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EXCLUSIVE Nonie Darwish: Obama’s Conduct Unbecoming


I am thrilled to announce that human rights activist and freedom fighter Nonie Darwish, an ex-Muslim who grew up in Gaza and experienced jihad and Jew-hatred firsthand and repudiated both, has become our first AFDI fellow. In that capacity, Nonie, author of the must-read books Now They Call Me Infidel and Cruel and Usual Punishment will be contributing regular articles here. I am pleased to be able to feature her unique and important perspectives here at Atlas. I’m also very happy to announce that Nonie’s groundbreaking and courageous organization, Former Muslims United, will now continue its work as part of the AFDI freedom network.

We have worked together on a number of critical projects, i.e. Islamic Apartheid week on college campuses, Former Muslim conferences to aid Muslims who have left Islam, CPAC education programs, etc.


Obama’s Conduct Unbecoming


Obama, as the leader of the free world, had the perfect opportunity to speak again to the Muslim world from Antalya, Turkey, during the G-20 summit. But this time, instead of appeasing, he could have talked business to a Muslim world entrenched in self-deception, self-pity, blame, misery, hatred and terror. He could have finally done what many needed him to do; to demand from Islamic religious and political leadership to change course to end the glorification of the jihad culture, hate education and take responsibility for creating a culture of terror. He could have demanded an end to the paranoia against the West and the centuries long breeding of millions of Muslim young men believing that honor, glory and love of country means dying for the sake of Allah in martyrdom operations against perceived enemies of Islam.

That would have been the appropriate thing to do by the leader of the free world after over 14 years of non-stop Islamic terror threats and attacks on the West by Muslims. Obama would have been uniquely qualified for that long awaited moment of truth with the Muslim world, for a plea to Muslims to make peace with themselves and with the West for the sake of peace and prosperity for all.

But after the Paris terror attack, Obama chose to yet again defend Islam and shame anyone who dare link Islam with terror. He never even hinted at time for an Islamic reformation movement. Obama’s missed opportunity to demand an Islamic reformation, might have upset many Muslims, but would have started a worldwide discussion among Muslims to be open with self-criticism and looking within instead of attacking the outside for solutions. Obama instead provided Muslims with yet more excuses for Islamic terror, when he insisted that we couldn’t stereotype and judge.

After the terror attack on Paris, Obama still chose to reprimand legitimate critics of Islamic jihad. He warned against “equating the terrible actions that took place in Paris terrorism with the views on Islam.” He insisted, “Those stereotypes are wrong and counter-productive.” No word from him was addressed to the Islamic world, but warnings to the West.

It is time for Western citizens to stand firm to demand better from their leaders and say enough with Western leaders appeasing a constantly offended Muslim world; enough with Western leaders speaking from a position of weakness before a terrorized and neglected Western population who are constantly blamed for Islamic discontent; enough with claims that “Islam is a religion of peace” and “Islam has nothing to do with terror” business, because it is no longer a valid argument by anyone, let alone Obama, whose job qualification is, first and foremost, to protect American citizens.

Obama so far have done everything he could to please Muslims, and that makes him especially credible today to make demands on Muslims to start an Islamic reformation after the horrific terror attacks on Paris. Many Muslim political leaders are themselves fed up with radical Islamist groups threatening to bring their governments down. Egyptian president Al-Sisi himself, who risked being labeled an apostate, when he stood before Al Azhar leaders, demanding sweeping reforms in Islam.

Putting aside whether Islam is good and peaceful or not, it is a fact that world wide Islamic terrorism is the product of the cultural, educational and religious teachings long practiced in Muslim countries. That must change and Western leaders must step up their efforts to protect their Western citizens, culture and way of life. It is gross negligence for Western leaders to gamble with the safety and security of their citizens for the sake of taking in refugees from an area of the world plagued with Islamic terrorism and sympathizers.

It is unbecoming for the president of the US to keep defending Islam and lecturing his citizens on tolerance of the intolerant. It is infuriating for Americans, and rightfully so, after acts of Islamic terror on US soil with chants of Allahu Akbar, for the president of the USA to call them ‘work place violence’. It is redundant and useless to keep perpetuating the argument that terrorism has nothing to do with Islam, because it is no longer working.

True or not, appearances do count. Obama is inappropriately becoming the number one defender of Islam, among world leaders today. Obama’s bizarre and constant defense of Islam after every Muslim terror attack on American soil is not only drawing the attention and raising eyebrows of American citizens, but also promoting distrust among Egyptian reformists who are fed up with Islamic terrorism and the Muslim Brotherhood. The distrust of Obama is publicly expressed in Egypt in a front-page article in Egyptian newspaper — Al-Wafd —that recently and specifically accuses Obama of being a member of the international organization of the Muslim Brotherhood.

