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[ August 21, 2017 ]


[ August 21, 2017 ]

Media ignores that Florida cop killer is a Muslim, emphasizes that he’s a former Marine

[ August 21, 2017 ]


[ August 21, 2017 ]

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San Bernardino Jihad Home: They RELEASED the Crime Scene?


I have been watching CNN — yes, unbelievable (a first), but the failings of FOX are too big to stomach. So imagine my horror when I switched it on and saw swarms of reporters inside the home of Syed Farook and Tashfeen Malik. Qurans everywhere, passports, drivers licenses of family members are strewn about.

They released the crime scene? There were no fingerprint forensics anywhere. How do they know who came and went into that apartment?

The FBI did this?

Screen Shot 2015-12-04 at 1.08.02 PM

Have you EVER seen a crime scene released so early? CNN’s law enforcement analysts appeared shocked by what CNN’s reporters (and other reporters) are doing. They have never seen a crime scene of this magnitude released so early.

This was an Islamic cell with many people involved. Who gave the order to release the scene? Obama?

One MSNBC reporter was seen examining items left on the suspects’ desk, at one point picking up a child-rearing book. CNN journalists described seeing licenses, social security cards and shredded documents inside the residence. One took photos of the couple’s six-month-old baby’s crib. Another opened the refrigerator and peered inside.


It appeared that members of the public were inside the apartment as well. One man lingered, holding a large soda. A child was seen wandering throughout the home.


UPDATE: Mashable has this:

A spokesperson for FBI Los Angeles seemed shocked when Mashable asked about the scene and if the FBI was permitting the public to enter the apartment.

“I do not believe so but I can check,” she said. “My understanding is it is still an ongoing investigation.”

  • Patti York

    Im surprised that they even bothered to show up.

  • Dale Wellman

    I could set up a gift shop in there or at least get a few souvenirs.

  • Morran

    Rip it all out and burn it

  • Leslie

    Well there is only one explanation for this – – purposely contaminate everything so that they have covered up the rest of the gang still out there. Even Wolf Blitzer was stating shock that it was allowed. The real criminals are way way up on the TOP.

    • Christina

      well, more fuel to the fire to hate the one who is their leader….. the POS in our white house.

      • at christina

        Pray for a miracle. You know which one.

        • write your loser

          and write your elected representatives as well as any others you want to write to – just make up a fake address and name and send them an email: (gotta use real zip code and, if required, area code)

    • Mattie

      I believe this also, wow, what fck-ups

    • Hans Pfall

      This is it. This is where Obama has finally jumped the shark. He is a full-on Jihadist, just as sure as those a&&holes in S. Berdoo. There is no way this could happen by “accident” or that they were through with their investigation. NO F-ING WAY.

      Nope, someone from on high gave the word: Scuttle it!

      They want the terror network of ISIS to remain in place, and it looks like a major step in that direction has been taken.

      We’re on our own now. We must take a stand. HE IS THE ENEMY, and he is actively working to ensure an Islamic victory her in America. He must be impeached, removed from office and (for my money) thrown in prison.

      • jlenoreb

        And so is the AG, willing to protect the cult by threatening Americans with being jailed for fighting back!

        • movingwaters

          The victims weren’t even cold when she was saying that her real worry was that Muslims would be concerned for backlash. They aren’t talking about physical attack; they mean offensive speech like connecting the words of the quran to the actions of Muslims.

      • catbrat

        Obama was not the one to allow this. The FBI said they were done with the scene and after that anyone could go in. If the owner wanted to open it up, that’s his business. You Obama haters will go to any length to make up crap.

        • jimbo

          obama is a POS traitor, a muslim furthering the cause. leftist POS and the instigator of ISIS. BUSH told obama admin NOT to exit IRaq or ISIS-like-groups would form. yet Obama in his leftist mental stupidity, like all leftists, including you Catbrat it seems, went ahead and exited Iraq paving the way for ISIS.

          • Hans Pfall

            You said it, Jimbo! Hey catbrat, you bet your progressive ass I hate Obama. What that traitorous son of a b&tch has done to America can never be repaired. It’s time for pitchforks and torches!

          • Mahou Shoujo

            Finally, delegates to a democrat convention that are patriotic.

        • Garry Nosworthy

          Open your eyes, dick head, the place shows no signs of even being fingerprinted. The FBI answer to Obama.

