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UK Muslim Family Who Blamed Islamophobia and Trump for Disney Travel Ban Linked to Taliban and Al Qaeda


Terrorists play the “victim card.”

A Muslim British family Disneyland bound was stopped before they got on the plane. The Muslim father claims, “We were barred from plane due to religion.” He blamed Donald Trump’s “Muslim ban,” as if that were in place. The media exploded. CNN took the story and ran, “the kids were devastated.” “They had big tears in their eyes.”

On December 15, the extended family waited at the gate. Their bags were on the plane. The family included Mohammad Tariq Mahmood with two of his children; his brother Zahid and sister-in-law Sadaf, with five of their children; and two nieces who were accompanying them.

While they waited to board the plane, Mohammad Mahmood was called on the intercom and told that at least some of the family would not be allowed to board. They were not given a reason for the ban, according to Mahmood. Their bags were removed from the plane, and they were ordered to return all the duty-free goods they had purchased, and then escorted from the airport.

Prime Minister David Cameron promised to investigate.

Here’s the real story:

Facebook page linked to Taliban and Al Qaeda was registered to same address as British Muslim father whose Disneyland trip was blocked by Homeland Security .

hamza hussain

ABC News reported, British Prime Minister David Cameron will look into claims that U.S. officials prevented a British Muslim family of 11 from flying to Disneyland for a planned holiday.

The issue is sensitive because U.S. Republican presidential contender Donald Trump has called for a temporary ban on Muslims visiting the U.S. due to concerns about extremist attacks.

A top Muslim group said cases like this appear to be related to religion and are worrying for British Muslims.

Mohammed Zahid Mahmood said he and his family — two brothers and their nine children — were told nothing except that they were not allowed to travel to the U.S. despite having previously obtained clearance.

“We were the only family that was of Asian, Muslim, sort of appearance, and it seemed a little bit embarrassing that only we were taken out (of the line to board),” he told the BBC.

Here’s the real story.

Facebook page linked to Taliban and Al Qaeda was registered to same address as British Muslim father whose Disneyland trip was blocked by Homeland Security

Mohammad Tariq Mahmood tried to travel from Gatwick Airport to LA

He, his brother and nine children were stopped on the orders of the US 

Mr Mahmood says the family were barred ‘because we are Muslim’

He dismissed Facebook account claiming links to Al Qaeda and Taliban

It was set up by someone who has lived at the family’s postal address 

David Cameron says he’ll examine the case after it was raised by an MP

By Richard Spillett and Tim Sculthorpe, Mailonline Deputy Political Editor and Sam Tonkin For Mailonline

Mohammad Tariq Mahmood and his family were stopped from going to the U.S. just minutes before they planned to board a flight to Los Angeles where they were going to see family and visit Disneyland

Mohammad Tariq Mahmood and his family were stopped from going to the U.S. just minutes before they planned to board a flight to Los Angeles where they were going to see family and visit Disneyland

A British Muslim father whose planned Disneyland trip was ruined when he and his family were barred from boarding a flight to the U.S. has now been forced to distance himself from a Facebook account claiming links to Al Qaeda and the Taliban.

Mohammad Tariq Mahmood, 41, his brother and their children, aged between eight and 19, said they were stopped at the departure gate at Gatwick airport and told their visas to the US had been revoked.

He claimed the family were barred from flying ‘because they are Muslim’.

However, it has since emerged that a Facebook page claiming links to radical Islamist groups was set up by someone who has lived at the family’s postal address, according to ITV News.

The account, which includes information suggesting it may have been published as a joke, was in the name of Hamza Hussain – a first name shared by Mr Mahmood’s 18-year-old son. It reportedly lists the job titles ‘supervisor at Taliban and leader at al-Qaeda’.

When asked about the account, Mr Mahmood believed hackers may have been to blame, adding: ‘That could be anything, maybe a mistake.’

He said: ‘It is not my son’s Facebook page. It has a similar name, but not the same as my son’s.

‘The page is also linked to our home address and that could be coincidence. I don’t know why it is linked there. The name is not even the same. The authorities must have linked it simply because of the name Hamza.’

It was understood that the wives of Mr Mahmood and his brother had stayed at home for the trip because one of them was ill and one of the children did not have a valid passport.

But it is now believed that Mr Mahmood’s wife was in Pakistan at the time.

The family say were given no explanation why their visas, organised six weeks before the flight, were suddenly cancelled at the last minute and have now lost the £11,000 they had saved for the holiday.

It has also been suggested the move by US authorities could be due to Mr Mahmood’s brother having been refused entry to Israel eight years ago, but no official explanation has been given by the US Embassy.

The flight ban comes after Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump called for all Muslims to be stopped from entering the US.




California man who would follow Trump to ‘the end of the… Republican presidential candidate, businessman Donald Trump addresses supporters at a campaign rally, Monday, Dec. 21, 2015, in Grand Rapids, Mich. (AP Photo... Trump denies using ‘vulgar’ language to mock Clinton Muslim converts say they were branded ‘terrorists’ and…

Mr Mahmood, who is from north-west London, has called on David Cameron to demand an explanation from the American authorities and is seeking a refund for the cost of the airline tickets to Los Angeles.

Gym owner Mr Mahmood said the family were going to a reunion with his family in California after 15 years and hoped to visit Disneyland and other tourist sites.

The party were forced to hand back their duty free items with the children in tears.

He said: ‘We had been planning the trip for four to five months and my kids had countdowns on their phones.

‘It had been about ten or fifteen years since we’d had the whole family together.

It has since emerged that a Facebook page (pictured) claiming links to radical Islamist groups was set up by someone who has lived at the family's postal address. The account was in the name of Hamza Hussain

It has since emerged that a Facebook page (pictured) claiming links to radical Islamist groups was set up by someone who has lived at the family’s postal address. The account was in the name of Hamza Hussain

The family had to return to their home in north-west London. Mr Mahmood says the children were in tears

‘My kids were really looking forward to seeing their cousins, they live in California. We’d planned skydiving and a desert safari and the kids were all keeping up and talking about it through social media. They’d made a lot of plans.

‘Our flight was on Tuesday last week and it was meant to leave at 12:35 in the afternoon. We’d checked in and we’d bought things in duty free.

‘We were waiting in the queue at the gate and we were very close to getting on the plane.

‘Then an announcement said they wanted to speak to Mr Mohammad. There was no one else of Asian origin or who looked Muslim so I knew it was me.

‘A gentleman said he was from British Border Control and he had a border control jacket on.

‘He said there was something wrong with my ESTA [Electronic System for Travel Authorization] and that I wouldn’t be able to board. I had made sure we had our ESTAs cleared six weeks ago so I couldn’t think what could be wrong.

‘I asked why we weren’t allowed to board. I had to be persistent. He wouldn’t tell me why and said he didn’t know at first.

They can’t react like that just because we are Muslim. We are decent people. My kids are obviously upset.
 Mohammad Mahmood

‘He finally said they had had a call from Washington DC from homeland security and that I wasn’t allowed to board. He wouldn’t tell me anything more.’

Mr Mahmood later said his brother was refused entry to Tel Aviv when he flew there eight years ago, but the family were unsure whether that was linked to their refusal to fly last week.

Speaking at his Walthamstow home, he said: ‘They are bringing out this thing that my brother was stopped at Tel Aviv.

‘But if that was the case it should have been flagged up when we filled out our ESTAs – which was seven or eight weeks ago.

‘He was touring a few countries nine or 10 years ago and decided to visit the Grand Mosque. Then he was stopped because he has a big beard, and that. It was not like he was prosecuted or convicted of anything afterwards.

‘Maybe the authorities were being awkward. In the end he just came back home.’

Mr Mahmood said there had been talk of a Facebook page which allegedly contained extremist material accredited to a person called ‘Hamza Hussain,’ the same first name as his 18-year-old son Hamza Mahmood.

He added: ‘So far there have been no answers. If Facebook was the problem, why has it come out now?

‘If my brother was the problem, why has it come out now?’

Mr Mahmood’s sister-in-law Sadaf Mahmood later told LBC radio that her husband was detained overnight in Israel before being put on a plane back to Britain, but the reason was never explained to them.

She said her children had been left devastated after their holiday fell through and it had been heartbreaking having to unpack their bags.

UPDATE: This jihadi was also blocked from entering Israel.

  • ProfShadow

    Hello! This is happening under OBAMA, not under Trump!
    Trump isn’t even elected….yet….

    And yeah, there is always “The Rest Of The Story”, isn’t there, when these kinds of events “happen”.

    And of course, just let an Israeli try to get a visa to Saudi Arabia….yeah, that’s not going to happen. Countries prohibit people all the time. It is just about time the US was a bit more selective when it comes to concerns on security.

    • Jason

      Yeah how many muslim countries ban jews, but where is the media on that one? Your commentary hit the nail on the head. But don’t expect it to make sense to a progressive.

      • Dano50

        And don’t forget Kuwaiti Airlines shutting down, not just an entire flight, but an entire route, JFK to London as a result of refusing to sell an Israeli citizen a ticket in 2013.

        All Catholics still get blamed for pedophile priests.

        And Germany still gets blamed for the Nazis.

        So when the vast majority of radical nut job terrorists are Muslims, and at least HALF of the Muslims ACTUALLY SUPPORT Shariah, and their refuse to clean up their own mess?

        Then it’s just too dang bad, when they’re all tarred with the same brush.

        Maybe if the so called Moderates could at least get more than fifty people to show up at an anti violence rally, and not have it run by an idiot known for spewing anti Semite rhetoric, we might not be so sick and tired of their whining.

        By the way.

        I lived in several Muslim countries for a few years, and sniveling is just their culture. You should barter with them. Five cents short of their price and they make it sound like you’re starving their children.

        • Hildebeast Troll Tracker

          I would add that all Christians get blamed for the “skinhead” and KKK movements because those movements tend to use (in a misguided manner because they’re not Christian) plenty of “Christian” symbolism.

        • jayeS

          “Five cents short of their price and they make it sound like you’re starving their children.”

          They’d slit your throat over 5 cents and not even bat an eye. I’m happy they’ve been banned from flying to the US and going to Disneyland. It’s a sinful place to them, they don’t know what having a good time is all about – other than blowing people up and themselves.

        • HerodiousPeaskinner

          All whites are blamed for slavery.

          • Richard

            It’s always fun to tell a prog who is going off on white guilt that the Atlantic slave trade was fueled by Islam.

          • scudrunner

            Where have you been? I have missed your kool aid.

        • Infedel48

          Lol….yep noticed that in the Souk in Bahrain…lol

        • No Quarter

          I don’t ever remember seeing more than 10 people showing up to an anti violence rally and those were sent there to be available for photo op sponsored by cair. Avoid them, do not knowingly support any business, cross, the street, exit the store, elevator etc.etc. islam=submit or die.

        • Mike Hughes

          So called “moderate” Muslims to the extent that they really exist are ultimately useless when Islam takes hold. This is what happens to “moderate” Muslims at the hands of their own “religion”.

        • Mike Hughes

          “Five cents short of their price and they make it sound like you’re starving their children.”

          I’m perfectly fine with starving them all. Anything that reduces their psychotic murdering numbers is in the interest of my own self preservation.

          Also, it doesn’t matter what the “so called moderates” do. Once islam gains control in a geographic area the “moderate” Muslims are simply tyrannized and killed along with everyone else that refuses to go along with the cult of hate death and terror known as Islam. That Jordanian pilot burned alive in a cage by IS was a “moderate” Jordanian Muslim. How’d that work out for him? “Moderate” Muslims are nothing but sheep to the slaughter, pretending that they practice a religion that doesn’t advocate the murder, death and terror of anyone who opposes it.

      • kraftavilqa

        “Yeah how many muslim countries ban jews, but where is the media on that one?” Well as the media are predominantly firmly hardcore leftist they are inherently antisemitic or ‘antizionist’ as it is called in current obfuscating newspeak, so whenever any person of the Jewish persuasion is treated unjustly be it by a musslime or whomever those fine mediafolk just shrug and think ofcourse that’s how a Jew should be dealt with.

      • scudrunner

        You know, ‘progressive’ is an oxymoron!!

