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[ September 25, 2017 ]

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NYPD undercover officer foiled jihad bomb plot in NYC


This story quotes a Muslim professor saying that “for an undercover to be seeded in a community for that long without a specific target raises some deeply troubling questions about the direction of policing in our city.” What should really raise some deeply troubling questions is that this program was ended by Mayor “Red Bill” de Blasio, and that when it was ended, it was widely reported that it had not resulted in the foiling of a single plot, and only now is it revealed that this undercover agent exposed a jihad bombing plot in the city.

Islamic groups and their running dogs on the left decried the “surveillance of innocent Muslims.” Were the Muslims surveilled in this program and indicted in this New York bomb plot “innocent”?

How many need to die?

That foiled plot should have been enough to show that the program was necessary and should continue. The undercover agent was seeded in the community for that long because for that long, and longer, there was a jihad threat within Muslim communities. That threat continues. This surveillance should have continued as well.

The jihad community at Brooklyn College needs to be monitored. Remember this?

Noelle Velentzas Asia Siddiqui

“NYPD officer ‘converted’ to Islam in order to go undercover and spy on Brooklyn College students which led to the arrest of two women accused of ‘building a bomb and planning to wage jihad in New York,'”, October 31, 2015:

An NYPD officer pretended to be a Brooklyn College student at the Islamic Society in New York City, and taking the Muslim oath of faith, before befriending Muslim students to infiltrate the community.

The woman, who went by the name of Mel, short for Melike, spent four years earning the trust of Islamic students at the college as part of an NYPD operation to spy on Muslims, according to NY’s daily weblog Gothamist.

The controversial mission was part of the police departments well-documented plan that sees the blanket surveillance of innocent Muslims.

The Mayor of New York, Bill deBlasio has openly criticized such surveillance and declared at a Ramadan dinner that Muslim New Yorkers were ‘still fighting for basic human rights.’

‘We recently shut down the Demographics Unit at NYPD, which conducted surveillance on Muslim New Yorkers. Because it’s unfair to single out people on the sole basis of their religion,’ he added.

The undercover operation led to some important arrests. Four years after Mel had infiltrated the college, two Queens residents, Noelle Velentzas and Asia Siddiqui, were arrested and charged with allegedly planning to build a bomb.

The US Justice Department issued a release stating that the women were linked to members of al-Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula and the Islamic State.

It was revealed that a Detective from the NYPD’s Intelligence Bureau was heavily involved in bringing the women to justice.

Students who have since been made aware of the undercover operation have said how they now feel violated after discovering Mel’s true identity.

‘You trust someone, you talk to them. And they were just gathering information about your community,’ a student said.

‘I grew up here. To have this happen because of your religion, or your political views, it’s scary. You feel alienated. And you don’t feel like this is your home,’ she added.

Three Brooklyn College graduates who had been close to the undercover officer told Gothamist of the intimate ties she developed with Muslim students and her presence during some of the most private moments of their lives.

Mel immersed herself in the student community, attending Islamic education classes, social gatherings, and trips to museums and the aquarium.

Professor Ramzi Kassem at CUNY School of Law and director of the school’s Creating Law Enforcement Accountability & Responsibility (CLEAR) project said that ‘for an undercover to be seeded in a community for that long without a specific target raises some deeply troubling questions about the direction of policing in our city.’

New York attorney Gideon Orion Oliver explained to Gothamist how undercover detectives ‘develop really profound and predatory relationships with their targets,’ to create an intimate bond of trust between them.

After spending so much time and getting to know a vast amount of the target’s life, ‘the government and the undercover officers have significant roles in manufacturing what they then characterize as the defendants’ plots,’ Oliver said.

Many of the cases dealt with by the NYPD often involve a form of ‘entrapment’ that see undercover detectives and FBI informants carrying out manipulative tactics in order to secure evidence that will later lead to arrests.