Many people are openly asking if Obama is a Muslim, but that does not matter because it is his actions and not what is in his heart that counts. Many respected journalists are describing Obama as ‘delusional’ after his Turkey comment, but the problem points to us, the voters of America, who have given Islamism its best gift ever after 9/11; the election of Barak Hussein Obama.

Nonie Darwish
Author “The Devil We Don’t Know”

Pamela Geller's shocking new book, "FATWA: HUNTED IN AMERICA" is now available on Amazon. It's Geller's tell all, her story - and it's every story - it's what happens when you stand for freedom today. Buy it. Now. Here.

  • RCCA


  • Josephine

    I will second that. Excellent! I have read her books and her wisdom, insight and personal experiences including living 30 years in a majority Muslim nation will make this site even more enlightening and educational. As she said, “When I saw the second plane fly into the Twin Towers, I knew that jihad had come to America, and my life would change forever. I would need to speak out to warn my fellow Americans of what was coming”. (Cruel and Usual Punishment: The terrifying global implication of Islamic Law – Nonie Darwish

  • rh2

    Obama needs to disappear and take all his Baffling BS with him. We know by now whose side he’s on in the ‘Islam versus Humanity’ conflict that’s been taking place for over 1300 hundred years, and it definitely isn’t Homo Sapiens! He does Satan’s bidding!

  • DemocracyRules

    Thank You Noni
    What a magnificent voice you have. Every time I hear you speak, your words are riveting. So intelligent, well organized, sincere, and well-researched. And in spite of all your suffering, there is serenity and calm.

  • Mahou Shoujo

    Great that people are listening to you, Pamela, even greater that those who have position and influence are among them. Even us insignificant minions are doing what we can. Thanks for carrying the torch. The Statue of Liberty seems to have lost its light.

    • Lapsed Altruist

      Nobody doing something, anything, is an insignificant minion. Insignificant minions do nothing other than follow and fawn.

      • Mahou Shoujo

        Wrong, some insignificant minions carry out suicide terrorist attacks, and others, of the opposing view, stop them.

  • Maranatha

    Only one thing left for him to do:…shout allahu akbar and blow his belt.
    The whole world will understand.

  • OM

    I love Nonie Darwish and I’m incredibly to her for speaking out so courageously to wake up the West which is being led to its destruction by weak, confused and even traitorous leaders.

    (Atlas editors please proofread articles : grammatical errors detract from important messages )

  • OM

    “Incredibly grateful”-ooops. I forgot to proofread !:)

  • Voytek Gagalka

    “It is time for Western citizens to stand firm to demand better from their leaders and say enough with Western leaders…”

    Agree 100%. I stand firm. But who will listen to me, “little” guy, if even more “famous” and outspoken are ignored at best, viciously attacked at worst, to the end effect that net result of our influence is almost zero. Something more must be done, duno. Maybe some resistance underground movement, as it was common during WWII, and real action against all those enemies of our freedoms? Sure, they will call us further vicious names, but is there any other way? Petitions seems no longer to work. They are ignored. Congress is now worst than worthless.

  • Awesome news, Pamela! Nonie Darwish is another amazing woman and will be an excellent contributor here. I look forward to hearing more from her here.

    For Atlas readers who may not be familiar with Nonie (not sure that’s possible), back in 2011 I put together a list of videos that featured Nonie Darwish on my blog. 10 out of the 11 videos I included in my post are still available on YouTube. You can find tons of videos that feature Nonie on YouTube or you can start with the list I put together almost 4 years ago:

  • Roger Wallace

    If Obama is a Muslim, I would consider him radical but most likely. He would see himself as a moderate Muslim.

    And since Islam believers are divided into moderates and radicals in when and how to apply many parts of Islam in today’s world:

    That, I believe. Is where Obama is trying to justify Islam is not a bad religion. For the moderates consider certain passages of Islam scripture must meet certain requirements before those terror verses can be applied in today‘s world.

    And since the moderates see radical Islam as a people trying to do Islam by mocking Islam out of context, instead doing Islam in a proper way to meet requirements first for certain Muslim scriptures to be used into days world.

    Then this is where Islam moderates declare that radicals are not a part of Islam, but they are a part of Islam just like moderates are a part of Islam.

