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Nonie Darwish: My New Year Wish List For America


AFDI Geller Fellow Nonie Darwish gives us a list of New Year’s resolutions that every American should support:


I wish Americans would stop using the word “racist.” It is hostile, offensive, meaningless and vulgar. It is similar to the Islamic word “kafir” or infidel, designed to degrade and silence speech.

I wish America would not shy away from teaching that all cultures and religions are not equal, especially in their adherence to values of human rights and individual freedoms.

I wish America would reject any religion or ideology that commands the killing of apostates or members who leave it; such is not a religion, but a dangerous cult that must never be given equal treatment and respect with Biblical-based faiths.

I wish the US mainstream media would have the self-discipline to stop competing with politicians over steering the direction of government and would get back to reporting on government, culture, society, individuals, trends or whatever.

I wish Americans would aspire for equality of opportunity and not for equality of results. Aspiring for equality of results will always be a losing battle. The world was never designed for equality, and even babies at birth are not all born equally healthy, with the same good/bad parents, same abilities, talent or genes. So politicians who advocate equality of results need to be reminded of the good old Serenity Prayer to accept the things we cannot change, courage to change the things we can, and wisdom to know the difference.

I wish Americans would encourage and train their sons and daughters to value marriage, having babies, and family.

I wish American politicians would give up on relying on “moderate Muslims” and “moderate Muslim governments” to help destroy ISIS. Moderate Muslims have learned to live with Islam as enablers and defenders, and have lost the battle with reforming Islam long ago.

I wish that American politicians and media would broadcast the daily threats and reckless statements by Muslim religious and political leaders, the same way they report on Christian and Jewish leaders. It would be great if the West held the Islamic educational system responsible for incitement to commit terror.

I wish that the American media would recognize the danger of how modern-day Western Feminism is taking women back to bondage; the Islamic head-cover is being romanticized by feminists today, and American schools are encouraging young women to try it.

I wish America would treat its citizens as adults who can deal with the truth, make decisions for themselves and take the consequences.

I wish that American seniors were given back their important role in the lives of their grandchildren; to end Western banishment of seniors to live together alone in some permanent vacation or senior homes where they are told they are no longer needed in the family unit. Different ages have different roles and are needed within any group. I love to see parties mixed of all ages.

I wish that disfranchised African American youth understood how their “lives matter,”: that it is up to them to make their lives matter and no one should ask other human beings to make his or her life matter, especially in America. We are all the children of God, and are all in need to matter to one another, but no one is responsible to make the lives of others matter.

I wish that every American would not graduate from high school or college without basic education in economics and how wealth is created.

I wish that Americans had no drug or alcoholism problems.

I wish Americans understood that health care is not a right, because doctors and nurses cannot be forced to give their services for free. If a human right is tied to the services of others, then it cannot be a right.

I wish that every American teenager would visit a third world country before starting to vote, so he or she would be able to see for himself or herself what works and what does not.

And finally, I wish that our educational system would not shy away from teaching our kids a healthy dose of patriotism.

AFDI Geller Fellow Nonie Darwish is the author “The Devil We Don’t Know” and president of “Former Muslims United,” a program of the American Freedom Defense Initiative.

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  • Jean le Baptiste

    Bravo! And I wish the same for my besieged nation. Never give up your first and second amendments, America!

    • Nikki Carlito

      Well said, Jacques. We’re praying for France too.

    • alyn21

      Canada too. Unfortunately we made a serious mistake and elected our own version of Obama so big.problems on the way. Pray for us. We will need it.

      • sodacrackers2

        Let’s pray for each other and all of civilization and those who would remake this beautiful world into their own evil image.

  • Patti York

    From your heart to God’s ears Nonie.

  • patriotpatone

    This was the way it used to be in America before the left hijacked her.

    • Nikki Carlito


    • For 3 generations schools have produced
      stupid students that are anti-American, so it’s no wonder there are stupid
      adults today.

      The Founding Fathers and what they said and

      The facts of history illustrate the this nation never intended to be “God
      neutral.” Public displays of worship and subservience to the God of creation
      have always been made matter-of-factly. There can be no greater example of this
      than casual and unapologetic declarations concerning God in the constitutions of
      every one of the fifty states!

