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3 YEAR-OLD TODDLER GANG-RAPED by many in Muslim Refugee Center


Unimaginable depraved, evil. Even after the New Year’s rape jihad, Merkel insists that we welcome “the newcomers.”

Obama is unmoved by relentless migrant attacks across Europe. He vows to bring in hundreds of thousands of these invaders.

Three-year-old boy is raped ‘by multiple people’ at asylum centre in Norway

—Police investigating reports that refugee was abused on January 6

—Authorities do not rule out multiple perpetrators

–Alleged rape took place in Forus centre in southwestern city of StavangerForus centre hosts some 800 asylum-seekers

By Gianluca Mezzofiore For Mailonline, January 12,206:

“A three-year-old refugee has allegedly been raped at an asylum centre in Norway’s Stavanger, the country’s third largest city.

Local police is investigating reports that the boy, whose nationality has not been disclosed, was sexually abused in the common area of Forus Akuttinnkvartering centre.

Authorities from the southwestern city were called to probe the incident on January 6 at around 10pm.

Local police is investigating reports that the three-year-old refugee, whose nationality has not been disclosed, was sexually abused in the common area of Forus Akuttinnkvartering centre (stock picture)

Local police is investigating reports that the three-year-old refugee, whose nationality has not been disclosed, was sexually abused in the common area of Forus Akuttinnkvartering centre (stock picture)

‘We have no suspects yet,’  police superintendent Bjørn Kåre Dahl told local newspaper Stavanger Aftenblad, as reported by The Local.

‘We are investigating the case as if the worst thing has happened and that we are talking about the rape of a child’.

Dahl did not rule out that there could be several perpetrators. ‘We will investigate further to find out what happened. If it is what we fear – a rape – then this is very serious. But we do not know for certain yet,’ he said.

The boy, who has been taken to the rape crisis clinic with his mother and then to the children’s ward at Stavanger University Hospital, has been questioned by authorities along with several other people.

‘We also had crime technicians on the site. Material was sent to the Norwegian Institute of Public Health for analysis. There, they will look for DNA among other things,’ he said.

‘We had many people at work, both sanitation workers and security guards, but nobody saw anything. But we immediately took the case to the police, as is the routine, and they came out. We have had a good dialogue with them throughout,’ he said.

The Forus centre hosts some 800 asylum-seekers.

A spokesman for the centre said they received a phone call about the incident but they did not see or hear anything.

The alleged incident took place after Norway announced it was offering non-European asylum-seekers classes in Western sexual norms, in an attempt to prevent violence against women.

Linda Hagen of Hero, a private company that runs 40 percent of Norway’s reception centres for refugees, explained that the aim is to help asylum-seekers ‘avoid mistakes as they discover Norwegian culture’.

‘There’s no single cultural code to say what is good or bad behaviour because we want a free society,’ she said.

‘There has to be tolerance for attitudes that may be seen as immoral by some traditional or religious norms.’

The courses were launched after a ‘wave of rapes’, committed mostly by foreigners, took  place in Stavanger between 2009 and 2011.

The course, which Hero has tacked onto the immigration agency’s broader, mandatory introduction programme to Norway, addresses the problem of sexual assault, using concrete examples for the participants to discuss.

‘It could be an 18-year-old guy who says he’s surprised by the interest some Norwegian girls are showing in him. He assumes they want to sleep with him,’ Hagen said.

‘So the group leader will ask him: Who are these girls? Where do you meet them? How do you know it is sex they want? Not all women in Norway are the same,’ she added.

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  • Gary Smith

    ‘There has to be tolerance for attitudes that may be seen as immoral by some traditional or religious norms.’

    You’ve got to be kidding. I think this statement says it all. They are urging us to tolerate perversion and child rape in the name of diversity and inclusion.

    Islam always gets a pass, and this is the biggest pass of all. They are winning.

  • Delilah

    If you don’t know that rape is wrong, you may be a Muslim.


      If you think sex slaves are preferred ways to acquire a wife, you may be a muslim. If you’re not already preparing to defend yourself against this historical third wave of islam, you’re probably a liberal.

      • cj

        If yoy are not already preparing to defend yourself… WILL be a mooslime.

  • Josie

    “Linda Hagen of Hero, a private company that runs 40 percent of Norway’s reception centres for refugees, explained that the aim is to help asylum-seekers ‘avoid mistakes as they discover Norwegian culture’.

    ‘There’s no single cultural code to say what is good or bad behaviour because we want a free society,’ she said.

    ‘There has to be tolerance for attitudes that may be seen as immoral by some traditional or religious norms.’

    REALLY! REALLY! Are we having some kind of I’m dumber than you contest around the world?! What happened to not touching children and raping anyone must less a child is the utmost despicable crime to humanity?! How are all these morons in place to make these decisions? Was there a conference and they selected who the most idiotic people of the world are so they got the jobs?!!!! This women should be put up on charges obviously she failed to do her job and protect this child! Sorry but I would have to slap her silly if I was there and I heard that come out of her hole!


      Again, it’s legal where they come from. Welcome to multiculturalism.

