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Nonie Darwish: Obama’s Legacy


AFDI Geller Fellow Nonie Darwish explains what the President’s true legacy is and will be:


Only the future can tell the true legacy of any president, but since 2016 will be Obama’s last year in office, many are now speculating. Below are some points from the perspective of an American who was born and raised as a Muslim in the Middle East:

  • Under the Obama presidency, Muslims, and in particular, the Muslim Brotherhood, were able to accomplish their dream of reestablishing the caliphate. Only a person familiar with Arab culture can see how much Obama’s behavior is in tune with Arab aspirations. Like Arab propaganda, Obama believes that America’s foreign policy was standing in the way of accomplishing Islamic unity under one State, even if he doesn’t endorse the budding caliphate himself.
  • Most Americans believe that Obama’s withdrawal from the Middle East was done for the purpose of avoiding war, but his withdrawal was also to get out of the way of Muslims who wanted to create their Islamic state. Egypt was the first attempt for the Islamic state, but when the Brotherhood failed in 2013, Syria quickly became the second choice.
  • Obama is the first American president who cares most about his legacy not so much in the eyes of American citizens, but more importantly in the eyes of the Arab and Muslim World.
  • Obama is the first US president who refuses to name the current enemy of the USA. That enemy is Islamic jihad and comes in the form of many Islamist groups, individuals and states that support them. Islamic jihad is winning, on the march and threatening the US daily with terror, insults, curses and calls from Muslim religious and political leaders for our annihilation. This has magnified under Obama.
  • Under the Obama presidency, the best interests of Israel were compromised.
  • Obama is the first US president who is not ashamed to appear to be putting the best interests of foreign nationals before the safety and security of his own citizens.
  • As the first African American president, Obama says he cares about improving lives of African Americans, but in reality, he has alienated them and failed to provide them with jobs and tools for true success. Promoting anger is not success.
  • Obama joined traditional black leaders in planting rage and blame in the mind of African American youth to keep the pressure on white guilt. To keep that constant pressure, Obama has no problem subjecting inner city blacks to the self-destructive and devastating effects of rioting and lawlessness.
  • The Obama administration is using inner city blacks as tools to further its agenda against law enforcement.
  • Obama uses African Americans and the race card as a cause to punish America, the same way Arab leaders use Palestinians as a cause to punish Israel.
  • Obama acts eager to populate America with a large number of Muslim immigrants and has no problem with shaming Americans into taking Syrian refugees, who are most likely infiltrated by ISIS.
  • Obama was on the side of Muslims who wanted to build the Ground Zero Mosque, and shamed Americans and families of 9/11 victims who were against it for not accepting the humiliation.
  • Obama constantly underestimates the threat of radical Islam in the same way that “moderate” Muslims tell us to underestimate it. It is a common phrase in the Arab street that ISIS is just nothing to worry about, and Obama tells America the same fantasy about the global jihad.
  • Obama encourages Americans into tolerating Islamic intolerance, jihad and terror, as though that is the only proof that Americans respect Muslims.
  • Obama is the first American president who said he was Christian but his actions and words are anything but.

The above partial list of Obama’s legacy did not include positive accomplishments, but we must all rest assured that the mainstream media is already preparing a long list of accomplishments that I must have overlooked.

AFDI Geller Fellow Nonie Darwish is the author “The Devil We Don’t Know” and president of “Former Muslims United,” a program of the American Freedom Defense Initiative.






  • Robert Bayer

    Thank you for this truth-telling Pamela. I still believe the worst is yet to come by far.

    • RandallFlagg

      you got that right r.b. expect the worst from the worst America has ever seen.

