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[ January 23, 2018 ]

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[ January 23, 2018 ]

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Diversity Visa Lottery Winner Offered to Kill Obama for ISIS

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Israel Only ‘Free Country’ in Mideast, Turkey No Longer ‘Free’: Report

[ January 22, 2018 ]

Germany: Iranian Spy Network Targeted Jewish Institutions for Strikes

Muslim Rape Gang in Rhode Island


It’s here —

2 Mohammeds, a Yazeed, & a Tareq accused of raping two 18 year old female Johnson & Wales students:

Screen Shot 2015-10-08 at 9.28.48 AM

By Amanda Milkovits

Lynn Arditi, Providence Journal, Oct 7, 2015 (thanks to Andy Bostom)

PROVIDENCE, R.I. — Four male Johnson & Wales University students have been arrested in connection with a reported sexual assault and alleged drugging of two female students at the university.

The police have charged Mohammed Alsaqer, a 20-year-old sophomore, and Yazeed Alasiri, a 23-year-old senior, both from Saudi Arabia, with assaulting the women at the young men’s residence in Pawtucket after meeting the women at a nightclub in Providence on Thursday night.

Late Tuesday night, Pawtucket police charged two more Johnson & Wales students — Mohammed Aljohani, 20, and Tareq Alharbi, 22 — with first-degree sexual assault.

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  • Mike


  • Mike

    Its probably happens more in this country in certain communities. Child rape beatings etc. Problem is it is kept under raps. If they do it the ME then hey will not change their behavior here. Hopefully the judge took the Saudis passports. !!!

  • Jack BeQuick

    This is what happens when you allow people from sexually deviant backgrounds to come into your country!

    • WeCanWinThisFight

      Obama is not only ‘allowing’ it — he is working closely with the UN to facilitate their infiltration of our society. He and his minions are pure evil.

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      • spacepuppy

        Your lies about the President, and the racist hatred in YOUR own heart, is what is PURE EVIL! We will not allow your hatred, and propagande to infiltrate our society, or corrupt the minds of innocent children.

        • ShihTzuHappens~

          There was nothing racist in what he said. Not one thing.

        • Charlie Lines

          I bet obama has a goat in the WH basement. Hell I would screw a goat before his old lady.

          • spacepuppy

            I saw your family pictures with that hag you’re married too. That’s why you have sex with goats.

        • Guy Daley

          Willful ignorance is your problem, not ours.

        • His Excellency

          What lies? Prove them.

        • emaleroland

          f’n troll

      • Guy Daley

        The US taxpayers fund 20% of the UN budget. Its not the UN that is fostering this program. It is NOT THE UN that is pulling Obomits strings. The UN did NOT FUND Obama’s campaign. Obomit owes his allegiance to whoever helped make him president. That was NOT THE UN. You’ve got the principle right, but the facts are WAAAAAY off.

    • lordlindley

      You mean a muslim background?

      • NegroGunSelfie


    • Lindy

      Your right Jack .. plus a big factor of their ideology of death. These murders/rapist criminal in any other venue makes them gang mentality and dangerous, and …and ob is working on 2nd amendment.

    • NegroGunSelfie

      Thanks Jews.

    • NegroGunSelfie

      Moslems and negroes are the symptom and Jews the cause.
      I no longer trust anyone whose motives fail to recognize that fact.

  • bully5

    AND you will never hear about this in the news

    • dan

      So right it is aok.

    • Freya S Barlow

      True…we won’t hear about this in the news…and it’s only going to keep getting worse. That’s why we all need to be prepared to protect ourselves if we need to. So, fathers, it’s time to teach your daughters about firearm safety and arm them as soon as they are old enough. Those who aren’t….make sure that have pepper spray and batons, etc to use…as well as better than basic self defense courses.

  • gloria mcmillian

    And a dumb mussie lover American was just saying Maine should be thrilled with taking in thousands of refugees from Syrian and other lands because they will be good for the towns!

    • k.b . mcdan

      An Obama idiot for sure!

  • gcfortruth

    all rapist should have their penises cut off. , cut them off and send them home

    • Darren Wilkens

      No pain killers. Slowly kill them after

    • Christina

      YUP!!! Agreed give these misogynistic douchebags a taste of their own medicine.

      • Christina

        Better yet feed their weenies to some hogs.

        • NegroGunSelfie

          Misandry much?

    • KathiB.

      The penises or the rapists?????

      • gcfortruth

        Both LOL

        • KathiB.


    • Aleteia

      If abortion is OK, also euthanasia, why not neutering the rapists? It would serve as punishment and as cleaning the gene pool – such people need no descendants!

      • gcfortruth

        I totally agree

  • Tim Burrows

    Their Fathers will probably object and tell us that the girls were asking for it, it’s their (the girls) fault

    • Gildmirth

      I’m OK with their fathers being put in the dirt along with them.

    • Budvarakbar

      If they allowed themselves to be picked up in some bar by Muslims — what would be your opinion?

      • Tim Burrows

        If they allowed themselves to be picked up in some bar? That gives these Muslims a right to rape them? How many girls go out to bars every night of the week and dance and party and have fun? Are they all deserving to be raped? this give men the right to do this?

        • paul

          If a girl goes out with a rabid animal, whose fault is it? Try again!

        • Terry B

          Read the news release. The girls was slipped a drug in their drink. Hardly fair play in the dating game.

  • Steve Felix

    What happened to the girls I’m not much bothered. they chose it.all the world is aware of Muslims behavior. I’m glade that they are in custody .and I’m not sure they lol be punished rightly ad .Saudis involvement.

  • Freedom Rides Again

    Mamas don’t let your little girls grow up, to date Muzzies.

    • echo4alpha

      Muzzies ain’t easy to love and they’re harder to hold

      They’d rather stone their own wife than gift diamonds or gold

      Long white man-dresses and old faded turbans

      And each bomb destroys a new day

      If you don’t understand him, and he don’t die young

      He’ll probably just blow you away

      • deborah bendele

        Waylon Jennings ghost is gonna git yawl.

      • ShihTzuHappens~

        Hahaahha, Applause!!

  • Bill the Cat

    Hey, it’s just a misunderstanding. Gang-rape is “normal” in Muslim countries — particularly of infidels — so the judge should just explain the different customs to them and let them go.

