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Angela Merkel: “We Must Accept Migrants Are More Criminal” – Used New Year Message for Country to Embrace Millions of “Newcomers”


Criminal or devout? And if, as Merkel says, Muslim migrants are more violent, why bring them into the country by the millions?

Merkel has refused to abandon her welcoming stance towards war refugees.

GERMANY has registered nearly ONE MILLION refugees this year after Chancellor Angela Merkel threw open the country’s doors.

Muslim migrants taunted Cologne police after raping and robbing women, “I am Syrian, I must be handled in a friendly manner. Mrs Merkel invited me here!” — Syrian refugee sex attacker.

Violent migrants taunted police by ripping up temporary residence permits. Why not? They could always get new ones the following day.


Chancellor Merkel’s New Year’s message:

“Don’t be cold-hearted to our 1.1million refugees: Merkel begs Germans after her popularity drops over open door policy,” Daily Mail, January 9, 2016:

Chancellor used New Year message for country to embrace newcomers
Urged Germans to see the challenge as an ‘opportunity for tomorrow’
Mrs Merkel has been blamed for fuelling the European migrant crisis

The influx of more than a million refugees should be welcomed as an ‘opportunity’, Angela Merkel told Germans last night.

The country’s leader used her New Year address to urge citizens not to have ‘coldness in their hearts’ but to embrace the 1.1million newcomers.

Mrs Merkel has been blamed for fuelling the European migrant crisis by promising to welcome those who make it to Germany.

She was initially praised by Germans for her decision to allow many of those escaping war and poverty to stay. But with the numbers of migrants from the Middle East and Africa reaching more than a million, doubts have grown and her popularity has suffered.

A record 3,771 refugees have died trying to cross the Mediterranean in the last year. Yet Mrs Merkel yesterday stood firm about the need to embrace migration, urging Germans to see the challenge as an ‘opportunity for tomorrow’.

The chancellor, who grew up in East Germany when it was behind the Iron Curtain, said in yesterday’s TV address: ‘Next year is about one thing in particular: our cohesion. It is important we don’t allow ourselves to be divided.’

In a direct riposte to those staging anti-immigration rallies, she said: ‘It is crucial not to follow those who, with coldness or even hatred in their hearts, lay a sole claim to what it means to be German and seek to exclude others.’

The efforts to cope with the challenges would be worth it in the end because ‘countries have always benefited from successful immigration, both economically and socially’, she said. ‘I am convinced that, handled properly, today’s great task presented by the influx and the integration of so many people is an opportunity for tomorrow.

‘There has rarely been a year in which we were challenged so much to follow up our words with deeds.’

She added: ‘There is no question that the influx of so many people will keep demanding much of us. It will take time, effort and money.’

Mrs Merkel’s popularity has taken a battering at home as a result of the influx of refugees. She has vowed to reduce migrant numbers this year and is trying to convince other EU members to take more.

And Turkey, which acts as a gateway to Europe for many migrants, has been promised billions by EU leaders to help protect its borders.

Three German regional elections to be held in March will serve as key tests for Mrs Merkel, with opinion polls already predicting a surge in support for the populist anti-immigration movement AfD.

Former Eastern bloc countries have so far shown no signs of relenting to EU pressure to take more migrants. Czech president Milos Zeman last week called the refugee influx ‘an organised invasion’.

And Hungary’s government has filed a legal challenge against the EU’s plan to distribute 160,000 asylum seekers under a quota system.

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  • karl59

    Muslim groups must be paying off top government officials!

    • Doctor Who?

      Obama is blackmailing Merkel with a scandal dredged up by the NSA’s spying.

      • John Galt

        There are so called “Rosenholz”-files containing former STASI (East German Secret Service) records in US ownership. Should be enough compromising material to tame Merkel. Obama possibly uses the information already.

        • Doctor Who?

          There have long been hints that Merkel was a dedicated East German Communist. She was more than someone who joined the party to get along.
          And out of a population of 17 million East Germany’s Stasi had at least one million informers.

        • Mahou Shoujo

          That would be possible, considering the way both of them are favouring islam at the expense of their own citizens, it is easy to consider that there is some sort of agreement, to destroy the existing social structure to allow for a one world government/caliphate to take over. The only thing stopping it is the large population of infidels that do not like muslims and will actively and successfully defeat them in a confrontation.

