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[ September 22, 2017 ]

In Pamela Geller beheading plot, Muslims ‘hoped to achieve martyrdom’

Pamela Geller, Breitbart News: Muslims Declare War on France: “It Was a Bloodbath”


Here’s my latest for Breitbart:

Geller: Muslims Declare War on France: “It Was a Bloodbath”

High powered weapons, suicide bombers and grenades. This is war.

Screen Shot 2015-11-14 at 12.37.55 AM

“Allahu akbar!” That all-too-familiar battle cry kicked off six live and ongoing Islamic acts of war on the people of France. Muslims set off on a murderous rampage in Paris Friday night, killing at least 166, including at least 100 concertgoers at a music hall featuring an American rock band. The death toll spread across six sites in the city.

Devout Muslims were celebrating the attacks on social media.
One of the jihadists apprehended stated, “I am from the Islamic State.” Hundreds of thousands of these savages have invaded the continent.
“Terrorist attacks of an unprecedented magnitude are in play in Paris. It’s horror,” French President François Hollande said. “We have mobilized all forces possible to neutralize the terrorists.”

Screen Shot 2015-11-13 at 11.50.01 PM
At the concert hall, the merciless jihadis murdered their hostages one by one, as the non-Muslims begged for the lives of their loved ones. Paris police said that the siege ended when French forces killed at least two of the jihad murderers inside the hall.
Hollande ordered a state of emergency in Paris. He also closed the country’s borders. Too little, too late. After the Charlie Hebdo massacre and the subsequent murders at a Jewish grocery in Paris in January, what more warning did Hollande need?
The massacre took place at several different locations in Paris — near the site of the massacre of Muhammad cartoonists at the Charlie Hebdo offices in January. The jihadis focused on what would be prestige targets for them. They murdered several people in a restaurant, as well as at the concert hall. Some were killed in suicide bombings – a hallmark of jihad attacks. There was another bombing near the Stade de France, north of Paris.
One eyewitness said: “I’ve seen two terrorists from my point of view with AK-47s entering the concert room and firing randomly into the crowd. People yelled and screamed.” This witness said that the Muslim murderers calmly reloaded their weapons, and then began killing again: “It lasted for 10 minutes. 10 minutes. 10 horrific minutes where everyone was on the floor covering their heads. We heard so many gunshots. And the terrorists were very calm…and they reloaded three to four times their weapons.” This recalls the smiling jihadi who stabbed four people at the University of California Merced last week.
The witness added: “They didn’t shout anything. They didn’t say anything. They were in masks. They were wearing black clothes….And they were shooting at people on the floor. And I was luckily at the top of the stage. The front of the stage. So people tried to escape…and I found an exit when the terrorists reloaded their guns. And I climbed on the stage and we found an exit. And when I went on the streets I see 20 to 25 bodies lying on the floor. And people were very badly injured with gunshot wounds.”
Most chillingly of all, the witness said: “I have some friends who are still inside…who are hiding…they are hiding in some kind of room in the dark. They text me and they are very afraid.”
Despite all this horror, the European Union elites are bringing into Europe millions of these savages. I have warned for years about this coming jihad. For doing so, I was attacked, smeared, and marginalized. We were right about it all, and yet still my colleagues and I are blacklisted. Hundreds are dead, and the war has just begun. We did everything in our power to save lives. But the political, media and academic elites aligned with the savages. And now hundreds more are dead in Paris — and you ain’t seen nothing yet.
This Paris jihad massacre casts into a new light the desire of New York State Senator Kirsten Gillibrand to bring 1.5 million Muslim migrants from Syria to New York. Obama wants to accelerate the entry of Syrian refugees into U.S. I can promise you this: I will lead a march on this woman if she pursues this. All attendees will be required to bring pitchforks and torches. If she wants to kill New York State and bring these jihadis into the U.S., she better be prepared for a knock down, drag out fight.
Incredibly, Obama said today that the Islamic State (ISIS) is not getting stronger: “we have contained them.” He is either in an early stage of dementia or he is one of them. I submit that it is the latter. In either case, Americans must be ready: lock and load. It’s not just in Paris, it’s here: Garland, Texas, Chattanooga…yesterday, an Ohio Muslim was arrested for plotting to kill U.S. soldiers and bomb churches and schools.
“I’ll be proud when I shed American blood,” Muslim convert Terence Terrence McNeil said. He posted messages advocating jihad against the United States: “I would gladly take part in an attack on this murderous regime and the people.” This was one of their jihad fighters in the US. And Ohio is crawling with them.
These are not idle threats. This is a world war. I have published hundreds of Islamic State social postings, naming names and providing addresses and photos of U.S. soldiers here in the States, urging American Muslims to slaughter our boys and girls.
Right now, nothing is being done to stop jihad recruiting in U.S. mosques, even as several hundred young Muslims from the U.S. have gone to wage jihad for the Islamic State. And now they seek to wage jihad here at home.
In the wake of this jihad war in France, terror groups like the Hamas-tied Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) will hold press conferences that their running dogs in the media will clamor to cover, hand-wringing about a non-existent “fear of reprisals” and “backlash” against innocent Muslims.
And the jihad machine steamrolls on.
The Muslim migrant stream into Europe is a Muslim invasion. Back in February, the Islamic State warned that they would send millions of Muslim fighters into Europe. They have made good on their every pledge. And now the attacks in Paris demonstrate that Europe is at war.
It’s coming here. Stop Muslim migrant immigration. Now.
Pamela Geller is the President of the American Freedom Defense Initiative (AFDI), publisher of and author of The Post-American Presidency: The Obama Administration’s War on America and Stop the Islamization of America: A Practical Guide to the Resistance. Follow her on Twitter here. Like her on Facebook here.