    • Paul__Revere

      LOL if you only knew the half of it. Having gone to Israel twice in my life just to see for myself…when you arrive the Israeli customs/passport agents offer to stamp an INSERT PAGE into your passport if you plan on visiting any islamic countries… know, those “good” “moderate” “tolerant” islamic countries like Turkey, Jordan, Egypt, or Saudi Arabia, take your pick of the rest. The reason for this INSERTED STAMP PAGE? SO that it can be removed when you leave Israel otherwise you will be denied entry to these islamic countries at the passport control if they see an Israeli customs stamp.

      I had no problem telling them to stamp it on my passport along with the rest of the countries. After 12 years in the US military I have seen enough of these islamic sh*tholes to know that I have no desire to ever go there on my own free will.

      • scudrunner

        WOW! I have never heard of this one. Thanks for the heads up. Also, thanks for the service.

      • David Reading

        I cannot for the life of me understand why anyone with more than 2 brain cells would ever want to visit any Muslim sh!thole in the world.
        I also boycott their airlines, like Emirates, Etihad, Qatar, Kuwait, Egypt, Saudi etc.
        The only place worth visiting in the Middle East is Israel. I would love to go there as often as I can. The Israelis seem to be the only people who take this muslim death cult seriously and actively ensure the safety of all in Israel.
        This ISIS loving family could have gone to Disneyland Paris and then visited Iraq to see desert sand and people with a similar mindset – aka fellow Muslims.
        For once DHS did its homework, good for them.

        • scudrunner

          Right on Bro! I totally agree. If it looks and walks like a duck it must be a duck.

    • TheSchwartz

      Israeli athletes are being banned from participating in events that will qualify thrm from participating in the Olympics.

      Currently Malaysia banned / refused visas to two Israeli windsurfers who BOTH have Gold medals in their age / divisions. Israel appealed, and then they were told they could not compete with the Israeli flag on their uniform, equipment, or anywhere else on their person…AND if they won, the Hatikvah (Israeli National Anthem) would not be played. When Israel refused to these terms and appealed again and protested for unsportsman-like conduct, Malaysia again pulled their visas.

      This happens ALL THE TIME to Israeli athletes, and not just in muslim countries. It is happening in African and Western countries that are banning them for “security reasons”.

      Anti-Semitism is perfectly acceptable in this world. But no one “digs deeper” when muslims complain about “their rights” being violated.

      Oh and I mention Sweden shutting down Synagogues on Shabbos for “security purposes”? Yeah…that is happening too…

      • ProfShadow

        Thanks for the additional info and factual “ammo”.

      • David Reading

        Yes, and Stockholm being the rape capital of the world.
        See the Gatestone Institute website.

        • TheSchwartz

          I read Gatestone on a daily basis.

          South Africa is still #1 worldwide for rape…Sweden is #2 (#1 in Europe).

          • David Reading

            You’re correct, I live in South Africa.
            Re. Stockholm, I meant in a first world context.

  • Patti York

    cant stop laughing at the stupidity,,,is that bad? lmao

  • DenverRanger

    Of course if they did get to Disneyland, they would be offended at people having a good time and acting like humans.

    • Jenny Smith

      well Piglets been banned because of these stinkin neanderthals already ..

    • AmericanFaith

      and eating hot dogs and drinking bear and going on rides where they can’t wear their head gear and body covers…and people scantly dressed in shorts and tank top and flip flops…with lots of make up and butts and boobs hanging out…WHY WOULD THEY WANT TO GO THERE? HMMMM…(sarc)

      • disqus_KfWwGWM3T5

        Note: they left their wives (slaves) at home. Didn’t want them to get in the way of a good time.

        • scudrunner

          Interesting. I had missed that. Thanks,

        • patd

          Just a bit of info…in the early 80s I went to school with some muslims who just talked bad about Americans because of their behavior and I said I see you in the bars every weekend chasing women and drinking…and the idiot parasite said….”oh it’s OK here because nobody back home knows what we do, but you are infidels”….and everyone keeps calling Americans names when those POS do the same…..and I was stationed in Ft Bliss in the late 70s where we trained all of these scum from all of the muslim countries on air defense systems and they hated each other so badly that we had to have 10′ fences bordering the different muslim trainees. They hate everyone but that is OK.

          • disqus_KfWwGWM3T5

            patd, I had a number of them working for me and witnessed the same hypocritical behavior. And, thanks for your service.
            Hoorah !

          • David Reading

            Ah yes, the “religion of peace” showing their true colours.

        • David Reading

          Perhaps the wives were supposed to self-detonate in Harrods during the Boxing Day sale.

      • jobird

        I said the same thing in my post. Like minds?

      • Richard

        Dang, you’re make ME want to go to Disneyland!

    • jobird

      And eating pork and the women not covered head to toe and oh how awful the American flag flying.

    • Oigen

      Or worse, going berserk at the very sight of Porky PIg

      • AmericanFaith

        LOL, they are pathetic, aren’t they?….

        • David Reading

          No, they aren’t pathetic – they are extremely dangerous and this will only get worse, thanks to our spineless politicians and the Godless progressive libtards, who refuse to call it by name.

        • joker

          They look pathetic left and I do not like people wearing sandals.

      • Mahou Shoujo

        A muslin having their picture take with a pig would result in them being sent straight to hell, muslims denied entry to Disneyland have had their souls saved, and, in true muslim fashion, are ungrateful and complain about that too.

  • Robert S. Vail III

    So you plan a trip to Disneyland 3 or 4 months before you plan to go, knowing all of the travel planning and expenses involved? Sorry, that smells fishy! I just planned a crusie for this summer and I did it 7 months prior. A trip with that many people and costing that much cannot be planned and executed in such a short amount of time.

    • Jenny Smith

      Unless the funding is not coming through honest channels as I doubt he is a rich man living in a row house.

    • Pray Hard

      Muslims are stupid and liars and this was probably staged.

  • G.E. Maynor

    Everybody seems to missing the big picture here, visiting any country other than your own is not a right, it’s a privilege that is extended to you! No country is under any obligation to grant entry nor are they required to give an explanation.

    • saftalily

      Well said!

    • Patrick Roy

      Also, after Trump’s call for a temporary ban, Obola’s teams need to make sure no freaks enter the country – how embarrassing would that be. Seems like the Donald is already having a positive impact.

      • MrLightRail

        Sadly, the freak that is you is already here….

        • HenryH

          Insults. Always the first resort of the man with no arguments.

          • Jack Macleod

            Nailed it Henry. Continuous insults from the left who can never offer a valid reason or argument. Only ” because you’re stupid”. hahahaha

          • joker

            The left is on welfare and fight for the workers, they are the endless students because they do not want to work. They believe we are equal but not with the right. They have always a good black friend or a muslim friend. They know the world but they know nothing. If it was up to me I would enrol them, the men, all in the French Foreign Legion.

        • Max Blood

          aww did ppl hurt your feelings? calling other ppl freaks.looks at your profile. umm and your trying to talk?

          • raziel71

            Funny how all the leftard insult and make accusations and when you see their profiles they are totally moronic.

          • Lato Sensu

            light rail? is that what he/she was carried out of town on.

        • scudrunner

          Maybe we are all right and you could be wrong? How about we stop anyone who is named Muhammad and support Surah 47:44!

      • joe1429

        GO TRUMP!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • joe1429

        Yes… all of a sudden barry is tryin to talk tuff, lol

    • Millionmileman

      Also remember that Pam Geller, Robert Spencer and Michael Savage are banned from Britain. What is interesting is that last week the DHS was not allowed to check social media but apparently they did since then, under 0bama’s watch.

      • Paul__Revere

        You presume that this clearly bogus facebook page dripping with teenage humor/satire is the reason for this. That is a huge presumption. The reality is until an official statement, or leak, is made we will never know.

        You can rest assured that thousands of muslim foreigners flew into the US for all sorts of purposes….tourism, business, etc….on that very same day, and that there was indeed a specific reason this guy or someone in his family were tagged, even if it is simply a case of mistaken identity due to similar names.

        • Rob Porter

          There are too many coincidences in this man’s story, not least the Facebook page link to the Taliban and Al Qaeda. Too much taqiyya here is my estimation. What prevented his son registering under a false name? “..
          may have been to blame, adding: ‘That could be anything, maybe a
          mistake.’ – See more at:
 may have been to blame”, he said. Gee whiz, how come hackers don’t make this sort of mistake with me, my family and friends? Further, he being Muslim is only part of the problem so there is no point in him blaming this experience on “because were are Muslim”, or because of Trumps call for a temporary ban on Muslim entry to the U.S. As if Obama would be heeding Trumps call for such a ban! Never does it occur to these bright spark Muslims that the problem for them is not Donald Trump’s call for a temporary ban on Muslims entering the U.S., but murderous Musllm behaviour all over the world.

          • aaron morand

            not sorry to say….ok they were denied entrance..thats the way
            it goes…must have been a REASON….anyway, it is our Call
            on whether or not the family may be allowed into this Nation..
            life is full of disappointments…the children may learn what
            being possibly related in some way with terrorists means for
            their freedom ..and Now…here come the Liberals with the
            whinnies……and oh what a mean man Trump is…yada, yada,

          • Rob Porter

            Re Trump, as I learnt at school, ‘Self praise is no recommendation’, but it says much that many regard him the best candidate. Can you imagine the trashbag Hillary Clinton as president? Normally a very ‘homely’ creature, a virtual dragon at the Benghazi congressional hearing, heavy makeover is making her look quite the bird. Must have worked on her like crazy, turning a piece of aging mutton into lamb. The plaster to fill in the cracks must be something to behold close up, but under the cream she is still the same old pile of manure.

          • aaron morand

            yes I have heard that but in a diff. pitch …he who toots his own horn,
            most often the notes are flat…..also this way… two of the things that
            cause most of the problems in this country, is worrying about things
            that have already happened that you cannot do anything about because they have already happened AND, hearing a man*s name
            mentioned too often……Can I imagine Hillary as Pres.,? Yes, I can
            and it is not a pretty picture… the Queen of France said just
            prior to the French Revolution…..let them eat cake if there is no bread…and shortly thereafter she lost her head, literally…Well, i
            wont attack her physical being as I am old also and the lines on my face are a roadmap of my life….I will not vote for either a dem. or
            an independent…so that leaves only the gop…or the GOOP as I like
            to refer to it…..and GOOP can consist of a number of things…much
            like the stuff in my pig*s pen….GOOP…..maybe…..maybe one
            of the top 4 can pull our fat out of the fire…But, and not being negative,
            I think that this Nation as anyone over 30 has know it is History…..
            My suggestion is pray hard, think deep and work tirelessly…for
            we are getting ready for some major changes to happen here in
            this Nation……have a good day

          • Rob Porter

            Well, Aaron, I’m not so young either, but gratefully the lines seem mostly etched by smiling – although there is not much of that when considering Islam and it’s dreggish believers like Barack Obama. I really hope that something dramatic happens in the U.S., like a coup that send Obama the way of Rumania’s Nicolae Ceaușescu. I can’t see the political process moving quickly enough to prevent the destruction toward Obama is directing the country. The Republicans have proven terrible opposition, devoid of vision, devoid of conviction and deep-seated principle, in the process allowing a disgusting man, a pathological liar and total incompetent to do what he is doing. The likes of Washington and Jefferson would be disgusted beyond measure by such a shabby excuse for a U.S. president. I hope you have a good day.

          • Judi

            Now THAT would be prime-time tv!

          • patd

            And if you don’t LEARN from history and change then history repeats correct??????? Who isn’t reactionary?

          • aaron morand

            right as rain in a dry and thirsty land…..we all are when it at least
            effects us personally….do your best..harm no one and pls VOTE…

          • joe1429

            GO TRUMP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

          • Rob Porter

            Yeah, go Trump, but for heaven’s go learn about Islam and Sharia – and then apologize to Pamela Geller for your comments after Garland, Texas, and suggesting that we should not “taunt” or “provoke” Muslims – who never stop taunting and provoking non-Muslims, not least with their murderous behaviour. When talking that way he was no better than Barack Obama.

        • Millionmileman

          Apparently the Israelis banned one of them and this would have ended up in DHS database. The Israelis also profile because it works. I was once questioned for watching a James Bond movie with a very dark tan, in a suite and tie!