          • John Galt

            Good point.

    • a6z

      They don’t even need to. She believes.

    • harbidoll

      the Gulf States have kept the prices of gas at Very low levels. If they raised them even slightly, the economy of the west & others would collapse. That’s why they don’t have to take in any of these “dregs”. Favor for favor.

  • And we thought Adolph was bad?

    • Don Grantham

      Adolph only wanted die Vaterland to dominate the world. Merkel would burn it to the ground and bury it… then squat over the ashes.

  • jim becks

    I can see her logic.


  • Doctor Who?

    “Keep it up, Angela, and you will win the Nobel Peace Prize like me.” — Barack Insane Obama

    • John Galt

      Obviously she applies for UN General secretary.
      I’m so fed up with her…

      • Rob Porter

        No, she should end up like Rumania’s Ceaucescu, with a few bullets pumped into her. Like the present idiot Secretary General she’d simply join the long list of shabby people in that position.

  • Stu Miller

    She’s a moron…

    • Don Grantham

      She’s a cancer.

    • joe1429

      Germany is cursed with bad leaders!!!!

  • Mahou Shoujo

    Tomorrow’s opportunity is the chance to reclaim civilization for europeans, by enforcing laws, especially when dealing with invited guest subhuman animals. Deport those who are not inclined to assimilate. No ghettoes, no apartheid separate but equal manure, but assimilate completely or leave. That dear Mrs Merkel is your challenge. Telling german girls to allow themselves to be raped, robbed and murdered is just plain stupid. You have been in power too long, your departure is long overdue.

    • Don Grantham

      Merkel has no idea the level of hate she has unleashed. Her very name is a curse: Merkel cell carcinoma most often develops in older people and civilization-wrecking despots. She must be resected like a diseased bowel before the body politic becomes moribund.

      • Mahou Shoujo

        She will join hussain in histories’s chapter of losers, as another insignificant footnote of lunatic social engineers that failed miserably.

      • Honkingeese Watchgoose lll

        LOL! It really is! Merkel cell carcinoma. As above so below.

    • Glen Smith


      • Mahou Shoujo

        The stage is set, all it will take is something to get the show on the road. It could be very trivial, but there is a lot of built up tension that once released, will be uncontainable.

        • Don Grantham

          Uncontainable. Mot juste.

          • Mahou Shoujo

            The european union will be be like a monkey trying to shove a cork up a diarrheic pig’s rectum, when the counter attacks begin.

          • Don Grantham

            I am struggling to come up with a graphic for this that won’t get me banned. Hopefully this will suffice…

          • Mahou Shoujo

            That very aptly visualizes the concept.

          • Don Grantham

            Can I get a ‘LOL’

          • Mahou Shoujo

            Ok the “Loyal Orange Lodge” would approve. lol

          • zipper

            With 10,000 of those pigs on the border, they wouldn’t need a fence.

          • zipper

            Is that like pissing into the wind?

          • Mahou Shoujo

            Much worse. Much much worse.

    • roger

      “Telling german girls to allow themselves to be raped, robbed and murdered is just plain stupid.”
      Here’s the thing, how can Merkel even begin to speak about compassion for strong military aged men from these countries with their strange and dangerous doctrine and yet not feel even a little bit of fear or introspection when the evidence of this catastrophe is all around her.

      • Lisa

        When you are someone who leans so left that she almost falls over it is amazing how easy it obviously is to her to just ignore the danger. She like Obumma wants to leave a “wonderful” legacy of a fundamentally changed Europe. I was thinking of visiting Europe again this year but I’ve decided on the Caribbean instead, not too many moslems there I hope.

      • EJFrench

        Because leftists and Muslims have common cause, the destruction of Christianity. They are sharing the spoils of this battle every day. Christianity, and its Judeo/Christian principles on which most Western civilizations are based, created the most vast amount of wealth the world has ever known. Leftists and Islamists have finally figured out how to team up to steal this wealth.

        Think of it all in this paradigm and it all becomes crystal clear.

      • Mahou Shoujo

        She is an egotistical liberal socialist that suffers form the insane delusion, that they know what is best for everyone, therefor proclaiming themselves the leaders, demanding tribute and submission from those they think are of lesser intelligence. Liberal socialism is classic Dunning – Kruger effect, on a national scale.

