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[ October 16, 2017 ]

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MUST SEE VIDEO: Here’s the KEY MOMENT in Benghazi hearings – Rep. Jordan nails Hillary on LIES


It’s been painful to watch Hillary Clinton’s testimony during the Benghazi hearings. She skirts, deflects and blames others — and the Democrat committee members are in full mop up mode. If only the Dem members were as concerned with saving American lives as they are with saving Hillary.

But all that changed when Rep. Jim Jordan (R-OH) questioned Hillary on her string of lies. Big lies.

Representative Jordan showed us the emails  Hillary emailed her daughter Chelsea, the Libyan President and phoned the Egyptian Prime Minister (separately) in the wake of the terror atatck and said that it was an al Qaeda attack, not a film — but she told the American people it was a video.

She knew immediately what and who it was. The very people she armed.

NYT: Representative Jim Jordan, Republican of Ohio, pressed Hillary Rodham Clinton on early suggestions that protests against an inflammatory anti-Islam video had played a role in the attack in Benghazi. “Where did the false narrative start?” Mr. Jordan said. “It started with you, Madame Secretary.”

Mrs. Clinton said that she had mentioned the video as a warning to the region, and that she had not been saying it set off the attack. Mr. Jordan then displayed email exchanges that showed Mrs. Clinton calling the incident a “planned attack — not a protest.”

The topic of whether the video led to the attack caused Mrs. Clinton to become flustered in her 2013 testimony about Benghazi, when she responded, “Was it because of a protest or was it because of guys out for a walk one night and decided they’d go kill some Americans,” Clinton said then, waving her arms. “What difference–at this point, what difference does it make?”

This time Mrs. Clinton kept her calm as Mr. Jordan pressed her, highlighting emails that he said proved the State Department had intentionally misled the public about whether protests related to the video had led to the attack. Mrs. Clinton said that had not been the case and that it was a fast-moving period with a lot of fluid information. “We were in a position of trying to make sense of a lot of incoming information,” she said.

Mr. Jordan said that a terrorist attack would have hurt the Obama administration in a re-election year and suggested that Mrs. Clinton therefore characterized the Benghazi attack as growing out of spontaneous protests against the video. “You did it because Libya,” Mr. Jordan said, “was supposed to be this great success story.”

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Obama and Hillary rushed to tie another video to Benghazi attack

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  • RedMeatState

    I recall Hillary telling the family members of our dead soldiers that “we’re going to get the guy who made this video!”.

    • Robby the Great

      The guy that made the video was imprisoned without trial and he hasn’t been seen again last I heard. His video has also been purged from online. I’ve looked for it so I could download and spread it around again. I can’t find it no matter how hard I try.

      • John Marks
        • IzlamIsTyranny

          NPR = National Propaganda Radio.

      • John Marks
        • John Marks

          Video included.

        • Lia

          Thank you, Mr Marks. Can one still view the video?

      • Lou Hodges

        He was purged too

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          • Susan


      • lostlegends

        He was quietly released from jail after a stay.

      • Lia

        Neither can I.

        • Robby the Great

          It’s been wiped. Obama didn’t want such a weapon against Islam to be viewed.

          • Lia

            Is there not even a pirate copy one can view? BTW, in today’s ‘Israel Hayom’ Mr Haviv Kanaan tells of the mufti’s plan to install gas ovens in the north-west Samarian hills.

          • Robby the Great

            Unless people downloaded it and would be willing to post it online, I doubt the video will ever surface again. I don’t believe the imprisoned will do so again.

          • Lia

            Pity. I’d like to see if the lie were even feasible …

          • Robby the Great

            I watched the video. It was funny. He put Mohammed in true light of what he was- a pedophile.

          • Lia

            That might have been enough (if muslims had seen it) to make the lie feasible. Mr Obama & Mrs Clinton must both have seen it …

          • Robby the Great

            Honestly it wasn’t even bad. Only a muslim would get ticked over such a thing. Pansies.

          • Lia

            Robby, the point seems to be that muslims are permanently enraged. I wonder they don’t all suffer wild migraines from that expenditure of emotions.

          • Robby the Great

            The reason being because evil just doesn’t go quietly. It would be too easy if they all went out with an aneurysm.

          • Lia

            You’re right … but I still like what happened to Sennacherib’s army! ‘The Assyrian came down like the wolf on the fold
            and his cohorts were gleaming in purple and gold …’

          • Robby the Great

            I now regret not downloading it. If I Had known it would be censored I would have.