    Multiculturalism, you know? Don’t be so judgemental.

  • Johnny Thorne

    The local militia has been informed. If the police can’t handle the case others will.

    • jazzy

      sharp shooters

    • lordlindley

      That is the only way to sort out muslims. Vigilante rules.

  • s;vbkr0boc,klos;

    Ignorant Muslims. They are in COLLEGE they should be a little more educated on the latest ‘grooming’ methods.

  • Michael Copeland

    As instructed in the mosque:
    “Their women are yours to take, legitimately. Allah made them yours.
    Why don’t you enslave their women?”
    Sheikh Saad al-Buraik
    “Any woman without a headscarf is asking to be raped”
    Imam Shahid Mehdi, Denmark
    See “Islam’s Sex Slaves in Britain” at LibertyGB

    • Aleteia

      These imams! They are the hatemongers.

  • ed padget

    Need more info. Lots of VAGUE details. Seriously Jack BeQuick? Only people from other countries with sexually deviant backgrounds do this? Riiiiiiiiggght. SMH…

  • Marrkedman

    If Obama had any sons they would be just like these guys

    • DB Cooper

      He doesn’t have any sons because his wife Michaels DNA is dominant over his

      • paul

        You need a woman for that. Not Reggie

  • chris wolf

    I’m sure they’ve been hell on academic standards prior to this.

  • Chris Brock

    What’s wrong with this? In their culture, it’s the woman’s fault for not wearing appropriate covering garments, like a burqa. How dare we attempt to insult their culture and religious beliefs. The woman are clearly racist and intolerant of their customs. People need to stop worrying about this sort a stuff, and just embrace the hope and change of obama.

    • dajenous

      I sure hope that is sarcasm –

      • Phillip Sibbald

        Me too

      • NickFortune

        It’s liberal think. This is their mentality. When they think threatening religion they think Christianity when the think Muslim they think “peaceful religion.”

  • dan

    Will this be accepted by liberals as ok?

    • Budvarakbar

      It already has been — along with the “Islam is a Religion of Peace” RINOs!

  • John Russelman

    The victims will always go to their houses because they are whores, you can’t stop this sort of thing, they have money and sports cars and they still need to drug their victims!!!

    • Newsboy

      whores? You mean semaphores surely?

  • Globalfirm:humanrights&ecology

    Another example of how public Dawah, proselytizing to Islam, mosks, halal, Arabic & mainstream Muhammad glorification programming creates Jihad & Sharia terror.

    When freedom of religion as argument regarding Islam ceases to exist because of knowledge about Islam’s inherently violent oppressive structure the only arguments for Islam become violent oppressive, human rights abusing entertainment & twisted ‘life assurance’-type organisation.

    Failure of the government to openly & publicly condemn Islam & Muhammad by banning mosks, halal, Arabic & Muhammad idealization leaves harmful marks in the minds of children, people. If their conscience is disturbed or absent they get indoctrinated into Muhammad’s unethical, sadist, indefinite commands to institutionalized & self-initiated violent oppression against atheists & other non-Muslims, if they got a sane conscience, it gives them a feeling of paranoia & oppression.

    In order to prevent losing people, next generations to Islam it needs to be banned -that’s inclusion. 

    The UN-regime differentiates between a harmful Islam they claim is a fraud & a benign Islam I say is Islam propaganda, fraudulent concealment & concealed aiding of a terrorist organisation.
    They sell an illusion of security treating humankind like consumers they can betray, keeping indoctrination into Muhammad’s indefinite commands alive to the detriment of the future of human rights.
    Islam is not led by Mosks but by Muhammad’s unethical commands. Mosks are just facilities for Muslims.

    Every ideology like the roots (latin: radix) of a tree has it’s most powerful sphere, deeply rooted in the subconscience of a person, determining the identity & actions of a person: radicalism.
    Islam’s radicalism is sadist, racist, unjust, deceptive & based on myths, on deceit & not compatible with human rights the new religion which’s roots are human rights & fruits are ethics: human rights, ecology, atheism, globalism, English & animal rights. To think that Islam indoctrinated people would accept a soft version of Islam is unwise.

    Legality of Islam criminalizes the conscience, sensitivity & human rights & we can’t let that happen. The legality of Islam criminalizes human rights by criminalizing cognitive reason, cognitive judgement, sensitivity & intelligence: the conscience.
    Reason is not an unproactive warning of a threat, reason is a proactive, cognitive judgement to the protection of human rights: the conscience. A conscience is absent or disturbed to someone who doesn’t condemn Muhammad.

    Islam is unethical in it’s fundaments & widespread because of it’s violence & it shouldn’t make the rules but be obliterated worldwide to unify humanity.
    The guilty of legal punishment are those who act indifferent to complicit to the crimes done by Muhammad, his indefinite criminal commands & the history of those carrying out his commands. This includes for example Wikipedia, Barack Hussein Obama & his immoral partners in Army, government & elsewhere.

    The only way to protect ourselves from Islam’s, Muhammad’s war, terror, tyranny, manipulation & indoctrination is by destroying the source which is Muhammad’s unethical manifest by publicly discrediting it through accurate, public mainstream media analysis, by disseminating the following information about Muhammad, Islam’s history, banning mosks & halal & by making Muslims submit (Islam translates ‘submission’) to human rights the new religion, Globalfirm world government. This has been proven again & again. 
    Jihad & Sharia terror can only thrive if Muhammad’s ideology infests a society.

    When people are educated about Muhammad, about Islam they can effectively & sustainably protect themselves from Islam. If not, not.
    Proselytising mass-lying for Islam, shouldn’t be brushed off as minor misdemeanour but instead be prosecuted as serious offence, as fraudulent concealement, as betrayal & as aiding of a terrorist organization.

    Islam, through Muhammad’s indefinite commands to both, self-initiated & institutionalized murder & torture of atheists & other non-Muslims is a threat to innocent people’s lives & to the sanity of people. & we shouldn’t give Islam validity & reassurement through reassurement of an existence of a deity® that has not been proven.

    The lesson we should learn from the crime of Islam is to be radical for human rights. A politically correct Islamism would condemn Muhammad & reject theism®. 

    Muhammad-complicit media & governments want to exactly prevent this, making the truth about Islam, Muhammad’s sadist commands, secret knowledge exclusive to Muslims.
    That’s what we need to tackle.

