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Town of 4,000 finds out it will receive 3,000 migrants, “If you don’t like hosting refugees in your town, you can leave the country”


A town with a population of 4,000 finds out it will soon receive 3,000 migrants…. and the Mayor didn’t have any advance warning.

In another town, the regional Governor basically told everyone, “if you don’t like it (having 400 refugees dropped in your town) — you can leave! We have, as Germans, freedom, and you are free to leave if do not agree.”

It’s post-war divvying up of the spoils without the war. Just the surrender.

VIDEOS below.

Translation: thanks to Faustina:

3,000 for the Refugee Coordinator is NO PROBLEM

[Refugee Coordinator] “I unfortunately cannot pay any attention to the ratio of refugees to inhabitants of the town.”

The mayor feels he is being ignored.

[Mayor] “It is definitely rather venturesome of the administrators to simply make decisions for our location. It is not good policy.”

To begin with…Langenlohnsheim is a village in Rheinland-Pfalz with 4,000 inhabitants. The problem…3,000 refugees will  be arriving in only a few days and will be housed in this empty building.n The story…the interaction between the placement officials and the local citizens who shall ultimately be responsible for welcoming the refugees. The citizens of the town only learned by accident that this building should expect to house so many refugees! And the first person to fall from the clouds this morning is the mayor, himself. I go to meet Mayor Michael Czupalla and talk to him about the 3,000 refugees that are to arrive in mere days. The news nearly blew him over, he explains. And also…that he was even able to catch wind of the operation.

[Mayor] “The middle of last week the rumors came to me…it was said that [the decision to use] Langenlohnsheim was concrete. Then Mr. Placzek called me on Saturday to let me know that a large number would arrive…But nonetheless, it wouldn’t have hurt for the officials to speak with us first to determine our situation. And as you can see we are not on the edge of the town, we are directly in the middle! The potential for conflict is already preprogrammed.”

The Refugee Coordinator for Rheinland Pfalz is here…Detlef Placzek. Sudden and spontaneous citizens’ protests appear on the other side of the street. Despite their extreme upset, they appear to be of good will…

[Man in the car] No! 3,000 is too many. Maybe 1,000.

What would be okay here?

[Man on the street] 200-300. I think 10% would be a fair solution…but more than that is a ghetto and we don’t want a ghetto!

[Man with a bike] I haven’t ever had any bad experiences [with refugees]

So you are positive on the issue.

[Mann with a bike] Yes, I am positive….but not for 2,500 or 3,000 or even more than that.

Just this Saturday, the Refugee Coordinator communicated with the Mayor that he would be coming to see the area himself and determine if 3,000 refugees would be too many.

Which criteria do you use to make the determination?

[Placzek] “If this bordering neighborhood is unified to accept the sheltering of refugees and just how many… But you must give me the chance to look at the place. I haven’t been able to see for myself.”

Happily! We will simply tag along…And then the observation begins.

[Placzek] “Ok that is the building Delphi…then comes the living area…”

Mr. Placzek will check out the area for the living quarters. It is directly next to a neighborhood. You are now deciding on the exact number of refugees…so 900 plus 1,500…what are you deciding on now?

[Placzek] Yes, I am determining the overall size…

And are you going to look inside the buildings to see where the refugees will sleep?

[Placzek] ‘No, I already know enough information to that end…When it comes to possibilities for housing refugees, if I may be so bold, that is A PIECE OF CAKE for us. The entire infrastructure is already available, and we have water, functioning fire alarms, large open areas…so according to these points, everything can be checked off!

And so you have already spoken with someone here and tested the conditions.

[Placzek] Naturally, otherwise I wouldn’t be here. There is no discussion to it.

No one here has spoken with him, or?

[Placzek] I personally? (walks off)

[Mayor] On Saturday morning…yes

That’s a bit late, isn’t it?

[Mayor] Yes, good. That is so. I would have liked to know about it sooner. That is right.

With the expectation of housing 3,000 refugees this is an understandable wish. The first person to learn the result of the visit is of course the mayor.

[Placzek] “I unfortunately cannot pay any attention to the ratio of refugees to inhabitants of the town. It isn’t possible. And for that reason I have informed the local authorities that I will suggest to the state government that they stay under the level of 1,000 and that they should avoid building tents, and should there be any changes to notify [the local authorities] by letter by the middle of next week.”

So the plans to house some 2,000 refugees here are for the time being suspended…but there are still some 1,000 refugees to be allotted to the small town. The mayor does not believe that this is the right strategy for success if the public is to play a role.

[Mayor] “I hope that they can learn from this…while the problem of dimension is currently solved, but this is only an initial welcome center. The problem is national and in the future I hope the national authorities will act differently, especially with all the pressures we have here. We must act, but not like this.

This was only a local meeting…lasting only 2 hours…but I find that he has told of many things that could have gone better.

And it’s not just this town – this happening all over Europe – here’s a video and an article concerning a “town hall” meeting where citizens in Lohfelden, Germany(near Kassel) were informed the night before 400 refugees would be arriving (October 15, 2015) in their city.

Mr. Walter Lübcke is the regional Governor and basically told everyone, “if you don´t like it(having 400 refugees dropped in your town) – you can leave! We have, as Germans freedom, and you are free to leave if do not agree.”

This is how native Germans are being treated in their own country-by their own government.

At a community Information Evening about Refugee Camp in small District of City Kassel- ONE Day before 800 immigrant will arrive –

A German Politican,Walter Lübcke, says to the gathered citizenry:

(translation for pertinent text)
@(:31) “it´s so great that this country(GERMANY) has values and these values make it really worth it to live in our country(for the refugees)” He continues, “We need to stand up for these basic values and anyone decides not to STAND UP FOR THESE VALUES has the right to leave the country/state if they are not in agreement – it the freedom of every German….(Audience boos….Audience member, “I can´t believe it – piss off/get outta here!)

Mr. Lübcke trys to continue, “We have freedom, we have a democratic system, the majority”-inaudible he continues. Audience member, “What democracy!?”

Please write Mr. Lübcke a letter to tell him exactly what you think:

Dr. Walter Lübcke
Regierungspräsident Kassel
Steinweg 6
34117 Kassel
Tel.: 0561 106 1000
Fax: 0561 106 1610

(for international calls 0049 561 106 1000)

Translation from PI News (thanks to Shar)

  • Cate

    Well then, the German citizens of that town need to put a stop to this bs!!