    It simply boils down to how Islam people live by the quran in the way, that each Muslim person views how to live in the teachings of the quran.

    But the moderates consider radicals not serving Islam teachings, when radicals claim they serve the quran as they live by the Quran in the way they see to live by the Quran.

    So, perhaps in Obama’s mind, Islam is great religion and it banishes no evil in today’s world toward anyone. And even if Obama would be a active member of the Muslim Brotherhood currently:.

    It would make sense to me that the Muslim Brotherhood might consider themselves moderates and still commit Islam terror, when their moderate teachers show their converts, that certain situations in today’s world:

    Does qualify for Islam justice and or even to cause where possible, the spread of Islam, whether it be by a Hijah or by secretly being a moderate trying to seduce a non Muslim nation into being a all Islam Muslim nation someday.

    Which their acts in trying to spread Islam. Is not always, necessarily legally accepted by other Islam believer groups in Islam.

    So when they spread there view of Islam, other groups of Islam believers think those spreading Islam are not true believers in their version of Islam. So Islam is a divided religion.

    So certain groups of Islam believers could be seen by other Islam groups as being infidels and non believers in true Islam, which has given rise to tribal wars between Muslim races for centuries already.

    So basically, when Islam is being spreaded, we might see that spreading as terrorism to us, but to the spreaders. It is fulfillment of Islam and not terrorism as the spreaders see it.

  • Sarita La Cubanita

    I will be ordering Nonie Darwish’s book.

  • john

    Hear the TRUTH, islam is a FALSE RELIGION STARTED BY A FALSE PROPHET. obama is the head false prophet of the world today. Anywhere islam is practiced you have the false prophet and his teachings, where they teach islam in any country of the world there you will find the false prophet, for wherever islam is taught you will have a false prophet. It is easier to rule over people of the world when they submit to the false god called allah. Oh and if you don’t know, allah in hebrew means curse. Go figure. Sure islam may be recognized as a religion but it is not of GOD. When I say GOD , I am writing/speaking of the GOD of Abraham Isaac and Jacob, you know, the Father of Jesus of Nazareth known as the Messiah of GOD. allah IS NOT GOD, NO not even close. All you have to do to show that allah is a false god is to compare the Laws of the Torah to the laws contained in the koran, it is as simple as that. muslim have been deceived for 1400 years it is a sad fact. DO NOT TRUST MUSLIMS for their religion is based on LIES, and that is the TRUTH. Thanks Nonie

    • vincent bruce

      One thing, Jesus is the Son of God, not the son of abraham. ishmael and isaac were his sons, abraham couldn’t follow God’s plan, so God had to create the word in flesh Jesus, please do not ever say Jesus is of abraham. The 2 abrahamic religions are islam and judaism , Jesus is of God.
      Jesus said before abraham was I AM.
      The muslims and jews are of abraham, brothers from different mothers, the beginning of today’s religious wars about who are the chosen ones, defying Jesus good news that there is only one commandment now, that covers the ten commandments and more ” the golden rule of do unto others as you would have them do unto you, love thy neighbor as you love thyself ”
      Jesus is the truth and the way.

      • Dorrie

        Umm that was pretty good until you got to the “golden rule,” which isn’t in the Bible ;-)

        And yes, Islam IS a false religion. It is basically Ishmael wanting his birthright, but he’ll never get it and will perish at Armageddon – forever.

        • vincent bruce

          Thank you, maybe it is just a Christian phrase the golden rule, but it is the most important rule next to love no other God before me.
          There is more, until I find it I’ll keep reading.
          To be continued.

  • Butseriously

    Chew on this slowly.

    In 2007 Obama gave a national campaign speech when he was running for The Whitehouse. Many have failed to listen to the part where he said this to The American People:
    “I want a Civilian Force with the same FIREPOWER as the MILITARY”

    • Dorrie

      Two words: Brown Shirts

  • Robert Bayer

    Our thanks to the AFDI and I and others should find ways to contribute financially now or in the near future ….. Too much is at stake ..

  • Stephen Honig

    As I said, there are only three good Muslims: Convert, secular or dead! Anyone who follows the Koran is evil.

  • Cate

    Fantastic announcement, Pamela! I have GREAT respect for Nonie Darwish! And fantastic article by Nonie Darwish – it is spot on! I look for some fabulous things to come with the more closely pairing of the organizations and the perspectives!

  • SJS

    Warm welcome Nonie.


    Welcome Nonie! Thank you for your books. They are excellent – and a “must read” for anyone who wants to know the truth about izlam (sic – on purpose).

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