        • Benton Marder

          Look, when the Feebs do an investigation on this sort of thing, they take EVERYTHING away for detailed examination AFTER thorough recording of EVERYTHING in situ. They tear the place apart down to the bare walls, floor, and ceiling, leaving nothing unexamined and unrecorded. The apartment should have been bare except for fingerprint dust all over. This scene was hugely prematurely and unexamined and unrecorded; yet it was released. The Feebs and the local law do do things this way—unless instructed under seal by highest authority. Any cop will tell you that this thing stinks to high heaven.

        • Iftar&Feathers

          Your comment reveals the great ignorance that is required to vote for such an anti-American, jihad-enabling, constitution-destroying, half-white, racist piece of shiite.
          Even former FBI are shocked at the lack of security and contamination of this crime scene before all of the facts are even known — their own words. They have NOT collected all of the evidence yet. And there may still be more hidden within the walls.
          Only a complete idiot or an enemy of America would allow such a thing to take place. Ask any cop.

          Of course, facts don’t matter to a leftist progtard, just the narrative and the agenda.

        • movingwaters

          Alex Jones had a segment on this last night. He said the owner of the apt. did not give permission. Reporters forced their way in. BTW, I have never hated Obama. The real problem is the character of people who voted for him. He is only one person assigned to finish off America. In order to be a person who still likes and defends this evil America hating tyrant you have to be completely blind, stupid, and possibly evil yourself. Truthfully, your moral compass is 180 degrees off. The use of brat in your name indicates that you are proud to rebel against any good sense.

          • civilwar1862

            And a cat is a pussy.

          • movingwaters

            I have no idea what you mean.

          • civilwar1862


          • movingwaters

            Oh, I can be dense sometime.

          • civilwar1862

            It’s not always easy keeping track of where a comment is coming from or headed. I should have referenced the line in your comment.

          • movingwaters

            Not a problem. I just thought it was something I wasn’t getting. I am having “senior moments.”

          • civilwar1862

            Just turned 66. I AM a senior moment.

        • ColonelNeville

          So you’re blowing Barry then. Awesome leftism, progressive liberal dude!

  • gail christie

    what the F*** is going on?

  • Daveda Gruber

    What about evidence? Doesn’t a place where there are passports are still lying around get to be separated from the media and any local people? There could still be evidence. This is too early to make public.

    • saftalily

      The black SUV is still on the road, the area cordoned, the site still a crime scene. But the whole house is declared, DONE!

  • I’m tempted to shrug and exclaim, “What difference, at this point, does it make”?

    To this day, no one in the general public knows the actual identity of the man who attempted to kill between 50,000 and 250,000 New Yorkers on February 26, 1993. If no one cares about that, then on what basis should we expect a higher standard of urgency by authorities in this case?

    There are a lot of people talking a good game, but too few people behave as though we are at war and even fewer behave as though we are in a war of annihilation.

    • I’m not referring to the name “Ramzi Yousef”.

  • jim

    this was done by the Ayatollah obama regime to cover his isis brothers tracks… obama is Americas number one enemy

    • catbrat

      Stupid comment

      • jimbo

        stupid troll –> catbrat. lefitst twit.

        or is your name really mohommed ????

      • Iftar&Feathers

        All of your comments are stupid. You don’t have to announce it — you’re not dealing with brain-dead liberals here.

        Get help.

      • RansomsLegacy

        While I’m sure you’re VERY familiar with stupidity, you’re clearly not as versed in reality. You’re the very embodiment of stupid. Go be irrelevant somewhere else; you have too little brain for so much opinion. I’m sure there’s a Styrofoam cup being improperly disposed of somewhere that requires your special kind of stupid.

  • Mahou Shoujo

    That is a good way to make sure the government can stick to its limp statement about not knowing the motive, the lame stream media will obligingly destroy all evidence or trace thereof, rendering it impossible to get more details other than what is known.

    • Don Grantham

      Almost seems planned…

      • Mahou Shoujo

        Strange how the investigation into anything to do with muslims committing crimes, is swept under the prayer mat.

  • Jonah

    It is unfathomable nearly that there would be no serious effort to uncover if there is a jihad cell involved in this. But what we see is the willful destruction of evidence. We see shredded paper in trash cans not pieced together.

    We see no evidence that the items in the house including koranic verses were tracked to who sold them these to see if there are further connections. It is hard to believe that this is not now a official coverup and a protecting of the terrorist jihad cell over the protecting of Americans. Obama is endangering the American public and it is flat out scary.