    It’s called law. Muhammad did crimes, created a mentally ill crime commanding law manifest & we must punish that.

    If we don’t do this it’s like fighting the mythological Hydra that when cutting off her heads, more heads appear, the heads symbolizing children & people brainwashed & betrayed into Muhammad’s unethical, mentally ill system. Children must be taught the truth about sadist mentally ill racist slaver Muhammad so they can grow up to be morally beneficial members of society.

    People are being betrayed & instrumentalized into Islam with lies that there is no causal connection to self-initiated or institutionalized Jihad or Sharia terrorism & Muhammad & Islam, that it’s a distortion of Islam, while Muhammad indefinitely commanded self-initiated & institutionalized terror in the form of Jihad, Sharia & deception. This widespread instrumentalization of people through deceit is a form of mainstream-betrayal & treason & we must be alarmed by it. I urge every awoken citizen to join Human rights the new religion, Globalfirm world government because this might be the last chance to defeat Islam.

    What made Hitler a psychopath sadist?
    Muhammad’s unethical theism.

    The US EU AUS UN-regime is desensitized to righteous development. They import a Hitler-youth. Hitler is the bestseller after the Koran in Islamic countries. Islamic migrants are the Islamic SS of the US EU AUS UN-regime. The exposing truth about unethical Muhammad, about Islam is being criminally, brutally & silently oppressed in culture, media, academia, governance, army & police by a through Jihad-motivated mass-breeding, murder, oppression, deception & mass-migration more & more open & secret Muslims, hollow, superficial & insensitive more & more pro-Islam mono-culture to the detriment of the future of human rights, sensitivity, truth, global cohesion & ethical strategic global responsibility. This must stop. Apostates from Islam must be those worthy of protection & influence. Islam is unethical in it’s fundaments & therefore shouldn’t have any influence on humanity.

    Opposition to racism & nationalism doesn’t include protective opposition to people who are through Islamic regimes indoctrinated into Muhammad’s commands.

    When anti-Islam activism is left to counterproductive leaders without foremost global identity, parties with a not predominantly solidarily universal global but predominantly nationalist, or European, even subliminally racist & religious approach & motive with unclear, blurred, indistinct even complicit not exposing attitude & role towards Islam they will play a part as tool in Islam’s propaganda game, in fact effectively defaming & undermining global anti-Islam activism like an allegedly pro-human rights trojan-horse with Muslims & Nazis in it, eventually hampering freedom of speech, enabling Sharia-tyranny. People shouldn’t be limited by nationalism, religionism, racism or capitalism but be free.

    Appointing countries immigration countries open to Muslims while ignoring countries under Islamic tyranny is a crime & unbalanced. Global responsibility against Islam, for ethics: human rights, ecology, atheism, globalism, English & animal rights must be a priority, not nationalism detached from reality & ethics. Immigration world for ethics not immigration countries for Islam. There’s no movement that is global fighting Islam. That must change. Society needs to stop identifying themselves regionally, nationally or European, blinding out regions under hardline Islamic tyranny & instead identify themselves globally for responsibility against an Islamic status quo paradigm & instead for ethics: human rights, ecology, atheism, globalism, English & animal rights.

    People unfortunately don’t identify themselves globally, but identify or pretend to identify themselves nationally or regionally, blinding out the unethical reality about Islam, which seems to be psychopathological repression & is coupled with the idealization of mentally ill sadist Muhammad created by Islamic propaganda. Anti-racism shouldn’t become a trojan horse for Muhammad’s pro Arab & Turk, anti African racism. 

    The biggest Islamic terrorist became president to not be arrested.
    Social cohesion for the Jihadists of the UN is submission to ‘Islam Is Peace’, something similar to the slogan written above the entrance of the Auschwitz death-camp: ‘Arbeit Macht Frei’.

    There’s proof (Pamela Geller wrote an article on that) the Army didn’t attack the estimated 60 Isis training camps for a year during which Isis slaughtered & enslaved many & it continues. Like there are no drones. This ongoing inaction is a war-crime & the responsible need to be prosecuted. 
    Obama’s, the US EU AUS UN-regime’s concept for less Jihad terror is: Sharia terror. We had the chance to annihilate Isis, Boko Haram. But it seems Isis, Boko Haram is planned & legimitized before & the Anti-Isis campaign nothing but a publicity stunt.
    Israel is the best compatible power in the middle-east to create a new global government to protect ethics: human rights, ecology, English, atheism, animal rights & globalism.

    The as Barack Hussein Obama & the US EU AUS UN-regime says “holy®” Quran indefinitely commands 5:33 “Maim and crucify the infidels if they criticise Islam.” then for ‘the politically interested’ lies Isis isn’t Islamic, while they crucify on a large scale & arms & protects their Jihad & Sharia terror although they’re Islamic.
    Some people in South-America crucify themselves to emulate Jesus, Muslims crucify atheists, non-Muslims to death to emulate Muhammad.
    ‘Islam is peace’-indoctrination is Jihad-recruitment propaganda.
    When the insensitive, unethical Islam is praised we have to be alarmed.

    Self-initiated Muslim terror-attacks are examples of how public Dawah, proselytizing to Islam & mainstream Muhammad glorification programming creates Jihad & Sharia terror. 
    A truly gun free society without Muslims or other thugs would be great. Legal guns & Muslim immigration just don’t work together. With Muhammad’s indefinite incitements to self-initiated terror covered up by the secretly Muslim media & government as these: “It was narrated from `Ubadah bin Samit that the messenger of Allah® said: “Carry out the legal punishments on relatives and strangers, and do not let the fear of blame stop you from carrying out the command of Allah®.” (Hasan) Ibn Majah 3:20:2540” (Hadith) guns for Muhammad-fans should be illegal.
    Freedom of religion for Islam is an atheist & other non-Muslim suicide. The constitution must be simplified to sustainably protect ethics: human rights, ecology, atheism, globalism, English & animal rights.
    Convenient for the Muslim government: they proselytize for Islam creating autonomous Jihad-terror, then disarm the non-Muslims.
    People should realize that there’s something better than Islam, something Muslims must submit to (Islam translates ‘submission’), something ethical: human rights the new religion, Globalfirm world government, but the government media wants Islam instead. This we must change.

