Tire, and “Omar” sounds like a Muslim name. Torres had a beef with an employee, and he may have believed that the employee was a Muslim or that the business was owned by a Muslim. It doesn’t appear as if anyone who is actually a Muslim was involved in this incident in any way.

But wait, it gets worse. Torres, who is clearly an idiot, told police investigators in a previous incident that he identifies as both Jewish and Christian and that he has a bias against Muslims. Religion is not the same thing as race or ethnicity. A person came be of mixed race, but mixed religion is not possible. Like I said, Torres is an idiot.

It was also reported that while shooting up the place, Torres yelled “Muslim,” which didn’t make a whole lot of sense to witnesses since no one being shot at was actually a Muslim.

Most people would look at what happened and think that a violent and irrational Torres had some kind of personal beef with an employee at this tire center and came back to settle the score, but those people would be wrong. Police have figured that since Torres identifies as a Jewish Christian, doesn’t care for Muslims, and the store kind of had a Muslim name, that it must be an anti-Islamic hate crime.

Torres was charged with murder and aggravated assault and the hate crime enhancement was added on just for fun.

Let’s look at how truly absurd this hate crime charge is: First, we have a Latino man killing another Latino man, which should immediately disqualify this as a hate-inspired crime. Next, a guy that claims to be Jewish, but isn’t, is allegedly motivated by bias against a Muslim that doesn’t exist. And that brings us to the last problem here: there is no actual Muslim victim. How can you have an anti-Muslim hate crime when there is no Muslim victim?

I have an alternate theory: this guy is out of his f*cking mind.

Obviously Obama’s efforts to shield Muslim terrorists from scrutiny and backlash are working. In Texas, of all places, when Latinos kill each other, Muslims are named as the victims and Christians and Jews get the blame.

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  • ruthy k

    I like the alternate theory! It defenately beats the blood libel.

    • the_dhimminator

      “I have an alternate theory: this guy is out of his f*cking mind.”

      Straight from the mouth of Trump (or should be). I love it.

  • Shafiq Islam

    Was CAIR involved somehow? This is so convoluted, perverse and illogical that it could only have come from them; ex nihilo create Muslim victims and a Jewish perpetrator.

    • ruthy k

      mmhm. CAIR is demanding an apology.


        My apology to CAIR looks like a raised middle finger.

        I DEMAND that CAIR apologize for 9/11, Boston Marathon bombing, San Bernardino, Fort Hood, Garland Texas…

        • KimWilde

          Why does the govt. always say moslums did it (false flags) and than we the people have to bow down further to i-scam ?

        • Darrell Standing

          Yep … even Mister Rogers says Amen to that !!! ?


            LOL! The BEST!!!

      • empiresentry

        is that like the time Sharpton led protests on the streets in some Texas town because two guys got shot robbing a neighbors house…..
        but then he found they were ‘dark’ Hispanics and left

  • JSebastian

    There are no such things as “hate crimes”…and the motivation AS PERCEIVED by anyone but the perpetrator is completely f%cking irrelevant! And even then the Left would ignore that if it were convenient, such as in the instance of the muslim that said “This is for Islam” when he ambushed a police officer and shot at him 13 times; the leftwing mayor said it had “nothing to do with Islam”.

    So maybe the secret is to commit all hate crimes in the name of Islam?

  • Dave

    I think America has lost its mind. Glad that I live in Australia.

    • durabo

      I wish I could afford to emigrate to Australia…except for the fact that y’all have been disarmed by your government.

      • Dave

        It’s not really a problem. The murder rate here is much, much lower than in America. Most crime here is break-ins and car thefts. If you have a home alarm and/or dog you’re pretty secure.

  • durabo

    Why can’t we get our heads out of our rectal orifices and realize that Latino-on-Latino and Black-on-Black criminal acts in the inner city reflect each group’s “rich cultural heritage?” And just wait for the Sharia people to start pushing…!

  • atl slayer

    Its like comedy central for horror stories,,,,,and I can’t believe a person of Hispanic ethnicity committed a violent criminal act….o wait that’s another reason the story has to be changed upside down, because “everybody knows” only white males would shoot people,,,especially if they happen to be Christian and Jewish at the same.time ????? “shakes head” :/

    • sodacrackers2

      And if a Hispanic does anything bad, he has to be a white Hispanic. Who knew all these classifications?

      • atl slayer

        O yea, exactly :)

  • got243kids

    Hate Crime? Ridiculous empirical mandates are the very core of Jury Nullification.

    The Behavioral Science (BS) behind the notion that we must follow the ‘Judges Instructions’ is pure tyrannical propaganda. It is our sovereign duty to reject these edicts.

  • Darrell Standing
  • Up Huff

    It’s TEXAS! You know, that place where there are pockets of idiots who welcome illegals with open arms and other people’s (opened) wallets?
    Bet an illegal Mex killing a white citizen would never be called a hate-crime despite the illegal Mex being brown and the citizen white. Now there’s a hate crime- based on race, right?