In the case of Velentzas and Siddiqui, four propane gas tanks, as well as instructions for how to turn them into explosive devices, are said to have been found in Siddiqui’s home, and according to the criminal complaint, the two women had in-depth conversations with the undercover officer about their violent aspirations.

The undercover officer established a friendship with at least one of the women as early as 2013, according to the criminal complaint.

The two women are not alleged to have been in the process of planning a specific attack, and according to the criminal complaint, Velentzas repeatedly stated she would not want to harm any ‘regular’ people, instead targeting police or military personnel.

After 9/11, both the NYPD and the FBI revamped their approach to terrorism investigations and began operating under a policy of preventive prosecution.

The NYPD began to look for particular indicators of radicalization such as the ‘wearing of traditional Islamic clothing,’ giving up drinking or smoking, and ‘becoming involved in social activism.’

In the NYPD’s model of measuring threats, which have been criticized, young people were also a key target.

‘The government – often acting through informants – is actively involved in developing [terrorism plots], persuading and sometimes pressuring the target to participate, and providing the resources to carry it out,’ according to the 2014 Human Rights Watch report.

Meanwhile, Brooklyn College authorities have denied having any knowledge of the undercover operation at the campus and have said they were not notified of such activity by the NYPD.

Specific guidelines expressly prohibit the NYPD from monitoring political or religious organizations unless there is suspicion of a crime taking place.

In this case, it appears ‘Mel’ was assigned to the school to observe Muslim students out of mere curiosity.

Brooklyn College students at the Islamic Society told Gothamist they feel skeptical and paranoid.

‘In the back of all our minds, there’s always that suspicion, that either, you are a spy, or you think I’m one,’ a female Muslim student stressed.

‘We’re acting like criminals, even though we haven’t done anything,’ she said.

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  • Po Tato


    Use this story as your new advertising campaign !

    Put up banners all over NYC, especially near subway stations and of course, the Grand Central Station – use vibrant colors and very eye catching fonts to get your message across to the folks in NYC !

    Even if the authority doesn’t allow you to advertise, put up the banners anyway – make it into a civil disobedience movement of you have to !

  • rambler

    I love the way the “violation” was perceived. They feel violated that the community was infiltrated by a spy and not that members of the community were planning to murder innocent people.

    • Aleteia

      That’s what they do too.

    • Fitzroy Jim

      Their logic, just like everything else about these wretched and vile people, is twisted and warped.

      • rambler

        Part of the ends justify the means crowd.

      • Carol Cox


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        • scocope

          Please flag “Carol’s” comment to hasten its removal!

    • Mischa Turner

      They are NOT innecent in islam, only muslims are that.. And since they are not that, they are not …

      Wordplay, Words means something else in another Culture group (islamic /ateistic/Christian/henduism ) – becourse worldview forms the meaning of words

      • catinpvb

        And hence the confusion per the ‘religion of peace’. . .guess, those not Muslim; can fairly say ‘pieces’?

  • St. Michael Defend Us

    I went away to college in the 1960’s. There is absolutely NO DOUBT in my mind, nor was there back then, but that there were undercover law enforcement on campus. I did NOT feel violated, I did NOT feel that my rights were infringed upon. Yes, we were profiled due our age group, social status as students, whatever. Not one tried to frame me up or trick me into doing anything.
    These people have something to hide and THAT is why they are upset about it.

    • AMEN!

    • mossholder

      I went to college in 1980. My husband was in engineering school and I was in architecture school. There were probably undercover law enforcement on campus. We were way too busy working our part time jobs and getting grades to have anything to do with subversive religious orgs, let alone learning how to build bombs to hurt others. No one even approached me to do something other than get through college.
      These people have way too much time on their hands. Who is paying the bills?

    • catinpvb

      Well since the ‘Fuhrer Bill’ cancelled the program; they can relax and do what they do. . .and do it happily. . .fearlessly.