  • wtd

    Begs the question…Why is the existing structure (which happens to be the only circumstance for accepting thousands of unwelcome invaders) still standing?

  • Batboy66
  • David

    Stupid: idiotic: brainless. Offer places for maybe 100. This has really got to be the sickest joke ever perpetrated on anyone. Tell the stupid mayor if he wants them, home them. They’re NOT immigrants; they’re NOT refugees: Wake up and smell the hahal: they’re an invasion of terrorists

    • Trumpet Call

      The people are unarmed, with a hostile government, that is trying to eradicate them. This ins’t an invasion, it is genocide.

  • RealEngineer2

    What the??? Is this sort of thing going to be happening in the USA?

  • bellyfull

    The same thing is happening in Bridgewater NEW JERSEY !

    • Frank

      please explain

      • wtd

        bellyfull might be referring to the Redwood Inn fiasco/surrender:
        Bridgewater mosque will be built, as township settles suit for $7.75 million

        • 4True

          Pray for disasters, mishaps, bad architecture, poor equipment tornados, sinkholes, confusion, misunderstanding, overbilling, troubles and plaques of frogs and falling pigs -(only on mosques)

          • Anne Miller

            Take a slaughtered pig and dump it in the middle of the proposed site. Poor pig.

  • Will

    Find out where these people are going to be accommodated, and raise the place to the ground. The invaders can then sleep in the ashes if they like. Maybe the slow internet might be the least of their worries.

    • MAS

      Frau Merkel would just evict them from their homes if they razed the building. Gotta take care of those peaceful Muslims ya know.

      • Will

        They already are throwing people out of state owned properties.So what’s to lose?

        • Rachel

          They can burn them down too

      • sammy

        hang the Merkel jew cow.Burn the town ,fight you slaves.

    • Bill_Levinson

      Arson is illegal, but walking dogs on the premises is not. Even if you have to clean up the dog waste, the dogs will have been there.

      • Will

        Let’s face it, walking dogs won’t change anything. Revolutions don’t come about by taking Fido out to do his business. If the situation isn’t dire enough to merit revolution, when will it? That red line seems to retreat an awful lot doesn’t it?

        • Bill_Levinson

          Musloids hate dogs, and regard anything touched by a dog as unclean. If they know dogs (and/or pigs) have been there, they won’t want to live there.

          • 4True

            They desperately need an invasion of pot-belly pigs for house pets! Seriously.

          • NavyEODguy

            Having been to several muslim countries, I’ve seen dogs everywhere. They may “claim” an affront to the “unclean” animals, but like other things in their culture it is usually overlooked.

            Now pigs on the other hand – never saw a one!

          • IzlamIsTyranny

            A friend of mine who visited Mogadishu said the place had packs of feral dogs running around everywhere.

          • mallen11

            They need to make sure every German household owns a dog or even a pig.

      • Rachel

        Pet pigs could get very popular.

      • Common Sense

        Killing your children’s future is illegal, just not illegal by the government’s law. Men must be men and stand up to this tyranny.

    • SheGaveBirth2sAtan

      Spray everything and soak it in pigs blood!

  • roccolore

    Number of “refugees” the pro-migrant Governor is housing: Zero

    • SheGaveBirth2sAtan

      Throw the governer in the refugee camps for a week and then let’s see what his thoughts are!

      • Black Eagle

        Who gives a damn what his thoughts are now or later.

        Suggest to start spreading bacon and pig-heads all over the apartments.

  • Carolin Arcos

    “This is how native gernans are being treated.” The truth is I am sick and tired of listening to these lamantations. A people not able or willing to stand up against a criminal government doesn”t deserve better. Do something, stop whining!

    • Cate

      That is exactly correct! If the people won’t fight this, then they get what they deserve.

      • Voytek Gagalka

        I understand your point and fully support it. But keep this in mind: When considering state of affairs in European countries, particularly in Germany, it is entirely different affair. Over there is full blown socialism and statism. The state controls everything, lives of citizens from the cradle to the grave. And it is so already for many generations, traditions reaching times of Teutonic Knights and Kaisers. Citizens are used to obey, obey and OBEY what rulers say. Oh, they feel “free,” all right: to travel, feel “free” to be humble and report to the state departments in each city, and “feel free” to watch what they are saying. Homeschooling? Forget it! Dupes, absolute dupes!

        • Common Sense

          You are so right. The Hessian soldiers were not volunteers but forced and used by the princes and kings. Which explains why my ancestors had to sneak out of the country in the early 1700’s.

    • Michelle Castañeda

      It’s coming here too.

      • sammy

        jews are the problem ,jews are behind this ..german slaves

    • Shirley

      People don’t stand together anymore we have been divided for year’s the government’s made sure of this there’s only a selected few who believe in humanity the rest think there to rich to worry….

  • Travis Smith

    These krauts are trying so hard to be forgot about as Nazis …ain’t happening, might as well start building some large scale ovens again.

  • Bill

    Never ever surrender your guns

    • yzwisey


    • Po Tato

      In the case of the Germans, they have surrendered not only their guns, but their race, their culture, their pride, and most importantly, they have surrendered THE FUTURE OF THEIR CHILDREN !!

      • Patricia

        Sadly soo have we Po, so have we!

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          • Joel from Edgewater

            Wow, let’s see a pic of the McLaren.

      • TruthDigger

        You are absolutely right about this. I am Austrian, and we too surrendered everything. Losing two world-wars contributed to the situation where we have now a generation of cowards, self-haters and idiots. And I’m not only talking about the people in power. The leftist parties (like the Greens) hate their own country so much, that they rather give up all their principles and values than to support the obvious rights of any country to protect it’s borders and to deport those who violate the laws.

        We will go down in history as the biggest idiots that ever lived.

        • Roadchaser

          There will be no history, Everything will be burned to the ground.

        • Rob Porter

          What a tragedy after the defeat in 1683 or the ghastly Ottoman Muslim invaders outside Vienna. Are memories of history that short that your country would allow these savages to just walk in? They will impose themselves on Austrian society, rape girls and women and get into endless conflicts while parasiting off the taxpayers coffers.
          Liberals all over the world are the biggest idiots and cowards imaginable. They endlessly talk about ‘values’ and their values, but in reality they are not true values, just feckless, transient ideas that will change with the next breeze that happens along.

        • Po Tato

          Let us    NOT    mourn the stupidity of others

          Let us    STOP    worrying about the cowardice of those around us

          Let us remind ourselves that it is UP TO US to make a difference !