    To hide their institutionalized, unethical hidden agenda the pro Islamic media insensitevely leaves the public blind to the ethical & sensitive, global moving causes of the human rights Anti-Islam movement & new government. 

    Islam is an insensitive, strong, sadist not to be underestimated unethical force in the world (Churchill said the most retrograde force & he knew fighting Jihadis in Nazi uniforms).
    Governments, media want Muslims (their Hitler youth) because they are currently run by secret Muslims who want a reward in their imagined afterlife®. It’s that simple. I might be exact in my evaluation & it’s too dangerous to be unprepared. And after all, may they be Muslims or not, the result is unprogressive: Islamic.
    For the same reason (imagined Islamic afterlife®) Muslim migrants don’t protest for military enforcement of the law of human rights in their home countries but for the insensitive, unethical Islamic law in their new.
    The people who applaud them probably don’t even want to have kids.

    The difference between an open or secret not simulating Muslim & not simulating open or secret human rights person is that a Muslim obeys Muhammad’s indefinite, insensitive & unjust Sharia tyranny & Jihad terror (Islam translates submission) while a human rights person opposes it & fights for human rights instead.

    Claiming Islam isn’t Islamism makes one an Islamist.

    A pro-Islamic stance is a corrupt evasion to not deal with the problem of Islam, hence Islamic studies in universities cultivating this evasion for media & government.
    Islamic deceiving as means of Jihad war, Muhammad said war is deceit, must be understood in context: Non Islamic topics are Unislamic distraction & deviation (fitnah) to Muhammad which is defined by Muhammad as worse than murder & therefore guilty of murder & torture.
    Truth is, the assumption of a deity® as a fact itself is deception. Muhammad’s assertion that his imagined deity® Allah® is the greatest deceiver or imposter leaves out that Allah® is Muhammad’s greatest deception & he an imposter.
    We shouldn’t give Islam validity & reassurement through reassurement of an existence of a deity® that has not been proven.
    Theist institutions as the Vatican organization effectively function as propaganda-tool for Islam. Contrary to a widespread superstition, atheism is hope, not surrender.

    Pro-Islam critics insensitively argue with comparisons over reality forcing us to argue with reality over comparisons.

    The institutionally insensitive ‘Islam is peace’ indoctrinated,-normed people need a tough regime to drive out their ignorant impudence.

    There’s a world war going on since Muhammad & the institutionally insensitive pro-Islamic media picked the wrong side.

    They’re in a game of institutionalized insensitive Islamic mind-control which we naturally oppose & eliminate.

    Islam tolerant people are conscienceless & institutionally insensitive towards human rights.

    The institutionalized insensitive legal status of Islam reflects through the policies & it’s consequences in history (mass-murder around North-East Nigeria, in Syria, Iraq, the establishment of Isis murdering, enslaving, crucifying, torturing people, Sharia in the new North-Sudan, Al-Shabab, Islamic Hitler-youth type migration to Europe, US & & &) & we have to prosecute who’s responsible for this.

    I’m alarmed by the failure to suspect & recognize Jihad as main motivation by Hitler’s & Amin El Husseini’s Jihad by Nazi-holocaust survivors & memorials & the education-system. The history & pro-Islam role of Germany during the Armenian genocide & the Hitler-regime, til today demonstrates the extent, seriousness & danger of concealed Islam & warns of Muhammad’s indefinite commands to concealed war.

    Keeping Islam legal despite Muhammad’s indefinite, insensitive, sadist commands against human rights & atheists first of all criminalizes the intelligence, conscience & human rights by criminalizing cognitive reason & cognitive judgement.
    Furthermore the legality of Islam, together with legal Islamic proselytising gives people the deceptive impression that Islam is a universal, human rights respecting ideology giving them 2 options: assume that it’s peaceful, join the Jihad. (It also let’s people accept new Sharia governments after Jihad war like the new North-Sudan or the new Muslim president in Nigeria.) It doesn’t give people any space nor reasonal support at all to sensitivity, to reject Muhammad, Islam as unethical. It creates an desensitized error-based status quo paradigm & puts down & defames, destabilises, financially, socially & politically oppresses the intelligent, destroys their career  chances instead of empowering them & oppresses men through procreation sabotaging, institutionalized excluding mind-control. Islam, through Muhammad’s commands to both, self-initiated & institutionalized murder & torture of atheists & other non-Muslims is a threat to innocent people’s lives & to the sanity of people. That’s why the legality of Islam must be overturned.

    Children with Islamic background need to learn that it’s not just ok, but sensitive, courages & righteous, ethical to discriminate against Muhammad’s indefinitely insensitive, sick doctrine (Muhammad made Hitler the sadist he was), just as Jihadist terrorists & Sharia Islamic governments/ tyrannies disrespecting human rights (the new religion) must feel the enforcement of the law of human rights of the new human rights & ecology government, just as ‘Islam means peace’ normed & hypnotized fascists need to feel the might of a new radical, radical is the opposite of simulating & thus powerful government dedicated to ethics, to human rights, ecology & not to Islamic fascism, or simulation of ethics.

    Islam would be peace-indoctrination is Jihad-recruitment propaganda & criminal motivation. ‘Islamophobia’ is a discriminatory Islamic code for infidel & therefore should be banned. Describing Islam as peaceful is like describing a horror-flick as meditational movie. Muhammad was the personification of human rights-abuse, not human rights. Human rights are not a matter of negotiation but go without saying. Legality of Islam creates a misguided, ethically corrupt & criminal political subculture that hampers psychosociological & political progress. Instead of law protecting human rights, Islam opresses human rights through Muhammad’s law of Jihad terrorism & Sharia-terror tyranny under the pretext of theism®, an unproven deity®. Atheism is not surrender, on the contrary, it is hope.

    We know what happens when we got an Islamic president. We catch Obama, the Islamic US EU AUS UN-regime ruled by the mind-con-‘trolling’ hidden Jihad slipping again & again. They impudently proclaim ‘Islam would be peace’, Boko haram would have “legitimate concerns” (Obama), sabotaging Israeli arms deals to the Nigerian army while Boko haram slaughters, protecting the estimated 60 Isis training camps, arming Isis, rewarding mass-murdering Islamic psychopath sadist theist Omar Al Bashir with a new country (North-Sudan) for a Sharia-tyranny. We got to prosecute the whole administration as it already slipped into a tyranny.

