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[ September 24, 2017 ]

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Napolitano: Berkeley “Free Speech Week” to feature “controversial and noxious ideas”

[ September 23, 2017 ]

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[ September 22, 2017 ]

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Another 41 Muslim “Refugees” in U.S. Arrested on Jihad Terror Charges


Further proof of what my colleagues and I have warned of for months.

There have already been jihadis discovered among the refugees. There will be many more. Why are the Democrats importing our assassins? How many Americans have to die for this country to turn their back on the party of treason?

The Lebanese education minister said there are 20000 active jihadists among the refugees in his country. The Islamic state said last February that they would be sending 400000 refugees into Europe.

Islamic state has called for the killing of civilians in the US and Europe. Why are we allowing them to come when Christians are dying in the hundreds of thousands?

Disclosure: Another 41 Foreign-Born Individuals Snagged On Terror Charges
Obama administration withholds details as more attacks occur

BY: Adam Kredo, WFB, January 8, 2016

Following the discovery of a terrorist cell in Texas allegedly operated by an Iraqi who entered the United States as a refugee, the Washington Free Beacon has learned of an additional 41 individuals who have been implicated in terrorist plots in the United States since 2014, bringing the total number of terrorists discovered since that time to 113, according to information provided by Congressional sources.

Since August, however, the Obama administration has stonewalled Congressional efforts to obtain more detailed immigration histories of these individuals, prompting frustration on Capitol Hill and accusation that the administration is covering up these histories to avoid exposing flaws in the U.S. screening process.

The disclosure of these additional 41 individuals linked to terror operations—many already identified as immigrants, others’ immigration histories shrouded in secrecy—has stoked further concerns about flaws in the U.S. screening process and is likely to prompt further congressional inquiry into Obama administration efforts to withhold details about these suspects, sources said.

As the number of legal immigrants connected to terrorism continues to grow, the Obama administration has sought to quash congressional inquiries and rally its allies behind an effort to fund efforts to boost the number of immigrants and refugees from the Middle East.

Many of these immigrants have been caught by authorities planning terrorist attacks on American soil, while others were found to be involved in efforts to provide funding and material to ISIS, according to an internal list of migrant terrorists codified by congressional sources and viewed by the Free Beacon.

“A growing number of foreign-born terrorists are being identified operating within the United States, and yet the Administration will not provide any information about their immigrant histories,” said one senior congressional source apprised of the issue. “And one can only imagine that for every identified terrorist, there are many more individuals around them who are radicalized, extreme or otherwise detracting from American society in ways beyond the threat of terrorism alone.”

As congressional calls for increased screening methods go mostly ignored, local authorities are dealing with an uptick in terror-related crimes committed by legal immigrants.

On Thursday, the Justice Department accused two Iraqi refugees legally in the U.S. of conspiring to provide support to ISIS.

Omar Faraj Saeed Al Hardan, a 24-year-old Palestinian born Iraqi refugee who had been living in Texas, was charged with aiding ISIS. The man had been granted legal permanent residence in Houston in 2011, though it was later determined that he “swore untruthfully on his formal application when applying to become a naturalized U.S. citizen,” according to the Justice Department.

Aws Mohammed Younis Al-Jayab, also a Palestinian born Iraqi, allegedly “traveled overseas to fight alongside terrorist organizations and lied to U.S. authorities about his activities,” according to the Justice Department

Al-Jayab entered the U.S. as a refugee in 2012 and later travelled back to Syria, where it is believed that he resumed “fighting with various terrorist organizations,” according to the charges.

Late Thursday, a Philadelphia police officer was reportedly ambushed by an assailant sporting “Muslim garb and wearing a mask,” according to local reports.

Additional information viewed by the Free Beacon outlines another 20 previously unknown individuals brought up on similar terrorism-related charges in 2015 alone.

Those who have been charged were legally residing in the U.S. after entering from countries such as Egypt, Uzbekistan, Albania, Pakistan, and Syria, according to information provided by Congressional sources.

“The terrorism-related arrests of two more Iraqi refugees on American soil proves once again our screening process is weak and needs to be updated,” Sen. Mark Kirk (R., Ill,) said in a statement Friday.

With incidents and indictments of this nature continuing to rise, critics of the Obama administration’s immigration policy are expressing concern about a last-minute funding effort in 2015 to fully fund refugee resettlement and visa programs.