          Yes, in this world we live in, we can no longer rely on others to do the correct things. If we want the things to be done correctly we need to do it ourselves!

          If those idiots at the top – the political elites – do not reverse what they are doing, we must STOP IT OURSELVES

          If it means a revolution, so be it

          If it means we might end up being imprisoned, or worse, so be it, because what we do, right now, is to save not only ourselves, but also our country, our culture, and the future of our children, and their children !!

          We can no longer stand by and let our country be overrun by those moslem savages !

          We can no longe afford to retreat because there is no other place left for us to retreat to


      • Rob Porter

        No, the majority of ordinary German have not, it is those pitiful, ignorant of Islam individuals who have betrayed their people, their culture and the future of their children. This is what happens to societies that abandon or reject their Judeo-Christian beliefs, leaving themselves bereft of true values and it’s happening in America and Canada.

        • Po Tato

          As the saying goes … “If you are not a part of the solution, you’re part of the problem

          You sez:
          >… the majority of ordinary German have not …

          If the ordinary Germans do not come out and protect their nation, their Fatherland, and the future of their children right now, then they are playing a similar role as that their forefathers played when the Nazis were ruling over them …

          You sez:
          >… This is what happens to societies that abandon or reject their Judeo-Christian beliefs, leaving themselves bereft of true values and it’s happening in America and Canada …

          I wholeheartedly concur !

          So many of our young generations simply do no longer know who they are, and that, turn them sheepish, and as sheeps they will do whatever they have been told, follow whichever leader who are ‘trendy’, because they no longer are capable of using their brain to think

          In fact, many of our own people are leaving their thinking to others, and that is the reason why the American voters have elected that moslem into the White House TWICE !!

          Come to thin of it, the fault does not only lie on the young uns – we older generations must shoulder part of the blame because it was us who allowed the education system to be taken over by those evil minded satan worshippers

          Oh yes, they have played a beautiful trick on us – by stating that tere must be a separation of Church and State they forbid us Christians to hold Christian ceremonies in educational institution

          But on the other hand, them moslems get to hold their ‘prayers’ inside the campus, get to spread their lies and hatreds to other students, and so on, and they are allowed to do so because them moslems technically do not violate the ‘Separation of Church and State’ doctrine because the moslems do not go to CHURCH !!

          • Rob Porter

            I agree wholeheartedly with your statement that if ordinary Germans do not come out and protect their nation, their Fatherland and the future of their children, they will be repeating what their forefathers did when they meekly submitted to the Nazis.

            I am amazed by the blind stupidity that now afflicts Americans and Canadians. Apparently they don’t read and investigate the beliefs and positions of those who rule and want to rule them. Canada has a disgusting Liberal idiot called Justin Trudeau who has thrown in his lot with Muslims, has gone to say prayers at a mosque in Montreal that is known to be a major recruiting place for al Qaeda, has a Muslim adviser, but this fool, Trudeau stands a good chance of becoming Canada’s next prime minister. Why? Because Canadians are so taken up with political correctness and Liberal mush thinking, know little about their own politics and take little interest in it, they think it would be ‘discriminating’ to hold his Muslim leanings against him.

            In Canada they have bodies called Human Rights Commissions that care little about the human rights of individuals whose thinking does not reflect their own idiotic thinking, but these bodies – nothing more than kangaroo courts – still have the right to impose punitive fines on individuals and limit their free speech. And this bad joke of a democracy does nothing about terminating these bodies! Complacency, lack of attention to what is going on in their society and a total inability and lack of will to fight for anything, enables such dictatorial bodies to exist and continue existing.

          • Tarnia Sand

            Rob Porter; less than 38% of the country voted for Trudeau. He is popular in eastern Canada. They voted for him hoping to get gov’t jobs as he is boasting already of having the biggest govt plus a large deficit..his words. He plans to fast track 25K Muslims into Canada. If you think majority of Cdns are pleased you couldn’t be more wrong. We are scared.

          • Rob Porter

            Did you watch on t.v. how the country went on election night? Trudeau won a majority in brain dead Ontario where the appallingly poor Liberal government of Kathleen Wynne already misrules after mounting a $300 billion debt that is greater than all the other provinces combined. This did not put them off a federal Liberal government and nobody seemed to care about his anti-Christian and pro-Muslim sentiments. In B.C, the Liberals took half the seats. So Trudeau wasn’t popular only in eastern Canada.

            Be worried by all means, but don’t waste your time being scared. Rather prepare yourself. Get training in unarmed combat – such a Krav Maga – carry an axe in your car and be prepared to do damage if threatened by some Muslim.

      • Patrick Roy

        frankly their best move would be to high tail it to Hungary.

    • IslamIsFascism

      When New Orleans P.D. came for the guns of registered gun owners after Katrina, none of them put up a fight. Personally, I’d try to take out as many of the corrupt PD officers as possible because by violating my civil rights they’ve lost all authority over me.

      • Tarandfeatherthecrooks

        Not true; many resisted, but succumbed to SWAT tactics. Google elderly woman beaten defending her gun after Katrina. Legal challenges ensued.

    • Amici Journal

      I hear ya brother Semper-Fi

    • But you see Germans were made to, like japanese, because of ww2. In a way the US created the socialist welfare state that is Europe. Notice since Obams we have pulled out of Germany, many bases are closed.

      • Budvarakbar

        Where do you think they will be housing the “refugees”?

  • wpjokari
    • Will

      I like it! Those 17 should be made into Constitutional Legislation for all western countries.

    • Robert Bayer

      I live in Japan .. and I am not a citizen but .. they keep the riff raff out .. You don’t get into Japan without a lot of careful checking. And the end result is much safer living environments and much less crime .. and less waste and fraud .. And the tax rate therefore can be very low .. 5 effin percent ..

      • Joan

        So after WW2, the Japanese rose to new heights of culture, prosperity and pride — and the Germans devolved into defeatist docile puppies begging to be kicked. Which path is the USA taking?

        • Robert Bayer

          Fascism is the path of American government at the moment via the Obama administration. But your excellent question is still open about the American people.

    • Shirley

      What a beautiful country ?

    • MsDragonSlayer

      Actually the picture is partially right. It is correct in fact BUT it is not just the Muslims this happens to but EVERYBODY from other countries. Japan does not allow immigration of ANYONE.

