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[ September 21, 2017 ]

VIDEO: Muslim “refugees” go on sex assault spree at church festival

[ September 21, 2017 ]

4 Muslim youth gang-raped Hindu teenage girl for 10 days, forced to convert

Germany’s new normal: “People can’t leave their homes” “Migrants go into churches to disrupt service. They walk in and start to riot.”


Media and political elites continue to spin the catastrophic invasion of Europe as some “humanitarian” movement, summarily ignoring the grave consequences of the hijrah (immigration jihad).

Only a handful of news sites (like this one) are reporting on the true nature of invasion, getting the real news from the true victims — the besieged Europeans who, almost overnight, are forced to live in a war zone.

One of my German readers tells me, “I just hung up the phone after speaking to a friend in Germany — he lives in a small, very catholic town, Ellwangen, where I went to school for a few years, of about 12 000 people that had to accept 4 500 refugees at the fringes of town in former army barracks that had been vacant. The name of the barracks is Reinhardt Kaserne, I knew some of the ‘unpleasant’ things happening from reading online, talking to my mother, etc, but he is a ‘true local’ and from what he says, it must be much worse than any reports I read! He owns a small store in the center of town and ever since the arrival of the big masses this summer he has zero business because nobody wants to go to town anymore. What is far worse and underlines all that you have been writing about, the ‘refugees’ even go into churches to disrupt service. I had no idea! I have to say, this is a crime against the German people and culture committed by their own government…..”

Landeserstaufnahmestelle in Ellwangen
The head of the Federal Office for Migration and Refugees Manfred Schmidt at a refugee facility in Ellwangen (© picture alliance / dpa)

Here is what is happening. Read the whole thing.

Ellwangen is a small town in the eastern part of Baden-Wuerttemberg. The center of the town counts about 12000; not considering neighboring villages. It has very strong Christian, catholic and protestant, roots, and, not surprisingly, … it was one of the centers of the infamous German witch trials. It was a small, sleeply town proud of it’s churches and aware of its Christian past like any small town in Germany’s south where people speak dialect and pretty much everybody knows everybody.


What’s been happening there, removed from the center of attention due to its geographical location, is that the former German army barracks that have been vacant and are located a little outside but in walking distance to center of town, has been occupied by refugees. When the big numbers started to stream into Germany this summer, the numbers in that LEA (Landeserstaufnahme – which means that’s the first landing for refugees where they will be registered and get shelter and live before they are distributed elsewhere) started to grow too. Originally, the intention and capacity was for 500 people. That number rose quickly to about 5000 plus/minus with serious mass brawls and conflicts police had to show up regularly to separate. There has been some resistance in the population, but the people standing up for themselves are called ‘nazis’. From the latest information that I read on the developments, people will be housed there permanently and the state government plans on spending 5.1 Million Euros to expand and renovate the place that is now supposed to accommodate about 3.500. It is hard to pinpoint any number; they seem to change or be different with every article I read.

numbers ellwangen, october

What has been happening to the town itself is not difficult to image. The reports I read speak of Muslims in the small streets of the town; I read about serious theft problems in stores where ‘refugees’ walk in, take what they want or need, and walk out again without paying. In the beginning, grocery stores called the police, but stopped doing so after they were told to write up the losses and contact someone at the local municipality to reimburse them. (I had a verbal confirmation from a wife of a German police officer … )

People in Ellwangen don’t leave their houses anymore and stay home unless they need to go out. Women don’t want to go out anymore, and that is not only in the evenings. People feel they are strangers in their own home town and feel uncomfortable. A couple of weeks ago, it became public that a woman had been raped at night on her way home; the police had withheld the report but said it was not because the crime may have been committed by ‘asylum seekers’ but not to hinder the investigation and to protect the victim. Apparently the rapist spoke in a foreign language with another men who was present during the attach. A 10 year old girl had also been sexually harassed, but thankfully, she reported it to her parents before anything physical and more serious happened. I read that the perpetrator in that case was Afghan and lived in town.

A friend of mine owns a small store in the center of the town and, it not being a grocery store, his business has gone down to virtually zero, and if he didn’t have a second source of income, he would be in a serious financial trouble.

The most disturbing news he informed me about, however, was that the so called refugees go into churches to disrupt service. They would simply walk in and start to riot. ‘These people want to destroy us’, is what he said, literally. He is a very well educated business man; not someone inciting hatred against refugees. Most of the people living in that town and neighboring villages are honest, hard working people, trying to do good and be good, and now are forced to watch how their town and livelihoods are destroyed by the decision of the government to take in people that are violently opposed and opposite to the German and Christian culture. Most of these Germans have no interest in politics, and are law abiding citizens who are now faced with police cars driving any hour of the day due to incidents caused by ‘refugees’. I was told months ago that these refugees defecate in people’s gardens and that signs were written to explain not to do this in Germany and those refugees were asked to use toilets instead. Can you believe that? It blows my mind. …

I wasn’t surprised to read the mayor of the town has been threatened by some people from the local population, and has police protection; someone also put a dead cat on his doorstep. This is a rural area; that’s how it’s done there (one of the not so nice traditions). People are not as politically correct as in Berlin and have no interest in being it directly affected by the mess the Berlin government created in their lives. I am very worried about the situation in Germany. To the local government’s protection, I have to say that these poor mayors have pretty much no voice or say in the matter at this point, and there are mayors speaking up, … only to be called Nazi by the politically correct. It’s absurd.

In a separate report from yesterday, pepper spray is sold out across Germany. 5 weeks order backlog.
link here —

So it’s not only the Austrians thinking of self protection; there, shotguns have been virtually sold out because no license is needed to acquire these.

Actually, I have numbers from a few weeks ago from a facebook site protesting against the refugee center. It lists nationalities even though by now it will be outdated.

The folks behind that facebook site are considered to be nazis … I don’t know anymore who is a Nazi in Germany these days and who isn’t. I personally have always been on the left side of the political scale, but I am also not afraid of calling a spade a spade, and what’s happening is just wrong and a crime, and if I am called a Nazi for speaking up, so be it. I don’t care as I know it isn’t true. I am following my conscience, and it is a crime not to speak up imo, especially for us women.

Peace! :-)


  • kathy kalb

    So sorry for you all, we will be facing the same problem here soon in America! God Bless us all! We are doomed!

    • disqus_daK05Q2zCX

      No, you guys actually have much better means in defending yourselves. You guys still have guns, don’t give them up!

      • PTripp

        I’m sure self-defense against ‘refugees’ will be reclassified as a ‘hate crime’ until Obama is replaced with an American Patriot. Of course that won’t slow me down, and I recommend using bacon grease for ‘bullet lube’ and advertising it. It works well on knives, bats, hammers, or whatever you can use for self defense.

        • Don Grantham

          Going to be a lot of ‘new criminals’ in the coming months.

          • Po Tato

            They are  criminals, not ‘new’ criminals!

        • Andy_Lewis

          I bet bacon grease would make cool pepper spray, too.

          • MZTYPLCK

            Bacon Grease in a Super Soaker will be the new weapon of choice.

        • patty

          I heard of using drones for crop dusting with pig blood

      • Keith McPhee

        I never ever will.

        • Keet Hensley

          don’t come running here for protection, without one.

        • Po Tato

          Good !

          I hope your last word before they slice off your throat is ‘thank you!’

      • Rick Austin

        I feel bad for what’s happening over there, my wife and I planned a trip to Germany for this past summer but we cancelled it because of everything happening.

        Yes we have ours guns and we hope we never have to use them…but we will if pressured. We will never give up our freedoms.

        • joe1429

          at least we can have firearms… the people screwed in germany.. where difficult to get a gun for protection, from the invasion

        • Loco deSane

          Rick, don’t be afraid to come over. The stuff you are seeing on sites like this is way overblown and not a true reflection of the way things are. I live here, we have refugees in town as well….believe me. life goes on as it always has.

          • Po Tato

            Way overblown?

            At this point in time you still say it’s ‘way overblown‘??

            Millions of savages who have bad intention to your people have invaded your country and that’s all  you can say???

          • krinks

            Right. Everywhere is the west that accepts large numbers of Muslim immigrants see an exponential increase in rape. It has been this way for some time now.
            Find an Egyptian, Syrian, or Iraqi Christian that speaks the native tongue and ask them what they hear when they come into contact with the Muslim immigrants in the west. The idea of a moderate peaceful Muslim is a myth for gullible Westerners.

          • Robbydot1

            He’s a lefty prat.

          • Brainfreeze

            Hey couch potato, let me tell you why you must immediately take a break from watching your CNN/FOX channels.

            The millions of savages (many of them kids) have unwillingly “invaded” alternative countries because of foreign intervention/funding/training with the intent to use ISIS to tear apart Syria and oust Assad (as Hillary and Obama pointed out). Oh wait, doesn’t that mean we’re the invaders? Hope I didn’t lose you there, but these people would rather rewind several years before foreign interruption in their homelands and continue to live there than anywhere else in the world. So yes, he is correct. It’s way overblown and the simple minds cannot comprehend anything more than surface details to buy our win for more WAR!

          • HOVARD

            libocrap idiot it is much worse than reported on propaganda media.

          • Robbydot1

            They’re not refugees, they are immigrant colonisers!

          • joker

            Loco deInsane what is your agenda? Overblown! Life goes on what ever but not in the same manner. Don’t be a libe tart please. In case you are German be a good real German.
            By the by, a tourist is not coming to Germany or Europe to see Middle Eastern bullshitters everywhere

          • Sharpsguy

            Maybe that should be “loco INSANE” for posting THAT bullshit! WE read MANY Independent news sources, and they ALL verify the crud that it the invading monsters.

          • Keith1941

            Give it time…look at England and France.

          • march on

            Doesn’t matter, I don’t like nor trust your infestation.

          • Brainfreeze

            Reading the comments, I’ve concluded that the majority of the loudmouths are disillusion and brainwashed by the warmongering media. It works like a charm I see. Despite the countless Vets that are warning us about the real enemy, these ignorant souls are threatening to kill a religion of 2 billion plus. But then calling them the Nazis. Divide and Conquer, and that’s exactly what’s taking place. Wake up people should only be used in the correct context, I pray for the peaceful and intelligent ones to rise up and become louder.

        • Charlotta Jones

          I agree. Europe is now off as a travel destination for me. I predict there will be shootings like they did to the Jews in France and Belgium. There simply are not enough police.

      • Michael

        I am creating a bacon grease gun to shoot hot bacon grease at any of them that come near me. it will be just like a super soaker water gun. lol just let them try.

        • dad1927

          Get some pig skins for burial reasons…

        • Loco deSane

          wow……and this from a country that is based on freedom and religious tolerance…..

          • Po Tato


            He has the freedom to use bacon any way he sees fit

            Unlike Germany, which soon will become a country where bacon is outlawed

          • david

            Islam is not a religion. Name one religion who behead others to force them to join in their idiotic doctrine.

          • Hardworker50

            Christianity! Read some history; And they used to tattoo crosses on Moslem prisoners so that they would never be accepted back.

          • david

            Ronald Reagan, “Here we go again!”. Evidently I know more history than you because I have learned from history. You are like a hand in hot water. You just don’t want to learn from history. I saw a documentary once of how to catch a monkey. The natives would put a fruit inside a bottle and the monkey would reach in and grab it. The ignorant monkey would not let go of the fruit and thus would be caught by the unobtainable prize. You are lost and caught by ignorance my friend.

          • joker

            Loco deInsane what has a bacon grease gun to do with religious tolerance. Are we in the West now also not allowed to have such a gun? And what so-called religion may has a problem with such a lovely smelly porky grease gun?

        • HOVARD

          what needs to be done is that all gun owners start to organize in groups to be able to come to gather and stop confiscation of lawfully owned guns. that means stop unlawful confiscation of guns ordered by Obama bin laden and his brothers in crime.

      • harbidoll

        so will they— & they are battle hardened!

      • hal8196

        Our 2nd amendment to our Constitution is the only thing saving us. Our gov’t is trying to cease them, but that will start another revolution.

      • Windygirl

        Excellent video, if it doesn’t show up, google Kitty Werthmann youtube:

    • martinhoran

      People are doomed because the don’t have God. This was all prophesied in the Bible and worse is to come. Check Arno Froese’s books on-line. Time is running out. We all need Jesus.

      • Sarita La Cubanita

        Do you think God would have stopped Islam? I think you’re dreaming if that’s what you think. I doubt God wants us to be sitting ducks just praying until the Muslims come for us.

        • Keet Hensley

          Why should GOD jump to help those that forget to THANK GOD for that wonderful life you took for granted?

          America is allowing GOD to be removed, just pay attention, how few will protest the removal of IN GOD WE TRUST or prayers in schools or public.

          How many rally against Islam’s invasion?

          More people have taken action for the Thugs that were Justifiably killed, than the very Police that protect us from the Thugs and even less for GOD.

          As Christians we learn from hard times, but obviously we forget easily when GOD has Blessed America for over 200 years.

          Have you not noticed how the invaders were rejecting the offers of food and drink from the RED CROSS, because the Cross is the only thing they FEAR?

          Crooked Evil Politicians and Tyrants always attack or destroy the Church, right after taking away the guns.

          What I fear is that Nobody will believe the Truth when it stares them in the face.

          Here is some truth that is in your face, but don’t look if you can’t handle shock and gore, this is how they feed an Army of thousands in a desert.

          • Sarita La Cubanita

            If God had a hand in things, bad people wouldn’t be having such a great time, and good people wouldn’t be having such a bad time. I think it’s up to people to deal with the Islamic scourge, period.

          • Hardworker50

            Forgot the obvious and most democratic of all – Ban all lies! ie religions (all those without a shred of proof)

        • HOVARD


        • martinhoran

          I didn’t say God did expect that from us.

        • messi

          Hi Sarita La Cubanita,

          The survey, conducted by Kevin Brice from Swansea University, asked converts for their views on the negative aspects of British culture.

          They identified alcohol and drunkenness, a ‘lack of morality and sexual permissiveness’, and ‘unrestrained consumerism’.

          The number of Muslim converts in Britain has passed 100,000, fuelled by a surge in young white women adopting the Islamic faith.

          The report estimated around 5,200 men and women have adopted Islam over the past 12 months, including 1,400 in London. Nearly two-thirds were women, more than 70 per cent were white and the average age at conversion was 27.

          3000 German Convert to Islam – YouTube

          True News About POPE Converted to ISLAM? Must watch


          christian scientist confirm Quran is true!

          Scientific Miracles Of The Quran║Mind-Blowing Facts║All parts 1-17 English [Full Documentary]


          European scientist finds scientific proof in the Quran and converts to Islam

          • Sarita La Cubanita

            Conversion is nothing compared with the sheer number of Muslims entering all of Europe and the U.S., and the fact that they’re taking over everything, that the wealthy Islamic countries are financially backing it, and that liberals are allowing it to happen via censorship, ignoring laws, and by passing laws unique only to Muslims.

      • devilsadvocate

        God is the problem not the solution. The muslims are crazy nutcases beCAUSE they follow god. The last thing we need is Jesus or muhammed or Allah or Jehovah ITS 2015 the human race doesnt need to be tied to fairytales anymore! We need to herd these culturally backward violent fundamentalcases back to the middle east and pakistan where they can infest their mudhuts. If there is an invisible daddy man up in the sky he’s either a sadistic bastard or he’s buggered off.

        • Keet Hensley

          You my friend are the Problem, This is a Holy War, Satan vs God’s Son Jesus. The books are opposites, Koran is lies, evil and death, the Bible is Truth, Forgiveness, Love and Peace.

          Atheist are on the side of Satan against GOD. It does not matter what you do or don’t believe if you are against something that you don’t think is real, then Satan has deceived you well. You cannot fight nothing, so you prove GOD and Satan are real. see the image.

          • We_Told_You_So

            What utter nonsense, you have no idea what you are talking about.
            Superstitious medieval beliefs have no place in the 21st century.

          • Loco deSane

            see……radical speech = hate to anyone who does not think like they do. What Keet says here is every bit as scary as what ISIS says.

