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[ August 21, 2017 ]


[ August 21, 2017 ]

Media ignores that Florida cop killer is a Muslim, emphasizes that he’s a former Marine

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[ August 21, 2017 ]

Officials from largest US Islamic charity promote anti-Semitism on social media

[ August 21, 2017 ]

Barbie BOMB: ISIS Plot To Blow Up Aussie Plane With Barbie Doll Foiled

[ August 21, 2017 ]

Barcelona jihadi Younes Abouyaaqoub ‘shot dead’ by Spanish cops while wearing suicide vest after killing...

[ August 21, 2017 ]

Report: Bannon Urged Trump to Move U.S. Embassy to Jerusalem — Was Blocked by Jewicidal...

[ August 21, 2017 ]

MGM Resorts International will match employees’ donations to “civil rights groups,” including Hamas-CAIR, SPLC, and...

[ August 21, 2017 ]

Robert Spencer: UK Gets Tough On Terror

[ August 21, 2017 ]

KIndergarten children “radicalized” in Belgium

VIDEO: Working-Class Germans forced from their homes to make way for Muslim migrants who are unsatisfied with the accommodations


This video shows a mother, who works as a cleaning woman, and her daughter, who works as a nurse in a retirement home, being removed from their apartment into an emergency basement apartment for homeless people. The Muslim migrant family who moves into their apartment are still unsatisfied with the accommodations, even though they have free tv, beds, food and laundry service…

Here’s another very similar story:

A disabled man goes into the hospital for gallbladder removal surgery. While he is in the hospital, the city goes into his apartment, packs up all his stuff and stores it somewhere.
When he gets out of the hospital, his apartment is no longer available to him, because “they need it for some migrants.” So in other words, behind his back they stole his apartment.

He has to live with relatives and is terribly upset about this situation. After lots of attention in the media, the city caves and offers him another place to live.
This is just one of many, many disgusting things going on in Europe right now.

Google Translation: Room away after hospitalization : Local time from Duisburg from 10/13/2015

Raimund Gacionis has no place to live. The severely disabled man who lived in a room , which is part of the town of Kevelaer. When he wants to go home after several weeks of hospitalization again, refugees have been housed in his room now.

  • Bill_Levinson

    The people should engage in a scorched earth policy by leaving bacon bits in the apartments they are being forced to leave, thus making them unusable by the invaders.

    • David

      What a damned jolly good idea

    • David Ramatowski

      Mix bacon fat with water and detergent, put in a spray bottle. Voila!

      • Bill_Levinson

        I’m a chemist; I should have thought of that! You can create several gallons of oink-tainted water from just a little bacon fat. Come to think of it, riot police could spray mobs with water that oinks!

        • The_Radish

          What a genius you are! I can just see the advert now, “Are you an infidel with a Muslim infestation problem? Don’t suffer in silence, use this, ‘Oink!’ Guaranteed to get rid of even the nastiest Taliban”.

          • devilsadvocate

            Talibacon brand extra strength – MUSLIM-OFF

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          • devilsadvocate

            Spam Alert! Janet is an AD ROBOT ….SPAM ROBOT….CAN WE BAN THIS SPAMMY GARBAGE?

          • Robbie121

            Need to remind Muzzies that German women eat pork. Therefore, there skin oil and vaginal lubricant is PIG FAT!! LARD!!
            To get into Muzzy paradise, Muzzies who have raped* Gentile women will have to have the pig fat-tainted organ sliced off. Then what will they do with their 72 virgin boys’ anuses? Finger them? Anilingate?
            *”Rape” is from a Gentile perspective. In actuality, Muzzies cannot rape Gentile women whose have not been taken as concubines by other Muzzies. First Muzzy who spots a Gentiless running loose gets her for his hareem.

          • devilsadvocate

            I like your thinking Robin…..maybe that’s why it’s called ‘porking’ ? ?

        • devilsadvocate

          Then when you call ‘the pigs’ you really get some!

        • LimeyAL

          Riot police should use watered down pig manure sprayed from fire hoses, the smell is an added bonus.
          But as an aside, when is the German election ? surely this is the end for Merkel and her band of Dhimmis.

        • bodica

          Yeah, spare the little oinkers. Only takes a ‘smidgen…’ bwahaha…

        • Whatthefuxitgottodowithyou

          Nazi sentiments.Ironic huh ?

          • Bill_Levinson

            Nazi exclusion sentiments. There, I fixed it for you.

    • Jecob

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    • carol miller

      Dump pigs blood throughout the apartment! Those savages will want to leave!

      • Benton Marder

        Pig urine will suffice. It and the squeal are the only parts of the pig the processors can’t use.

    • knight

      Set it on fire with the Muslims in it. Muslims are good at burning people alive. No harm in giving it back to them.

      • JohnB

        I think Bacon and Bacon fat, maybe a pig snout, ears and pigs feet laying around but hidden in places not found right away would have the right effect. The Muslims will then likely burn the place down themselves and end up deported for the crime. Well, maybe not such a good idea. But understand that the generosity of the German government will not be perceived as such…it will be interpreted as recognition of Islam as superior to all other faiths, non faiths, and political systems. That is why they feel free to complain, protest, or even get violent in disgust to any accommodation not suitable…to them…!

        • Robbie121

          Kindness shown to Muzzies by “eenfeedeells” is perceived by them as a sign of weakness.

