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Police: San Bernardino Muslim gunman Syed Rizwan Farook was in contact with known Islamic extremists


Syed Farook “used social media to contact extremists watched by the FBI.”
Syed Farook contacted people known to the FBI as potential extremists — raising questions as to why he was not on the FBI’s radar. That’s jihad. The media and the jihadi in the White House are choking on their traitorous narrative.

The Feds have not been able to tell us exactly who Tashfeen Malik (if that’s her real name) is, or provide a picture, records of where she came from, when they were married, when the child was born, or proof that Syed is the father and she had a legitimate claim to be in this country, etc. (Thanks to BFH for pointing this out.)

This is a stunning indictment of Obama’s vetting of Muslims from Syria and other jihad nations.


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Syed Rizwan Farook

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San Bernardino gunman Syed Rizwan Farook was in contact with known extremists, police in California say,” Mass Live, December 5, 2015

San Bernardino gunman Syed Rizwan Farook was in contact with known extremists, police in California say
We’re ignoring the real gun problem: Guest viewpoint
Suspect in San Bernardino shooting, Syed Farook, ‘radicalized’ with ties to terror suspect, according to reports

Attackers in San Bernardino shootings had thousands of bullets, police in California say


SAN BERNARDINO, Calif. — San Bernardino gunman Syed Rizwan Farook had been in contact with known extremists on social media, a U.S. intelligence official said Thursday, and police said he and his wife had enough bullets and bombs to slaughter hundreds when they launched their attack on a holiday [Christmas] party.

The details came to light as investigators tried to determine whether the rampage that left 14 people dead was terrorism, a workplace grudge or some combination.

Wearing black tactical gear and wielding assault rifles, Farook, a 28-year-old county restaurant inspector, and his wife, Tashfeen Malik, 27, sprayed as many as 75 rounds into a room at a social service center for the disabled, where Farook’s co-workers had gathered for a holiday banquet Wednesday. Farook had attended the event but slipped out at some point, then returned in battle dress.

Four hours later and two miles away, the couple died in a furious gunbattle, in which they fired 76 rounds, while 23 law officers unleashed about 380, police said.

On Thursday, Police Chief Jarrod Burguan offered a grim morning-after inventory that suggested Wednesday’s bloodbath could have been far worse.

The couple left behind three rigged-together pipe bombs with a remote-control detonating device that apparently malfunctioned, and they had more than 1,600 rounds of ammunition left when police shot and killed them in their rented SUV after an hours-long manhunt, Burguan said.

Also, at a family home in the nearby town of Redlands, authorities found 12 pipe bombs, tools for making more, and over 3,000 additional rounds of ammunition, the chief said.

“We don’t know if this was workplace rage or something larger or both,” Attorney General Loretta Lynch said in Washington, echoing President Barack Obama. “At this point in time we don’t know the motivation.”

Investigators are trying to determine whether became radicalized and if so, how, and whether he was in contact with any foreign terrorist organization, said the U.S. intelligence official, who spoke on condition of anonymity because he was not authorized to discuss the matter publicly.

But the official said Farook had been in touch on social media with extremists who were on the FBI’s radar screen.

Wednesday’s attack was the nation’s deadliest mass shooting since the Newtown, Connecticut, school tragedy three years ago that left 26 children and adults dead.

Twenty-one people were injured before the day was out in this Southern California city of 214,000, including two police officers, authorities said. Two of the wounded remained in critical condition.

Authorities said the attack was carefully planned.

“There was obviously a mission here. We know that. We do not know why. We don’t know if this was the intended target or if there was something that triggered him to do this immediately,” David Bowdich, assistant director of the FBI’s Los Angeles office, said as the bureau took over the investigation.

Farook has no known criminal record, Burguan said. He was born in Chicago to a Pakistani family, was raised in Southern California and worked at San Bernardino County’s Department of Public Health for five years, according to authorities and acquaintances. The Saudi Embassy said he traveled to Saudi Arabia in the summer of 2014 for nine days.

As for Malik, she came to the U.S. in July 2014 on a Pakistani passport and a fiancée visa, authorities said. To get the visa, immigrants submit to an interview and biometric and background checks — screening intended to identify anyone who might pose a threat.

