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[ September 24, 2017 ]

Australia: Muslim boys gang-rape 12-year-old girl in Sydney park

[ September 23, 2017 ]

FATWA! Hunted in America: Pamela Geller’s New Book from Milo’s Dangerous Publishing House

[ September 23, 2017 ]

YOUTUBE Suspends, Deletes Pamela Geller’s Account

[ September 23, 2017 ]

FATWA: Hunted in America #1 New Release in Libertarianism, #1 Release in Political Freedom

[ September 23, 2017 ]

Berkeley Cancels Free Speech Week: Casus Belli

[ September 23, 2017 ]

Napolitano: Berkeley “Free Speech Week” to feature “controversial and noxious ideas”

[ September 23, 2017 ]

Canada: Muslim bus driver charged with sexually assaulting 15-year-old disabled girl

[ September 23, 2017 ]

Oklahoma Muslim: “I felt oppressed so I beheaded her…That’s what Allah said in the Quran”

[ September 22, 2017 ]

A Stella Open Thread

[ September 22, 2017 ]

Vanity Fair: “Milo Yiannopoulos’s Fyre-Festival Free Speech Week Is Canceled, Says Everyone but Milo”

Peaceful British Muslim Couple Convicted of Massive 7/7 Bomb Plot in London


An otherwise moderate Muslim couple, a husband and wife, “interested in helping the Islamic State” (is how the boot-licking AP put it), has been convicted of planning a large-scale bombing of civilian targets in London to mark the 10th anniversary of the July 7, 2005, attacks on the city’s transit system.

They were peaceful until …. they weren’t.

Screen Shot 2015-12-29 at 8.46.09 PM

Mohammed Rehman, 25, discussed targeting the London Underground and Westfield shopping centre on social media under the name “Silent Bomber”. Chemicals for bomb making were found at his Reading home, the Old Bailey heard. He and his wife Sana Ahmed Khan were convicted of preparing terrorist acts. They will be sentenced on Wednesday.

With money supplied by his 24-year-old wife, he stockpiled the chemicals needed to make a huge bomb at his family home in Reading and even filmed himself setting off a small explosion in his back garden.

“British Couple Convicted of Plotting Terrorist Bombings in London,” By Alexis Flynn, Wall Street Journal, Dec. 29, 2015

Radical Muslims prepared explosives for use in subway or a shopping mall

LONDON—A British couple who plotted suicide bomb attacks on a popular London shopping mall or the city’s subway system were found guilty of terrorism Tuesday by a U.K. court, the latest in a string of prosecutions aimed at homegrown Muslim extremists inspired by Islamic State.

Mohammed Rehman, 25, from Reading, west of London, and his wife, Sana Ahmed Khan, 24, from the nearby town of Wokingham, assiduously set about constructing explosives capable of causing mass casualties and were on the brink of executing their plans when specialist counterterrorism police arrested them in late May, prosecutors said.

Prosecutors said Mr. Rehman and Ms. Ahmed Khan intended to time their attacks to coincide with the 10th anniversary of the July 7, 2005, suicide bombings on the London subway that killed 52 people and injured hundreds more.

“The pair had been very close to carrying out an attack, all they required was to purchase the chemicals to make a detonator,” said Susan Hemming, head of the Crown Prosecution Service’s counterterrorism division.
A Twitter account used by Mohammed Rehman, who used the pseudonym ‘Silent Bomber.’ ENLARGE
A Twitter account used by Mohammed Rehman, who used the pseudonym ‘Silent Bomber.’ Photo: Thames Valley Police

The husband and wife, who married in secret in 2013 and lived separately, had been under surveillance after police noticed a series of social-media posts by Mr. Rehman that made clear his intention to carry out violence in the name of radical Islam. Using the Twitter alias “Silent Bomber” in an account featuring images of Islamic State executions, Mr. Rehman called on his Twitter followers to vote on possible targets in the capital.