          • Jean Sha

            and it is

        • Robby the Great

          You must be high. Deported for their crimes? They burn, rape, thieve and so on constantly. No Western nation is deporting them. It’s disgusting.

          • JohnB

            Deporting a refugee for a violent crime may not be occurring to the authorities right away, but in the face of rising crime, assaults, and destruction…it might

          • Robby the Great

            Doubt it. They need that crime to enact more laws. They want the slaughter since the blood just lubes up the pathway to more government oversight.

          • JohnB

            Gee Robby… you’re an overwhelming pessimist. You ever been to Germany? I have “boots on the ground” friends who give me the ‘Volks view’, not just the press ‘reporting’.

          • Robby the Great

            Pessimist? Meh. Realist? Absolutely.

      • Whatthefuxitgottodowithyou

        So basically do the same to Muslims as Hitler did to the Jews? Controversial. It worked though, so maybe we should it huh? Nazi.

        • knight

          Hitler was take to what the Muslims through the centuries have done to none Muslims. They were many horrific ways they killed. Inquisition was just as bad, but Muslims top it.
          Many people they burnt, so why not burn them in the Mosque or just push them into the biggest mine, if they do not go back and rebell.
          It is what you do not hear in the news gets me wild.

          • Whatthefuxitgottodowithyou

            If you actually check real history…rather than propaganda…you will see Islam was actually quite forward thinking, and were known to treat prisoners of war well. Look at what happened in The Crusades, for instance. Exposure to Islam, through the Crusades, dragged Europe out from the dark ages. Islam gave us Mathematics, astrology, astronomy, science etc etc etc. Don’t judge a culture steeped in tradition and value by the actions and rhetoric of Islamic terrorists, who by definition are not Muslim, and can never be Muslim. What you are doing is easy to replicate with other cultures. Look into how white Europeans slaughtered the native Americans, for instance, and then tie that into Christianity via the KKK. Then say all Christians are bloodthirsty and racist…because you have the aforementioned proof. Doing this is a tactic of the right-wing. At the end of the day, most people the world over all want the same things. Peace. Safety. Trust. A future. An honest days pay for an honest days work, and to protect our children, and all children. :)

          • Jay Stevens


            and were known to treat prisoners of war well.

            If you had the means to pay ransom, otherwise not so much. And do some research on how well captives of the Barbary Coast pirates were treated. Ah, you say, “But they were pirates.” But they were Muslim pirates.

            Exposure to Islam, through the Crusades, dragged Europe out from the dark ages. Islam gave us Mathematics, astrology, astronomy, science etc etc etc.

            Although In it’s early days, Islam produced two or three da Vinci class natural philosophers, much of the Islamic “contributions” to science and mathematics was based on knowledge gained from conquered peoples. The most notable example is Arabic numbers, a Hindu development.

            Popular estimates are that by 1200 AD or so, Muslim science was 500 years ahead of Western science. If so, Muslims should have been conducting moon landings at the time Columbus accidentally found the American continents in his three little wooden sailboats.

            What happened? I think two things. First, the Muslims ran out of people smarter than they were to conquer. Second, when Muslim dogma was being codified around 1000 AD, there was great resistance to the idea of naturals laws. Some Muslim theologians thought that natural laws limit Allah’s power. Compare with Western thought where God set up a nice orderly universe and it is up to us to discover how it works.

            For a more modern look look at Muslim science, there have been 583 (as of 2015) Nobel science (physics, chemistry, and medicine) prize awards. With Muslims comprising about 23% of the world’s population, only three have been Muslim and all of those had done their work in the West. Great scientific legacy, isn’t it?

            Compare that with the Jews. With only .2% of the wold population, they have been awarded over 400 science prizes.

            At the end of the day, most people the world over all want the same things. Peace. Safety. Trust. A future.

            Ah, but what future? And how can you as an infidel, trust someone whose attitudes toward you are codified in their holiest writings?

          • Klaus Krauthammer

            I ask myself daily what would Adolf do. Gives me a smile. If only!!!

    • IzlamIsTyranny

      Take a nice, dead fish, open the heater vents and deposit said fish in heater vent or take apart the cabinets, put dead fish inside and then put them back together.

      • dad1927

        They don’t mind foul odors.

      • Just Straight Shooting

        What? Do you want to make them feel even more “at home”? LOL

    • Good one

    • St. Michael Defend Us

      I would think, that, by having been lived in by Germans for YEARS, that the apartments have already had their share of bacon, ham, and wursts in them. If the muslims hadn’t thought of that already, the word should be spread.
      But, yes, I agree with you- pork should be used. The neighbors should cook bacon and fan it all over the place.

    • Jean Sha

      hungary claims their fence WORKED so no need to “do it american style” im american & id be at that border with im assuming “american style” means KILL THEM ALL.

      • knight

        Rid all the males, and only keep those females that renounce Islam

      • Whatthefuxitgottodowithyou

        Kill them all? Like Hitler tried to do in WW2? Do you even realize you have the same Nazi ideology as Adolf Hitler? Priceless!!

    • Whatthefuxitgottodowithyou

      Many people advocated the same policy against the Jews in WW2. You have the same ideology. Nazi.

      • Bill_Levinson

        You are insulting Jews and other Holocaust victims by comparing them to musloids.