Adam Lankford, a criminal justice professor at the University of Alabama, said his review of mass public shootings in the U.S. indicates this is the first one in recent history to involve a male-female team.

Federal authorities said that Farook legally bought two handguns used in the massacre and that their two assault rifles were legally bought by someone else. They did not say how the rifles got into the attackers’ hands.

Before they went on the rampage, couple dropped off their 6-month-old daughter with relatives Wednesday morning, saying they had a doctor’s appointment, according to Hussam Ayloush, executive director of the Council on American-Islamic Relations.

Co-worker Patrick Baccari said he was sitting at the same banquet table as Farook before Farook suddenly disappeared, leaving his coat on his chair. Baccari said that when the shooting started, he took refuge in a bathroom and suffered minor wounds from shrapnel slicing through the wall.

The shooting lasted about five minutes, he said, and when he looked in the mirror he realized he was bleeding.

“If I hadn’t been in the bathroom, I’d probably be laying dead on the floor,” he said.

As for any workplace conflicts, Baccari said that up until then Farook showed no signs of unusual behavior and was a reserved young man.

Two weeks ago, Farook and one of the co-workers he killed, 52-year-old Nicholas Thalasinos, had a heated conversation about Islam, according to Kuuleme Stephens, a friend of the victim’s.

Stephens said she happened to call Thalasinos while he was at work and having a discussion with Farook. She said Thalasino told her that Farook “doesn’t agree that Islam is not a peaceful religion.”

Among the wounded was Julie Paez, who was at the holiday party. Paez, who tests water for the health department, was shot at least twice, and her pelvis was shattered by a bullet, according to her son, Nick Paez.

She managed to send her family a message through a group chat app to say she had been shot, and she included a selfie of just her face.

“It was a picture of her with a half-smile,” her son said. “She just wanted to send us something so we would know what was happening.”

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  • Duffy

    It doesn’t really matter because Obama’s lap dogs will report whatever he wants them to report and mis-lead the mass sheeple into thinking it is about gun control, climate change or whatever the flavor of the day is for Obama. Pray to G-d that we still have a country when the maniac leaves office.

    • Po Tato

      No matter how those traitors want to mis-lead us, as long as we do not let them brainwash us, they can do nothing to what we know, how we think and whatever kind of retaliation we, the People, will do, in order to protect our nation – the United States of America!

      • joker

        Can we put in the Western world, because we in Europe are worse off.

        • Po Tato

          There are still quite a sizable amount of resistance in the United States, but in Europe, almost 99% of the people are already bending over and opening their legs wide

          Unless you guys in Europe can find a way to increase the number of people who resist the brainwashing attempt, I hate to say this (I really am!) you guys have a really bleak future

  • RCCA

    I saw a clip from the press conference CAIR had organized with a brother in law of Farook where he was asked if his brother in law was religious. The answer was “I don’t know.” Really, you had no idea what that person was like? And no one in that family had any idea of the arsenal that couple was building in their home or what their interests were? And yet Farook was close enough to his mother to leave his child there? Was it his child? No one knows anything about them. It’s like suddenly they don’t speak English…

    Good point about the identity of the “wife.” Who was she? She surely doesn’t look like she’s from Pakistan and just arrived in the US last year. Was she the wife of some other jihadi before coming here?

    RE: government screening, there was an extensive article in the NY Times about the guns and rifles used in past attacks and how people obtained them. Obviously the Times wants all gun possession outlawed, but they revealed the sloppiness of government databases and how inadequate they are. Lots of murders were committed by people who should not have been sold guns but were because of improperly filed forms, etc. or people who had purchased guns without any reported criminal or mental health history. But we’re supposed to trust the job they’ll do screening people from Syria?

    • Jack Meihoff

      She was his ” assigned Handler ” – he must have been planning an attack for quite some time – he joined an international dating site ( cover) to communicate with ISIS. Part of his profile described what he likes ” I like to target shoot in my backyard ” and that was the signal that he had accumulated the necessary equipment – shortly after that he traveled to Saudi Arabia to meet, marry and return to the US with his so called ” wife ” and cover child. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure this out. They have a system and it obviously worked.

