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[ September 21, 2017 ]

90 Percent of Asylum Seekers in Austria End Up On Welfare

[ September 21, 2017 ]

Media Criticism: NYT Buries Nationalities of London Bombers and Omits Refugee Status in Report

[ September 20, 2017 ]

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[ September 20, 2017 ]

Keith Ellison Compares Illegal Immigrants To Jews In Nazi Germany

[ September 20, 2017 ]

Have a sweet, happy and joyful Rosh Hashanah

[ September 20, 2017 ]

London bombing: Fifth Muslim migrant arrested at ‘halfway house for asylum seekers’

[ September 20, 2017 ]

Albanian Lobby Working On Trump For Kosovo

[ September 20, 2017 ]

ISIS calls on Muslims to commit jihad attacks at hurricane relief centers

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[ September 20, 2017 ]

Two Muslim Migrants Arrested for Raping 16-Year-Old on German City Street

Syrian “Refugees” Complain About Slow Internet, No Cigarettes, And Food Only Fit For A Dog Or A Woman


The “migrant” who says that the food is fit only for a dog or a woman is not exceptional. According to a shocking German document dated August 18th from a refugee center in Hessen (Germany), Muslim immigrants are raping the women AND children in large numbers. They clearly state that it is not incidental: it happens a lot. Women don’t dare go to the bathroom at night and sleep in their day clothes. The document says that women are “assigned a subordinate role” and unaccompanied females are treated as “fair game.” Many of these women, according to the document, are fleeing “forced marriage” and/or “female genital mutilation.”

The consequences are numerous rapes and sexual assaults. Increasingly is also reports of forced prostitution.

There are not not isolated cases.
Women report that they, as well as children, have been raped or sexual assaulted are exposed.

These are the people who are going to be released into society after they’ve traumatized their fellow refugees. These are savages. Imagine what they’ll do to non-Muslim women in Germany, France, UK, etc.

Germany expects to take in one million Muslim migrants this year.

Remember, these are the same “refugees” who threw the Christians off the boats to their deaths during the Mediterranean journey a few months back.

Previously at Atlas: WATCH: ‘Poor’ Migrants Complain About Slow Internet, Boredom At Netherlands Camp

“WATCH ‘desperate’ Syrian migrants whine about slow internet at refugee camps, not enough money for cigarettes,” Right Scoop, October 10, 2015:

There are many who are casting doubt on the character and intent of the Syrian “refugees” who seem to be neither from Syria, nor refugees. In this video compilation we see those refugees whining about the conditions they’re being housed in, including not having fast enough internet, and not being provided with enough money to buy cigarettes.

At one point in the movie a charming fella says that the food he’s been given is fit only for a dog, or a woman. That’s definitely the kind of element that you want coming into your country.

  • Dena Garzone

    How much more evidence does our country need to put a stop to this lunacy? Better yet, what more do we need to IMPEACH?

  • mary

    these savages need to be sent back to the desert

  • Gioiel


    • Ron Cole

      Please take hussien the wh mosque undocumented oft aliased alien and it’s trash with you.

  • atl slayer

    That could be a new hit show on comedy central,,,,,”Immigrant” complaints,,,,,,,,,,,, what a hoot, there has got hours of this stuff,,,,is stuff the correct word? :D :D

  • Tim O

    I am sure the accommodations were much better back where they came from, the German citizens will soon be sending them back to there. If the current German govt keeps this up, a new strong leader will emerge and take care of these people. History has a way of repeating.

  • This Could Kick-Start World War 3..

  • EJO

    My heart goes out to these wretched folks. I feel so sorry for them.


    They can all go to hell. AKA; back home. As far as I am concerned.


      EJO LOL!

  • Liberty_Hound

    Pamela, you are my hero! So fearless!

  • Clark Kent

    They actually think they’re going to get lots of cash and women. If it is up to the liberal elites in Europe and the United States they will.

  • Crystal Waters

    These refugees will never escape the terror they flee as long as they are infected with Islam. They remind me of a B Zombie movie.