      • zipper

        You ask “how?” Here’s how: She is isolated & insulated at the top. Pursuing her Progressive-Socialist agenda from the four-wall confines of her govt. office with total and willful detachment from the will of the people. An all too familiar scenario in govt. these days.

  • Mahou Shoujo

    “be German and seek to exclude others”. Alrighty then, Mrs Merkel, what expectations may be had of the muslims who are the recipients of Germany’s generous welcome? Are they above the law, allowed to riot, rape, murder and steal with no consequences, protected by the aurhorites? They have demonstrated that they cannot even keep the accommodation they are given clean, they spread filth and disease everywhere they are, is that what Germany is supposed to embrace warmly? Perhaps you should get out of your fairy tale world of socialism and look at the reality Germans have to face, then address the issues that exist, not looking at a mirage of socialist and islamic halucinations that are paid for by real people.’

    • Shafiq Islam

      Most of these people will lead lives of predation and crime and never work or contribute to German society. They need young, working people to sustain their system? There are millions of suffering Christians in Muslim majority countries and in India who need help and who share the west’s values. Bring them!

      • Don Grantham

        Nah… people who might actually CONTRIBUTE to society would not suit Merkel’s agenda of decimating Europe.

      • Honkingeese Watchgoose lll

        That really is an excellent point! There are many many people more deserving, more compatible, more intelligent and more suited to employment and assimilation, people whose core beliefs don’t involve the total subjugation of their adopted homeland.
        I don’t know why Germany takes only those who swear to overthrow them and think welfare is a right, even if they’ve never contributed to the system.

        • notislam

          PERHAPS it is the NAZI -PART that links them?

      • Mahou Shoujo

        Very true, then, restrict welfare to those who are mentally or physically incapable of work. “Lazy parasitic muslim” is not a work preventing affliction, they can always sweep streets or shovel manure.

        • Shafiq Islam

          I’d take it much further than that. First, I would not allow practicing Muslims to immigrate on the grounds that the tenets of the faith are incompatible with democracy and human rights. Second, I’d give preference to persecuted Christians who share western values. Third, even they should be permitted to remain only if they work or at least actively seek work and do not refuse appropriate jobs, and they would be subject to deportation after conviction on any felony or violent misdemeanor.

          • Mahou Shoujo

            Those are completely reasonable and fair conditions. Every civilized country requires a “department of deportations” with the power to immediately remove undesirables. All appeals to be handled from the deportee’s place of return.

  • Just Saying

    unbelievable and formerly unthinkable.

  • Dave Mc

    Germany pays Kindergeld for each child. A muslim man now in Germany is anxious to bring both wives and his 17 children over. They will live a life comparable to the lifestyle of most German Doctors, for doing nothing else but staving off boredom on a large number of Saturday nights.

    I’m going to guess they’ll start working in Wednesday nights too.

    • Mahou Shoujo

      If he has a job that will support his wives and children ok, but not one cent of welfare for his stud fees. If you have children you, not the state, support them.

  • Honkingeese Watchgoose lll

    I have never seen anywhere, in any part of history, another human being more deserving of the title TRAITOR.

    • Don Grantham

      I think this short clip about sums it up.

      • Honkingeese Watchgoose lll

        AKA Cologne-ic irrigation.

        • Don Grantham

          Funniest (and strangest) damn video I’ve seen in a long long time. Hope it wasn’t a relative…

          • Honkingeese Watchgoose lll

            Yes! I can’t pretend to have understood the finer points, but it made for a very strange hilarious/disturbing juxtaposition, I didn’t know whether to laugh or call a policeman?
            But I know it felt ‘rapey’ and that fits the MAGIC 8 BALL’s prognostications for Deutsch land. …as in – tomorrow will be ‘rapey’ and ‘ it doesn’t look good’

          • Don Grantham

            It is definitely ‘théâtre de l’absurde’, but somehow it fits the current situation in Europe. FUBAR

          • zipper

            Strangest method I’ve ever seen for preparing a chicken for the oven. But, I’ll bet it’s tender after all that. :-)

      • zipper

        Well, we all have our peculiar past-times, I guess.