      • Robert Bayer

        Randall .. very scary stuff .. but because of good Americans such as you, Bill, Pamela and so many at this site and elsewhere … we will overcome and triumph for freedom and justice …. God is with us … so long as we turn to God …

        • RandallFlagg

          dude, I believe there is a God. but looking around, I see a lot of what God would turn his back on. Maybe even send the fiery ball to finish humankind. call in the debts if you know what I mean.
          America has become a modern day Sodom and Gomorrah. twisted and evil

          • Merchantseamen

            Randall… Remember Satan is still in control. God gave Adam the deed and he gave it to the serpent (Satan). Jesus by being crucified started to take back the deed, but Satan still has a firm grasp. Free Will… still has its grasp. Its all biblical. So when those days come it will not be pretty. Not at all. Chow.

          • RandallFlagg

            not pretty at all- the satan’s lap dog in the white house has screwed with the red necks by taking land they have worked for 100 years- the red necks have snapped and are now in armed insurrection- exactly as Obama has planned. this gives a president the right to cancel the presidential elections and stay in power. gun confiscation and marshal law is in the near future. hell on earth will be seen in America within the year. God is OK with this- it thins out the masses so He doesn’t have to make so many tedious decisions.

    • bill reitzes

      “the worst is yet to come”
      Robert, show me just once, where the plight of the infidel gets better when islam is involved, just one instance.
      Of course it’s going to get worse.
      And the whole cause of our downfall is summarized in three words “weak, feckless leadership”
      Hang on mate, there is a very rocky future ahead of us.

      • Robert Bayer

        Bill … Thank you … Total agreement .. America will triumph .. Americans will overcome this treason and evil … because the “real America” is a blessing from God … but some horrible stuff has and will occur.

        • bill reitzes

          Remember always Robert, and pass it on to all of your fellow Americans, “he who curses them (the Jews) will be cursed, and he who blesses them will be blessed”
          And this saying has withstood the test of time over and over again.
          So, here’s to a “great America” again.
          The world needs this today, more than ever.

  • Robert Bayer

    The Obama regime and his puppets in congress PROMOTE:

    Hundreds of millions of dollars of weapons for ISIS, the Taliban in the Middle East to kill with who pledge to destroy America.

    No resistance but rather encouragement of Iran in developing Nuclear Weapons for the insane barbaric leaders of Iran who pledge to destroy America and western civilization.

    Civil Rights Crimes in using the IRS to target political groups as well as criminal destruction of incriminating evidence and continual lies and stonewalling by his goons.

    Encouraging Racist-Hate-Mongers to kill police officers such as

    The destruction of our military fighting force via ROE, false

    charges, and removal of our best officers and soldiers.

    THE DEATH of thousands of our wounded soldiers through

    intentional denial of necessary medical services.

    Over 550,00 million dollars a year for Planned Parenthood to
    kill over a million babies a year, the vast majority being African Americans.
    Despite Planned Parenthood illegally selling the babies organ for further blood money, nothing has yet stopped this horror holocaust of butchering unborn children.

    95 million out of work while the WH brags about 5% ONLY being unemployed.

    The mass illegal immigration without vetting thousands of killers, rapists,

    terrorists, Jihadists, drug cartel and gang members across the Mexican border, and even billions of dollars to financially assist these same illegals.

    The mass illegal immigration without vetting thousands of killers, rapists,

    terrorists, drug cartel and gang members posing as Syrian refugees.

    NSA commits millions of criminal VIOLATIONS of American Citizens’ CONSTITUTIONAL RIGHTS for the entire Obama Administrations by SPYING on Americans without a warrant.

    The slaughter of Christians in the Middle East by the Muslim Brotherhood,
    the Taliban, ISIS and Iran, and even the rejection of Christians as immigrants to escape this persecution.

    The arming of crazy people on medication who will fire on unarmed citizens in NO-GUN zones so as to provide false justification for the removal of guns and ammunition from law-abiding citizens so that they CANNOT defend themselves from the criminal, insane, or treasonous.

    Embezzlement of American tax money in the trillions is being ILLEGALLY used by Obama to fund all these crimes, acts of treason, constitution violations and crimes against humanity.