  • Dano50

    Here’s a new “Hitler Downfall” parody that says just that.

    Watch the small one in top. The subtitles appear in top of bigger video. Don’t expand small video or subtitles won’t appear. LANGUAGE CONTENT WARNING:

  • Julian B Duron

    Send this MUSLM INSURGENTS home to their WAR TORN COUNTRIES of land of milk and honey to continue that PEACEFUL LOVING RELIGION of Islam and Sharia Laws.

  • Lance Curry

    Most Muslims are scums, period. ISLAM is garbage!

  • cody

    This first woman whining about the conditions has makeup that looks like it was put on professionally. What does she have to complain about? She has a roof. They thought by coming into a country by the 1000’s they would get the royal treatment?
    I can’t watch any more of this crap!
    Watch your backs Germans, these people will bring you down and FAST!


      She is hot looking, so aren’t her fellow muslims raping her?

    • 0z79

      I’ve heard it’s more the lack of heat, cold water and lack of privacy that they were disappointed with.

      Of course, they’re brown, so they’re not even people to you. Are they?

      • Annon

        They are people but like he said…they came in in the thousands. If it’s so terrible here why not go back?

        • 0z79

          Because if they freeze to death (no heat, cold showers in winter), it’s still better than some of the ways they could have died back home; namely, being put in a cage, doused in gasoline and lit.

          • Annon

            So then I wouldn’t complain if the situation is better than your previous one. Keep in mind they couldn’t come up with a solution themselves either.

            No I’m not white. And yes my family had to up and leave as well. Of course the situation is shitty at first. ….it’s not a vacation.

          • 0z79

            I mistook your position as a lack of compassion or empathy for these people; or maybe that you didn’t understand that people are dying in these conditions.

            Or maybe, being the child of a Pastor, I tend to think “people first” and focus on their needs, if not their wants.

          • Annon

            I think because of my background i am thankful. Especially when it comes to handouts. I am lucky and proud I got to live a better life that didn’t start off easy at all…so to see people complain about a new chance at life it kind of bothers me greatly. But that’s just my opinion.

            I hope you have the same empathy towards my opinion as you do the people who are actually complaining about their knew chance at life. If would be kind of ironic to lecture someones opinion because they aren’t tolerant enough

  • John

    ‘only fit for a dog or a WOMEN’
    This is a culture in which women and children come…last.

    • Ron Cole

      In flyover America Bubba puts his wife in back of the pick`em`up with “her’ chirrens, and his Prize hound up front hangin` it’s ears in the slipstream..

      A mu%%ie leaves it’s woman at home slaving with her chirrens, wilst it takes it’s toy boy an` goat for a “ride”
      in it’s BMW.

      • Dorrie

        You obviously don’t know much about the heart of America . . .


        Nice portrait of the prophet mooohammed.

    • Alex Russian Rov Rovnyansky

      That’s not what he said. He said “I give this for dog — no eat. This for women, problem.” In other words, he’s saying that even a dog wouldn’t eat this food (If I gave this to a dog, it wouldn’t eat); this quality of food is a problem for our women.

      He’s concerned that his peoples’ wives, mothers, and daughters would have to eat that slop, when it’s not even fit for a dog. I know it’s hard to understand people whose English is not that great, but try not to leap to the worst imaginable conclusion every time.

  • Jan Morrissy

    They were told that Europe was a magical land with trillions of dollars and it appears they were lied to.
    Give it up!

  • Glc

    Hey if you don’t like the living conditions or the food when you left home what did you expect? Turn around and go back. why the heck should they give you money so that you can smoke. You didn’t bring money with you?

  • Mr Didnu Nuffn

    Wow. Pathetic

  • ballotcode

    I am not understanding why they are complaining.
    The Mohamedan doctrine prevents them from obtaining the ability to progress, so their civilizations become and stay literally retarded.
    If they are so against “western civilization” and profess that as being so bad, why are they complaining about a lack of western convienences?

    • Jill

      Because Islam entitles them to jizya and everything else from the infidel.