          • Lia

            I share your regret … (simply because I never saw it).

          • amusl

            It was the second hit for a google search for “innocence of muslims” – it’s still on youtube – – or if that dies it’ll be on the internet archive forever –

          • Lia

            It figures, huh?

    • Terri DeBruler

      she sure did on live TV, another lie !

      • RedMeatState

        perhaps Trey Gowdy should re-play it for her??

    • chris wolf

      That was one of the moments of treason and subterfuge in high relief against this most sordid chapter of our history — the cravenness of a U.S. Secretary of State meeting the parents of dead servicemen, standing over their flag-drapped coffins, brazenly, knowingly LYING TO THEIR FACES about the circumstances of their deaths, to USE THEM in that public moment in the service of a deliberately fabricated cover-up of her and the president’s vast veiled treasonous plot to aid and abet the enemy and undermine and take down the foreign policy that has protected and provided for us all our lives.
      Another was when obama slithered out of his petrie dish to stand momentarily upright before the world to BLAME THE FIRST AMENDMENT for the events that grew directly from his own sickness and hatred for the country that gave him everything, an impeachable offense that Pamela Geller was the first and to my awareness still the only American Patriot to properly scathingly assail.

      • RedMeatState


      • Inquiry

        Just a little editing, there were 4 coffins, two were ex servicemen who were working for the CIA. I don’t believe the other two ever served in the US armed forces.

    • Crystal Waters

      I do as well. Hillary said that to the mother of one of the soldiers while standing at the foot of his casket. I can’t comprehend why anyone would consider making her the commander in chief when she has proven she will let America burn while she checks her bank account.

      • Cate

        I remember that, too. Unfortunately, people in this country have a short memory. It doesn’t take much to become as good as new. Just let things settle down for awhile, hire a really good image and PR person, and voila – that individual is all shiny and new! Politics is an ugly business. It relies on people not caring, and not paying attention. And we have quite a lot of that going on in this country. Idiocracy has taken over, for sure.

  • Theresa Jensen
  • Isabellathecrusader

    Watching Hillary lie, and lie and lie and watching the smirky faces of the condescending Democrats on the committee make me almost want to give up. Is there no one who can hold this bitch accountable?

    I just heard Hillary say something that is so bogus and she knows it and she expects us just to accept it. She just said that after the attack in Benghazi Libyans found murdered Ambassador Chris Stevens and took him to the hospital and Libyan doctors spent two hours trying to revive him. I’m sorry but that is just bullshit. The pictures clearly show that Stevens was carried around by panting, drooling Muslim assholes who paused to have their pictures taken with his dead body. I would like to see someone walk up to her and punch her right in the nose. Perhaps that would wipe that covertly hostile smile off her damned face.

  • IndigoRed

    Just now tried to watch this video testimony again and I can’t. I get as spitting mad on the rerun as I was hearing her live. ARRRRRGGGHHH! Just answer the fucking question, you stupid cow!

  • Cate

    Liar, liar, pantsuit on fire!!

    I’m ordering my Hillary for Prison 2016 bumper sticker right now.

    • Bill_Levinson

      I will vote for a bag of canine solid waste before I vote for Hillary Clinton. By the way, how much 501(c)(3) tax exempt money does she plan to divert to her campaign the way she helped the Million Mom March divert to Al Gore’s in 2000?

    • IzlamIsTyranny

      LOL. That was good.

  • Crystal Waters

    Why isn’t anyone asking what stake she had in Blumenthal’s business venture as it appeared to be more important to her than the lives of the people at the embassy. She has never showed any interest in anything that did not bring her money. She is protecting more then the Democrat White House. Has anyone checked if the business Blumenthal was involved in contributed money to the Clinton foundation?

  • Lou Hodges

    I need to compliment you in watching her ugly face for 7 hours


    Click for this provocative article.

  • Atikva

    I don’t think the Democrats are that eager to save Mrs. Clinton. Rather, I suspect they are eager to avoid her providing proof of their beloved leader’s implication in the Benghazi scandal. They are trying to do some damage control here.

  • wildjew

    She is a low life and a liar no question about it. Fair-minded Americans should be disgusted.

    Pamela wrote: “She skirts, deflects and blames others — and the Democrat committee members are in full mop up mode. If only the Dem members were as concerned with saving American lives as they are with saving Hillary….”

    Indeed but sadly Republicans (many of us to one extent or another) did the same thing for former President Bush. Republicans carried Bush’s lying, traitorous water for seven plus years post 9/11. Mr. Trump makes a simple statement, 9/11 happened on Bush’s watch and many Republicans are outraged!