        • scudrunner

          “Muhammad” and “Muslim” is prema facia evidence of being a terrorist.

          • jsv

            Hi scudrunner,


            Hundreds of Thousands Britons have chosen to become Muslim… and average convert is 27-year-old white woman

            The survey, conducted by Kevin Brice from Swansea University, asked converts for their views on the negative aspects of British culture.

            They identified alcohol and drunkenness, a ‘lack of morality and sexual permissiveness’, and ‘unrestrained consumerism’.

            “Islam is a missionary religion since 1400 years ago and many Muslim organisations and particularly university students’ Islamic societies have active outreach programmes designed to remove popular misconceptions about the faith.”

          • Mike Hughes

            Islam is a cult of hate death and terror that tyrannizes and murders non-muslims wherever it gains control without exception. You can spin like a top all you want. One look at how Islamic countries around the world treat non-Muslims and anyone who dares speak out against Islam tells everyone all they need to know. English and American Muslims are not representative of islam, first and foremost, because they lack the political control to exert control over non-Muslims. They don’t have the numbers. Once Muslims become a majority and Islam gains control in a geographic area all their supposed “tolerance” quickly disappears. Finally, regardless of where she is, in Islam a white woman or any other woman is little more than a slave to be subserviant to Islamic males. She has no say or control over anything. Only the most stupid of females would ever convert to Islam.

          • jms

            Hi Mike,

            Britain is no longer a Christian country


            Hundreds of thousands has converts to Islam in UK peacefully. It is proven that none of hundreds of thousands converts to Islam was forced..


            Another reason why are so many Britons are becoming Muslim is that the Islamic faith is an escape route from the decadence and moral bankruptcy of contemporary British society. Quite simply, British young people are craving the stability that Islam brings.

            Church of England church closures accelerate


            The facts is there are about 1.6 billions muslims around the world…and muslims and non muslims live together and work together peacefully in so many countries since hundreds years ago..

            So many non muslims live peaefully in muslims countries and free to do business and became billionaires and millionairess.


            Thousands of non muslims working in oil and gas industries in middle east with good pay. Muslims and and non muslims work together to ensure continual oil and gas supply to the whole world successfully.

            Furthermore, so many US and Western companies have their business operations in so many muslim countries since decades ago.

            Muslims and non muslims work together peacefully as required in Islam teaching. US and Western companies have made multi billions of profit from their business activities in muslims countries peacefully.

          • Mike Hughes

            I never said Britain was a Christian country. I simply said Muslims there do not have the numbers or political power to impose their will on others, and they don’t. Your misdirection onto whether or not Britain is a Christian country is just that: Misdirection. It’s completely irrelevant to the political power or lack thereof that British Muslims have and that power is insufficient to implement the Sharia law which is entrenched in Muslim majority countries like Saudi Arabia.

            You also wrote nothing that refutes that Muslim majority countries like Saudi Arabia, Iran, Syria, Afghanistan, Sudan, Somalia, Pakistan, etc etc etc, routinely tyrannize non Muslims and force involuntary compliance with Sharia law. People like you will write paragraph after paragraph to try to distract from the plain simple reality of living in most Muslim majority countries.

            You go on about oil and gas. I’m not sure what the relevance of oil and gas production is to religious tyranny under Islam, but, since you brought it up, Saudi Arabia is one of the most important oil and gas producers and has some of the closest ties to the US. It also has the death penalty for many things that are contrary to Islam ranging from homosexuality to adultery. Blasphemy against Islam and promoting any religion other than Islam are also serious crimes. There is nothing even remotely resembling religious freedom or freedom of speech in Saudi Arabia, only the tyranny of Islam.


            Sources are at the bottom of the page. Facts suck huh?

            This is typical of Muslim majority countries. Period.

          • jss

            Hi Mike,

            There are 1.6 billions muslims around the world and arabs only represent 20 % from total muslims population,

            Afghanistan & Iraq (shiite) rule by weak and corrupted puppet government appointed after US invasion.

            Pakistan and Saudi Arabia government are US allied and best friends.

            Sudan ruled by the Dictator President after toppling elected President since 1989.

            Syria and Iran is Shiite. Shiite is not islam. Everyday Bashar al assad, Iran, Iraq, Russian killing Syrian muslims civilian using barrel bombs. They are all enemy of islam.

            Shiite is not islam. Wherever shiite comes…it will cause trouble…

          • Mike Hughes


            So, in other words, you cannot refute any of the examples given, only make a bunch of weak and pathetic excuses. Argument over. You lose.

            Islam is a cult (It has more traits of a cult than a religion) of hate, death, terror and tyranny and given the number of daily examples provided, arguments to the contrary are absolutely absurd.

            For pure unadulterated Islam as the Quran commands look to the Islamic state. They are pure Islam as it was intended to be practiced. All the others are just watered down versions. The bottom line in Islam is death or slavery to anyone who does not convert, for they are infidels. Islam is death and torture even to so called “moderate Muslims” who do not tow the Islamic line. This is one reason why your assurances of how many moderate Muslims are in the world are worthleess. Those “moderate” Muslims are always subjugated by the fundamentalist ones once Islam achieves full political power in an area. Every day the Islamic state and other numerous “good” Muslims all over the world show us their barbarity and completely undermine your propaganda to the point that only complete idiots pay any attention at all to it. Religion of peace my @$$.

            Here’s your religion of peace at work


            This is how they treat even other Muslims that they disagree with. Everybody should at a minimum scroll to about 18:15 on the video and see what the “religion of peace” is really all about i.e. burning a man alive in a steel cage. I promise you, watch this and any illusion you still have about a “religion of peace” will be summarily dispatched for good.

            Here’s more from the “religion of peace”. Gee, that’s the most peaceful beheading I’ve ever seen there carried out by a child of about 10.


            Hopefully Putin will kill wipe out very Muslim in Syria and Iraq since Obama doesn’t have the balls. They are killing each other in droves anyway so we may as well speed along the process. I fully support the use of VX and other nerve agents to do it as well. Forget the barrel bombs and break out the nerve “gas”. It’s time for eradication of the cult of hate death and terror by any and all means. That said, I’m a realist, since we can’t realistically exterminate them all or even close to all of them, we need to develop truly efficient and effective forms of alternative energy to crush and destroy their petroleum based economies in the long run. Ban their immigration to western nations, freeze their bank accounts and other assets and leave them in the cesspools of their own making where they belong. With every Islamic sponsored attrocity on people’s television screens we get closer to achieving this goal and your propaganda is further minimized. If it was up to me the video of that pilot being burned alive would be shown 10 times a day on every channel so that people can see true Islam for what it is.

            Here is is again:


            Your religion of peace at work.

          • scudrunner

            “Lack of morality”? Who’s morality are we talking about.? So if someone forces another to believe or get beheaded, that makes them a ‘religion”? C’mon man!! I could say more, but Mike Hughes already said it.

          • jvc

            Hi scudrunner,

            Hundreds of thousands has converts to Islam in UK peacefully. It is proven that none of hundreds of thousands converts to Islam was forced..

            Britain is no longer a Christian country



            Another reason why are so many Britons are becoming Muslim is that the Islamic faith is an escape route from the decadence and moral bankruptcy of contemporary British society. At least, that is the testimony given by many converts. The Faith Matters survey cited above found that numerous young women (on average 27 years old) are going into Islam as a reaction to the moral licentiousness, drunkenness and ‘unrestrained consumerism’ of modern society.

            Quite simply, British young people are craving the stability that Islam brings.

            The multi-faith group, Faith Matters, studied the frequency of conversions to Islam. Researchers discovered that between 2001 and 2010, the number of British converts rose from 60,000 to 100,000. This includes a large numbers of female converts, which has nearly doubled from what it was ten years ago. (See the Faith Matters’ article, ‘Surge of Britons Converting to Islam‘ as well as The Telegraph report.)




            Having converted to Islam at university, … ‘I used to be a Christian… but converted to Islam’ … In the Qur’an it says you shouldn’t force someone into religion …


            “Islam is a missionary religion and many Muslim organisations and particularly university students’ Islamic societies have active outreach programmes designed to remove popular misconceptions about the faith.”

          • scudrunner

            My friend you have been brain washed to the most extent possible. If you believe you can justify the evil deeds done by Mooslums by pointing out their religion is of higher moral standards than Christianity you are greatly mistaken.
            The Muslim doctrine of hate and subjugation is documented throughout the Koran more than 109 times. And you call it a ‘religion’ of peace! LOL. Your reference of the many people who have become Muslims only tells me they also have been brainwashed. I don’t care how many you give me. The list is way too long to bring to this forum, but I will give quotes of just a few references of the Islam’s morality, you know the book that the ‘peace’ loving Muslims
            live by:
            “For they who do not judge in accordance with what God has bestowed
            from on high are, indeed, infidels” (Koran 5:44).
            “Then fight in Allah’s cause – you are held responsible only for
            yourself – and rouse the believers [to fight]” (Koran 4:84)
            “Marry women of your choice, two or three
            or four”
            (Koran 4:3).

            As to those women on whose part you fear that they do not obey you,
            admonish them, avoid making sex with them [as a form of punishment], and beat them; but if they return to obedience, seek not against them
            means [of annoyance]: For Allah is most high, great [above you all]”
            (Koran 4:34).
            Sura 9:29 “Fight
            those who do not believe in Allah or in the Last Day and
            who do not consider unlawful what Allah and His Messenger have made unlawful
            and who do not adopt the religion of truth from those who were given the
            Scripture – [fight] until they give the jizyah willingly while they are
            humbled.” – Saheeh International translation.
            Sura 8:39 –
            And fight them until there is no more Fitnah (disbelief and
            Sura 9:1-11 :
            Four-months reprieve, and, honour those who keep perfectly to accords you have
            made with them, and respect those who pay the subjugation tax and convert, but
            otherwise, “then kill the polytheists wherever
            you find them and capture them and besiege them and sit in wait for them at every place of ambush”.
            Sura 9:5 “Then, when the sacred months are drawn away, slay the
            idolaters wherever you find them”
            Sura 8:12 “I shall cast terror into the hearts of the infidels. Strike off their heads, strike off the very tips of their fingers.”
            Sura 9:73, “Make war on the unbelievers, and the
            hypocrites, and deal rigorously with them.”
            Sura 47:4, “O true believers, when you encounter the unbelievers, strike off their heads.”
            Sura 3:56, “As to
            those who reject faith, I will punish them with terrible agony”
            The list goes on and on. If you want to read more go here:

          • js

            Hi scudrunner,

            The hundreds of thousands converts to Islam in UK has understand the verse context that there are 2 type of non muslims ;

            a. The friendly non muslims : Muslims and non muslims live and work together peacefully.

            There are thousands of non muslims working in oil and gas industries and they got good pay. Muslims and non muslims working together peacefully to ensure continual oil and gas supply to the whole world.

            So many non muslims live in muslims countries and they are free to practice their religion peacefully. So many has became billionaires and millionaires.

            For example : In Malaysia (majority muslims country) there is the largest Hindu temple (Batu Caves) outside India since decades ago. gigantic golden Lord Murugan statue – the prominent attraction there. The gigantic statue is more than 42 meters high.

            Furthermore, so many US and Western companies have their business operations in so many muslim countries since decades ago. Muslims and non muslims work together peacefully as required in Islam teaching. US and Western companies have made multi billions of profit from their business activities in muslims countries peacefully.

            b. The enemy of Islam non muslims : Everyday Bashar al assad, Iran, Iraq and Russian killing Syrian muslims civilian, schools, hospitals using barrel bombs. They are all enemy of Islam. It is the duty of every muslims to fight against them. (the verse refers)

            More and more converts understand Islam. That’s why Islam has became the fastest growing religion in US, Europe and around the world…


          • Mike Hughes

            “My friend you have been brain washed to the most extent possible. If
            you believe you can justify the evil deeds done by Mooslums”

            Naaaw they are just misunderstood. All those millions of evil doers aren’t really Islamic. Just listen to Obozo babble for a few minutes, he’ll tell you all about it. Islam is a religion of peace……that burns people alive, beheads them, crucifies them, drowns them, etc etc etc.

