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ISIS Czar a Terrorist Sympathizer Once Fired by Obama for Hamas Ties


You may recall that Malley was foreign policy adviser to then-presidential candidate Barack Obama in 2007, and was fired from his campaign team in 2008 because of his notorious ties to Hamas, the PLO and other jihadist, anti-Israel groups.

Atlas readers are long familiar with this subversive jihad operative. As early as 2007 and  2008 (and repeatedly throughout the campaign and in my book), I warned Atlas readers of the troubling relationship between Robert O. Malley and Barack Hussein Obama.

Robert Malley told the NY Times that he had regularly been in contact with Hamas, which is designated a  terrorist organisation by the State Department.

2007 and further:

[Malley] was part of the American negotiating team that dealt with Yasser Arafat at Camp David. He has presented a revisionist history of those negotiations since then:
presenting a view that blames Israel for the failures of the negotiations. His version has been radically at odds with the views of Americans and Israelis (including the views of American Middle East negotiator Dennis Ross-also an adviser to Obama- and President Clinton). He has spent years representing the Palestinian point of view, co-writing a series of anti-Israel articles with Hussein Agha-a former Arafat adviser. Palestinian advocate. These have appeared in the New York Review of Books a publication that has served as a platform for a slew of anti-Israel advocates from Tony Judt to the aforementioned George Soros to the authors of the Israeli Lobby book Stephen Walt and John Mearsheimer. Malley has also called settlements “colonies” — implicitly condemning Israel as a “colonial” state. His writings have been so critical of Israel that the media-monitoring group CAMERA has a “dossier” on him.

Discover the Networks:

In a July 2001 op-ed (titled “Fictions About the Failure at Camp David”) which was published in the New York Times, Robert Malley (whose family, as noted above, had close ties to Yasser Arafat) alleged that Israeli — not Palestinian — inflexibility had caused the previous year’s Camp David peace talks (brokered by Bill Clinton) to fail. This was one of several controversial articles Malley has written — some he co-wrote with Hussein Agha, a former adviser to Arafat — blaming Israel and exonerating Arafat for that failure.

One security official at the time said, “We are noting with concern some of Obama’s picks as advisers, particularly Robert Malley who has expressed sympathy to Hamas and Hezbollah and offered accounts of Israeli-Palestinian negotiations that don’t jibe with the facts” (here).

Because of the exposure of Malley by the blogs, he was removed from Obama’s campaign team. But the mask is off, and Obama has no need to pretend to be something he is not. Malley is back and in charge of the Obama “war” against ISIS.


“ISIS Czar a Terrorist Sympathizer Once Fired by Obama for Hamas Ties,” Judicial Watch, December 2, 2015 (thanks to Tom):

A radical foreign policy adviser fired by President Obama years ago for meeting with the Palestinian terrorist group Hamas is back as the administration’s new czar in charge of countering the Islamic State of Iraq and Greater Syria (ISIS).

The White House downplayed the new appointment by burying it deep in a press briefing delivered at a Paris hotel during the recent climate summit. “The President recently elevated Rob Malley, the NSC [National Security Council] Coordinator for the Middle East and North Africa, to serve now as the Senior Advisor to the President for the Counter-ISIL Campaign in Iraq and Syria,” White House Press Secretary Josh Earnest said during the briefing at the Marriott Rive Gauche Hotel and Conference Center. Before moving onto the next topic Earnest said the president has directed Malley to “support our reinvigorated diplomatic track toward a political transition in Syria…”

Malley has a well-documented history of sympathizing with extremists, which makes this appointment rather outrageous. Judicial Watch wrote about Malley last year when Obama made him the senior director at the NSC even though the president had dumped him as a foreign policy adviser for meeting with and having regular contact with Hamas, long classified a terrorist organization by the U.S. State Department. Malley’s family had close ties to Yasser Arafat, founder of the Palestine Liberation Organization (PLO) and the Fatah movement, and Malley was an adviser in Bill Clinton’s White House. He consistently exonerates Palestinians and condemns Israel.