      WE ARE AMERICANS by Sam Gipp

  • Dennis

    May your wishes come true. I have my own wishes, nay, expectations that I support as follows:
    No one can refute the obvious truth that the Middle East is
    triggering a potential worldwide tragedy. That tragedy is directly associated
    with the culture known as Islam. The Muslim world has the terribly mistaken
    belief that they have a so-called right of return as it involves the land of
    Israel. Recently, the ISIS group that is destroying parts of Iraq and Syria
    told the Jews of Israel that they are coming there to kill them all. Paris was
    recently attacked by ISIS terrorists who killed many innocents (although to
    those Islamic terrorists non-Muslims can never be innocents); California also
    suffered an attack by ISIS sympathizers; Israel is being attacked by
    Palestinians with knives and their cars; and I can go on and on.
    What conclusions can we reach from these happenings? Since I do not ever see the Islamic world rejecting its philosophy which promotes, embraces and teaches world domination and as a consequence rejects all other belief or non-belief systems in a most cruel way, justifying murder and mayhem by the fundamentalists, we should easily be able to conclude that traditional Islam, as practiced by those who accept only the outdated and unreasonable postulates of its ancient and preposterous belief system of expected world dominance, anywhere and especially in the Middle East, can never live side by side with any other Non-Islamic culture. That should be an obvious conclusion. Yet, I find it strange that Israel’s leaders cannot recognize that it will be impossible for their country to survive over any period of time, if they continue to try to compromise and negotiate with the Islamic community that calls itself Palestine.
    Secure and defensible borders are a must for Israel, as with any
    country. I do not believe that Israel can come to terms with the Palestinians, as long as they follow a culture that promotes death to the Jews and dominance. While Israel will probably have to give its present Arab population a choice of accepting Israel’s present government or leaving Israel, I believe that can be handled by offering the Arab’s who chose to leave reasonable compensation in an attempt to silence what is expected to be the usual world castigation of everything and anything that Israel does, but all of that cannot happen until Israel, which is facing a murderous colossus, first determines what it needs as its defensible borders to protect itself from a culture which will always be on its borders with murder in their hearts.
    As long as the world of Islam continues to consider life to be meaningless,
    promoting them to act with suicidal intent to escape the world of the living
    for a so-called better “existence” in the hereafter, peace is unreachable with these
    people. Part of the problem that we all face is establishing to these people
    that life and all that comes with living is sacred, as it is in all other belief systems, and nothing but eternal death awaits them, and that their belief system to the contrary is fallacious.

    I wonder whether any of the aforementioned can even be
    considered while the world faces the terror that emanates from the Islamic
    terror groups. Our foremost consideration should be destroying those terrorist
    groups wherever they are. Not until that happens will the non-Muslim world have
    any measure of safety. That should be our number one priority. I hope that in
    2016 we will elect leaders with the strength to do what is necessary to protect
    us from the scourge that is Islam today.

  • knight

    “One wish missing is knowing history”, looking behind the scenes and discovering truths

    There is so much to history many have not heard of and linking them to other parts of history.

    Muhammad is such a lie if one digs, even carbon dating parchment found of Quran that dates during or before Muhammad. Then who taught Muhammad, translated the Bible and plagiarised parts of Bible into Quran. Two names come to mind
    Waraka ibn Nawfal and Kahadri related to Muhammad and raised and taught him. Both said to be Christian but they pushed Muhammad’s visions and converted to Islam later. Funny how Kahadri much older married a young Muhammad. The said Quran of today says it was written 200 years after Muhammad. There is another side to this story after Constantine’s death that one faith may have helped Waraka ibn Nawfal and Kahadri as there was a battle between Christian faiths. Muhammad I fails to show he was a true prophet, no miracles, no prophecies only what was made up and allot of doubt in them.

    Another is media and how it fails to report problems for example the Indonesian atrocities still happening in West Papua and Australians know nothing.

    Then the mysterious aid donations to Indonesia by Australia and USA to build Indonesia’s defense, while Indonesia spends billions on defense.