Mr. Rehman stockpiled fertilizer and carried out minor test blasts in his garden, the court heard. Police who raided Mr. Rehman’s Reading home found more than 10 kilograms of highly explosive urea nitrate, which prosecutors said would have caused “multiple fatalities” if detonated in the tight confines of a subway train or station. They had also considered bombing the Westfield Shopping Centre, prosecutors said.

“There is little doubt that, had Rehman and Ahmed Khan not been stopped when they were, they would have attempted to carry out an act of terrorism in London,” Ms. Hemming said after the verdict.

During the six-week trial, jurors heard how Ms. Ahmed Khan helped her husband by depositing nearly $21,000 into his bank account for the purchase of explosive chemicals. Prosecutors said Ms. Ahmed Khan was a “supporter of violent and extreme Islamic ideology” who played a key role motivating her husband.

The pair shared Islamic State video clips, which police and prosecutors said was proof of their radicalization and malign intent.

Mr. Rehman and Ms. Ahmed Khan were both convicted of preparing terrorist acts. Mr. Rehman was also convicted of an additional charge of possessing an article for terrorist purposes.

The two defendants denied the charges. They will be sentenced next year.

U.K. authorities say they are battling an unprecedented rise in extremist activity, galvanized by Islamic State’s rise amid the chaos of civil war in both Syria and Iraq. Police arrests for terrorist offenses in the most recent year are the highest on record, and now average one a day.

In response, the British government last year raised the nation’s terror alert to its second-highest level, “severe,” which means an attack is highly likely.

Police on Tuesday said the case shone a light on the diffuse nature of the threat the country now faces.

“Whilst we remain concerned about people traveling to Syria and the risk they pose should they return to the U.K, we also consider the threat posed by U.K.-based individuals and groups who have never traveled or intended to do so,” said Assistant Chief Constable Marcus Beale, head of the West Midlands Counter Terrorism Unit. “There’s no doubt Mohammed Rehman and Sana Khan were two such people.”

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  • Michael Gerardi

    God willing, neither of them will last long in prison.

    • There are no gods, not even one. The supernatural doesn’t exist.

      • Vercingetorix

        You have no authority to make such a claim.Have you examined every square inch of the universe across multiple dimensions? If the answer is negative, then you are using the absence of evidence as evidence: Appeal to ignorance fallacy.
        I’d like to believe as you do, so if you can answer my questions, I’ll join you in the Richard Dawkins fan club:
        1. How did the universe create itself?
        2. How did complex life arise out of non-living matter.( The law of biogenesis would be invalidated)
        3. How did a rational universe arise out of random and unsorted chaos?
        4. How was the complex DNA code created by a random naturalistic process.
        5. If there is no God, won’t all moral values be self-refrencing?

        • Up Huff

          Nailed it. Too bad those who support Atheism are too self-centered and ignorant to even make the slightest attempt to rationally answer any of those questions. The reason is simple: they can’t.
          It’s the old story where a ‘scientist’ said he could create life from the same materials God did, proving He is not God. God said, He’d accept the challenge. When the ‘scientist’ bent down to pick up some earth God interrupted him and said, “Uh,uh. Make your own.”

          Additionally, re: #1, where did the atoms/materials that ‘came together’ in the “Big Bang” originate?
          It’s always the same with the nay-sayers, the ‘rules’ of physics, biology, and chemistry don’t apply to them in their arguments against God. Which is why I tend to believe that all Atheists are Liberals and Democrats- all mouth, no reason.

          • Do you believe in multiple Gods or a single God ? If you believe in one God, which one is it ?

        • I have a high school level science education, read popular science and watch science programs. It was David Attenborough who said it was only in his lifetime that we have acquired such scientific knowledge to dismiss the supernatural.
          The expanding universe has a natural history and wasn’t created supernaturally. Organic life has developed over hundreds of millions of years on earth and probably elsewhere. All life on earth is related and DNA proves it. I’m aware the concept of morality is linked to belief in a god for many people. I look at the behaviour of animals in the wild and see many examples of worthy behaviour.
          I am cautious with religious people because belief in the supernatural renders them incapable of rationalism in every situation. A recent example is the behaviour of Angela Merkel in the migration crisis.