        (1) German Jews were loyal and productive citizens. They were not advocating overthrow of the (Weimar) German government, or claiming the right to kill, rob, rape, and/or enslave Gentiles. The Nazis were the ones, in fact, who claimed the right to do those things to those not like themselves the same way the musloids (militant Islamists) claim those rights today.

        (2) The Poles whom the Nazis murdered had been minding their own business in Poland.

        The fact that the Nazis murdered innocent people with Zyklon B does not mean this chemical has no legitimate uses, as shown here (and also of course by the Nazis themselves, they also were poster children for Zyklon B).

        • Whatthefuxitgottodowithyou

          You really are boring :) Musims do not advocate the things you say, only Islamic terrorists do, but I guess your brain cannot separate the two. I guess if a dog barks at you in a hostile fashion, then all dog’s must be hostile.

          • Bill_Levinson

            Seems that a lot of dogs are barking in the same manner, except that’s unfair to dogs. A lot of musloids seem to bray the same slogans wherever you find them.

      • Bill_Levinson

        Scorched earth was actually used against the Nazis by the Russians. Sorry, you lose.

    • cupajoy10 .

      why didn’t they think of that!

  • Robert

    I think stories like this are great (if true)…. it proves that what a govt can “give” you… it can take away.

    • Allison Anderson

      Great post. I just posted that myself. What the state gives, the state can take away.

  • Günther Huppertz

    Thats the Way it is in Absurdistan.We have no liberal gun Laws in Germany.Its criminal to own a gun,so no self defense is allowed.If you moan about things like that what happens to the people here.They will call you Nazis.My Empathy is totally gone for this Muslims.It s equal for me if they sink in the Mediterannian sea,except Christians.Equal from wich Nation they there have one thing in theire eyes.The Spark of world get rid of this dumbass Religion called Islam.Get rid,eqaul which way!

    • modal

      So, this is really happening? I don’t undersand German but from the looks of it, its terrible. What happened over there to put your whole country into such a PC state?

      • Teshuvah

        Germany and most if not all of Europe support the Two-State “solution” in Israel and poured money into helping Muslims instead of Jews. Not very “Christian” of them. Just a simple case of sowing and reaping. Eliminate the good guys, Jews and Christians, and God will give you Muslims.

      • Adam Scott

        It’s called being complacent, trust in the government is trust misplaced, we got rid of monarchies for a reason, so we go back to that as a default?

        • texasmom1943

          It started with the EU!

    • Lucie Ke

      pass word along Muslims despite pig/pork maybe you all can eliminate muslims with pork in ALL homes!! rub it on your walls, Wish i could help yall. I will keep you and Germany in my prayers.

    • Richard

      You know, you can do a lot of self defense with a compound crossbow. Are Germans allowed to have these? Are you Germans still allowed by your state to sharpen a stick?
      I’ll be at the ready with a military carbine when they come for my home. It’s mine. I own it.

  • Atikva

    It’s like during WWII in Europe when people were evicted from their places of residence to accommodate the invaders – or the informers who had betrayed them to the gestapo.

    No doubt this time as before, everything inside will be looted, but if the current victims of eviction ever recover their residences, the squalor and degradation left behind by the squatters will reach phenomenal proportions.

  • modal

    Would be nice if there was a translation

    • QueenEsther18

      Yes. I did understand a lot of the video as my parents left Germany in 1935 to escape the Nazis. They used to speak German with my grandparents who were also lucky to escape – and I picked up the language. Is is ironic that I hardly ever hear German, and now I hear it on this video – showing a situation that is somewhat akin to what the Nazis did?

  • Sam Hebbron

    theres wars on there way facebookers

  • David Ramatowski

    Are these welfare apartments?

    • Richard

      Probably, if the state found it so easy to take them.

      • David Ramatowski

        The State finds it very easy to take, doesn’t it.

  • rambler

    Proving once again that those who don’t earn things will never value those things. The arrogance for those migrants was predictable.

    • Jay Stevens

      I was stationed in Germany in 1989 when the Berlin wall came down. I saw the same thing them. Many (not all, but many) looked around at how the West Germans were living and wanted the same thing now. It never occurred to them that they were looking at the results of 40 years of work.

  • Lynda Newman Sadoff

    And these ungrateful refugees are ungrateful for what Germany gave them, at the expense and anger of their own peoples. What did these immigrants expect? Gold laden railings, high end wood floors, marble counters, and jetted tubs. Please most middle class people in the USA don’t live like that.

  • Jason

    We need some good English Subtitles

  • jazzy

    What good is it to play videos if we dont understand them

  • RealEngineer2

    Didn’t we see this happen once before in Germany…back in the 1940’s…people
    being thrown out of their homes…and FORCED into ghettos? (OOPS! Make that, “emergency basement apartments for homeless people.”)

    The other day…another story here… “As part of a school-work, children required make beds, cook and clean for Muslim migrants in Germany”… (Can you “legally” get any closer than THAT to a 21st century LABOR CAMP?)

    And another story…London: Islamic Jew-Hatred Wave Ends in Window Smashing, “we need to kill all the Jews”… (The only thing missing is the barbed wire, barking attack dogs, and the jackboots.)

    What’s NEXT? Are native Europeans going to have to sew patches on their

    This is getting UGLY real fast…

    • JSebastian

      Haven’t seen anything yet. Hopefully it ends with all the muslims slaughtered and a ban on islam.