  • MAS

    Enjoy your suicidal Mayor and his commissioner NY…until the next mass murder brought to you by the “religion of peace”. If you did not fight to elect a conservative Mayor or at least vote against DeBlasio you are responsible for this…NYPD Democrat backing unions, are you listening here?

  • Pray Hard

    Whine, Muslims, whine …

  • Pryor

    I find it horrific that the other students are more worried that NYPD had an undercover officer among their group than their fellow students plotting to use bombs to murder New Yorkers. What’s wrong with this country?

    • Most of the kids going to college today are “PCed” beyond reason!! They seem to think OSLIMA is the best thing since sliced bread and not the POS MUSLIM SLIME he is!!
      I wonder if they would think so after we go to war with the MUSLIM SCUMBAGS!!?? And OSLIMA is shown to be the worst President this nation has ever had, and is in league with all Muslims every where, not just here in the U.S.A.

    • Pathfinder0100

      What’s wrong is “Muslims”!!

      • islamisajoke

        Biggest problem is our media doesnt show the true stories , like what is happening in Germany , sweden , the rapes all a lone would paint a clear picture , but you dont see them o the news , if you did America would see it and UNITE and the correct actions for our once great nation would be taken

        • joe1429

          The sad part is … they cannot get firearms to even PROTECT themselves… hope they allowed pepper spray,lol

  • Mildred Rosewater

    De Blasio has just about ruined NYC.

    • joe1429

      haha….. no he not done.. yet… just like obummer not done ruining america… just released 5,000 drug dealers from prison… last week, and barely a word from the media

  • DeBlasio is a Hypocrite

    Will the Islamophobia never end. lol
    Thank God these two muslims were caught before they had a chance to hurt anyone.

    What happens when the next time a terrorist plot is not exposed and it is carried out?
    What will Bill DeBlasio say then? He is worried about Muslims basic rights. What about the American peoples basic rights?

    • Pathfinder0100

      I just cannot understand why New Yorkers elected “whining Bill” ???

      • Richard

        Try to understand it in this context, there is no more liberal population in any city on earth than NYC. Give them a commie to vote for and they pee themselves with joy. That partly explains why the streets smell the way they do.

  • Eivind Svensen

    The sad thing here is that the Mayor of New York has discontinued the program which foiled the plot. New Yorkers beware. You now have less protection and a much higher probability of bomb going of in your neighborhood.

    • Muslim Priorities

      Don’t worry everything will be ok. Hillary Clinton will be elected President even though Ambassador Stevens and the Navy Seals made 800 calls to Obama’s administration for help and they were ignored and died in the bruttal Benghazi attack.
      We see our leaders priorities protect Muslims and let American citizens die.

      • IzlamIsTyranny

        If Shillariah is elected it’ll be by mass voter fraud and hopefully kick off the next great American revolution.

      • White Wolf

        Trump is our only hope,if Carson get in,or Hillary we are done as a nation.

    • nikkyfleming

      Another good reason to stay out of the liberal cesspool that is NYC. And of course when we have the next mass casualty event, they will all be running around wondering “why do they hate us?” Hopefully they will figure it out before all of them are dead.

      • joe1429

        yea…..didnt learn from 911……big bird will file a UN compaint, after the next attack… these libtards are playing with OUR safety

    • joe1429

      When we get bombed… big bird will prob say… it is a good time for a review… only people are going to get killed because of his pc correctness….he worse than dinkins…

  • Richard

    “We recently shut down the Demographics Unit at NYPD, which conducted surveillance on Muslim New Yorkers. Because it’s unfair to single out people on the sole basis of their religion”: Bill De Blasio

    Hey, Red Bill: They were singled out because of their affiliation with the political aspect of Islam, which only has a veneer of religion to justify it’s activities.

    “I grew up here. To have this happen because of your religion, or your political views, it’s scary. You feel alienated. And you don’t feel like this is your home”: A Student.

    Hey, Student: The Black Panthers did what they did because of their political views.
    The Weather Underground did what they did because of their political views.
    Sinn Féin did what they did because of their political views.
    The American Communist Party did what they did because of their political views.