  • bobfairlane

    Germany doesn’t need any “refugees”. The only people that “need” fugees are JEWS AND ANTI-WHITES who want to use the orcs to attack white people and weaken Europeans for a global jew-serving government.

    • Churchill’s Parrot

      You are an idiot. The majority of Jews ARE white. Go spend some time at Israel National News and get an education. The Jews are getting attacked daily by these Moslem fighters. The problem is Leftists. Liberals. People like Nazi Soros–your buddy and BFF.

      So take your Jew hatred and shove it. Or better–write Pamela personally–you’d be right in step with all the Moslems who send her vile and threatening hate mail daily.

      Oh…you DID know she’s Jewish, right?

    • Angry Citizen

      You are a sick f**k. You are a filthy white supremacist, you are no better than the muslim cockroaches.

      This is not about race or colour, this is about islam.

      May I suggest that you consider converting to islam, as I believe that sick facist pseudo religion will serve you well.

      • Hammer Brpwn

        This is about race religion is useless.

        • Angry Citizen

          Would I be right in thinking that you are a white American?

          I am white English, are you of English descent?

          If not then we are different races, plus our ancestors once fought a bloody war against each other.

          Does this mean we are enemies? Do you want to see all English people destroyed?

          islam comprises many races just like Christianity. Yes I hate islam and muslims, but just because I may hate Indian muslims or African muslims, it does not mean that I hate all Indians or Africans.

  • RealEngineer2

    Wonder why all the European men “men” are just eating this? 20+ years of liberal agenda pretty much explains why men are so “domicile”.

    Start young; single out statistically unimaginable percentages of normally active, normally aggressive boys as “attention deficit”; dissuade their (normal) “behavior” with pharmaceutical regimens into adulthood, permanently pacifying them.

    Bombard young men with endless media stereotypes of “privileged” beta males “victimized” into psychologic paralysis and dependency by anything imaginable, providing their own stupidity didn’t do them in first. If that doesn’t work, let them know all it takes is hormones and a touch of mascara, and they can be as feminine as they want.

    Characterize every type of “war toy” for today’s children, normally sort after and owned by millions of baby boomers in childhood (water pistols, toy bow & arrow, cap pistol) as dangerous and a pre-cursor to homicidal insanity, despite the fact boomers have the lowest homicidal rates in USA history.

    Get media to totally brainwash the population that Islam, notorious for insurrections in every land they’ve ever migrated to throughout history, is a “religion of peace”, despite live videos claiming “death to all infidels”. Mop out remaining “freedom of speech” with “copyright” laws.

    And..if ALL THAT WASN’T ENOUGH, be aware they can be FORCED to “take their medicine”; to quote the regional governor, “if you don´t like it(having 400 refugees
    dropped in your town) – you can leave!”

    • bobcchicago

      Great Comment …

    • yzwisey

      That governor should be recalled! Forget that we have enough sucking on the government teet already. We don’t need a half a million more. oboma and his ghetto ways. Trying to turn this into a third world country like Kenya or even closer to home Detroit and Chicago.

      • Black Eagle

        Recalled? He should be picked up physically and thrown into the nearest pond of pig-shit. And then burn down those facilities where the invaders are scheduled to be stationed.

        • dad1927

          Move his office to Somalia

      • dad1927

        Don’t give them any money or feed them. Make sure it takes years to process them. Like they do elsewhere.

    • 4True

      They should force their leaders to personally lived with a dozen or so or get the hell of the country- or be hung for treason..

    • IslamIsFascism

      They should tell the guvnor they can also stop paying taxes. Just think if hundreds of thousands or millions of German citizens were to stop paying taxes to protest this izlamic-nazi invasion how it would affect the corrupt government of Germanistan. Let’s not forget the motto of the US Revolution: “No taxation without representation”. When a government no longer represents the interests of its citizens why should anyone fund them?

      • Patricia

        A G R E E D !

      • Black Eagle

        Nor to obey them, nor to tolerate them anymore either.

    • Comrade Snarky

      Nailed it. Sad state of affairs.

    • Germany needs a new Führer

      • IzlamIsTyranny

        Sh!tler admired pi$$lam. The only religious leader Sh!tler put up at state expense in a 5 star hotel in Berlin? The Grand Mufti of Jerusalem, a Jew hating muslum sh!tbag.

    • Benton Marder

      Remember, too, that home-schooling is not allowed in Germany—Hitler-era legislation that was never cleaned out of the body of law. Therefore, little alternative to KoolAid exists.

    • Rob Porter

      Well said. The only problem with it is that presently I’m living in Canada and what you describe here more and more reflects Canadian society. Never have I seen so many males dominated by females and the males considering this ‘normal’, in fact ‘chauvinistic’ to have it any other way – even to have equality. So the females have become chauvinistic and to knuckle-headed males this has come to be considered ‘normal’.

      It was men who created all the marvellous inventions that grace our lives, the automobile, aeroplanes, television, the printing press, computers, but no, today you’d think it is only females who are clever. If men had fought back against this rubbish it would not be like this, but the pathetic males surrendered and like Western idiots generally apologize for the great Western civilization their forebears created.

      • MsDragonSlayer

        I hop you never need a kevlar vest in your future….invented by a WOMAN!

        • Rob Porter

          I don’t know if you intended to be comical, but you made me laugh.

    • Patrick Roy

      We’ll said the whole of America is in a Prozac haze!!!!

  • Bill_Levinson

    What if the town makes no provision to house or feed them?

  • Agenda

    The majority of Germans are unarmed and will be able to do nothing against the authorities. They will not be able to protect themselves against the bad eggs among the migrants either who are mostly young men of fighting age. Germany, headed up by Mamma Merkel is committing ethnocide. It is the end of “Germany” and the rest of Europe as well.

    • there is always something you can do. Like burn the thing down. Like do what you have to do with the “authorities” to let them know you won’t take it. Germans are going to follow the rules right into early graves. How very sad and pathetic.

      • Rachel

        The people in Italy took care of Mussolini…the Germans can take care of these modern day fascists too.

        • I don’t think they will. They have hardly any fight in them. Germans don’t like to break the rules, they are good subjects. Plus they have been told thry are evil for 70 years after the Holocaust so they are afraid of being labeled racist. It is incredible to watch.

          • Anne Miller

            I was born and raised in Milwaukee of German stock, and you are right. There is a good percentage of them who will follow any dumb rule, just because it is a rule. It doesn’t seem to be that they have to have been in Germany, it is in their genes.