      • realist

        In their culture raping children and infants is fine and encouraged, to show your devotion to following in the “prophet’s” footsteps, who of course was a savage child molester.. In fact most muslim men are as brain damaged as they are because that is how they spend their childhoods. Being raped by your daddy and brothers and neighbors would seriously mess anyone up. There is no cure for these people, and importing them into a civilized country will destroy all of civilization. They need to stay where they are, where eventually they will kill each other. If there is a small percentage who reject the cult then escaping it would show some rare character quality that would show they are able to be civilized if they are not surrounded by savages.

    • Kevin

      hang the perps that will teach them

      • Dindoo Nuffins

        Better yet, amputate both arms and both legs (that’s sort of extreme Sharia), then throw them into a gay bath house (that’s sort of Progressive).

        • Patsy Barrett

          Heck no then they will cost even MORE! Just get rid of them!

        • Jan Morrissy


      • NonIslamophobicCanadianAthiest

        Too Quick. Pedophiles deserve a very painful and prolonged lethal injection with something excruciatingly extra added to the mixture.. They then should suffer 2 minutes for every year of age the victims were.For mooslums it could be pig blood.

  • Josie

    And what is it with all this rape around the world?! Are they so sex starved, certainly depraved that, that’s what comes to mind every waking moment? Ladies! Start sharpening your butcher knives and loading up your weapons if this starts here in the US we need to take action and give them a lasting lesson. Europe you are weak and mindless for not standing up to this evil and stopping it!

    • Mahou Shoujo

      “Europe you are weak and mindless for not standing up to this evil and stopping it”! That sums up europe very well.

      • Darren

        Sadly, it does and with each passing day, my shame of being a European grows deeper.

        • John Galt

          Me too, I’m fed up with this shitty behaviour.
          Breaking-the-law- Merkel has to go very urgent.

      • Juanita

        Notice how every barbaric act is “investigated” but no perpetrators are found.? The copy almost writes itself. It has been stated with regard to high crime areas in the US where the criminals are “not found: There are people who know who committed the crimes but they are not talking. In the US, the silence is believed to be because of the fear of retaliation. That may also be the case here but I suspect that the silence may also be indicating assent.

      • Josie

        The Europeans woke up a bit late than the US. Some have been asking us how our Tea Parties got started as they were trying to wake their people up to what was taking place but just like here in the US most want to keep out of conflict. Let’s hope it’s not too late. Many are rising up and taking a stand. Unfortunately for them most of them are disarmed and facing a fierce evil enemy, mentally and physically unprepared. At least here in the US we still have our weapons – at least for now.

        • Mahou Shoujo

          Progressive socialism,along with multiculturalism have weakened the fibre of europe. It has been attacked, it is absolutely clueless how to resist. Europeans aren’t smart enough to think for themselves and realize that they are paying to be invaded and destroyed.

      • joe1429

        Yes, especially norway and sweden. I have met women from there, and they have beautiful features. To bring in these dirty dogs, is like putting up “rape me” signs, lol

        • Mahou Shoujo

          Muslims would rape a rock pile with a snake in it. There is no such thing as self control among male muslims, that is why it will eventually destroy itself, unfortunately the collateral damage to the rest of the world is considerable while doing so.

      • lolly

        Western Europeans are traitors of their own culture. They are not aware that their homeland is europe, and that euorpe is what they should care more about than other parts of the world. For many of them we are all citizens of the world, cosmopolitans, and we should make no difference between our countrymen and others in terms of anything.

        • Mahou Shoujo

          True, they forget that what the west has, it earned, and worked for. The reason islamic nations are poor and squalid is that they do not believe in the worth of the individual, Violence, theft and murder are socially acceptable and encouraged, after a while, there is no initiative to try and better ones lot in life, as islam believes in predestination, which removes all hope of change.

    • Po Tato

      This has nothing to do with ‘deprave’

      It has everything to do with savagery

      There are a lot of ‘depraved’ individuals in this world and vast majority of them don’t go raping toddlers

      On the other hand, those raping toddlers are savages – just like that perverted Mohammad who raped a9-year-old girl some 14 centuries ago

      As it is, Europe and America/Canada are welcoming followers of the death cult established by a savage, and many of our girls will end up getting raped

      Thank you, Merkel

      Thank you, Obama

      Thank you for having our young girls raped

      • Josie

        Yes it is savagery but they have to be depraved to do what they continue to do around the world. Po Tato, We are in the same fight and need to work together not belittle each other.

      • lolly

        Thank you for this true post

    • LimeyAL

      Muslim women don’t give out because to be seen as easy could be a death sentence from your own family ( honour killing ) so muslim men are constantly on the lookout for easy meat.
      As for Euopeans, we the people would fight these invaders but our leaders are on the side of the Rapefugees, look at how the Rapefugees were handled with kid gloves on NYE all across Europe. Compare that with the German people protesting the rapes, Merkel ordered Water Cannon and Riot police against them, where were these Riot police on NYE.
      When Hillary Clinton is POTUS she will swamp the US with Rapefugees and we will see how many Americans will put their money where their mouth is, I suspect for all your bluster Pamela Geller and Robert Spencer will still struggle to get support.

      • Patsy Barrett

        Just for the record Hillary will never be president, the FBI has ONE HUNDRED agents investigating her. She is going down in flames.

        • TJ Frohlick

          You are correct Patsy. She is not invulnerable. T

        • IzlamIsTyranny

          Those are comforting thoughts, I hope your prediction is borne out in 2016.