          • Mike Hughes

            The misconception is that Islam is a religion of peace and tolerance. One look at rampant Islamic terrorism and Sharia law around the world definitively tells us all that.

          • jsn

            Hi Mike,

            The context of the verse refers to the enemy of Islam such as Bashar al assad, Iran, Iraq and Russian that killing Syrian muslims civilian, schools, hospitals using barrel bombs day and night. They are all enemy of Islam. It is the duty of every muslims to fight against them. (the verse refers)

            Hundreds of thousand of converts to Islam in UK understand the verse context as explained by Islamic missionary and many Muslim organisations and particularly university students’ Islamic societies have active outreach programmes designed to remove popular misconceptions about the faith.”

            Today the fastest growing religion in Western countries in Islam. Which muslims army was sent to force Westerners to accept Islam in such large numbers?

            Look back to history, The largest Muslim country in the world today is Indonesia…and there were never any battles fought there! Islam is spread by Indonesian scholars in peaceful manner.

            In Malaysia, Islam was spread by Islamic traders hundreds of year ago in peacefully manner.

            Chinese Muslims have been in China for the last 1,400 years of continuous interaction with Chinese society in peaceful manner. “Islam expanded gradually across the maritime and inland silk routes from the 7th to the 10th centuries through trade and diplomatic exchanges.

            Muslims Converting Empty European Churches into Mosques


          • Mike Hughes

            Ah yes Indonesia where the Muslim scum attack the churches and murder those they disagree with just like everywhere else the scourge of Islam exists.


            Your scumbag “religion of peace” doing what is does again.

            You desperately try to cherry pick an example where you think Muslims are different from how they are in the numerous countries I already mentioned and it turns out Muslims there are vile filth as well. LMAO Now that’s funny. :) As though one example of Muslims not murdering, raping, pillaging and destroying would prove anything anyway.

            No matter how much propaganda you spew, facts and reality just keep slapping you in the mouth. :)

            You are brainwashed and very badly need deprogramming: Islam is the enemy of everyone other than those who are Islamic and Muslims in the Islamic state and everywhere else where they terrorize and kill the “non-believers” are doing EXACTLY what the quran tells them to do.

            So called “moderate” Muslims who disagree can line up to be beheaded and burned alive like the stupid sheep they are. Stone age idiots clinging to hokus pokus stupidity in an age of science where it no longer has any meaning or relevance.

            Fools like you will figure it out about the time the knife starts to slice through your throat and you begin to choke on your own blood. Foley defended Islam. I suspect that, on his knees, hands bound, with that knife slicing through his windpipe he reevaluated his position. Of course we will never know for sure.

            PS I agree, “barrel bombs” are inefficient. Break out the VX nerve agent and erradicate them NOW! They are my “infidel” and in keeping with their own philosophy towards me and everyone else who disagrees with them I wholeheartedly advocate their complete and utter destruction by any means necessary. I hope the Syrian war lasts 50 years and they erradicate every Muslim in the country without exception. Obama is weak and generally pathetic and the Russians have filled the void in Syria. Muzis there are killing themselves in droves anyway. The Russians are just helping them do what they do every day in the name of their POS false profit. Send them to their Allah and let him, her or it waste time sorting them out. :)

          • jbs

            Hi Mike,

            Thanks for not denying that Islam was spread peacefully by Islamic traders, diplomatic exchanges or Islamic missionary since 1400 years ago all over the world include China, Indonesia (the largest muslims country), Malaysia and etc..

            Islam protect and live together with friendly non muslims peacefully…Thats why hundreds of thousands has converts to Islam…



            It appears that women are converting to Islam at such rapid rates that they outnumber men 4 to 1.

            Surge in interest, women began to read about Islam and the Quran. What they found was that Muslim women were treated the complete opposite of how they were portrayed by the media.


          • Mike Hughes

            “Hundreds of thousands has converts to Islam in UK peacefully. It is
            proven that none of hundreds of thousands converts to Islam was forced..”

            Useful idiots who will be getting burned alive and beheaded themselves if they fail to comply with their Islamic masters wishes.

            How much good did being a “moderate” Muslim do this Jordanian pilto who was burned alive?


          • Mike Hughes

            Here’s what really says it:


            Everybody should watch this video, no, don’t have your children leave the room as the announcer suggests make them watch it so they can see what Islam is.

          • joker

            Islam an example of morality? I need a stiff drink now.
            The so-called prophet was a pervert, a killer, a liar and the list goes on. Hopefully I will sober up in reality (without pislam).

          • Mike Hughes

            “I need a stiff drink now”. Better be careful: Trading in alcohol will get you 500 lashes in the peaceful tolerant [snicker] Islamic Kingdom of Saudi Arabia…..

          • PARKS CURTIS


        • Jack Simon

          You bring up a valid point – the names on a list that is run by the government which no-one knows about until they are denied passage on an aircraft.

          Now let’s go a step further. The president wants to use the BS list for preventing people from buying firearms. If the list is BS (and it is) why should we use a BS list for denying the 2nd amendment right to an American citizen?

      • joe1429

        Go figure… 3 intellectuals banned… but they let in the muzzies

    • Paul__Revere

      Not if you aren’t white. If you aren’t white, you have all the rights you care to claim apparently. The only people who it is acceptable to call for a blanket denial of their rights, the right to self-defense, the right to keep their earnings, the right to heritage, the right to assemble, the right to fair trials, the right of presumption of innocence, the right to enforce laws….the list goes on, are white people….more specifically anglo-saxon, and especially American, white people.

      • Ed


      • joe1429

        Thank you!!

      • 4Transparency

        Yes, true. If you are “white” American apparently you have no heritage. Unless you go the tribal route like the left and start referencing “European American” or better, “Dutch American”, “Serbian American” etc. Let’s all revert to tribalism! Set ourselves back ions. That’s what folks want when they don’t understand or believe they can succeed with progress.
        And, FYI, look it up —Arabs who may be Muslim or Christian (and which of course completely different from Pakistani or other far Easterners) are WHITE “Caucasian” by every census or racial questionnaire. Interesting.

    • No Quarter

      Thanks G. E. Maynor, This is true. Just because you want to go to disneyland does not mean you will be allowed in. Thats not a good place for muzzies anyway because mudman would not want you or your spawn to go there. Enjoy your staycation.

  • I wonder what they were REALLY planning? No one really cares about offended muslims these days, especially in light of all of the killing that they are responsible for.

    • Pray Hard

      Liberals bleed from their ears and probably their rectums every day over offended Muslims.

    • drummie

      Unofrtunately it seems our government is more concerned with offending the camel shaggers than in protecting our country.

      • scudrunner

        Right! Olds news. Time to get rid of the piss drinker.

  • Jenny Smith

    oh boo hoo .. your a liar Mohammad Mahmood. You can not support terrorists then try to make it everyone elses fault when you are caught! Denied entrance into Tel Aviv because the beard was too long ? ABSURD! How about you get all your family together over THERE where people welcome you ? We do not want or need more terrorists on our land.

    • Yeah, I half expected his quote to be: it’s not even the same name, how they matched the address, my son’s alias and both prepaid cellphone numbers?…that’s just a Coincidence!!

      • Mahou Shoujo

        … of course another in the unending stream of coincidences linking muslims to hate and violence… strange how that works.

        • IzlamIsTyranny

          LOL. So many coincidences… It’s almost as if there’s a pattern or something.

  • Will Power

    No Sympathy! That’s why we have a no-fly list. You consort with terrorists or with those who consort with terrorists and NO… you can’t enter the US. This is the way it’s supposed to work. This is the way it would work all the time if we had a POTUS who was a patriot, and who didn’t defend all things Islam. The #1 job of the POTUS is to protect American citizens and put America First!

  • Dennis

    If “supposedly” moderate Muslims and their Imams around the world would make more of an effort to reform their religion (purge the hateful passages that condone killing INFIDELS for instance), then MAYBE the rest of the world (us INFIDELS) would not be afraid to be anywhere near a Muslim. The Crusades were a response to Muslim aggression and conquest during the 500 year period between the 11th and the 16th century. Muslims have been targeting Western Infidels again since the 1970s. We didn’t start this, Muslims started it. And we’ve had just about enough!

    • Pray Hard

      “Reformation of Islam” is just another facet, a distraction, of the psychological warfare of Muslims, just another psychological roadblock to get past. It is as real and possible as pink unicorns flying over rainbows.

      • Dennis

        A few (like Zhudi Jasser) are trying, but you’re probably right. Not in my lifetime anyway. And since they won’t reform, then we can’t tolerate their religion in our free society.

      • Michael Copeland

        A “religious reformation” in Islam?
        No. Islam is ironclad reform-proof. It is watertight.
        Many share the wish to reform the Koran.
        It will not happen. It is not permitted.
        The Koran is part of Islamic law.
        The Koran itself says it is “perfect”:

        “The word of your Lord is complete, in truth and justice.
        There is none who can change His words.”, 6:115.

        To “reform”, or change any verse is to deny it. One who denies any verse has to be killed. The killing can be performed, penalty-free
        and vigilante style, by anyone “since it is killing someone who deserves to die” (Manual of Islamic Law, “Reliance of the Traveller” o8.7(7), o8.4). The Manual is available as a free download.

        Martin Luther’s reformation was of the non-Biblical PRACTICES of the Roman Catholic Church. He did not reform the Bible.

        accustomed to freedom of conscience and freedom of religion, erroneously suppose that they can influence what muslims believe by appealing to reason or to their better nature. Not so. Muslims are INSTRUCTED what beliefs to hold, which are not variable. They do not get to choose. Islam is not Pick Your Own.

        “ It is not for a believing man or a believing woman, when Allah and His Messenger have decided a matter, that they should [thereafter] have any choice about their affair.”

        Koran 33:36, part of Islamic law (death penalty for denying it).

  • Michael S

    “The flight ban comes after Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump called for all Muslims to be stopped from entering the US”

    No, people get this straight… Trump has not called for Muslims to be banned from entering. Rather, he called for a temporary halt while the US government gets their screening act together. The way it’s reported in the media, allows the media and the Democrats (but I repeat myself) to portray Trump as a hateful radical. What Trump really said is a direct attack on Obama and Hillary and their dysfunctional administration.

    I’m guessing that over 90% of Americans would agree with what Trump actually said, which is why the media will never report it accurately.

    • Cheryl Lynn Smith-Bell

      I think it should be permanent ban. It is illegal for them to be here. Read the law, which Ovomit refuses to keep: Public law 414 ch2, sec 212 States that no alien who belongs to any organization that seeks to overthrow the government of the United States, by force, violence, or unconstitutional means, shall be admitted. It’s the law! And it is not being upheld. Time to oust the one responsible.

    • Mahou Shoujo

      The lame stream media has added “taqiyya” and “kitman” to its liberal socialist propaganda arsenal, not a word of it can be trusted.

      • Waykent

        Thank you for admitting you are a member of the lame stream media and that you cannot be trusted.

        • Mahou Shoujo

          You are a boring liar.

          • Waykent

            You made the following statement: “You are a boring liar.”

            You are the one stating I am Muslim. Ergo, you are a boring liar.

          • Mahou Shoujo

            You are an illiterate bore.

          • Waykent

            I respond, ergo, I am literate.

          • NoBamaYoMama

            “Literate” Troll ! That’s a dichotomy!!!

          • Mark Rosenthal

            I’ve know this girl all my life and she don’t lie but you seem to be a sick muslem trying Ur best to be smart and it’s only showing you to be an ass wipe nit wit

          • Waykent

            What is a muslem?

          • Angel Warrior

            Provide proof that you are literate…that is not proof!

          • Jake Spooz

            You respond like an illiterate imbecile.

          • IzlamIsTyranny

            My New Year’s tradition muslum? Buring a quran in mohamMUD’s honor. Although this year I may try something different, my friends and I may instead use a holy quranus for target practice — .357 hollow points make big holes in the quranus — not that it isn’t full of holes already.

          • Waykent

            Who is mohamMUD?