      • ballotcode

        My last ? was somewhat rhetorical.
        You think that they see the provision by western convenience as a taxation on host countries?

        • LimeyAL

          There is a video somewhere on youtube of Anjem Choudry openly stating that UK benefits are jizhya imposed on the unbelievers and are the right of every muslim.

          • ballotcode

            I am fairly sure that there is a form of [possibly] a more passive jihad in the disruption and burdening of the “western” nations with Mohamedans.

  • Jill

    Those poor women and kids. The must wonder – quite rightly – about the much vaunted ethics of the West, and why their rapists are being treated well or not punished at all.
    It seems the sole purpose of the de Gaulles of this world – and the others who orchestrated the EuroArab Dialogue – is to inflict as much suffering as possible on their fellow humans.
    Israel suffers under European funded jihad and the women of the Middle East also suffer from this same infection. What goes through the mid and emotions of the people who fund the terror?

  • Tammy R. Parker

    Be grateful for what youbhave.. you do not need Internet and because you are bored you w an t to rape women and children. You need to go back to country because NO COUNTRY OWES YOU ANYTHING…..

  • suqsid4

    They loathe women; yet, Merkel and Obama couldn’t wait to import them.

  • Gunny

    <<<< @ Mudslimes everywhere + Allah + Mohammed…

  • Dave from San Antonio

    Well, well. Now that our “executive anus” has just made another “executive fart” by pulling pork (not “that” kind of “pulled pork”) off the menu at all our federal prisons…we could send the surplus to these freeloaders…and just tell them…eat or starve. Hey…we’d just be trying to feed them…it’s the humanitarian thing to do…right?…;)

  • tjp

    ‘Sweden — land of freedom — we think they lie to us.’ Uhm, anyone else get the idea they think ‘land of freedom’ means a land where everything is laid on for free. They’re big on ‘rights’ but no obvious concept of responsibilities and duties.

    • Monique Thomson-Bean

      The days of equality are over. We’ve become second class citizens and have to pay for everything. The refugees here in holland get the following free that we have to pay for. Pubic transport, trains, trams and busses. Medical, dental, food, clothes, shelter, houses or apartments that other people have to wait 20 years for. Plus they get an allowance to live from and buy whatever. No one here has ever had it so good. I’d love to apply for asylum but I guess Canada doesn’t count since there is no war going on. However, looking at the numbers, the majority of refugees are from a country that is also not in a war.

  • Mxpctlk

    Europe made this bed, now both can sleep in it.

  • Shirley

    Oh poor refugees feed them pork pork and more pork and if they don’t want it let them starve to death it would be a few less we wouldn’t have to worry about

  • Monique Thomson-Bean

    I’m a Canadian living here in holland and I can tell you 90% is against the taking in of refugees. If it wasn’t for people like you and Facebook, YouTube videos, we wouldn’t have a clue what was really going on, or rather…is going on. The town I live in, it’s city council is voting tonight on starting 4 refugee centers. The first open meeting, the mayor called the cops because so many anti-Moslem people showed up that he couldn’t handle it and cancelled the meeting before it even got started. The next meeting was held in a larger area but there were still a few hundred people outside, not allowed in due to the crowd in the hall. The pro refugees people have never seen a video or pic or read a story like these here. They have no idea what goes on in the real world but they just have to sit back and wait for the war to break out. Tonight is the actual voting of the city council. We’re not allowed in when usually they are open to the public. Not this time. Even though the mayor and council know how the majority feels, they’ll all agree to build or house them. We don’t get a referendum or a choice. They’ll dump these people next to elementary schools and a horse riding academy used by mostly under aged little girls. The one place shut down as not suitable turned out to be a street next to a fancy hotel with a golf course where it turns out 3 of the councilmen live. We’re screwed.

    • joc22

      Hi Monique, another Canadian here, my 18 year old son is coming over soon to try out at numerous soccer clubs in search of a career. Any ideas as to the neighbourhoods or places he should avoid?