          • Joy Daniels Brower

            Loco, you’re living up to your name! “Loco” barely begins to describe your ridiculous comparisons with modern day throwbacks that kill as easily as they breathe…

          • purplej

            Atheists hate god? What rubbish generalisation! I’m an atheist because I simply don’t believe in god or allah or buddha, etc. Others are free to if they wish. But I don’t see any logic in using one deity/religion to fight another on the assumption that one is pure and good and the other is evil. Or that if I don’t believe what you do that I am also evil.

            This fight should be fought on the basis of right and wrong, basic respect and compassion for others. You don’t need religion to possess those traits.

            I simply believe in being the best person I can be for myself and others. And standing up for what is right. And speaking out against factual evil. Is that not what we should strive for? Isn’t that what will save us?

        • Loco deSane

          It’s not just Islam…look at some of the comments from “good Christians” take the religious references out and I bet you could not tell the difference . Radicals of any stripe are the problem…regardless of religion.

          • harbidoll

            give 1 example–

          • devilsadvocate

            There’s a definite similarity to the unthinking acceptance of an obviously man made dogma isn’t there? Islamists would kill me because I refuse to believe in a ludicrous story about a sky daddy and it wouldn’t surprise me if hardline Christians would too…either way I’m burning in hell for all eternity because I don’t believe in cloud-daddy.
            I just don’t have time for religion, it’s bogus, it’s illogical and it’s so often cruel like those idiots that make fun of gay men dying of aids – it’s ” what Jesus would do ” . Those sorts of cretininous twits are just as tiny minded as muslim fundamentalists. The only reason I’d rather have Christianity over islam is because generally speaking it’s learnt to deal with criticism a little bit better and has faded into an insignificant eccentricity. Id much much much rather have no religion whatsoever and base decisions on humanist ethics. I mean what a bloody hide telling me I can’t be good or make a useful contribution to others without following an invisible God who only ever seems to come to someone in a vision or dream to tell them they need to have sex with that pretty little virgin! Very convenient indeed God. Well he just came to me in a vision and told me he’s retiring from today!

          • balafama

            u atheists like to feel superior ,but forget the genocide of innocent people carried out by atheists such as stalin ,lenin ,mao zedung to drive out religion . some atheists can be just as evil as isis with the help of your brutal gulags .
            who invented concentration camps.?atheists. who invented labour camps ?atheists. who killed thousands and thousands of priests and nuns in a bid to drive out religion from the state ?atheist ,and you have the nerve to tell me religion is the problem .
            tell me what atheists states have been successful and progressive? what legacy has atheism left the world . for all your mockery and arrogance, atheists were fleeing the soviet union to come live in christian america. they are still fleeing north korea as we speak . you nincompoops .

          • devilsadvocate

            That’s right I agree with you there. Man can be vile and cruel and destructive either with or without religion. Atheism has left us the separation of powers so countries like Australia aren’t beholden to religion and God. The most stable and advanced countries in the world and the ones with measurably better quality of life are secular democracies. Theres no need for all the hate when religion is kept in its place.

          • balafama

            atheism didn’t leave any separation of powers .it came from the reformation of the church. the french revolution which sought to abolish religion ended up a major fiasco when atheists started killing themselves . [robbespierre].napoleon bonaparte had to come sanitize france .
            look at england ,with hundreds of years of monarchy it was stable and united under the church of england . it thrived and became one of the largest empires in the world . today they have abandoned GOD ,their society is falling apart .they have lost their religion and culture and islam is taking over .there is no longer any societal cohesion of the native brits, formerly they rallied under the anthem ”GOD save the king or queen ”they were ready to die to defend their christian religion and their monarchy. now they all all atheist wimps not ready to stand up or defend anything. the muslims riot and have placards saying ”god curse the queen” and the wimpy british police stand by and do nothing formerly that would have been a treasonous offense.

          • devilsadvocate

            So if the Brits had a stronger culture they would be much less likely to kow tow to muslims, no argument there, but the empire was in serious decline before religion faded away. The drop off in church attendance was because politicians and leftist uni professors started pushing cultural relatavism the belief that all cultures and religions and opinions are equally valid, if that be the case then it’s very difficult to belive that your own culture is anything special or deserves to stand as the model for migrants. If there are twenty five different versions of god and religion in a town and it’s no longer socially acceptable to expect top billing because we are all now expected to give equal credence to the Nigerian Animists and the Nepalese Buddhists, the Sikhs, the Shintoists the Muslims etc etc all now valid expressions of spirituality. Throw in television ease of travel and large cities and towns where no one will ever really know if you cut out going to a boring old church that is excruciatingly boring to attend and you only ever went because of the social stigma attached to not going in a little town. Then there’s education as people become educated they develop critical thinking and start to question the old superstitions. This will eventually even happen to the virulent islam over the centuries, no empire or religion lasts forever, when the adherents fade away so do the gods, ask oden and osiris.
            Regarding the empire, empire is about power and money the british empire rested on the belief that the white was superior to the dark skinned and upon slavery when those ideas fell out of favor thats when the empire began to crumble. Its strange that slavery and racism, the real racism that is not the phoney one, walked hand in hand so comfortably with religion still at its high point.

          • Hardworker50

            Are you proud of your stupidity!? None of those people were atheists, and atheism is not a belief, and if those dictators were atheists they still did not conduct their activities in the name of their ‘not religion’. They were dictators! Please do not come back here without some education. We are tired of these super stupid statements which have been negated decades ago.

          • Joy Daniels Brower

            AIDS was (and is) an equal-opportunity disease NOW, but it started out as a gay/queer disease contacted mostly by anal and oral sex – which is definitely a perversion from the kind intended for procreation (which is the ONLY reason we’re given life and live on this Earth!). If you can PROVE to me that our “meaning of life” is anything more than procreation, I might listen. But, of course, you CANNOT!! And, BTW, that’s not so bad after all – in fact, it’s what populates the world with birds, bees, animals & fish!! If that isn’t God’s plan, nothing else is!

          • devilsadvocate

            Joy neither of us can prove our point of view, but that said I’m not making the extraordinary claim to know the will of a deity who’s never been seen or heard from.
            There are many catholic priests who seem to enjoy anal sex a continuing shame to the church and just another example of hypocrisy.
            These same men taught me that natives born in Papua would burn in hell forever because they hadnt received the lord.
            I have no time for religion. If it gives you comfort and spiritual succor then that’s good.
            If it can help us eradicate islam, an even worse one, then thats good too.

          • Hardworker50

            Wow! who opened the doors of the idiot house?

          • Joy Daniels Brower

            Guess if it doesn’t gibe with your own view of things, it’s the view of “idiots.” I say that “It takes one to know one.” You’re just as much of an idiot – and definitely more of a crapweasal! – than I. If you can name that “higher calling” for the two-legged animal known as Man, pray tell, don’t keep us in the dark! “Enquiring minds want to know!”

          • martinhoran

            I have never come across Christians who believe that you behead people who disagree with them or who believe in Taqqiya, Dhimmi and Jihad. You won’t find them anywhere in the BIble. They are however in the QU’ran and Hadiths.

        • HOVARD


        • martinhoran

          Evidently you have never read the Bible and its messages from the true God. The times in which we now live were prophesied in detail. Man does not want the true God as your own comments show, in spite of God’s warnings. God has left man to sow what he reaps.

          • devilsadvocate

            Had it forced down my throat from cover to cover. Its the most illogical fake internally contradictory waste of paper and doesnt even make good toilet paper being written on that cheap ass slimy paper. Its just a pathetic excuse for one man to hold power over another because mighty mighty jee suss praise his marty name TOLD me that…….plant a seed give money now…jeesuss wants you to be rich

          • Evil Otto

            Aww, did daddy make you go to church when you were little?

          • devilsadvocate

            No Im an orphan. I was stuck in a religious “home” and raped by religious men

          • Evil Otto

            Uh huh. Sure you were.

          • devilsadvocate

            Have faith my religious friend, surely you dont need proof to be credulous of tall tales?

          • Evil Otto

            Heh, what’s wrong, trollboy? Switching tactics? When I called you out for your bullsh!t “I was raped by Christians” line, rather than defend it you admit it was a lie and try to engage me in a religious argument. This is the part where I’m supposed to get outraged and argue angrily with you, right?


            You Christian-hating hipster atheists are the proverbial dime the proverbial dozen. I just enjoy taunting you.

        • Joy Daniels Brower

          We’re talking about a granite rock of FAITH, Mr. Idiot! We know that mere Man is NOT the King of the Universe, but it’s difficult to describe the moral and absolute power of a Supreme Being to someone who has NO faith!

          • devilsadvocate

            When did you meet him? Or are you just delusional? And feel the hate building uo inside you because someone has dared to question the existence your godman? I had to suffer a religious schooling and I know the next step for religious nuts is threats, threats about burning in an eternal lake of fire….GARD will cut you down like a fruit tree that bears no fruit, blah blah blah blah and tedium

          • Joy Daniels Brower

            IF you read my post – and understand ENGLISH! – I said it was an article of FAITH! I cannot “produce” an image of God, nor a thumbprint nor anything physical. And I don’t believe in Santa Claus or the tooth fairy. Believing in a Supreme Being is an article of Faith, just as your petty protestations are proof of your anger, hate and just plain ignorance. BTW, I am also NOT a Christian (which is NOT required to believe in God – just in God’s “son”).

          • devilsadvocate

            I feel it’s pointless to argue. I’m just hearing the same old twisted logic- that I’m ignorant because I dont believe what you believe, well that’s all our friends the muslims are saying , … isn’t it? That we are kuffar and Allah despises us because we don’t believe what they believe so we are ignorant and it’s ok to rape and slaughter us. Not one religion has the slightest bit of reason on which to base their outlandish claims, instead everyone just has to swallow it, to have faith. Well I’ll stay an ignorant kuffar thanks all the same.

          • Hardworker50

            “Faith’ is a lack of proof – obviously!
            Enjoy your supreme being!

          • Joy Daniels Brower

            How dense can a person be?!? I didn’t claim physical “proof” – just an unshakable belief in something greater than mere mortals. Hard for atheists & agnostics to comprehend and even impossible for them to grant a scintilla of respect. I “enjoy” (actually, am very grateful for) my faith for the answers it provides me. Of course, you could never understand and, in fact, are childish in your intolerant rant and disrespect. I should accord you that same level of intolerance, but it’s not worth the time or energy. Like me, you’re just a speck in the sands of time – almost insignificant in the total picture.

          • Hardworker50

            Oh, disrespect is it?!
            It is disrespect to ask for and expect proof of belief systems that others declare and claim are true, and have forced upon the population since the advent of intelligent human species?
            The arrogance of your stupidity is appalling, and insulting to our human intelligence.
            Believe in your Santas but do not expect any respect, and certainly do not expect tolerance for stupidity. You cannot be excused for ignorance as the data and facts are out there for you to read. Stupidity is when one ignores and/or denies verifiable knowledge. You have wishes and hopes, and of course ‘faith’.
            Religion no longer rules the waves! Prove it or piss off!

          • Joy Daniels Brower

            You have real issues, intolerance and hatefulness being only symptoms of your sick & warped mind. Thank God I don’t know or see you in regular discourse and in my own life. People like you almost emit a STINK from their putrid set of beliefs and total intolerance of their fellow human beings. Don’t waste your time trying to vilify me further; your crap simply does not stick to the wall! All of which only underscores and proves to me – and so many others – that atheists are really pathetic human beings. However despicable they/you may be, your life has as much value as mine, so live your happy little life in your own little universe – and please don’t darken my door again!

          • Hardworker50

            Then keep your goddamned fantasies out of our lives and out of the public where we have to listen to your lies and pathetic quotations from hearsay and silly sources.
            Either prove your claims or just bugger off!
            We are fed up with your self-appointed special privileges over truth; the stink is from the long dead fantasies you insist on holding onto – keep your beliefs, but to yourself!

          • Joy Daniels Brower

            In your dreams, a-hole!! I am happily exercising my First Amendment Right of Free Speech & Association, which includes Freedom of Religion! So, put it where the sun don’t shine – I spit on your stupid “directive!!” NO ONE tells me what to say, think or do – so eat it, fella; you’re pretty much dead meat, anyway.

          • Hardworker50

            Now, keep in mind that the religious petty dictators that insist on keeping their special self-appointed privileges, like their IGWT rubbish on government vehicles, and other extraordinary benefits, like tax free status, (prayer rooms in public buildings, foot plumbing, total removal of any religious icon wherever they congregate) will automatically have to give in to and submit to all the many more demands of the Islamists when they get their numbers up, which will occur in your lifetime even as old as you are.
            So spit away, as later you will be choking out the requests, with us spiteful atheists, to secularise our nation as this newest fascist ideology goosesteps all over you.

          • Joy Daniels Brower

            Say, how can we be at loggerheads when we BOTH feel the same way about the islamofascists?!? I woke up to the nightmare of shariah and extreme Islam many years ago and, I might protest, carry a deeper hatred of that cult than you do! But, of course, why else would you subscribe to Atlas Shrugs?!? As for begging for reprieve from the oncoming onslaught of shariah, I’m counting on the Ogime/US Gov’t to bypass our little oasis in the CA Desert when seeking new communities in which to unload the thousands of Syrian/ISIS refugees/invasion over the next few years. It gets REALLY hot here, so maybe that would be a useful deterrent!

          • Hardworker50

            Good, now wake up to the fact that aside from being fed up with religionists, we have realised from our hippy days that we do not want any type of authoritarianism, and we don’t need to hear the rednecks yelling out “love it or leave it” as they did to us vets 50 years ago.
            If the rednecks insist on their lording their particular religion over all others now, it will bite them in the arse very soon.
            Look at some of the local councils in the US already forcing the populace to conform to the Imams’ demands.
            These ignorant fundies don’t have what it takes to defeat Islam.
            We must secularise now, as it is already late!
            (trust me I know more about Islam than most, having lived in one ‘moderate’ country many years ago for many years)

          • Joy Daniels Brower

            Ah, I detected a “foreign spelling!” Sorry, you’re “livin’ the life/dream/nightmare” a bit sooner in the UK than we here in the USA. But don’t waste your breath ranting and lecturing ME! I hear your message (it wasn’t easy at first, buried deep in your anti-religious anger), so enough is enough. Ciao!

          • Hardworker50

            Born American, raised under excellent overseas schooling, still American, foreign service, old fart, Ex-Pat.

          • Hardworker50

            So we don’t need proof of a Moses, and an Abraham and a Noah, so you are as much as implying that they and the Adams and Eves just never existed and are human constructs.
            It is at least honest when the believers admit that it is faith and there is no true evidence in fact.
            BTW, most of us did comprehend, as you do well know, from when we were children and did believe, of course.
            Just as society and culture progressed from animism and ritual in polytheism to monotheism, we, as persons, also simply moved on to atheism.
            We put aside the toys and fables of the innocent and gullible after the age of reason.

          • Joy Daniels Brower

            Well, as Church Lady used to say, “Isn’t THAT special?” You’re just happy as a clam at high tide with your firm BELIEF in a world/universe without a Supreme Being. So what? You can’t prove your “faith,” either! So, enjoy your happy state and don’t waste your time spitting on other human beings who happen to have a different opinion! You belong in the Flat-Earth crowd that condemned Galileo. But people like myself don’t give a hoot and will, but NEVER try to prosetylize among what we jokingly call, “the heathens!” I don’t believe in a brimstone & hell type of afterlife, just a “live & let live” current life. You’d do well to behave in the same fashion!

      • Mike Yeager

        And I guess you would agree god is helping the musslime. He sure is blessing them with many children.

        • Keet Hensley

          The idea is in 20 years they will outnumber us, by birth.

        • martinhoran

          No. That’s what Moslems believe. I am not a Moslem so I don’t believe in Taqqiya, Dhimmi or Jihad. The Bible condems such thing. I guess your knowlege of Islam doesn’t include the Qu’ran or Hadiths. The Moslems do, however.

      • Loco deSane

        If we left religion out of things, there would be less conflict…not more.

