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Minnesota: Authorities claim motive of Muslim who stabbed people while screaming “Allahu akbar” is unclear

[ September 25, 2017 ]

Islamic Contract Marriages: When Sheikhs Marry, Rape and Divorce Child Brides, All in One Week

Little Muslim girl teaches art of stabbing: “Stab! Stab! Stab! Stab! Stab!”, Hashtag ‘Stab’ On Twitter, Facebook


The new viral hashtag among Muslims on social media is #stab. Got that? When I ran an ad campaign rightly calling these savages savages, I was defamed, smeared and libeled — a stunning example of the degeneration of the West at the hands of the leftist elites.

dc savage dioramas

Think you are safe? Think again. The knife attack at University of California, Merced (UCMED) was jihad. Faisal Mohammad went on a “smiling” stabbing spree at the California university. The knife jihad came to America — like the knife attacks on Jews in Israel, and on hundreds of Chinese commuters by Chinese Muslims (Uighurs), freedom activists, secular bloggers and writers in Bangladesh, and the knife attack on tourists in Morocco. It is a new wave of Islamic terror, following Muhammad’s example of spreading Islam by the sword.

Little girl demonstrates art of stabbing: “Stab! Stab! Stab! Stab! Stab!” Itamar Marcus and Nan Jacques Zilberdik, PMW, December 9. 2015

Graphic images: How to slit throats of Jews
on Palestinian social media
Singer: “Stab! Stab! … Cut, tear apart…
shower the humiliated Jews with fire…
let death come for them in a flash”
 “Knock on Heaven’s door with the head of a Jew”

Palestinian Media Watch documents the Palestinian Authority and Fatah leadership’s messages to its population, showing both the PA ideology as well as how it directs the population to act. The current Palestinian terror wave is an excellent example of how the Palestinian population has responded to the leadership’s message. Mahmoud Abbas and other PA leaders sparked the current terror and violence by frequently reiterating the PA libel that Israel is planning to destroy the Al-Aqsa Mosque, and they called on Palestinians to “defend it,” “bless[ed] every drop of blood spilled” for it, “congratulated” the murderers and much more. Responding to the call, and following the praise and support from PA and Fatah leaders, among them Abbas, who referred to stabbings as “peaceful popular uprising,” Palestinians are – independent of the leadership – inciting to murder on social media, including encouraging people to slit the throats of Jews, and committing murder themselves.

The following are examples of social media murder promotion by Palestinians on Facebook.
One video (see above) shows a little girl glorifying stabbing. She is asked:
Man: “What do you tell [Palestinian] youth in the West Bank?”
Girl demonstrates with a long knife: “Stab! Stab! Stab! Stab! Stab!”
[Facebook page of the Jerusalem Intifada’s Young People Coalition,
Nov. 12, 2015]


A staged video shows two “Jews” harassing Palestinian children who are playing in the street. In revenge, a young Palestinian ambushes them, stabs one and slits the throat of the other, killing them both.
Text posted with this video:
And do not fear, Al-Aqsa awaits you”
[Facebook page of Jabal Al-Mukebar, Oct. 6, 2015]
An image posted to Facebook also vividly illustrates the call to cut the throats of Jews. It shows a Palestinian with a knife in his hand standing over a Jew wearing a kippah (Jewish skullcap), holding him down, about to stab him in the neck.


Text under photo: “#Stab_them_in_the_neck”
[Facebook page of Yusuf Shamasneh, Nov. 23, 2015]
Another video on Facebook also promotes stabbing of Jews and states that Israelis are “doomed to death.” The actor and singer who made and posted the video proclaims: “I stab a Zionist… I take revenge because I am a Palestinian Muslim.” In the video he “performs” a stabbing attack, killing a “Jew.” [Facebook page of Gazan comedian and actor Rafat Shurrab, Oct. 22, 2015]


The video incorporates a current and popular Fatah song that encourages violence and calls Palestinians to “the war of the streets”:
“I’m coming towards you, my enemy,
From every house, neighborhood and street
I’m coming towards you, my enemy,
From every house, neighborhood and street
I’m coming with my rifle and my faith
I’m coming towards you, my enemy
Our war is a war of the streets”
The video also incorporates the words of a Gazan preacher who recently encouraged people in the West Bank to “Stab!“:
“My brother on the West Bank:
Stab! Stab! Stab!
Stab! Do not hesitate.
You won’t find anything in our land but slaughter and stabbings.
And today a curfew is imposed!
Curfew! Curfew!”
Under the headline “Knock on Heaven’s door with the head of a Jew,” a Gazan singer posted a video that shows scenes from real stabbing attacks.


