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[ October 19, 2017 ]

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UK Muslim who plotted to build jihad-terror training camp in Oregon is sentenced


The question is, how many succeeded? How many haven’t been caught?

Haroon Aswat tried to buy land in the northwestern US state to set up a camp where Muslims could prepare to fight a holy war against ….. us.

US District Judge Katherine Forrest ordered the federal prisons bureau to provide the British jihadist with psychiatric care as part of his sentence. He doesn’t need a shrink, he needs a priest.

Haroon Aswat, sketch

“UK Jihadist Jailed Over Oregon Camp Plot,” SKY News, October 16, 2015 (thanks to Todd):

Haroon Aswat tried to buy land in the northwestern US state to set up a camp where Muslims could prepare to fight in Afghanistan.

A British man linked to some of the most notorious members of al Qaeda’s network has been sentenced to 20 years in prison for attempting to set up a terrorist training camp in Oregon.

Haroon Aswat, who has been treated for mental illness in the UK, had pleaded guilty to the charges in March after being extradited from Britain to the US last year.

US District Judge Katherine Forrest ordered the federal prisons bureau to provide the 41-year-old with specialised psychiatric care as part of his sentence.

With credit for 11 years he has already spent in UK and US custody as well as good behaviour, Aswat could be freed in six years.

The United States District Court Southern District of New York

Aswat learned his fate at this Manhattan federal court

His lawyer, Peter Quijano, said Aswat would seek to serve out his sentence in Britain, a request Forrest said she would support.

The case dates back to 1999 when, guided by London-based radical cleric Abu Hamza and working with another man, Ouassama Kassir, Aswat attempted to buy land in Oregon.

The plan was to build a camp where young Muslims could take “religious training” and prepare to fight in Afghanistan.
The group was helped by an American-born Muslim convert called James Ujaama, who would later give evidence against the others in a plea bargain that saw his own sentence reduced to two years in prison.

The evidence against Aswat first emerged in 2002 when US authorities recovered a ledger with his name on it at an al Qaeda safe house that had been used by Khalid Sheikh Mohammed, the alleged architect of the September 11, 2001 attacks.

By this time the Oregon project had failed and Aswat was in Pakistan where he would later meet the ringleader of the London 7/7 attacks, Mohammed Sidique Khan, and his accomplice Shehzad Tanweer.

Aswat was arrested in Zambia in 2005 and deported to Britain.

There followed a long extradition process to the US, during which Aswat was interned to Broadmoor Hospital in 2008 and treated for paranoid schizophrenia.

The European Court of Human Rights blocked his extradition on the basis of concerns over the conditions he would face in a US jail.

He was finally extradited in October 2014, following assurances as to how he would be treated in custody.

Aswat, a British citizen of Indian descent, was described by his lawyers as a gentle man who never condoned violence.

But prosecutors had asked for the maximum sentence of 20 years, calling him a “loyal and devoted follower” of Hamza, who was a cleric at Finsbury Park.

District Forrest handed Abu Hamza a life term in January this year, after he was found guilty of 11 terrorism charges.

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  • David

    Soak every piece of land the jihadists want to buy with the blood of pigs. I’m sure they will change their (for want of a better word) minds

  • Don

    Things you never see on the TV news… “Nothing to see here, just peaceful muslims with their prayer mats.”

    • Steve

      You know around where i live i see more and more of them getting bolder as if they are being pumped up by their diaper headed imutts. They are trying to intimidate people just by hanging around and glaring at them in businesses and malls. I think its only a short time before some of them start up their own muslim lives matter crap and that’s going to set off a lot of trouble. Its inevitable but if a lot of the lone wolves are taken down in defense it will send a message to the rest of the “moderates” but then again with their cult minds maybe they’ll die happy. What a world its become!

  • Everyone Else

    coming soon … Portlandistan

    • NickandLynds

      This proposed camp wasn’t near Portland, It was to be in eastern Oregon where people are much smarter and less tolerant than Portland, Those ragheads wouldn’t have survived 3 months and no one would have said a word to the police,

  • Rick Smith

    LOL mental illness? It’s the west who has the mental illness, it’s called, cognitive dissonance.

    • william carr

      Islam is mental illness, no balanced person could do the things the Muslims do. Even praying five times a day is a sign of feeble mindedness and automaton like behaviour.
      Mohammad is believed to have gone to heaven and bargained with god about how many times they are required to pray!