Over the years he has published a number of newspaper opinion pieces urging the United States to reach out and negotiate with terrorist enemies like Hamas, Hezbollah and Muqtada al-Sadr. A website that documents the networks and agendas of the political left offers details about Malley’s scary past and provides links to the egregious articles he’s published, including several co-written with Hussein Agha, a former adviser to Arafat. In 2007 Malley published an op-ed piece in a mainstream newspaper expressing strong support for Syrian President Bashar al-Assad, a murderous tyrant who has been credited with helping ISIS rise.

Malley grew up in France and his Egyptian-born father was a key figure in Egypt’s communist party and a close friend of Arafat’s. His parents were fervently anti-Israel and huge supporters of several leftist revolutionary liberation movements, especially the Palestinian cause. Malley published a piece in a mainstream newspaper declaring that Israel was responsible for the failure of Bill Clinton’s peace talks with the Palestinians. Malley attended the 2000 event, which was held at Camp David because it was the site of the landmark 1978 Israeli-Egyptian peace accords.

Shortly after Obama got elected president Israel’s largest news site revealed that the Arabic-language newspaper Al-Hayat reported that Hamas engaged in talks with Obama for months through his “fired” adviser. The article quotes Ahmad Yousuf, Hamas leader Ismail Haniyeh’s political advisor, saying this: “We were in contact with a number of Obama’s aides through the Internet, and later met with some of them in Gaza, but they advised us not to come out with any statements, as they may have a negative effect on his election campaign and be used by Republican candidate John McCain (to attack Obama).”

How can Americans possibly confide in Malley to help dismantle what is arguably the world’s deadliest and most brazen terrorist group? A Florida-based Jewish weekly helps answer this, albeit with another question: “With a history of dissing Israel, snuggling up to Hamas, shielding Assad, and promoting the containment of a nuclear-armed Iran, is it any surprise that Malley is Obama’s choice to spearhead the U.S. response to ISIS?”

  • jihad me at hello!

    Surprise surprise

  • DrJonnyChepe

    Why do Americans keep putting up with president?

    • Ron Cole

      We call it it the not President.
      My Great Grandest of Children call it*
      le ⊗ pĕĕЯĕzidĕntĕ.

      * It:
      le perpetually bowing muslim queenie barbӱe hu$$ien
      the oft aliased fatherless paperless alien it.

    • Sarita La Cubanita

      He has 1 year left. It’s too much time for sure, but the damage is already done. There’s a lot that will need to be fixed.

      • JGray1

        you’re wrong. obama can and will do a lot more damage some or most of it irreparable. if we do not remove this aberrant rogue administration from the white house today we will lose our republic and our constitutional democracy. that is a guarantee. and it will be on our watch.

        • Sarita La Cubanita

          The Muslim scourge is terrifying and he’s encouraged it, nurtured it, let it grow, shaped it, loved it. But please don’t be so pessimistic. To say we can’t handle this is not true. Something has already happened – libs are changing their views of this man with the Muslim issue. Can’t you see that? That’s huge!

          This man will be history – bad history. It’s our responsibility now to make sure we help elect someone a Republican who can handle the Muslim threat, which is already inside the gates, and getting in more deeply via Internet.

  • Ron Cole

    It is hardly a surprise that a conspirator from ĕnémª a-mědiª is a sleeze bagged slimeball.

    In fact, were I Rich, I would bet a million that you could send em` all to Club Gitmo for some of that soothing water therapy
    and they would `fess up.

    Disclaimer: I am not rich.

  • Juan
  • Anneke9

    Fundamentally transforming America. God, what are we going to find out has been done in our name to our own country when this a**hole leaves office?

  • Dano50

    Does the Odumba administration put an ad on Craigslist or something?

    Wanted: Applicants for various White House Positions. Hamas/ Muslim Brotherhood ties, and Anti-Semite attitude, a plus, but not necessarily required. (As long as you can maintain plausible deniability and are willing to learn.) Required is a strong sense of denial in the face of any and all evidence to the contrary, and the capability to manufacture and maintain straight faced/bald faced lies upon demand.