These priorities, which were granted full funding as part of a yearly spending bill approved by Congress last year, will permit around 170,000 new migrants from Muslim-majority countries to enter the United States in 2016, according to the Senate’s immigration subcommittee.

“The omnibus gave the green light for the administration to continue this failed immigration policy over the objections of the electorate,” the senior Congressional source quoted above said.

The Senate continues to uncover dozens of cases in which individuals accused of terrorism entered the country legally.

“Preventing and responding to these acts is an effort encompassing thousands of federal agents and attorneys and billions of dollars: In effect, we are voluntarily admitting individuals at risk for terrorism and then, on the back end, trying to stop them from carrying out their violent designs,” Sen. Jeff Sessions (R., Ala.) warned last year as Congress considered the spending bill.

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  • Mahou Shoujo

    A little public relations from the democrats, gather up a few “terrorists” to let it be known that the hussain caliphate is concerned with America, but don’t let the public know anything more. Maybe a few show trials, for propaganda purposes, with various legal industry buffoonery later to release and reward them for inconvenience incurred while on jihad.

    • liz

      Right – 41 is a drop in the bucket. 4,000 is probably closer to the mark.

      • barskii

        In America – only 40,000?
        Your way off, well over 100,000 Hiding in plain site

        • liz

          I don’t doubt it at all.

          • barskii

            Just remember every Mosque is a training Center for Terrorist Building – France has gotten smart,
            They are Bulldozing them
            and cleaning out the NO GO ZONES that didn’t exist.

          • liz

            Yes we need to demolish every last one of them, and deport the members.

        • concerned

          Why isn’t Minnesota on there ?

          • barskii

            They have so many mosque it would have taken up the whole page – same as Tennessee and a few other States I know of… don’t feel left out – find out what terrorist group is in your town… They are Here – Obama relocated 278,000 of them in the last 3 years…. But it wasn’t a big deal – because it was Hidden – – look around – – get smart – – you are being cased out by the enemy everyday.

  • karl59

    Obama is deliberately allowing this happen!
    He is pushing the envelope to the point where Congress
    will remove him from office so that will be massive civil unrest
    and he can claim victimhood!

    • MrLogical

      News flash: Congress doesn’t have the balls to remove him, and he knows it.

    • barskii

      Hopefully He will become a Victim “PERIOD”

  • Shafiq Islam

    Let’s do a little thought experiment. Suppose some neo-Nazis start up the Church of the Holy Aryan Redeemer and set up parishes around the US. They distribute Mein Kampf, praise the Holocaust as divine will and an example to be emulated and spew hatred of Jews, Christians, Buddhists and Hindus. They have portraits of Hitler, Himmler, Goebbels and Goering on the walls. How would the White House, DOJ and media react?

    • liz

      Good point – of course they wouldn’t – proving that their hypocrisy stinks to high heaven.

      • Benton Marder

        I wouldn’t be so sure of that. The Dems do resemble the Nazis and Muslims in many ways. They are all kinfolks when we look hard enough.

        • liz

          Which is what makes them such hypocrites. They pretend to be against terrorists, but are letting them in the back door.

    • Darrell Standing

      They pretty much do all those things !!! ?

      • barskii

        Looks lust like the Erdogan of Turkey Leader of ISIS/ISIL

        • Darrell Standing

          Pretty close match … just needs the turban !!! ?

          • barskii

            But then again, He is The real Deal Killing Christians & Jews but last Month He had to go beg Israel for Natural Gas, due to Russia cut Turkey off for shooting down their plane and killing their pilot – Russia has cut Turkey off from everything, but the $500 Billion a year of stolen Oil from Syria.
            That Obama is involved in also – American Air strikes that are fly overs? on Obama’s orders not to kill ISIS/ISIL…
            There is America’s Terrorist Group in the “Land of Esau – Jacob’s brother. it is written that GOD will destroy the land of Esau. . . Maybe He will allow America to help Him with that?

          • jeff dee

            I bet Erdogan would love this as he has repeatedly expressed deep admiration for Hitler.

        • wilypagan

          Obama: “Ooooh, Daddy”.

          Erdogan: “Bend over, boy.”

          Obama: “Yessir!”