    • Mamat Mamat

      Not only weak and mindless, the European liberals are despicable creatures! Despite all the madness, all the brutal jihads, all the gang gropes, gang rapes, and all the Qur’an sanctioned crimes, they stubbornly keep importing the parasitic savages in suicidal proportion into their countries.
      Any opposition to this madness were silenced and smeared with the most scariest words in the western world: racist, islamophobic, bigot.

      • Juanita

        People need to stop allowing themselves to be SILENCED. They need to stop defending themselves against those labels and ignore them. The energy expended on responding to those takes away from that which should be concentrated on providing defense for themselves and their loved ones. Clearly, the government is not going to help at all.

      • Rob Porter

        Don’t entirely blame the ordinary citizens of Europe, their leaders are doing this. However, that said, the citizens are also to blame, no less than Americans who put Obama in the White House and Canadians who made the completely featherbrained dope, Justin Trudeau, their prime minister – after he achieved absolutely NOTHING in life, academic or other. The citizens of Europe elected fools like Angela Merkel as leaders after themselves embracing liberal thought and brainlessly buying into political correctness and relativism, and abandoning the Judeo-Christian beliefs and values that instilled in their minds the qualities that provided them with standards by which to judge character. The citizens now need to wake up, abandon their comforts, organize themselves and fight back – literally, not just wait for the next election. Obama and Trudeau could cause enormous damage over the next year and need to be stopped.

        • lolly

          YEs, but we all have to take our responsibilities. E.g. it is not the governments that eleceted themselves but ordinary people elected them even though they saw that they are allowing immmmigration of people from eastern cultures each year.

          • Rob Porter

            That who now flood into Canada, take over areas and many white people move out, made to feel foreigners in their own country.

      • lolly

        Those who vote for them are to be blamed even more than them.

    • Rob Porter

      Josie, just wait and see what happens in North America when the rapidly
      increasing number of Muslims begin inflicting themselves on North
      Americans. Already we see that North American politicians and their
      supports are “weak and mindless”. The president of the United States is
      weak and mindless – and thus allowing into the U.S. thousands of
      poorly vetted Muslims. Canada no less. Why? Because Justin Trudeau is weak and
      beyond mindless, the media totally gutless. Just a few months ago we discovered that Muslims had taken over possibly nine tax-funded residential buildings in Toronto and that non-Muslim who for very long had been on a waiting list to get residence, had been turned away because the Muslims were allowing only Muslims residence in these buildings. So what did the mayor of Toronto and his city council do about this? Nothing! If Baptists, Methodists or Catholics has done this, do you think that Mayor Tory and his spineless city council would have allowed this? Of course not. So why do they do nothing about this Muslim take over? Answer: Because they are “weak and mindless” and cowardly. And where are the citizens of Toronto on this matter? Nowhere. Why? Because they are “weak and mindless”, but in this case not as severely tested as Europeans.

      The problems starts at the top with weak and mindless leadership. A strong leader will arouse people he way Winston Churchill did, but there isn’t a Churchill anywhere on the horizon.

      • IzlamIsTyranny

        I don’t think 0mama is “weak and mindless”. He’s backing the spread of islamic-nazism worldwide. He’s made it clear in all his pro-islam, pro-muslim rants.

        • Rob Porter

          I’ve watched Obama in one on one interviews and have yet so hear anything brilliant come out of his mouth. We’ve seen his policies in Libya, Syria and Egypt and they were weak-minded and stupid. His agreement with Iran simply reflects what an evil man he is, but the Republican are just too stupid to get rid of him and now the Republicans have this goodie two shoes fool, Governor Nikki Hayden dividing the Republicans further. She’s wet behind the ears.

      • NotIslamophobicCanadianAthiest

        “Justin Trudeau is weak and beyond mindless,” means once has a mind to be mindless from.

        Trudeau doesn’t have the bare beginning of a brain let alone have a mind.

    • Tatonka

      Muslims are nothing more than a life support system for a pecker, when it is up they want sex, when it is down they want to kill someone which makes it go up again and the cycle goes round and round
      That is what centuries of selective inbreeding does.


    Tolerance for norms of other cultures comes with it, a multi fauceted legal system with multiple rule sets for different nationalities and cultures. In a nutshell; Law is obsolete when multiculturalism takes hold. This is all legal where they come from. It would be better for western civilizations to do just like Japan, and absolutely reject any muslims, from being permanent residents.

    • Shafiq Islam

      X, I understand your sentiments but in this statement you wield too broad a brush. As a Christian ex-Muslim, I emphatically believe that the Muslim religion is incompatible with democracy and human rights. I do not believe that all cultures are equal, but I do believe that there are other cultures that are compatible with, and whose presence enhances, white Christian culture. Jews, Buddhists, and nonwhite Christians bring intelligence, skills and perspectives that enrich the country that hosts them. I think you realise this, but please recognise the difference between selective and unselective multiculturalism.

      • Rob Porter

        Shafig, I agree with you emphatically that “the Muslim religion (“religion”?) is incompatible with democracy and human rights”, that all cultures are not equal, but that some are compatible with Western cultures that you call “white Christian culture”. That said, I do not agree that Western societies need this curse called ‘multiculturalism’ to accommodate people of other cultures within Western countries. Multiculturalism requires that the people of Western countries subordinate their culture – in other words the culture of THEIR country – to accommodate the culture of those who immigrate into their society. How absurd!