    And yet .. this is not even the full list of how Obama and his goons are working to destroy America.

  • Mahou Shoujo

    Hussain will be a trivial footnote in history somewhere in the chapter of failures. His incredible mediocrity as a loser president is just barely worth mentioning, as the time he spent in office has to be accounted for. Though possibly “occupant” would suffice on the list of American presidents.

    • RandallFlagg

      are you kidding? allreadt the working class pays 15 pees (including the aca fee or price for garbage insurance) and the increases are immanent.
      the working class will never be free of the pain Obama has deliberately laid upon it. already a bloated welfare system now has added millions and before Obama is through there will be 10’s of millions more added to the rolls of those unwilling to work.
      the rich are immune- Obama will do anything to lower the atandard of living of the American white working class. the land grabs Obama made are to have in hand value to offer china for more loans to pay for 150 million parasites on society. and the maggot isn’t even a u.s. citizen.
      congress does nothing- the people do not rally and march on Washington. America has become a land of laziness and stupidity.
      it is time to apply for citizenship elsewhere while countries like Australia will still accept americans.

    • Ron Cole

      And Patriots will put a bounty on it’s yellow muslim a$$.

      • Mahou Shoujo

        Reasonable approach.

    • feawen

      It will be a brief footnote that chronicles one of the worst periods of American History because of not only an abject failure to lead, by also a treasonous agenda that tried to destroy us.

  • Steve

    Odumber legacy -traitor!

  • Crystal Waters

    That is a very good point and explains why he never cared what Americans thought of his back door deals. It is the respect of Islamic countries that he craves as he is first and foremost a Muslim.

    • Ron Cole

      Perhaps it can go to iran and become a slave girl in their number one bath house. It would delight in that appointment.

  • Patriotic Dave

    The Obama is a success only in his own eyes because he yearns to do what his dad figure, Barack Hussein Obama Sr wanted him to do-destroy the USA and Europeans! The book by Dinesh D’Souza, “The Roots of Obama’s Rage” said it all! Namely, The Obama is such a miserable, immature personality that his whole life is lived serving the aspirations of a drunken, uncaring, deadbeat dad figure who was an “African” socialist because he didn’t have the intellectual fortitude to be a real Marxist and ended up with metal prosthetic legs due to his car accidents while drunk driving because he was even a failure as a living drunk! The Obama’s success is our American failure because over 50% reelected the slug in 2014 over Mitt Romney who symbolized pretty much all that was morally good!

  • Patriotic Dave

    Sorry, I meant 2012 which was a miserable year and let’s all hope that 2016 is a better year for us all!

  • conan_drum

    Thanks Nonie. The Obamination only got elected because he was ‘black’ and the left /liberals thought he was going to bring changes to the way government worked in Washington. He brought change alright but not in a good way and the government has become more dysfunctional under this president.

  • Drew the Infidel

    This certainly explains his distinction as being the worst President ever. How is that for a legacy?

    • Stephen Julian Rasch

      Even worse than he other loser Jimmy the peanut Carter although a photo finnish

      • feawen

        Jimmy should thank Obama for raising him above last place… shucks, Obama makes Carter almost look like a “great President” in comparison.

  • volksnut

    I cant think of any ” positive accomplishments ” soetoro is ” responsible ” for as i’m an American who loves this country – To my mind there are NONE –

    • Ron Cole

      It coined the neologism `period`.
      No offence intended Comrade megan of kelly.

      • Iamnumber6

        Aggggggggh my eyes. How can I ever un-see that? Agggggh.

      • RandallFlagg

        whatever that thing is should we run from it or kill it?

