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Another Jihadi to Attend the Obama’s SOTU (State of the Union) Islamic Address


The state of the Union? The state of the Union is deteriorating. The state of the Union is in tatters. The state of the Union is under siege by a powerful fifth column that has overthrown the Constitution and the moral law and order of this nation.

My advice to readers is — don’t watch the SOTU. Spare yourself (and your blood pressure) the lies, taqiya, kitman and propagandizing of the enemy in the White House. Instead, throw a little party wherever you are, pop the champs and celebrate that this is mullah Obama’s LAST State of the Union con job. Instead, pray for our soldiers, reporters, and businessmen being held hostage in Iran tonight.

Obama’s guest tonight at this jihad summit is a “Syrian refugee.” One wonders if he’ll bring up the New Year’s eve Syrian rapefugees or the  Syrian refugee who suicide-bombed an Istanbul market and slaughtered 10 European tourists today.

Also invited is the notorious hate group — the terror-tied Council of American Islamic Relations.

And now this: Ahmed Shedeed, a Muslim Brotherhood terror operative stealthily working to destabilize Egypt by installing the notorious terror leader Mohamed Morsi.

“Another Dubious State of the Union Guest,” IPT, January 12, 2015:

A New Jersey Muslim community leader attending tonight’s State of the Union Address with Sen. Cory Booker also serves as treasurer of a political group which strongly supports the Muslim Brotherhood and demands its return to power in Egypt, documents discovered by the Investigative Project on Terrorism show.

Ahmed Shedeed is president of the Islamic Center of Jersey City. In explaining his invitation, Booker said Shedeed “has spoken out for religious tolerance and mutual understanding” and shows “how the diversity of America makes us all better.”

Shedeed also serves on New Jersey’s Homeland Security Interfaith Advisory Council.

It is unclear whether Booker knows of another leadership post Shedeed holds – treasurer of the Egyptian Americans for Democracy and Human Rights (EADHR). The group emerged in 2013, after Egypt’s military ousted President Mohamed Morsi – a member of the Brotherhood’s Freedom and Justice Party – from power.

The move came after millions of Egyptians took to the streets to protest Morsi and the Brotherhood’s attempts to concentrate their power at the expense of the country’s crumbling economy and infrastructure.

The Brotherhood was founded in Egypt more than 80 years ago and ideally wants to see Islam spread globally and see Islamic law govern society.

In the U.S., the EADHR launched rallies in several cities, including Washington, D.C. While they avoided mentioning the Brotherhood and emphasized a desire to see the “legitimate government” restored, Brotherhood political leaders spoke at the rallies and many organizers were part of groups serving the Muslim Brotherhood in America. Shedeed is listed in an August 2013 Facebook post as a contact for a New York rally.

Many Democrats in Congress made a point of inviting Muslim guests to the annual presidential speech, as a response to an “alarming rise in hateful rhetoric against Muslim Americans and people of the Islamic faith worldwide.”

Booker’s invitation of a Brotherhood supporter, however, is another example of elected officials making poor choices in trying to showcase the breadth of Muslim American ideology. As the IPT reported Monday, two Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) officials have been invited, too.

CAIR has its own direct connection to the Muslim Brotherhood. The organization was founded as part of a Brotherhood-led Hamas-support network in the United States. In addition, FBI records obtained by the IPT through the Freedom of Information Act include an eyewitness’s claim that CAIR’s founders sought the Brotherhood’s blessings for their founding bylaws.

As we noted Monday, there are many Muslim Americans deserving the honor of an invitation to the State of the Union. Surely Booker could have done better than turning to a Brotherhood supporter.

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  • Patti York

    I think my favorite true crime show is on at that time, ( Homicide Hunter),,so it wont be hard to ignore that purple lipped, chronic lying freakazoid.