    We need to stop reacting & stop assuming that they’re reacting & instead be proactive & realize they are proactive but in an institutionalized insensitive, psychopath theist way, Muhammad’s brutal & unjust indefinite commands-way, too.

    Nazis after their Jihadist slaughter under & with Amin El-Husseini & Muhammad adoring Hitler (he hailed to the back- to Muhammad? Did he secretely identify as Turk?) are no longer of use to Islam so it’s only convenient for the Islamic media to cloth the Nazi-movement as Anti-Islam movement & defame the human rights Anti-Islam movement as insensitive & Naziistic, putting Nazis who are suspectingly compatible with Islam in charge of the Anti-Islam human rights movement (in the eye of the public), while sustainable human rights protection is global & areligious & is opposed to nationalism, religionism or racism. To hide their institutionalized, unethical hidden agenda the pro Islamic media insensitively, leaves the public blind to the ethical & sensitive moving causes of the human rights Anti-Islam movement & new government. The US-EU-AUS UN regime is desensitized to righteous development. They import a Hitler-youth to protect Muhammad’s agenda.

    To those who surveil this website, are new to this topic, have been mislead by pro-Islam indoctrination or are potential apostates from theism:
    1.: Islam is NOT a universal, human rights respecting ideology.
    2.: Humanity needs to come to terms with Muhammad’s indefinite institutionalized insensitive commands & agenda to sadism through self-initiated & institutionalized Jihad-terror & Sharia-tyranny against atheists, apostates & other non-Muslims & with Muhammad emulated institutionalized pederasty, institutionalized mythology found enslavement of Africans, legal self-initiated murder of atheists & other non-Muslims, institutionalized theism, institutionalized crucifixions, amputations, beheadings, stonings to death, institutionalized deceit & insensitivity, institutionalized strict enslaving mind-control, institutionalized torture, institutionalized child genital mutilation, institutionalized sadist halal-slaughter, institutionalized mass-terror, institutionalized mass-murder, mass-theft, mass-enslavement & rape (Jihad), mass-migration, betraying mass-indoctrination, institutionalized extortion (Jizya), mass-breeding, institutionalized incest, institutionalized Arabic & institutionalized violent forced marriage including pre-teen girls, institutionalized & self-initiated legal murder of homosexuals. Muhammad also let people burn to death cause they were not praying. Muhammad institutionalizedly, insensitively, indefinitely commands to autonomously ‘slay atheists wherever they are found’ in the Koran. Therefore no one should be allowed to promote Islam nor himself as Islamic. Islam also oppresses men through procreation sabotaging, excluding institutionalized mind-control. Creating a proactive culture of discrimination against Islam protects human rights, sensitivity sustainably in the long term militarily, to establish the rule of ethics: human rights, ecology, atheism, globalism, English & animal rights. 
    3.: Humanity needs to learn that the genocide of Armenian non-Muslims in the 1. world war & genocide of non-Muslims in west & east Europe (Germany, France, Poland, Ukraine…) in world war 2 were participated & led by Jihadi-‘Nobel prize-winner’-Arafat’s uncle who was appointed ‘Grandmufti of Jerusalem’ Amin El-Husseini who was stationed as General in Smyrna after joining the Armenian genocide by the Turks, ‘the Ottoman empire’ joined by Germany & who later formed the Muslim Nazi SS-division while organizing the slaughter of non-Muslims with the Nazis. After the war he lived in France.
    The forced yellow badge for Jews during the 2. world war was an old Islamic invention. 
    4.: Islam is a racist system.
    I’m sick of Africans being betrayed into Islam. Muhammad invented the slavery of Africans. We still have to free slaves! Are we taking this task serious? Castrated slaves in Saudi Arabia & we promote Mecca, Muhammad & Islam with Malcolm X,  Farrakhan, brainwashing rappers? That must stop.
    Muhammad invented the slavery of Africans by proclaiming that his deity® colored them black so their descendants would be slaves to Arabs & Turks, declaring Arabs & Turks master race & Africans slave race. He had African slaves, was white & dreamed about a pederast paradise with only whites. Abeed means slave or African in Arabic. This slavery exists together with racist laws in Saudi Arabia, new North-Sudan, North Africa (20% of black Africans are slaves in Mauritania) & elsewhere & in every Muslim knowing it.
    5.: Muhammad was a pederast:
    Muhammad was seen tongue- & lip-sucking little boys & ‘kissing’ boys’ dicks frequently.
    He also dreamed about pederasty (not clear) in his paradise fantasy.

    Worldwide memorials for the slave, torture & death-victims of Islam since Muhammad’s indefinite commands to Jihad-terror & Sharia-terror tyranny, instead of mosks !
    Muhammad was a violent, racist, psychopath theist extremist. As long as we don’t get politically correct ’bout this human rights won’t prosper. Basing governing on lies about Islam or other ethics related, human rights, ecology, animal rights, atheism, English related topics is wrong & a crime. Eliminating the shameful discrepancy between ethical & legal is the foundation of the Globalfirm government to which I invite everyone. Human rights & ecology.
    Join Globalfirm: free basics & free base for creatives.
    By the way, I’d like to run for president in all countries (it’s my birth-right) (including Cameroon, Nigeria, Liberia, Sudan…) & create a global government, set up a global Hip Hop radio-station & media & basics-production but need partners.

  • billlevinson

    Hey Rhode Island, how are those gun laws working out for you?

  • billlevinson

    It looks like these women were culturally enriched by the diverse immigrants.

  • Dr. Doomsday


  • Rob McDevitt

    Hey Guys! Are you ugly? Bad acne, bad body oder, bad teeth? Too many camel flies swarming around your head? Can’t get a date and near impossible to get laid?
    Rush on over to the nearest mosque and become a muslim. Then, as permitted by the “holy” Koran, you can kidnap and rape all the infidel women you want! What a deal! Allah approves it! Sharia, baby, it’s your ticket to poontang. And, you can beat the women, too! For any reason you want! Are you into young boys or goats? No problem! Obama’s military won’t interfere, so have at it.
    Remember, guys: Islam…’s more than just throwing gays off of tall buildings.