        Why should the peoples of Western societies change to accommodate immigrants? If immigrants will not change and accept the laws and culture of societies into which they migrate, then rather they stayed where they were or go back to where they came from.

        Former Australian prime minister, John Howard, made this clear. He told newcomer that they were welcome to immigrate to Australia provided they were prepared to “adapt”, accepted Australia’s laws and ways, but if they were not prepared to do that they were free to leave Australia.

        Robert Spencer of Jihad Watch once wrote an excellent article on multiculturalism. Called ‘Is Multiculturalism Evil?’, possibly you can locate it.

        • Shafiq Islam

          What I said is that Jews, Buddhists and nonwhite Christians can and do contribute to white Christian countries. Do you disagree with that? I am saying that people of some carefully chosen cultures actually enrich their host country, not that those from all backgrounds should be admitted nonselectively.

          Asians dominate higher education in the STEM subjects and contribute immensely to science and technology, for example. They bring intelligence and strong work ethics. Would you exclude them?

          • Rob Porter

            I can’t relate to your comment about Jews because they’ve always been part of my life, as neighbours, schoolmates and friends, and as a group they contribute disproportionately. I know little about Buddhists and whether they contribute to a society, but believe that non-white Christians would contribute.

            The only group I would discourage from a country are Muslims. As their numbers grow in a society so too does pressure from them to impose themselves. Most don’t assimilate, don’t respect the laws a land, only sharia, and don’t respect cultures other than retarded, medieval, useless, violent Islam. Do you know that Islam has not made one significant contribution to science during the last one thousand years? About 80% parasite off the welfare systems of host countries and in effect are simple oxygen thieves – and they specialize in hating non-Muslims and lying.

          • Shafiq Islam

            Yes, we are in agreement. Dawn’s problem is that her criteria are explicitly race-based, and lost on her is the irony that if Jesus were to appear at the US borders today she’d reject Him because He was Asian, not white.

          • lolly

            So what if she would reject Jesus, she would not stone him. It is better to prevent than to heal. How can you prove that Jesus is the son of god anyway.It is faith and not science exactly for the reason that you choose to believe it without proof. So I do not think that there is a place for dieties and people with supernatural abilities here

          • lolly

            Considering the fact that have all been brainwashed that women are as low as cattle and many other things, how can we be sure that he rejects these ideas when they all lie to immigration offices about their life views and beliefs so as not to be rejected. They might be 0.0x people, like that blogger from Saudi Arabia, but it is impossible to recognize them. That individual does not even have to be aggressive, it is enough that he passes on his views on his children.

        • SacJP

          That’s actually a fairly reasonable and sensible immigration policy for a white christian nation… You can come if you’re white, you can come if you’re christian (within tight numerical limits,) and very few others (selected from the best and brightest of “everyone else”) should be admitted. That would be remarkably simple and yet effective at ensuring some level of cultural compatibility (unlike the current multiculturalist nonsense that assumes that that all people are equal, which is just plain not the case.)

          • Rob Porter

            There is no “white christian nation” left. I cannot think of one that qualifies in this regard, so the next best thing is for Western countries to reject for immigration people who are not willing to embrace the customs and laws of Western countries that constitute Western civilization and set aside the ways of the country they left. These Western countries still, though less with each passing year, are still influenced by Judeo-Christian teachings and values – which is what sets them apart from vile, filthy, uncivilized Islamic countries.

          • SacJP

            The U.S. is majority white, majority Christian, and the majority of those whites are Christian, so seems plenty ‘white Christian nation’ enough to me (no nation is homogenous, a majority is pretty much all that there is, and is plenty sufficient, and that’s without resorting to any ethnic cleansing, which is easily doable if it gets to that point.)

          • Rob Porter

            I guess what I am alluding to is nominal versus genuine Christians and I think there is a considerable chance that most American Christians today are nominal Christians. Nominal Christians are not genuine Christians and thus don’t live by Biblical standards. It’s little different elsewhere in the Western world today, but my impression is that more Americans who profess to be Christian are church-going than in the rest of the Western world.
            My bet is that if one were to ask most people what religion Belgians are, they’d say ‘Christian’, but a few years ago I read a book by the late Charles (Chuck) Colson and while visiting Belgium he asked a Belgian (who was a genuine Christian) how many Christians there were in Belgium. That fellow told Colson that it was something in the vicinity of 75. This is part of the reason that Europe is in a mess. They don’t believe in anything much anymore.

          • SacJP

            True, but honestly I find that followers of all of the modern religions are hypocritical and almost never truly adhere to the tenets of their alleged “holy book”. Even if someone wanted to these ancient texts are so riddled with inconsistency it would be impossible to do so. I’m fine with abandonment of religion, but there’s a whole lot of societally adaptive behaviors mixed in with the superstitious dogma, and those behaviors (such as loyalty to family, clan, race, and nation) have a justification for existing even without religion. Unfortunately most of humanity is too stupid to realize this one their own (without a religion to shove it down their throat.)