          • mjazzguitar

            DNA is a code.
            The odds of a code writing itself are statistically close to zero.

          • You don’t know what DNA is you American simpleton.

          • mjazzguitar

            Name calling is the heighth of an intelligent argument.

          • Vercingetorix

            I’m not sure what your interest in science programs or “Popular Science” has to do with your statement about God. Is the opinion of David Attenborough infallible? Has he ever made a mistake? Most of what you wrote in defense of your position is not scientific but philosophy. You can’t prove it.
            The animal world is where we should look to morality? Animal behavior is cruel. Mothers will kill and eat their young. Incest and cannibalism are rife in the animal word. Would we do well to copy its morality? Theists can’t be rational? On what basis do you make that unsupported statement? Newton, Pascal, Kepler, Faraday, Boyle, Mendel,Pasteur, etc. We’re all Christians and scientists. They believed a rational, not random, universe was created by a rational creator. Angela Merkel represents all Christians? That’s a hasty generalization fallacy. Merkel is an idiot and not a Christian. Are Mao, Pol Pot, and Stalin typical rational atheists? The complexity of DNA proves it could NEVER have arisen by chance. There’s no naturalistic explanation for it. That’s why the famous atheist, Anthony Flew, became a theist. He didn’t become a Christian, but he realized atheistic naturalism had severe limitations.

          • Why don’t you take your infallible god and shove it up your arse. I’m not wasting words on you.

          • Vercingetorix


          • I’m satisfied that the universe has a natural history. In other words things only happen naturally so Mohammed didn’t ride to the moon in a chariot with winged horses, the mythical Jesus of Nazareth didn’t walk on water and appear to aboriginal Americans after his death. I’m particularly concerned about people who think they communicate with Gods and hear voices inside their heads. Such are common symptoms of schizophrenia and other mental illnesses. How can you study history and current affairs with a view to predicting what may happen in the future if you believe a big hand will descend from the clouds and change the course of event. I can tell you the supernatural doesn’t exist. Therefore, Gods don’t exist. Rationalism isn’t attainable if you believe in nonsense.

          • Vercingetorix

            “God does not exist.” Is that a statement of science or philosophy? God is supernatural. Science deals with the natural world. Therefore, God is beyond the study of science. The supernatural doesn’t exist? How can you be so sure? Have you ever been skeptical of you skepticism? Mythical Jesus of Nazareth? We have more information about Jesus than from any ancient personality in history? Are the Gospels false? Where’s your evidence?

          • My statement that Gods don’t exist is scientific in the sense that it is based on examination of the facts and a conclusion. The facts are my own observations as well as the professional scientific advice I either accept or reject. It’s the same with the law of evidence applicable in Courts. Lawyers distinguish factual evidence from professional or expert evidence which are the opinions of experts in various fields of expertise such as physics, mathematics, medicine, engineering and so on. There is only the natural world for which we have advanced knowledge and the ‘supernatural world’ pertains to our own imaginations and nothing more. Therefore, Gods, ghosts, devils and angels pertain to our own imaginations and nothing more too. Thus I am certain that your God doesn’t exist. I have a questioning attitude and can consider myself sceptical, I think. Of course Jesus of Nazareth is a myth. I can tell you with certainty that no one has ever been born from the womb of a woman which has not been fertilised by the sperm of a man and gone on to walk on water, turn water into wine and so on, because it is impossible. Theologians have taught you about Jesus, not historians. In the Roman empire few were literate and the skills of the storyteller were in demand by the populace for both education and entertainment. Indeed, the stories about Jesus may have been based on some outstanding characters of the day but we know they didn’t have supernatural powers. The gospels were apparently put together by the early catholic church more than a century after these popular superheroes roamed the outer regions of the empire. The gospels do not have historicity.
            There is my brief presentation of both expert and non-expert evidence and my conclusion. You are welcome to discuss this with me more if you wish.