      • Steve

        This is true that islamists are mentally ill though many are not aware of it as such being in their political ideology cult mind fog. What people are starting to see is though we can see this about them, the way to beat them is to stand up to them and expose them. That is what they don’t want and why their mob boss imams try to suppress knowledge. At this time many isolated individuals are taking it hard for standing up to islamists but this is what will destroy their cult eventually if the world can survive. Historically, islamists have always answered only to force and not reason. The politically correct stupidity going on must be challenged at every turn from posting on sites like this to voting for the right people to lead our country.

        Yes, the things you describe about muslims habits of prayer are quite ridiculous considering the origination and the extent of it especially in that any god would see if people acted this way surely everyone would be put off by their insanity and not want to be around them. Its more like this death cult was invented by the caliphates to keep the mobs indoctrinated with the amount of time in prayer acting like a self-hypnosis and enabling the imams to have power over them. Personally, i believe evil spiritual forces beyond our understanding have influenced islamists in this way but it is by islamist choice that their cult is known for its hell on earth policies and actions.

    • Steve

      Yes, That is very true. It keeps people hanging on to some hope that some terrible thing is not really at their door. I remember times in my life facing situations where cognitive dissonance was painful but necessary to face in order to see the truth. In the case of the united states, this country keeps digging its grave trying to rationalize the hellish truth about islamists.

  • Lilith Wept

    The European s didnt want him to be extradited to the US because of fears now he would be treated in US prison????!!!!! You gotta be kidding me! This terrorist will thinkmhe is in heaven ( except for the virgins) compared to living in muslim countries. But he still doesnt wantbto serve his time here, he wants to go bacy to Britian where muslims are treated like kings…………And he could be out in 6 years!!!!
    Just when I think I have seen the stupidest thing ever,…….a new lower level of idiocy is reached!

  • Dee Dunbar

    wheres the other ass wipe that only got 2 years?loose in the USA?wtf

    • Lauren Lowe

      He’s obama’s head of terrorist activities in the White Hut.

  • Richard

    The UK Muslim who is the subject of this story may have failed to set up his terror camp, but others have succeeded. The existence of numerous Muslim terrorist compounds is another important aspect of the jihad against the US which is subject to a self-imposed media blackout. But you can still learn about thanks to the brave work of Martin Mawyer and the Christian Action Network through the documentary film they have produced and you can get a copy at this link:
    For his work and much like Pamela, Mawyer is subject to Muslim death threats and jihad lawfare in the form of lawsuits. But, much like Pamela, he is fearless and relentless.

  • NickandLynds

    I grew up in the isolated part of Oregon where this was to happen. Trust me, the ranchers would have served up better justice and we would have been spared the cost of a trial and prison. We call these people “target practice” back home,

    • Steve

      That is what its going to come to with our stupid appeasing government. The people are going to have to rise up against this historical enemy and many cops are just doing what they are told by the government beating around the bush.

  • atl slayer

    Always such handsome gentleman :|
    hahahahaha, :/

    • durabo

      Liver lips and all

  • Jane Johnson

    Usa prisons are islamized he’ll fit right in n now he can really recruit. Paid for by America tax dollars, as. Christopher. Hitches said your paying for the rope that will be used to choke you.

  • william carr

    In UK he would most likely have been given a suspended sentence and released with an electronic anklet. Please keep him there he did the crime in US, he can do the time there. US prisons are tougher than UK as far as I know.

  • Po Tato

    You know how BBC portray that moslem terrorist?

    ‘… someone with mental health problem

  • Sharpsguy

    So, while THAT’S nice, what is being done about the KNOWN 32 to possibly 40 muslim “training camps” already in the USA? Obviously they’re TRAINING FOR SOMETHING!

  • durabo

    Sentenced? That qualifies him be taken to the White House and join Sheikh Hussein of Obamastan’s Politburo

  • Stephen Honig

    What the scumbag needs is to separate his body. His head to be one foot away from is neck. Amen!

  • JWM

    I would recommend a lobotomy to every muslim who is captured threatening jihad or engaged in a conspiracy to commit jihad. Forget trying to use a “shrink”, someone with an IQ of 70 or 80 cannot be reasoned with.

  • Steve

    Give this dog psychiatric care from the seventh century desert – drill a hole in the islamist’s head to let the evil spirits out or better yet burn him and save our taxes!

  • Robert Serr

    2 words….ADX Florence

  • AHH!!!

    See the goat lookalike features on this subhuman?

  • mary

    kill him

  • Janette Miller

    Terrorism should allow death penalty. Why can’t we kill him?

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