      • michael carroll

        That’s ridiculous. Neo-nazis, et al have the DOJ far up their asses with a microscope.

    • Robert Tackett

      Hmmm… mosques already exist on American soil.

      • Sharpsguy

        Mosques? Oh, yeah. But, have you read about the VERIFIED 32 to 40 muslim “Training Camps” spread across the country? “Training” for……WHAT? Ah, possibly KILLING US?

    • Muslims can think ?

    • farflung

      For a “JIHADIST’ you articulate well and lie like a sewer rat. Ahh , some may buy your BS, but I know what you area “jIHADIST.”

      • Shafiq Islam

        You don’t believe that people from Muslim families can become Christians? You think that everyone born into a Muslim family is a jihadist?

        • keith

          … that’s the whole problem. bro’… we can’t trust you or your breatheren… that’s what we’ve discovered the hard way… quiet, unobtrusive, seemingly non-radical individuals turn out to be bombs waiting to activate… how are we supposed to know..? … instead of professing your loyalty on these threads, go out and DO something constructive about this roiling mess… attempt to change the culture of evil… they’re your bloody people, not ours..!!

          • Shafiq Islam

            You people have made that harder, you know. Carter and Reagan encouraged Saudis to sponsor Wahhabi mosques and madrasas all over the world, thinking that radical Islam would help fight communism. Your ill considered wars in Iraq and Libya, and support for the al Qaeda linked anti-Assad forces, created the flood of refugees and anti-American sentiment. I had nothing to do with that, and it has made it much harder for Christians in Muslim majority countries now. You gleefully threw Christians under the bus in the countries you invaded.

            You allow radical groups like Jamaat-e-Islami and Muslim Brotherhood to raise funds in your country to persecute Christians in my part of the world, then you accuse us of being crypto-terrorists to evade moral responsibility for what you do. Fortunately most of the commenters here are more open minded, but people like you are a problem.

            Before making more nasty comments about us, why don’t you read the Gospels and think about actually acting like Jesus?

            I don’t live in the US. I teach engineering and try to live a good life and help others. I have brought several other ex-Muslims to Christianity at great risk. A little compassion and less arrogance and judgmentalism would do you good.

          • keith

            … you don’t live here..? … then nevermind… you’re not a problem…

  • liz

    Obama doing his thing – pushing his terrorist enabling agenda in arrogant disregard of all common sense and the protests of the vast majority.
    Then “weeping” that we don’t care about “gun violence”.

    • Steve

      He should be whipped except in his case he might like it.

  • Ben Hur

    Commonsense and a few prominent people have said the fit male ‘refugees’ should be fighting IS. Instead they are being sent forth by IS to create another battle front in the heart of the enemy i.e. us (Europe in this instance). It’s freekin’ madness. The pressure comes of IS as we all scramble around scratching our arses wondering what to do about a problem that our leaders say doesn’t exist

    • barskii

      ISIS/ISISL are moving to Syrte Libya where they have Airplanes and a Air Force and Training Camps with Flight Simulators for the F-15 & 16’s Hillary & Obama supplied to them. Last I heard they were about 15,000 strong with invitations around the World, saying Do NOT to go to Syria to join,
      come to Libya.

      • SFTOBEY

        Like your avatar.


    ISLAM…is NOT a religion. Our federal system needs to stop recognizing it as such.

    • barskii

      Also Sharia IS NOT AMERICAN LAW

      • Steve

        Or sound the Trump-ets!

    • snoozinglion

      What to tell libs when they say “What about the Crusades?”

      Bill Warner, PhD: Jihad vs Crusades

      • barskii

        Thanks snoozing lion..
        Also Thanks to:
        Mr. Bill Warner, PhD
        I will subscribe to His news letter also,

    • sodacrackers2

      It is time for the world to recognize what it is and condemn it.

  • Ben Hur

    Thank God for Trump.


      I will vote for Trump; however, I say: Thank God for God!

  • Commieobamie

    ONE. Was enough for me. Send in the Marines and KILL them ALL, like in the 1800’s.

  • roger

    Should the political winds shift in an ugly direction he will stand with the Muslims.
    Well, now they are.

  • MrLogical

    Why indeed.