  • Jim Fox

    Sing along now with Barak, Cameron, Hollande and Merkel [morons, all]
    If most in the free world are sufficiently moronic to believe Islam is a mere religion,
    then we deserve to be disabused of that fallacy. Which is what is happening.

    It will take 100,000+ jihad deaths in a single attack to convince the libertarians.
    Even then, it will still be “NOTHING TO DO WITH ISLAM”

  • Mal M

    The EU leading by France were too much busy to mark Israelis
    settlements goods instead to fight the Islam. I wonder when the EU will realize
    that the common enemy of Israel and them is the Islam.

    • Sarita La Cubanita

      Now I have this visual of liberals “marking” settlement goods, and getting their heads blown up by Muslims. Liberals are imbeciles.

  • Angel Warrior

    So many Jihadi’s….so little time! Prepare for the time draws near….. Godspeed everyone! P.S….don’t forget your bacon fat!

    • Susan

      Love it.

      • Angel Warrior


  • AJAX

    & today, as everyone is standing around looking in shock at the bodies littering the streets of Paris, thousands more of them are invading Europe & the English World via its immigration policies.

    • iWildwood

      10,000 over the past 24 hours to New Orleans.
      What next: 1.5 million to New York…

    • Sandy

      Take a look at what Canada is about to do.

      • AJAX

        Canada is racing Sweden to be first in the civilized world to commit national suicide.

        • dfd

          Hey, you’re
          discriminating against us Germans. I do resent that. Thanks to
          “Mutti” Merkel, we will beat the Swedes and the Canadians – oh
          dear. What am I saying?

          BTW, ‘Mutti’ is
          affectionate for mother, wonder what she is the mother of…

        • stephencarter

          Toronto now has 4.6% Muslims. Sweden has 5% & is now rape capital of Western world. I would never move back to Toronto.

          • Angel Warrior

            I don’t like Toronto…never have even when the percentage was lower!

        • Angel Warrior

          But at least we can have legal pot on hand to smoke ourselves into oblivion about it!

      • vincent bruce

        special forces will get obama and trudeau before this ends, firing squad.

        • stephencarter

          I would cheer!!

          • Angel Warrior

            I would hand out candy and sweets if both of them got their just desserts!

  • stealth4

    Looks like it is obviously time for West to fight declared War on Islam.

    • dad1927

      Obama said “we will never be at war with islam” Wait till his next family reunion at the mosque!

  • Susan

    The sad thing is the Government of France and Europe will do nothing but try to separate the terrorist from the religion of peace. No can do, islam is terrorist by its’ very nature. The only hope is that the people of France take action against their own government or there will be more of the same until there no longer is a France.

  • Bernir

    I’m here in Paris

    The world is impotent

    Peace is desired but it is time to confront the cause of all the terrorist acts Muslims everywhere regardless of the political correctness.

    TV commentators talk of what is our worry , could this spread .

    This is crazy , they are going to kill and kill and kill.

    All need to be armed

    This is a war with Islam

    This is a very sad day for Paris
    This is a very sad day for France
    This is a very sad day for freedom
    This is a very sad day for the world and America

    This is insanity and these idiots are part of why things are bad and getting worse

    There is no safe area in all Europe. You can be stabbed before anyone can help you. A bomb can be detonated and unless every person is searched at every gathering , Muslims who promote this ideology have no respect for human life, so our only defense is to kill as many as we can.

    There is no question that anti Semitism is on the rise in Europe .However it is hard to separate this posture with anti non Muslim posturing . The world here is going to eventually end up with Muslims and those who ignorantly support anti Semitic and anti Muslim onslaughts until the Muslims turn on them and say CONVERT or DIE. They then become the Jews of the 21st century.

    And there are so many ignorant and blind European leaders who think they owe it to refugees to treat both Muslims who want to use this generosity to overtake Europe and fail to separate the deserving from the modern day Nazis clothed as Muslims.

    Our fight is made more difficult by the pressure from CAIR and other jihadist fronts in the US using Islamaphobia to protect these jihadists

    Please let Ted Cruz bill to label the Muslim Brotherhood as an extremist group and a Hamas front go to law .

    People do not know up from down in this delimma All we can do is inform and set back

    This is where the non Muslims must create a united front and stop this attempt to isolate the foes of jihad.

    How can the world be blind to the threat that Islamization is moving forward

    Does anyone believe that this immigration fiasco is more about the permeation of Islamic takeover rather than escaping some mythical danger.

    Why then so many untoward hideous onslaughts

    We got to get rid of the Muslim brotherhood first and then work on CAIR and thanks to Ted Cruz we’re on our way

    Of course knifing is natural. Hard to detect, deadly and swift.

    We are in the midst of a new and hideous WW3 and we are arguing about Islam rights as they pick us apart

    I’ve felt it for 2 years now and now it seems it’s coming to roost. Either Muslims shot the Russian jet or got a bomb in it, but this is the worlds vulnerability and they can bring air travel to a halt. When does the nuclear option get on the table ???

    The war is on. Only problem is that our way of life handcuffs us to retaliate. We need to elect someone who will take the cuffs off us and give us the freedom to combat Islam as the Israeli’s do.

    The Brits, Germans . Swedes , Dutch, Austrians, Hungarians, Spaniards, and French need to mobilize against the Islamization of their countries. And they must do it before Pergida and other nationalist entities realize that all out revolution is their only relief.