          • Vercingetorix

            My friend, I look at the universe and I see design. Where did it all come from? The parameters for life are very narrow. Could the whole of life just arise by accident? DNA is a complex digital error- correcting code. There are even codes within codes in DNA. Chance could have never produced such a thing. Never. The Gospels were written within the lifetime of each of the Gospel writers. Each writer claimed either to be an eyewitness or written from the information of eyewitnesses. Do you have any information that would discount their character or story? People have tried for over two thousand years, yet the Gospels endure. Christianity is about truth. The Bible itself admonishes to prove all things- even the truth of the Scriptures. Your avatar wrote about Jesus on Saint Helena :” I know men, and I tell you that Jesus Christ is not a man. “

          • If I had a science teachers diploma I could explain it to you well but what you see isn’t design. It is change, development, growth, best described as evolution. Nature in action, nothing more because it is irrational to ascribe what you do not understand, to the supernatural. Such are the thought processes of the primitive man.

          • Vercingetorix

            My friend, what is the impetus for this change? In order for an organism to change, there must be a change in their DNA. What put that information in there? Where do systems come from? Circulatory, endocrine, exocrine, etc. How did these systems arise gradually? They couldn’t. My friend, evolution is a myth and not science. The human genome is degenerating because of the accumulation of genetic errors. It’s called genetic entropy. It’s a fact, and it runs counter to evolution. You mock theists for their beliefs in the virgin birth and other miracles. Have you seriously considered what you believe? Nothing created everything, non-life created life, trillions upon trillions of positive genetic mutations led to life as we know it. That requires more faith than we theists have.

          • You attribute that which you don’t understand to the supernatural, that’s all. That is the opposite to rationalism. It is simply preposterous, like Islam. Does it mean anything to you that turtles and crocodiles have been living here for hundreds of millions of years while our species has only been evident for the last 150,000 years or so ? We have over-populated the planet like vermin and have just about destroyed the natural world. Our demise is inevitable. We are a ‘flash in the pan’ of this life giving planets natural history and will surely be gone soon.

          • Vercingetorix

            You attribute what you can’t explain to evolution. How is that rational? Our demise is inevitable? Why be moral then? Mao killed between 40 to 70 million people, had sex with many beautiful women, treated like a god, and ate the best food. If there is not afterlife, he got away with it. If there is an afterlife, he will pay for it for an eternity. Your beliefs lead to hopelessness, and your morality is self-refrencing.

      • Michael Gerardi

        Your opinion, mate.

      • Tzvi

        Sounds like you have faith… (it takes a leap of faith to be sure of something you can’t disprove, just saying)

      • Ed VanHalen

        You believe you came from apes and I believe you.

        • ok but you’re an uneducated moron. Good cannon fodder.

          • Ed VanHalen

            Wow, that’s the best you got? Looks like I nailed that one.

          • You silly git. You’ve brought a smile to my face, cheered me up and made me laugh. Our species evolved in Africa little more than 100,000 years ago and migration out of Africa commenced about 70,000 years ago. The American continents (presumably where you live) were only reached about 10,000 years ago. We displaced more primitive human species such as the Neanderthals but still carry their genes. These facts should be understood to know who you are and how you originated. To live in ignorance of our evolution is a shame for you. You live and will die in a fantasy of illusion thinking that a supernatural creator will grant you another life which is eternal. You are less than a man, a mere child and this is attributable to your upbringing, your lack of education, your backward society and your inability to think rationally. Don’t worry about it mate ! As long as you are not in a position of responsibility to others, you are less likely to harm them through your self-righteous ignorance. I’m aware that there are many people like you in your culture and you are still capable of being a good soldier, farm-hand, labourer and anything else where you are under the supervision and guidance of someone more intelligent and wise, but always keep your place in the bowels of your society. Good luck mate ! I don’t want to hurt you.

          • Ed VanHalen

            And you’ve made me laugh even harder. There has NEVER been proof of Humans evolving from Apes, or anything else. You see, this thing called science has a definition, and it’s called, “Observation”. All that wind you spent for nothing.
            The proof for Intelligent design is very evident, something you would know nothing about. :) BTW, I’m so scairt of someone who thinks he came from an Ape. Like I said, I’m more than willing to agree with you on that point. I do believe you came from an ape.