  • Norman Smith

    Unethical parasites!!!!!

  • Norman Smith

    Landlord: Media Forced Their Way Into San Bernardino Terrorists’ Apartment ~ Breitbart

    • saftalily

      Where were the guards left by the FBI, where were the locks and boarded up doors and windows. The people, not just the media, just seem to havve “walked in.”

  • blasater

    Apparently even the FBI at the LA level is contaminated….the country is gone.

  • Joseph A. Clark

    well, congratulations to the media, to the landlord, and to everyone who swarmed into the apartment. You have now just obfuscated the case, contaminated any evidence that might have been present, and you’ll all crow that “it was in the name of journalistic requirements to get the story out”…….

    • saftalily

      The Media should have sounded the Alarm immediately, as PATRIOTS of the great nation of America. It was their DUTY to have stopped this travesty. If needed, ONE of representatives should have gone in, if at all, to inform the American people of what was inside AND of the travesty that was about to be perpetrated. The rest should have guarded the site until the police could arrive.

      • movingwaters

        There is a reason Pamela Geller calls it the enemedia. Almost all of them are absolute traitors to this nation. I feel bad for those who think they can trust Fox News. They are just a little better they the rest.

      • Dorrie

        The FBI should have had that residence sealed off and guarded. When an investigation is ongoing, there is OFTEN a time when more forensics are needed and investigators go back over the crime scene. I find this entire thing too ludicrous to even begin to understand!

    • Mahou Shoujo

      The lame stream media is crippling itself with its amateurish cheap sensationalistic coverage of the news. When another newspaper of other media outlet goes bankrupt, it is no loss to society.

  • RalphB

    I usually have something thoughtful to offer but on this one all I have is WTF?

    So much else is unforgivably bad in the Obama administration that it is (barely) conceivable that this was pure stupidity and incompetence.

    But if the FBI personnel responsible are not immediately throttled by their neckties while their supervisors apologize and assign other more competent investigators to try to clean up this mess you will know — beyond a doubt — that this was ordered from above by those with a lot to hide.

    • movingwaters

      It is quite possible that the FBI agents are good and decent servants of the people and are being kept from doing their job due to pressure from up the ladder. I think this order cam from very high up – The AG or White House. Other Middle Easterners had been seen coming to that apt. This was to protect other jihadis from investigation. I think elements of the government are planning on something like a large scale Kristallnacht, only for Christians, Jews, and persons who will not give up their firearms. The “Progressive” plan is to cause chaos so they can overturn the system and do it their way. They are just as much a death cult as Islam.

  • Timshel54

    Anyone know if Fox was involved in that mess?

  • truth seeker

    Look to the number of M.B. persons now in Homeland Security. Look to how many universities and other institutions co-oped. “Look at the results, and you know the goal.” FBI ALLOWED this”crime scene” to be destroyed, with passports, lists etc, left to be viewed, photographed via cell phones, pocketed. It was not only media, all kinds of people were allowed to wander through; Allowed chaos.

  • NJK

    We’re so infiltrated.

  • NJK

    Is the FBI the enemy now? If this isn’t treason, I don’t know what is. Trials and executions.

  • Lady Gwnyfar

    At least there’s a record of it ~

  • casey377

    The dhimmi press, glad to oblige even when the job is to destroy evidence.
    Does the FBI have any scruples left?

    • BitterClinger


  • chichilouise

    ‘Drivers licenses of family members?’ you mean all those people who claimed not to know anything left their licenses in the apartment? Or were they fake ID’s? A friend had mentioned on facebook that this whole scenario was odd, but I didn’t believe him til I saw this. Did the landlord let them in against police procedure to protect his jihadi friends? Did they really release it this fast or was this a mistake/conspiracy to muddie the finger print issue? I knew things were bad, and all hell is breaking loose, with Obama shoveling even more Muslim aliens into the country, but this is getting weirder and weirder. I knew they took down the Murrah Building lightning fast, and many of the first responders began to commit suicide by shooting themselves in the back of the head, some of them twice, but I haven’t seen this sort of shenanigans since Clinton was president. This is sloppy.


    Of course the order came from the top.

  • vlparker

    Orders from Barry, no doubt. This is how the Soviet Union did it.

  • nicole rasmussen

    Next I am expecting the landlord to post everything in the “free” section on Craigslist!

  • Dr. Doomsday

    The other thing thats odd, is why didn’t the CSI team photo everything in place, and then “bag & tag” the lot of it and take it out in boxes? That so much stuff was still laying about is really kinda weird. I agree with others, this looks like a deliberate crime scene contamination effort.