    Someone has to neutralize Adjem Choudray in Britian

    Folks stop kidding yourselves. Islam IS NOT a religion. It is a political theocracy hell bent for totalitarian worldwide domination like communism or Naziism. It uses Taqiya and jihad which allows anything if it promotes the Caliphate.

    Our one hope is that apostasy will catch on and crest an atmosphere of reformation. Otherwise non Muslims have no choice but to wage resistance against all.

    What will it take to get all to start voicing that Islam is in the midst of overall world domination and slowly establishing the caliphate for the ultimate victory. It is moving at every front and I do not hear the threat from republicans , democrats, CNN , Fox or the masses of American,

    And will Trump or Rubio or Carson or Clinton stop Islam in its tracks or just do lip service to the threat to our way of life as a means to get elected

    The Palestinian posture is such a farce. This entire conflict is just part of the Islamic Caliphate. If Israel gave up all its land and moved to Cuba, Muslims would follow them there. Israel is a pawn in worldwide Islamic domination, nothing more. Wait till you see the refugees rise up in Germany and to justify jihad, paint the opposition there as Nazis. And similarly in Hungary , the Netherlands , France etc. All will see the falsity of Islamic propaganda.
    Today is the day for all free democracies to see Islam for what it is , a totalitarian theocracy, not a religion. And we all must 1 fight as if it were world war 3 ( because it is)2 Resist the Islamization of our countries 3 awaken all our politicians and friends to this reality.

    There is no way that non Muslims will persuade Muslims that the foundation of their Political theocracy has flaws. Flaws in its beginning and flaws in its present posture. Only Apostates who have been brought up as Muslims and converted to being ex Muslims can ask them to examine the Qur’an or Sharia to see its idiocy. Ayaan Hirsi Ali in her most recent book “Heretic” can outline these ideas for a complete examination. If one can watch the evolution of Mageed Nawazz on You Tube from 2005 to the present, one can see that as Mageed examined his life as a jihadist , through his Egyptian imprisonment and his early defense of Islam, and see him abandon the denial a Muslim has to defend this political theocracy, one will witness this change. But to me this allowance of Muslim prayer blocking sidewalks and streets in Los Angeles, London, Paris etc cannot go on. We either must give up all we have, or we must fight at every level to stop the Islamization of America and the rest of the free world. And if it takes a Donald Trump ( God forbid) to establish this solidarity of the American people , then maybe unless the democrats wake up to the danger, that is why we must do.
    Geert Wilders , a Dutch politician and an anti Islam activist may be the most impressive active politician in the world today. We can hope he becomes the Dutch prime minister. He along with Ayaan Hirsi Ali, Pamela Geller,Robert Spencer, Sam Harris and others, are desperately trying to tell the world , we do not hate Muslims but we must stop the Islamization of the world. Yes all these folks align themselves with Israel because if Israel fails. Europe will follow.
    The world must unite against Islam and its attempt to take over the world. There is no difference between silent deniers of the Qur’an being totalitarian and the Jihadists who want a world wide Caliphate, but think through Jihad , they can obtain it quicker.
    Most important dogma of Islam is Taqiya. It compels the Muslim to LIE if it promotes the totalitarian takeover of the world. So you know that a Muslim is lying, when he tells you that only jihadist want a complete Muslim world. He or she is practicing Taqiya.
    One needs to decide now to become informed and fight the fight against Islam or sit back and watch our way of life disappear .
    And it is most important to understand that Islam is as much a fascist religion as communism or nazism because it has as its objective world wide Muslim domination and the elimination of ALL non Muslims.
    If anyone wants a most recent 45 page essay on this realization , merely text your email.
    We will all be opposed by charges of fascist opposition to a religion . But Islam as practiced is no more a religion than Communism is, it is a political theocracy .
    It was enlightening recently in Nassua and discussing the ever present Muslim problem, I was encouraged by my Australian and British friends there that they acknowledge that further accommodations for refugees or Sharria or Islamic lies and more mosques and the institution of Islamic dogma has reached its end point. All rhe civilized world is seeing that a political theocracy such as Islam must be thwarted and stopped in its tracks. And it was enlightening to hear others in the world community recognize this dilemma.

    • dad1927

      Muslim Brotherhood as an extremist group and a Hamas front are actual advisers to Obama, so cannot be labeled. Ask Egypt who overthrew the obama advisers.

      • joe1429

        yes, that why they called LIBTARDS!! GO TRUMP!!

      • Sarita La Cubanita

        So true!!!!

    • Dravaa

      Declare Islam (by virtue of its political/legal/military wings) much more than a religion and therefore not a candidate for religious protection in the West. Then outlaw it as a terror group, like Hamas or Hezbollah. Then shut down their hideouts, the Wahabbi funded mosques which are where all the radicalization is coming from. Without mosques the radicals will leave. Every time there is a terror attack, a Saudi funded mosque should be demo’d.
      It’s not so shocking.
      Just as there are no churches in Saudi Arabia, there should be no mosques allowed in the West, until Islam completely removes its expansionist doctrines that have nothing to do with religion, from its playbooks.
      Just so there don’t continue to be these “misunderstandings of the faith”.
      Until then, sorry, not considered a religion, and no mosques.

      • Mark Rosenthal

        Dravaa, You see it so clear as i do… I’m going to copy ur statement and use it as needed as is. Thank You

      • Sarita La Cubanita

        Great post!

    • Angel Warrior

      Peace is wanted by all but unfortunately sometimes, we must not turn the other cheek and actually fight back….. Are we all ready yet for the Crusades 2.0?