    • olddog

      Yep..It’s my night to watch grass grow..THANK GOODNESS..I can’t afford to buy a new TV…and a pair of shoes…

  • Constitution189
    • olddog

      Jerkel should be SHOT as a TRAITOR ..Complicit in an INVASION of GERMANY…

  • Dr. Doomsday

    I saw a story today, that the WH was upset that the SOTU speeches don’t have much impact, and they didn’t understand why.

    Uhh, the Pres is a LOSER? Your libtard policies are LOSER?

    Everyone knows but the LOSER in Chief and his crew?

    Get a clue DC, there are millions of people that are sick of your BS.

    Nobody cares what that jerk in the big chair says, because he is a serial liar.

    • Shafiq Islam

      He is, as orator or statesman, no Winston Churchill.

  • Shafiq Islam

    This article is interesting. Even the world’s leading atheist, Richard Dawkins, recognises the superiority of Christian doctrine to Muslim doctrine.

    • farflung

      Tell us again about your conversion from Islam. Seems you are changing stripes daily and yes , my take you are a Muslim Jihadist , home grown from the ghetto and Ubed wannabee.

      • Shafiq Islam

        You are truly pathetic, incapable of intelligent conversation, hiding behind a veil of anonymity to bully and harass those whose ethnicity or nationality offends your bigoted little mind. You have so little faith in Christianity, the religion you profess, that you cannot believe that anyone from a Muslim background can accept it. You must also hate Nabeel Qureshi, Nonie Darwish, Wafa Sultan and many others.

      • RetiredNavyphotog

        Is that you Obama?

  • Jenna

    Watching Obama so self righteous, cocky, one big joke. He thinks he’s smarter then the American people pulling one over our eyes.
    I see outright liar in glib, ugly, obvious once you see past the sociopathic mask he thinks hides his true nature. When it is apparent to anyone really looking what lies beneath.
    Scumbag traitor may he rot in hell

  • chris wolf

    You really have to work at it to become as dirty a scumbag as obama is.
    He uses Biden as a prop for his bogus applause line about cancer…
    Just unbelievable how undeserving of us is this lying weasel.
    What a curse.
    What a shame.

    • Jenna

      He is a curse there is a great deal coded in the Talmud about the end days and Obama along with Hillary as the curses brought about by our own hands (Jewish people) these two anti Israel antisemites are disgusting and yet people still don’t want to acknowledge reality at all.

      • chris wolf

        I’m sure he’s a visceral anti-Semite and foretold in prophecy.
        He reminds me of the big flying monkey on The Wizard of Oz.

    • Shafiq Islam

      Joe Biden, who couldn’t cure his own lifelong case of foot-and-mouth disease, is going to cure cancer in a year.

    • wibbys1

      He’s been working at it since his dubious youth and he has had the (best) help scumbags money can buy!

  • Jenna

    We are standing on the precipice to complete disaster. It’s something that’s becoming impossible to ignore.
    Let’s raise our voices though it may be scary, though it may mean defeat, though no victory is in sight.

    They have demographics working against us, they have the ability to call us racist when we call them out on their murderous, licentious, rapist, pedophile hero Mohammad who advocates drinking camel piss and raping babies. But we have a weapon they will never have we have morals, we have intellect, strong minds to fight the backward superstition and stupidity of Islam, we can reason and do not fear honest discourse.

    Islam is imploding it will defeat itself as soon as people have the courage to confront its ugly, stupid, pedophilic culture that only believes might makes right. This is not a religion but subhuman totalitarian system that contributes nothing only destroys.

  • karl59

    This jihadi must be another one of Obama’s sons.

  • karenmamo

    Broken to realize we have reached 2016 and my country is overcome by idiots. Just look at how many are kissing the A of someone as ignorant as D.T.
    As a teacher retired from 30 years in my profession, this condition makes me ashamed of how I spent my life.

  • Mahou Shoujo

    No point in paying attention to this or any other speech from the white mosque, it is all the same taqiyya.