          • Hildebeast Troll Tracker

            Muhammad is the prophet of Islam. Islam is a religion that doesn’t believe in the separation of church and state which leads to Islam becoming the religion of the state which leads to the state forcing the masses to accept Islam. This is why Islam is incompatible with western civilization. Western civilization and specifically western liberal democratic thought (not to be confused with modern liberalism, which is another thing entirely) is founded on a separation between church and state to the extent that the state may not create laws that support or interfere with any religion. This type of thought is antithetical to Islam, so with that said, if you want to live under that kind of Islam, you should move to Saudi Arabia.

          • Waykent

            You made the following statement: “Islam is a religion that doesn’t believe in the separation of church and
            state which leads to Islam becoming the religion of the state which
            leads to the state forcing the masses to accept Islam.”

            Many Christians believe the same thing. Please explain the free pass you give them.

          • IzlamIsTyranny

            “Many Christians believe the same thing.” Proof please.

          • Hildebeast Troll Tracker

            Once again, you are mistaken, You’ve been lied to by your religious teachers or you choose to close your mind to the truth. When a child is born in the west, the government doesn’t assign that child a religion. It’s is up to the parents of the child to assign or teach that child a religion OR not assign or teach any religion to that child. For example, if the child is born to Christian parents, that child is not assigned to the Christian religion because Christian parents believe that that child is born into “sin” and it’s then up to the Christian parents of that child to try and be good Christians and live a Christian lifestyle while raising the child and teaching that child about Christianity. Then, once the child is of a certain age, the child is allowed to make his or her own decision if he or she wants to become a Christian. If the child chooses to not become Christian, then that is that child’s choice, but the parents still love the child and the child remains part of the family. Compare this to Islam where a child, born in a country governed by Islamic law, is “assigned” the Muslim religion at birth by the Muslim father, the Muslim government and the Muslim religious authorities, Also, if your born to a Muslim father you’re considered a Muslim child by the government for purposes of that country’s census and by the religious authorities. If, when that child is of an age when he or she can think for his or her self and he or she decides not to be a Muslim, he or she is cut off from the family and in some cases killed. This forced adaptation of religion at the family, government and religious authority levels is why Islam is “growing” so quickly. However, if a religion forces new born child to be a part of a particular religion and then threatens that child with death if they dare say “no” to that religion, then is the religion really “growing” on it’s own merits or is it dishonest about it’s growth? Is it really worth being a part of? Or is it a big lie? Is the God and prophet of a religion that forces others to convert, truly a God and a prophet worth following or are the God and prophet of that religion simply slave masters and the adherents to that religion simply slaves?

            As for your remarks that Christians “believe the same thing as Muslims”, America, as a country, was founded by Christians and because of that many Christians in America will say “this is a Christian nation”; however, what they mean is that this country was founded by Christians in order to allow the free practice of all religions as long as those religions, including Christianity, are never favored by state over any other religion. But, in addition to that, since this nation was founded by Christians, the last thing our government should be doing is giving special privileges to those of the Islamic faith. The special privileges that are being requested by Muslims include the right to practice and live under limited forms of Sharia law practiced on a local level. No! That is not allowed because if a Christian or a Hindu or a Buddhist were to violate a Sharia law in that locality, they could be persecuted under that Sharia Law. Our constitution forbids this even if it’s only between Muslims. If that’s what Muslims want to live under they should go back to a country that practices Sharia law. The problem with Sharia law under the Muslim religion is that it puts Islam above all other laws and religions. We cannot have this in America and it’s why Sharia law is incompatible with America and most Western Liberal Democracies.

          • Waykent

            You made the following statement: “Western civilization and specifically western liberal democratic thought
            (not to be confused with modern liberalism, which is another thing
            entirely) is founded on a separation between church and state to the
            extent that the state may not create laws that support or interfere with
            any religion.”

            Please explain the centuries of state-sponsored religion in the Western World.

          • Hildebeast Troll Tracker

            You are mistaken, please name examples in the Western World where state-sponsored religion rises to the level it does in Saudi Arabia, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Iran, Iraq, Sudan, Qatar and Yemen, where every subject regardless of their personal religion is judged and in some cases jailed or put to death based solely on Sharia law. There is a single Western country which does this, so if you’re looking for moral equivalency between countries that practice Sharia law and country that do not practice it, you will never find such equivalency. Your refusal to be honest not only with me but with yourself is why your religion, Islam, is viewed as a lair’s religion in the West.

          • Nipperdoodle

            Don’t answer him – it’s a trap. He is trying to bait you. This troll is on here all the time – with frequent name changes. He is using translation software hence the frequent “please explain” requests. I wouldn’t give him the time of day if I were you. Ignore it and it will go away.

          • Waykent

            What is a holy quranus?

          • Iamnumber6

            Something often used for toilet paper.

    • harbidoll

      wel find out on election day.Les that’s a set-up also.

  • Pray Hard

    Radio news in London has been wanking this story all day. Po’ lil’ Muslams felt humiliated and embarrassed. It’s enough to make a grown man cry, I tell ya! Yeah, Camoron, investigate it, because, as your spokeschick said on the radio, it affected their FEELINGS.

    • Cheryl Lynn Smith-Bell

      wahhh wahhh Good glad someone was on the ball. They are of course lying about it. They were foiled, and are trying to get sympathy. NOT!

    • Mahou Shoujo

      These kids who are crying because they didn’t get their way, are from the same pack that sing and dance in the street while adults give them candy when a terrorist attack murderers innocent people indiscriminately. You are known by the company you keep. Kids, get used to the idea that if you rejoice at the deaths of infidels, they are very likely not going to give you what you want, fortunately, you will not get what you deserve either.

      • Waykent

        You made the following statement: “These kids who are crying because they didn’t get their way, are from
        the same pack that sing and dance in the street while adults give them
        candy when a terrorist attack murderers innocent people

        Please provide proof.

        • Mahou Shoujo

          You are boring.

        • Mark Rosenthal

          Waykent do Ur own research lazy ass

          • Waykent

            That is not proof. Please provide proof.

        • Will’s other account

          “Please provide proof.”
          First recourse of a troll having lost the argument.

          • patd

            He is still looking for proof of the holocaust….can’t fix STUPID!!! It’s what happens when they are kicked out of school at the 3rd grade level and grow up in mommies basement.

        • Robbydot1

          Provide proof? It’s all over the internet you dickhead!

          • Waykent

            That is not proof. Please provide proof.

        • Mooslums

          How about instead of repeating this on every comment made on EVERY article…how about you disprove every statement made contrary to your ill informed opinions. You’re lack of depth and intelligence are mind numbing. Why don’t you troll websites you agree with since your arguments here are beyond lackluster.

        • Well Done

          Read the news, ackbar.

          • Waykent

            Who is ackbar?

          • Richard

            I think that was Jeff’s boyfriend.

        • IzlamIsTyranny

          You’re the only Catholic who has rug burns on his forehead from banging his head on the floor for allah, the ballah.

          • Waykent

            Who is allah, the ballah?

          • Mahou Shoujo

            The mark on his forehead is complemented by his rosy red cheeks elevated to the west for the mullah’s convenience.

      • Waykent

        You made the following statement: “Kids, get used to the idea that if you rejoice at the deaths of
        infidels, they are very likely not going to give you what you want,
        fortunately, you will not get what you deserve either.”

        Many Christians rejoice when Muslims are killed. Why do you give them a free pass?

        • Mahou Shoujo

          Your ignorance is boring.

          • Waykent

            You are an Islamophobe. Ergo, your ignorance is boring.

          • Mahou Shoujo

            You are an asswhole, ergo, boring.

          • yyyc


          • Angel Warrior

            Correction…..assholes are useful….dipshits are boring! :)

          • Mahou Shoujo

            Point well made.

          • Robbydot1

            WTF is an islamaphobe? Someone who fears having their throat slit?

          • Angel Warrior

            It’s a made up term by the Islamic fascists. No one I know is scared of Islamists cuz we know how to remedy their insanity. We give them a one way ticket to meet their Satanic master, allah.

          • Mike Hughes

            There’s no such thing as an “islamaphobe”. “Phobe” indicates and irrational fear. Given the widespread daily murder, torture, carnage and general death perpetrated by Islam 24 hours a day seven days a week there are a plethora of completely rational reasons to hate and fear Islam.

          • Well Done

            LOL@ “Islamophobic”. That’s a word MB and CAIR use like drawing a gun – and it’s BS. Get stuffed.

          • IzlamIsTyranny

            “Islamophobic Is A Word Created By Fascists, And Used By Cowards, To Manipulate Morons.”
            -Christopher Hitchens

            I’d hazard a guess you’re a muslum fascist and a moron.

          • Waykent

            What is a muslum?

          • Iamnumber6

            A ‘muslum’ is just moose slime spelled incorrectly. I am disappointed waykent, a catholic lector, native english speaking friend of jews, paid democrat party troll such as yourself should have caught onto that sooner.

          • Waykent

            What is moose slime?

          • Jake Spooz

            You are a dumbáss.

          • Mike Hughes

            “What is moose slime?”

            Look in a mirror and you’ll see a giant pile of it…..

          • scudrunner

            muslum = terrorist

          • Mike Hughes

            A “muslum” is slang for a camel f’ing Islamic raghead. Happy now that that was cleared up for you?

          • Mike Hughes

            Hey halfwitt, anyone who takes even a cursory look at the way Muslim nations like Saudi Arabia treat anyone who dares criticize Islam should be afraid of Islam. Only witless morons like you are unconcerned with the tyranny that is Islam. All Muslim countries tyrrannize those who refuse to conform to Islam. It’s only a matter of degree. In Saudi Arabia, if you are reasonably lucky, you will only be imprisoned, whipped, etc for speaking out against Islam. In the Islamic state they will will crucify you, behead you, or burn you alive. Morons like you will only figure it out when you are the one on your knees choking on your own blood as your head is cut off. F Islam and F morons like you who bury your heads in your own rectums to avoid seeing it for what it OBVIOUSLY is. Religion of peace my @$$.

        • Angel Warrior

          Please show proof of your insane statement that Christians rejoice when muslims are killed! I have never seen any Christians dancing in the streets and handing out candies….
          YOU LIE! You therefore must be a muslim!

          • Waykent

            Thank you for admitting George Washington was a Muslim.

          • Angel Warrior

            Provide proof that I said George Washington was a muslim!
            I see you’ve been hitting the goat turd in your hookah just a bit too much….or maybe you’ve been inhaling your own methane in abundance since you suffer from cranial rectumitis. ( Sorry for the big words…..look them up if you don’t understand them!)

        • Well Done

          Up yours.

          • Angel Warrior

            LOL! He already has his head up there!

        • IzlamIsTyranny

          “Many Christians rejoice when muslims are killed.” Proof please.

        • sodacrackers2

          Christians do not rejoice at the death of anyone, but are certainly permitted to defend themselves. Christians will die for their faith, not murder for it.

          • Waykent

            Please explain Eric Rudolph.

          • Jake Spooz

            Honorable American.

          • Waykent

            It is honorable to murder innocents with no connection to the abortion debate?

          • Jake Spooz


          • sodacrackers2

            Mentally ill or turned his back on Jesus. Saying you are a Christian does not mean you are one.

          • Mike Hughes

            For every Eric Rudolph there are about 100,000 murdering Muslim terrorists. More terrorism is committed in the name of Islam than by every other world religion combined. You are getting your @$$ kicked up between your shoulder blades here boy. Nobody is buying your islamic appologist BS.

        • Sickofliberallies


        • Richard

          Wow, what a totally un-necessary troll feeding. Waykent has certainly been fattened up.

        • Rob Porter

          What a stupid, loaded, and dishonest comment! When did you see or hear about Christians rejoicing “when Muslims are killed”? You just made up this drivel. I haven’t forgotten seeing on tv Muslims in Middle East ululating in pleasure as the WTC towers were crashing down, killing almost 3,000 human beings. As we saw thousands of Musllms were delighted upon hearing about the Charlie Hebdo murders and the recent Paris mass murders. After 9/11 when one New York imam condemned the 9/11 tragedy, 75% of his congregation walked out to signal their displeasure over his condemnation. Two Sundays ago on CNN Fareed Zakaria had as a guest a female Muslim who very belligerently announced that most of the violence we are seeing is committed by “white Christian males”, a complete lie but Zakaria didn’t have the decency or moral fibre to correct her fat lie.

          • Waykent

            Please provide proof.