      • IzlamIsTyranny

        NOt only muslums, but the traitors and collaborators in government, the enemedia, educational institutions.

        • Michelle

          In end times the antichrist owns the media which is why true journalists should stand up for the truth of what is happening before it’s too late before we end up with no voice

          • Whatthefuxitgottodowithyou

            Would that be the truth as spewed out by Fox news and CNN, which is akin to the propaganda spewed out by the Nazi party in WW2?

          • Jay Stevens

            Hmmm. Germans are being pushed out of their home by their government. Saudi Arabia will not take Muslim refugees. The Swedish government stopped tracking rape statistics in 2005 when they noticed that half the rapes were committed by one sixth (the Muslim sixth) of their population.

            We do not need propaganda.

        • Danny Xitan Paddy

          Angela Merkel might read this better

      • Michelle

        Islam should be banned as a religion of HATE against Christians, Jews and our God who declares his commandments as law to all and no killing, forgiveness, humility, kindness but are seen as weakness to the enemy army of Islam who. who know no good deeds only death and misery, as they all have dead eyes as they have sold their souls to Satan who in the bible warned of the great deceiver and who only treat women like cattle to breed, beat and persecute BUT in the end Christ will conquer over Satan and win his people Israel and all unholy people who do not acknowledge Jesus will be tossed into hell prepared for all these slaves to Allah who is not just, not a defender of the weak and certainly NOT God

        • Just Straight Shooting

          The “god” of the muslims, the one they call allah, is none other than satan himself.

          • Marinus Hoogedoorn

            You me by right

          • Whatthefuxitgottodowithyou

            The God of Islam… the same God as Christians. Look it up.

          • Michelle

            These aliens cos that’s what they are, look into their eyes to see no life in them just empty blind sheep afraid to admit they are killing people just as allah tells them when that alone should tell them he is not God cos he sent down and created in stone the commandments which clearly state “Thou shalt not kill”, and later warned of the great deceiver who would lead people away from God and one of allahs names in the Quran clearly states he is the great deceiver. Jesus loves the little children while muhammed rapes them and encourages slave taking, yet are God is against such evil practises so apart from the few integrated people loving, mercy loving muslims who you can tell the difference in their whole persona and are happy when are they going to wake up to the truth that it is they who are being deceived and that our loving God gives you free will for you to decide to believe in him Not kill you if you leave that religion of FORCE so you can live a peaceful non DEMANDING life in harmony with others and be treated equally and with respect Amen !

          • Whatthefuxitgottodowithyou

            The God of the Muslims is the same God as the Christian God…..So is the Christian God also satan ?

          • Jay Stevens

            No. Muslims in their native environment (Saudi Arabia, for instance) would not agree with you.

            How do I know? I spent fifteen years working in Saudi Arabia supporting Saudi military. I have had this conversation with them.

        • JohnB

          It should be banned as a POLITICAL movement with a irrelevant religious diguise that intends to dominate (take over) the world and install a strict policy of “if you aren’t part of the Islamist Party, you are an enemy of the State. Slavery and Sex Slavery for males is part of the party platform and second class citizenship status for Females. No status for non-party members which allows for their enslavement or murder without any legal recourse by members of the Islamist party. The One God concept is a side show designed to help pry faithful adherents of religion away from those “false faiths” to the ‘true faith’ of Islam, and to maintain their mental and emotional status in a cultures based on privileged status as religious followers. It is a sham of deception. Following Satan is not a religion, but a counterfeit of faith putting Satan worship in the mantel of a religion. So I have no problem prosecuting Islam as a political institution akin to Imperial Japan or the Nazi’s

          • Whatthefuxitgottodowithyou

            Kind of ironic that someone on Pamella Gellers website is advocating Nazi’s. Not really a suprise though…

          • JohnB

            You’ll have to explain what you meant as you made no sense. Islam pretends to be a religion, but it is really a political party exactly like the Nazi Party, in practice. the Nazis had their Aryans and the Jews were the pigs. Islam has its Muslims and everyone else is an infidel, and the Jews are still pigs. Sharia law and the Qur’an preach death at every turn and Islam collaborated with the Nazis in WWII. 100,000 Muslim volunteers filled out the ranks of two divisions the of the Waffen SS and the rest served in the Hanzar Brigades. They volunteered because they could hunt down Jews that might later come to Palestine and either kill them or ship to the camps in Poland. I’m hardly advocating Nazis. My dad and i both served. He fought the Nazi’s, I fought Al Quaida types. Both are fanatical and hate Jews. Me…I love the Israelis. Kind people for the most part…tough when they have to be.

          • Jay Stevens

            Strawman argument.

        • Whatthefuxitgottodowithyou

          Treat women like cattle to breed…like Hasidic Jews do?

      • Whatthefuxitgottodowithyou

        Didn’t Hitler try that method in WW2? It was pretty affective as I recall. So you want the same thing to happen to Muslims? So what you are saying is all we have to do is adopt a Nazi ideology…and the problem is solved. Well done.

        • JSebastian

          No, primarily those killed by Nazis were killed because of what they were, not because of what they believed, or how they behaved or had done (although the Nazis did also prosecute people who had been deemed enemies for their acts against the regime).

          Muslims are cultists. They could stop being cultists, stop being aggressive, and maybe we will let them live. Their choice.