      • Agenda

        “Like burn the thing down.”. It is being done.

  • Matt Foley


  • David L Walker

    Well folks , when they get settled in their building they are going to be placed in . . .BURN THE DAMN THING DOWN AND BLOCK THE FIRE DEPTS FROM GETTING THERE .

    • John Donohoe

      That will happen David. I guarantee it.

    • Rachel

      Only if the German men still have balls. Not sure they do…they traded them for free Govt housing.

    • dad1927

      They will burn their own ghettos.

  • fred m

    I wonder if the people can force a general election in Germany?

  • bowie1

    I can’t imagine refugees wanting to be crammed into a building let alone the residents.

  • scott

    keep your guns handy and daughters close,these muslim fucks will molest a girl as young as 10 years old and not think twice about it.

  • Night Angel

    I would recommend leaving and letting the bureuacrats feed off of the deadbeat Muslims.

  • James Bowles

    Thing to do is Shoot 3000 immigrants….then bury them deeply

  • Dusty Koellhoffer

    Invading Moslems should be given a choice – burn their Korans or return to the land of Allah that they built

  • Tommy Lee

    Let the liberal Germans be slaughtered.

    • sammy

      beat them until they fight the gutless race,Hitler was to good for them.

  • Laura B

    When the murders and rapes and destruction of their town begin by these people, it will then be too late. I feel sorry for them. This is way too many for such a small town. The muslims will try to overtake it, just wait and see.. This is terrible…

  • gcfortruth

    Burn the building down when they are all sleeping.

    • sammy

      Hang the Merkel jew pig

  • Byron Shutt

    Your government just f,ed you …..and you are disarmed. How does that feel?

    • John Donohoe

      Germans still have sticks and stones and fists…..but no spine….yet. Give it time.

      • sammy

        german slaves off your knees.

  • s;vbkr0boc,klos;

    Burn down the building put aside for these ‘refugees’.

    • sammy

      correct burn down the town .

  • atl slayer

    That language to me is as equal as a declaration of war.
    so yep where will all the European Europeans go to??? Hmmmm,
    or will they stand and fight???
    these certainly are entertaining times,,,is entertaining the correct word???

    • Richard

      I think not. There is the expression, “May you live in interesting times.”
      Perhaps only slightly more suitable. How about, “We are so screwed”?

  • DissentIsSometimesPatriotic123

    Mainstream Mohammedanism is identical to Nazism.

    Obviously, one is conflicted. On the one hand we pray for the genocide of the Muslocockroaches and the eradication of every Shari’ah society. On the other hand these are Dhimmi who also deserve to be destroyed.

    Honestly, these people deserve each other. Dhimmi deserve genocide just as much their Quranimal allies.

    Death to Fuckestine!

    • Angry Citizen

      Hitler wished he was born muslim rather than Christian as he felt it better suited the Germanic people. And don’t forget that there were many muslim SS units.

  • Reta Mae Cherry

    This is sick. Handing over our lives to the ones that have guns and swords, with which to kill us.

  • Bill_Levinson
    • Don Grantham

      Sickening… yet we have been brainwashed and coerced into allowing this travesty to continue. As the saying goes, ‘The meek will inherit the Earth.’
      The meek will not inherit the Earth… they will be trampled into it.

  • Michelle Castañeda

    Hell the Muslims will just kill them off and take over the town. #Trump2016

  • Sam Hebbron

    wars on by the looks of thing cant see them trying this in england pray to god it dont

  • NJK

    I hope people like this end up like Mussolini, including this governor. They’re importing Nazis.

  • steiner

    “….This is my Fathers’ world and thou the wrong seems oft so strong, God is the ruler yet !”

  • sammy

    jew pigs again do this .Germans off your knees,fight ,burn down the buildings burn down your town hang Merkel the jew pig.

    • Richard

      Get lost!

  • Don Grantham

    Germans are free to leave. Coincidentally, they are also free to revolt and overthrow an obviously dangerous and delusional government.
    I’d pick the second option.

  • Reta Mae Cherry

    This is an INVASION, not IMMIGRATION! This is a slap in the face of Christianity. ISIS tortures Christians by raping them, chopping off fingers, toes, and if they don’t denounce Jesus they kill them and rape their corpses, then eat them. The liberal public is turning their heads in denial and do not believe this. They are teaching their kids that some old fat republicans are just making up stories. These people are evil and barbaric, and there is nothing they would not do!!!!!! Then these leaders of Gvmt and YOUR HOME TOWN, wants to turn them loose on the taxpayer. I have a question for Government. If your idiots kill off the taxpayers, who will pay for your freeloading, because you sure are not earning your pay!!!!!!
    Cannibalism in the Qur’an!

  • pobinr

    Merkels gone so far that even some libtards can see it
    Hopefully it will all help bring about so much anti EU sentiment that the EU will crumble as do all empires

  • Corey Corey

    Fitting that their is a damn ad to donate to the migrant crisis attached to this lol. i have questioned this for along time, but I share a similar view to hitler, if white people can not rise above and fight what is happening to them, then they deserve to parish from the earth… Back then you killed what killed you plain and simple. Now people just commit suicide when they had to much….

  • yzwisey

    Send them packing straight over to Pennsylvania Av in the 1600 block. Drop them at the front lawn and let that usurping muslim take care of them and feed them. He stole enough money to feed a small country.

  • Patriot Girl

    Exactly, what democracy?! Personally, in the US, I believe that we should sue the UN and every person who has a part in importing muslim invaders, for advancing terrorism. Terrorism is based on the koran, and that’s what muslims believe, so, muslims = terrorism. We need to sue these assholes to stop the infux!

    • Lysy2

      Soros?…This scumbag is behind all of it and he is a fat-cat!

    • Anne Miller

      Muslim is a political movement cloaked as a religion.

  • Eric Quigley

    Hey Germany payback is a Hündin, isn’t it? Put millions of Jews in ovens and think there was going to be no price to pay? It’s hard to feel sorry for you with all your renewed antisemitism.

  • Artemis

    Germany does have elections. Use them. Give the refugees to the Russians. They can escort them back to Syria once it is stabilized.