          • Rob Porter

            Don’t be stupid, at the time of 9/11 it was shown on various tv channels in North America. The same applied after the Charlie Hebdo murders. As to the Muslims walking out of the NY mosque read “Heart of a soldier’. Muslims did celebrate after 9/11. As to the fraud Fareed Zakaria, find his progamme two Sundays back.

          • Waykent

            That is not proof. Please provide proof.

          • Rob Porter

            Go research it yourself you liberal halfwit. Find the proof in the sources I’ve given you. You’ve not provided any proof that Christians rejoiced when Muslims died and I haven’t any intention of giving you any more information than I already have. Yours is a stupid and perverse comment and request. Further when did the world see Muslims die in an event like 9/11?

          • Waykent

            Please provide proof. That is not proof.

        • Rob Porter

          He’s an ‘Islamonphobe”to you because he’s had a guts
          full of Muslim Judeophobia, Christianophobia, Hinduphobia and every other religious phobia known to mankind.

          In any event, what a stupid comment! Musllms go around murdering non-Muslims indiscriminately and when anyone condemns Muslim savagery, Muslims idiotically resort to accusing them of being an “Islamophobe”. In effect we must not tell the truth about Muslim savagery and mentally
          retarded Muslim accusations of “Islamophobia”. Have you any idea how utterly contemptuous and unfazed we now are by that Muslim-contrived, stupid, over-worked, worn-out, implausible and erroneous Muslim accusation?

          Listen to this, it will give you an idea of how most of us
          now feel about Islam and Muslims:
          Subject: Top song in Australia:

          • Waykent

            What are Musllms?

          • Rob Porter

            If you don’t know you are in a bad way. Go look it up in a dictionary. But meanwhile in short they are extremely ignorant people who follow the trash spewed by mouth by an ignorant and illiterate warlord called Mohammad, a mass murderer, rapist, pedophile and appalling liar.

        • Mike Hughes

          I rejoice because Islam is a cult of hate death and terror that tyrannizes anyone who doesn’t conform to it all over the world. Anything that reduces the number of the cultists is a positive event. Right now they are killing each other wholesale in Syria and Iraq. I’m hoping they wipe out a couple million of themselves minimum. :)

        • Mike Hughes

          “Many Christians rejoice when Muslims are killed.”

          Got any proof? Anything resembling proof?

    • Patrick Roy

      How about the feelings of the families in San Bernardino?

  • Paul Otts

    Why in tarnation did they keep repeating the same thing over and over? In any case, there are perfectly innocent Americans who have been banned from Great Britain for no reason except contrary opinions. So BIG DEAL!

    • Mark Rosenthal

      True Pamela is banned from the UK for that reason

      • Robbydot1

        So is Robert Spencer, but we let in foul mouthed incendiary Imans to spout their bile in the streets!

  • Pray Hard

    This incident reeks of planning and set up, like little clocknuts.

    • now he is going to sue EVERYONE involved. Another made-up “incident” Clock boy style! Waiting for his White House invite…

      • Mark Rosenthal

        I’m sad to say but they may get just that really

        • Well Done

          A lawsuit would fail. There is no right to enter another country. No reason is needed.

    • Well Done

      That’s what I think, as well. This guy knew he wouldn’t be allowed in. His wife is in Pakistan; the ubiquitous “trip to Pakistan” is a common element in most Islamist stories. He looks like he just stepped off a battlefield.

  • Commieobamie

    Stupid mooseSLIME, DisneyLand is un-islamo. There’s a fatwad for that.

  • WhoMeToo

    Don’t worry… Barry will send out AF1 to pick them up for a USA taxpayer, all expense paid vacay…

    • harbidoll

      Disney will!! betcha!

  • Cheryl Lynn Smith-Bell

    Guess what, good! I could care less how offended they are. No MORE MU-SLIMES in this country, and start exporting them or putting them in FEMA camps till they are removed or executed. If they are muslime they are a big problem that needs to be eliminated

  • realetybytes

    So what? Hundreds of millions of American’s have been inconvenienced since 9/11. Thousands have had problems causing them to miss flights, because of YOUR cult, which you do NOTHING to fix. We have a right to self-defense. You want to be treated different? Get your imams to denounce the violent writings of moHAMmed and the koran, start process of removing them. When new korans are accepted for teaching, after oh, 4 generations, the world will begin to see a peaceful resolution to the damage islam has done to the world. Until then, it’s too bad that you and yours have been screwed by policies necessitated by you and yours.

    • saftalily

      Liked the first line. No one talks about the inconvenience and the delays and the having to get to the airport hours earlier and..and..and..

  • donttreadonme9

    good job for once !

  • Mr. Tooyu

    16 Muslim nations ban Jews

    • IzlamIsTyranny

      No one not-a-muslim may step foot in Mecca or Medina — it doesn’t matter if you’re Christian, atheist, agnostic, satanist, wiccan, Buddhist, Hindu, Jew, Baha’i or Sikh. The penalty is death.

      • Richard

        How about flyover then? And maybe drop a little Christmas present?

  • Mahou Shoujo

    So? As a potential guest in a foreign country it is at the discretion of the host nation whether they will admit you. Always the victims, muslims cannot gasp the concept of people not believing the same garbage they do. If an islamic country can refuse admittance to Jews, another can refuse admittance to muslims. If you want to be welcome, behave and persuade your tribe to do so as well. You are all being tarred with the same brush… you have earned it.

    • saftalily

      Saying whatever works! It is NOT the lie, it is to WHOM you lie.

      • Mahou Shoujo

        What is a lie? A muslim quoting the qur’an to me or me quoting the new testament to a muslim?

        • Mark Rosenthal

          Is this a trick question?

          • Mahou Shoujo

            No, lies are site and time specific sometimes.

        • Well Done

          Having red herring for Christmas, sport? Don’t expect anyone to join you.

          • Mahou Shoujo

            Actually I had smoked eel, why would I expect anyone to join me? That is optional. Should I resubmit the comment only type it slower so you can understand it?

  • wri7913

    two Muslim countries have banned Christmas celebrations. So BOOHOO get over it you jerks.

  • Francis Paul John McAnarney Jr

    Good for our government recalling and cancelling their visas. DILLIGAF about them?

  • “stopped because he had a beard” ahahahahahahaha
    Tell us again how FB hurt you!

  • Elke Summer

    Look at this man’s biceps!! Do you really think he’s a father of 5 kids?? I say he’s been training….but where and by whom???

  • Bruce Anderson

    Hey Cameron, while you’re investigating, how about looking into why doesn’t GB doesn’t allow Michael Savage to enter?

  • Candy Dandy

    Aww poor little babies, I’m so sad, well of course not really, Muslims are all over the place wanting there way and demanding things change to suit them. I say block there butts from ever entering us air space !

  • ConservativeWomanTX

    What’s wrong with the Disney Land in Paris? Just saying…

  • Douglas

    These guys should watch the various Border Security programmes broadcast on television and also available on Youtube. People get denied entry/boarding for various reasons, your religion is usually not one of these reasons. There is more to this story than they are making out, obviously.

  • MiddleSister

    Well dammit, now isn’t that just so too bad. Wahhh. Poor 18 year old kids and oh no wives. They SO wanted to see Disneyland. It’s just a crying shame I tell you. (Sarcasm)

    • Per Madsen

      They could’ve gone to Paris Disneyland. And why did his brother need to go to Israel?

  • thisguy

    I feel a bit safer already, peoples safety should be the priority, next up round up the muslims that want to destroy the american rights and freedom.

  • vercingetorix

    “…her children have been left devastated and it was heartbreaking to unpack their bags…”
    Those who lost loved-ones in a muslim terror-attack are for the most part also very devastated and for them it is also very heartbreaking to collect the pieces of what was left of the body of their friends, brothers, sisters, colleagues, grand-parents or parents!
    This family is obviously somehow linked to Jihad. It would be in their best interest not to be so noisy about it.
    Security must come first, long before some foreign muslim sensibilities………….

  • harbidoll

    Just read the US govt. has also “suddenly” decided to round up illegal Families & send them back. A few hundred. This is to cause an anti-Trump & right wing backlash. Watch the M S Media latch on to this like flies on –. Be prepared.

  • harbidoll

    cant find anywhere that mentions his wife, the mother of his kids, just says family.

  • Well Done

    Look at that guy. That’s a soldier of Islam, not a family man at all. He knew they wouldn’t be allowed entry to the U.S. This was a setup. moslems are trained to do this; always appear as the victim. I wouldn’t be surprised if this guy has been directly involved in terror attacks.

  • LimeyAL

    HaHa LMAO, nine grand gone, never mind they wont care benefits system paid that anyway.

  • Drew the Infidel

    Notice Homeland Security has a solid explanation while the intended ” tourist” offers excuses and phony victimhood.

  • Kevin Lufc Payne

    Yep some peabrain in the family posts an affinity with isis and al khaida on facebook coincidentally same name and address as the 18 year old son….that’s who caused the trip to Disney for the younger kids to be cancelled no need to bother the pm no need for an inquiry.

  • IzlamIsTyranny

    Funny how the muslums have no problems w/blocking Jews from going to Saudi Barbaria or from having Jordanian citizenship or anyone from Israel visiting any of their various islamic-nazi hellhole, apartheid states.

  • Per Madsen

    They could have gone to Paris Disneyland. And what business did his brother have in Israel. They are terrorists. I’m glad that our Homeland Security got it right this time. Good job.

  • conan_drum

    It seems clear there was some level of incompetence by the authorities. After all they had applied for visas. Why not reject them then? It seems a bit too much to let them get to the boarding gate and then stop them. I am all for security but this was excessive. I hope at least they get their fares refunded.

    Not the way to win hearts and minds, the opposite in fact. These kids will grow up hating the infidels for spoiling their holiday

    • Angel Warrior

      IMHO…these kids will be taught to hate the infidels anyways! At least the family with supposed terrorist ties didn’t get their wish granted and were told to stay home!
      The problem with the authorities in the USA…. They don’t communicate with one another. They each have their own little fiefdoms to manage and control.

    • Mahou Shoujo

      Muslims grow up hating the infidel no matter what they do or do not do. Islam does not follow decency, reason or logic. Islam is the insane ramblings of a charismatic imbecile who fooled stupid violent people to believing his hallucinations.

      • Waykent

        Provide proof please.

        • Mahou Shoujo

          Prove you’re not an asswhole.

          • joker

            Mahou that would be a little bit to difficult to proof, but it would be more an outing the least.

          • Mahou Shoujo

            Suspect it is an impossibility, but to be fair, one must present the chance.

        • Rick Smith

          Allah believes Christians and Jews to be the worst of creatures so why wouldn’t his worshipers share Allah’s sentiment?

  • MaileO

    Here’s another take from the Daily Mail. what idiots claiming Trump, who is not our president, caused this.

    I can’t blame USA for not letting Muslim family travel to Disney

  • Farah Naeem Watch

    We have the same problem here. Farah Naeem is a Pakistani so called Phd
    (probably bought or cheated her phd) who has an American passport, and spreads 9/11 CIA and Jewish conspiracies. Terroist apologist Farah Naeem is married to Naeem Akhtar who is Saudi based.

    They have a daughter in the USA. They all need to be kicked out.

    Loon Watch’s Ilisha Recommends American Saudi Blogger Who

    Claims Netanyahu and Obama Orchestrated Terror Attacks to
    Blame Islam

    Naeem Akhtar is CEO of Capital Logistics.

    This is his LinkedIn profile and website
    Their American citizenship should be revoked.

    Naeem Akhtar
    Saudi ArabiaIndustryLogistics and Supply Chain

    Capital Logistics & Transport

  • Islamists in USA

    We have Muslim educators, academics and doctors in the US of immigrant familiies who promote hate against the West, and who are dedicated to promoting Islamism by diverting the blame from Islamist texts to blowback from ‘colonialism’ and ‘Zionism’. This is often done under the guise of civil rights and fighting ‘islamophobia’ for Muslims and supporting Muslim colonialism.