    • FACTS

      Not where I live. It’s so overcrowded with latino illegal immigrants that we can’t even build any type of low-income housing. There is literally no land left. A two mile drive can literally take a half and hr. due to traffic. At first I complained about it, especially since when I turn on the radio all I can find are either Hispanic radio stations or hip hop. But then again the Latino community doesn’t go around beheading others or making you convert to Islam. They, in general, are peaceful people. I’ll take the Latino community any day over this type of invasion. Due to the gentrification process, we don’t have any low-income places left to move to. Only the wealthy and middle-class can afford to move here. They kicked the poor & elderly out of the projects and mobile home communities, tore it all down and built housing for wealthy. There aren’t any new properties being build where I live (no more land left), unless you are wealthy, with the little that is left. Any undesirable properties get quickly purchased by the wealthy, then the homes or buildings get bulldozed and a brand new posh home or building gets put in its place. I’m delighted to live with the Latino community. I’ll put up with the Spanish radio stations any day! Thank God.

      • joe1429

        GO TRUMP!!

    • Keet Hensley

      we can shoot.

    • krinks

      We in the states are armed and will always be so. In Western Pennsylvania we have concealed carry laws. There will be no attacking women or stabbings in the streets here. There will be a whole lot of dead Muslims if they try here what they get away with in Germany or Israel.


      Not gonna happen. No one is gonna riot at church services in America. Too many guns and ex-marines.
      We are not like the guilt-ridden gay Europeans at all.

    • Cuda

      no get ready, get prepared, get off the couch and get in shape and learn to fight

  • Winged Hussar 1683

    I never dreamed that I would imagine something like this becoming reasonable and necessary but, if Germans are afraid to leave their own homes, and if invaders can walk into their stores and take whatever they want without paying, and if rape is a problem, it will have to happen:

    Islamisten Aus!

    • punditwannabe

      Well, historically the Germans have been pretty bad ass, so maybe they’ll take care of it

      • Winged Hussar 1683

        There are in fact neo-Nazis reacting to the Islamist invasion. I don’t like Nazis, neo or otherwise, but they might have their uses in this case.

        • drews

          That’s how Hitler came up remember? Here we go again. Reacting to Islam threat leads to German strongman. Leads to new Hitler having reactivated every latent nazi in europe.

          • Winged Hussar 1683

            The musloids will bring that on themselves if it happens. However, Nazism is illegal in Germany, and the Germans remember that the Nazis brought disaster to Germany.

          • Mahou Shoujo

            So now they fear anything like the nazis, such as islam? The lessons of history are soon forgotten.

      • Mahou Shoujo

        At one time, yes, but today’s German is more subservient than the French and English combined. Whatever happened to Germany?

        • Catti

          Decades upon decades of toxic cultural self-loathing and guilt. It started after WWI, then the Nazis brought them out of the hole dug by the Treaty of Versailles. Then back into the hole when the Nazis were overthrown, only deeper this time because of the spread of leftist self-hate across the planet.

          Whenever any culture experiences a nadir, there are always opportunistic oppressive ideologies that come calling, like flies to a corpse – hence the current invasion. Our culture around the globe is weak and in decline, creating a hole that the Islamics are eager to fill.

          • Damaris Tighe

            Absolutely right. Nature abhors a vacuum.

    • Don Grantham

      The inherent danger here is that any force powerful enough to repel the invaders and restore order will be powerful enough to stick around and enforce its own ideology. If I were to write a novel describing how Europe went from a democracy to a totalitarian police state, this is how I’d go about it.

      • Catti

        What’s wrong with that? Not every force that sweeps across nations is a bad thing. Certainly it can’t be much worse than the slack-jawed leftist capitulators, or Islam, which is worse than Nazism or fascism by far. Right now our culture is corrupt and ripe for either revitalization or replacement. We can’t just let the Islamists take over, so fear of “what might come after” isn’t justification to do nothing to stop them.

        • Don Grantham

          It isn’t ‘fear of what might come after’, it is just prudent to remember the old saying:
          “Quis custodiet ipsos custodes”
          My gravest concern is that we are being set up for a police state takeover. This is a game of chess with the free world at stake. They still need to be stopped in any case, and we’ll deal with the consequences as they happen.

  • Mr. Tooyu

    The Nazis are the ones who speak Arabic.

    • Winged Hussar 1683

      Islamism = Nazism with a Koran instead of a swastika

      • Po Tato

        Nazism can never be in the same league with Islamism

        Comparing Islamism to Nazism is like comparing a seasoned serial killer like Ted Bundy, to a little boy who handled something without tenderness, ending up killing the poor thing

        One has the history of more than one thousand years of wholesale killing, of having committed many episode of wholesale genocides against people who disagree with them

        The other one committed one really crummy genocide, against the Jews, back in WW2

        • Steve Brown

          Po Tato: Don’t underestimate Sharia Law. The Sharia inspired Nazis sent their armies all the way to India and Africa and eastward to the ”Gates of Stalingrad”, but were eventually defeated. This time Sharia Law has devised a much more subtle plan to conquer the world. Sharia Law with it’s trillions of dollars of oil money has brilliantly **infiltrated and gained substantial control over the; governments, educational systems, economic systems, *media, motion picture industries, music industries, and churches, synagogues, and the cultural infrastructures of the ; USA, Europe, Australia, Africa and Canada. Instead of Sharia Law going for a first round knockout, Sharia has decided to take the fight into the later rounds. Then after cutting up it’s opponent and taking out the body, Sharia will go for the knockout.

          • Ganesh

            America is gone. Finished. With a populace so staggeringly stupid to believe literally anything that fits their worldview, you idiots are history. The leftists are total idiots, the ‘conservatives’ are total idiots, Americans are total and complete idiots.

            The ideology of America is Jewish Supremacism – the belief that Jewish lives are more important than all others, that Jewish culture is above all others, that Jews are eternal victims and never do anything wrong. Thus, anyone who challenges Jewish power is the same. So, someone can write

            Look at the head of the Federal Reserve – 28 years straight, an observant Jew. The Vice-Chair of the Fed was recently head of the Central Bank of Israel. Goldman Sachs is run by Jews, as is much of Wall Street.

            Similarly, every point you list is one where Zionist Jews, much more than Muslims, have influence. Motion PIctures? Are you kidding me? It’s been a Jewish institution since day one. Media? Redstone, Eisner, Mort Zuckerman, Gerald Levin, Tisch, Will Paley, Zuckerberg etc. etc….Muslim names?

            Music industry – Jewish dominated for decades, look at the producer of the original gangster rap group NWA

            Churches – most of which shill of Israel constantly and have convinced their flocks that there is righteousness in supporting the Revelation 2:9/3:9s Synagogue of Satan.

            George Soros – the person most responsible for bringing millions of chaotic Muslims into Europe in just one year – what background is he?

            Here’s how stupid Americans are: You don’t realize that Radical Islam is the best friend ever to Israel; without Islam’s atrocities, nobody would care about the insignificant state called Israel. The US-Israel axis has deposed two mostly secular leaders and replaced them with Islamist chaos..and you think that the US/Israel actually opposes radical Islam? No, go read the history of the Gates of Toledo. Jewish elites backing radical Islam and using fear of Muslim to manipulate the goyim flock to do whatever they wish, in their 100 pronged attack on Western, Christian civilization.

            Remember that Israel and the USA are allied with the Saudis, the group that has been pushing this Salafist nonsense around the world. The same Saudis that until February owned a big chunk of Fox News.

            You’re doomed. Your country will fall, all the money you have earned in your life will become worthless, Muslims will rape your daughters, and it will be because you were too stupid and gullible to correctly identify the real enemy.

          • Reinhard Aschenbrenner

            You speak like a Nazi……..

          • Ganesh

            “The winners write the history books.”

            Never forget that statement.

          • BlindIo

            You speak like a rabbit.

          • Reinhard Aschenbrenner

            Do not you have problems with Nazis?

          • BlindIo

            I have far bigger problems with communists.

          • Capt. Rosslyn V. Crasto

            Why has Mr. “Ganesh” kept his Comments PRIVATE ??? Is he just another MUSLIM using a HINDU NAME in their {Muslim} typical TAQIYYA “style” ???!!!

          • Ganesh

            Mohammed was a dirty paedophile, a mass murderer, and he can suck my balls. Islam has been the single most destructive religion in world history.

            Hope that clears things up.

            The true enemies of the world are the Euro-Jewish criminal elites; Muslims are just one of the many tools they use to destroy civilization and bring the people to heel.

          • Capt. Rosslyn V. Crasto

            No “Ganesh”.
            All it cleared was my DUSTBIN.
            With your imbecile Posts in it !!!

          • Round House Zulu

            Colonization is the key word, and not a shot fired. Like squatters rights, one a squatter is in, it is hell to get them out.

        • honeybee

          It’s a question of the ability to organize.

        • Round House Zulu

          The Natzie’s and Muslim’s were allies during the WWII

      • Loco deSane

        what a ignorant and stupid thing to say….just throwing out bad buzzwords in no way makes one like the other.

        • krinks

          Mean Kampf = My Struggle = Jihad
          Coincidence? Only to a fool.

        • Robbydot1

          No, you are the ignorant one. Islam and Natzism are very close and Islam was the inspiration for the Holocust, Hitler was oroginally just going to deport them.
          Ignorance is very dangerous?

          • conan_drum

            That is complete rubbish, Hitler wrote about gassing Jews as early as 1926. The Nazis made it very difficult for Jews to emigrate as they would not let them take any money or personal property, and getting visas to other countries was hard also. What did the Nazis do to Jews in France and other countries they occupied? after all they were not in Germany any more, they took a lot of trouble to take them to the East to be executed. They were even using wagons which could have taken much needed supplies to the soldiers on the Eastern front, to carry Jews to the extermination camps

          • Catti

            In the 1920’s all Hitler was concerned with was dealing with mentally and physically handicapped and other sick people whom he saw as a burden on the state. He hated Jews but hadn’t decided to exterminate them as yet. Hitler spent years testing various methods of what he saw as euthanasia. At the time, eugenics was in vogue all over the world including the US, where they were caught sterilizing the poor against their will, and inoculating black men with syphilis to see the disease’s effects. Hitler tried everything from shooting the handicapped to smothering them in carbon dioxide in the back of trucks, before settling on nerve gas.

            With the Jews and other groups (people forget that the Jews only comprised half of those murdered in the Holocaust) it was as Robbydot1 stated – there were no plans to exterminate non-infirm people of any kind until after Hitler hooked up with the Muslim Brotherhood. It was Haj Amin al-Husseini, the Grand Mufti of Jerusalem, who pressured Hitler to exterminate his enemies in concentration camps instead of just deporting them.

            Al-Husseini’s overtures re “the final solution” were rejected consistently by Hitler for years during the 1930’s, to avoid disrupting Anglo-German relations, in line with Germany’s policy of not imperiling their economic and cultural interests in the region by a change in their policy of neutrality, and respect for British interests. Hitler’s Englandpolitik precluded significant assistance to Arab leaders who were eager to begin genocide against their enemies, especially the Jews.

          • Miip

            I agree with you Robbydot1 in that Anthony Young is wrong to say that MattBraken is crazy. He is not. However, I disagree with you when you say that Hitler was inspired by Islam to commit the Holocust. Hitler was catholic and was inspired by Christianity to hate the Jews. But it is true that the Muslim Mufti of Jerusalem was in cahoots with Hitler in destroying the Jews.

            Now, I am not saying that all Catholics are Jew haters. My mother is Catholic and married my stepfather who was a Jew and stayed married to him for 31 years until his passing. BTW, as for myself I am an Atheist.

            List of Hitler quotes — he was quite the vocal Catholic


            Proof : Hitler was Christian


            Hitler was catholic


            The NAZI -VATICAN Connection


            Hitler -Nazi photos


            Hitler’s Christianity


            Nazi Photos


            Hitler also spoke of being christian…

            “Although he was skeptical of religion,[11][12] he did not present himself to the public as an atheist, and spoke of belief in an “almighty creator”.[13][14]”

            “In his semi-autobiographical Mein Kampf (1925/6) however, he makes a number of religious allusions, claiming to be “acting in accordance with the will of the Almighty Creator” and to have been chosen by providence.[14][18] In a 1928 speech, he said: “We tolerate no one in our ranks who attacks the ideas of Christianity … in fact our movement is Christian.”[19]”



            “Hitler wrote: “I believe that I am acting in accordance with the will of the Almighty Creator: by defending myself against the Jew, I am fighting for the work of the Lord..” As a boy, Hitler attended to the Catholic church and experienced the anti-Semitic attitude of his culture. In his book, Mein Kampf, Hitler reveals himself as a fanatical believer in God and country. This text presents selected quotes from the infamous anti-Semite himself.”

            “Just as the Jew could once incite the mob of Jerusalem against Christ, so today he must succeed in inciting folk who have been duped into madness to attack those who, God’s truth! seek to deal with this people in utter honesty and sincerity”.

            -Adolf Hitler, in Munich, 28 July 1922

            In the Bible we find the text, ‘That which is neither hot nor cold will I spew out of my mouth.’ This utterance of the great Nazarene has kept its profound validity until the present day.

            -Adolf Hitler, speech in Munich, 10 April 1923

            “My feelings as a Christian points me to my Lord and Savior as a fighter. It points me to the man who once in loneliness, surrounded only by a few followers, recognized these Jews for what they were and summoned men to fight against them and who, God’s truth! was greatest not as a sufferer but as a fighter. In boundless love as a Christian and as a man I read through the passage which tells us how the Lord at last rose in His might and seized the scourge to drive out of the Temple the brood of vipers and adders. How terrific was His fight for the world against the Jewish poison.”

            -Adolf Hitler, in his speech in Munich on 12 April 1922


            And….BTW, I am not a communist just because I am an Atheist. I believe in freedom of religion as much as I do freedom from religion. That is what makes secular governments like the United States so important in keeping the peace between all the religious factions. Government should remain secular in order not show favoritism between the different religious followers including the non religious.

            Thank goodness for the 1st amendment clause whereby it sates that…

            “Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion”

            The following is why the founders made the constitution secular in that” congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion”…..

            “The most stringent controls on speech in the colonial period were controls that outlawed or otherwise censored speech that was considered blasphemous in a religious sense. A 1646 Massachusetts law, for example, punished persons who denied the immortality of the soul. In 1612, a Virginia governor declared the death penalty for a person that denied the Trinity under Virginia’s Laws Divine, Moral and Martial, which also outlawed blasphemy, speaking badly of ministers and royalty, and “disgraceful word.”

            “Personal Narratives from the Virtual Jamestown Project, 1575–1705”.

          • Gooniard

            So many people who go down this road — like you do — ignore the biased, selective history. You can prove anything with a selection of filtered quotes. Here’s the real, ugly truth: Hitler hungered for power and did not care from whence it came. He actually gave up on Christianity because it was too meek. It had this annoying habit of standing up for grace and mercy, which Hitler could not brook. The Norse religions did not have this “handicap” and that is what ended up floating Hitler’s boat.

          • joker

            Hitler while in prison in Landsberg (1923, I believe) got his anti Jewish views when reading the koran. And this according to Rudolf Hess, who was with him in prison.

          • Catti

            Hitler never read the Koran in prison. Even if he had, he already had his Jewish views by then. Like a lot of former German soldiers in WW1, he believed that the Jews and the Bolsheviks conspired to arrange Germany’s downfall, and that it was not a military defeat.

          • vincent bruce

            obama has constantly promoted islam, he is trying to establish islam in america and is doing a great job of it.
            Hitler did not follow Jesus in any way, he murdered for power.
            Their is only one religion : do unto others as you would have them do unto you, Love thy neighbour.