      • Monique Thomson-Bean

        I guess that depends on where you live. Or don’t you live here? Most refugee centers are usually ( so stupid) in really small towns or on the outskirts of town. But some are in normal neighborhoods causing people to go apeshit which is understandable. There are some sketchy neighborhoods, where even the cops won’t go but I would really need to know where he’ll be staying then I can do some searching as to what the deal is in that city or town. You can email me the info if you wish. Then I can help you better. M

  • Warren

    They should be given an endless supply of cigarettes in the hopes that many of them will die of lung cancer.

    • Dorrie

      Male Muslims should simply be castrated at birth. That would put a stop to a lot of their crap.

      • Warren

        I think that we agree that this evil murderous cult needs to be eradicated.

  • movingwaters

    I keep being amazed at how well fed, healthy, and not particularly poor most of these refugees appear to be. Anyone who has been accessing those sites that describe the plight suffered for several years of the Christian, Yazidi, and some of the non violent prone Muslim refugees would be able to spot this fable.

    Will someone please tell me why whole societies of otherwise intelligent people have allowed themselves and their children to be enslaved to political correctness? What used to be normal, freely extended politeness and civility got hijacked into this forced and ugly cancer.

    • joc22

      If you can find the paper on Google (has since been taken down) read the Muslim Brotherhoods Manifesto, it says it all.

      • movingwaters

        Thanks; I think I know where I would be able to find that info.

  • noreligon

    just give them some loverly bacon and worst……..

  • lee

    Every feminist in the USA should be forced to marry a mooslime!


      Like Matter and Anti-Matter in a deadly embrace.

  • Momma

    Ingratitude big time.

  • joc22

    This is what Obama, Trudeau and Muclair want to bring to the shores of North America. I feel for the people of Europe and the UK. This is all planned, organized and perpetuated by the Obama administration, the Muslim Brotherhood and ISIS.
    Why have the Americans fallen for this traitor, to think they gave this man the Nobel Peace Prize. He’s done more to break people and societies apart then bring them together.
    You wait, if Clinton gets the nod to run as the Democrat nomination, she will become very sick just before the election, if it looks as if she’ll lose or she’ll die suddenly if she is elected, before she is inaugurated. This would allow Obama to continue his reign of terror for at least two more years. Think about it

  • Cate

    If it’s Germany or nothing, as one guy in the video states, then the answer is simple. Make it as difficult as possible on them – they will go back where they came from. All they want is a freakin’ handout. Nothing more. And as for his disabled child? If they didn’t screw their cousins, they wouldn’t be pumping out retards – literally.

  • Metatrona

    Pork rinds anyone?

    • Dorrie

      No thanks, I eat Biblical – clean.

  • LimeyAL

    They’ll be OK in Germany, Merkel is forcing German people out of their homes to give them to this scum.

  • Zoltan Bardocz

    Beggars can’t be choosers…

  • notislam

    Well if these isis MEN look fit —it is because they take the best and do not give to the women and children if there are any. Think – How fit are the women ? We don’t know because they are covered —
    These men (SAVAGES- ISIS-ISIL ) ARE WHAT ‘s coming to the usa –How sick is this? As insane as BHO is because he’s a traitor-get it?

  • JPlette

    I am going to do a comparisson for all of you, because some of you need to OPEN YOUR EYES to reality! I hope a few of you will be brave enough to read this entire comment. However long it is… because it involves YOU as an American. Not just me.

    When we were homeless in old orchard beach, Maine….with a kid & winter coming… there was ZERO free lodging. The shelters had wait lists that were months long. Even if you had a child with you, they didn’t CARE. We slept in my car. 4 of us. Sleeping upright. With no leg room. Our belongings were strapped to the hood & the straps leaked rain water into our car. We couldn’t keep the heat going all night. We used walmarts bathroom to wash up. No showers. We had no stove. Only a cooler.

    The foodbanks gave us (only once a month) enough food to survive a few days. But you need to UNDERSTAND that foodbanks give you things that need refridgeration. Things that require a stove to cook.(Rice, Potatoes) The veggies & fruits are usually already rotting. The rest is bread or junkfood… twinkies, donughts, cakes, potato chips. Which isn’t healthy but it’s food & it’s FREE.