    • Shirley

      It’s all an illusion to make you think your vote counts… 2sides of the same coin it’s not you or I that gets these arseholes in its the elite they are WELCOMING YOU TO THE NEW WORLD ORDER one government one currency one religion

  • Lysy2

    Krauts need to find another Heinz Guderian ASAP!…if there is still a future for a KRAUTISTAN

  • roadking2000

    I would have every weapon I own loaded & cocked, waiting at the entrance to the city & I would be ready to fight! Sadly, the Germans have given their rights away & can’t stop the “immigration” from happening. THIS is why I will NEVER give up my guns.

  • Artemis

    muslims may be perverse and violent, but they are stupid and unorganized. Germans need only re-discover their love of order and take it to the muslims to subjugate them dispose of them..

    And in America, if a whole bunch of carrying patriots rush a mosque, are the authorities going to sort it all out? Look at Ferguson and Baltimore.

  • Hans

    They should tar and feather the man, it worked in the old days. Then next time they will think twice about coming to town with such stupid ideas.

    • Rachel

      Since we are going back to the days of Islamic Invasions, we might as well bring back the old methods that worked to get rid of them the last time.

  • Dan

    Pure madness. The unnamed powers that be who are responsible for this are moving full steam ahead.

  • mjazzguitar

    This is how native Germans are being treated in their own country-by their
    own government.

    This is how Americans are being treated in their own country- by their own government.

  • 4True

    I hope they all have guns. They’ll need them. It’s unspeakably oppressive for the government to dump this on them unless there is a gov run internment camp in the town.

    • Anne Miller

      The government has taken all their guns. Only the military and police have guns. Hmmmm.

  • IslamIsFascism

    I predict home values in this village will be dropping like a rock. Who knows? Maybe that was the government’s plan all along?

    • Shirley

      Your spot on my friend ? they’ll be no Europeans left we will have to find other countries to live if we want our family to remain safe

  • Christian Hart

    This is UNCONSCIONABLE…this is totally insane. Will someone give me the number of how many German’s must be raped, robbed, beaten or killed until Merkel, the Kalergi Prize [Jewish prize for genociding Europeans] thinks maybe it was a ‘bad idea’…just the number, it’s all I want…50, 500, 5000, 50000 or maybe all of Germany how many people have to be mauled, raped and murdered before Soros [who printed the flyers and took out the TV ads that played all over the M.E.] is satified? Maybe the number is 6,000,000 ‘in revenge’ for something these people NEVER did.

  • VladtheImpaler

    Germany: attempting to destroy civilization for the 3rd time in 100 years.

    • Shirley

      And let’s not forget they FAILED before and they’ll fail again hopefully it won’t be much longer when all the people in Europe wake up and stand together letting these people into our counties is one thing letting them take over is another….. Fear is there own worst enemy

  • bb333

    They got rid of the law abiding Jews decades ago …now….Karma?

  • Pavelina

    This is wholesale betrayal of a people by its government .The German government is treating its citizens like crap.

  • Darrell Standing
  • Black Eagle

    The Greens and Left are the new Nazis. Germans should wake up to this fact, and not be fooled by their “nice” smiles and pretty faces. Behind those faces is searing hatred for ordinary people.

    • Cormac Brogan

      Yes! Ordinary people who want to work and pay for their daily bread.Ordinary people who sacrifice their whole lives so that their children will live better lives then they.In America this is called “White Privilege” by the left.The socialists get their votes from welfare cockroaches that have 6 kids from 6 different men.Liberalism is a mental disease thats destroying the west.It has to be stopped.

  • Rachel

    I’m starting to wonder if the Govt really IS seeding clouds w/mind-altering drugs. How else to explain Europe’s mass suicidal psychosis?!

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  • william carr

    Duh! The whole meaning of democracy is people get to vote on important issues. Dr Lubcke appears to be ignorant of this. Maybe he has the totalitarian mind set where decisions are made on high and ordinary fold have to do as they are told.

  • Joe

    Take all your possessions and as you leave set fire to every single building and burn the town down to the ground. The fire dept. can no way put all those fires out to save it. Most likely the firemen will be among you all leaving too. Give them nothing.

    • rhcrest

      That’s what I say. The residents should burn the town down before they let these vermin in.

  • Cormac Brogan

    Just kidding.Like all powerful people,Mrs Merkel has nothing to worry about by giving Europe away to muslim invaders.

    • rhcrest

      They look like cavemen. They really are neanderthals

  • Benji0804

    Last time I checked democracy means majority rules and the town did not have a
    say in it and that makes it a dictatorship.

    • Anne Miller

      Due to voter fraud that’s what we have now in the states.

  • dad1927

    Arrest them, for any and all infractions, including being diseased. Ship them to a special medical facility high in the hills. Relocate the balance to the capital, Berlin…. Also; Tell them they need to go there to get their welfare and nicer free housing faster! Put the problem squarely on Merkel!

    • Asian Crusader

      It seems that only the TURKS still remember how the Ottoman empire kept control of excitable Muslim hordes within its dominions.

      Any town that got out of line (rebellion, failing to pay taxes, etc.) was ransacked by Janissaries. The women and girls (and boys) were publicly raped, the men castrated and killed, and all survivors sold into slavery before the town was raised to the ground. This procedure would serve to ensure tranquility in the wider neighborhood for a decade or two.

      The Ottoman empire also used a “millet” system whereby each ethnic group is collectively responsible for its members.

  • rhcrest

    Violence is the only answer. The residents have to start attacking the facilities and the refugees themselves. The politicians will not listen to the people. The people need to start standing up for themselves

  • John

    The western governments are complicit in the muzlim caliphate.

  • Bill Adams

    In this case, the sulution is simple. Burn the building they plan to house them in before they arrive.

  • angrymike

    Maybe this will start off a new wave of European immigration to the US, that can’t be a bad thing !!

    • John

      Europeans escaping religious persecution!

  • huntermike989

    they need to burn down the building before the Muslim hoard arrives.

  • mexiapolis

    I thought this was in Minnesota.

  • Stephen Honig

    Why isn’t there an uprising in Germany. There is a 180 degree turn from Hitler to Merkel and they’re both crazy!

  • GA Patriot

    I may be told by traitors to leave, but I will employ a Second Amendment solution first.

  • Steve Brown

    This is it. The civil war will start in this town. Then all of Europe will erupt in a pan- continental anti- Jihad- civil war.

  • DaveM12

    As Mark Steyn wrote in America Alone, it is all about demographics. The average age of a European now is 45, muslims 25. How will socialistic Germans fight the muslim horde when they have no weapons and are being sold out by Merkel and her fellow leftists.