    Take Loon Watch whose 2 anonymous moderators ‘Garibaldi’ and ‘Ilisha’ claim to fight hate and ‘islamophobia’. This is done by promoting anti Zionist, anti West and
    anti-semitic hate and promoting worldwide conspiracies of muslim victimisation. Their veteran writer and commenter DrM of is a notorious anti west, anti hindu anti-semite (real name Dr Rushdi cader) Dr Rushdi Cader supports a caliphate and Islamist laws, Loon Watch has denied the Armenian genocide and Loon Watch support Muslim colonialism whilst hypocritcally citing
    western colonialism as the cause of Islamist terrorism. The lies of these
    Islamists are breathtaking. Yazidies have been in the region longer than
    Muslims and are being wiped out. They are not western colonialists.
    Christians and Jews were in the Middle East before Islamic colonialsm.
    Ilisha doesn’t want Muslim countries to be like the West yet chooses to
    live there herself.

    Notice how Islamists prefer to live in the countries they claim are the root of
    evil. THis proves their ulitimate goal is subversion and envy otherwise
    they would move to the countries they claim are victims of the west.

    DrM is careful to hide his hatred of the West preferring to spew his bile
    anonymously as DrM at his own blog
    and since 2007 DrM has been a heavy contributor to Loon Watch and has ceased
    updating his own blog.

    He now posts regularly at Loon Watch. DrM does not reveal his real life identity at
    Loon Watch or at his blog where he claims to write about medical issues
    and ‘muslim’ issues. When his identity was made public Dr Rushdi made
    his 1DrM Disqus history private

    Dr Rushdie Cader
    AKA Dr Maxtor AKA DrM is the founder of the Umma Clinic in California.

    which receives public funds He is a UCLA graduate Rumi Cader who is a professor at UCLA is on the board of the Umma Clinic whose Wikipedia page is here
    DrMaxtor real name is Dr Rushdi Cader

    Evidence of Dr Maxtor excusing Jihadism and promoting anti-semitism, anti-western, anti-hinduism all the while blaming Zionism for all the ills in Islamic societies can be seen at his own nazi like blog and his commenting history on Loonwatch.

    In one comment
    he says he wouldn’t treat Zionists. It is worth investigating how many
    Americans have died whilst being treated by him

    Dr Rushdi Cader
    is a member of the Mosque of Nasreen, San Luis Obispo
    The hypocritical Dr runs an anti-semitic blog yet isn’t above taking freebies from Pro Israel Jews. This hypocritical islamist uses Facebook to promote his
    clinic. Mark Zuckerberg is a Jew with operations in Israel. Facebook – UMMACommunity Clinic
    Dr Rushdi Cader hosts his anonymous hate blog on Google’s blogger, whose founder is Jewish. Google has operations in Israel.

    The police who employed him have no idea of his underground Islamist activities.

    Dr Rushdi Cader in Israel as part of a medical team.Israeli authorities have no idea of his online anti semitism

    Dr Rushdi Cader and his wife Nisha Cader featured in Saudi media

    account where he is careful not to show his true colours like he does
    at Loon Watch

    DrM has been cited approvingly at many anti-semitic sites including Stormfront:

    DrM is a Muslim activist well known amongst American Muslims (urls to Ikhras and Muslim Matters follow) Muslim Matters speaks glowingly of his anti-semitic
    ‘Judeofascism’ posts

    “Check out Judeofascist Awareness Week at my blog.
    … I agree
    – DrM’s
    Judeofascist posts are awesome – very enlightening and right on

    August 2,
    2010 at 10:27
    PM. Asalamu Aliakum! Well said. Glad to … who tried to hijack and misrepresent Islam for their Judeofascist masters.

  • Mike Kohler

    Chit happens in a chaotic world. :-<


    They have a Disney World in Paris. They can go there. It’s very odd that they’d want to travel all the way to America to go to Disney when a short train ride away is a Disney World in Paris.

    • RetiredNavyphotog

      And they wanted to go to Disneyland in California, instead of the much closer Disneyworld in Florida.

  • Jerry Chancy

    We do not need any more Muslims here. Their allegiance is to Islam which is against America. ALL need to be deported.

    • Mark Rosenthal


  • James Parks

    We don’t have to tell you why you can’t come to our country. We can just revoke your visa with no explanation. Traveling to the US is not a human right. It’s a privilege granted to people who are expected to comply with our laws, support themselves while they’re here, and leave before their visas expire. As soon as our security people start to think that someone is not going to meet those expectations, they can stop them from entering the country, no explanation or apology required.

  • Keith

    Surely if the Facebook page and I believe an email address (from ITN lunchtime news yesterday) are nothing to do with him but they are linked to his home address surely it is his responsibility to prove that they are nothing to do with him or his family. Until that time any country is quite within their rights to turn down his request to visit, even at the last minute.
    This is along the same lines as driving a car, if you are driving and get stopped by the police you have to prove you are insured, the police don’t have to prove that you have no insurance. The same applies to his submission that the Facebook page is nothing to do with him and his family.

  • drummie

    One thing that they fail to mention or even consider, if Islam were the “religion of peace” why aren’t these “good” Muslims trying to stop the terrorism in the name of Allah. Every Muslim should be suspect right now. It seems that Islam is the ONLY religion that tells its followers to commit murder and other heinous crimes for their “god”. No one else seems to be going around shooting innocent people because the Muslims are offended by something someone allegedly said or drew a picture of. No one else seems to be beheading those that offend them. No one else seems to be going around and training their children in the arts of execution and suicide bombing. When these “good” Muslims hunt down and kill off Isis, Alqueda, and the Taliban to name a few, then maybe people will not be suspicious. They also need to know that they do not have a RIGHT to enter the US either as a guest for a week or to move here as immigrants. Those “Americans” saying it is unconstitutional to stop Muslim immigration need to go read the constitution. NOWHERE does the constitution say that ANYONE has a right to visit or immigrate. Quit whinning about the “poor misunderstood Muslims” and start protecting your country, your children and yourselves. Obama won’t so we must.

  • ithakavi

    The Obama DHS stopped these folks from traveling to Disneyland because of a suspicious link to a facebook account clearly sympathetic to ISIS. The only criticism I have is that they waited until the last minute. Nevertheless, the leftist press manages somehow to blame this on Donald Trump, who as no control whatsoever about who gets to enter the United States. The press are scum.

    • Mahou Shoujo

      The lame stream media are scum on stagnant pools of journalistic sewage.

  • Ladydonnalands

    Boo who… for them. Islam is a religion of terror that is a cult in its purest form. I would be fine and dandy outlawing Islam. Then the world could be at peace.

  • dba_vagabond_trader

    Ever notice the complicated stories when people like this are involved? Makes my hair hurt.

    • Mahou Shoujo

      The more they lie, the more they have to.

  • DaveM12

    Banned from the flight because he was muslim he says. Well what other reason is needed.

  • Hildebeast Troll Tracker

    The British Muslim family needs to check their 18 year-old son. He is obviously where the problem was found – even if it was a strange coincidence. The Facebook page that tied to his first name and address to radical Islam gives an insight into his possible radicalization. The US authorities cannot take the chance of letting someone like that travel freely into the US. We have ignored such things in the past and the users have turned out to be radical killers. The US authorities have no idea if the relatives in California have AR-15’s waiting to be used by the son(s) of this man. The family members of the San Bernardino Islamist lunatics chose to ignore the warning signs of their family members and that led to the murder of 14 innocent Americans. If he’s looking for someone to blame, he should look to himself and his son(s). It’s too bad it wasn’t caught earlier, but since the shooting in San Bernardino 3 weeks ago, the US authorities have probably just begun to check social media of those recently granted visas; this type of checking should have been done all along, but the US government has been infected with political correct thinking in the past. Six weeks ago when this man was granted his visa the San Bernardino shooting had not occurred.

  • Victor Redlick

    How absolutely par for the bloody British course, apparently. Pamela Geller and Robert Spencer are vehemently deemed persona non grata by PM “Davey” Cameron’s impotent British Conservative government – having absolutely no radical affiliations or criminal records – to warrant such inexcusable House of Commons dross; but, now that the bunyon-inducing winklepicker, of English bygone days, is on the other foot, the cadre of Blighty’s many useless ‘commanders-in-chief’ are in a hypocritically embarrassing uproar. This time it’s over a clan of – almost – Disneyland-destined Muslims who, “Surprise! Surprise”, one of them suffers the indignity of some rancid Al Qaeda/Taliban Facebook stench. How off-the-wall is that, then? “Rule Britannia”? Hardly! Go ahead, “Davey m’boy”, Boycott, Divest (from) and Sanction the United States of America; just like your sniveling giants in Education, Industry and Parliament see fit to do to Israel; without any qualification, save and except for jealous rage and anti-Semitism. The bespoke shoe fits, perfectly. Wear it. Shamefully.

  • jobird

    I hope that this is the beginning of our border not being a sieve for every unknown
    trying to come in to the USA.Just try to get into another foreign country.

  • phone2000

    Hopefully as this makes news people will think twice before linking up to terrorist groups….peer pressure works both ways….the younger siblings *will kill* their older brother for messing up Disney trip!

  • They can just come to the USA and SMOKE some GREAT DOPE with the #MUSLIM STUDENT ASSOCIATION !!!

  • Infidel Knight

    Because not being allowed to blow up Disneyland means Allah will send us to Hell.

  • christian vidal

    In 2001 when the twin towers collapsed 1 billion of muzz were enjoying.
    9/11 is holiday in the muzz world. All they want is to destroy us!

    • Mark Rosenthal

      Each year they use 9/11 as a joyous day. Let’s see how they do went Mr.Trump puts a thumping on them muslem scum of the earth

  • Two brothers wanting to take their children, one being age 19. Yet no wives? We know in the UK its ok for Muslims to have many wives and they are all receiving government assistance or welfare. Why were the wives being left behind? Perhaps waiting at the hospital to drop more potential jihadists. I think Cameron should mind his own Fuxxing business as he has helped to turn the UK into a dumping ground for these Muslim savages who are there to suck on the tit of the working UK taxpayers. Obama wants the same here, and if he’s allowed to have his way, it will be the same in a short time. Hillary wants to bring Millions more of these savages here. She cares less about American lives, Democrats only see them as a voting base to keep the Demorats in power forever.

  • IzlamIsTyranny

    Boycott David Byrne. He supports the BDS movement against Israel.

  • husseinovomit

    Boo-Hoo. Some muzzrat kids are crying.

    I don’t want these muslime bastard LIARS IN MY COUNTRY.

    GO TO mohammid-land and kill each other.

    NO rewards for these scumball, LYING muzzrats.

    NO muslims;

  • Mohip

    People wouldby be so scared if certain Islamist we’rent so scary.

    That’s what I think about islamaphobia.

  • whhmjr

    If the USA returned to the visa requirements for all Muslims, there wouldn’t have been any drama. Abolish the visa waiver program from all countries (including England, France & Germany).

  • husseinovomit

    muzzrats have ONLY contributed BAD THINGS to nations, in which they reside—-DEATH, DESTRUCTION, LYING!!

    The muzzrats have almost NEVER received a legitimate Nobel Prize—-and I am not counting Yessir Imafart’s OR Hussein Obam’s No-Bell PISS Prizes.

    These scumballs contribute NOTHING GOOD.

    Stay in Lower Crapistan, and don’t even dare to come to the UK, America, or Israel.

    The time will soon come when muzzrats are EXPELLED from nations—-just as they have done to Jews and Christians in those same countries.

    Look at what muslims have done to muslim countries—DUNG HEEPS AND PILES OF SAND.

    The time will soon come when the World goes to war with islam. THat will be GREAT. They must be eliminated, as per G-d’s words, in the Bible.

    islam KAPUT!

  • cleantruth

    “It was understood that the wives of Mr Mahmood’
    WTF – they allow polygamy in UK?
    or is that Ukanistan.?
    Stay the frack out of America damdned barbarians.

  • cleantruth
  • Infedel48

    Sure sure sure it was a MISTAKE, and the poor little kiddies are being punished. No Mickey Mouse….poor things

    • Dr. Doomsday

      Hell, they want the whole planet to be their own “theme park”

      • Mahou Shoujo

        Good, can see the fuses are already burn’t down, the whole thing is ready to explode.

    • cleantruth

      Mickey Mouse is an apostate. perhaps they want him to convert to Islam and Minnie Mouse to wear a Burqa.