      • Patricia

        Reminds me of what hubbs said this morning;

        “It’s about time to Templar their a$$es again!”

        • Angel Warrior

          I think it will come sooner than what anyone is expecting….people are getting very tired of this crap with ISIS and muslims in general…..
          Muslims who do not advocate for this type of violence better start opening their mouths and pick the side they will fight on cuz if they don’t do that very, very, soon…..they will be taken out permanently!

      • Sarita La Cubanita

        Unfortunately, the Crusades started 500 years after the Muslim convert-or-be-beheaded campaign.

    • Sarita La Cubanita

      The liberal love-fest with Muslims will result in extreme right wing leaders being voted in throughout Europe, unfortunately.

  • Arun Bengali Hindu

    This the barbaric consequence when you allow 7th century barbarians in your developed country to settle and stay as equals in the name of multiculturalism, liberalism and humanism!!!

    • dad1927

      They NEVER came to be equals. ISLAM means submission!
      Here is what the liberals are pushing!

      • NoCrud

        Oh, how nice it would be if Liberals practiced what they preach!!!

      • Sarita La Cubanita

        I looked it up on Snopes. The funeral directors put up no such sign.

  • Jay Martin

    Unfortunately this was expected. It was never a “if” it was a “when” It’s doubtfull this will be the catalyst forcing us to acknowledge and review Islam and Terrorism as interchangeable words. A lot more people will die in France and all Europe ,U.S Britain, Australia,before our Kumbaya attitude will be extinguished. Perhaps it’s divine retribution for giving P.L.O. a free pass in the last 40 years for terrorism against Israel and pretending it’s about Land. Had the West allowed Israel to deal with PLO Hamas Hezbollah and without hinderence, Terrorism would have remained unattractive and extinguished in a short time.Instead it empowered them whilst giving birth to others a “start-up” business model for “Terrorism” and so now this product has gone global.

    • Dravaa

      yes exactly – Israel is always their test market for their “newest” ways to overtake a Western country.

  • dad1927

    Obama said today that the United States is not getting stronger: “we
    have contained them.” –

    • Exactly, dad 1927. And remember when he also said the following about ISIL while blatantly being in denial of Islamic teachings from the Qur’an?

  • Dravaa

    Muslims in France. First they came for the Jews … then they came for the cartoonists and Jews … then they came for the music lovers and pork diners …

  • dad1927

    Its more Workplace violence.. First of all: Expect them to blame Israel…….These damn liberals want us to commit suicide by yes, by screaming help the children. ! Everyone reach out and congratulate Merkel! She got it done! Every single person that died in France, these liberal politicians have blood on their hands from it and should follow Hitler in the history books!

  • Flame

    In France won’t be any changes until:
    1 French government will get rid of ‘no-go-zones’.
    2 Until all thugs, who burn cars will be kick out of country.
    3 Until French government will not allow pray on a middle of busy streets.
    4 Stop Muslims to come to country.
    Until than, attacks will continue

    • Robert Bayer

      absolutely spot on.

    • harbidoll

      hundreds of people in the building-& only 2 shooters? Im disgusted.& you blaming the gubberment! The govt. is made up of its people. If the people are wooses, so is the govt.! I an Sooo angry at the passivity. A pair of stiletto shoes can do some damage.

      • Paul A Hall

        This is not the time to disparage victims! When was the last time you charged into the fire of automatic weapons?

        • David C. Telliho

          I see ‘harbidoll`s point. To die fighting is a better way than being passively shot. In answer to your question, Feb. , 1970, Ran into an ammo magazine on fire & put fire out. Also been shot at many times. Always really pisses me off, & I go hunting for them.

          • Paul A Hall

            I repeat 3 animals with automatic weapons and grenades, you have no weapons! Anyone who calls those victims cowards is a pos. That includes people that agree with them.

          • David C. Telliho

            My friend, For a hundred plus people to be shot, even while the shooters reloaded several times, seems unimaginable to me. I haven`t referred to them as cowards, but did use the word passive. Obviously, the victims suffered horribly and I do have compassion for them. Not being there, I really can`t judge them. What I might have done, I can`t say. One really never knows until it happens. Then action kicks in. What that may be, depends on the mental reaction, based on training, experience. Whether flight, or defence, or counter attack, or frozen in fear. The ones who counter an attack, don`t particularly consider their own safety, but loved ones, friends, and innocents. Unless these Muslims are dealt with, I expect we all will face that choice, sooner or later.

          • Marlene

            Not to mention how many concert goers for a heavy metal concert were also stoned and would not be expected to respond in a normal way.

          • Conversion Therapist

            Keyboard warrior.

          • David C. Telliho

            Is that sarcasm I detect ? Or have I missed your point. Help me out, please. If sarcasm, might I suggest you stick to the subject at hand. I`ve no interest in giving nor receiving sarcastic comments. That is my wife and I pictured by my posts, along with my real name. I don`t lie, nor have anything to hide. I really don`t care about threats, nor those on ego trips. I am simply here to offer my opinion like everybody else.

      • stephencarter

        In that situation I’d be paralyzed, unable to believe death could come at any moment.

        • David C. Telliho

          It`s OK to feel fear. I`ve experienced my feet feeling like great lumps of lead. At some point, we act. The desire to live is strong. Sometimes that means run, or fight, or hide. Once, I fought, another time I was badly outnumbered and hid, with but a knife for comfort. Gratefully, my location wasn`t discovered.