The singer encourages “the West Bank man” to: “Stab! Stab! … Cut, tear apart… Resist,” and continues:
“Make volcanoes of war erupt at the front line,
shower the humiliated Jews with fire
Let fear come down on them, and let death come for them in a flash
Children of Zion, tell of the swords that were openly plunged in you
Your necks and heads, your buses and soldiers have tasted the taste of a stabbing ambush!”
[Facebook page of Gazan singer Osama Issa Al-Nashar, Nov. 4, 2015]
Additional pictures of children brandishing knives and encouraging murder of Jews and Israelis are seen on many Palestinian Facebook pages, like this:

Text under photo: 
“His mother put a keffiyeh on him
He went to get a knife
And said to me: ‘In order to stab’
Zionists, woe to you from the freedom generation”
#Stab, #So_what, #Hebron, #Our_land
[Facebook page of Moutasem Shawabkeh, Nov. 20, 2015]
See more examples of PMW’s documentation of PA and Fatah support for the current terror wave.
The following are longer excerpts of the private Facebook posts promoting killing Jews:
Palestinian video on Facebook promotes stabbing of Jews
“Cut, tear apart… Resist”
Posted text: “Knock on Heaven’s door with the head of a Jew” 
“Stab, West Bank man”
Osama Issa Al-Nashar Gazan singer:
Visuals: Scenes from stabbing attacks against Israelis
“Stab! Stab!
Stab, West Bank man and resist! Stab, West Bank man and resist!
Trample the oppressor under your feet
Never agree to the humiliation
Cut, tear apart, come battle!
O West Bank of [Yahya] Ayyash (i.e., Hamas bomb maker and inventor of suicide bombings), this is our Jerusalem!
From now on we will not agree to being humiliated
For your men love the ringing sound of their swords
And competed among themselves for Allah, how good is Heaven
Make volcanoes of war erupt at the front line,
shower the humiliated Jews with fire
Let fear come down on them, and let death come for them in a flash
Children of Zion, tell of the swords that were openly plunged in you
Your necks and heads, your buses and soldiers have tasted the taste of a stabbing ambush!”
“The Islamic Bloc – Rafah”
[Facebook page of Gazan singer Osama Issa Al-Nashar, Nov. 4, 2015]
Yahya Ayyash – First Hamas bomb-maker and leader of the of Hamas’ Izz A-Din Al-Qassam Brigades in the West Bank, is considered the initiator of Palestinian suicide bombings. He built the bombs used in many terror attacks, including the Mehola Junction bombing (2 killed, 9 injured, April 16, 1993), the Afula bus bombing (8 killed, 55 injured, April 6, 1994), the Hadera central station bombing (6 killed, 30 injured, April 13, 1994), the Tel Aviv bus 5 bombing (22 killed, 47 injured, Oct. 19, 1994), the Ramat Gan bus bombing (6 killed, 33 wounded, July 24, 1995), the Ramat Eshkol bus bombing (5 killed, over 100 injured, Aug. 21, 1995), and the Bet Lid bombing (22 killed, 66 injured, Jan. 22, 1995). He was killed by Israeli security forces on Jan. 5, 1996.
Palestinian video on Facebook promotes stabbing of Jews

Posted text: “Rise and resist”
#Stab and do not fear, Al-Aqsa awaits you
“Rise and make Intifada”
[Facebook page of Jabal Almukebar, Oct. 6, 2015]
Palestinian video on Facebook promotes stabbing of Jews: Israelis are “doomed to death” “I stab a Zionist… I take revenge because I am a Palestinian Muslim”

Posted text:

A short video titled ‘Al-Aqsa awaits.’ This is the message to the Zionist occupation and our residents in the West Bank…

Under this are credits. The actor Rafat Sharrab narrates the video and also acts in it. The post includes different hashtags such as #stab, #Jerusalem_Intifada, and #Al-Aqsa_awaits.
At the beginning of the video Shurrab says: “This video is a message that I want to send to those occupying our land, that they are doomed to death.”
The Fatah song promoting violence “I Am Coming towards You, My Enemy” plays in the background:
“I am coming towards you, my enemy, from every house, neighborhood and street
Our war is a war of the streets.
I’m coming towards you, my enemy
We’re going down from every house with cleavers and knives
With grenades we announced a popular war
I swear, you won’t escape, my enemy, from the revolution and the people.
How will you escape the ring of fire while the crowds are blocking the way?
I’m coming towards you, my enemy, from every house, neighborhood and street”
In the video, the actor Shurrab ambushes a “Jew” who is talking on the phone, wraps a keffiyeh around his face, and stabs him to death. At the moment of the stabbing, Gazan preacher Muhammad Salah Abu Rajab is heard shouting: “O my brother in the West Bank, stab! Stab! Stab! Stab! Stab! Do not hesitate. You have nothing but stabbings in our land. And today a curfew is imposed!”
The “curfew” is a hint that Israelis are staying in their homes because they are afraid of being stabbed.
Text in video: “#The_intifada_continues” and “#Stab”
Shurrab holds a knife in his hand and says: “I stab a Zionist, not because I belong to some party or group, I take revenge because I am a Palestinian Muslim.”
A boy is seen holding Fatah and Hamas flags. Shurrab takes them and throws them to the ground, and gives the boy a Palestinian flag in their place. The two walk together with a Palestinian flag in their hands.
[Facebook page of Gazan comedian and actor Rafat Shurrab, Oct. 22, 2015]
Video on Palestinian Facebook page – Little girl encourages stabbing Jews