    • Fitzroy Jim

      It used to be, slowly, slowly, bit by bit, by stealth.
      But not anymore.
      The ‘take-over’ is happening in leaps and bounds now, and we’re all standing back with arms folded watching the disaster unfold before our very eyes.
      What can we do?

      • Adam Scott

        Gun up, and fight! The most expansive race on the planet, the Germanic tribes, are being conquered like a bunch of children! WTF happened to you guys?!

        • Fitzroy Jim

          I’m a Scot living in Oz, Adam.

          I reckon a regiment of Highlanders with kilts swinging and bagpipes skirling, would scare the living sh*ts out of them, and send them running back to Mecca!

          • Günther Huppertz

            That is a real fine sight to see,a bunch of fine scottish Gentlemen trambling down a bunch weird donkey lovers!

          • Adam Scott

            I think the claymore would be more effective, they are a blade culture. It’s funny, a piece of edged steel will give them pause before a gun muzzle.

        • texasmom1943

          Western Civilization has made us fat, stupid and lazy. It will take a Hidjra to make us crusaders again!

  • Lucie Ke

    Hitler did this to the Jews, removed them from their homes, Come Germany you know better than to do this to your people

    • Judi

      A case of history repeating itself.

      • Adam Scott

        Fucking A!

  • Denis

    so when will the germans develop a spine and refuse to allow this to happen?

    • Teshuvah

      They come first for the poor and defenseless and the richer Germans aren’t affected…..yet and some will not care for their own poor. Remember Martin Niemöller…they came first for [someone other than me]. “The Church” fell away and Muslims fill the vacuum. If you don’t stand for righteousness, you fall for anything. The invasion is pure NWO.

      “What Nazism-fascism and communism were to the 20th century, Western ideologies on homosexuality and abortion and Islamic fanaticism are to today,” noted Sarah. “Certain keys allow us to discern the same demonic origin of these two movements: they both advocate a universal and
      totalitarian law, they’re both violently intolerant, destroyers of families and the Church, and openly anti-Christian.”

      Indeed, while there are exceptions, the “progressive” left is overwhelmingly anti-Semitic, anti-Christian and pro-Muslim. Liberals and Islamists, such as those belonging to the American-Islamic terrorist group CAIR (Council on American-Islamic Relations), as well as Obama’s pals in the
      Muslim Brotherhood and Iran, have forged a bizarre and notably incongruous sociopolitical partnership I call the “Islamo-‘progressive’ axis of evil.” The only explanation for this, as far as I can tell, is best illustrated by the maxim: “The enemy of my enemy is my friend.” — Matt Barber

      Islam and Liberalism: Twin ‘Beasts of the Apocalypse’

      • IzlamIsTyranny

        When push comes to shove the lieberal traitors will sell out the LGBT community to the izlamic-nazis as well.

      • rocksagebrush

        I’m not anti-Christian, but neither am I anti- abortion or anti-contraception.
        The radio is full of removing taxpayer funding from Planned Parenthood. I don’t mind if they took the funding away from the Federal government and made the States provide the money themselves.
        But people like you don’t want your money to go for what you disagree with, so Planned Parenthood clinics ought to be funded by private citizens who want to contribute to that welfare. However, I have a feeling most people who are against abortion would work relentlessly to stamp out abortion/contraception even if funded without taxpayer money.
        Being privately funded is NEVER an option propagandized by anti-abortion types who care so much about the “life potential of the 4 celled embryo.”
        You take away CHOICE from a male or female. In a time of FACISM, such as this, is it any wonder anti-choice laws are being reintroduced every other week in Congress. Is it any wonder anti-abortion groups can raise up their heads and spread their non-compromising attitude just like Moslems. Moslems are unwanted, much like that unwanted child in a family that should have used contraception. An unwanted child, you don’t think that is a destroyer or a family????
        I believe MOSLEMS are at the apex of anti-choice groups. Do you think Moslems believe in privately funded Planned Parenthood type clinics?? No.
        + + +
        Just last week in Louisiana a judge said “No” to a Christian anti-abortion group that tried to take Federal funding away from a PP Clinic there, that did not, nor ever had performed any abortion services. Sounds Fascist to me……same as shaking hands with Communism…they don’t want any choice out there either.
        Birds of feather……………………………………………………..

        • Radegunda

          There’s nothing “Fascist” about saying we’d rather not have our tax dollars spent on some particular private organization or activity — whether it’s Planned “Parenthood” or art classes or whatever. PP doesn’t need tax money to operate. Women don’t need PP to get actual health services.

          It’s actually more fascistic to say “You WILL support this organization even though you find it unethical.”

          As for “choice”: Do you really believe that your “choice” must be absolutely unlimited or else you have no choice at all? What about choosing to behave in way that doesn’t get you pregnant in the first place?

          • rocksagebrush

            You have the usual irrelevant reply. Why don’t you think and answer your own question, what about not getting pregnant in the first place? Go ahead make them do it.

            Anybody can be in favor of contraception or abortion (or carrying guns) that doesn’t mean they are in favor of “free” sex. You and your ant-abortion ilk are just as irresponsible as those advocating sex before marriage or swingers clubs.

            You are a mindless lot who, because you are against abortion, won’t find anything PP does as worthwhile, period. Going so far as to say there aren’t any women who need actual health services-haha. It’s like people who hate Russia for whatever reason will never credit Russia with doing anything good.