      • donna

        I feel like I need to go to confession after watching this lol

    • joe1429

      Except 0bama

    • notislam

      She and BHO are equally deserving of the name TRAITOR.

      • Honkingeese Watchgoose lll

        It’s a close thing but this creature has, after ADMITTING to her party that immigration has turned out to be a complete failure five years ago in a speech to her young Christian Democrats and in it acknowledging that muslim immigrants just havent assimilated! Turns out to be the one to unlock the Gates of The City and light the lamp that signals the invader. She has done the job whereas Bollock Obola has tried his best, I don’t think he has done the amount of change merkel has. But not for want of trying.

  • Honkingeese Watchgoose lll

    Tomorrow’s Dream? If handled correctly? Just wishy-washy wanky-weasel words.
    Unless ‘handled correctly’ means aborted and rolled back, this revolting frumpy traitor obviously has no intention of diverting from her plan to force Germany to a future of rapes, bombings, beatings and Islamic subjugation.
    How does one ignorant bitch get to decide for a whole country?

  • ffinder

    countries have always benefited from successful immigration, both economically and socially’, Merkel said:


    Muslims migrants are CHEAP LABOR ! !

    Firing Germans and hiring dirt cheap Muslims will produce
    BIG FAT PROFITS for German corporations and businesses.

    So European government puppets of EU corporations and businesses will force Germans and Europeans to assimilate to the violent culture of Islam at all costs and be careful not to offend any Islamofascist while pleasing them in any way possible so that corps and businesses will have their profits from cheap Muslim labor.

    Importing Islamofascists in the name of profit will be
    a disaster of epic proportions.

    But Europe will finally wake up
    and vomit all Islamofascists out of Europe.


    • Iamnumber6

      Except muslims don’t work, they are on welfare parasites devouring the host population.

    • John Galt

      In my opinion you’re wrong because exchanging German engineers with … sounds like a very successfull business model.

      • RetiredNavyphotog

        Exchanging VW engineers with…

        • Mahou Shoujo

          Styrofoam cups.

          • John Galt

            Pls apologize engineers as they only had to suffer for management mistakes failing to explain to green and socialist politicans their goals are utterly impossible to reach…

          • Mahou Shoujo

            Engineers have to take accountability for their screw ups, as I have had a few, oops, will try and do better in the future. Got to teach a bit more salesmanship skills to those who would engineer. And accountability to those who supervise them. You are right though, political and financial interference does make it hard to get anything done.

      • Mahou Shoujo

        German engineering is an over rated myth that some very good advertising agency came up with. Even British is at least as good.

        • John Galt

          Hey, really nice, I am a German engineer ;-)
          My colleagues are nice and brilliant people coming from Vietnam, China etc.

          • Mahou Shoujo

            So, I am a Canadian one. You have a lot of explaining to do pertaining to the mass airflow meter on the Volkswagen transporters of the lat 1980’s. When the ex’s replacement for me drove off with the one we had at the time, it almost made the divorce worth while. Only vehicle worse than Vw was Cadillac CTS.

          • John Galt

            Maybe you’re a victim of “Monday effect”. I really dont know Volkswagen (only driving one myself, 17 years old car) but worked for a southern German motor manufacturer.

          • Mahou Shoujo

            Since I started driving, have had 9 Volkswagen products, up until the last one, they were all good, but the trouble I had with the transporter, made up for the previous 8 and then some. If they still made beetles as good as they used to, I would get another one.

          • Mahou Shoujo

            Ok, but don’t let them get brainwashed with propaganda. Not too crazy about the bmw I had either.

          • Mahou Shoujo

            Well, I have met a few European and Oriental engineers who are brilliant, met a few rather dim bulbs as well. American ones are ok, once they got over the fact that what doesn’t freeze on paper, will, in reality. Even a muslim that knew his stuff, and was a decent person about it.

    • RetiredNavyphotog

      Cheap labor? I don’t think they work.

    • Mahou Shoujo

      If cheap reliable efficient labour was required, then orientals, Chinese, Philippine etc. are infinitely more desirable than muslims. Muslims are lazy inefficient demanding, destructive and expensive. Orientals know what work is all about, do not have a sense of arrogant entitlement, and are easy to get along with. Come up with a better lie than “muslims are cheap labour”.