          • Catti

            Good post, but I disagree re Hitler’s motives to hate Jews. Anti-Semitism was rampant in all of Europe during Hitler’s formative years. He wasn’t anti-Semitic because he was Catholic, he was anti-Semitic because he came from an abusive and difficult background, and ended up making a meagre living on the streets for a while after having served his country with distinction during WW1. He and many other former soldiers felt betrayed after the war, for their country showed them no gratitude for losing. There was plenty of exposure to anti-Jew leaflets, posters etc., and poor people tended to blame Jews for their plight. Germany was reeling under the Treaty of Versailles and people were out of work; if they had jobs their pay became worthless in a day or two. Not a good time to look up and see a rich Jew ride by in a limo, or have to work for one who discards workers to the streets on a whim. This is what people including Hitler saw back then. He was far from the only one who thought Jews were to blame for the tough times, that’s how the Nazis became so popular, so fast. Certainly the Catholic church collaborated with the Nazis during the war, but they are not to blame for causing Hitler to hate Jews.

        • joker

          Loco deinsane basically you are the ignorant one here. The only difference between the Nazis and Muslims is that the Nazis in general had higher eduction and were more sophisticated.

          • zippy

            Much, much more.

        • MattBracken

          Sure it does. It’s another means of committing genocide based upon decisions made by the state. This time, the enemy is the Left/Islam coalition, both thinking they will rule the ruins. But the immediate effect will be the genocide of ethnic Germans in their own homeland.

          • Charlotta Jones

            Shame I’ll cry for the bastards who murdered 6 million of my people. Karma is a bitch

          • MattBracken

            The people in that picture were not alive when WW2 ended.
            Do you blame whites today for slavery 150 years ago, and wish to see them come to harm?

          • Katie

            Omg. I said the same thing out loud. Yes, Germany. Karma is indeed a’ll get no pity from this Jew whose grandparents were in Auschwitz.

          • Steven Wood

            the disgusting people who put your grandparents in auschwitz are long gone Germany shouldn’t have to suffer because of its past its not karma thats just two wrongs! two wrongs don’t make a right! its a beautiful country and Europe shouldn’t have its culture be destroyed…..

          • Catti

            How ironic – Jews supporting genocidal Islamist terrorists, who hate you more than anything else in the world. Clearly you learned nothing from history, including the fact that Hitler was closely allied with the Islamists before and during the war. Your grandparents are spinning in their graves – congratulations!

          • zippy

            Yes, you should be rejoicing at the handy work of the likes of Soros, Coudenhouve-Kalergi, Theodore Newman Kaufman and so many others. But it is all right, because they are raising the crows that someday will also peck the eyes of Zionists. And their pecking will be something like you never seen, Auschwitz will pale in comparison.

          • DominusRebellis

            This is NOT karma. It is the effect of God leaving Europe because Europe decided to:

            – celebrate homosexual marriage
            – promote atheism
            – belittle the name Jesus through television
            – abort their babies
            – promote feminism and reduce birth rates
            – close churches and open mosque
            – allow millions of non-Christian rats into Europe
            – kill the elderly through Euthanasia
            – pass laws to allow for post-birth abortion of disabled children
            – abolish the death penalty
            – etc etc etc

            When God is not followed, He will turn His back on that nation (you Jews should learn your history of your people). What is happening in Europe is living proof. God has left Europe and is blessing the nations who seek Him in South korea, China, Africa and south America.

          • Minnie Pearl

            Those bastards are long dead Charlotta. The Nazis killed 6 million Jews, but they also killed millions of European Christians. And they were aided and abetted by the Palestinian leader of the era; the cycle of death and suffering continues.

            You may view a new generation of victims as less important than the ones murdered by 20th century Nazis. You’re not alone.

            Similarly, those responding to the “Black Lives Matter” meme with “All Lives Matter” are condemned for insensivity to those whose ancestors’ lives were deemed inconsequential. And to respect all lives, regardless of race or ethnicity, is to inflict further injury upon disadvantaged descendents; the past must be atoned and every perceived descendent of privilege must pay assumedly with their own lives. Karma is a bitch.

            But a bit of perspective please. This invasion is hitting all of Europe, not just Germany. It’s hitting the countries once overrun by the Nazis; where people suffered under occupation. It’s hitting countries that fought against the Nazis; it’s hitting the descendents of those who hid and protected Jews.

            In reality, this isn’t Karma at all; this is one more staging for catastrophe to add to human history. We are a people born in sin, but some people fight the evil and others embrace the evil. If one has no heart for the suffering of the innocent, one has embraced the evil. My guess is that you haven’t really thought through what wishing evil on the innocent really means. It means ISIS lining up 200 children and shooting them one-by-one; or worse:

          • Catti

            Six million is chicken feed compared to what the Islamists will do now that they’ve taken over. And by the way, “your people” were only half of the total who were slaughtered in the Holocaust – so have some respect, as you would expect from others. And before wishing death on Germans or any other country’s citizens you might want to consider that some of them are “your people” too. And the rest of them alive today didn’t lay a finger on your precious people.

          • zippy

            And how many of your people do you think shall be killed when the savages get the upper hand? Then… you will really know how much of a bitch karma is!

          • DominusRebellis

            Are you so stupid to actually believe 6 million Jews were killed? It has been PROVEN that the 6 million figure was a lie and is closer to 1 million as outlined in a report released, but never published in the 1980s. A post in the New York Times in 1928? indicated that there are about 6 million Jews living in Europe at the time before the war. Jew bastard communists in Ukraine starved millions of Christians to death, but of course you will never hear of that because “oh no the poor Jew is ALWAYS the victim”.

            It is your Zionist leaders who are destroying Europe so do us all a favor and run to Israel and stay there. It is only a matter of time before America support of Israel falls, Islam dominates Europe and targets Israel next. I hate Muslims and hope that never happens.

          • Round House Zulu

            Hundreds of Muslim men? There is an obvious message here, no two ways about it.

        • Anthony Young

          Loco is crazy.

        • BillRind

          what is wrong about it, he told you the truth of what it means and you cant accept it because you are a Fascist islamic nut job yourself, so go crawl back into the hole you crawled out of.

          • Miip

            I agree, but there is more to the story about the Nazis than maybe you realize… See my comment above to Robby.1

        • Doug Brown

          The 100,000 troops the Muslim Sultan brought against Vienna in 1683 weren’t there for a picnic. If Vienna had fallen all of Europe might now be Islamic. Were it not for the brave polish King, John Sobieski, and his charging winged Hussars, who broke the siege, well, Islam’s goals do not change.
          Again, what about the battle at Lepanto in 1571? The threat of Islamic conquest was great, but they were defeated.
          Now, though, our history challenged leaders pretend Islam doesn’t have a bloody history, nor do they care enough to remind us that ITS HAPPENING AGAIN.

          • Cuda

            exactly, in a muslim’s eye, once land is occupied by muslums it is forever a muslim country/property!

      • Brainfreeze

        So are you saying that you fear the worlds second largest population? What world are you living in? Your neighbors and friends are Muslim and your too busy behind the computer, get out and engage with them, lose your fears, you and your deciples have been brainwashed by the warmongering media!

        • Michelle

          Total, complete, ignorant, dolt. You are a F***king traitor who knows NOTHING about ISLAM.

          • Brainfreeze

            You are so oblivious that your keyboard warrior skills lead you to tell a Muslim that he knows nothing about his own faith! Like I said, get out there and talk to us, I’m open for human dialogue at any time. Just let me know.

          • Michelle

            Nice taqiyya, goat f**ker. That is the best dialogue you deserve. Take your kitman and stick it in your arse. I engaged my “friendly Muslim” neighbors..LMFAO..and got a large taqiyya-bite out of my backside….education level, financial-status…none of it makes a difference….all of your poisonous ideology, perverted Qurans and filthy lies are the same.

          • Brainfreeze

            This totally doesn’t sound like a response from a Michelle, maybe your 13 yr old is trolling the internet disguised as you. Peace and love , I still have hope for you, seek an education and get off the internet, meet people for a change.

          • Michelle

            Maybe you are a Pedophile, Taqiyya practicing POS that is trolling as a normal citizen trying to convince people that Islam and rational citizen can used in the same sentence. I don’t have much hope for a Kitman-inspired dolt such as yourself. Islam will NOT win. You bet bet on the wrong dark horse named Mohammed. Actually, the wrong dark PIG named Mohammed.

          • Brainfreeze

            Ahh the cute buzzwords of a hasbara troll. You serve the evil Zionists, you little “dolt”. You shall go down with ISIS. We the peaceful and loving humans on the planet have God on our side, we remain undefeated.

      • Jaem

        Excellent visual example of who they persecute. Nicely done.

    • kathiedecree

      I agree with the comparison of radical Islam with Naziism. Hitler himself spoke well of Islam, and Nazi Germany was allied with Haj Amin al-Husseini, the Sunni Muslim Grand Mufti of Palestine. Remember what Prime Minister Netanyahu of Israel said recently: “Hitler didn’t want to exterminate the Jews at the time (1941), he wanted to expel the Jews. And Haj Amin al-Husseini went to Hitler and said, ‘If you expel them, they’ll all come here.’ ‘So what should I do with them?’(Hitler) asked. He said, ‘Burn them.’”

      Good God. Out-Hitlering Hitler: absolutely terrifying. This is what Europe is facing. WAKE UP!

      • kertitor

        Europe has woke up. They realised that they can not beat them, so they joined them. After the war masses of German soldiers and officers went to the ME, a lot of them converted to Islam, and never gave up their plan. Their descendants continue what they had to stop after the end of WWII. The two totalitarian ideology met and merged. What do you think why the ISIS so successful. The well organised military, the well disciplined and fearless soldiers and their propaganda are wearing German fingerprints.

  • Winged Hussar 1683

    Political posters for electronic circulation to German voters.
    (I think the Frankish Empire included part of Germany, hence the third one.)

  • Michael McNew

    Your political elite attack family values and ask young people to limit their family sizes. The same political elite want to open the borders. As Alex from Clockwork Orange would say, “Well, well, well!” I have nothing against the average Muslim, in fact I admire their connection to family heritage and their desire to have kids. Just wondering when the Christians who were sold a bill of goods from their humanist preachers might want to begin to follow their examples.

    • laura m.

      Many women have to work now days just to stay ahead, so many have only one child or none, as kids are expensive and so is child care. Few women can afford to quit a job and stay home. As for Muslims having many children, it’s because the breeder wives are taught to be slaves to husbands and their fathers, even brothers, and must do as they are told or else. Any preacher of any religion that tells people how to plan their family or personally live, is a control freak and needs to be fired.

      • Catti

        Some Christian sects go by the Biblical quote “Go forth and multiply…”. This is why the Mormons tend to have a lot of kids. There’s a lot of precedent in Christianity to control or encourage childbirth. The Catholic prohibition of birth control is another example. The biggest reasons Judeo-Christians aren’t having kids today are convenience, and priorities. They don’t want to pass up on that bigger house, or the two SUV’s in the driveway, and often wait to procreate until it’s nearly impossible for them to conceive due to age and poor lifestyle habits. The easy availability of abortion is another factor.

        Muslims are in fact pressured to pump out as many offspring as they can. This is the Demographic Jihad – overrun enemy populations from within by sheer numbers, crippling their health care and social programs in the process. It’s worth noting that due to 50 generations of cousin marriage and incest, most Islamic children carry some intellectual and/or physical deformities. This creates an even larger burden on health care and social assistance. In Canada there was a recent government decision to grant $60,000 per year for medications to one Islamic family which has three whelps (out of five) all afflicted with the same extremely rare genetic defect – a clear result of inbreeding. Details on Demographic Jihad/Fecundism:

        The reason Muslims can afford to have so many kids is that most of them collect social assistance, a lifestyle which is only part of the special treatment handed to them by groveling leftist governments. Muslims get lifelong unlimited social assistance and free housing, others either don’t qualify, only get benefits for a finite amount of time, or have to wait years in line for benefits behind the Muslims, who get ushered to the head of all wait lists. The generous social assistance, health care and free housing aren’t good enough for them, so they also resort to crime, stealing social resources such as food bank hampers from the truly needy, or bullying shopkeepers to let them steal merchandise.

        • Nysie

          Americans used to have large families of 5, 6, or more in the last centuries. It is only recently, due to birth control and extremely high cost of living and high taxation, that they keep their numbers down. Instead, now their taxes are being used to provide for immigrants families who have lived on welfare for most of their lives, and some refuse to integrate, learn the language, learn to work, and contribute.

      • Michael McNew

        I guess it comes down to what is more important. Plenty of orthodox Jews and Mormons who are basic middle class are able to manage having 5 or 6 kids and maintain a comfortable existence. Of course they are encouraged to ignore the media telling them what, how and when to think.

  • Cliff Britt

    To the German People: You reap what you sow. I pray that the USA learns from Germany’s experience.

    • Michael Copeland

      Germans, like other Europeans, reap what their leaders sow.

      • Jon Sobieski

        To me, it is the betrayal. To choose the concerns of the invaders over the citizens, that is truly despicable. I think most Germans are not fully aware of how terrible the invasion is, they just cannot believe their leaders would make such a foolish decision. What comes after denial?

        • Damaris Tighe

          Yesterday’s Gatestone Institute post was about the spread of infectious diseases brought to Germany by the latest migrants (including Ebola, EBOLA!) Apparently the German health services are overwhelmed & there aren’t enough vaccines, not only for the migrants, but also for the Germans. The article says …. wait for it …. that this was ‘unforeseen’.

          The German government has inflicted a moral hazard on its people, that is, a decision made by politicians for which other people will have to pay. Wicked.

          • Jon Sobieski

            Yes. Wicked is the word I have been looking for. Wicked.

    • peachnectar

      We have a muslim POTUS who is leading down the garden path where we will soon have the same issue here. It’s just a matter of time.

    • Rick Austin

      It’s a countries leaders who put then in this position not it’s citizens.

    • Damaris Tighe

      Isn’t it interesting that both the Nazis & the Islamists like the colour black? The colour of evil, nadir & night?

  • sgreen516

    politicians will only make better decisions when they become forced to live with the ramifications of their decisions. Not a second sooner and sometimes not even then.

  • CamAssassin

    ReArm the masses and remove threat.

  • Roger Cotton

    Perhaps now, haughty Europeans will shut up about how we Americans want to retain our rights to keep and bear arms, and will start to address the actions of the Multi-Cultural, Diversity lunatics they continually elect to office.

    They make themselves Subjects of the Socialist governments they promote, instead of Citizens.

    Now, with the Muslim Invasion of 2015, they have allowed themselves to be taken over.

    • sjbucci

      Dude, you can still buy guns here. You just need to get a permit, like a driver´s license. Even a foreigner can legally own a gun here in Germany with a permit.

      • Just Straight Shooting

        But that “permit” is extremely difficult to obtain! Not to mention very very restrictive and confining once it’s obtained, IF, one is ALLOWED to have one!

        • sjbucci

          Just a question….do you live in Germany? Have you made your waffenschein?

          • Just Straight Shooting

            No, I’m in Texas, thank goodness! Don’t need to live in Germany to know what is going on there. I have several friends from there, and also know several people that lived and worked there in the US military.

          • sjbucci

            It not that difficult. You join a club, you take a test – you get your permit.
            There are extra psychological exams for people aged 21-25 though, to make sure they aren´t crazy or drug addicts – maybe that´s the key difference.
            Most drivers from the U.S. wouldn´t be able to get a driver´s license in Germany if they had to take the driving exam. Now that is really difficult, many Germans fail and have to retake the exam multiple times @ 1000 Euro a pop. It´s probably more difficult and costly to get a German drivers license than a gun permit.

          • Loco deSane

            and we all know Texas is the center of the known world….of course they “know” what is going on in Germany..theys got da internet

    • laura m.

      And the warfare will soon start as jihadists start the killings with weapons stored in mosques for future use. A caliphate will soon be installed as planned, and the traitor E.U. leaders are first to be executed, that is the idiots that aloowed them in. Germans don’t have guns, but they’d better sharpen their knives and at least try to defend their families and quit being cowards and passive idiots.

    • Catti

      Europeans are far from the only ones who are handing the keys to their countries and cultures over to the Islamists. Just yesterday I posted in response to another article on this site, my post called for people to get together and make plans to oppose and defeat the Islamic invasion here. I got two cowardly screeds in reply, from self-styled Americans who had been posting a lot about smashing Islam in the same thread. Both went on about how inferior we are to the Islamists, and that we’d never win any battle with them, so we might as well turn tits up. All talk and no action. Craven cowards like these are all too common, and they’re our first and biggest enemy in the counterjihad.