  • Paul A Hall

    My friends (I hope you stay as friends) I’m an independent, no one loves me until just before the election. I don’t often disagree with Ms Geller or most of you. The investigations into Benghazi feels more like a committee at the UN on inhumane crimes led by Saudi Arabia then a group truly interested in keeping this terrorist act against our embassy from happening again. Picking Howdy Gowdy (couldn’t help myself) to chair this committee should be embarrassing to all. I find it very hard to trust the committee when it it is overwhelmingly evident that it’s true goal is political not patriotic. I have lived through and studied many terrorist acts against this country that showed totally uncoordinated responses in emergencies. Do I really have to name them? Iraq II. Not guarding AMMO DUMPS after the invasion! Where do you think the IEDS that maimed mutilated and murdered thousands came from? They came from those ammo dumps, and they are STILL BEING USED! The Cole, embassies all over the world, the barracks in Saudi Twin Towers all before the worst excuse for coordination cooperation and competence 9/11! Those bastards put down blatantly false information on their school visas TOOK FLIGHT CLASSES WHERE THEY TOLD THE INSTRUCTOR THEY DIDN’T NEED TO KNOW HOW TO LAND! A Vice President who helped a company he worked for AND HAD STOCK IN THE WHOLE TIME HE WAS IN OFFICE get A NO BID CONTRACT WORTH BILLIONS! How much money do you think he walked away with when he walked out of the White House! A hundred million? Perspective is something we all lose when we decide ahead of time what the final outcome should be. Mrs Clinton probably didn’t do everything right, but do you really think she didn’t care that her friends and coworkers were murdered by animal scum? Do you really think that it doesn’t give her nightmares? Does President George W Bush cry about his mistakes? I do.

    • thatindividual

      You lost us all at “Howdy Gowdy” and you lost us again when you stop caring about our government’s transparency and playing politics with our public servants killed in a terrorist attack. They made a mockery of their deaths for self serving purposes. They knowingly were dishonest with us. They lied to their families. They desecrated the memories of the dead with their lies. If you don’t care about that, then your vote is meaningless to those of us who do.

      Not to mention you have totally missed the facts in this case, which must be deliberate on your part, because they are impossible to miss unless you have a desire to.

      “Mrs Clinton probably didn’t do everything right, but do you really think she didn’t care that her friends and coworkers were murdered by animal scum?”

      Yes, I think she cared. The point is, she cared about herself much more. Enough to lie and diminish others and our system of justice. Enough to jail an innocent man. That’s not public service.

      • Paul A Hall

        You are welcome to your opinion sir however you speak for yourself. These hearings were a mockery of the lives lost as much as Obama’s polices. Congress, the executive branch, the justice department are all pathetic. Gowdy is just the frosting on Ms Havisham’s cake.
        Have a nice evening!

        • Dravaa

          Finally. These hearings are the only truthful things about what really happened in Benghazi. If the Democrats had their way, they would still be unimpeded in peddling the “this is all due to a film clip that insulted the Prophet – we promise you that guy will pay” LIE and telling us that they vanquished radical Islam. Hillary is the one who, before Ambassador Stevens had even died, began politicizing this with a boldfaced lie. She should have sprung into action to try to save his life. Instead she sprung into action to save her own career. That very night! When something could still have been done to save their lives! Hillary politicized this from the first second she got the news, obstructed the truth from getting out to save Obama’s re-election and her run now.

        • thatindividual

          No, they were not, these hearings honoured their lives, the way America has traditionally done. It’s only recently since the left has taken over America that we have known such dishonour as Mrs. Clinton and Mr. Obama have shown. They disgrace their own reputations and they disgrace the lives of those so brutally killed, all to win elections and cover their crimes.

  • SheGaveBirth2sAtan

    Hell yeah! Thank God he did his homework and his job! About time someone there did! Hillary was smiling because she met her match and got her nasty tail handed to her and can’t believe someone would talk to her like that or she was smiling because even though she’s had, she will still get away with murders. (Plural)

  • Silverback

    The committee hearings are joke. If you don’t have the evidence to indict the B…. Quit making it seem like you are doing something. We all know if it were an avg citizen we have been perp walked and imprisoned long ago.

  • Bill_Levinson

    I heard Hillary actually cackling and laughing during part of her testimony. By the way, her husband is called the Democrats’ Big Dog, but BloJob Billy is his new name.