    The names of the traitor Congressmen and Senators who approved the Omnibus Spending Bill – allowing 170k of these murderous Muslims into the US this year – need to be published in every major newspaper in America so people can be reminded of who NOT to vote for in their respective upcoming election cycles.

    Remember in November: NO MORE DEMOCRATS!

    • concerned

      or RINOS

  • MrLogical

    It’s not ‘radical’ Islam
    It’s Islam.


  • Robert Tackett

    I’m not even going to say it… yes I will… Obabana, I and we told you so.

  • Drew the Infidel

    And what is Obhammud’s response? To distract from his failed policies by seeking to frustrate the Second Amendment rights of law abiding citizens in order to place their safety and well-being at the mercy of these monsters.

  • Robert Bayer

    Europeans and Americans,,,, you have been betrayed by your own leaders who took oaths to protect you against all costs. They have committed treason.

    The question is what are we going to do about it?

    If we do nothing more than nod our heads to their lies and abuses, seen and unseen, you can expect far worse to happen to us.

    Rape is horrible enough where the leaders of these towns and cities who permitted such an outrage, and then disingenuously, monstrously blame the victims, should be executed for treason.

    BTW, NOT JUST in Sweden, but 1000s of rapes have and are happening in all nations who accepted these “immigrants,” Islamic men whose religion teaches them they may rape anyone who is not Islamic, or anyone not accompanied by an Islamic man.

    But make no mistake, WMDs are being prepared by Iran and ISIS and North Korea has NO PROBLEM passing its technology, missiles, atomic / hydgren bombs to these barbarians.

    Our borders are wide- open. The barbarians ARE NOT JUST at the gates. The Islamic The Islamic jihadists are already here scoping out the lay of the land. And they WILL take your wife and daughters, and rape them every chance they get.

    The Islamic supremacists intend to destroy every western city in the world and everyone in them. The WMDs, chemical and nuclear, are being prepared and are not far away from completion. They don’t even need missiles to deliver them.

    Meanwhile, Obama and congress and the leftist leaders of Europe are not just ignoring what is happening, but seem to be in fact encouraging and defending ISIS and Iran so that they can pull the WMDs trigger to wipe tens of millions from the face of the earth.

    So what do they do to stop ISIS? They open their borders!! The exact opposite of what a true leader would do in such a situation. Only traitors and imbeciles would do that!

    Think about it. The full might of NATO and America and nothing but pinpricks and “hoax agreements” with those who tell everyone who will listen that they intend to destroy the west and make Islam the supreme ruler of the world.

    For my part, I believe it is because they hate western democracy and individual rights and so hope to grab absolute power in the ruins of our civilization.

    What, if anything, are we going to do, to prevent our slaughter?

    The clock is ticking and the Islamic WMD attacks sure aren’t much more than a year away.

    • The question is what are we going to do about it?

      Yes, that IS the question!

    • Michael Copeland

      “The jihad will lead to smashing Western civilization and
      replacing it with Islam which will dominate the world … .”
      Muhammad Mahdi Akef,
      Muslim Brotherhood leader 2004-10
      The rape jihad is part of smashing Western Civilisation: this is how it
      is done.

      • Robert Bayer

        Your post is excellent. For what it is worth, in the end, even if millions of the west are slaughtered by Jihadists, all because of leftist complicity, … Islam will itself be destroyed … never to rise from he11 again ..

        • ch2801

          The Rapture. Before, during or after?

          • Robert Bayer

            I am not a Christian so I couldn’t tell you.

          • ch2801

            Well, Christians do not agree. You can find all 3 choices,depending on the church.

          • Robert Bayer

            Why are you even bringing this up?

    • concerned

      Our leaders ARE ISIS. They obviously side with those who are trying to annihilate Christians and Jews first, then any who won;t bow the knee to BAAL ( aka ALLah)

  • As many gasp with horror when they learn about the NYE sexual assaults upon German women and girls — by Muslim males, of course — those of us who are keeping up with what’s really happening here in the United States know that something similar will be happening here in the United States within the year.

    2016 is going to be the year from hell. Islam is rising as one man.

  • knight

    Like a dog chasing its tail, never catch it.
    As soon as we remove the terrorist there will be more to take their places.

    The only real solution is to remove all Muslims.

  • a6z

    “Why are the Democrats importing our assassins?”

    Because when they vote, they vote Democrat.

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