    • farflung

      We shall survive the next few months and this Ubed in the Oval Office shall be gone. The Constitution works and Hussein the Ubed has proven it. We have survived.

      • Mahou Shoujo

        Let this be a lesson to Americans, beware of what you vote for, the law of unforeseen consequences is a brute.

        • joker

          Beware of what you vote for…the yanks voted twice for him.
          What the US needs next is a good redneck who will deal with it all old fashion style: you know gunboats, carpet bombing, assassinations and in case necessary the mushroom cloud.

          • Mahou Shoujo

            Sometimes it is necessary to use “off the shelf, tried and true” old fashioned solutions. Islam demands it.

  • Shafiq Islam
    • farflung

      Tell me how a Jihadist Terrorist thinks as you continually post in here Ubed Jihadist Ghetto Wannabee?

      • Shafiq Islam

        Sir, it appears that you are unable to discuss anything logically. You all at once visit my posts and bully me with your paranoid delusions. You really need psychiatric help, or perhaps a better psychiatrist. Please get help.

      • RetiredNavyphotog

        Is that you Hillary?

      • joker

        Leave Shafiq Islam alone. It could be you are an ex Falangist? Just a thought. He says he is a Christian so he is a Christian and we ought to be pleased with that. I was born Jewish and today so-called Catholic. Perhaps wrong choice but it is about Christ Jesus Our Saviour.

  • Drew the Infidel

    Being a night for trivialities I did not watch the SOTU. It showed opposite the Kardashians.

  • conan_drum

    Egyptian Americans for Democracy and Human Rights –

    The name sounds right at least perhaps the senator accepts it at face value or is not every bright

  • Uselesscrap

    The most important thing now is to KEEP HILARY OUT OF THE WHITE HOUSE!!!!!!

  • Uselesscrap

    Just remember this: HILARY’S AAIDE IS HUMA ABEDIN. huma is MOSLEM BROTHERHOOD!!!!

  • Uselesscrap


    Do whatever you can to defeat her.

  • Uselesscrap


  • Boris Badinov

    Treasonous b-tard needs to be dragged out of his Rainbow House and thrown into a federal penitentiary. For good!

  • Dave

    I only saw clips of it. Obama is a delusional sociopath. State of Disunion I say!

  • donojibway

    Why doesn’t Ahmed Shedeed advocate that Saudi Arabia practice the same religious tolerance he wants in the USA? Saudi Arabia will arrest anyone who is not Muslim entering the “holy” cities of Mecca and Medina, even if they have a Saudi passports. We should do the same in New York City, since Muslims already killed 3000 NYC innocent citizens on 9/11/01, after which millions of Muslims around the world cheered. It’s on video.

    • joker

      But still the Israelis manage to infiltrate Mecca.

  • wibbys1

    You moronic idiots that voted this scumbag in now have your fondest dreams fulfilled–you have a true muslim jihadist IN THE White House!!! This criminal is making laws, executive orders which aid and abet our enemies with such laws and orders.

  • wibbys1

    Then the fool goes and says, :Yes, I’ve divided the nation, but not in a civil war sort of way.” What sane U.S President would say such a thing? And I disagree! Civil war might be just around the bend and that is too horrible to contemplate!

  • Richard

    Obama should call it for what it is:

    Subversion of the Union Address

  • Michael Sultana

    I as an overseas follower of American politics who has visited the country on numerous occasions, both as a tourist and on business grew up in awe of the U.S place in the world and what it once stood for, democracy and freedom. Now I am ashamed of the stance I once took praising the nation. I can only imagine the distress and heartbreak that so many Americans must be feeling watching their nation slide into obscurity at the hands of their own inept politicians. It’s easy to blame political correctness for changing to some extent the values by which society there operates but it’s the people who have allowed it to happen. i personally believe that the superficiality of the people as a whole and the dumbing down of what was a GREAT nation has played it’s part for sure. If a Democrat is elected President this year, it will be the final straw and the slide will be irreversable …

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