      • Michael

        I’m glad I live in Kentucky surrounded by armed rednecks like me that aren’t cowards. They will shoot if it comes to that. Each of my friends have more than 10 guns each. I’m unarmed, gun wise, because I am a convicted felon, but if it comes to that I can still get my hands on one and I’m willing to take the risk of another charge for having it.

        • Loco deSane

          I would like to point out that if you don’t feel safe unless you are armed and surrounded by like mined and armed people…then you are not really courageous … you are living (if you can call it that) in a pack with a pack mentality. go unarmed and live free…then you will be courageous

    • Sarita La Cubanita

      Your gun will not defend anyone, not even you, against an invasion of Muslims if a left-leaning president is elected.

    • Loco deSane

      I am curious if you understand what “socialist” means….and if you do, how can you call EU governments socialist?

  • sjbucci

    Ellwagen is on my list – 19th of June -200 migrants had a mass brawl. It´s probably been more than that, but that is the only incident I found (so far).

    Many cities are in the same situation as Ellwagen. My small city has at least 8 camps that I know of. Besides violence – disease is another problem. 2 camps near me have had confirmed cases of Tuberculosis AND both of those “camps” are located on school campuses where regular courses are attended by high school student and university students. The negligence is so appalling that it makes you ask yourself how could it be anything OTHER then intended.

    Listing of Mass Brawls caused by refugees/migrants in Germany:

    Date // City // Number of participants // further facts pertaining to case

    11.04.15 Hamburg-Harburg (40) broomstick, chair legs

    12.04.15 Hamburg-Harburg (m.p.) 15 police cars + helicopter

    15.05.15 Gießen (80) many police cars

    14.06.15 Obermehler (30)

    19.06.15 Ellwangen (200) 1000 Pers.standing on the street

    26.06.15 Köln (30) w/Baseball bast and club attacked German highschool graduates

    30.06.15 Schneeberg (80)

    17.07.15 Ellwangen (300)

    22.07.15 Besseringen 12pm (2 Groups) Eritrean vs Afghanis

    22.07.15 Besseringen 14pm (2 Groups) 1 boy thrown out the window 8 meters high

    22.07.15 Bramsche bei Osnabrück (100) Steel pipes 20 police cars called

    28.07.15 Trier (mehrere dutzend) 70 police officers

    01.08.15 Suhl (80)

    01.08.15 Dresden (50-100)

    03.08.15 Heideberg (50) 13 police cars und police dogs

    11.08.15 Dresden – Friedrichstadt (40)

    14.08.15 Essen -Roma-Fehden (100 with knives)

    14.08.15 Düsseldorf Clan-Battles/angry mob attacks police

    20.08.15 Friedland (50)

    20.08.15 Suhl (100 – 120)

    26.08.15 Karlsruhe (60)

    29.08.15 Hann. Münden (60) underage migrants

    31.08.15 Heidenau (unbekannte Anzahl) 6 perps arrested using chair legs as weapons

    31.08.15 Ellwanger (40)

    13.09.15 Calden (mindestens 60) Pepperspray used by police

    14.09.15 Bergedorf 16 uhr (2 gruppen) pieces of furniture thrown

    14.09.15 Bergedorf 20 uhr (2 gruppen) 12 men arrested

    15.09.15 Ellwangen (150)

    16.09.15 Braunschweig (60) battles with broken bottles/ l5 police cars

    16.09.15 Donaueschingen (many refugees camp residents)

    24.09.15 Berlin-Neukölln/Spandau 2 Groups

    25.09.15 Leipzig (100 – 200)

    25.09.15 Wolfsburg-Fallersleben (n/a) one death

    27.09.15 Vechta (20)

    27.09.15 Kassel – Calden (370)

    29.09.15 Dresden (150)

    29.09.15 Donaueschingen (150)

    29.09.15 Gerolzhofen (n/a)

    30.09.15 Hamburg-Bergedorf (200)

    01.10.15 Neumünster @ a doctor´s office (100) Riot police called

    02.10.15 Mannheim-Rhein-Neckar (2 Gruppen) 8 police car

    06.10.15 Hamburg Wilhelmsburg (30 – 60)

    06.10.15 Braunschweig-Kralenriede (300-400)

    06.10.15 Freidland (100)

    08.10.15 Rödinghausen (70)

    08.10.15 Ingolstadt (20)

    08.10.15 Hamburg-Harburg (40) + fire

    08.10.15 Mannheim (at least 7 injured)

    09.10.15 Nürnberg (40)

    09.10.15 Schwerin-Lankow (6)

    10.10.15 Bad Kreuznach- am Römerkastell(8)

    11.10.15 Bad Kreuznach (8) +fire

    12.10.15 Hamburg-Wandsbek (30)

    12.10.15 Duisburg (400)

    12.10.15 Bremen-Hebenhause (many refugee camp residents) 40-50 poice officers

    13.10.15 Backnang (8)

    14.10.15 Ostbahnhof-München (20) (in the train)

    19.10.15 Hamburg-Osdorf (50) with stones + Aluminum poles

    19.10.15 Hamburg-Rahlstedt (100)

    20.10.15 Schorndorf (20)

    20.10.15 Berlin-Lichterfelde (11)

    20.10.15 Ingelheim (60)

    21.10.15 Münchner Hauptbahnhof (10)

    21.10.15 Meßstetten (n/a) Groups with knives and metal pipes

    22.10.15 Hamburg-Marienthal-Hammerstr. (50)

    23.10.15 Dresden(HamburgerStr) (20)

    23.10.15 Nürnberg-West (many refugee camp residents)

    24.10.15 Niederau bei Meißen (100)

    24.10.15 Villingen (many refugee camp residents)

    24.10.15 Hamburg-Harburg (5) 11 police cars

    24.10.15 Gießen-Bahnhofsvorplatz (many refugee camp residents)

    24.10.15 Lübeck (150) Police needed support from the ARMY to regain order!

    24.10.15 Kücknitz (2) Knife attack

    24.10.15 Warburg-Ossendorf (many persons) Knife attack

    25.10.15 Kierspe (2) Knife attack

    25.10.15 Hann. Münden (120)

    26.10.15 Aichtal(Kries Esslingen) (100) 14 police cars

    26.10.15 Leinfelden-Echterdingen (200)

    26.10.15 Bensheim (80) with metal pipes

    27.10.15 Klietz (100)

    27.10.15 Berlin-Kreuzberg (30)

    28.10.15 Essen-Tiegelstr. (larger Groups) 20 police cars

    28.10.15 Kellinghusen Kreis Steinburg (100) 30 police officers

    29.10.15 Kellinghusen Kreis Steinburg 50 police officers/11 police dogs

    29.10.15 Wiesloch (200) with metal poles and chair legs

    29.10.15 Osterfeld-Eisenheimschule (many refugee camp residents)

    29.10.15 Rottenburg am Neckar (Kreis Tübingen) (55)

    29.10.15 Fürstenfeldbruck (angry mob) Threatening police with weapons

    29.10.15 Itzehoe (60)

    29.10.15 Wallduern (many men) destroying things and attacking fellow residents

    29.10.15 Ergenzingen 16.00 (50-60) 6 police cars

    29.10.15 Ergenzingen 19.30(2 rival Groups with metal poles)40 policemen

    30.10.15 Weilburg-Waldhausen (many persons)

    30.10.15 Itzehoe (100)

    30.10.15 Sundern-Westenfeld (many person/1 arrest)

    31.10.15 Donaueschingen (2)

    01.11.15 Dresden (50) 5 injured

    01.11.15 Meßstetten (many person) many policecars

    01.11.15 Mering (AT LEAST 3)

    02.11.15 Immendingen (120) many police cars

    02.11.15 Gronau-Fehden(2 rival groups)Shooting-1 death

    02.11.15 Sinsheim (50) 13 police cars + Pfefferspray

    03.11.15 Freiburg (größeren Gerangel/Schlägerei größeren Ausmaßes)

    03.11.15 Buchholz -drunken resident(s) destroy things and attacking with knives

    03.11.15 Hamburg-Harburg (30-40) attacked/hit police dogs

    03.11.15 Hamburg-Mitte (53 Eritreer) blocked traffic/ police removed dog´s muzzles

    03.11.15 Prien- Hbf (many asylumseeker) fighting at the trainstation verbally abusing travellers

    03.11.15 Stockach (mind. 5) threating to let a man fall from the 2nd floor(they were holding him outside the window)

    04.11.15 Sylt-Westerland (AT LEAST 3) knife in the throat / one death

    04.11.15 Hamburg-Marienthal (mind. 6) 16 police cars

    04.11.15 Stelle (many refugees with knives) many police cars

    05.11.15 Steinhaus am Semmering (8) brawling about drugs

    05.11.15 Schneeberg (200-300) Lynch Mob attacking a fellow resident which was caught sexually abusing a refugee child

    05.11.15 Bad Fallingbostel (30) 10 police cars/25 policemen

    06.11.15 Bremen-Vahr (20) wooden stick and throwing water crates

    06.11.15 Heidekreis (15) 12 policemen

    06.11.15 Gengenbach (many adult and 12 year olds)

    07.11.15 Siegen (30+)

    All these cases are easy to find by entering into google:

    Massenschägerei(mass brawls) + Flüchlinge(refugees) + city + date + further above mentioned details.

    • EastTex

      Do any of these involve Germans fighting back? That’s what I would hope to see, but it’s not really clear from the descriptions.

      • sjbucci

        The list only describes what is going on inside the camps. Refugees fighting against refugees. There have been some dramatic video recording this. (I will link a couple below)

        Right now there are only a couple of cases- on my list anyway- that involve Germans. One in Cologne – High schooler were celebrating their graduation and were being a little loud at night and 20 “refugees” beat them up with baseball bats.

        There are many cases of them harassing individuals(German citizens), but I´m just concentrating of the Mass Brawls.

        • Gary Smith

          Keep up the good work and make these incidents known. Thanks for this.

          • sjbucci

            Thank-you and you are welcome.

        • Rick Austin

          Thanks for the info, you never hear of any of this from the media over here.

          • sjbucci

            Actually, you don´t hear about it in the press here either – just the really big ones that they could not hide, like Dresden, Calden, and Suhl – for these there were also videos leaked onto the internet.

          • sjbucci

            You´re welcome. see below

        • EastTex

          Still, those other incidents you mention are Muslims attacking Germans. I’m wondering if Germans are fighting back, i.e., bringing a violent response instead of just protesting and waving signs.

          • sjbucci

            If there were any significant “fighting back” that would make the news as “Neonazi skin heads – hurt poor refugees”. The left leaning press would be blasting that kind of behavior all over the international news – German NAZIs Back To Their Old Tricks. -kind of reports. There have been quite a few arson attacks, mostly burning up designated place to live for refugees, but not yet being used.

  • Just Straight Shooting

    This sentence says it all:

    “Most of these Germans have no interest in politics, and are law abiding citizens who are now faced with police cars driving any hour of the day due to incidents caused by ‘refugees’.”

    It’s foolish to not be interested in politics because politics will always be interested in YOU.

    If MOST of the Germans had of been interested in politics, angela merkel and the other quisling traitors in the government wouldn’t have been elected and this disaster would not be unfolding onto the German people today.

    With that said, we here in America better start taking MORE interest in politics because the same thing is happening here with the election of obama and biden and the rest of the democrats and RINO quisling traitors who have sold us out.

    Get ready America because it’s coming here sooner than you think, thanks to the democrats, rinos, and hussein obama…

    • soliel67

      Yes how foolish to not be interested in politics. I thought they were intelligent people.

    • GoodPeople

      It’s foolish to not be interested in politics because politics will always be interested in YOU. I am sorry but this isn’t always true either. There are plenty of people here in the US that are interested in politics and have been speaking up, but it doesn’t seem to matter. Obutthole still does whatever the hell he wants to when he wants to and damn the American people. The only chance we are going to have is to stand up, shoot first and ask questions later. I will have no problems defending my family and shooting any one of these bastards (child or adult) that think it OK to try and rape my daughter or take something that belongs to me.

      • Just Straight Shooting

        I understand your sentiment and for the most part I agree with you. But, while there may *seem* to be plenty that are speaking up, it is far too few that are doing so.

        Most people won’t sign a petition because they are afraid their name will be put on a government “list”, or they’ll be targeted by some race baiting group or person if they speak up. So they keep silent and let the few speak up that are already doing it, all the while wishing them well but not giving them support or backing them up.

        The liberal left is loud and vociferous in their demands for more government control, while those of us on the right do not say enough to counter their arguments. It’s time that we on the right speak up in ever increasing numbers and become just as loud and vociferous as the left is now. The saying, ” The squeaky hinge gets the oil”, is as true in politics as it as for anything else!

        • Damaris Tighe

          In Sweden Disqus was penetrated & the names of people who made anti-immigration comments were published – in an authoritarian country like Sweden this was serious. No wonder they shut up.

    • FACTS

      I’m voting for Trump. He said he’s send those Syrian Muslims back to Syria. By the way, they have Military training camps for terrorism in Syria. A British extremist group took down that Russian plane. The extremest who took down the plane can speak English and Arabic and were trained in Syrian Military Camps for terrorists.

      • Sarita La Cubanita

        Trump was Republican, then switched to Independent, then switched to Democrat, then switched to Republican to run right now.

        In 2004, he told CNN that he identifies more with Democrats than Republicans. And currently, all he’s heard saying is nothing. We don’t know what he stands for, except for, “she’s ugly/he’s ugly/they’re ugly.”

        Do you really think it’s wise to vote for someone who changes his affiliation like you change your underwear, and tells CNN he agrees with the Democratic ideas?

        Uh… I think that’s suicide.

        Trump has said absolutely NOTHING against Muslims. Not about their attacks, not about their bombings, knifings, murders, nothing.

        • Mike Yeager

          Obama was a muslim then a christian.
          Obama was a foreigner to get school aid then a US citizen.
          Obama was a doper then a lawyer.
          Obama was an arab then a black.
          Obama was a faggot then straight.
          Obama is a liar unless he is talking about going to play golf or going on vacation.

          • Loco deSane

            that is one of the saddest things I have ever read…it must be hell to be you.

          • joker

            Loco de Sane or just Loco de Insane? What is it. That you are a Muslim mother fucker liker we know from your postings but do not end up like them. Meaning the Muslim.

          • Sarita La Cubanita

            I agree! We do NOT need chameleons who keep changing from one thing to another to another. We need someone that has been solid conservative through and through. So far, Trump has changed his views, affiliations, everything, constantly. Sounds like Obama.

          • vincent bruce

            Trump will make America so strong that we can snuff out the democratic party forever, ending the politically correct power grab designed by the elite supremacists.
            Defeating the democrats is the first priority, the the war on islam can start.

          • Sarita La Cubanita

            Sorry. I don’t want anyone who was an independent, a Democrat, who was playing footsies with Democrats, who is building happily for Muslims (the most recent:, and accepting their money joyfully, who says NOTHING about the Muslim atrocities, and who says only, “you’re ugly, they’re ugly, yuck yuck yuck” like a total idiot.

            I want a full, 100% conservative who has been SOLIDLY a conservative all along, and never veered on it. I don’t need any former Democrats, or any Democrat-leaning clowns because some tea party hopefuls are thinking that he’s “so loud” that of course he’s going to be brilliant.
            Thanks anyway

          • vincent bruce

            Your opinion is what it is , but with all his faults which everyone have, he is a competent man in many ways which would serve all of us well to end islam’s reign of terror.

          • Sarita La Cubanita

            Until I hear this Democrat-Independent say something seriously against Islam, I will listen.
            Until then, he’s just a Democrat running his mouth and making huge business deals with Muslims.

          • vincent bruce

            Trump did say he would build a military so powerful that the rest of the world would not dare to ignore us, and that he will eliminate isis for starters and that he will deal with iran from a position of strength. It sounds like Trump will be islam’s worst nightmare.