      • Angel Warrior

        Easy enough to judge when one is not in that situation and sitting comfortably behind a keyboard…..
        Not all folks have the bravado of the Americans to enter a gun fight armed with only a pair of stiletto heels!
        Not all folks voted for the government that they have….. Did you vote for Obama?

        • Sarita La Cubanita

          Not only that. You’re out with your date, laughing and enjoying, when suddenly you’re dead. I’m not sure if Harbidoll walks around with a gun on her hand moving through cities. Most human beings have a normal life – family, job, a movie, etc. It’s the leaders who have caused this. The enemy is now within and it must be surgically removed.

      • Sarita La Cubanita


  • guess8899

    Soon we will see libtard and leftist traitors defending islam, saying “islam is the religion of peace, it has nothing to do with islam, #jesuis islam.”

  • Forget Political Correctness: America and the world MUST WAKE UP!

  • Drew Matthews

    (a.k.a. Drew the Infidel) — How is that disarmed society working out for you? Remember how even the British “bobbies” used to be unarmed? Unfortunately and repeatedly, we are reminded that when guns are outlawed only outlaws will have guns.

  • Mark Rosenthal

    Declare Islam (by virtue of its political/legal/military wings) much
    more than a religion and therefore not a candidate for religious
    protection in the West. Then outlaw it as a terror group, like Hamas or
    Hezbollah. Then shut down their hideouts, the Wahabbi funded mosques
    which are where all the radicalization is coming from. Without mosques
    the radicals will leave. Every time there is a terror attack, a Saudi
    funded mosque should be demo’d.
    It’s not so shocking.
    Just as
    there are no churches in Saudi Arabia, there should be no mosques
    allowed in the West, until Islam completely removes its expansionist
    doctrines that have nothing to do with religion, from its playbooks.
    Just so there don’t continue to be these “misunderstandings of the faith”.
    Until then, sorry, not considered a religion, and no mosques.

    A re-post from another person worth the words

  • joker

    Instead of writing here kill the Muslims, where ever you see them. No mercy!

  • Further plans for the Syrian Refugee Resettlement Program should be immediately placed on hold.

    • Mahou Shoujo

      For the same money, bring twice as many colonists half as far, they can float the rest of the way across the Atlantic ocean, just like they did to get to europe.

  • HatesdaCold

    Obama is one of them. It is in Islam that you cannot speak bad of another Muslim . With his importation of these people into the US he is bringing this conflict to us. All I can say is arm up America regardless of any laws. The life you save will be your own, your family or neighbor. Let’s not forget who is doing this to us, our elected leaders have sold us out. After this needn’t and a few discussions I have become more jaded agains Islam as none of it can be trusted. NY will soon be tested as the idiot politicians will take them to that state. I believe our borders need to be closed and tightly.

    • David C. Telliho

      Obama is now considered to be an even better gun salesman than Bill Clinton. The jihadis are in for a fight like they`ve never experienced before, if they try this crap here. I expect it may be ‘open’ season on them. But, not me, nope, never even. I wouldn`t hurt a hair on their well masked heads. I expect all we need to do is let the good ol boy red necks know that they taste like chicken.

  • Rupesh Kannur

    Here is the few heroic acts by the prophet from this history of islam, recorded as hadith by islamic scholars. Book 8, Number 3371:
    Abu Sirma said to Abu Sa’id al Khadri (Allah he pleased with him): 0 Abu Sa’id, did you hear Allah’s Messenger (may peace be upon him) mentioning al-‘azl ?He said: Yes, and added: We went out with Allah’s Messenger (may peace be upon him) on the expedition to the Bi’l-Mustaliq and took captive some excellent Arab women; and we desired them, for we were suffering from the absence of our wives, (but at the same time) we also desired ransom for them.So we decided to have sexual intercourse with them but by observing ‘azl (Withdrawing the male sexual organ before emission of semen to avoid-conception).But we said: We are doing an act whereas Allah’s Messenger is amongst us; why not ask him?So we asked Allah’s Mes- senger (may peace be upon him), and he said: It does not matter if you do not do it, for every soul that is to be born up to the Day of Resurrection will be born.
    Book 19, Number 4345:

    It has been narrated on the authority of Salama (b. al-Akwa’) who said: We fought against the Fazara and Abu Bakr was the commander over us. He had been appointed by the Messenger oi Allah (may peace be upon him). When we were onlv at an hour’s distance from the water of the enemy, Abu Bakr ordered us to attack. We made a halt during the last part of the night tor rest and then we attacked from all sides and reached their watering-place where a battle was fought. Some of the enemies were killed and some were taken prisoners. I saw a group of persons that consisted of women and children. I was afraid lest they should reach the mountain before me, so I shot an arrow between them and the mountain. When they saw the arrow, they stopped. So I brought them, driving them along. Among them was a woman from Banu Fazara. She was wearing a leather coat. With her was her daughter who was one of the prettiest girls in Arabia. I drove them along until I brought them to Abu Bakr who bestowed that girl upon me as a prize. So we arrived in Medina. I had not yet disrobed her when the Messenger of Allah (may peace be upon him) met me in the street and said: Give me that girl, O Salama. I said: Messenger of Allah, she has fascinated me. I had not yet disrobed her. When on the next day. the Messenger of Allah (may peace be upon him) ag;tin met me in the street, he said: O Salama, give me that girl, may God bless your father. I said: She is for you. Messenger of Allah ! By Allah. I have not yet disrobed her. The Messenger of Allah (may peace be upon him) sent her to the people of Mecca, and surrendered her as ransom for a number of Muslims who had been kept as prisoners at Mecca.