          • Rob Porter

            The trouble is that most modern ‘adherents’ to Christianity (and possibly also Judaism) don’t adhere to the tenets, so end up living their lives as it suites them, making up ‘rules’ (that suite them). The problem with “abandoning religion” is that God truly exists, how do you abandon ‘religion’ when He sets the rules.

          • SacJP

            Exploration of ‘God’s rules’, assuming there is such a thing, is squarely within the realm of the physical sciences, not religion. Therefore any rational person not only may but in-fact should abandon religion, since they all conflict with one another, and cannot all be right, one can deduce an overwhelming probability that even if there is “one true religion” that theirs isn’t it. I’m sure you believe your religion is special, or your idea of and absolute knowledge of the existence of God somehow is except from this line of reasoning, but if so such a belief is itself outside the scope of reason.

            [However absolute knowledge about the existence or non existence of God, assuming the definitions of ‘God’ that are most commonly accepted (involving absolute transcendence of time and space, omniscience, omnipotence, infinite goodness, all while having anthropomorphic qualities, etc) lies outside of the laws of the universe, and is therefore beyond the scope of possible human knowledge (so your statement “God truly exists” merely becomes “I choose to believe that this thing that I choose to call ‘God’ truly exists”, which to those of us who don’t start out with such a belief doesn’t carry much weight in a logical argument.)

          • Rob Porter

            Unfortunately, although I believe that a creator God exists, it had been my intention to write “The problem with “abandoning religion” is that ‘IF’ God truly exists, how do you abandon ‘religion’ when He sets the rules”. I’ve been in these rather useless discussion on a few occasions, consider it illogical to imagine that we and all the natural things that exists on this planet just happen, while you consider that they did, so suggest you go to Youtube and watch Ravi Zacharias discuss ‘The incoherence of atheism’. It might prove interesting.

          • SacJP

            Nah, all of those “incoherence” or “inconsistency” of atheism arguments always in the end boil down to the equivalent of “ah hah! by stating anything as true you clearly believe in SOME truth or value, so you might as well believe in the exact same transcendental universal anthropomorphic god/truth source as me” which is not only wrong it’s really not that interesting.

          • Rob Porter

            There is no “white christian nation” left. I cannot think of one that qualifies in this regard, so the next best thing is for Western countries to reject for immigration people who are not willing to embrace the customs and laws of Western countries within the context of Western civilization. These are still to a large extent influenced by Judeo-Christian teachings and values, and thus far preferable to all others.

          • uk

            Poland although not western, is majority christian and white, and in europe.

          • Rob Porter

            I hope they are truly Christian and like King Jan Sobieski will fight the Muslim savages to their total defeat as Sobieski did outside Vienna in 1683.

      • IzlamIsTyranny

        Islam is not a white or non-white issue, it’s a totalitarian vs. freedom issue.
        BTW, according to several ahadith, muhammud (spit) was white.

        • Shafiq Islam

          Yes, you are correct. Muslims can be of any race.

        • lolly

          Who cares what race mohammed is anyway. We do not want people from eastern cultures in our society because they were raised in too much opposing way to ours.

    • Po Tato

      Multiculturalism, if we let the leftists run it, will definitely end up in a total mess

      Multiculturalism should be as it is – a place where people from different cultures compete and cooperate – without any heavy-handed intervention from leftist ‘social engineering’ program

      • SacJP

        But if you let people ‘compete’ the winners will naturally want to keep the gains mostly for themselves (and not equalize with the losers…) Now when those winners from a majority in one place and a minority in others, they might even want to exclude the others from immigrating and taking a piece of their pie. This is exactly the situation we have now in the west, those of European descent have done remarkably well at building modern civilization, and now everyone else wants to carve up our populations, economies, nations, and gene pools in order to get their piece of us financially, geographically, politically, culturally, and even genetically. Letting this happen unopposed is evolutionarily suicidal (committed by the MEN of the civilization that should be growing some balls and defending it rather than stepping aside and letting the women run with untested and frankly competitively nonfunctional instincts at a societal scale.)

    • Rob Porter

      Well said. Multiculturalism is a curse.

      • joe1429

        Yes.. why norway is raping themselves, by admitting these savages, is beyond logic.. lets bring some foxes in the henhouse???

  • james

    I was happy to see aljazzerra fold in usa. sent many emails to advertisers letting them know they were aiding the enemy. now about dealing with the. muzzie pervert child raper killers that obamanation is importing. when I was young and I would touch someone or something I shouldn’t I got a slap or the belt across my ass. an eye for an .. eye, a tooth for a tooth. the japanese learned this lesson from hiroshima/nagasaki. I can’t wait to see discipline american style. john gottis kid got run over and. ddied. the driver dissappeared.


    • IzlamIsTyranny

      Hiroshima and Nagasaki seem like a rough way to learn a lesson. Did you know, even after the Nagasaki and Hiroshima a group of Japanese officers planned a coup to continue the war — even AFTER the USSR had declared war on JP?

  • max

    in germany an pakistan molested an 3 year old girl.

    also 95% of the Pakistan TRuck Drivers say they have sex with young boys.

    • IzlamIsTyranny

      In Pakstain, none of the these child molesting truckers have ever been arrested or charged w/a crime for butt-raping little boys — yet the retarded atheists remain blind to this and continue ranting and raving about Catholic priests (most of whom have already been brought to justice for their crimes).