Facebook page of the ‘Jerusalem Intifada’s Young People’s Coalition’

Posted text: 
A girl from Khan Yunis, in the south of the Gaza Strip, supports the stabbing operations (i.e., terror attacks) by the young people of Hebron.
Video transcript: 
“Israeli”: “[Palestinian] youth are throwing stones at us [Israelis]”
Girl: “So what!”
“Israeli”: “”[Palestinian] youth are running after us [Israelis] with knives”
Girl: “So what!”
“Israeli”: “Muhannad Halabi stabbed us”  (i.e., terrorist who stabbed two Israeli civilians to death)
Girl: “So what!”
“Israeli”: “Fadi Alloun stabbed us”  (i.e., terrorist who stabbed an Israeli civilian)
Girl: “So what!”
“Israeli”: “What do you tell [Palestinian] youth in the West Bank?”
Girl: “Stab! Stab! Stab! Stab! Stab!”
[Facebook page of the Jerusalem Intifada’s Young People Coalition,
Nov. 12, 2015]
This video and the term “so what” is a reference to a hashtag appearing on Palestinian social media as a slogan used to encourage Palestinians to continue rioting, throwing rocks and using violence against Israelis. “#so_what” is a Palestinian response that makes light of Israel’s alleged crimes, showing that Palestinians don’t care. It also implies that no matter what Israel does, the Palestinians will continue not to care, and they will continue to riot, throw rocks, carry out stabbing attacks etc. The words refer to a video that went viral, showing an elderly Palestinian man arguing with Israeli soldiers. A soldier points to rioting Palestinians, saying: “They’re throwing rocks at us.” The old man replies: “So what, let them throw rocks.” 

Muhannad Halabi – 19-year-old Palestinian terrorist who killed 2 Israelis, Rabbi Nehemiah Lavi and Aharon Bennett, and injured Bennett’s wife, Adele, and their 2-year-old son in a stabbing attack in the Old City of Jerusalem on Oct. 3, 2015. Following the attack, he was shot and killed by Israeli security forces. Prior to his attack, in a post to his private Facebook page, the terrorist referred to recent terror attacks as part of a “third Intifada,” and said that it was a response to Israel’s actions at the Al-Aqsa Mosque and that the Palestinian people would not “succumb to humiliation.” This is a reference to the PA libel that Israel is plotting to take over and destroy the Al-Aqsa Mosque and to the PA’s portrayal of Jews praying on the Temple Mount as “an invasion of the Al-Aqsa Mosque. 

Fadi Alloun – 19-year-old Palestinian terrorist who stabbed and injured Israeli citizen Moshe Malka (15) near the Old City of Jerusalem on Oct. 3, 2015. Alloun fled and was shot and killed by Israeli police. Before his attack, Alloun had written on his Facebook page: “Oh Allah, my goal is Martyrdom-death (Shahada) or victory for Allah… Allah is great.”

Social Media As A Platform For Palestinian Incitement — Praise For Stabbing Attackers, Threats Of Further Attacks, MEMRI, December 10, 2015

On the backdrop of the recent wave of Palestinian terrorism in Israel, several hashtags were launched on social media in Arabic, such as “The Intifada Has Started,” “The Third Intifada,” “The Jerusalem Intifada,” “The Knife Intifada,” “Poison the Knife before You Stab,” and “Slaughtering the Jews.” These hashtags serve as platforms for virulent incitement against Jews and calls to harm them. Many Twitter accounts using these hashtags expressed joy at the attacks, called the perpetrators “heroes,” threatened more attacks soon, and encouraged others to carry out similar stabbings.

The following is a sampling of posts under the aforementioned hashtags since early October 2015.

Encouragement And Praise For Stabbing Attacks And Perpetrators

The news portal, which belongs to Hamas, posted an image on its Facebook page showing a youth holding a knife and walking towards two religious Jews standing at a Jerusalem bus station. The image features the “Knife Intifada” hashtag.

stab tweet

knife jihad2knife jihad

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  • nanza

    There can never be peace with such beings who teach their children such venomous hatred!! The world should not be forcing Israel to come to peace with these mooslimes. Make no mistake, this is a religious war. The pallys work hand and hand with ISIS.