  • Iamnumber6

    We must accept that islam teaches to kill infidels, christians and jews. We must accept that islam teaches no salvation except jihad, to kill, murder, lie, deceive and rape. We must accept we invited 1.1 million 7th century barbarians and you have to tolerate being raped and killed by them. Thanks Ms. Merkel we understand perfectly the traitorous evil you have brought upon us. NO MORE RAPEFUGEES.

    • harbidoll

      RapeUgees or rapeFUgees

  • gfmucci

    Merkel has to be freakin’ out of her mind. How do the German people put up with that crap?

  • Tatonka

    That woman is without a doubt violently insane, she basically orders the German people to commit suicide.
    On second thought,.. the German people must have serious mental disorders of their own for complying

    • Asylum911WeThePeople

      Merkel is to Germany what Obama is to America. Both directives are the same: You will comply and like it.

  • Jay Dillon

    Nations don’t exist simply to behave in a servile fashion toward the almighty newcomers, the new rulers, the new conquerors. FIGHT BACK AND DESTROY THEM ALL. Make your aggression so overwhelming that they and the govt of Germany will race to shepherd all the poor bleating yammering Muslim scum at 170 kmh out of country, racing south as fast as they can scurry and scuttle on their reptilian bellies. Show them what terrorism is. Stop helping Muslims. Get them out and shove them back into the desert hellholes they crept out of, never to return.

  • Robert Bayer

    Rape is NOT acceptable … ever ….. mass chaos and lawless … are NOT acceptable … ever …

    But rape and mass murder and destruction ARE acceptable to leftists and Islamicists … They revel in such as opportunities for oppression and power…

    Both these heinous demonic groups hate America, hate civilization, hate human rights … only absolute power to enslave, rape, denigrate, and kill others is what leftists and Islamicists are about …

    Fight these bastards, everyone who gives a damn about America, civilization, and human rights.

    So long as leftist jackazz pos traitors such as Merkel, Hollande, and Obama are in power … we are all in grave danger.

  • da wolf

    Why haven’t they as-sas-sinated her?
    Ditto for Obola?

  • joe1429

    There will be a civil war in Germany in the future, after merkel is voted out, or removed from office!!

  • conan_drum

    We must ‘accept’ that migrants are more criminal? Perhaps she meant admit. Why would you accept and welcome criminals into a society which already has enough criminals of its own? Is she planning to expand the police forces of Germany. The police in Sweden are already overrwhelmed

  • roger

    Human pride, that’s why absolutely nothing will stand in the way of her perception of the new Europe and her Nobel prize, along with the praise of the leftist EU and UN.
    Nothing, not even the destruction of entire European countries and their unique individual cultures from Greece to Norway.

  • Kumar Kumar

    who is nigel farade or greet wilders equivalent inside germany sweeden ?

  • Lisa

    The Germans have a very different way of thinking to the rest of Europe. It’s a follow & believe in authority way of thinking. Hitler succeeded & ended up in power because of this & things have not really changed in the last 70 yrs. If our leaders say it’s good for Germany then it must be true, they have been like this for a 1000 years. That’s why Merkel wanted any dissenters on FB kept quiet by Suckenberg & why the general public doesn’t hear of the crimes & abuse being done by the “refugees”. As in WW2 once people started to realise what was happening many turned on the Nazi’s but unfortunately it was too late. This is now happening again in Germany & the people are slowly waking up to what Frau Merkel has done. Unfortunately again it’s too late with 1.1 million invaders & over 75% young strong men with no women Germany will become the new rape capital of the world but the Government & press will keep it under wraps so as not to fire up the natives. Good luck Germany so glad I got to visit before all this.

  • Dave

    There is a pervasive wave of self-destruction that is gripping the west. Islam’s vision of a world caliphate is well on its way.

  • Stephen Honig

    Merkel looks good in a hijab. Maybe they’ll ordain her as a clan member as they did Obama.

  • Dave Gilchrist

    This foul woman is an absolute disgrace. She appears to hate her own country and in some arrogant and unflinching manner wishes to see it destroyed. She is not swayed by the criminal and evil behaviour of the muslims invaders she is 100% responsible for. It is terrible that once leaders go off the rails they can not be fired like presidents of companies or employees. They can continue to inflict mortal damage with impunity. This is a problem with western democracy.