  • Bill_Levinson for Hillary cackling and laughing when questioned about an attack that cost the lives of four Americans.

  • thatindividual

    This is so embarrassing for the Democrat party. It’s uncomfortable to watch.

  • IzlamIsTyranny

    Shillariah has learnt her practice of Al Taqiyya well. It’s no wonder she fits in so well in the izlamic-nazi world.

  • joshuasweet

    were her lips moving? she was lying then.
    let us not forget or over look whose orders she was following at the time strange how he is getting a free ride as everyone focuses on Hillary

  • devilsadvocate

    Busted Hillary….Hillary Pilloried

  • devilsadvocate

    She’s an untrustworthy looking woman isn’t she? Shifty, evasive, typical slippery it for herself….in it for the power, the ego trip – the money.
    Wont stand up against islam as it attacks the home of freedom. A civilisational battle,- the educated civilized free West against the retrograde intolerant totalitarianism of islam.
    And history will record Hillary as a weasel worded panderer to the new nazism…”nazislam”

  • Lia

    I pray the democrats will scratch her as a presidential candidate. Same goes for the republicans re Mrs Fiorina – anyone who wants to vote for her should first read her abysmally ignorant post 9/11 speech.

    • Dorrie

      Who else do they have, though – Bernie Sanders? The Democrat party is in shambles and they’re all too STUPID to realize it!

  • Warren

    I never saw the video, but my question is was there anything in that video that was untrue?

  • Warren

    Looks like the good congressman delivered the “smoking gun”.

  • Benton Marder

    Hillary had to tell the truth to the Egyptian Prime Minister because he, knowing the truth from his own sources, would have blown the cover of the Obama regime’s subsequent lies about the video. It was all political theatre. The Obama regime knew they were goig to lie, but they needed to make sure that the lie wasn’t immediately exposed. Hence the old two-face bit about speaking with a forked tongue. If Hillary had really been honourable, she would have resigned in protest over the video lies, but she decided to be complicit. No honour there—they’re all Democrats. Yet, we still have the idiot trolls out there refusing to recognise the lies for what they are.

  • Drew the Infidel

    Given the tawdry state of Hillary’s marriage, it is safe to assume her flirtation and curiosity with a private email server all started when she visited “” for all the wrong reasons

  • Stephen Honig

    Don’t under estimate evil. Hillary is doing well because there are no smoking guns. Why weren’t the General and Admiral who were fired by Obama testifying? They wanted to give support when Hillary and Obama said “no.” This would clinch it, but I have doubts and she may run and win. Remember how many blacks, liberals, anarchist, atheist and double and triple voting, especially if the votes are counted in Spain by Soro’s company. She’s as bad as Obama!

  • balloonpilot

    I simply and sincerely wish some patriot would take hillary out. To dinner, I mean, of course.

  • Dorrie

    And yet, later on, she still claimed the video started it. In spite of her lies and loose association with the TRUTH, she will end up being nominated for POTUS and low-information idiots will still vote for her. It shows how deeply low the Democrat party has sunken.

  • Danmo43

    So you may ask yourself “Why does Hitlary keep smiling?” I can tell you why. Because she know this is all just a bunch of crap to entertain you to make you think they are doing something and NOT ONE DAMN THING IS GOING TO HAPPEN TO HER.
    Damn right we are all in this together because THEY are all in it together!

  • aebe

    Arms ,communications equipment , money . Provided to Al Qaeda-like groups . Apparently , Shrillary/Presidunce PO’d the terrorists . Ook . Haven’t heard any more about those two having gifted the terrorists with the Ambassador , for kidnapping or killing .

    Validate your 2nd Amendment Rights . Carry

  • Lia

    I think Mr sanders is close to a nonentity. Mrs Fiorina is a muslim-worshipper. Mrs Clinton is a crook. Mr touch-’em-up Biden has gone away. Leaves the lady who thinks she’s part Red Indian: can’t remember her name or the tribe that doesn’t recognise her.

  • calynn
  • Word

    she is a NWO hack…..deserves to be hung from the capital steps for all to see. Her, Bill, Obama, FED chairmen, Bush’s….all the same and are complicit in the destruction of America.

  • Crystal Waters

    She smirks and laughs through this questioning about these four men who were begging for more security and died because of her incompetence. She laughs about the ambassador obtaining a useless barricade from a “fire sale.” This woman appears to be a heartless sociopath.

    • Dorrie

      And she as much accuses him of his own murder!

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