            It is Fascist to have to quarter soldiers or Moslems in someone’s house against their will which is what is going on in Germany and Europe. Germans now have to follow Moslem rules, that is Fascist. You could ask why didn’t they prevent this a year ago or when it started, in the first place? Then the problem was smaller.

            The longer Moslems are forced upon them and the longer Moslems stay, the more the hatred grows. Moslems are not wanted and they are not going to be loved. The same can be said of unwanted children, which is ONE reason why there is abortion. Unwanted children are tossed to the side as they grow, like old furniture in a garage.. There isn’t any caring or nurturing. The great majority grow up acting very similar to the Moslems in Europe. They don’t care much about others. But they do like nice things & do what they can get away with to get it, like the Moslem invaders.

            …..You claim the real reason is you don’t want tax dollars spent on private organizations (PP). Some time ago a privately opened clinic (private funds) was tried and shot down by anti-abortion protesters who made the case that the clinic was not using a “proper” means test (against State law) to see if the women really could not afford it. That they were encouraging abortions. The paperwork & lawsuits got too much and they closed.

            Forcing Moslems in your home is the same as forcing a woman to maintain a fetus in her womb when she or her partner don’t want it. That is Fascist. You have a cult belief system and you want to enforce it on others just like the Moslems.

            How does being able to have the choice of abortion = unlimited choice??

            The people involved in having to get an abortion are already heavily burdened by a long list of bad choices/decisions that had to be made. And now they have to go one way or the other, both outcomes are undesirable.
            1.If they decide to rear a child, financial problems, etc. will put roadblocks for the next 20/30 years to halt the development of that child & family. Mostly they turn out to be like those that looted Ferguson. There are the Moslems looting Europe. There are many similar aspects which makes you wonder how they were reared, aside from their religion.
            2. If they chose the decision to have an abortion, while not the best behavior, it would be removing one more problem from their burdened lives. Some do feel bad afterwards, most have health problems to start with which would add to feeling down in the dumps. Many feel much better not to have the added burden and can go back to just taking care of themselves. To have an abortion when the problem is small creates fewer problems immediately and in the long run, & is the better decision.

            The flavor of the month for those against abortion is that they are against big, Federal government which is a lie. If they want a smaller government why are they constantly introducing bills into Congress, WHICH IS FEDERAL, to ban federal aid to PP, to stop medi-cal coverage of abortion, to stop coverage of contraception pills in the ill-fated Obama Care, to outlaw abortion even for rape?????????? Every time you bring bills and law cases against abortion to Congress or with the Supreme Court you are enlarging and strengthening the Federal Government. YOU are increasing their power by begging them for something.

            Why don’t or why can’t you pass your desired laws in every individual state? States Rights, remember??? Instead there is name calling saying PP wants everything done Federally. So do the anti-abortionists judging by their acts.

            What about choosing to take your petitions, referendums and laws passed at the State level in the first place?. Thus throwing out some of the power the Federal government has. Why didn’t the Germans throw out the Moslems last year, or better yet, ………why didn’t they prevent them from entering Germany/Europe in the first place?

            People whose values are against abortion don’t appear to be calling putting Moslems in people’s homes & good hotels “a blessing.” I guess they think it isn’t a blessing.
            However when a woman has an unwanted pregnancy they want to force her to keep it and instruct her to believe that it is “a blessing.”

            Is the Moslem stampede “a blessing”……so what do you do now when they didn’t prevent it in the first place? How are they to be thrown out? Like being the woman with an unwanted pregnancy, it will require them to do something.

            Are they wishing for a Pied Piper to lead them to refugee camps in warmer climes?

        • stephanie connor

          It’s really not a “choice” at all, if you truly want to be honest. It’s selfish ambition. There is no respect for the choice of the baby, no matter what stage of development-we were all at that point at one time. Who would choose to have their life ended by another before they’ve even had a chance at life? Hypocritical-for the aborters had their chance at life. The ultimate in selfishness…beyond all imagination.

          • rocksagebrush

            What is beyond all imagination is that at the end of 2 months of pregnancy what you call the baby is 1 inch long (2.54 cmj) and has a neural tube for a brain. You are saying your brain is the size of a neural tube? Or that your brain functions like a neural tube less than 1 inch long? In that case it’s not functioning at all.

            How are you equal to an embryo? Why would a 1 inch embryo, what you call a baby, even be able to think? Much less decide anything. That’s why babies have PARENTS.

            If it had any knowledge of the kind of life an unwanted child has, the misery, privations and obstacles put in his way, without means to resolve them, he would rather not be born. And go to where ever they go when there is an early miscarriage.

            So who is the selfish one here? You don’t have any care about the kind of life the potential person, as you call them, will have. You push for a poor quality of life for the pregnant woman and offspring. That’s how it ends up, Look at the statistics, They’re everywhere.

            You look ahead at the 70 years of misery and travail that the “pre-born” as you call them will have and you don’t care, even though it doesn’t take much to prevent it by an abortion.

            That is selfishness, a characteristic trait of the anti-aborters. There is a Moslem stampede going on through Europe right now. How would you like 10 of those Moslems suddenly placed in your home for you to care for them for the rest of your life? Maybe if they were GRADUALLY introduced into your home that would be better….a few coming every few weeks and staying for a few hours…until at the end of a month when they all live at your home. Wouldn’t that destroy your family, not to mention your money?