          • I never thought I would ever meet a real Creationist. I’m flabbergasted !

          • Ed VanHalen

            What’s kewl, is you’ll get to meet the YhWh Creationist at the Great White Throne Judgement…and when you do…I want you to remember me telling you, “I told you so”.

          • Ahrrrr ! Uhg ! Uhg ! Uhg !

      • docbenton

        Lets see what the father of quantum physics has to say…

        “The first gulp from the glass of natural sciences will turn you into an atheist, but at the bottom of the glass God is waiting for you.”
        ― Werner Heisenberg

        I guess Dawkins didn’t follow the science all the way.

        • Yes, there are a minority of scientists who hold religious beliefs like Von Braun of the Apollo space program and others.

  • Mark Millich

    In days of old they would have been executed for plotting this crime, as in the failed Gunpowder Plot of 1605.

    • Jay Dillon

      They certainly should be executed if they planned this. We’re at war and we should damned well execute enemy combatants of this most cowardly sort.

      • Iamnumber6

        The first step in winning a war is to recognize you are in one. It doesn’t seem that our lord and master leaders acknowledge that we are.

  • Mahou Shoujo

    Deport them to Somalia, they like islamic terror, they will love it there, as will the taxpayer who does not have to pay for their jail.

    • Tiina

      Outsourcing the prison industry to some south east asian or south american country would do the trick. Their prison cells hold many people in tight packages. Here prisoners have it too easy.

      • Mahou Shoujo

        Agreed, if business can maximize profits by outsourcing, then prisons can minimize expenses the same way. North Korea could use the cash, and in return, the rates of recidivism would be low or nonexistent.

  • Les Athées Napoléoniennes*

  • London’s Viking Trance – Rave to the Right

  • Robert Bayer

    The MSM and Leftists show a fine command of “double-think” where you hold 2 contradictory views points simultaneously …in order to escape facing the truth or the evil your are perpetrating…

  • Drew the Infidel

    AP = American Pravda

  • Michael Copeland

    Police arrests for terrorist offenses … now average one a day.
    “We want to say what a fantastic contribution Muslims make to our country” –
    David Cameron.

  • roger

    You heard the AAP., The ten kilo’s of ammonium nitrate was because the were ‘interested ‘ in helping ISIS. their motives were purely benevolent.

    • Up Huff

      I say use the fertilizer for it’s intended purpose: bury the pair with it.

  • Fred Sawyer

    Behead both of the savages. Make it a PPV event like boxing or WWF. PLACE heads on stick and have a victory parade in London. Find more terrorists, behead the terrorists, and repeat as many times as necessary.

  • Sandi 216

    Thank God these terrorists were caught before they attacked!

  • Your Muslim neighbors and coworkers are plotting to murder you

  • CA_99

    What was the purpose of being “secretly married” and living separately? To collect welfare? To keep their activities on the sly? They are deceitful (Taqiyya, etc.) and do not desire to assimilate into western culture. They are taking advantage of western culture’s stupidity and tolerant nature to other cultures. Western culture has lost its survival instincts.

  • mjazzguitar

    Doesn’t everybody detonate bombs in their back yard?

  • Budvarakbar

    “Radical Muslims prepared explosives for use in subway or a shopping mall”
    Oh come on now — the article clearly uses the terms: “peaceful and moderate”! — they were just following the commandments in the Koran!

  • knight

    Sometimes the other side of me wants those two to suffer the explosions but not kill them and leave them to suffer.

    Such a cruel world we live in, but life imprisonment is not enough and could be out in no time. Death penalty is the only justice for them, so they cannot do any other harm.

  • Muslim Terrorists Logic

    Muslims have always thought that they should be allowed to attack anyone or any country and there shouldn’t be any consequences for their actions. It’s Muslim logic.

    More importantly, the Muslim population in Israel is a dangerous presence just as Arabs & Muslims in the USA present a security problem for Americans.
    I’m not condemning all of them but, the fact remains that the majority of terrorist attacks on our homeland has been perpetrated by a single group…it’s been by arab or muslim Americans….

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