  • Goldie77

    I have never heard of this man before. Unbelievable that he is an adviser and has been one to this traitor President. How many more advisers will we learn about in the next year that all have the intention of destroying this beautiful country of ours. We, the silent majority have to stand up and fight for this nation as our founding fathers did.

  • balafama

    why are we surprised ,this is just another gift from obama to his isis lovers.

  • Steve Brown


  • chris wolf

    The Frida Kahlo of CNN, Rosa Flores, is swearing on the alter of bleeding Bambi that the dashboard video of the Death of Laquan “contradicts” written statements by the officer charged with murder and other officers on the scene — when in reality the statements she cites are verified beyond a reasonable doubt by the video.

    *Officers said he was waving the knife provocatively side to side in an exaggerated manner — the video confirms it.
    *Officers said he was approaching them in an aggressive manner — the video confirms it.
    *Officers said he turned toward them and thrust the knife toward them — the video confirms it.
    *Officers said he ignored repeated commands to drop the knife. There’s no audio but does anyone doubt they were yelling drop the knife? You can see them yelling at him. Were they yelling “Do you want to date my sister? Do you want to date my sister?”
    It’s one thing for a reporter to lie to support her preferred version of events, but it’s another thing when she has video that everyone has already seen dozens of times that confirms the opposite of every specific claim she’s trying to make.
    In a sort of Stockholm Syndrome, anchor Fredricka Whitfield chimes in saying the perp “is walking away from [officers]” when clearly and beyond any doubt the perp is closing the distance between himself and officers, even if at a slight oblique angle.
    CNN needs to make a retraction on this whole story and fire Rosa Flores and Fredricka Whitfield.
    This Laquan shooting, like literally EVERY OTHER CASE of police shootings of so-called “unarmed black men” starting with the Gentle Giant Thug of Ferguson, Michael Brown — including North Charleston, Cincinnati, Staten Island, Baltimore — is 100 percent justified shooting or take-down and every one is effectively suicide by cop.
    And I’m sick of people on TV who normally support the police caving in under PC peer pressure and throwing this cop overboard to justify their claim to fairness and their CNN paycheck. Every one these was cases was what every thug in this country needs to know he’s going to get when he resists arrest, threatens police, ignores commands to drop the weapon and most certainly tries to take an officer’s gun.

  • wildjew

    I think it has been noted more than once on this site by the readers and the owner, Barack Obama has deep sympathies not only for Islam but for the global jihad.

  • Look on the BRIGHT SIDE _ President TRUMP will end this BS !

    • Dorrie

      Not EVEN

  • Paobeau

    Wake up America, we are at war. This is not a war we brought on ourselves, it is a war that has been going on for many, many years. It is now on our shores and the current administration is fully supporting our destruction. What is going on is not an accident, it has all been planned out. They just don’t realize what it is to be an American. We will stand shoulder to shoulder, we will prevail…. But, we must wake up and stand together. So, help us all God. via GB

  • Esther Lerch

    The fox guarding the henhouse.

  • Kim Bruce

    Obama is more than a community organizer…he is the chief Muslim Brotherhood ummah organizer.

  • stealth4

    We bitch and moan about this dictator all the time, while he continues to destroy American society everywhere in every way. He should have been impeached, incarcerated, or mental-hospitalized long ago .

  • Shiite from Shinola

    Barry Hussein 0bama is Saul Alinsky’s wet dream com true.
    It’s going to take decades to undo the damage this traitor has done to America, and he’s just getting started.×304-noPad.jpg

  • Andrew Rourke

    The only ones in battle with terror are the Russians and the Kurds. Obama, Merkel and Erdogan are bombing the PKK and shooting down Russian Aircraft. They are also supporting ISIS, the Syrian Rebels and Alqueda with arms. Obama doesn´t represent the American people.


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