  • Shuky

    How come this guy is still the president of the US ?
    It is not sufficient to ask god to bless america … america needs to take action to stop those who are in force and do every thing to destroy america

    destroying america is to do whatever is takes to bring in people who believe in the death and destruction of america and won’t hesitate in doing what is takes to execute and achieve their goals

    open your eyes and your brains – this guy is destroying the western world. The Muslim cancer will drag america into a (civil?) war to reconstruct america’s life style, values, economy and global status

    the american people must stand up for its future … hopefully i’m wrong but as i know Muslims …. the current lane may take america to hell … please take care TODAY.

  • Ron Cole

    We American victims will recall it as a perpetually curtsying bath house ho hussien the over aliased paperless faher unknown muslim fascist terrorist alien.

    It’s last words, “”I love you Mohummer”.
    in Arabic it is `ana bahebak Mohummer`.

  • Marie
    • RalphB

      Fortunately all religious books are written by humans, not gods, and humans do not have the ability to see the future choices that humans will make, sometimes not even their own, since humans have free will.

      Rather than actually do something about the evils of this world, including Barack Obama, some people would rather play numerological or linguistic games because you can always get the answers you are looking for by manipulating the symbols in a certain way. Getting the results you want in the non-symbolic real physical world is much harder. That takes a clear-eyed perception of reality, real thought based on valid principles that take years to learn and apply, and then the ability and courage to act against resistance to gain the values you want to bring into being in the world.

      If you want to play word games for your own amusement and relaxation in your down time, fine. For example, why not learn about the inner spirit of a person by asking a question about them and finding the anagram of their name that answers it? For example:

      Q: What did Barack Obama exclaim to his weird mother, Stanly Ann Dunham, when she asked him to help pay the rent?

      A: Ak! Rob a cab, Ma!

  • joker

    Out millions of Americans there is no one who wants to do martyrdom and shoot the president?

  • Dennis

    Though I agree with the castigating comments made by this commentator, this
    commentary only reinforces my belief that our representatives in Congress, that
    are expected to be a check and balance against the Executive administration of
    this great Country have totally failed in their duty by allowing Obama to run
    amok with his clearly wrong and misguided policies. We need to also place the
    blame on the American Party system for their unreasonable acceptance and their
    inane following, like dogs on a leash, of POTUS and his dangerous and
    unacceptable policies. When I say representatives I am including in that
    definition those of the Republican and Democratic Parties who failed to
    register any real opposition to this man who we are today continuing to rightly
    castigate. They have allowed this man to lead us to the brink of an abyss, and
    our electorate better choose wisely in November, 2016, if there is any candidates available who have the kind of talent and ability that
    this Country needs in January, 2017 and on to bring us back from the brink.

    • Crystal Waters

      Just a theory… Maybe Obama’s illegal use of the NSA and IRS against his opponents
      has something to do with the cowardice of Congress. I say this as it has just come to light this week that Obama has been using the NSA to spy on Congress.
      Think blackmail. D.C. is powered by blackmail.

      • RandallFlagg

        quite right. cowardess of the corrupt politicians in every walk of America have been either paid off or threatened.
        one exception- Huckabee
        and he too likely has some skeletons in his closet

    • traci94

      Well said, I totally agree. What happened to our system of checks and balances? Obama has committed impeachable offenses and is guilty of major executive overreach. I’m convinced he has comitted treason. WHY have our representatives let him get away with this?

  • Stephen Honig

    Besides Obama being evil, he suffers from Cogniative Dissonance. The psychological processes which prevent people from facing facts when
    the unthinkable has become obvious can be explained by the models of
    social psychology called cognitive dissonance theory.

    Cognitive dissonance is the mental stress and discomfort caused when
    important beliefs, attitudes or values, called cognitions, are
    inconsistent, conflicting or contradictory to each other. In the 1950s
    the psychologist Leon Festinger theorized that the mind spontaneously,
    continuously reduces cognitive dissonance to enable goal-directed
    functioning in a paradoxical, inconsistent, deceptive world. Festinger’s
    discovery founded a rich tradition of research which has demonstrated
    how the mind resolves contradictions. It provides a powerful way to
    understand why people can’t face what President Obama is doing to

  • Jeanne Ballard

    Anyone ever notice this photo looks like Obama is giving us the one finger salute? Or is it just me?