  • spacearcadian

    Muslims guided by Islam, Mohammad, made the terror attacks and the Killings. But the real ones to blame are the europeans politicians, because they have opened the doors of their countries to the muslims and Islam. European politicians are traitors, the people must do to them what the italians did to Mussolini. In WWII there were nazi colaborators, Today there are Islamic colaborators: western politicians, the mainstream media and the elites.

  • madeleine7

    Just wait until they have their hands on nuclear weapons!

  • Robert Bayer

    Ms. Geller .. You have been one of the few courageous voices of sanity and wisdom in the public eye… Many of the leftists and MSM attacked you personally every day of the week.

    How far better off the world would be now if the leaders of the world had simply listened fairly to what you had rationally stated, and then acted to protect their own citizens.

    Lets hope more will realize that Islam intends to rule or destroy everyone and everything because the Koran and Islam are a religion of hate, oppression, and barbaric slaughter.

    We can end Islam and its atrocities forever but not with the current leaders in power. They are helping Islam to murder and rape and destroy. In fact they are accomplices to mass murder, and should be just as guilty of crimes against humanity. In my opinion, many of these leaders, especially Obama, have an explicit secret agenda to destroy western civilization and human rights such as freedom.

    Cannot stop the barbarians without first stopping horrific traitors like Obama first because he is even now degrading our military, sharing its secrets with our enemies, sending them weapons using our money in the hundreds of millions to billions of dollars.

  • Robert Bayer

    Obama and Kerry’s “deal” with Iran and nuclear weapon development is still there waiting to slaughter millions with nuclear fire. The Iranians and ISIS monsters would be elated to kill every single person on this planet in a nuclear holocaust. There is no more time to play games with Barrack Obama and the Muslim Brotherhood. It is them or us.

  • Chip Murray

    I have a challenge to everyone on this thread. What are each of you doing about this…besides launching another round of devastating comments on a social media thread? Have you “engaged” in the manner of Pamela, Ajax? Have you walked into your local representatives office to demand an end to the PC madness that gives these fiends cover, Flame? Have you stood up at work, dad1927? Have you joined Oath Keepers yet Angel Warrior? Unless we come out from behind the comfort and security of our alias’ and computer screens to “take action”, stand up and be counted and reject their PC nonsense…this wolf will be in your bed before you can blink!

    • iWildwood


  • iWildwood

    He is either in an early stage of dementia or he is one of them. I submit that it is the latter…

    He isn’t demented. He’s deliberate.

    He will not stop and he will not rest until the most beautiful sound on earth he’s ever heard, Islam’s morning call to prayer, resounds from ever tower of every mosque spread throughout every available corner of this once great land, and every knee bows and tongue professes that there is no god but Allah, and his prophet is Mohamed.

    (Everything he’s done, everything he does, is to the benefit of Islam)

    • NoCrud

      You said a mouthful. And you are 110% right.

  • _UnknownMale_

    Has any world leader already come up and declared islam to be a religion of peace/

    • durabo

      Only one: Sheikh Hussein of Obamastan.

      • NoCrud

        I sometimes call him Barack Hussein Allahu Akbar.

  • Mal M

    In the last murder in Paris the media don’t show the faces of the victims, so it will be seen as clean and sterile as possible. However when it comes to victims in Israel and the M.E. the EU and French media show the bloody faces full screen. It is hypocrisy in its best.

    • NoCrud

      It is the Media kowtowing to the Muslim Commander in the once White House.

  • JWM

    Hussein Obama plans on bringing in tens of thousands more potential jihadis. The new PM of Canada has committed to bringing in 25 thousand more potential jihadis by the end of 2015.

    • NoCrud

      Last I heard, America can prepare to “welcome” as many as 250,000 “refugees” but The Obamaroid & Co. will not care if any of them are terrorists or are bent toward ISIS/ISIL or even if they are the supposedly eliminated bunch of al Qaeda Kreeps that he said he did away with. As long as they come from Islamoland, he’ll be happy as punch. Why, maybe he can someday hear the Muslim call to prayer from his front porch. BARF

    • durabo

      So many targets – so little ammunition!

  • atl slayer

    So many people never coming home to their families and friends :(
    stand at the ready my friends, be aware of what is happening around you, this can happen anywhere.
    stay safe
    high five for freedom :)

  • Paul A Hall

    Please step back, nothing to see here. No Islamic Terrorists here just some “homegrown” dissatisfied victims of civilized society who in a moment of desperation pretended to be “Real Muslims”. We have been comforted by the response of Islam, the religion of”Peace”. The dancing and handing out of candie is their way of saying “told you, getting in the way of Allah’s freedom fighters while they murder and rape is islamophobia”.

  • NoCrud

    I can imagine the French Air Force doing a few low fly-byes, supersonic of course, over the Muslim No Enter zones in and around Paris. This should send a thrill up and down a few spines. Let them know that their puny arms are just that. However, I can also imagine that if terrorists in Paris had automatic weapons, bombs, etc., they also have some shoulder mounted missile launchers. But if they dared use just one of them and it causes a plane to go down, then they become grossly unwelcome in France. Then the Terrorists would really have something to complain about. On the other hand, will the French be so bold? Time again will tell the tale.

  • notme123

    So where is the world wide outrage and condemnation. Innocent civilians killed but muslimes..yet our soldiers have orders that put them in harms way to avoid killing a supposed non-combatant. The hypocrisy of this is outrageous. I’m tired of the term islamaphobic also. a phobia is a fear of something. and they want us to fear them. Stop 0 from allowing more of these invaders into our country.