    Get used to this, if your political views clearly demonstrate that you do not uphold the Constitution and that you actively support the overthrow of the United States, you should rightly be infiltrated by law enforcement.

    This is as opposed to those whose political views are entirely peaceful and merely irritatating to the current regime, in which case you should rightly NOT be under attack by the IRS.

    • Pathfinder0100

      So well said Richard–Keep it up please!!

    • IzlamIsTyranny

      The new Black Panthers are izlamic.

  • Richard

    “Meanwhile, Brooklyn College authorities have denied having any knowledge of the undercover operation at the campus and have said they were not notified of such activity by the NYPD.” Duh, what don’t you understand about UNDERCOVER?

    “Specific guidelines expressly prohibit the NYPD from monitoring political or religious organizations unless there is suspicion of a crime taking place.” Those guidelines need to be revised.

    “In the back of all our minds, there’s always that suspicion, that either, you are a spy, or you think I’m one” : A female Muslim student stressed. Good damn thing, I say.
    “We’re acting like criminals, even though we haven’t done anything,’ she said.” Umm, this is either a typo or a very telling Freudian slip.

    • Mischa Turner

      no – your reading it all wrong..

      Its wordplay!

      In islam, its not a crime to kill infidels, unless they pay the jiza! And if you do even then, its just to bad..

  • AshnWrfre

    Ever seen Donnie Brasco? Yea, same thing to me.

  • canister

    Islam is NOT a religion; it is a political ideology–a total system of government–with some religious elements. This is the first thing the West must understand. The second thing is that one of the foundations of Islam is the subjugation of the entire world to Islam. (And the “nice,” or so-called “moderate” Muslims will sit back and let the violent ones slaughter the people of the West who refuse to bow the knee to Islam and Sharia law.)

    • Michael Copeland

      Yes, subjugate the entire world to Islam:
      Inflict Sharia Law on All Mankind – I.S.L.A.M.

    • islamisajoke

      100% correct

      Islam is NOT a religion of peace, nor does Islam mean peace. Islam means submission.

      Most people are simply unaware that
      Islam is NOT just another religion but a totalitarian political
      cult-like ideology, which compels its followers into blind obedience,
      teaches intolerance, brutality and locks all Muslims and non-Muslims in a
      struggle deriving directly from the 7th century nomadic, predatory,
      Bedouin culture.

      Islam means “submission” to the will
      of Allah and the teachings as depicted in the Qur’an which include jihad
      – the genocidal slaughter of infidels by the sword, killing by
      beheading, intolerance of other religions, as well as forcing submission
      to Islam. The ultimate goal of jihad is the domination of Islam over
      the entire world.

      In Islam, one is considered “moderate”
      if one supports the goals of jihad, if not the tactics. Those who
      totally reject the violent teachings of Islam are considered apostates
      of Islam and as such, are condemned to death. Moderate Muslims are
      peaceful “in spite of Islam,” not because of it. The “religion of peace”
      is a concept the West is eager to embrace – all in the name of
      political correctness – refusing to believe that a major world religion
      poses such a devastating threat to humanity .

      • Pathfinder0100

        Yes-yes-yes!! You damn well nailed it right on the head!! Way to go!!

  • DeBasso, like his butt buddy OSLIMA,is a MUSLIM loving TRAITOR and should be recalled at the very least!!
    Every Muslim in this country are jihadist just waiting for an order from their IMAMS(hmmm,IWOMANS?) to go nuts on the AMERICAN people, I for one will not go silent into the dark night when these POS’S start their bullshit!!
    I will lock and load and be ready (actually I am always locked and loaded)!!

  • cherokeeman

    She turned the tables on them by pretending to go along with their ideology and terroristic ways, and then stuck it to them. Just like the way they do to Christians and non-muslims before they kill them. OUTSTANDING!!!!!!!!