    I thought Merkel was a strong conservative, how wrong I was.

    • Hammer Brpwn

      Conservatives arent much better then liberals, in fact they are worse as they stop violent revolt which is the only solution at this point.

      • Dorrie

        Please don’t generalize, it shows you to be a fool.

  • Gabriel A. King

    Kill the invaders, and give the politicians a brutal public torture and death in the streets.

  • John Mackey

    Ok folks as you can see this traitorous stuff is being forced down our throats or up our asses however you want to look at it. Time to lock and load. Don’t got a gun buy one hell buy two and lots of ammo were going to need it. Put bacon in the Hala meats and make sure to Christen their mosques with bacon fat.

  • Wouldn’t it be a shame if the buildings to house the refugees were to burn down?
    A real shame…

  • Budvarakbar

    What do you think borry o has in store for the US? – Potempkin villages – anyone?

  • Angry Citizen

    Germany needs to rise and rise NOW, before Germany is lost for good.

  • Anita G Flippo Hitchcock

    What would be ok? Absolutely none…..let this Trojan horse stay wherever it is currently at. Create for these invaders a camp in their country.

  • Claudi Sayers

    I was born and raised in Germany. I left 18 years ago. I highly doubt I will ever go back – unless I have to ! There is no such thing as a perfect place to live, but what’s happening there is just absolutely ridicules. This has NOTHING to do with helping people – it’s ALL about the money the city/district/state receives per refuge.
    Germans have yet to wake up but I am afraid they are in for a very rude awakening!

  • nonohbo

    I hear that Swedish women are now dying their hair dark
    trying to avoid being attacked. Amazing how deep in denial the govt. of
    Sweden is about the terrible harm being done to their own people.

    My wife is from Saarland–a small town called Homburg (not Hamburg), just a
    few km from Lebach. She has received several emails from friends and
    relatives in the area verifying the truth in the story below which I
    received from an old Army comrade. Truly sad and probably soon to
    happen here in the good old U.S. of A….

    Germany Chaos Descends

    This is from a retired RAF officer who served in the sixties and is now working and living in Germany.

    Dear Friends,

    is now in total chaos and I think that you should know about it. I have
    waited a week or so to see how things will develop and to glean more
    information before presenting the facts.
    As you may know from the media, the flood of refugees cum economic
    immigrants into Europe has reached ridiculous proportions and to the
    extent that Hungary and other Balkan states have closed their borders
    and Turkey is considering doing the same.

    Angela Merkel in an ill advised speech to the Bunderstag, welcomed all
    refugees to Germany and the floodgates opened and, in my view, this was
    all pre-planned beginning with the Pope’s appeal last year for Islam to
    move closer to Christianity. This was then followed up via the Italian
    Government instructing the Italian Navy to rescue all boat refugees and
    bring them to Italy.

    As a result, it seems that some 8000 people per day are now entering
    Europe via various routes. Most of these are young males between 17 and
    25. The result is chaos as you can imagine.

    Here in Saarland we have been overwhelmed with refugees mainly young males
    but some families. In Lebach, some 10 kilometres from here, a camp for
    200 was set up and a further 100 added this last week. The politicians,
    local government and religious leaders have fallen over themselves to
    bring them in and cater for them.
    And so what is the result?

    In Ventimiglia near Monte Carlo, the refugees banded together ( organised
    by smart phone) and over ran the market and stole or destroyed
    everything and ransacked the town.

    Here in Lebach, a group entered a supermarket and took what they wanted and
    destroyed the rest. When the Manageress confronted them, they called up
    their friends and smashed the place to bits. The police arrived but were
    overwhelmed. The supermarket is now closed.
    Yesterday, my friends rang from Weissenfels near Leipzig since two supermarkets
    and a Kaufland store in Halle suffered the same way. More news is coming
    in from all over Germany of the same situations.

    The media reports none of this.

    Many people have demonstrated against being overrun by immigrants. In
    Weissenfels, families were thrown out of an eight flat apartment block
    and 70 refugees moved in. Small towns of some 2000 to 3000 people are
    over run by some 5000 to 6000 refugees.

    Much civil unrest is apparent and is just boiling under the surface. Europe
    is in chaos and the do-gooders have totally lost control of the
    situation. Islam has overwhelmed us.

    For the Syrian and Afghan refugees, I have every sympathy and they need
    help. They should get it. But for the rest, in my view, the state
    authorities must be firm and send them back. Perhaps it is too late.

  • JamalJenkum

    As long at it’s clear that collective punishment will be used against any infractions of the law. Those german’s are big on collective punishment when stuffing a lot of people into small areas. There are many videos of this that we are forced to watch over and over and over.

  • Stephen Powell

    August 2015 will stand beside August 1914 in the history of Europe. As in 1914, Europe is again entering an entirely self-inflicted debacle threatening its existence merely to pursue an obsolete ideology. As in the early days of WWI, what is coming is beyond anything anyone can imagine. Those who turn their backs on their own people and culture in the service of a political fad have no future. Europe is about to discover this.

  • Joan

    The passivity, docility (and even polite manners) of these Germans toward an autocratic government is astonishing! They don’t seem to realize they have already lost the battle and the war! The biggest opposition their mayor can voice is to say he hopes the dictators will be nicer in future! Some things never change… Sieg Heil…!!!

  • Billy Bob


  • Britney Smears

    What a Draconian approach to this whole thing.

  • Metatrona

    Hide all the sharp knives and axes in town. Arabs are keen to use them on non-Muslims.

  • Mattie

    these US bases will be used to house many of them, think Obummer has anything to do with this?


    Stop being so racist. Welcome them with an entire block of bbq’s, where all the locals cook pork sausages for them, and have high powered fans to blow the smell their way. Lunch time is friends time. Don’t forget to post red crosses up everywhere, so they know that converting to Christianity is in their future, should they continue to reside there. Then destroy all vehicles used to bring them in, block roads with trees, shut down power if necessary, cut phone lines, etc, etc. They’ll leave on their own accord. Order T shirts from, for yourself, and your neighbors today. Must buy!!!!

  • North American Pavement Ape

    In one generation the native people of this community will become a minority in the land that their ancestors have lived on for centuries.

    Once migrants claim asylum they are allowed to bring their relatives over and muslims breed like rats so these 3000 will multiply when they start having kids

  • North American Pavement Ape

    What is going on?!


    You just read my comment but it’s like what I said went through one ear & out the other.

    What. Is. Going. On?