  • Aaron

    EXCELLENT information Pamela! You must redouble your efforts to educate people on the danger faced in Israel, and now in Europe and the USA. Some countries do not tolerate this, and neither should any civilized man.

    The Moslems are training their youth to be antisocial. Sociopaths has a very low turn-around rate and are very dangerous. They cannot be reasoned with or rehabilitated. The only effective action is to prohibit them from acting out–to stop them. Ask authentic law enforcement or legitimate psychologists and they will tell you…

    Pamela Geller has always been right on this issue, and after researching and following the trends, has come up as a tremendous and trustworthy resource on the threat posed by Islam. I trust she will relay more info to us from PMW and MEMRI. Nothing like seeing it for yourself.

    Can the country and the world catch up in time to protect the values and liberty of the West? It takes one person at a time to make a difference. See who you can reach in your circle.

    Thanks again Pamela.

    • DowntotheBone

      Yet one more example, as if any more are needed, showing that muslims dehumaize themselves.

      Ironically, that is going to save civilization some time/effort/trouble in its existential, civilizational war against these savages, because civilization will not have to dehumanize its enemy; the enemy – islam – has already (had already, 1,400 years ago) dehumanized itself.

  • Mahou Shoujo

    What say Loretta Lynch about prosecuting those who openly encourage hatred against an identifiable minority that is not muslim? Why do the democrats practice and encourage a worse form of apartheid than South Africa practiced? Why does the American public endure this sub human behaviour encouraged by the government?

    • IzlamIsTyranny

      The muslum apes in these videos are Pallyswine, they don’t live in the US, thank G-d.

      • Mahou Shoujo

        The palestinians are an excellent example of why islam is not to be tolerated in a civilized society.

  • DissentIsSometimesPatriotic123

    If you want to see the face of Satan, look in the eyes of a Fuckestinian child.

  • Josephine

    And Zuckerburg has the nerve to slam Donald Trump, when he is only trying to keep Americans safe. He should maybe be checking the hatred and death threats he is aiding and abetting through Facebook.

  • Ajay

    I might sound racist, xenophobic etc etc … But seriously I would be confident of sending my kid top a school with these kids. Americans beware ! Seriously

  • Mildred Rosewater

    And here is her little brother, baby jihad….

    • Mildred Rosewater

      The toddler can’t even walk yet and they’ve got him outfitted with an explosive vest. Sickos!

  • Tresia Eachus Mitchell

    These children should be taken away from their parentx

  • Needtoknowtruth

    My heart hurts to watch a six yr girl completely covered and showing how to stab and kill, so gross n disgusting is Islam. Why is this on Facebook, it’s pure hate and definitely hate speech.

  • Needtoknowtruth

    Time to arm ourselves with guns and knives, knife them in the privates so no more kids to be taught hate

  • Susan

    Islam is following the same doctrine of the nazis, or is it the other way around. When children are indoctrinated into evil you have evil times 10. Please, all free countries which includes Israel, need to ban islam, not to do so is suicide.

  • WileEC

    So how can the lefties possibly explain any of this……sensibly?

    • Benton Marder

      ‘Crickets !’ ‘Look, squirrel !’ That’s how the Left reptiles will reply.

  • Mike Knox

    Where’s little liberal Mark’s “outrage” over this on his precious liberal Facebook? Liberal billionaire fools who spout their hatred of Conservatives but let this go on because? Why?

  • Don Grantham

    These are the kind of people who name their child ‘Knife of Jerusalem’. I feel sorry for the kids, because they have no concept of what they are doing, and will just end up dead as part of a propaganda campaign. I don’t know how much more execrable someone could be than to push children into this death sentence. Anything more I have to say would just be unprintable.

  • Mal M

    Jihad. Kill them in advance before they get you.

  • durabo

    My survival gear is very democratic: It will take down ANY hostile man, woman, boy, girl who threatens me or anyone else with a blade. Equal opportunity, eh?


    Tell the tyke that if she stabs both of her parents she’ll get a new doll and lots of candy.

  • Stephen Honig

    By not supporting jihad, you will also destroy Obama.

  • littledon

    So So Sad!! These animals teach such a young little child to be a killer, what SOB’s Hang that Bas’ d by his Ball’s! God Help and Save America!

  • tom silk

    AHHH How cute is he

  • Gatman

    Notice that the US media, in the wake of the San Bernadino incident, never mention the attacks in Israel by knife, automobiles and explosives. This would divert attention away from the agenda to ban firearms in the USA…

  • Jaem

    I have never seen a people so enchanted with murder, suicide, torture and so lacking in human empathy. Their disregard for God’s creation, their love of hatred and murder and pride in themselves show the world who they really worship and it is not God.

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