    • Stephen James Sinclair

      It also seems like a deliberate statement to the American public as a “we couldn’t care less scene.”

    • Reply

      Agreed. Intentional contamination of the crime scene by Obola – the brown turd in the WH.
      ISIS, you do know where the WH is located, right? What is taking you so long to git ‘er done? You’re starting to look like a bunch of pussies.

    • Dorrie

      I have absolutely NO doubt that it was deliberate and that this administration forced the FBI to release the crime scene! Most people know that a major crime takes WEEKS, if not MONTHS, to complete the forensics! To release the residence in 2 days is INCOMPREHENSIBLE!! There HAS to be foul play at work here!

    • RansomsLegacy

      There was an article that noted a “hole in the ceiling”, in the closet, while describing how “normal” the apartment appeared; it LITERALLY just skimmed over that little detail without question. A hole in a wall is one thing, but a hole on the ceiling is hardly normal! Why wouldn’t they bother to investigate that, as reporters looking for answers??

  • tennismom2

    Obstruction of justice.

  • Stephen James Sinclair

    The first media in was greeted by the sight of Hillary alone sprawled like Sharon Stone in Basic Instinct saying, “What are you going to do, charge me with smoking?”

  • IsraeliSquid

    What does Pamela mean by “The failings of FOX are too big to stomach…”?
    I’m asking seriously.
    Though I don’t live in the US (I’m from Israel), I watch Fox News frequently and really like this channel. So, I’m just wondering… what did Pamela mean by that?

    • Xavier

      Fox has recently come under new management that is sympathetic to liberal causes. Megyn Kelly attacked Trump in an unprofessional and clearly planned manner with the blessings and protection of Fox. All the employees are following the new thinly veiled progressive agenda.

      • IsraeliSquid

        Oh, I see… I wasn’t aware of that. Thank you, my friend.

        • clearsighted

          I, too, was interested in finding out what Pam is referring to about Fox but Xavier’s explanation can’t be the reason. There was absolutely nothing wrong with the question that Megyn Kelly asked that narcissistic, misogynistic blowhard Trump. It is inconceivable to me that, in this terror-stricken world, 36% of Republicans would support a candidate who admits that his understanding of foreign affairs and military strategy comes from watching the Sunday talk shows.

          Also, if you actually watch Megyn Kelly’s show or Hannity’s, there is no evidence whatsoever that either of them is pursuing a “thinly veiled progressive agenda.” Kelly, in fact, was one of the few who came to Pamela’s defense over the Mohamed cartoons. Shepard Smith, Greta van Susteren, on the other hand, are clearly more left-leaning, but that is nothing new and not the result of any recent change in management. Roger Ailes still runs Fox News and has for more than a decade.

          I would like to hear from Pam, herself, about the “failings” she has observed at Fox.

          • Dorrie

            I completely agree. Trump is poison and I’m appalled at how many so-called conservatives drool over him! Ted Cruz is CONSISTENTLY Conservative with NO corrupt business practices like Trump. Cruz memorized the Constitution when he was 13 and has worked hard in the Senate to uphold the Constitution on every level and at every opportunity. My vote goes to Cruz. Trump is a SHILL

          • clearsighted

            While I think you are absolutely right about Cruz, I worry that in a general election, he is not as electable as Rubio or Christie.

          • Dorrie

            He is the ONLY one who can beat Hellery! Rubio can’t be nominated because he was part of the GANG OF 8! He’ll drop out very soon.

  • Guest*

    Shredded documents not seized? Passports not seized? If the passports belonged to the killers they would surely be seized, no? The dead terrorists can’t use them and other people’s shouldn’t be in the possession of the terrorists. Same with the DLs, if they were fake they need confiscating and if real what did these people have them for?

    Shredded docs were shredded for a reason! First thing to check surely? Reassemble them, painstaking job but a source of potentially important info.

  • J Ian

    IED? Invite all the relatives to the White House!

  • Frank Mc

    The Apartment is a minefield of Occult Illuminati signatures

    Check out this guy on Numerology.


  • Johnno

    The crime scene was not even dusted for fingerprints.

    “I am still baffled,” law enforcement analyst and retired New York detective Harry Houck told CNN. “That is part of the crime scene because this is where they lived. The first thing I noticed when I looked at this is this apartment was not dusted for (finger)prints. How do I know that? I don’t see fingerprint dust all over the place.