            An unwed mother bringing her baby to live with her family destroys the family. She is going to compete with her parents and bring her rules for dealing with her baby and her life. There are now 3 parents claiming equality instead of 2. Same as Moslems claiming equality, now that they are here, (in Europe) and using that as a wedge to stamp down German law and override it with their religion. They will work to destroy the family.

            Whoever thinks Moslems will fix that country’s economy (ie.skills) is dreaming, say goodbye to your money, ala taxes & theft.

  • rich


  • Tina

    Migrants are not more important than the citizens in any country.

    • David Lastraf

      They are in Germany!

  • basspig

    They don’t allow gun ownership in Germany, do they? I suspect this would not be possible if residents were armed.

    • Jay Stevens

      Yes, they do – with lots of limits and controls.

  • Allison Anderson

    When you are socialist, the state giveth and the state taketh away.

    Go Bernie Sanders!!!! (Snicker)

    • jon doe

      mostly taketh away. Not so much giveth.

  • Keren Burdt

    Germany is a socialist State. So the Government gives and the Government takes away. The people don’t own or rent their apartments, they are given the apartments by the Government. That’s just the way it is, they can take your apartment and give it away to whom ever they want to. Tough luck! This is what Obama would like to turn our Country into.

    • JSebastian

      Obama will be dead before that ever happens.

  • robinhood

    It want be long when they start doing Americans like this. American blood people keep your self inform, cause government is going to make sure the news will not show when its going to happen to Americans.

    • rhcrest

      It’s already happening but not as obviously. Americans on waiting lists for subsidized housing will get pushed to the bottom of the list to make way for immigrants

  • Richard

    The thing about stories like this is that they are reported in a manner that leaves questions unanswered.
    Specifically, are these natives who are being displaced living in state subsidized/provided housing? The state taketh away, but sometimes the state takes things that weren’t gifts. Sucks when they want to take from natives to give to economic migrants.

    One possibility is eminent domain, though I don’t know if Europe has this concept. Americans have had property they owned free and clear confiscated to make room for new freeways, airports, reservoirs, etc. I think if that happens here to make room for migrants, that’s when the shooting starts.

    • Michael Ejercito

      It would be a sad day if it became open season on cops.

  • knight

    I would go in and blast the Muslim refugees who have taken my place.

    My home is my Castle, not theirs.

    • old003

      Not in that part of the socialist world.And if the American democrat socialist have their way, not in this part of the world.

      • At a guess, the homes are what we Brits call “council estates” – those apartments are owned by the government, not by independent landowners.

        *Your* home is your castle. *Their* home was *Merkel’s* castle.

    • rocksagebrush

      Couldn’t they have gotten rid and sent back the first ones, with their hijabs, that came there when the problem was much smaller? Or couldn’t they see past their nose? The physically weakest are being thrown out of their homes because they physically don’t have money or energy to fight back.
      The physically strong will be approached in a different way, in a way that THEY can’t overcome or fight back.
      Too bad that after you blast them, the judge will be in the pocket of the Moslems. Already planned.

  • old003

    Any bets these working class folks voted in the oppressive tyrants.

  • Teshuvah

    How much money did the Muslim hierarchy (Saudis?) give Merkel or what have they got on her that she would betray her own country like this?

    • JSebastian

      NSA was tapping her phones for years, so who knows. All the dirt imaginable. But she’s a commie thru and thru.

  • JSebastian

    The people should kill all the government employees who were complicit in these actions. That would deter this behavior in the future. Hop to it!

  • fulham2014

    If this situation was written by a script writer, the film would be too unbelievable, it would be marketed as sci fiction or some kind of kafkian narrative, but it would never ever been understood as reality. Now reality surpassed any narrative, it is just too damn fantastic. Not even Kafka or Melville would imagine such a situation, this is crazier than the Trial.

  • Nadine Faber

    This is shameful..telling their own citizens that they are no longer able to keep what they own or worked for…displacing their own people for refugees….those in government and who are responsible for this criminal act (theft of their homes, their belongings…) should lose theirs first and let the refugees live in the homes of those running the government…what kind of people are running this place…no real words to describe stooping this low anywhere…communist and socialist do this…are they now a communist nation? I wonder.

  • Xwingfighter1138

    Liberals need to have their policies kick them in the teeth before they understand. This set of policies to harm everyday Germans for the benefit of their naive, ivory-tower liberal overseers will have implications. But it will be awful getting rid of the malcontents.

  • IzlamIsTyranny

    Talking about a revolution.

  • Paul A Hall

    PC traitors sellout Europe to the enemy to save their own lives. I bet they already have their collars and leashes picked out!

  • This is just not right.

  • WarEagle82

    When the state is powerful enough to give you anything you want, it is also powerful enough to take away everything you have.

  • Hans

    They need to get rid of the bitch Merkel, she welcomes them in then expect others to move over to make sacrifices.



  • Karen Scharps

    Merkel should be run out of Germany. This is obscene.

  • Dk Knight

    That is the whole point of them insisting on them going to Germany. They knew that Germany would cater to their every whim. Other countries other than maybe Sweden weren’t promising them anything.

  • Jeff Simon

    That’s what you get for voting Socialist Progressive, Fritz! Bite down on that Moslem rod and learn to like the taste because the elites YOU elected have decided to replace you.

  • djstorrie

    Coming soon to your home!