    • Plumley Mawhinney Hathcock

      …[slow clap]…

    • timebender64

      Excellent post, Rob. Funny stuff.

      • Rob Porter

        Funny but true. The Qur’an tells Muslims that it’s okay to have sex with a goat if a female isn’t available. In fact you won’t even be regarded as impure.

        • IrocD

          Butt sex with a male goat? Or is this a female goat we’re talkin about here?

          • Rob Porter

            To them I don’t think it matters.

      • The Penitent Man

        “It’s more then just throwing gays off of tall buildings!” Priceless!!!

    • k.b . mcdan

      Don’t give them any ideas. They are demented enough. I hope this was a sarcastic response from you.

      • Rob McDevitt

        Of course it was, K.B.

    • lordlindley

      Tell me more about throwing gays off tall buildings??

      • Christina

        Instead of bashing GLBT people, consider that we are your allies in the fight against islamism. Personally I am an atheist, but I firmly believe that given the opportunity “some” evangelicals would do precisely that to MY brothers and sisters. In short it’s NOT funny!!!!

        • HomerBohn

          Normal human beings aren’t interested in raping queers. keep buggering, or allowing to be buggered, by strange queers you meet in bars and your ilk will be in the ground before you know it.

        • John Henry Eden

          Christian bashing faggots should be burned at the stake.

          • arich45

            I’m not gay yet I bash Christians, Muslims, and Jews every chance I get. Any moron who actually believes there is a sky-ghost-daddy-in-the-clouds deserves ridicule at every step and turn.

          • Screeminmeeme

            Then I guess that whole thingy about ”Live and Let Live” we hear so often from atheists……tolerance of others with whom you might disagree….. is something you don’t believe in.

            Really your coarse epithets and vulgarisms are infantile displays reflective of a shallowness of thought.

            Someday I hope you grow up and want to contemplate the more profound issues of life. I hope you choose to do it with open intellectual honesty….as a rational enquirer in search of truth.

            And I pray you find it.

          • arich45

            See? No sense of humor. Did your little feelings get hurt? Good! ALL religious nutjobs NEED to be ridiculed every second of everyday for all the havoc and general dumbing down of society you cause or have caused. Piss on your god, prophet, and savior.

          • Screeminmeeme

            Gheez….talk about over-reaction. Why so morally outraged at Christianity? No one is forcing you to do anything. If you don’t believe God exists, fine with me….but why waste so much time and energy fighting against Him? And arrogantly ridiculing people you don’t even know, but who believe differently than you.

            It appears that you’ve been coddled and protected from having to hear from people who you disagree with or don’t like. Must be from that group of university students who need a ”safe” zone…..a place to be protected from truth.

            It’s clear that YOU have made yourself the arbiter of truth…and yet you have NO OBJECTIVE MORAL STANDARD upon which you can make such a judgment. You”ve appointed yourself the mocker-in-chief…..the one who points out the errors of others. But…again….you have no foundation by which you can ”rightly” do that.
            But hey….don’t let logic get in your way.

            You need your diaper changed and sent to bed. You’ve got a lot to learn, kiddo.

            Grow up.

          • arich45

            yet you have NO OBJECTIVE MORAL STANDARD

            >>> It’s you who has no objective moral standard since you claim to follow a god who’s a crazy, megalomaniac. Grow up and get over yourself. Your God is a story. He’s Santa for adults.

            You blather about logic and foundation yet you base those very ideals on a sky-ghost-daddy-in the clouds that was created by a barbaric desert dwelling sheep shagging culture. Now tell me who has no foundation.

        • Daniel McCoy

          I am a Christian and I believe that LGBT people are made that way by God, Just as Heterosexual people like myself are made by God to be who we are. That being said, how can we as Christians hate LGBT people? Violence against LGBT people is just as evil as violence against anyone else.

          • John Snow

            Sorry Dan but the Bible does not teach that God made people who have to sin by being gay or lgbt. They can be forgiven but real Christians can never support immoral sexual acts.

          • arich45

            So God isn’t the almighty creator? He either created everything or he didn’t.

          • John Snow

            He created people with free will to choose,if they choose evil is is their choice not His, however he does make a 1 way for all to be forgiven through the sacrifice of Christ.

          • arich45

            So that means he created people KNOWING FULL WELL that they would “sin” or commit evil acts since he is omniscient after all. Your god is a dick.

          • John Snow

            Hell is very real and if you reject His offer of forgiveness you will burn forever, be smart except His offer of forgiveness that was paid for by His own blood. there is no need for you to burn when He has paid the price for your sins.

          • arich45

            Your God is a dick if my only “sin” is I don’t believe this incarnation of a deity you prescribe. It’s a good thing your God and Jesus are just stories created and embellished by early church leaders. What surprises me the most is there are still adults who believe that crap as truth and reality. How gullible.

          • Screeminmeeme

            What surprises me is that there are still adults who believe there is no God….even while they behold the world around them in all of its indescribable beauty and order. God has given you the witness of Nature and the witness of Conscience so that you might know Him.

            How can you be so sure that you are right? Have you ever truly….with intellectually honesty…examined the claims of Christ….or spent some time actually reading and studying the Bible?

            Ya know, if I’m wrong, then I will have lived a life of joy and purpose and will simply end up as dirt.

            But if you’re wrong, you will have lived your life doing what you consider to be ”good”, but in the end, apart from Christ, you will see that your life was bankrupt and pointless….and you will have Hell to deal with for all eternity.

          • arich45

            What surprises me is that there are still adults who believe there is no God.

            >>> Because any sane person who actually read the Bible or even a small fraction of it would realize it’s ALL mythology and not ONE of truth can be gleamed from its pages. The God in this book of fairy tales is an egotistical, maniacal, raving lunatic who deserves scorn and ridicule NOT worship.

            Good thing rational, intelligent people have a tool called intellect and science which is destroying religion piece by piece everyday. Religion constantly has to keep adjusting and changing its tune to keep up with modern science. Science, however, NEVER has to do the opposite.

            One day (and it can’t come soon enough) our descendants, that’s yours and mine, will look back on these comical days with pity or ridicule and wonder how could so many billions of people (sheep) believe in such silly nonsense like the crap in the Bible or Koran…..