  • Doug Wakeman

    As a Muslim, if he were banned only because of his religion, so what? Seems reasonable to me.

  • Dicehunter

    As another gent pointed out.
    Visiting any country other than your own is not a right.

    Me and my dad were stopped and denied boarding onto a plain because we’re from the Republic of Ireland during all the IRA crap, Did we throw a hissy fit and play the victim card ? Nope.

  • Platopus

    He is potentially a terrorist and is taking roid supplements look at his veins. Guilty!

  • Dee Dunbar

    Birds of a feather FLOCK together! guilty by association!

  • Stephen Honig

    Every Muslim should be on the no fly list. Every Muslim in the U.S. including Obama should repatriate, with no exceptions! Trump/Cruz for 2016.

    • Waykent

      Please, provide proof.

      • olddog

        of what???

      • Stephen Honig

        Are you a Sunni, Shiite, atheist, liberal or just delusional? Proof of what? I’m an expert in my own opinion.

        • Waykent

          I am Catholic.

          • Angel Warrior

            Provide proof please!

          • Jake Spooz

            Merry Christmas, gay boy.

          • Stephen Honig

            You fooled me. I will have to take your word for it. At least we have something in common.

  • Mr. Tooyu

    In the video he says he was going to California to see Orlando. Orlando is in Florida, 3000 miles from California. He doesn’t know that? That is really suspicious that he didn’t know one place from another even after buying tickets .

    • Mahou Shoujo

      Good attention to detail.

      • Mr. Tooyu

        THE devil is in the details. or Satan this case.

  • JSebastian

    I don’t want to see burkhas and rags when I’m at Disneyland.

    Besides, why don’t they just go to Euro Disney? It is right next door for them. And they can be around all the other burkhas and rags that they want.

    Don’t bring that crap to America – We don’t want them here. We here in America do not want to be visited by backwards people with bizarre and aggressive beliefs that hate us, hate the West. Keep them out! We have enough of these filthy-minded primitives here already!

  • JSebastian

    A better question is why is Facebook allowing terrorists to set up shop on Facebook in the first place? Why are they allowing people to put down “Al Qaeda” or “taliban” as places of employment?

    Can someone say for work that they work at “rapist” or “pedophile” or what have you?

    Facebook should be criminally investigated for enabling terrorist activity. They cannot claim they have privilege or immunity when the content is published by them, and they claim the rights to distribute it…they are not “at arms length” from the content when they are claiming the rights to the content and publishing it. That’s not how “immunity” , which was extended to telecommunications providers because they cannot control the content that their users transmit on the service, works. Facebook is not a telco. They have FULL control over everything that is published. They have the ability to parse, filter, and restrict users, content, and the distribution. So they cannot claim they are shielded by the same privileges and immunity granted to telecommunications providers.

    I cannot wait to see Facebook held accountable for their contribution to global terror and the deaths of innocents. I am thinking a penalty of $1M per violation would be a good starting point. And the establishment of a victims fund at $10M/victim.

    • Mahou Shoujo

      Face/ass/book will censure comments negative towards islam, but any call to muslims to commit murder and mayhem against infidels is acceptable. Avoid face/ass/book.

  • mallea

    Always better wrong that sorry, but I know we are not wrong. They are playing the sentimental act but this is about OUR SECURITY

  • Metatrona

    Muslim scumbags!

  • HonestC

    Gee . . . could it possibly be face recognition which caused the “last minute” denial to board the plane? Wouldn’t be the first time a person trying to travel to America was stopped because of face-recognition software matching him up to an ISIS terrorist.

  • bruce

    Look I don’t care how they look or their customs, (we have Hassidim and Amish among others who don’t assimilate in the US) it all comes down to the “suicide” option in their religion. We had to “bomb” it out of the Japanese. As long as they have that pact built into their system it cannot be let to brew here. Sorry.

  • Lancelot Blackeburne

    No country has to allow access to foreign tourists, especially if those tourists are associated with potential security concerns..

    In this case, the social media accounts raise a lot of potential issues. Better to err on the side of caution and safety…..

  • Lysy2

    poor little darling muzzies…with tears in their eyes…. I am heartbroken over their plight…

  • Remember Goyim, Islam is a religion of peace !

    • Angel Warrior

      you mean “Religion of pieces”…….

  • raziel71

    If you are muslims, why you want to come to Disney? Isnt that the land of sin and the great satan? Make your own Disney there in your land with all your oil money. No need to come here.

  • G.O.Petey

    Moslems go to hell. Stupid religion. I really hate them at this point.


      Hell is where the “prophet” Mooohammed resides for ETERNITY.

  • Robert Moffatt

    Better safe than sorry! We don’t owe any explanations to anyone!

  • libertycall

    Terrorists do these little trial runs to see what they can get by with. If whining and throwing temper fits works then they have opened another way for them to invade our country (or any country). Since lying, murdering and using their children as weapons are all acceptable under islam they will try anything. Didn’t the 9/11 hijackers do trial runs? We must be alert.

  • djmc993150

    Ahh yes, the claim of “I did nothing wrong!” followed by “Thats not my facebook page” to “Well someone must have hacked my page” and finally “its clearly a joke”.

    The pattern of liberal/islamic lies when they are confronted with their own actions is so standard you can almost set a clock by them.

  • ClipperFlight

    Geller is the kind of Jew responsible for the holocaust! What a hate-filled, ugly person.

    • Mahou Shoujo

      Who is responsible for you being an idiot?

      • ClipperFlight

        Ahhhh. You have nothing to contribute so you insult. Typical right wing…
        Tell you what. You love Geller and her zionist hate campaign, take off with her to Israel and live there with the other haters.

        • Mahou Shoujo

          Who are you to tell anyone what to do? Another brain dead stunned liberal that is so wrapped up in themselves they gag on there own genitals?

          • ClipperFlight

            You truly exemplify the right wing: no sound thinking and no valid cause.

          • Mahou Shoujo

            Keep trying, so far you have sunk up to your neck in liberal manure. But keep saying that is what you planned, other liberals will believe you.

        • joker

          I will go any time with Ms Geller to Israel. She is a stunner and nice kosher food. What can go wrong?

  • patd

    I’m sick of the POS muslims and libturds calling everything islamophobia
    dealing with muslim terrorist!!! And then the idiots at cnn and cair blaming Trump is even worse….sounds like the idiot supported the wrong groups and got called out for it….TOO BAD!!! We don’t need that idiot in this country….we have enough and too many of the muslim sympathizers now!!!!

  • Lato Sensu

    Where did I put my violin and tear catcher.

  • semsem5

    The brother can be seen with his beard etc. The girls with their Hijabs plus the lovely Facebook message. And another brother who also lives in San Bernardino and attends the same mosque as the shooter.

  • joe1429

    That poor muzzie fam… no disneyland!! i can just cry…..but crockodile tears .lol let them go saudi arabia, and ride some camals,lol

  • Mike Hughes

    Gee more terrorist sympathizing “radicalized” Muzis. As though there is any other kind…. Permanantly ban them from entry to the US. Let the moronic English deal with them. They love radical hadjis in their midst.

  • Elaine Farrell

    Visa’s… ordered over the internet. Someone needs to shut that down 100%.

  • Judi

    It won’t be long before they file a lawsuit for ‘hurt feelings and defamation’.

  • mjeanns

    Pity & pray for all the muslim children who have terrorist parents!

  • a red blooded American

    All muslims should be banned.Pedophile mohammed was the first islamic terrorist and his followers are all terrorist or aid terrorist by partaking in the pedophile&terrorist occult

  • joe1429

    I dont agree what trump said about garland, but it is time to move on. Trump is the best hope we got to fix this mess… and running away in all the polls anyway

  • JusticeforAll

    Unfortunately the Islam culture teaches them to lie for the sake of Islam. It is a well known part of the culture. Hence you cannot believe a word they say without independent verification.

    • Mr. Tooyu

      Taqiyya, is anthem to all other world cultures and religions. Lies will send you o hell in any other faith but you go t paradise if you lie for Allah . Most non-Muslims have a very hard time understanding Taqiyya even exists it is so alien to us, despite it being so central to all Muslim transactions and interrelationships with our culture.

  • 4Transparency

    Well, that is horrible for the kids, esp. during holidays. HOWEVER… It *seems* this MAN (father, boss, authority) made it an ALL OR NOTHING
    proposition for his family as again IF as it *seems* in this article, ONLY this man was told he could not travel. He could have (SHOULD have) sent the other, what TEN?? members of his family onward to enjoy their holiday (without) him, yet, that’s not the way it works now, is it? God forbid you sacrifice so your family can carry on.
    Seen this so many times. They can’t/won’t separate themselves (control
    issues) it’s such an unhealthy culture.

  • No Quarter

    Stay away. You are not welcome. Your family is not either. In a week or 2 we will know about you and your family and the reason you were stopped will be known, and we will be glad you are not here. Have a family reunion in the old country where you should live happily ever after.

  • Luigi Valentino

    “My kids even had count downs on their phones”. to set off what type of explosive I wonder?

    ISLAM is an EVIL CULT! The Qu’ran is a recipe book of violence and hate. CAIR and the Muslim Brotherhood are radical Islamic sympathizers disguised as players of the “Islamophobia” card. Anyone practicing Islam can not be trusted and should be deported. All mosques should be closed and demolished. This will help solve the radicalization of Muslims.

    “But there are ‘good’ Muslims,” you might say. Yes, these “good” Muslims are the ones that don’t say anything about the BAD Muslims building pipe bombs in their garages. The “good” Muslims also secretly find JOY and great PLEASURE in TERRORIST acts. All in the name of Allah.

    DO NOT BE FOOLED! Islam is NOT a religion of peace. ALL Muslims have an agenda…Terrorize nonbelievers, and world domination. Educate yourself before you blindly trust your “peaceful” Muslim neighbor.

    As for the British Muslim family denied entrance into the United States…These are the “good” Muslims. Not the BAD Muslims. They just want to show their kids a good time and travel the world. How come they didn’t just visit Euro Disney in Paris? Because they have already seen Paris, silly. Remember? Back in November?

    Why not invade USA Disneyland? Wouldn’t it be FUN to TERRORIZE and KILL Mickey Mouse? Perhaps BEHEAD Goofy? On US soil? Now that’s a vacation a radicalized, peaceful, loving, plain, everyday, normal Muslim family would really enjoy!

    Too bad the mothers weren’t allowed to join them. It must suck not being allowed to leave the house and having to wear a rag on your head all the time.

    It’s a shame these Muslims were so rudely stopped from this family adventure. I feel so sorry for the “children.” Especially the 19 year old with Islamic State Propaganda praising the Taliban and Al Qaida posted on his Facebook page. Poor kid. This must have broken his heart. I hope he’s scarred for life.

    It’s also a shame that this family is (was) related to the San Bernadino terrorists. They worshipped at the same “Army of Darkness Mosque” (sounds like a nice place) I’m so sorry for their loss.

    There’s another dirty shame. One of the fathers has been denied entrance into other countries too (Israel). Must have something to do with bad luck. It certainly doesn’t mean he may pose a threat to security.

    How dare Homeland Security do their job. Especially when it might piss off a Muslim or make them cry. “DIRTY ISLAMOPHOBES!”

    And for the biggest bigot and ISLAMOPHOBE of them all, Future President Donald Trump. “He’s insane! He has no clue what he’s talking about!” Actually his “anti-Muslim rhetoric” can become a legal reality.

    Technically if you are not citizen of the United States, you do not have Constitutional rights. Furthermore, an Amendment to the United States Constitution P.A.T.R.I.O.T act of 2001 could LEGALLY BAN anything or ANYONE, including Muslims or anyone else, opposing Terrorism Obstruction from entering the USA. The Patriot Act could goes as far as putting all Muslims in internment camps for the greater good of national security and protection against terrorism.

    Trump isn’t as stupid as every Democrat or CAIR martyr thinks.

  • Mister Vice

    I missed the part how they lost 11,000 pounds British Sterling because of this incident?

  • colormontage

    Well, what do you expect with a Facebook page like that? About time they started checking them, we don’t need another incident like San Bernardino! Laughable that they think Trump’s already making the rules! Go Trump! Feeling safer already, this has solidified my vote, Trump 2016!

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