  • Commieobamie

    GOD, grant me the Power, Wisdom, Knowledge, and means to KILL them ALL!!! Oh, YOU do it, and I’ll help.

  • Shafiq Islam

    Read this article by a Pakistani ex-Muslim professor. As someone from a similar background, but still living in my home country, I share his perspectives.

    • John Galt

      Thanks for link and your valuable comments.

    • Rob Porter

      A good article. This is what happens to Western societies that abandon their Judeo-Christian standards and values, and have nothing with which to replace them. In fact they are left without any real values deeply ingrained and are like rudderless ships – their fallback relativism which leaves them empty. From this emanates the utter cowardice of people in Rotherham, England, who knew that Muslim rape of English girls was widespread, but did nothing about it.

      • Shafiq Islam

        Yes, Rotherham was a gross injustice and those responsible for allowing the crimes to continue should be charged as accessories.

        • Rob Porter

          Agreed. Their action were shameful, cowardly and totally neglectful of those girls – their girls being abused by Muslim trash.

  • DowntotheBone

    Yet another example of muslims dehumanizing themselves, saving Civilization the trouble; as we get closer and closer to all-out existential, civilizational war.

  • poortaxpayerwindsor

    how utterly sickening is Linda Hagen’s of Hero responses to the terror being thrust on her fellow countrymen (humanbeings).
    I want to puke, seriously sickening !

    • honeybee

      You are being judgmental. Appling your outdated sense of moral values on other cultures.
      Now if you believe that, I have an oil well , in Texas, for sale.
      Wasn’t Ms. Hagen being payed by Norwegian govt. to provide services for the migrants ?. Norway can’t afford goats for these “men”.

  • Mahou Shoujo

    This is part of islamic culture. Why would Norwegians have any complaint? They allow muslims to ignore any law that they choose, As this kind of disgusting behaviour is allowed by islam, which is the preferred and invited colonist force into Norway, there is nothing to be said, Norwegians must “handle their invited guests in a friendly manner” following the german lead. There are no expectations the muslim colonists should follow the custom and conventions of any country hosting them, they are special and must be allowed to be themselves, Infidelsi are there for them to use any way they please.

    • lolly

      Unfortunately so, the western europei s getting what it deserves. I still remember when the first train arrived to germany, Germans were saying “Welcome refugees”. There are, of course, still a percentage of those who are in favor of mass immigration.

      • Mahou Shoujo

        There are a few fools everywhere, usually those who are uninvolved and have nothing to lose from some social absurdity. Or, in some cases, profit from it, at the cost to the rest of the country.

  • Tanya

    What is wrong with these so called protectors of the law?
    Have they no souls, have they no brains?
    No wonder Europe is gone to the dogs if these types of things can happen and nothing is done.
    They should hung their collective heads in shame or go behind some shed and blow what is left of their brains out.
    This Politically Correct bullshit has gone to far and leftist parasites that push this appeasement crap need to be weeded out and disposed of.

    • NonIslamophobicCanadianAthiest

      Good comment but if I mat suggest, They should BE hung BY their collective heads. Much more effective for predators and pedophiles.

    • lolly

      They do not care and are doing it for their own purposes.

  • Mahou Shoujo

    “There has to be tolerance for attitudes that may be seen as immoral by some traditional or religious norms”. That is without a doubt the stupidest thing ever said,by anything, human or not, ever gave. How can anything saying that stunned walk on its hind legs? Would the same fool say that in an islamic republic? And live?

    • John Galt

      There are many fools and lunatics in Europe, no eyes to see or ears to hear, especially no brain and balls. It’s a real mess.
      Long road to go with a steep learning curve but suffering will help.

      • cj

        ‘Fools and Lunatics are rampant worldwide. And when you consider – Gun Control in Canada, Australia, much of Europe, etc., I Am so very grateful for our 2nd Amendment.

  • VLParker

    Unimaginable depraved evil = islam.

  • R O

    Mohammad was a vulnerable orphaned boy most likely abused as well. This is where the anger & sexual domination behavior comes from. Everyone is a perceived enemy. The abused become the abusers & the vicious cycle continues endlessly

  • BrunoPBuhr

    There are NO CULTURAL NORMS FOR GD ANIMALS if you gang rape a three year old you die immediately. Burn body, shovel ashes into a garbage bag and send to the dump. If these monsters are so filled with evil that they have to be told their behavior is unacceptable, then they don’t deserve to live! Give them classes??? Are you fking kidding me? Anyone who suggests that should immediately be committed to a mental institution and or arrested.

    • JWM

      Burn and kick the ashes through the streets.

  • Goddess

    did you read till the end? i’m appalled. they’re “teaching them about sexual norms, and that rape is wrong”, because these barbarians don’t realize that these things are immoral or illegal, which means if they DO miraculously find the animals who did this, they will get nothing more than a “please don’t do this again”, because they will claim “they didn’t know it was wrong”. i’ve said it before, and i’ll say it again, these parasites do not belong in civilized society, they don’t understand it, and they never will. the fact that they need to be TAUGHT not to rape women, or harm children is proof enough not to allow them anywhere near the western world.

    • Po Tato

      >… because these barbarians don’t realize that these things are immoral or illegal …

      Would savages want to become civilizied?