  • islamisajoke

    Paranoid for a reason , no reason to be paranoid if you have nothing to hide , same tactics that are used on drug dealers and other crimes , Guess it would of been better if they didn’t to the job WE THE PEOPLE need for our safety an would be better if these to scumbag women killed, and injured many of Americans , they would of been doing their happy dance to Allah if it happened , so sick they attack our Justice they show who they really are by the fight they give , The right for only their protection Not American people

  • Torch

    Why bother going undercover? The goals of the Islamic political movement are not exactly secret, nor are its accepted means of achieving those goals. People who express Islamic identity are openly declaring their criminality. Would you have to go undercover to ferret out possibly illegal activity in the Nazi party? Look at what Muslims themselves insist they are trying to accomplish through what they insist is perfectly legitimate terrorism.

    Undercover policing does have a chilling effect on community life and if there is a compelling need for the government to resort to such deceit when undertaking routine law enforcement there is a much bigger social problem that needs to be addressed. If police identifying themselves as such in the course of dispatching police business is bound to hand a victory to criminals, maybe this isn’t really a matter for the cops and it’s time to call in the army.

  • Roger Wallace

    I can understand feeling betrayed, but those other Muslims who liked the agent. They should thank the agent for doing her job to protect them and their city. And just by the agent knowing them to be real friends and peaceful, that is good for their reputation.

  • Pathfinder0100

    So well done!! Piss on the complainers who would have danced in the streets had the bomb gone off and killed innocents!! Oh, yes–Piss on mayor bill d. also.

  • IzlamIsTyranny

    The poor muslums, I’m so sorry they feel “violated” for some of their fellow jihadi apes being arrested. Maybe they can cry to the families of the victims of the Boston Marathon bombing? Or the victims of the Ft. Hood massacre? Or the victims of the Beltway Snipers? Or the the victims of 9-11? Or the victims of the first WTC bombing?
    Or the Israelis being stabbed and shot by muslums in Israel? Or the Jews who were blown up on a tour bus in a Black Sea resort? You know what goes w/a good muslum whine? A good kick in the face.


    Well muslime student, if your pals were not killing in the name of your moon god, this program would not be necessary.

  • Badkarma060

    So they are upset that the police are looking to capture terrorists. Maybe if they helped more instead of accepting the “radicals”, the police wouldn’t need to infiltrate them. Sorry you are the problem, if you are not happy here might I suggest a move to Kandahar…

  • Renegado Porti

    They feel violated ? How would they feel if the bomb plot would have been successful ! and a lot o people would have died !…. How would they have felt? They would have blamed the government for not doing enough to stop them! These people are something else ! You’re dammed if do and you’re dammed if you don’t !

  • marlene

    And the FBI was too busy spying on US and not doing their job because the nature of their usefulness has changed to uselessness.

  • phillyroll

    They feel “violated” for not being left in “peace” to carry out their bombing plan on police. I hope the each get 25 years and a deportation if they weren’t born here.

    • Po Tato

      The only kind of ‘deportation’ that can serve real justice is a deportation straight into hell, where they belong !

  • Drew the Infidel

    OK, once more for clarity, all is fair in love and war.

  • Denver Girl

    The old saying goes “If the shoe fits wear it” If you are not doing anything wrong you have nothing to worry about. If they don’t like it here go back to your Caves…..

  • BPatMann

    What’s the big deal? Islam is a blast! It’s certainly nothing to lose your head over.

    • Mahou Shoujo

      Right, tell those jihadists what you think of them, then get stoned, and stay that way.

  • Enzo

    Islam is quickly become the worlds problem, worldwide chaos!

  • Mahou Shoujo

    Islam s violent and oppressive, it is necessary to monitor it closely to preserve the freedoms that the civilized world have developed.

  • joe1429

    funny… they talking about civil rights violations!! we talking about terrorism!!! If they disband this nypd unit… its just a matter of When we get hit again!! Stop the pc madness!!! We would all be speaking german now , if this nonsense went on during ww2

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