  • Cappy1437

    Is she insane? How can she be so careless with the lives of the German people? She has destroyed her country. She has allowed Germany to become the hell-hole of the world.

  • Rob Porter

    There has to be something seriously mentally wrong with Angela Merkel. No one who has a love of country and its people and a moral code deeply ingrained in their psyche would not be outraged by what happened in Cologne and all over Europe at the hands of Muslim vermin. Yet the disgusting Merkel (and disgusting Time Magazine for giving her such recognition) is not outraged and demanding retribution against these immigrants. She even expects lower standards of them. Would she and her government allow immigrants from other countries to enter the country without evidence of their being law abiding and having skills to offer the country? Of course not. Merkel like Barack Obama and Justin Trudeau are simply disgusting individuals.

  • IzzatSo

    “We Must Accept Migrants Are More Criminal”

    The correct answer should have been, “Holy Shiite, they’re all violent men! Bar the gates, hurry!”

    “countries have always benefited from successful immigration, both economically
    and socially”

    This will not be a successful immigration by any metric.

    ‘It is crucial not to follow those who, with coldness or even hatred in
    their hearts, lay a sole claim to what it means to be German and seek to
    exclude others.’

    as Angela lays sole claim to the German heritage, and excludes her nation from the process.

  • iprazhm

    No one is that callous. She’s either getting paid or getting death threats.

  • Thanks Tank

    St. Merkel, the patron saint of Rape.

    They’ll be spitting at the mention of her name in Germany for a century to come.

  • Robert Griffith

    Why do we have to accept criminality at any level? We wouldn’t under any other circumstances. Criminals are criminals regardless of their religion.

  • GoCutUrSelf

    She’s getting paid per each muslim she let’s in – she will increase the numbers not decrease. Heck no, this is her payoff and she is trying to get the people to buy it.

  • aebe

    Bloody barking mad is too kind to describe Merkel , the rabidly insane creature’s work has been to turn Germany into a thunder mug , while telling the world she is creating a bouquet . Expect muslims to be violent , yet continue to welcome them ?

    Validate your 2nd Amendment Rights . Carry

  • Lee Piccini

    AS soon as i heard her speak , i farted . Oh what a relief it is .

  • Peter Hooboken

    She already has a part of the price! Received it in Oslo on behalf of EU

  • Michael Sultana

    How is Merkel still drawing breath ? Has there ever been a more treacherous act in Germany’s history than this complete and utter disregard for it’s citizens, it’s security and culture, It’s almost sickening and shows what a weak-kneed people the German’s have become. She is laughing at you all …….

  • Giwreh

    There is only ONE PLACE for Merkel herself : in JAIL !!! I vote for leading her before the International court of crimes against humanity : THERE she must be judged !! And RIGHT NOW ! …. Message from Belgium. (We see it as ‘reverse logic threath from Germany, after already 2 times in 20th century !!!! This tactic is a HORSE OF TROJE) SORRY

  • eagle keeper

    It appears Mrs Merkel has consumed the same kool-aid the Democratic party here on conus has been drinking for years. The dumbass dems need to take heed and watch what happens to the once mighty industrial power that brought us the Diesel engine and the finest surgical instruments and such. A world standard to be envied. So how will bringing a bunch of heathens into your once great country improve your lot in life? Seems your leader cares very little about your sovereignty, borders, language or culture. What part of “they want to kill us” does she not understand???

  • eagle keeper

    Doesn’t Germany have a no gun policy as does England and France? They are trying their very best to strip away our 2nd amendment rights too. Should they succeed they will open a pathway for these barbarians to have free reign within our borders too. So I think, well I know that the ONLY reason we haven’t been taken over by an evil power to date IS because every Tom Dick and Harry should they choose to do so can be armed as a part of a “militia” to protect the homeland from such invaders. Clearly we have a potus at present who could give a pile of dung whether our country maintains our sovereignty, borders, language or culture. But the left would give up all their comforts and freedoms for what exactly? Is ruin and chaos really something to be desired? I’m glad I was born a conservative Republican and was raised to cherish our way of life and the freedoms we enjoy every single day.

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