          • Sarita La Cubanita

            Trump has not said that. Instead, he’s doing huge business with Muslims. Huge.

            Trump was a Democrat not long ago, and Trump admitted to CNN that he sides with Democrats on many points. Trump is a Democrat, period. He just wants to get Republican votes to get into office. He’ll be worse than Obama.

          • vincent bruce

            I heard Trump say those things on TV
            He said the Iran deal is ridiculous.
            He will blow up the oil fields that isis own.
            He will rebuild the military so the fear of America alone will cause muslims to think twice about any more attacks, the oil fields can be rebuilt quickly with american technology.
            No one could even come close to being as bad as the natural born muslim obama, who pledged his allegiance to islam saying the shahada in perfect arabic stating mohamhead is the messenger of alla
            Trump is a negotiator he knows how to win, and by not completely negating the demoncrats he has a better chance of becoming President.

          • Sarita La Cubanita

            Everyone says the Iran deal is ridiculous except for libs and Obama and Muslims.

            Trump is a Democrat. Trump is not a bright individual, just inherited lots of money. Trump says nothing, absolutely nothing. He wants to be president, for sure, which is why he kept switching back and forth between affiliations. And he’s very excitable. He screams, screams, screams, screams, and yells “she’s ugly! you’re stupid!” and never explains anything, and only speak in loud, loud, loud generalizations the way a toddler would, because he’s a Democrat pretending to be a Republican, and not a very bright one, either.

            I want ZERO Democrats. Negotiator my behind. He’s an imbecile with money, and a liberal.

          • vincent bruce

            Trump turned 1 million into 10 billion not internet money either.
            Trump is a red blooded American who loves this country
            republican party needs a total change

            no politician is very smart
            Trump is much smarter than you think, his view is to lead not get lost in the details but to make the outcome to our advantage
            politicians are all talk and nothing good gets done

            trump is great as well as carson
            they should promise to be vice president for each other
            the rest are babies compared to them
            two proven icons of america

          • Sarita La Cubanita

            Trump’s wealth is the very reason his fan base (the poorer whites) is generally out of jobs. The very people he hurt through stripping jobs out of the U.S. and shipping them to countries where companies can pay $1./day, is the reason so many whites are poor.

            Of course, since Trump is an even better liar than Obama, and has an even smaller heart than Obama, he lies to those people he hurt (poor whites), and is going to exploit them to vote for him by lying to them and assuring them that the reason they are poor is because other people are taking jobs from them right here in the U.S.

            BS. The jobs are in other countries, thanks to the Trumps of this nation.

            Of course, the poor whites who back him don’t know that. They are too concerned with trying to survive, so unlike me, they don’t have the TIME to read about how people like him are the ones who stripped America of jobs.

            Trump is a salesman, a liberal, Democratic Party salesman who is running on a Republican ticket to become president and get his name in the books as president, but actually couldn’t care less who in the U.S. suffers.

            Trump couldn’t get any more Muslim if you threw a rag on his head and had him bend over at Mecca, that’s how much money he has invested with the Muslims. But he’ll lie to poor whites and tell them he doesn’t like Muslims, because he exploits the people he hurts the most.

            Trump is worse than Obama, as liberal as Obama, more Muslim than Obama, a bigger liar than Obama, and that’s saying something, since Obama is really really bad.

          • Saint Dogbert

            Ah, so you are advocating for a one party state now? Sorry comrade, we much prefer democracy to your brand of dictator.

          • vincent bruce

            The democratic party is a group of liars, a new party will develop, obama has been a dictator his whole life, lying about his muslim beliefs, the democrats are a branch of the muslim brotherhood, not an American political party, but a group out to destroy the Constitution.
            obama is a natural born muslim having been born to a foreign muslim father, saying the muslim shahada which makes him a full blown muslim, using islam’s taqiyya to lie his way to the white house with islamic money.

          • Saint Dogbert

            Yawn…..get a new script from your supervisor. This bunch of talking points are older than dirt.

    • Angry_American

      You are absolutely correct

    • Keet Hensley

      It makes no difference anymore, Politicians are just to humor us as George Soros rules the World. He pulls the strings and quotes the policy. You might notice the Similarities between Germany and the USA with the OPEN borders and free passage, Take our guns so we can’t fight back. Attacking the Christian Church. The UK was one of the first to fall to it. Who has the Money rules the world, and Genocide of over 6 BILLION is on the playlist. Islam is Predators And Christians are Sheeple, they think.

    • joe1429

      emperor obummer now going around the congress to sign executive order to ckose gitmo… and bring the terrorists here!! lets see if congress do anything??

  • PTripp

    Did you notice 80% of the ‘refugees’ are men?

    • Keith McPhee

      ISIS members

    • Catti

      A fact that’s aggressively covered up by the Liberal Media Party. They want the public to feel sorry for the so-called “poor, starving refugee FAMILIES”, so they plaster their touchy-feely articles about them with fake, staged pics of cute little brown-eyed waifs clinging to the skirts of their tented mothers. Wait till the young male thugs get to North America and start acting like the invasion force they are, as they are in the EU.

    • Angry_American

      I saw that

    • FACTS

      They’re from Syria where they have military camps for terrorism. A British extremest group took down that Russian plane. So the Islamic terrorists can speak English and Arabic and were trained at a Syrian Military Camp for terrorism.

    • husseinovomit

      These muSlimes are NOT refugees—they are enemy invaders. They all must be repelled and KILLED.

      A NEW CRUSADE MUST BE STARTED. THis time it will be Christians, Jews, Hindus, Buddhists, etc., ALL against muslimes!

      No wonder the Spanish expelled these slimeball bastards in 1490. THey are INVADERS—-soldiers of mohammid and isSlime!

      • Loco deSane

        yes…things that happened in 1490 are relevant in 2015… sheesh

        • joker

          Indeed Loco deInsane…it is today more relevant than then. Today we have the mains to get rid of the Muslims once and for ever. We only have to do it-

  • Winged Hussar 1683

    An ideology like Islamism is not a race nor is it a religion. An ideology has no rights, and Germany would be within its rights to make Islamism as illegal as Nazism. In the meantime (and the anniversary is tomorrow), the Islamists are practically begging for a repetition of this:

  • Peter Hyatt

    The link to the Face book page is dead…taken down?

  • marty_p

    Prefix the words “people” or “women” or “Shopkeepers” with “Jewish” and you’d swear you were reading an article about the plight of Jews in Germany in 1938-39.

    Only in this case the Germans are stupid enough to do it to themselves.

    B”H …God has one heck of a sense of humour!

  • fulham2014


  • Hardworker50

    Because of Freedom of Religion laws the US must let them in and must let them have Sharia law!
    The Christians have yet to figure out that in order to protect our democracy from Islam we must ensure a secular base from government to schools to law.
    Yes, they must give up their special privileges and special exceptions and special status.

    • Kook of the East


      • Hardworker50

        The Christians have yet to figure out…

  • Keith McPhee

    The Germans need guns & ammo lots and lots of both. Then the Germans need to cleanse their country of the muzzie invaders.

  • Robert Bayer

    End Islam on Earth .. or watch Islam end you!


    One silver lining to these clouds: German patriots destroying and defacing monuments to Soviet army of Rapists,.

  • Robert Bayer

    Hitler was the ultimate leftist … absolute power to destroy all that is good .. Hitler respected Islam as his first choice as a religion for his barbaric regime.

    Merkel, Obama and other leftists get that and want the same … but they cannot do it without destroying all that is good first ..

    So Islam is brought in to speed things up.

    Now we understand why!

    • martinhoran

      You are spot on. In fact, Hitler was also pro-Buddhist. That’s where the Nazis got the swastika from. And he was also a vegetarian. British liberals like Lloyd George and Arnold Toynbee hailed Hitler as a man of peace–AFTER he’d written Mein Kampf. The Western liberals are doing the same thing now. They are the ones who hail Islam as a religion of peace. The great irony is: the liberals would be the first the Moslems would put against the wall. Politics are not the answer. Jesus is and the sad thing is, too many people will find that out when it is too late.

      • Robert Bayer

        Everything you state is so true … Lets keep spreading the truth in the hope that more can be done to stop these barbarians … United!

  • dba_vagabond_trader

    Syrians and Pakistanis, worst of the worst.

  • lostlegends

    They are getting what they elected. She is a leftist. Sister, you asked for it. No sympathy for them. Reap the whirl wind.

    • Catti

      In Canada, an Islamist assclown was recently elected, with less than 40% of the vote. Does this mean that Canadians like me who are against Islam and voted against Prime Ministurd Assclown, deserve what’s going to happen when he brings in 25,000 terrorist savages before January 1? How about those who couldn’t vote, like the children who will be raped? No sympathy for them either?

      • Don Grantham

        The Son of Fuddle Duddle has hired a new cabinet, NOT based on experience, qualifications or competence, but because of gender, race and religion. Why? “Because it’s 2015”.
        Guess he thinks he’s playing Canadian Pokemon… gotta catch ’em all.

        • Josephine

          With Trudeau as PM, it will be more the “Islamic Invasion 2015”. The one province that had provided regular transfer payments of cash to Eastern Canada is losing jobs by the thousands. One Canadian out of seven lives below the poverty line. Yet the government is going to work overtime on taxpayers dollars and airlift 25,000 economic refugees, and then supply them with dental, health, food and housing, when there are so many Canadians here already, including homeless people who go without. This government doesn’t care about Canadians.

          • Don Grantham

            I am one of those Canadians. Hence my unfettered fury.

  • Mc Scott

    I am an Austrian citizen, but mentally much more Jewish (having also let made a circumcision by a Jewish doctor several years ago), having left Austrian mentallity mind sets years ago, which are many sort of Goi sets …. …… and I am a Long time “Senior” Islam critic on a more intense trip since 9/11.
    Owing a shotgun for many years for personal defence.this was enough ….
    Expecting more and more stress by Islam I decided the the previous year around that time in November to start a pledge for a Permit to carry a handgun with me. This was denied, because of Political Reasons.
    The lie was, that I failed the psychological test. Usually the test result is given within minutes after ist finished. IT TOOK ALMOST A WEEK UNTIL I GOT BY PHONE THE MESSEAGE — there are “doubts” as a result of the test.
    In vain I tried through a higher commission to get a Permit …..
    PC is so extreme in Austria- its a sort of heavy mental sickness, that the Austrian Gov indirectly does support Islamic Terrorism BY NOT DOING THEIR JOBS AT THE BORDERS AND INSIDE (Austria is one of Europeans foremost Countries from which Dschihadists travel to and back from IS) than giving an Islamcritic citizen the Permit to protect myself in a solid way against a possible attack…..
    On one of Austria`s in the previous months most open Blogs for Critizising Islam – the Andreas Unterberger Blog – I got many times votes for best commentaries on Islam and Islamic history — so I am anonymously “behind” my nicks quite well known. And anyone who knows the WWW clearly also knows how a minor “protection” anonym posting is – especially when a certain knowledge is reached expecially about the making of Islam, showing like a detective the TRUE STORY behind the Islamic Narrative ….
    This state Austria is a criminal state which again is against Jewish mentallity — several decades ago the then captured Austria was deeply involved in the Holocaust, this time they are starting an indirect Holocaust by taking in the Jew Haterrs … and on the same side giving only hypocrite assistance in protection against Islamic Terror or even refuse the sort of self protection which is needed … for me for my part I do feel much more Jewophile than Austriaphile … and Austriaphil in not much more than the landscape.
    I already applied for Asylum in three countries — because of the fact that the own Gov – which knows my case very well, since the AU Blog is the most read political Blog in the Country – did side in my case with the IS Terrorists against me.
    This is a scandal !
    Ist the war of the clever against the wise and open hearted ……
    The war of the truth loving against the beasts- goijim of Lies — which still pray to their political sign at the wall — the Eagle — which also was Muhammads Symbol, which is very clear documented by the Sunna, by the Quoran and also in the Kitab al Maghazi from Al Waquidi.
    Many in Austria are followers of this sect ….. and not only in Austria.
    Somehow I did often hoped that there would be package of simple to handle Revolvers (two similar models) with ammunition to gain the Minimum Level of self defence according to the increasing threads by Islam in one of the foremost Islamic War Regions in Europe … and this also because there is NO OTHER REALLY KNOWING EXPERT ON ISLAM WHO IS PUBLISHING IN THIS COUNTRY of traitors against humanity and Cowards ……
    If there would be — I would have known for a Long time.
    The “Standard” Islamic criticism is the sort of Surface “bla bla ” ….nothing which goes into the deep of the character and Soul developments of Muhammad. We Need the sights into this Soul to end Islam … with the usual arguments following the Islamic narrative criticis someone can rarely bring Islamic People into doubt — they have a sort of resistance developed against this sort ……. but, when they have to learn and face that the Islamic Narrative contains many Lies to establish a “religious sight” on Muhammad and they easily can realise that this must have been only that way …. and the Narrative Makers had lied on them ….. there sight on Islam gets this Major gaps that they by themselves can develope a starting critical mind bringing them more and more distance to this occultism.
    One of the main enemies in this state against humanity is the secret national Service for protection of the Austrian constitution — they are traitors against their People from whom many more suffer more because of their hypocracy than I.
    They trample together with many of the political PC prosecution on the values of freedom of speech, rights of children to be protected against lies and also the rights of women not to be hold as slaves ……
    It`s a cruel and absurd backlash against humanity to fight in the wrong direction and this in a Country in which Hitler came up to follow the “calls of the Imam” into the Occultism which he, Adolf Hitler, so intensly was fascinated from ….. having been visited from Ibn Saud on the Obersalzberg – a few weeks later he started the Holocaust, having startet collaboration with Amin al Husseini – a few weeks later he intensified the Holocaust ……
    To say this Gov is only dumb and silly is far of to small a Diagnose …… they are haters of true humanity, so they are EVIL deep in the darkness of their souls …. only playing games of evilness…… against enlightments which stand on the true “Evolution of Mind”, which has a fundamental Basis in the Rules from the El Schaddai Happening, which in the authentic sentences also was brought Forward and evolved by a Jewish Preacher —- simple rules of respect for life which Muhammad broke all of them …..
    And the might-greed part of Bishops on Nicäa too ….. These guys who did not only lied much on the words of the Preacher but also declared an antagonistic booklet as “holy”, which then decades later became the starting “Episode” for Muhammads final, the true central and so brutal Islam.

    • joker

      I believe you have some problems. Otherwise your posting would not have been so long. Islam is evil and it is very easy to just kill all the Muslim mother fuckers. For sure in bloody Austria. What is wrong with the Austrians? They cannot top a bloody Muslim in the Alps?

  • thunder111

    The liberal politicians dont give a damn about local citizens.They just flood beautiful villages with these Black,useless Savages

  • Mahou Shoujo

    If muslims keep kicking German ass, maybe their balls will drop into place, then they will defend their homes and life styles. As is, they will keep turning the other cheek, islam will keep kicking them in the face and picking their pockets.

    • Don Grantham

      Absolutely true.

  • kT TK

    They need to take videos videos videos

  • Christopher Petty

    These Muslims ARE the NAZIS!

  • Dano50

    Start soaking rags or handkerchiefs in bacon grease.

    And the company that makes mace needs to start adding Bacon and pig particles to its mixture.

    And pig ears are a dog treat in any pet food store.

    Pick some up.

    • tarandfeatherthecrooks

      Pork rind strung over Church door posts like holiday decoration.

      • Dano50

        Amen to that.

  • Don Grantham

    I learned a hard lesson early in life: If you allow people to abuse you, dominate you, use you as a doormat, then they will keep doing it and no one else will respect you or have any sympathy. Fight back or die.

  • Viking Trance – Work In Progress (nouvelle version)

    Les protestations de l’EDL en Angleterre contre les atrocités islamiques. Musique par Viking Trance avec le montage vidéo par Napoléon Bonaparte.

  • luvbach1

    Beautiful town, beautiful buildings, peaceful, a nice place to live until…

  • husseinovomit




  • husseinovomit

    Germany makes fine guns. Sig Sauer comes to mind.