          • Screeminmeeme

            And just like everyone else, you don’t have the capacity to comprehend an omnipotent, omniscient God. You’re finite. He is not.

            He could have made you a robot instead of gifting you with free will so that YOU are in charge of your own decisions in your life. YOU decide whether or not you want to accept the concept of a Creator. But it’s important that you know that your rejection/denial of His existence doesn’t make it so.

            The Bible says that the wages of sin is death…..the eternal separation of man from his Creator….also called Hell.

            Man goes there by choice.
            My advice….don’t go.

          • arich45

            Man goes there by choice.

            My advice….don’t go.

            >>> And by your own admission your dick of a god knows beforehand who goes to hell and who doesn’t. Some “god” you got there. For “his” (again with the his…you don’t know..he could be a she..more likely an it) entertainment god creates human beings for the pleasure in the knowledge that many will be tortured forever in hell.

            There is no freewill in your Hebrew concocted world/universe. My world on the other hand, does.

            Good thing all your spewing about an omniscient and omnipotent god is just ancient Hebrew garbage that is less real than Santa Claus.

          • The Penitent Man

            He created us but he does not put sin in our hearts. We do that ourselves.

          • arich45

            That doesn’t matter. He created us knowing we WOULD sin. God is a dick.

          • The Penitent Man

            So, what is your point? Yes, He did create us knowing we would sin but does that somehow mean we are not guilty in choosing to sin? Maybe our Creator has a plan (redemption) and since He’s definitely wiser then we are we should do our very best to abide and follow His commandments?

            How infantile of you to slander the Creator and call Him such a repugnant name.

          • arich45

            Our choice makes NO difference then. God, the ultimate dick, created some of us to commit evil so he could torture us in hell in the after life. Makes sense right?

          • The Penitent Man

            Who said anything about hell? Our choices make all the difference. I’m not sure why I’m even responding to you. It’s pretty clear you just want to argue, not actually learn anything.

          • arich45

            What laws and what creator? The Jew god? Odin? the billion Hindi gods?

          • arich45

            I’m infantile yet your so-called “creator” creates beings, knowing full well some would sin because we might be guilty of something, so he can torture us in hell.

          • The Penitent Man

            Again, who said anything about torture in hell? Do you believe in the law? When a criminal breaks the law they go to jail. Why should it be any different if we break the laws of our Creator?

          • arich45

            Why should it be any different if we break the laws of our Creator..

            Because we created the creator.

          • Screeminmeeme

            If you build a model airplane, then that model airplane is yours and subject to your will. You have the right to do with it whatever you wish. You might polish it and keep it in a safe place because you care about it and don’t want anything ‘bad’ to happen to it….and you likely wouldn’t allow anyone else to touch it without your permission.

            One day, though, in a fit of anger, you might throw it down, and stomp it to pieces. Not good. But either way, good or bad, it belongs to you and you’re free to do with it what you want.

            Same thing with God. His world. His rules.

            But thankfully for us, God is ALWAYS GOOD….and only wants what is GOOD for His creation. But He’s given us the latitude….created us with FREE WILL… that we are FREE to CHOOSE to reject even Him. THAT is real liberty.

            What you don’t seem to understand is that God didn’t throw man into the world without any information, direction or knowledge. He created a fully adult man and woman WITH all the ‘software” they needed….with the knowledge necessary to function successfully in the world. And….Adam and Eve were TOLD what would happen it they made the wrong choice…they KNEW the consequences….yet they chose to rebel anyway….and every since, we’ve all been screwed up.

            Even after the Fall, God continued to guide and direct mankind by revealing Himself time and again to certain men and giving them revelation of His will so that they would know ”right” from ”wrong”. He gave us HIS WORD…the Bible…so that we could have information and answers about Him and ourselves and our future.

            So God was FAIR in His dealings with mankind…..and unlike something you might do to your airplane……He won’t ever throw us away or deliberately harm us in any way. In fact, He MADE A WAY for us……wretched sinners… be with Him forever. And all it requires is for us to repent of our sins and to believe in the sacrificial death of Christ. we can’t earn our salvation in any way.

            If it were not for the love and mercy of God toward us ,…not for the death and resurrection of Christ……we would ALL be doomed to eternal darkness and death. .

            Someday maybe you’ll thank Him for that.

          • arich45

            Same thing with God. His world. His rules.

            >>> Then you contradict yourself…

            But thankfully for us, God is ALWAYS GOOD

            >>> No he isn’t. I guess you forgot the silly story about drowning the world or something in a global flood? That’s good? He’s a murderous maniac who should be relegated to the shelf of fiction where IT belongs.

          • Screeminmeeme

            You DO know, don’t you, that all of that moral outrage you are showing has NO FOUNDATION according to your atheistic relativistic world view. You have NO GROUND by which you can judge ANYTHING because your ideology won’t allow it.

            Relativism says that all systems equal. All have parity. Therefore you have no authority to judge the Hitler’s of the world. You certainly have no authority to judge the God of Christianity. And you can”t judge the ISIS savages. According to your world view, all are credible and have equal value.

            There is no ”right” or ”wrong”, or ”good” or ”evil” when it comes to atheism. All you have is a fabricated, arbitrary, subjective set of ”rules”….a ”moral code”…..which is determined by consensus.

            So….every time you get on your high horse and attack any other ideology as ”bad” or ”wrong”, you violate your own world view.

          • arich45

            You certainly have no authority to judge the God of Christianity.

            >>> Sure I do. He’s a crazy piece of crap and you’re insane if you actually follow such a evil character. It just proves , once again, religious nutcases don’t even read their own books.

            Deep down you KNOW I am right. You’re scared. You know this is it. One life. No afterlife. That’s why man created god(s) in the first place.

          • The Penitent Man

            No one said anything about being tortured in hell. You should really stop listening to any Tom, DICK, or Harry.

          • Screeminmeeme

            You repetition of the epithet points to a juvenile mindset. Really, there are more intelligent…and mature… ways to express yourself.

          • arich45

            So god in his omniscience knows this beforehand and still lets it happen? What kind of an asshole is he? Sounds more like a ….. man? Ah yes. The culture who created god. That’s why your god is such an ignoramus asswipe.

          • Screeminmeeme

            All men have a proclivity to sin because of Adam’s Fall. Ever since Adam’s sin of disobedience to his Creator, rebellious men have been slaves to sin. There is no man who cannot, NOT SIN.