    • NoCrud

      If they are declared Muslims, then there are no innocent ones. In fact, their “holy book” — the Koran — tells them to kill the infidel (US) and if they don’t believe and follow this order, then they are also targets of the killers. THIS is the problem with the “religion of peace” where the so-called “peace” means that they are left with no one to kill. But whenever this happens, then they kill each other, anyway.

      If people around the world could isolate them, give them a huge chunk of land where they alone could live and attempt to prosper as Muslims, then they could get right to killing each other. A place like Siberia, for example. However, Siberia is so cold it would not prepare them adequately for the hereafter.

      • notme123

        they don’t want their own land, that’s why they are leaving, they want ours, they want to control the world. the only place to ship them off to is out of this world.

        • NoCrud

          They want OUR land so they can turn it into land just like the land they left. They [will] come here and then demand they be allowed to make it just like the place/s they left. And if we resist or refuse, then it’s Islamophobic. Note that “Islamophobic” is not prejudiced toward a people which would make it Racist, it is against a philosophy. Therefore, they cannot call it Racist but then they cannot really call it being against a Religion either because most theologians agree that Islam is not a Religion, it is a cult. It is a cult that believes in stoning a woman, raping women and children, child marriage and abuse, etc., etc., but to them it’s OK because it’s part of their “religion.” This is why they invented the term “Islamophobia” — with media help, of course.

          • danE DanE

            There’re like locusts!

        • Mahou Shoujo

          Muslims are not an industrious people, they live by plundering their neighbours. The more you bribe them, the more you have to. Stop paying for protection. eliminate the problem.

  • joe1429

    Merkel.. are you watching???? this is what your inviting to germany….only the beginning of the slaughter. 0blabber, could barely get the T word out of muslum mouth. he gave birth to this by pulling out of iraq. it is amazing, how one man can f up the whole world. Hope we make it to the next prez alive,lol

    • knight

      Call her the Nazis cow

      • NoCrud

        More like the scapegoat leading Germans to the “refugees.”

        • knight

          Better to say leading the sheep to the slaughter

  • NoCrud

    Here is a really important question missing in the investigation so far and I hope it is asked later: Are any of those assailants in Paris part of the Syrian Refugee program?

    If it is found that any one of them is of that group of “refugees” invading Europe, then the argument against accepting any of them gains great strength. Couple this with the “refugees” refusing or not being vetted properly and with so many of them politely disappearing once they arrive in Europe, and it is an easy conclusion that they planned to invade and attack innocent victims.

    This question needs to be a prime question in any future terrorist attacks in Europe:
    Are any of the attackers part of the “refugee group” coming from Syria, etc.???

    • Atikva

      “Are any of those assailants in Paris part of the Syrian Refugee program?”

      “Une source policière a révélé samedi matin qu’un passeport syrien a été retrouvé, aux abords du stade de France, sur le cadavre d’un des assaillants.

      Translation: Police revealed on Saturday morning that a Syrian passport was found on one of the dead assailants, in the vicinity of the French Stadium” (Le Figaro).

      “Syrian passport found at scene of concert hall shooting belonged to ‘asylum seeker’ who entered via Greece.” (Arutz Sheva)

      What else did you expect?

  • durabo

    We can expect places like Hamtramck, Dearborn, Greeley, Minneapolis-St. Paul, etc. to break out in the same type of violence, but the outcome will be different: the French are generally unarmed, except for a few hunting shotguns. We Americans are lawfully armed, trained, and many of us are combat veterans. Once TSHTF, very few combatants among the Islamist “voters” imported by Sheikh Hussein off Obamastan will be able to function (or vote). I gua-ran-damn-TEE it!

  • knight

    Have to take countries back by force to rid countries of this infectious disease

  • KimWilde

    This is what happens when you move against GOD’S chosen people ! The same here in AMERICA as we have removed GOD,JESUS & THE TEN COMMENDMENTS from society. islam is coming for you and your family.

    • Angel Warrior

      America will see her karma for turning away 4 boatloads of Jewish children during WWII…..

      • KimWilde

        We also will reap what we have sown by the replacement theology of the cheap grace churches.

        • Angel Warrior

          Yes…..that also!

  • Brianroysinputvideo .

    There are those of us who have been cognizant of these weapons in a general sense based on former military officers sharing the intel in a public format that France has for the last few weeks been dealing with those Muslims smuggling in AK-47s and rocket propelled grenades and the like into France and it is the pseudo-migrants of military age who have been caught doing the smuggling.

    In Sweden one pseudo-migrant center was caught with an entire room of weapons, ammo, grenades, and the like. In Germany, the leaders and their cream jihadis are still disappearing into the landscape, organizing, and smuggling in many times worse the arms used in the above attack in the article. The plan is to rip Europe apart with rapes and violent terror acts like the Muslims have done to Israel, and that unlike the Jews, Europe (especially Germany and Sweden) will capitulate, and then the rapes like unto what the Russians did when they conquered Berlin in 1945 would be on.