    The living conditions for homeless americans is on a first come first served basis. FIRST come FIRST served!

    When you get served it isn’t “ideal” but it’s a roof over your head & a hot meal & a shower & a bed. You may have to take up space with others. You have to participate with chores… which you do HAPPILY because being in the car or outside sucks and most are pretty willing to help because it gives them a sense of pride to give back what they are LUCKY to recieve…and help others in the same boat.
    There is a “curfew”. You can’t just come & go as you please. They give you toiletries & clothes, if there are any that fit. They tell you that you have to look for work… which is GOOD. There is a time limit for your stay. They don’t give you money. They don’t buy you luxuries. Why should they??? They aren’t going to pay for cigarettes.

    Now… let’s examine this refugee crisis. Refugee’s are being put up in the same conditions that Americans have to wait on lists for & get turned away from DAILY. Because once again…In America & for homeless Americans it is FIRST COME FIRST SERVED.

    American children DO get turned away. They don’t care if its cold. They dont care. And if you as a parent have no shelter to provide they WILL seperate families & take your kids from you & cite you for neglect. They attempted to do this very thing to me.

    But, for refugees they are going to accommodate them straight off the bat. Entire families. Kept together. They will get the same conditions in those shelters… if not BETTER living conditions then our homeless Americans recieve.They will NOT be turned away.

    I’m sure the police will be dealing with the ongoing rapes & abuse of women in those shelters as well. 10,000 refugees accomidated. With security & policing. They have no idea who is or isn’t a terrorist. They aren’t going to let them just be free to run around. This is lots of work & man hours to police which our govt will pay for.

    In the meantime, American homeless will continue to have their tent cities removed & belongings destroyed while the red cross & churches & govt will accomidate & build up tent cities for refugees. The police will state that it is too much of a problem to monitor american tent cities. That there is no money for it. Are you GETTING THE PICTURE??? Then other Americans will complain that homeless Americans are trashy, leaving garbage, and that it ISN’T policed… & toss them out of town. While refugees will be PROTECTED.

    Why am I writing this? Well…today I am watching videos of refugees complaining. Some saying it isn’t ENOUGH. One said that the food is only good enough for dogs or “women”. Which says ALOT about how they feel about women!

    Several shelters for refugees have reported rapes. Which is a serious problem. These people have a acclimate to western law. But they view women as nothing. They complain that they should have stayed in Syria… claiming it is better there then the conditions they are recieving for free in refugee camps. They complain that they have no money given to them & no free cigarettes!!!

    Now I ask YOU…. do you really THINK this is ok??? First come first served for people who are AMERICAN and feel lucky just to get ANY help at all. But…. not first come first served for foreigners who complain that it isn’t even good enough & think they should have stayed in their country???

    If you believe this is ok. Then you are out of your AMERICAN mind!

    Also, please keep in mind that, some of our homeless people who are waiting for “first come first served” to get HELP are the SAME PEOPLE who fought for YOUR freedom to make this decision to bring the refugees here. Veterans are homeless & turned away too!

    It is a nice gesture to help foreigners. It is the very least we can do… but when a country dumps billions into buying weapons & sending out foriegn aid, & hardly helps its own poor & treats them like dogs in the street…. then MAYBE they need to figure out & follow their own rule of FIRST COME FIRST SERVED… and help US! Help us FIRST!!! Then help every other person on the planet. If you want to say Im heartless or I don’t know… or my facts aren’t straight, then go be homeless & see for yourself!!! I DARE you! Open your eyes. Get with the program! Please.

    I will end this here & I’m sure I will recieve a backlash. I am after all, just a poor American woman. What do I really know & why should other citizens even care? I’ve witnessed first hand the amount of care this country has for it’s own people… born & raised on this very soil. So say what you will. It’s called FREEDOM afterall. We’ve stomped on our own vets for the privilege so complain away. Correct my grammar too. lolz
    But, if I manage to get even ONE of you to wake up to reality though…..well then it’s all worth it.

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