      • RCCA

        I bet you’re right. It’s code for ISIS but for a moronic Obama government appointee or the readers of liberal media, his gun hobby demonstrates what a regular American guy he was. Trip to Saudi Arabia to meet a wife, how nice… His wife/handler must have been a piece of work to have a baby, reportedly last spring, and then go on a suicide mission 6 months later. Our Prez thinks there “might” be some terrorism motive.

  • SafetyDave

    Liberals have caused ALL U.S. Massacres. The Liberal culture spawns hate, greed, and secularism. I said that, David Goodwin.

    • Kieron Russell

      This is not ‘secularism’, this is Jihad. If you can’t recognise your enemy when it’s staring at you down a gun barrel, it’s going to be very long and bloody fight. USA – welcome to your future.

      • Po Tato

        I have had countless of very long nights where I fought very bloody fights against the VCs and the NVAs – it wasn’t a picnic in the park, but somehow I survived

        However, I wonder how many of my fellow countrymen / countrywomen can endure such experiences

        I have to wonder, because I know the existential fight for America and for the West is coming


      • SafetyDave

        O dear, someone read my comment wrong!

  • tommy mc donnell

    cnn and the ny daily news just two of the democrat party-media complex that are having a problem coming up with a motive for this slaughter.

  • Dr. Doomsday

    “We don’t know if this was workplace rage or something larger or both,”
    Attorney General Loretta Lynch said in Washington, echoing President
    Barack Obama. “At this point in time we don’t know the motivation.”

    Dang! I’m going to have to wear my hip waders this week!

    Takes micro brains to figure this one out, and they are all busy shoveling the BS to CYA for elections coming up. Damned liars!

  • chris wolf

    We need specific answers from obama as to why, if this POS jihad scum was in communication with high priority, high risk terrorists, was he not on any watch list of any priority at all?
    We want answers from you obama.
    We want the evidence to hang you by.

  • Arkansas MIke

    …Farook “doesn’t agree that Islam is not a peaceful religion.”

    I guess San Bernardino county is lucky that Farook didn’t poison the water supply; he seems to have been in a key position that would have given him all the access needed to do such a “peaceful” thing.

    P.S. FF-uu-CC-KK 0bama, and Lynch. They are the current cause of jihad in America — and they want more!

    • MaileO

      Let’s add Jarrett, Kerry, Clinton and many others to the list.


    His bride came here on a Pakistanti Fiance Visa. Obama made it ever so easy for Middle Eastern people to come to America. Just apply for a FIANCE VISA. You don’t even need to be a refugee. So much for the vetting process on those FIANCE Visas, huh? The FBI director said that they couldn’t properly vet the people from the Middle Eastern countries and he was right. She slipped right though. If you listen to that talk show, the host, Michael Savage explains how she got here – Obama’s Finance Visa program –

    • joker

      Federal Bureau of Islam is a nice one. Also Farooq or freak. Funny Savage.

  • অরুণ বাঙালি হিন্দু

    The mainstream media is again obfuscating unpleasant facts. The perpetrators were Pakistani origin Jihadis and the media still doubts their intentions!!!

  • 72 Male Virgen Yes,Infidel No!

    I dont blame the good guys, the Feds. There aint enough FBI to deal with the Islamist crazies. Within just the Calfornia state university system there are probably hundreds of Islamists


  • bluejay

    If he read the Koran he had contact with radical Islam

    • Trevor Johnson

      Yes! So true.

  • Loon Watch Watch

    Syed Farook was a poster at Loon Watch.