    Another with UK giving aid to India while they spend billions on defense

    How many countries spending on aid and giving to countries that do not need it, then you have your own country calling on us to donate to homeless when our governments give refugees first grade treatment mainly Muslims, and some have second third homes to many wives and children

  • conan_drum

    I call the term ‘racism’ a bumper sticker which people of limited intelligence slap on anybody they do not agree with.Or who has a non internationalist left wing approach. I just laugh at them. They do not know what I have done in my life, with whom I have worked and the countries in which I have lived, the friends I have had. So in my opinion they are not worth my time.
    If they want to see real racism they should take a look at Africa, but of course it is only white people who are racists!

    • Rocky Lucchetta

      The use of the word ‘racist’ doesn’t really bother me. However, it would bother me if people understood the meaning of the word, and were using it correctly. Most people who use the word don’t really know what it means. Every so often people will say, “how can I be a racist against muslims, when muslims aren’t considered a race?” These are the people who GET IT!!!

  • Drew the Infidel

    The term “racist” has been used to the point that it has been used up.

    • Z_woman

      Whatever Israel does, it will be condemned, so Israel should decide what course of action is best and carry it out. As should America and the tattered remnants of the west in Europe.

    • Rocky Lucchetta

      Nowadays people use the word ‘racist’ in a much broader way than defined in the dictionary. I don’t think a lot of people know what the word actually means, especially muslims.

  • JOS1999

    I wish White people would stop using Illegal Mexican Slave labor; which is
    currently one of the most racist things that people actually see in
    everyday life. Deporting them would be the compassionate and humane
    thing to do. It is so racist that I see White people directing groups of
    low-paid Mexicans in work places all across this country. Until I see
    Mexicans directing groups of low-paid White People, the practice of
    using people of primarily a certain Race keeps those occupations low
    paying. Let’s end the bigotry now and send them home to the place where
    they send the money too. After all, that is the place they take great
    pride in extolling their heritage. There are very few American Flags
    flying in Mexico because of how honest, transparent, and ethical the
    Mexican Government is. What a great place Mexico is with peace,
    prosperity, and justice for all..

  • JWM

    Now there is a wish list, if fulfilled, would make America greater than it has ever has been.

    • wilypagan

      Trump/Darwish! Get her done.

  • Robert Batchelor

    Well said! If only more people would see and read this article.

    • sodacrackers2

      Send it to family and friends; lets get it going!

  • wilypagan

    I wish that all your wishes come true!

  • StandProudNow


  • Mudpuppy

    I wish people would stop using the divisive term “African-American”.I also wish America would jettison liberalism (keep a few around so we remember why) and exterminate Islam.

    • Rocky Lucchetta

      If blacks want to be called African-Americans, then I want to be called Italian- Canadian, and my friend wants to be called Irish-Canadian. An old girl friend of mine should be called Scottish-Irish-Canadian. A kid from my old neighborhood would be called Polish-German-American-Canadian.

      • Mudpuppy

        And I would be Croatian-Canadian-American. See how silly all that is? And divisive.

        • Rocky Lucchetta

          Yes, I see it as divisive. But I also see it as a need to be identified more specifically than necessary. African Americans are so far removed from people in Africa, as I’m removed from people in Italy. I can’t even hold a conversation in Italian!!! Can American blacks hold a conversation in Swahili???

          • Mudpuppy

            They can hold one in Ebonics, though. And I don’t speak Croatian. My father does, which I didn’t know until we went there back in 1967.

  • Denise Grimes

    Many excellent points!

  • Rocky Lucchetta

    Thank you Nonie.

  • Sharia
    for Dummies by Nonie Darwish a Muslim

    What the West Doesn’t Know about Islam

    By pastor Sid White
    As a marine in Lebanon, Sid
    White and others, were taught the modern standard Arabic language and when they
    compared the Arabic version of the Koran with the English version, the
    differences were astonishing. Pastor White soon discovered what happens to a
    female when she is suspected of disgracing the Muslim family.

  • Jamie Grieve

    Nothing surprises me anymore about this wonderful lady! She is a great testemant to God and the truth about Islam and what it really stands for! You can really see the truth with her!

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