    • Richard

      Why do you think Pamela keeps using this photo? Are you related to Captain Obvious?

    • RandallFlagg

      Obama has had that in for the American working class from the get go.
      he hates whitey michelle too. and doing his best at lowering the standard of living for the working class. taxpayers are screwed for 50 years because of Obama’s success. longer still if someone like cruz or trump doesn’t take charge soon

  • 762x51FMJ

    When Obama said before the UN “The future does not belong to those who slander the prophet of Islam” I knew that he values Islam more than our1st amendment right to criticize it.

    When he said “Christians did horrible things in the name of Christ during the crusades” he was willing to rewrite history to make Islam appear to be an innocent player during their 400 years of conquest and Christian slaughter prior to 1095AD.

    But when Obama and Hillary gave 3 billion to the FSA and simultaneously announced we were pulling out of Iraq I knew he was completely insane. Toppling Mubarek and Gadaffi A genocide and massive refugee crisis is upon us. Everywhere Obama and Hillary went in the middle east, ISIS tanks and exterminators roam the streets raping and crucifying Christians and Yazidi minorities. This is Obama and Hillary’s legacy it is the murder of innocents on a massive scale.

    • feawen

      If I was able to vote on the best comment posted here, you would win it hands down!!

  • Artemis

    Nobody knew what this pos was and what he stood for when he ran for president the first time. The Obama years will go down as America’s most gullible years. All because this dipwad was black. How inane.

    • Ron Cole

      Insane too.

  • Richard

    Quran 8:40 “And when those who disbelieve plot .. they plot, but Allah (also) plotteth; and Allah is the best of plotters.”

    Here is Allah’s slave plotting, doing Allah’s job for him

  • joe1429

    I predict our first muslum pres will be a pres on steriods, his last yr in power, will go totally rogue, with executive orders, that arent legal, and woirse.. the do nothing establishment repubs in congress.. will… do nothing… GO TRUMP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • RandallFlagg

      you are correct sir. and Obama will cancel the 2016 elections too and stay in power
      he is sexually aroused at the thought of the white working class paying for his 170 million dollar vacations

    • feawen

      Almost makes you envy the Egyptian Military doesn’t it? When the people wanted that Muslim Brotherhood goon gone, they kicked his Butt out, tossed him in jail, and only took over long enough for the people to elect a new and better leader. Many of our military leadership in DC and at the Pentagon come to work each day with their Obama issued knee-pads to make bowing down and kneeling to his demands easier on their knees.

  • RandallFlagg

    got one thing wrong: 2016 is not the end of the Obama reign. Obama will cancel the presidential elections.

    • Ron Cole

      It will if Patriots and our Warriors stand down.

  • RandallFlagg

    2016 will see the order to confiscate all firearms and marshal law. operation jade helm and the u.n. agreement to send troops to American soil is already underway.

    Jihad on Americans
    and black on white murder is becoming a daily event.The exec. Gag order forces
    law enforcement agencies to hold back the facts. Need protection but don’t want
    the F.B.I. digging into your past to buy a firearm? There is a way. Replica cap
    and ball pistols can be bought with no registering. Then a conversion cylinder
    can be bough to make it shoot modern ammunition. All you need is a credit card
    or cash.

    a big one::

    and get:

    or a small one:

    and get the
    convertor cylinder at

    protection is a
    must and the government will come for registered firearms any day now.

    • Ron Cole

      Any reasonably competent home machinist can build a
      “machine gun” from easily obtainable materials.
      The muslim terrorists have numerous sites for home explosive construction.
      Millions of patriotic Veterans have military training.
      The Feral Gummit will find that it’s boys may find themselves over their heads if they piss America off
      with any more expanded Feral Gummit Tyranny.
      The question of the hour is will the rank and file military
      Warriors murder their neighbors or family members?