  • Jeffery Rightmire

    Prepare for a lot more of this, we are at war. It will only get worse-Stock up, make plans-lock and load.

    • Don Grantham

      We are at war for certain, and our leaders are in collusion with the enemy.

      • Josephine

        That is exactly right. Chris Christie, (Republican presidential candidate) recently said, “We need to get a grip that we are in the midst of the next world war.”

    • JGray1

      Jeffrey isn’t kidding. we can’t endure another week of this much less another year. and it is happening on our watch.

    • reply to jr

      Absolutely right.

  • cathcapall

    Who are “they”? Some group of “they” don’t want this investigated. *They* want a contaminated crime scene. Makes it impossible to track third suspects, others doing suspicious things, and in other attacks disappeared people and unaccounted for black SUVs witnessed at the scenes during the events. It really is looking more and more like this stuff is being orchestrated. Or at the very least not absolutely, fully, investigated. So the question is, are “they” other Muslims? What is the background of the landlord? Or are “they” members of our government who are complicit in bringing our nation to its knees?

  • Loren Clarke

    The first thing that I noticed was the boxes of unopened diapers by the front door. We have already been told that the apartment was a bomb making factory. Could the diaper boxes not have hidden bombs inside? Or do I watch too much television?

  • Brian Kirk

    A relative of mine was the victim of a crime 8 months ago. Still can’t access the property without heavy police presence.

    • Cyber Space

      I watch Investigation Discovery all the time and the lengths they go to when it’s just a regular run of the mill homicide investigation is incredible. What happened with this apartment is surreal

  • Drew Matthews

    (Drew the Infidel) — Besides the ghoulish and distasteful conduct of the “reporters”, the only crime scene I have seen abandoned prematurely and in such suspicious fashion was the consulate at Benghazi. Remember? The news reports said the FBI considered the scene too “hot” or volatile to investigate while at the same time the first images shown on TV are of reporters pawing through sensitive paperwork strewn about, inclucing Ambassador Chris Stevens’ diary.

  • Even MSNBC condemned this release of the crime scene! I happened to catch MSNBC live yesterday — while I was waiting for Mr. AOW to get a root canal at the dentist’s office.

  • Aussie Boy

    Writing from Australia. I can’t believe what i have seen!! What on earth is happening to America? The footage of people, media and all and sundry wandering through that crime scene is just plain unbelievable. It’s third world keystone cops stuff! I’ve never seen this before, it’s so bizarre.
    Can I tell my US cousins, you are being undermined by a muslin president.
    Islam is islam, Obama us an Islamist. For God’s sake, America, wake up to what’s happening to your country, and the free world!

    • steamer

      Writing from canada. I’ve recently become aware of the islamization of the free world here too (no thanks to the mainstream media). It is underway up here as well as down there and you won’t hear it on the news. It’s very important for all of us to try to educate those around us. I’m just now reading Pamela Gellers book “How To Stop The Islamization of America”. I urge everyone to get it, read it and get started. Time is running out.

    • hotwaterbottle

      Believe me, half of us have known this all along. I don’t mean that he’s Muslim, but that he is trying to undermine the US and only cares about Muslims, foreigners, illegals, and criminals. The other half are either complete morons, or are evil. Though I researched Obama in 2008 and hence did not vote for him, he has been far, far worse of a president than I ever expected.

  • JGray1

    what is emerging is a fascist state. our laws have become meaningless. our republic cannot endure on more day of this rogue administration. this is on our watch. on our watch.

  • movingwaters

    MSNBC works for and is paid taxpayer money by the government. They are using MSNBC to destroy evidence. Call your elected representatives and let them know you are awake to this. Do you think they would have responded to Planned Parenthood selling parts of still living babies if people had not raised hell? 98% of Americans say it does no good to contact your Congressman, so they do nothing.

  • wildjew

    Call me conspiratorial. This was probably a directive from the White House.

  • ColonelNeville

    Obastard IS Muslim Bro Number One. Investigate, arrest, charge, try, prosecute etc.