    Greet these muzzrat invaders with a 21 gun salute. Dead muslims are always peaceful.

    • Lysy2

      Sig Sauer is not German but Swiss!

  • Rua Richard Cranium

    Islam,islam uber alles

  • Americans supporting Germany

    Dear German Citizens,

    Keep up the resistance in every way you can to oppose the invasion and to oppose your leaders that are allowing it. We are sorry you have to go through this living hell. You need to make life a living hell for your politicians and for the “refugees”. Take your country back by any means necessary. Remove your politicians by any means necessary if they support he refugees. Your survival is up to you now – your leaders are destroying your country and your way of life. Make them regret it.

    Remember Athens, Tennessee, 1946:

  • Pavelina

    And this is only the beginning. The German people must find a way to shut down the present govt. of Germany.

  • Sarita La Cubanita


  • mmazzi

    Merkel should have found a way to obliterate most stupid law in Germany made due to guilt of German people. They MUST take in all refugees and the law is irrevocable and can’t be changed, Sweden, too. No points for this Sweden. “Multi-cultural country.” Who’d have thought?

    • Lysy2

      It is not just about utter stupidity of German or Swedish ‘leadership’! It is about very survival of Western Civilization! And if Germans want to feel guilty…go ahead but do it on your own! On the other hand, Swedes never hurt anyone since the Great Northern War in early 1700’s… they don’t owe anybody anything!

      • mmazzi

        They owed themselves the intuition to look up their laws and could have changed that one. It said nothing about NOT changing that law. 2003 is a long time to be raped; forcefully dominated; murdered and more.

  • Lysy2

    Being Polish I am not a big fan of Germans and Germany…but…what is now happening …is not about just Germany anymore! Whole Europe is being invaded by enemy and vicious iSSlamic horde! Poles and Germans will NEVER be brothers! …but for the first time since the Siege of Vienna in 1683 they have the COMMON ENEMY and it is…THE VERY SAME ENEMY!!!! And when it comes to fighting muSSlims and iSSlam I will support EVERYBODY!!! Including the cannibals as the more civilized ones! It has been 3 generations since the Nazis…and today’s Germans can-not be blamed for Hitler’s crimes…but yet, again it was Merkel and Germany who invited the HORDES IN! Now they must deal with it!

  • mmazzi

    Multicultural was fine way back when. It is NOT fine and Sweden should have considered this when all those refugees came in. Other countries and states are revising laws. Sweden’s been destroyed since 2003????

  • devilsadvocate

    What a fucking shame, 678 of them are pakistanis nothing to do with SYRIA. MUSLIM FILTH. Voiciferous whiney whinging (always offended about something) uneducated system rorters who’ll be demanding their RIGHTS and complaing about Xmas decorations and the smell of bacon frying and all the crosses in town and thats the good ones who arent actively making explosives or sharpening the knives for a beheading ….good luck.

  • dad1927
  • dad1927

    So wait till she brings the Africans…. They will be coming NEXT!

  • dad1927
  • dad1927

    immigration as a weapon

    • WarEagle82

      But why is the German government actively aiding and abetting their own cultural, political, and economic suicide? Clearly, that is what they are doing but why? This is utter madness on the part of the political class in Germany and most of Europe.

      “Great civilizations are not murdered, they commit suicide.”
      –Arnold Toynbee

  • WarEagle82

    I don’t think of myself as naive or ignorant, but I just don’t see what Merkel gets out of this insane policy. It is not like these “refugees” are going to every vote for the CDU. They are obviously going to cost her party enormously in the next election and the utter chaos caused by this insanity may well rip apart the political fabric in all of Europe.

    How does anyone benefit from this madness?

    • Don Grantham

      Anyone who would see Europe destabilized as a means of installing a new world order. Standard war stuff.

    • Damaris Tighe

      I now believe that the destruction of borders & the importing of fifth columns into Europe can only be explained by a plan to erase borders & move towards trans-national authoritarian governments that bypass elected democracies.

      We should have seen the ideology behind this in the trend towards charities with ‘Without Borders’ in their name (Doctors Without Borders, Journalists Without Borders, Lawyers Without Borders). They’re not just catchy names. They reflect a globalist ideology which uses anti-borders anarchism & the destruction of cohesive peoples which can support democracy, to pave the way to its opposite: authoritarianism.

    • Nysie

      It seems like they want to implement an empire, a sort of European Union Caliphate, and then move on to invade for even more power and control.

  • 1heartonfire

    Islam is evil. Islam is a lie. The Koran is a book of lies. Mohammed is a false prophet. Satan is the father of lies. Allah is Satan.

  • Mc Scott

    Pam — there is no being “superclever” as a sort of feeling “super-good”. Its plain and simple humanity which brings the key to human success. There is no “super-special-perfect time to END ISLAM BY MIND”, and there is no “worst case time” for the END OF ISLAM BY MIND …. which can be delivered quite easily on a brandnew shocking sight on the coming up of the earliest days of Islam ….. ….

    There is a lot of envy around WHO “IS ALLOWED” TO DO SO …. and this envy even blocks souls because of one reason —- they simple have similar mental Problems as all souls who have Eagles on their outer wall and their inner wall …. its an absolute mis-concept.

    To make this clear: Leftism is the sort of the most veiled Eagle Cult and the most silly —- I wrote many about the Islamic Happenings in Iran and Indonesia — but Austria`s Lefties “dream” their lies also to a degree of mental illnesses as the cracy Mainstream believed that Islam haters could be “Neo Nazis” ….. they simply could not be full grown “Neo Nazis”, because Hitler liked Islam

    In short — there are political truths and there are human truths —- whenever People focuss on the lies of political truth they walk the wrong ways …..

    Not to be misunderstood: The political truth of the Migrants Mainstream is the Hijra for Dschihad ….. I am sure that Merkel knows this also but instead of doing the human truth she denies the human truth and follows the political truth….

    Its the same in many other “value sets” ……

    There are many who changed inside their human truth for a political truth ….

    There is no perfect time to end Islam with a superior human perspective …but now.

    And it is always a sort of crime against the GOOD GODS to delete the simple truth that Islam was erected on the demonic Basis of the Matthew Gospel …….. and it is a double crime, because this extreme anti-jewish Gospel prolongs also subconscious Streamings against the Center of “Jewism” and because of this it is far more dangerous to Jews than the secular lies of the Constantinian Bishops for their Emperors sort of state “Religion”.

    There were then in Nicea at the first Synod also Bishops which were really Lovers of humanity —– the so called Montanists …. they were interested in human truth…. but then they lost against the Standard bearers of lies — the ones who prefer “political truth” …..

    This loss in the mental struggle for the best truth also lead to the beginning of the backlash by Islam ….

    And Islam could only become so strong because the “Christian” “belief” spectrum holded under ist Eagle wings also the shades of Islam ….. There are several aspects in Islamic early history which lead to the assumption that the Matthew Gospel was brought to the Hedschas and translated first amog the Gospels with the aim to “use” Arab Forces to conquer Jewish Jerusalem …. which then happened under Umar Ibn Chattab….

    …but, when this happened Islam had become already so mighty that the tactical liars could no more end Islam … instead the Islam fans and apologists started their narrative lies to make Islam even more “the new end Religion of all times” to move Forward into the deepest circles of lies …..

    There is no other truth than this about Islam ….. and there is no other way than also to bring the before mentioned historic part of history – one of many – to the awareness also of Muslims !!!!
    There could be the human solution that the now in Europe arriving Muslims with their Islamic political truth could go back to Syria with the human truth to fight for freedom of true humanity side by side with Jews and same mentally profound fit Souls….. or even no more Need to fight, when the human truth also reached the sick souls of IS… and they lay down their weapons in the knowledge that justice will come to them ….
    Then there only must be done justice to the murderers ….

  • Tanisha.j.w

    I’m sorry but the government and the higher power(elites) caused this to cause more chaos and division between us as a nation so we won’t notice what their real intentions are.. So they created this mess to blind and to put fear to have control.. Get right with God fast on Jesus name amen cause if you think this is it its not the government has much more planned and it’s going to be us….ps this what their intentions were since day one it’s good verses evil n it’s always been like that since history began

  • Echohawk

    Well if you are an UN Agenda 21 supporter what Merkel is doing to Germany makes perfect sense . Research Agenda 21 and the one world govt .
    Merkel knew this would create huge problems within Germany particularly east Germany where she was born . She is not stupid .
    She knows Germany doesn’t have 1 million plus jobs for these people or even really a place to put them even the reasons for her accepting all these people is highly suspect .
    Germany never has shown any interest in Syria or its politics .
    She knows that this will disrupt Germany’s economy especially if it de- evolves into civil war . If she us a strong supporter of UN’s Agenda 21 fir a one world govt , that would explain a lot .

    • Det. Snide

      Merkel, like most “progressive’ leftists is not “stupid, no. She is however, a disgusting traitorous bitch who has flushed her country down the toilet and is one of a number of neb-marxists who have had a long term goal i.e. the destruction of White Europe. She really is stupid, though, in believing the islamic rapeugees will afford her any special protection in Eurabia.

      • Echohawk

        I don’t know if you are familiar with the UN’s Agenda 21 mandate .
        Basically what it wants is to economically break key nations economies , and to kill the monetary system . Most politicians of every stripe ei US Pres Bush Pres Obama etc implemented certain Agenda 21 components .
        It also deals with mass social engineering that is very restrictive and oppressive. It basically creates serious class distinctions , which are impossible to break out of for an individual wanting to better themselves .
        Those that help further this agenda will see them , and their families in that privileged class . ei; media, teachers etc , least that’s what I was comprehending from the site .
        Look how the UN lets certain Muslim members completely ignore its most basic founding human rights charters , and even rewards them with very important portfolio’s .
        They ( UN ) turns an absolutely blind eye to the Muslim nations that support and promote terrorism . It makes me wonder if this is done in part to help destabilize areas ( easier to eventually assimilate those areas into a one world govt doctrine .
        It would also facilate more expense for policing and national security costs . Plus it’s already forcing nations to implement measures that are very restrictive on the freedoms and privacy of their people ( all done for our own good )
        I think that the UN is using the Muslims as an instrument to obtain their own goals .
        The leaders that have absolutely sunk their countries into massive debt situations where realistically they will never get out of that debt based on even the most optimistic economic situations , seem to have huge favour in the UN regardless of how their people view them .

        • Echohawk

          Part 2 .
          I was reading some of the other aspects of this Agenda 21 where it wants to place requirements of travel permissions on all people , the premise to sell this idea will be security concerns , damage to natural environments and of course creating a larger carbon foot print .
          Landowners here in Alberta had their rights removed on what they can grow or do with their land which past Premier Alisson Redford did while she was acting premier ,( hadn’t even been sworn in yet ) That is right out if the Agenda 21 mandate .
          I could go on but you should look it up , it will take about 30 mins to go through all of it .
          What Merkel is doing seems to be right in line with these policies .

      • Echohawk

        Part 3 , Some European countries are well on their way to completely remove cash money from their society .
        Was reading the other week that Swedish Banks are charging – .023% (I believe ) on money in bank accts and thanks to their media the Swedish population basically views anyone using cash as being drug dealers or from a criminal element .
        Italian banks are charging just a fraction of a percentage point less .
        This is right in line with the UN’s Agenda 21 , pretty scary .

  • EdT

    Yes what they are saying is Isam gave Hitler the impetus for the holocust. its historical fact Hitler was given the plan for Jewish gnocide by a an Arab prince (chieftain or leader)whilst they had talks in the Arabs home in what is now Palestine. (Sino-Arabia?)
    Of course now that Progressives virtually control western media these facts are never publicised!

  • EdT

    Seriously though we all must form deeper bonds with our (non-Muslim) neighbours and as Progressive governments have virtually made it illegal to defend ourselves try to establish networks where those willing and able to defend others are easily contactable and readily supported in the event of what must be seen now as the unavoidable conflict to come! Stangely brought about by this Pacifist movement born from the aftermath of WW1 whose seminal purpose is to avoid blame for any conflict in the future! Irony and Pathos but no laughter.

  • joe1429

    wait until the churches start mysteriously catching on fire at nite, accross germany. they let the foxes in to live with the chickens……

  • Loco deSane

    town has about 23000 residents, more than double what you state (so much for research, eh?) It’s not far from Heilbronn and Stuttgart….hardly the backwoods you present here. The thing about the brawl between refugees in the camp appears to be true as far as I can tell….this has happened in other large camps as well I have been told. I can find no mentions of the church disruptions and store thefts (the store theft thing is a common lie told around Germany….that is why I am skeptical….how do I know? simple: I went to several of the stores where it was reported this happened….and was told by staff and others the it was completely made up). It seems exceedingly strange to me that if things were so far out of hand, there is no mention of any of it in the local paper… I decided to make some phone calls and ask residents themselves…. Guess what? certainly there is reservation and uncertainty…but none of the “afraid to go out on the streets” crap presented here.
    Look, the situation is bad enough as it is…do we really need all the fear mongering and hate added to it?

    • Echohawk

      interesting , I will look up the town and its stats , thank you .

    • Echohawk

      Certain European cities and towns have been completely over run so it’s not hard to believe this article . I have travelled fairly extensively in Europe about 15 years ago and some of the quaint villages , and towns I stayed at in Italy are unrecognizable now .
      The most notable change is all the garbage generated by the mass migration into these villages . They simply don’t have the infrastructure to cope with the sudden increase of people .
      On one Greek island a state of emergency was called because 25, 000 migrants had moved into that area causing immediate water and food shortages . This was in the news last year .
      Greece was blaming Turkey for not controlling its borders , the story will be in the National Post Archives.

    • joker

      Loco deInsane I have read quite a few of your posts and I am not completely saying you are wrong but you are according to me on the wrong side. You have nothing to gain by being friendly or understanding with the so-called Muslim refugees. Forget them because you will be one of the first paraded with your head cut off if it was up to them. Have a good sleep, wake up with a nice coffee (or tea) and call the world again. In the meantime think about something constructive in how we are getting rid of of the Muslims.

  • harbidoll

    someone should remind them of Hindu Kush !! That was a giant country.

  • Partager

    The nice, good, law-abiding folk in my pretty town not too far from Hamburg are also dealing with migrants. So far the number has not overwhelmed the local facilities but that is going to change. The German government can effectively seize a property and announce that it is going to be a camp for migrants and there are bused in late at night or early in the next morning, if that warning comes or not.

    We and friends in the next little town are involved already with helping African migrants who seem to be sweet-natured and who came to Germany months before this current wave.

    But my friends refuse to see the danger imposed on the culture of Germany. They are convinced “Germany can handle it” because of the Turkish experience where so many Turkish workers were invited to come specifically for work. Many Turkish did assimilate to the extent that they have businesses that service all, such as barbershops & hair salons, rather than just the Turkish community.

    But the Turkish people are still a minority in most towns. And there are many Turkish immigrants who disrupted business with Muslim customs, such as fasting on the days of Ramadan and being unable to do their jobs. Many Turkish who never learned German and were never employed but live on generous German welfare benefits.

    Germany has been an amazing country in my experience. Teenage Girls and young women are able to stroll out together through parks in the centers of cities even long past midnight without a policeman in sight.

    Safety for women walking alone is taken for granted in both Germany and Austria. Hamburg, Cologne, Dusseldorf, Berlin, Frankfurt, Munich and many towns, Vienna in Austria and other towns and cities in Austria are generally much safer than many American towns and cities with much less of a police presence.

    Germans say they prize this culture of unprecedented female security even if they don’t overtly love the German “cuture” itself. But when provoked into responding what will they feel if the migrant invasion destroys these high security zones for their own daughters they bluster and say Everything has to Change eventually.

    The protesters against the mass invasion of mainly Muslim men are all dismissed by the “respectable professional” classes as Hard Right, Fascists, neo-Nazis.

    My German friends always quickly point to the leaders and high profile supporters that are in all these movements that say “racist” things. So the whole idea of a righteous resistance against the threat posed by this mass invasion of young men is quickly dismissed as the fevered fantasies of Racists.