    The globalists who push this agenda from the United Nations include Peter Sutherland, the STILL CURRENT International Chairman of Goldman Sachs, who is pushinga GOLDMAN SACHS foreign policy Agenda through his United Nations position, and backed by the IMF and CFR organizations which own the primary politicians ramming this insane Islamicization and Rape of Europe Agenda. Goldman Sachs is on the same political influence in screwing up the world in the financial sectors as was Chase Manhattan, J.P Morgan, Guaranty Trust Co. of New York, Brown Brothers Harriman, and Union Banking Corporation. These Financial Institutions in the early 20th Century funded and promoted both the Communist Revolution and regime in Russia / Soviet Union as well as the rise of and invasion activities of Nazism. Back in the 1930s, Jeb Bush’s grandfather, Prescott Bush, ensured Nazi Germany’s financial stability and direction toward giving us World War II and the advancement of Fascism / National Socialism. Nowadays, we have people trying to merge both Communism and National Socialism, and Islam as the Death Cocktail for the world, because these nuts running around are no different that the Shia jihadis Obama was raised as in Indonesia, who demand that the world submit to Islam, or you bathe it in fire and blood and kill everyone and everything off in the name of a fallen wannabe deity cherub called Satan (aka. the Devil, or in their words, Allah). If you think what happened in France is bad, you haven’t seen anything yet for what those like Goldman Sachs Sutherland and those Financial and UN Globalists plans to have the Muslims do to the Germans. We should begin seeing those terror attacks in the next 2 – 3 months unless the Germans act now. And considering they can be arrested just for speech at even the mildest level, they need to sum up the courage to do the right thing in response NOW.

  • David C. Telliho

    The Government better make sure all the French citizens are unarmed, next time, some might be ‘carrying’, and Muslims might not be able to kill as many.

  • Sandy

    And our fine young Prime minister Trudeau is opening the door to 25 thousand migrants by years end, with minimal checks. We should be scared in Canada and the USA should also be. Having a bleeding heart cultural Marxist controlling Canada will not be a safe situation.

  • RobinRosenblatt

    A well deserved bloodbath!
    Their many years of anti Semitism and pro Arab support has brought home to
    France real Islamic Culture. This stage two of the Islamic invasion:

    Three Stages of Jihad
    Jihad proceeds in stages. Stage One: Stealth Jihad. Stage Two: Defensive Jihad.
    Stage Three: Offensive Jihad.

  • John Cunningham

    Imagine being a Frenchman? For that matter think of all the fear anywhere the Citizens can not arm themselves? Where do you hide? How do you protect your loved ones?

    I have multiple weapons and plenty of ammo. I would expect to win if attacked by heavy assault from Jihadist but, I could sure take a bunch with me. Then again maybe I would win. At least I have the choice.

  • vincent bruce

    Japan has a few hundred muslims, 1 mosk, no halal, no niqab, no muslims gathering in groups, the population of 126,000,000 sees islam as pure ignorance.
    Congress should invite a Japanese expert on islamic tyranny to make a speech to America, to share their successful self preservation ways with us.

  • Atikva

    Muslims didn’t declare war on France last night, they declared war on the entire Western World 40 years ago. First they used takyia (two contradictory versions of the same declaration, one belligerent in Arabic and one denying any thought of aggression in English).

    But for the past 20 years, muslim leaders and their followers didn’t bother to mask their intentions, they have trumpeted them openly urbi and orbi in all languages, English, French, Spanish, German, Swedish, Russian, etc.. , then they confirmed them with a series of massacres. And still the indoctrinated Westerners, including us Americans, refused to take it seriously.

    And last night was just a trial balloon to test French means of defense (which they have thoroughly undermined with the help of the authorities for decades) in order to prepare for future attacks on a larger scale. And in targeting France, they followed the same strategy as predators: to kill successfully, strike the weakest, the lame, the sick, those lagging behind, i.e. the most unprepared, gullible, brainwashed, moronic among the herd of European countries.

    No wonder the invaders in Calais are celebrating today!

  • “I have warned for years about this coming jihad. For doing so, I was attacked, smeared, and marginalized. We were right about it all, and yet still my colleagues and I are blacklisted. “—The same is happening to those who try to alert their fellow Indians! You’ll be branded as ‘fascist’ and ‘Intolerant’ esp. by the leftists-who enjoy the muslim votebank..

    Indian media does any job for those who pay more-but are always soft on jihadis -they don’t want to eat bullets-..,instead they find it safe to attack namesake ‘hindu fascists’ making a mountain out of a mole.God knows what is in store for India with neighbors such as Pakistan and Bangladesh and the ever appeasing vote bank politicians!

  • Marlene

    How many long years has it been since the words of warning have been expressed by you and others. How many e mails and articles have I shared with others only to be ignored and mocked and told don’t send me these warnings. Reality bites and its wounds are razor sharp. Countless lives have been destroyed in Paris and now normalcy will be replaced by fear. This scourge cannot be allowed to come here.

  • Dawn Novakovich Robertson

    Isaiah 55:6-7 Seek the Lord while you can find him. Call on him now while he is near. Let the wicked change their ways and banish the very thought of doing wrong. Let them turn to the Lord that he may have mercy on them. Yes, turn to our God, for he will forgive generously.

  • 72 Male Virgen Yes,Infidel No!

    Christian Europeans will be fighting in the streets of London, Paris, Stockholm and Berlin to prevent Sharia in less than 25 years. .They let in too many Religion of Peace. Dont let it happen here in the USA !

    • Angel Warrior

      I believe it is already too late for that…..there are many in the USA already! With more going to be brought in…’s inevitable that it is going to happen sooner rather than later!

  • 72 Male Virgen Yes,Infidel No!

    Coward Christian European politicians have condemned their grandchildren to endless wars to prevent Sharia. Dont let it happen here !

  • SmythRadio

    France – 9/11 Style Attacks – 129 dead – 350
    injured not since WWII
    France Closes boarders and installs curfew not
    happened since 1944

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