    The two anonymous moderators ‘Garibaldi’ and ‘Ilisha’ claim to fight hate and ‘islamophobia’. This is done by promoting anti Zionist, anti West and

    anti-semitic hate and promoting worldwide conspiracies of muslim victimisation. Their veteran writer and commenter DrM of is a notorious anti west, anti hindu anti-semite (real name Dr Rushdi cader) Dr Rushdi Cader supports a caliphate and Islamist laws, Loon Watch has denied the Armenian genocide and Loon Watch support Muslim colonialism whilst hypocritcally citing
    western colonialism as the cause of Islamist terrorism. The lies of these
    Islamists are breathtaking. Yazidies have been in the region longer than
    Muslims and are being wiped out. They are not western colonialists.
    Christians and Jews were in the Middle East before Islamic colonialsm.
    Ilisha doesn’t want Muslim countries to be like the West yet chooses to
    live there herself.
    Notice how Islamists prefer to live in the countries they claim are the root of evil. THis proves their ulitimate goal is subversion and envy otherwise

    they would move to the countries they claim are victims of the west.

    DrM is careful
    to hide his hatred of the West preferring to spew his bile

    anonymously as
    DrM at his own blog
    and since 2007 DrM has been a heavy contributor to Loon Watch and has ceased
    updating his own blog.

    He now posts regularly at Loon Watch. DrM does not reveal his real life
    identity at Loon Watch or at his blog where he claims to write about medical issues
    and ‘muslim’ issues. When his identity was made public Dr Rushdi made
    his 1DrM Disqus history private

    Dr Rushdie Cader AKA Dr Maxtor AKA DrM is the founder of the Umma Clinic in California. which receives
    public funds He is a UCLA graduate Rumi Cader who is a professor at UCLA is on
    the board of the Umma Clinic whose Wikipedia page is here

    DrMaxtor real name is Dr Rushdi Cader

    Evidence of Dr Maxtor excusing Jihadism and promoting anti-semitism, anti-western, anti-hinduism all the while blaming Zionism for all the ills in Islamic societies can be seen at his own nazi like blog and his commenting history on Loonwatch.

    In one comment he says he wouldn’t treat Zionists. It is worth investigating how many Americans have died whilst being treated by him

    Dr Rushdi Cader
    is a member of the Mosque of Nasreen, San Luis Obispo

    The hypocritical Dr runs an anti-semitic blog yet isn’t above taking freebies from Pro Israel Jews. This hypocritical islamist uses Facebook to promote his
    clinic. Mark Zuckerberg is a Jew with operations in Israel. Facebook – UMMACommunity Clinic

    Dr Rushdi Cader hosts his anonymous hate blog on Google’s blogger, whose founder is Jewish. Google has operations in Israel.

    The police who employed him have no idea of his underground Islamist activities.

    Dr Rushdi Cader in Israel aspart of a
    medical team.Israeli authorities have no idea of his online
    anti semitism

    Dr Rushdi Cader and his
    wife Nisha Cader featured in Saudi media

    Twitter account where he is careful not to show his true colours like he does
    at Loon Watch

    DrM has been cited approvingly at many anti-semitic sites including Stormfront:

    DrM is a Muslim activist well known amongst American Muslims (urls to Ikhras and Muslim Matters follow) Muslim Matters speaks glowingly of his anti-semitic
    ‘Judeofascism’ posts

    out Judeofascist Awareness Week at my blog.

    … I agree

    – DrM’s
    Judeofascist posts are awesome – very enlightening and right on


    August 2,
    2010 at 10:27
    PM. Asalamu Aliakum! Well said. Glad to … who tried to hijack and misrepresent Islam for their Judeofascist masters.

  • Drew Matthews

    (Drew the Infidel) — The discontinued NSA metadata program does not look so bad after all, does it? We need to employ every method at our disposal for the pure and simple reason these unpredictable killers are hiding in plain sight. The BTK killer was a county code enforcement officer and a church deacon with constant contact with the public.

  • RetiredNavyphotog

    Climate change made them do it.

  • AlgorithmicAnalyst

    If it isn’t possible to keep track of the Islamic terrorists who are already inside the country, seems like letting even more of them immigrate into USA would make the job even harder :)

  • MAS

    “Syed Farook contacted people known to the FBI as potential extremists —
    raising questions as to why he was not on the FBI’s radar”

    Maybe because they are too busy tracking folks like, oh I don’t know, you and I? After all we know how dangerous those conservative Judaeo Christians are.

    • Mahou Shoujo

      Very directional radar under the dome of stupid in Washington.

  • Sarita La Cubanita

    Why not show photos of her dead face?

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