  • KimWilde

    Germans who still hate JEWS get a taste of their own medicine ! GOD has a profound sense of humor ! Every country that turns its back on ISRAEL will deal with this including America.

  • rhcrest

    So are these apartments run by the gov’t? I don’t understand how they can just go in and take these people’s apartments

    • Jay Stevens

      Maybe not run, but certainly owned.

  • watkinsfred

    There is another lesson here. This article didn’t say, but I would bet these apartments were in government owned buildings and the former German occupants were living there as guests of the government. The lesson is while dependency on government is like living on easy street, you should endeavor to break the dependency the best you can because, well, what the government gives you today can be take away and given to another tomorrow.

    • Michael Ejercito


      But kicking people out of their homes to make room for refuygees would not exactly incite sympathy for refugees.

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  • Nat’s daughter

    Very sad, scary, shameful and infuriating to those “following orders” to evict their fellow Germans. Damnittt, REFUSE to comply!!!! History repeating itself.

  • Raymond Hietapakka

    Watch Merkel retire….suddenly a billionaire.

  • mjazzguitar

    Something is rotten in Denmark.

    • Jay Stevens

      And Sweden and the Netherlands. And Germany.

  • dad1927

    Tell them Merkel is offering 5,000 euros to the first 10,000 who come to her house Sunday morning. They will all be given rooms in her mansion, too. Let that birdbrain deal with it.

  • mjazzguitar

    Maybe they made her an offer she couldn’t refuse.

  • unoga

    Public housing, that is to say, housing provided by the government, thus the government can do whatever it wishes with the “tenants”. If (when?) governments in the US attempt to evict homeowners in order to house these Islamic crusaders blood will be shed.

  • Sifter

    Coming to America soon?…..

  • Stephen Honig

    I could understand the black Muslim bastard doing this, but Merkel. What her mental problem. Do you think she’ll be re-elected again if Germany doesn’t become a theocracy.

  • nothosaur

    Why not use Merkel’s home? Is she “Islamophobic”?

  • Lysy2

    Nice…. Tax-paying working-poor Krauts made a second-class citizens in their own country! And there is more to come!

  • Danny Xitan Paddy

    Maybe Angela Merkel understand this writing better

  • sjbucci

    The list is growing:

    1) City of Lindlar-Frielingsdorf evicts an 81 year old senior citizen and 4 other families from a municipally owned apartment building.

    2) Bettina Halbey, 51, evicted from her home of 16 years in the city of Nieheim.

    3) Beate Czaja and her 2 daughters evicted after 23 years from their home in Nieheim.

    4) Anita and Bernd Niessen, a married couple evited from their home in Mechernich-Kallmuthof 11 years.

    5)Gabriele Keller 56, evited from her home in Eschbach after 23 years.

    6)The Hejhal family(8 persons), Mr and Mrs. Hejhal and their 6 children evicted after 3 years and paying for renovations of their home in Niederkassel near Bonn.

    All of these cases involve rented municipal building, rented by the respective cities to German citizens.

    • rocksagebrush

      The hands of the NWO octopus reach deep and far into every country and city on the map making political moves at will to advance their many agendas. Leaving people to wonder “how did this happen, I thought I knew who ran this city.”

      If this isn’t stopped somehow, people will have to share their apartment with a surveillance robot in the future.

  • Annie

    Why are they doing it? Is the government paying the landlords more to take in these invaders, who will more than likely be on the dole for years? And it’s obvious they don’t care if they cause deep divides in theses communities. Resentment for all.

  • bodica

    Already done on Roosevelt Island, NY – Columbia U’s NWO experiment in social manipulation and oppression and occasional Soros hang out and where Hillary launched her ‘Presidential’ campaign, displacing children and families celebrating a special day. betwen 2004, and 2006, 600 families, long term residents, leveraged out by New York State, by means of horrendous artificial debt, harassment, violence; many driven to nervous breakdowns, meds, etc; most replaced by moslems from Iraq, Egypt, etc. Community dispersed. 3,000 hospital and nursing home residents dispersed around the tri State area in order to convert their home into luxury apartments.

  • Frank Castiglione

    they should all be exterminated world wide

  • william carr

    I am not getting any translation here where is it, my German is not up to understanding what they say?

    • Robbydot1

      There is none.

  • jenkem5

    Vermin, all muzzscum must be returned to the Middle East.

  • Neyt Fry

    They sure seem to be taking this passively and submissively.
    Really disappointed in these people.

  • Whatthefuxitgottodowithyou

    This is the same bile that was spewed by the Nazi’s during World War 2. Peoples minds were poisoned…and how did that work out? Every one of you here on this comments section, spewing out what you would do to these Muslim immigrants, would have been saying the same thing back then no doubt. After the war, they didn’t understand how human beings could man the death camps in Europe, and kill so many. The answer is right…on this thread. All of you posting your vile comments about killing and burning fellow human beings would have been running those camps. Hang your heads in shame, Nazi’s.

    • Bill_Levinson

      The Nazis murdered innocent people such as Germany’s own loyal and productive Jewish citizens, along with Poles who were minding their own business in Poland.

      This, on the other hand, is what is swarming like locusts into the EU and UK.
      Here are some poster children for Zyklon B, and I do not mean the two people who were stoned to death.

  • Lees Anne

    I be going back to burn it down

  • ac287149

    They did that in Israel too, and the world applauded.

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