      Look at it this way …

      As savages they get to rape 3-year-old toddler, and rape as many toddler as they want

      As a civilized person they are not allowed to do that

      Would savages want to become civilized??

    • lolly

      exactly, both funny and said truth, which you summed up well. You said something that best describes what is happening in europe. What i do not get is how are there still ordinary europeans who can not calculate that 2+2=4. One does not have to be wise to come to the conclucions that have made here.

  • They need to drag Merkel into and alley and gang rape the idiot Tyrant whore!

  • Stuart Baillie

    This article is nothing but scaremongering and a clear mistranslation from the original Norwegian news. It is a “possible” child rape, with no witnesses, no suspects and the person who reported it was not even in the building at the time. Rather than jump up and down why not let the police actually finish investigating, as they are currently waiting on the medical results.

    • IzlamIsTyranny

      LOL, yeah we have all the faith in the world in Norway’s police “investigation”.

  • Melo Gardener

    The filthy Islamist swine should be castrated that’s what! Plain and simple if they can’t act decent then make the pigs decent for the rest of mankind around them! They don’t want to charge the pigs with rape and blame the victims…then bloody castrate them and arm the population so they can defend themselves you filthy vile bunch of leftist Nazis! Give them all your addresses Merkel, Obama and left media and let these pigs rape away on you and yours until you decide to do the right thing by mankind!

  • enubus

    This raping is part of the Quran and this done to infidels as part of the Jihad! The stupid fools in Europe are being destroyed by PC and diversity which mental illness and Fascism.

  • Honkingeese Watchgoose lll

    WTF? Are you all insane in Europe…you are literally being rfucked over.
    Do you want MORE?
    Get rid of these disgusting rapist paedophiles!

    • JWM

      Not just Europe, America is allowing the evil spawn of islam into the country by the tens of thousands. This cr ap is coming to a city near you no matter what country you live in because we are unwilling to ki ll our enemies.

      • Patsy Barrett

        Americans have 350 million guns loaded. We are waiting.

        • NonIslamophobicCanadianAthiest

          Looking forward to the open season-No limit time im Canada also and I hope that Justin Turdo is the first out of the pen.i

        • JWM

          The day anyone of the current crop pulls a trigger in defense of the republic I will probably sh it myself.

  • Viiit

    Mandatory death penalty for child rape.
    No circumstances, no excuses, kill the monster before he abuses another child.
    It may also deter a few other monsters.

  • JWM

    I would ki ll them with my bare hands.

  • sony_dc

    Muslims are dirty and disgusting. They hold no values or morals. They are lazy and uneducated. Their main mission is to destroy the world.

  • edbo


  • conan_drum

    There’s no single cultural code to say what is good or bad behaviour because we want a free society,’ she said.

    ‘There has to be tolerance for attitudes that may be seen as immoral by some traditional or religious norms.’

    So scrap the legal textbooks we must accept that if somebody does something and claims it is his culture, even if it is against the culture that has given him asylum. what non sense. Rape is illegal in every culture that claims to be civilised.

    • NonIslamophobicCanadianAthiest

      Sounds like this female is advertising for her rape at 1 of the facilities she heads up. Hope she follows her own plan when it happens to her of her kid’s if she has any.

      • lolly

        I hope that she does not change her opinion if it happes to a member of her family because it would make her hypocritical.

  • Infidel Knight

    Hey, they were just following Muhammad’s lead and example.

  • Keith1941

    Islam is as much a culture as it is a religion. American was a “melting pot” for peoples of the world. Muslims will not “melt” into any society..they can’t even get along with each other. But we have a bigger problem…this whole migration of muslims has been contrived with Obama right in the middle!

  • Iplumeria

    Mohammed was a pedophile and his followers are carrying on his sick and demented ideals.

  • Heinz Rund

    Death penalty for that kind of scum.

  • Rob Porter

    Can we believe the disgusting and nauseating drivel from this Norwegian, Linda Hagen? She explained that the aim is to help asylum-seekers ‘avoid’ mistakes as they discover Norwegian culture’. (Ah, so this gang sodomizing of a 3 year-old toddler could have been just a “mistake”!)

    “There’s no single cultural code to say what is good or bad behaviour because we want a free society,” she said. (Here we see from this moral’s-devoid imbecile, Linda Hagen, the essence of relativism. There is no right or wrong. Right or wrong are simply what each individual feels. A 3 year-old toddler was raped by depraved and cowardly males and to Hagen it possibly just a ‘mistake’ while they “discover Norwegian culture”. This bloody woman is a mistake! They are Muslims and are not interested in discovering Norwegian culture, only interested in imposing their depraved Islamic culture.

    “There has to be tolerance for attitudes that may be seen as immoral by some traditional or religious norms.” (” tolerance” for the sodomizing of a 3 year-old toddler and this “may be seen by some immoral by some tradition and religious norms”. “..may be seen”. God help the children in centres run by this pathetic women and God help those employed by such and individual, to her this vile act only “may” be seen as immoral – but not by her!. This woman is not fit to clean lavatories, let alone run centres for refugees).

    A little immigrant boy is gang-sodomized by Muslims – who murder homosexuals for being homosexual – but we must have understanding for the vile and filthy Muslim sub-humans who did this because they might have different cultural norms. Since when do countries allow into their societies individuals who do not meet standards of civilized behaviour? Evident is that some Europeans have lost their minds and are simply disgusting, lobotomized pagans. Like Obama they will rationalize every vile and violent act committed by Muslims.