    I tell them that their news television media is lying by not showing the whole picture and framing the public protests as just more Fascists exposing their true feelings.

    For every fact and statistic and historical warning my friends just say “I don’t believe it”. They are certain that if I am right they would have heard these things already.

    And, GET THIS, the most prevalent fear I hear in Germany is that friends are looking for a way out of Germany not because they have been convinced that the Muslim invasion will kill Europe, but that this Rise of the Fascists in Germany is too reminiscent of the rise of Hitler and the Nazis.

    I point out that when they agree with me on the “bad” things happening to German citizens already as a result of this invasion where the young men take over German trains and buses with raucous attacks and threats that IF they were to express their dissatisfaction openly that they, too, would be immediately labelled Fascists.

    My friends grunt, look away, and know very well that I am right and so they WILL keep quiet until it is too late for conversation or protest.

    • Damaris Tighe

      Excellent post – best here. Thank you.

    • Echohawk

      Great post ,
      Propaganda is very persuasive , especially when mainstream media gang together and force the same theme .
      It was like that in Canada anytime I posted quotes from the Koran that fly in the face of our Constitution and Human Rights Charters , I and others like me would be called bigots , islamaphobes ( a word made up by Muslims )
      Even when sites from Canadian born imams that were posted , one site was calling for all good Muslim mothers to teach their children to hate Canada , Canadians and our way of life .
      Eventually people started to admit the truth , least so far as not calling anyone critical of Muslims bigots .
      It was very rough at first and I got banned numerous times for posting unabashed truths and facts about the Muslim faith . Same with a lot of other people .
      Don’t bend to the propaganda , keep stating facts and truths .
      The other thing that will come from this is more and more people will stop believing or at least question anything mainstream media says Thus they will lose their abilities to control people and information .

  • Mxpctlk

    Ironic that those who would limit the speech of others by calling them “Nazi” fail to see that they’re the Nazis. Germany is beautiful but Germans better wake up fast and deport ALL muz, or their country is lost.

  • KimWilde

    GOD has a great sense of humor, HE is allowing those who hate Jews to destroy Countries that hate Jews. As time goes by and more people fall into the “hate ISRAEL” bds support, we will all see what GOD has planned for those who would hate HIS chosen.

  • Gufo

    I don’t understand why people in Europe are just not standing up all together and take care of the scum on their own. It is clear that their government will not help them, to the opposite. Why don’t they just boycotting the state: stop paying taxes, start kicking out of town all the muslims (the other immigrants, I’m sure, pose no problem as usual)? They can’t be all arrested if they really work all together.

  • Slahser

    “They would simply walk in and start to riot” how the hell europeans are supposed to be tolerant to that?

  • Uselesscrap

    Oh, boo hoo for the little catholic village. I suppose no one in that village knew anything about what Germans fid to the Jews during the Holocaust. Well, the muzzies will soon be rounding up the Germans. Ha ha ha

    • Unhappy Again

      That was 70 years ago! This is a different generation of Germans. Yet, once again, they’re at the mercy of their irrational government, only the pendulum has swung in the other direction.

    • joker

      Right, let the today’s looney left Germans feel the hard way. Wir sind alle so froh und gluecklich. We all are happy clappy. Aufwiedersehen Deutschland, vielen Dank Frau Merkel. Aber Ihre Tage sind schon…..

  • Uselesscrap

    Poor little village. Had no idea about the Holicaust. Saw nothing. Heard nothing. Did nothing. Cry me a river for Germans? I din’t think so!

    • joker

      The Germans used to say:”Wir haben es nicht gewuesst” We did not know.
      Today they know, what a plonkers. Thank you Frau Merkel, but your days are numbered anyway. Because there are Germans who will pop you off soon.

  • Uselesscrap

    Thanks Mrs Merkel. Great job. Let Germans get a taste of what it was to be a Jew during the Holocaust!

    • vincent bruce

      Useless crap describes you perfectly.

  • Steve Brown

    The German Jews and the rest of Europe’s Jews are the ones that are really going to take a ”Shellacking” by the sword of ”Sharia Law”. Europe’s Jews are once again living in a state of fatal delusional denial by failing to accept the fact that Europe’s elitists have made the ”Final decision” to annihilate Europe’s Jews. Europe’s Jews must immediately; sell everything they have, cut their loses and get out of town while they still can.

  • Gordon Miller

    Judging from what’s happening in Europe with the influx of Muslim migrants, it will be a case of unbridled masochism bordering on insanity to allow any but a very few, strictly-vetted Muslim families into this country……on second thought it would be better not to admit any at all.
    Somehow, Congress has got to stop our crypto-Muslim president from carrying out the invasion of these very undesirable people from our shores.

  • Considering I saw this article linked on the dubious Infowars site, I won’t believe a word of this Alex Jones hysteria propaganda until I see pictures or videos of alleged riots

    • Unhappy Again

      InfoWars is nonsense. This website is not. Search on You Tube for the problems in Europe with these “refugees”. There’s TONS of material. You can also find lots of footage at GatewayPundit.

      • oh yeah. i’ll go anywhere you sad after I finish my HAPPY MEAL. NOT!!!

  • Stephen Honig

    The retro-virus has started in Germany and there is no cure, but death to Muslims.


    This is actually good news people. The more these people act like the animals they are, the quicker will they be treated like animals and dealt with accordingly.

  • Michael Sultana

    Instead of whining about what your own government has allowed to happen and actively encouraged, arm yourselves and march on the government and overthrow them. There is no other hope for the German people and it’s culture. you are in a war you fools. Do something about it or die a slow death. The time for talking is over.


    Germans: Try bacon catapoults or bacon grease in super soaker guns against the invaders. Or just drive a stake coated in bacon grease thru their heart.

  • Anthony Young

    Remember muslims are Demon Possessed and therefor have no logic… no reasoning ability and 97% will never except the truth that their cult is straight from the pit of hell…for over 1400 years they have murdered some 270 million people… FACT! they will not change they will not give up they WILL KILL YOU if given the chance… there is only one thing that can stop them ….. BACON….

  • BillRind

    its high time the people eliminate every media elite whom is behind this and supporting this barbaric atrocity on the European people. This is coming to America but it wont go that well for them once thy begin the rapes, torture and murdering of our people.

  • BillRind

    why is the down arrow not functioning on the comment section to people, just another fraud perpetrated on us by yahoo and there support of islamic terrorism and the terrorist who resides in the new house of sodomy.

  • Keith1941

    Can’t believe the ignorance of some. The muslims supported Hitler…he is still a hero to them. The Left constantly throw out buzz words like “Nazi” or “racist”, yet many of them believe Stalin was a reformer. We can blame this ignorance on what has been taught in our colleges for more than 50 years.

  • verheek

    Having lived in Austria and been to Germany, I can’t imagine the upheaval this must be causing especially considering the lack of facilities for a sudden influx and the cultural differences. Wow. It’s like an invasion but without the army side of things. Bye, bye old way of life.

  • Chemist

    This is shameful beyond measure. Merkel is going to pay dearly for this, possibly for an eternity.

    • joker

      Merkel is going to pay, just a matter of time perhaps months.

  • Evil Liberal

    Known throughout
    Germany as the “Big Knife”, the Grosse Messer hails from central and
    northern Europe where, in far off days of old, noblemen and peasants
    alike relied on it to protect hearth and home from the ravages of
    brigands, cut throats, outlaws and other assorted characters of ill

    • joker

      I had a dagger, belonged to my late father, with the inscription “Blut und Ehre”. But today I do not have it any more. Still we can go to IKEA and buy a good meat cleaver. We all like halal meat, or not?

      • Evil Liberal

        I like mine USDA Grass Fed. Don’t need no Halal

      • Evil Liberal

        But I do love Thuringer :) Nothing like a good German Sausage.

  • It is time to take direct action. Arm yourselves, Germans!

    • Enriched

      Ha, that’s a good one.
      First liberals disarm you.
      Then they flood your country with criminals.

  • gdnctr

    Too late to deport the muzzie invaders; they must be completely destroyed/killed to eliminate the threat.

  • Tim Ireland

    These peope have got to start to cede from Berlin. The true nazis are running berlin.

    The problem is–> Germans’s don’t have a history of removing oppressive dictatorships.
    The allies brought down hitler and honnecker fled and it was only a bureaucrat who made a mistake which resulted in the wall falling down.

    I really do believe Germany has become a hopeless case :(

  • Charlotta Jones

    I’m sure there are some old Nazis fr WW2 around Germany who still have hidden guns…GET THEM OUT.You Germans were quick to get yr guns out a kill any local Jews 70 years ago. Dont know why I am suggesting help because its karma–you desserve it after what you did to our grandfathers and great grandfathers and mothers.
    Otherwise get a cross bow, make a gun in a metal workshop or get a 3D printer and make one. A home made taser can be made fr a disposable camera or an old cell phone. Set booby traps. A Doberman guard dog. Some pigs running around. Pork everywhere on the main street grounds. Pork in the churches–bacon water–finely blended bacon in water into a plastic water bottle and drip drip as you go. Dogs will come and dogs are haram to these Koranimals.

  • Robbins Mitchell

    Where is Heinz Guderian when Germany really needs him?

  • Dave

    I think Germans may need to dig up grandpas’s Lugars, P-38’s, K98 Mausers and the lucky ones may have a Schmeisser machine gun (MP 40) or even better a MG 42. Grand dad hid these weapons for a reason, it is time to start using them !!

  • Dave

    I think Germans may need to dig up grandpas’s Lugars, P-38’s, K98 Mausers and the lucky ones may have a Schmeisser machine gun (MP 40) or even better a MG 42. Grand dad hid these weapons for a reason, it is time to start using them !!

    • Dave

      I have been to Germany a dozen times on business and as a tourist, speak Germany with an American accent. I love the German people. Having their churches and women defiles by these Barbarians must be stopped. Germans are some of the kindest people on the Earth, but enough is enough and they will stand up to soon enough.
      My God filing lawsuits against the German Government because they are “too slow”? Oh yeah, and protesting against Oktoberfest, unbelievable !! Germany is a magnificent country and it brings some serious tears to my eyes to hear these stories.
      The US is next thanks to our Comrade President O’Bambi. I never felt safer at night than in Germany, now the German Women are afraid to go out in the street, this is very wrong !! I do not know the Final Solution, but I am certain Germans will find it.

  • They need to start a resistance.

    • Echohawk

      They need to change their Charters

  • Edward_Teach

    Why is it the responsibility of any European country to give these “refugees”(most are economic refugees) a better life? Europe has nothing to gain by letting or bringing these people in. Europe, your first and last obligation is to your people. What do the “refugees” have to offer? They bring nothing to the table.

    Why don’t muslim “asylum seekers” go to Qatar, Kuwait, United Arab Emirates , Oman, Saudi Arabia or any of the other rich muslim countries? These are Islamic countries therefore more suitable for them.

    Has any European country benefited by opening it’s borders to non-Europeans? Name one. Do they make Europe a safer place to live? Have they made Europe great? Are they good for tourism? Do they bring anything positive to Europe? Do they respect the citizens of Europe and the customs? Do they support themselves without burdening the tax payers? Do they burden the judicial system due to high crime rates? Do they love Europe or what they can get from her?

    Do they victimize the European people in large proportions to their small numbers? Wouldn’t crimes against the European people foreshadow their true intentions? Do they trash up the areas they inhabit in Europe? If they victimize the host country’s people and trash up their land after they have been given a new start at life, wouldn’t that be like a direct “screw you”? Do they demand you to change your ways and customs so they can tolerate you? Do they respect the peoples government? Your family? Your people? Your culture?

    If they are guilty of three of these questions then It would be safe to say they should not be in Europe. There is more harm than good for Europe and her people.

    If a European country don’t let the hoards flood their land they are called “racist” and “Nazis” if they let them in, their country, their lives, their descendants lives will be torn apart. Which one is easier to live with? Which one does the most damage? Which choice is beneficial to the European country and it’s people? Wake up before it’s too late.

    • Echohawk

      It is within the grasp of every leader on the planet to instate laws and charters that ban intolerant , violent promoting religious doctrines and force the reform of any religion that espouses to those type of teachings .
      We all know that hate and intolerance are taught responses as we are not born with those .
      We know that all wars are started through hate and intolerance .
      Yet we persist to allow these negative messages to be taught and when people speak against faiths that cleave to those type of teachings , they themselves are greeted with castigation , and ridicule .
      It’s time the EU grew a spine and stop allowing such vile philosophies to be taught with impunity within their borders .
      Anti hate laws and charters should trump any freedom of religion charters regardless of its stripe or they are just as guilty as those that blithely violate those charters .
      Indifference , laziness , or cowardliness or self delusion dressed up to look like compassion is just as abhorrent as the violent promoters of hate and intolerance .
      The Muslim faith has a long and bloody history , that persists and grows ever more violent because of its doctrine and philosophies .
      This condition persists even in nations that are either 100% Muslim or where they have a majority , so clearly their doctrine and resulting solutions are deeply flawed .
      Violence will always beget violence .

  • Brainfreeze

    This article has Hasbara written all over it, “Muslim migration”??

  • John Duly

    The speaker in the article says, ” I personally have always been on the left side of the political scale” Too bad the article left that statement for the end. Had I read it in the beginning I would have just spit and read something else. Leftists have been crapping on our western value structure from within for decades. Now they invited the enemy in to destroy them.

  • Michelle

    Why is Germany watching this invasion and take over of their country and not doing anything? They will be utterly destroyed if the citizens do not obtain weapons and start a civil war. The German government has committed utter treason against its citizens. Does FREEDOM and the very LIVES of you and your families MEAN ANYTHING?????? Where are the men???? HELLO!!!! WAKE UP! You are being TAKEN OVER!!!! DO SOMETHING!!!!!!! WHATEVER IT TAKES!!! Yes, some of you will die but more will die if you DO NOTHING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Peter Hyatt

    Facebook removes those sites as fast as they come up as they have conspired with Angela Merkel to bring about total submission.

  • Peter Hyatt

    Angela Merkel told Muslim men to come to her country, she would give them money for no labor, but repopulate Germany. I cannot think of a greater insult of German manhood than this. German men in government were silent. The emasculation worked.

  • Round House Zulu

    You haven’t seen anything yet! These alleged immigrants refugee’s are a sleeping giant that have arrived with orders to cause disruption and mayhem until further orders are issued to start doing the really dirty deeds such as full scale larceny, Rape, Praying in the streets causing traffic jams, assault and battery. These people have an agenda. Why are there person’s from Pakistan? I thought that these people were from North Africa and Syria, not Pakistan. What is happening in Pakistan that there should be Muslim’s that have to leave? No, there is more, much more to this invasion, and that is exactly what it is, an invasion.

  • cecil11

    Africa for Africans, Asia for Asians, White countries for Everyone IS White Genocide.

    Freedom now from this enforced, coercive, parasitic, anti-white, genocidal diversity.

    Diversity means chasing down the last white person. NO MORE.

  • Thien

    Infested is the word.

  • just say no TO COPS

    Is Norman Finklesteins book “The Holocaust Industry” available in German? If they read it they won’t feel so ‘guilty’ about being called Nazis. Also follow that book by “After the Third Reich”, which shows that Germany was a victim of globalists, but the author doesn’t say that, though if you know anything about what really happened to Patton it all starts to make sense. Patton found out the truth about what was going on with the ‘war’, and he wanted to use German troops to fight the Russians who were financed by the Warburgs and Rockefeller monies to finance communism and global slaughter.
    Sounds like the govt is doing a ‘Cuban boatlift’ on them, when Castro took all the inmates from prison and insane asylums and put them on boats to Florida. Now Herr Merkle and her ilk are doing the same thing. Globalists don’t have any loyalty to their own countries, they are the globalist LEECHES. I also recommend reading “None Dare Call it Conspiracy” and “The Rockefeller File” both by Gary Allen. Also, if you can get ahold of anything by Anthony Sutton.

  • Barbara Dingle Watch Armageddon coming. If this doesn’t scare you, fellow Americans, nothing will. SLAM OUR BORDERS SHUT. Trump 2016!

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