  • sakovkt

    That struck me as odd, too.
    But I dismissed it.
    I have NEVER seen the inside of ANY taped off “crime scene”.
    By the time the forensics are done, I’d imagine, the story is old, moving into the courts and no one cares about the apartment, anymore.
    This is WAY to big an event to write off this breach of protocol to incompetence.
    This had to have been deliberate.
    Are the Kali-Kool Aid Kids trying to cover up their sanctuary city idea’s involvement?
    Are there Muzzie infiltrators covering up those other “ME men” seen hanging around?
    Somebody helped plan this.
    Next time, they will plan the escape better.
    The escape was the only thing that went wrong.
    They apparently were going for a “Bonnie and Clyde” sort of chase and next time, they probably will do it. (That isn’t a hard thing to fix.)
    Lots more terror per terrorist, that way, in America, with a lower jihadi per capita than, say, Europe.
    It’s also kind of the American Culture Jihad : not one shot suicide bombs so much as the Big Chase Scene that we all like, with a “last stand” at the end.
    My guess, anyway.

  • David C. Telliho

    Either our Fed is so efficient,and competent,………..never mind.

  • ninetyninepct

    It seems that Obama, Cair and the FBI have joined together to defend and promote Muslim terrorism. A shoplifting investigation takes days yet FBI islam deliberately contaminates critical evidence by having others destroy evidence. It is evident they are defending these killers to prevent further investigations.
    It seems that we now have to arm ourselves against attacks by imam Obama and the jihadist FBI. I hope I am wrong, but I doubt it.

    With CAIR and a lawyer instantly showing up, it is easy to see this was all organized and planned well in advance. Is the landlord in on the deliberate cover-up?

    • Josephine

      The cofounder of CAIR, Omar Ahmad (Council on American-Islamic Relations) had these words to say: “If you choose to live here (in America)… you have a responsibility to deliver the message of Islam…. Islam isn’t in America to be equal to any other faith, but to become dominant… The Koran, the Muslim book of scripture, should be the highest authority in America, and Islam the only accepted religion on Earth.” – Cruel and Usual Punishment – The Terrifying Global Implications of Islamic Law – Nonie Darwish

      • Dorrie

        Many Arab countries consider CAIR to be a terrorist organization, what in the world is wrong with the U.S.!! And CAIR’s headquarters is 1 block from the White House. Coincidence??

  • Dorrie

    NO major crime scene has ever been released after just 2 days! This shows COMPLETE incompetence on the part of the FBI!!

  • madmoterman

    Looking for an excuse to say publicly. We’re not 100% sure this was terrorists. And the scam goes on!

  • mjazzguitar

    She pledged allegiance to ISIS- an international act of terrorism and no one even guarding the place?
    What are they trying to cover up?

  • Jackie

    I thought is was ridiculous that we had the contents of their fridge before we had a facial picture of Tashfeen! The State Department had one for her passport! The news media was asked to block it for days at either the request of either her rich Saudi family or to not connect it to the headscarf. Media and FBI screwed this up big time.

    • Dorrie

      the BIGGEST screwup was releasing the crime scene after only 2 days! Forensics can take months for finger prints and other things, yet there was NO SIGN of any finger print dust on the photos! I believe the Obama administration pressured the FBI to stop!

  • hotwaterbottle

    I don’t watch FOX all that often nowadays, but we just happened to have it on last evening and saw their reporter go in and through the apt with the other reporters. It didn’t look like the FBI was all done with it inside, at least not for such a major crime. I had never seen anything like that.

    • Dorrie

      MANY different networks went inside the residence, not just Fox. And yes, the FBI DID release it – which I believe is CRIMINAL!! NO major crime scene is ever released that fast! No finger prints were taken from any of the objects! There was LOTS more of forensic things that could still be done – over the course of WEEKS. That townhouse should have been sealed off and guarded!

      • hotwaterbottle

        That’s why I said “with the other reporters”.

  • Shiite from Shinola

    They found “shredded documents”. “shredded documents”!!!!!

    They didn’t process those at the scene, they do that in a crime lab. They would NEVER be left behind unguarded.

    Lynch told the FBI to back off, per 0bama’s fatwa against incriminating caliphate heroes and their friends. Then the traitors fixed it so that none of the evidence found there would ever hold up in a court of law — it has all been tampered with by the media pimps.

    This is what treason looks like.

  • joe1429

    yes… it was unbelievable,,,, if it was a planned parent killer place… it would be off limits… for the fbi

    • Dorrie

      Not only that, they’re referring to that shooter as a “Christian,” yet he never told anyone he was Christian and no report mentioned a church he might have intended – it was all supposition because there was a Planned Parenthood building near the shooting! They attack CHRISTIANS, but when it is KNOW that there are Islamic terrorists, they are PROTECTED!

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