  • Wow…… R.I.P. Germany D:

  • Hammer Brpwn

    Par for the course replaced by non-white foreigners, if you dont like it you leave to some other white country who is being replaced by non-whites.

  • Benton Marder

    Here in the States, this sort of thing ill be happening. It is all, in the USA and in Germany and elsewhere, a demonstration of Berthold Brecht’s thesis—“The people have shown themselves unworthy of their glorious government. It is therefore necessary for the government to create a new people.”

    Berthold never imagined, however, that so many governments would take his idea seriously and act upon it with such enthusiasm.

  • Mike Lashewitz

    Not NO but HELL NO!!! Come ON Germans do not let this happen. Raise hell and run the criminal politicians out…

    NOBODY Helped the Japanese and of all the Japanese needed it the most. Those bullshit wars are for the wealthy get rid of the wealthy.

  • Anticonservative

    These moron politicians that are dead set on taking these so called refugees in should be forced to live in the same district – I wonder how long it would be until they changed their attitudes?

  • Aviendha

    Bet the Germans wish they had guns with which to protect themselves.

  • Bill_Levinson

    I wonder whether German officials up to and including Merkel are being (1) suborned or (2) blackmailed with physical threats. There is no other rational explanation. Germans need to vote them out because either is unacceptable.

  • Edward_Teach

    Why is it the responsibility of any European country to give these “refugees”(most are economic refugees) a better life. Europe has nothing to gain by letting or bringing these people in. Europe, your first and last obligation is to your people. What do the “refugees” have to offer? They bring nothing to the table.

    Why don’t muslim “asylum seekers” go to Qatar, Kuwait, United Arab Emirates , Oman, Saudi Arabia or any of the other rich muslim countries? These are Islamic countries therefore more suitable for them.

    Has any European country benefited by opening it’s borders to non-Europeans? Name one. Do they make Europe a safer place to live? Have they made Europe great? Are they good for tourism? Do they bring anything positive to Europe? Do they respect the citizens of Europe and the customs? Do they support themselves without burdening the tax payers? Do they burden the judicial system due to high crime rates? Do they love Europe or what they can get from her?

    Do they victimize the European people in large proportions to their small numbers? Wouldn’t crimes against the European people foreshadow their true intentions? Do they trash up the areas they inhabit in Europe? If they victimize the host country’s people and trash up their land after they have been given a new start at life, wouldn’t that be like a direct “screw you”? Do they demand you to change your ways and customs so they can tolerate you? Do they respect the peoples government? Your family? Your people? Your culture?

    If they are guilty of three of these questions then It would be safe to say they should not be in Europe. There is more harm than good for Europe and her people.

    If a European country don’t let the hoards flood their land they are called “racist” and “Nazis” if they let them in, their country, their lives, their descendants lives will be torn apart. Which one is easier to live with? Which one does the most damage? Which choice is beneficial to the European country and it’s people? Wake up before it’s too late.

    • Dorrie

      NONE of them are “refugees”! They’re being funneled through Syria from all over the world and they are “migrating for allah”! It’s in the Quran and a command for them to do in order to form a Caliphate! They should be shot on sight at any country’s border they try to cross!

  • Edward_Teach
  • Geronimo

    Ha, more like 9,000 being sent to those towns….Germans think kindness and the muslim invaders see weakness
    Try taking your German ass to a muslim cuntry and see what they “give” you for asylum
    Let’s see this assimilation of German culture into muslim radical death mongers

  • Liquid Khaos

    Drench the streets and doorways with pigs blood. Make a video showing pig slaughter at the reservoirs. Get bacon perfume and attire featuring pork products and christian symbols. Instead of mace create a pepper spray laced with pork product and bacon scent. Make your environment an unacceptable one for them.

  • Worship Dancer

    this town needs some pig blood to pour around the boundaries of the entire town.

  • Big mama

    Didn’t Germany cast out The Jews during WW2? Still its sad Muslims will now take over Germany, inter-marry which is Islams plan in order to take over the world with their religion that cannot be divided from the rule of law – Sharia.

    • Dorrie

      No, they didn’t, they put up the Berlin Wall and started taking Jews to the concentration camps!

      • Anne Miller

        Your history is quite interesting. The nazi’s were responsible for the ovens. The russians built the wall in Berlin after world war II.

  • Rita Schaffer

    Hi I live in Australia but my relatives live in Hungary. Several centuries ago the Hungarian government asked for German settlers following the population decline in Hungary due to the occupation of the Ottoman empire for almost 150 years. My ancestors came from Rhineland and were Roman Catholics. They had the same religion as Szent Istvan & everything worked out a treat because of the same religion & similar culture. This is a very different state of affairs, however, these people have a different religion, different culture and different values. These values include regarding women (in the main) as second class citizens.
    I am very concerned about the problems that will surely arise. I suggest as a matter of urgency that the German, Austrian etc governments ensure that these people who have chosen to live in Germany, Austria etc abide by the laws and rules of the host country. It is critical that these people can NEVER institute sharia law in Europe. And they must not be allowed to practise bigamy. I am also concerned about the fact that many Muslims view non-Muslims as infidels. This means that they have nil or very little respect for non-Muslims.
    I don’t know how these European governments are going to ensure that these Arabs abide by the laws of the European countries? However, if this does not happen your lives will be in peril. It is one thing for them to be able to keep their culture, ie Arabic food but it is quite another thing for them to think that they can carry on in Europe as they did in the Middle East. Europe will not stand for honor killings ie when the men in a family decide to murder a girl or young woman because she is deemed to have a boyfriend or wants to marry the ‘wrong’ man etc. Many of the Arabic traditions/values and practices like the one I just mentioned are not only in direct contradiction of European values but are criminal activities. And honor killings is only one example.

  • Dominic Delia

    Burn the building down…….

  • teapartydoc

    Add 3,000 new nationalist voters to the rolls. And even more, if anyone is watching, or these people have friends and family outside the community.

  • Ann

    Which town of 4,000 is this that they are making them take 3,000 migrants into their home?

  • peppers1

    i wish hitler had won

  • Michael Sultana

    The sooner the German government is overthrown by the people the better. The Government no longer listens to the people, considers them or acts in the national interest. Time for talking is over. get rid of them NOW……

  • H.G

    This whole scandalous Political affair will be the END for the CDU!! Revolution is Imminent!!!!!!

  • Jay Dillon

    March them out of town at gunpoint.

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