      I think not although many of the PantiesGone Quisling “Generals” appointed by Dem∅fĕàĉàl$ are more than willing to collude with the mF & MFTC wh.

      * mF & MFTC:
      muslim Fascist & Malignant Feral Terrorist Caliphate

      Note: We do not capitalize
      enemy names, nomenclatures or titles.

      • RandallFlagg

        I know young guys who have joined- the marines are not recruiting the best these days. they are recruiting small town somewhat dim whitted boys who are easily brainwashed.
        one is close to me, after a few beers he loosens up to his kin.
        they are going out on training 2 weeks on 2 off. the training is door to door civilians search. weapons, are the priority to fins and confiscate. they are being “trained” more like brainwashed that inside the civilian community are those who would subdue America and it’s values. kinda like “kell ’em all and let God sort them out” training. to follow the order to kill unarmed civilians by being fed the bull that even being unarmed they are a threat to the country.
        it’s happening folks, and soon.

        • Ron Cole

          You must have been a tranny in the Nurse Corpse*.

          Semper Fi

          * hussien the paperless’ spelling

          • RandallFlagg

            lol– corpse?

          • Ron Cole

            That is how your muslim fascist paperless oft aliased alien spells Corps.

            Go get on your “prayer” rug.

          • RandallFlagg

            you truly are representative of your disgusting breed


            Get back to work mowing Ron Coles lawn.

          • RandallFlagg

            naa, got these pumps for m1 abrams to finish building


            Who spell checks Obamas teleprompter?

          • Ron Cole

            It’s* main main Puppetmeister Vakeryie Jarr&tt of course.
            It, valkeryie. is also the wh Chief iranian Imam in charge(CiIic).

            * it, it’s:
            hussien the paperless father unknown oft aliased muslim fascist terrorist alien.

            Note: We do not capitalize enemy names, nomenclatures, or titles.

      • RandallFlagg

        let’s not leave out America’s true patriots that are actually willing to die for their country like timothy McVeigh

        • Ron Cole

          Kindly fill out this questionnaire
          Select from the below >

          1. I am a Đim$⊗′ќrät,
          2. I am a muslim,
          3. I am a muslim fascist,
          4. I am a muslim fascist terrorist,
          5. I am a }Яyàn∅,
          6. I resemble all of the above.
          7. Fill in the blank

          • RandallFlagg

            your mind is what’s blank, fool. keep your head up your rear so far you can see daylight again is your lot in life
            if you can call it a life. more like a waste of my oxygen

        • Ron Cole

          The tm was a mad terrorist.

          • RandallFlagg

            wrong- the injustice to American civilians by the federal government must be “pointed out” some may die, but if left untethered the government will take away every last right and freedom.
            and you pretend all well that ends well huh? belief in your higher power (Obama for this period of time) is all you need. go ahead set on your ever widening rear and pretend until you are dust.
            no one will miss you when you are gone, because you were no one while you were on earth

  • Ron Cole

    The most immediate and greatest threat to America is the
    MF & MF~TC wh.
    The Chief iranian Imam in charge and Main Main Puppeteer
    valkeryie jarr&tt is that threat in muslim flesh.

    * Muslim Fascist & Misaligned Feral Terrorist Caliphate

    • RandallFlagg

      no- the biggest threat to America is americans like you. spounting and chortling about change but unwilling to take any action other than the griping and whining of what seems to be a 5th grade school girl.