    • lolly

      So true. I do not even at the least follow any traditional or religious norms. Does that mean that I can tolerate rape of a 3-year old? Only a sick person could tolerate that. So this lady should be told that it is not only traditional and religious people/norms who can not tolerate this but any normal and healthy person/norms. An she also said “some (traditional and religious norms)”. As far as I know no norms of western culture, whether they be traditional and religious or non-traditional and non-religious tolerate this. Only norms that tolerate it are the norms of those eastern countries- but should they not conform to our culture and not the other way round?

  • RetiredNavyphotog

    They do like little boys.

  • Isabelle Baptiste

    “Linda Hagen of Hero, a private company that runs 40 percent of Norway’s
    reception centres for refugees:

    ‘There’s no single cultural code to say what is good or bad behaviour because we want a free society,’ she said.
    ‘There has to be tolerance for attitudes that may be seen as immoral by some traditional or religious norms.’”

    Now if that isn’t evil rationalized I don’t know what is. No wonder Hitler arose outta that neck of the woods.

    May God protect the children.

  • Mamat Mamat

    Do the European people even know about this? Is there any media in western Europe reporting this news? In the liberal west, it is racist and Islamophobic to report any crime committed by Muslims.

  • christian vidal

    Never forget.In 2001 when the twin towers collapsed 1 billion of muzz were enjoying.
    9/11 is holiday in the muzz world. All they want is to destroy us!

  • fuzzi

    Raping a child is “not a norm”, so they’re arranging classes? I would suggest something a tad more harsh.

  • Ladydonnalands

    The cult of terror and horror once again blame their mental illness on culture of evil. Wow…All rapists should be hung and their testicals should be chopped off and then their prostates ought to removed.

  • meangirl

    Ban Islam. Declare it a terrorist organization.

  • Claire

    If it is Muslims raping (very likely) then there will no amount of counseling or human made laws that will prevent what they absolutely believe to be a right given to them by God.

  • Robert Ta

    Filthy Muslim scum!!!

  • Laurence & hopeful

    You know, it is bad enough when institutional justice is glaringly ineffective, showing clear favoritism or preferential treatment, but when it is mostly absent or non-existent, I must admit I am somewhat surprised at the degree of restraint exercised, in there not being non-judiciary reprisals (at least that are reported). It is painfully obvious that evil is very much alive and active on planet earth. However I remain hopeful that as more people awaken, each doing their own honest bit, the good works of good people will eventually prove successful in “slowing, stopping, and turning the tide”. This is what I hope; and what helps me retain whatever sanity is within my possession!

  • joe1429

    It just keeps getting more disgusting. Norway, with its especially beautiful women will do better to segregate these animals, in seperate neighborhoods!! ONLY way to go, to keep the citizens safe

  • Eric Scott

    One of their own. Part of what makes them into what they are…

  • Christina Freedom

    When someone rapes they are a criminal. If they get pleasure and have no remorse they are a psychopath. When a government rapes and pillages a nation or another nation they are also psychopathic. Psychopaths often have successful careers in politics/religion and the motivation is greed/power. Psychopathic leaders eventually reveal themselves because they are deceitful, manipulative, callous and hostile. Know any?

  • ColonelNeville

    Muslim male invaders who gang toddlers eh. What a surprize. Er, no. They’re Mohammad identical and Koran perfect Muslims. Hang them all.

  • Heather

    Oh MY Fu&%^$ing God! NO. NO. No. No. No!!!!!

  • Fishrrman

    Western Europe’s two (and only two) choices:

    1. Boxcars
    2. Burqhas

  • KansasGirl

    “Not all women in Norway are the same.”
    Aw, but all muslim men are.
    Open your eyes Norway. smh

  • E Wood

    So Linda Hagen says, ‘There has to be tolerance for attitudes that may be seen as immoral by some traditional or religious norms.”

    I don’t care about their attitudes until those attitudes become illegal actions, such as CHILD RAPE. Linda, don’t be such a wuss. Your attitude of tolerance plays a part in this whole mess.

  • karpenter

    Toss The Three Year Old Off A Building
    He’s Obviously A Feeelthy Homo

  • lolly

    Multiculturalisim is just another term for rape.

  • lolly

    Multiculturalism with Japanese- no problem. Multiculturalism with those who stone their family members. Really? Why not trying to finish the war and send them all home? Why not sending the men to fight for their country? Why not sending women and children to Saudi Arabia or somewhere in the East and provide financially for them if needed just not to have them here? Anything is better than this solution that Merkel has chosen. Why not thinking about the future of our continent? Why changing our culture forever? Why just standing and watching what is happeningand in that way participating in this treason?
    All of those ordinary people who support the immigration of opposing cultures are nothing more than traitors of their own culture and will deserve its consequences.Unfortunately all the rest will suffer them too.

  • Ed Seitzinger

    Start Burning every single muslim in that camp to death until they give up the assholes, then burn them to death and their families!!!!!

  • janine

    ever since muslim take over of europe bar the women i have read and heard about multiple rapes of men, women and children becuse assylum seekrs hadn’t had sex in months this means they are deviates and cannot
    control their desires not even for Allah

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