  • scocope

    For some reason I have a belief that we are going to be hearing alot about this crime in the MSM; not the actual facts surrounding it but just the charges themselves.

  • Darrell Standing

    Obviously America needs glasses for the brains of their legislators !!! ?

    • Po Tato

      America does not need any glasses for the brains of their legislatures … America needs brains

      • Darrell Standing

        I would tend to think that both civilians and their so-called public servants need brains … the glasses for their brains is humor … sheesh !!! ?

        America will continue to devolve … there is no longer much sign of intelligent life here or anywhere else !!! I choose to laugh at the decline … not sure there’s any cure for this particular “Progressive” disease !!!

        • Po Tato

          My point being … if there is no brain, there is no need for ‘glasses’ for the non-existing brain

          Saying that we do need ‘glasses for brains’ implying that there are still _some_ brains left inside America

          If America does have some brains left, it wouldn’t have elected Obama into the White House twice in a row !

          • Darrell Standing


            You answered your own point … and we agree … the majority of Americans are morons … two terms each of Clinton … Bush and Obama is proof positive !!! I no longer have any hope of turning back the tide of idiocy … as Pogo says … we have met the enemy and he is us !!! The glowing glass teat has dumbed down the entire planet beyond repair !!! ?

          • runnindeer

            This cartoon was depicted to signify how man has been polluting the environment and destroying wetlands. It had nothing to do with hate crime or the politics of today as the artist has been dead for some time. If alive I would believe that he would resent his art being used to criticize the nation that he loved, even with stupid politicians from all eras.

          • Darrell Standing

            I’m well aware of the history of the cartoon and the artist … I’m not criticizing the Country but merely pointing out how STUPID the people have allowed themselves to become through a combination of manner factors … mostly inattention to seeing the Nation slip away over the last 60 years !!! Walt Kelly was too much of a bloody progressive for my tastes so I could care less what he would think!!! ?

        • Rachel Studley

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  • sodacrackers2

    Just wondering if it would be a hate crime if a democrat offed a republican.

    • Mahou Shoujo

      Littering and possible infraction of noise bylaw.

  • Anneke9

    And the Fort Hood massacre remains “workplace violence.”

  • Damn, there for a while I thought Texas had it going on, but this has got to be “THE STUPIDEST” definition of a “HATE CRIME” I ever heard or read about!!
    What kind of investigators does Texas have anyway? I can’t believe they are this ignorant!
    To para-phrase Mel Brooks “WHAT A WORLD, WHAT A WORLD, WHAT A WORLD!!”

    • empiresentry

      depends on which part of Texas. Anywhere near Austin is pretty much polluted. We laugh at Dallas every day.
      Yeah, CAIR is sucking this one up since they have few to zero hate crime cases to match their propaganda.

      So how likely a Hispanic shooting up cars, people and a building says the one word Muslim…and people running for cover actually hear it.

  • Mahou Shoujo

    No matter how stupid a politician is one day, a stupider one shows up the next.

  • Mahou Shoujo

    It would appear that there are several people involved in this that are out of there fuxking minds.

  • Lawrence huff

    I normally agree with Pam’s writing but on this I disagree. This idiot can be labeled a Christian for all I care. He can have yelled what ever …doesn’t matter. All I really care about in this case is he will be going away for extra time because of being an ass. He’s to stupid to know what a hate crime is but in this case he is off the streets longer because of this. I don’t feel to bad about this.

  • Johnstoirvin

    If you are murdered, you are no more or no less dead just because the perp didn’t like your religion or color or the way you think. The real hate crime is not making the punishment equal to the crime.

  • One-Bullet Bruno

    “Hate crimes”? ;^D

    As a hit man for hire, I love the idea that in doing the killings I just do for the dough I won’t be punished so bad. Look, I have nothing against the schlumps I kill, it’s all in a day’s work, you dig? Same thing crack and smack dealers who got to whack the competition on Chicago mean streets. Just business, man. Even Obama understands that much.

    It’s just so beautiful to me that freaks who kill out of passion — maniacs who are half out of their minds with anger and hatred and always get nabbed — are going to get the screwed the worst. It even brings a little tear to my eye.

    Cold-blooded killers like myself should get off with lighter sentences and easier time, right? Let’s have more hate-crimes legislation — the effort to hit them harder means I get hit softer. Makes my line of work less risky and expensive and thereby gives a boost to the economy. After all, I’m only trying to make an easy buck — it’s the progressive way. Vote Democratic and be like me!

  • Mahou Shoujo

    Muslims are so used to lying to each other, that they think everyone else is as gullible and stupid as they are.

  • mjazzguitar

    I don’t think the Muhammadans would get away with groping and raping Latinas for very long.

  • swpbbls
  • Steve

    It’s no wonder aliens stay away.

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