  • Ron Cole

    The play scene: wh bath house closet
    Characters: valkeryie jarr&tt and it’s puppet barbie hussien and
    the pee Яyan⊗/nanny pilosi twins
    Background music: kommerades james taylor &
    lurch on the flute

    “Send me a bill shutting down everything I have so perfectly `created’ with phone and pen”. barbie husien*

    “You will veto it won’t You mine Führerr”?
    pee Яyan⊗/nanny pilosi twins

    “Of course. Now kiss my ring faithful servants”. barbie hussien

    “Thank you mine Führer. The masses will think we are doing their will”. pee Яyan⊗/nanny pilosi twins

    Ha Ha Ho and Ho. Allah Akbar and long live our Queenie.”
    pee Яyan⊗/nanny pilosi twins

    * barbie hussien:
    le perpetually curtsying bath house queenie Hussien ∅`Beelzebub
    the paperless over aliased father unknown interl∅per.
    Le Mujahideen Protector & Protector of Le muslim “Faith”.
    Oft inaccurately oft called Le Cauldron of Commies Queen.
    It is in fact the Mu%%ie Terrorist bath house queenie.

    • RandallFlagg

      good grief! I thought you were on pot and Prozac. you’re on meth too!

  • Duhnmharu

    Americans will be under siege as gun laws enacted by Obama and his oen will conficate firearms, put ammunition out of reach . Then he will round up those that resist. Now you know why DHS bought 40 million rounds of ammo.

  • dlb57

    cant change a leopards spots .. a muslim by any other name is a ….. you got it… a muslim

  • Mahou Shoujo

    Hussain’s legacy will be that of the lunatic who tried to destroy civilization, in the west. In the levant, he will be hailed as a champion of islam for destroying infidels, on the same scale as the 9-11 assassins.

  • Germanicus

    Obama’s most stunning success is to get all of Europe flooded with millions of male Muslim migrants.

    Operation Muslim Europe reflects extremely sophisticated insights into the respective weaknesses of the various political and administrative systems in Germany, the UK (where mass migration as a political tool was field tested), and at the European level. It is likely that the operation was planned and mediated by the Soros organizations and some CIA factions.

    Merkel’s actions make it clear that the former Stasi collaborator was throughout a deep-cover agent of influence. Quite likely, her mentor, the aging Helmut Kohl, was aware of her dubious past but ordered her background laundered to secure for himself a few more years in power. (Kohl’s wife never got over being gang-raped by Russian soldiers during WW II. She became erratic in her final years and ultimately committed suicide.)


      > Obama’s most stunning success is to get all of Europe flooded with millions of male Muslim migrants.

      Come on. You can’t blame Obama for the foolish policies of Merkle, Cameron, Hollande and other leaders of lesser Eurotrash countries.

      • Germanicus

        There are numerous details about Cameron and Merkel that are inconsistent with either being independent actors. At the very least, there is close coordination.

        Britain’s government under Blair went out of its way to import millions of Third World Muslims (principally from Pakistan and Bangladesh) as a deliberate ploy to destroy native British traditions (especially traditions of individual liberty and independence from government).

        Cameron is known to have borrowed Obama’s campaign advisers to pull off a stunning upset victory at the last election.

        In Germany, Merkel followed the same Alinsky/Obama tactics of simply shoving legal restrictions aside, having previously efficient border police suddenly “failing” to stop or even register huge numbers of “Syrian” “refugees.”

        Even Merkel’s newly coined slogan for this operation (“Wir schaffen das!”) is simply a German version of Obama’s tried-and-tested “Yes we can.”

        A little BACKGROUND: Merkel’s grew up and lived as an adult in communist East Germany. As a high school student in Soviet-affiliated East Germany, she had won a prize for her excellent command of Russian. Merkel was chief Stasi liaison at the academic research institute where she worked.

  • Mahou Shoujo

    If the American government ever allows American troops on American soil to fire on American citizens, it will be the ugliest thing that ever happened. American servicemen shooting their fellow Americans to defend islamic invasion? That will not be a nice thing to watch.

  • Ron Cole

    Thank you Pamela Geller for this and all the brave things you do to keep us informed.
    You are almost alone in this since the muslim lovin` éňémӱ ĕnémà méďĩà does all it can to obscure and rewrite every nefarious traitorous thing the wh Caliphates does and is.

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