            God created everything and called it ”good”. At first it might seem that if God created all things, then evil must have been created by God also. However, evil is not a “thing” like a rock or electricity. You cannot have a jar of evil. Evil has no existence of its own; it is really the absence of good… ”cold” is the absence of heat.

            For example, holes are real but they only exist in something else. We call the absence of dirt a hole, but it cannot be separated from the dirt. So when God created, it is true that all He created was good. One of the good things God made was creatures who had the freedom, the free will, to choose to do ”good”.

            In order to have a real choice, God had to allow there to be something besides good to choose. So, God allowed his created beings…..angels and humans….. to choose good or reject good (evil). One third of the angels chose to rebel and their ”fall” is irrevocable. However, because of the sacrifice of Christ, man CAN be redeemed and delivered from the bondage of sin and receive eternal life.

            God did not create evil, but He does allow evil. If God had not allowed for the possibility of evil, both mankind and angels would be serving God out of obligation, not choice.He did not want “ROBOTS” that simply did what He wanted them to do because of their “programming.” God allowed for the possibility of evil so that we could genuinely have a FREE WILL and choose whether or not we wanted to serve Him.

            As finite human beings, we can never fully understand an eternal, omniscient, omnipresent, omnipotent God (Romans 11:33-34).Sometimes we think we understand why God is doing something, only to find out later that it was for a different purpose than we originally thought. God looks at things from a holy, eternal perspective while we look at things from a sinful, earthly, and temporal viewpoint. Try as we might, our finite minds have no capacity to completely comprehend the Infinite Mind of God.

            It’s only on the other side of eternity that we will know these answers and begin to understand why a Holy, Just and Good God allowed certain things to happen on earth as they did.

          • arich45

            All men have a proclivity to sin because of Adam’s Fall.

            >>> So your god isn’t perfect. It’s about time you admitted that. Here’s a simple question I can’t wait to see you dance around with: If god is so loving and caring in his all powerful omniscience and omnipotence why not just forgive? Just snap his fingers and POOF! We’re forgiven.

            No nonsense about a savior which only proves it’s just a tale from the Middle East. How many desert cultures had such a tale of a savior from heaven? Care to guess?

          • Screeminmeeme

            I find it instructive that your moral outrage….as expressed throughout this blog……is a result of your having been created in the image of God. Unfortunately you direct that outrage toward God and those who believe in Him and you do that because you’re a sinner who is in rebellion against your Creator.

            The central issue here is that of the necessity of God’s being ”good” which includes being just and trustworthy in His dealing with His flawed creatures.

            Sin, by definition, is transgression of the Law. Since the Law is holy and good, is in the heart of God and a reflection of His character. To break the Law of God is to offend Him since it is His Law that we break and the resulting sin is an infinite offense because God is infinite.

            Furthermore, it is also ”right” that God punish the Lawbreaker because to not punish him would be to allow an offense against His holiness to be ignored. A Holy God cannot countenance sin….nor is. He capable of it. The integrity of God the Law-Giver is at stake: He must do what He has promised to do.

            One observation and question, though:
            Not all people want God’s forgiveness…..(and I would include you in that group since you’re an atheist and reject the notions of God and ”sin”)…so. why should God ‘force’ it on you and those who think like you?

            God’s morally correct emotional response to evil is outrage (as should be ours). His morally correct emotional response to the damage caused by evil is grief (as should be ours). His morally correct response to His anger and grief is to punish the lawbreaker and correct the ”situation” . And He did it 2000 years ago by offering His own Son to ”PAY’ the sindebt of mankind. Jesus willingly went to the cross to serve your/mine death sentences for us.

            On a daily basis, in His relationship with fallen man, He continues to correct, heal, spank, instruct, bless and love us IN SPITE of our sin and resistance to Him. .

            Bottom line: His world. His rules.

          • Poppo

            The Almighty God created man and gave him free will. Freedom to sin does not make it right.

          • arich45

            Man created god in his own image. Duh. But let’s play along with your delusion…

            If your god is the creator of the universe and exists outside of nature as something supernatural (oxymoron) then freewill is an illusion. We are just playthings that god has created for his sick amusement. He loves to witness suffering. He sits and does nothing about it.

            No benevolent god would be this way. I’m better than your phony baloney “god”. Which ultimately proves he is mans creation.

          • Poppo

            Or just maybe, this world is a test and amounts to only a blink of the eye. Those who pass the test move on to God’s paradise. Those who fail are given a look at what the missed and left in this nasty world, or its equivalent forever.
            Myself, I would rather do what is necessary to pass the test. If death is the end of it all I will have lost nothing.

          • arich45

            Your god is an asshole if that’s the case. Why would a supreme supernatural being create inferior EVOLVED creatures for his amusement letting some suffer in extremely painful ways?

            Answer: Man created god(s) in his own image with all mans blemishes and failings.

            Myself, I would rather do what is necessary to pass the test. If death is the end of it all I will have lost nothing.

            >>> So you “believe” just in case? You must think god is a moron and not omniscient. As far as your religion is concerned you are going straight to hell because you don’t have TRUE faith. :-) Don’t worry. There is no god to send you to hell.

          • Mel Flaherty

            Thank you.

          • The Penitent Man

            I disagree that they were created that way. In truth the great majority of LGBT community were damaged in some way to make them act in such an unnatural way. It’s been proven that children who have been molested by the same sex tend to become gay, then do the same thing that happened to them.

            We live in a fallen world and are supposed to overcome our lust for sin. I do agree with you that we should not hate or murder anyone, regardless of their sins.

          • arich45

            It’s been proven that children who have been molested by the same sex tend to become gay..

            >>> Proven? What University conducted this study? Or did you just pull it straight from your ass?

          • The Penitent Man

            You have a brain, correct? Do a search. It isn’t a secret that those who have been molested tend to develop deviant sexual practices. Read some of the testimonials by people who have been molested and how that molestation led them down a road of sexual deviancy.

          • arich45

            You stated it has been proven. I asked for the specific study. Name one.

          • The Penitent Man

            And I told you what you could do. If you refuse to research it on your own don’t blame me. Why should I spoon feed you?

          • arich45

            Because you pulled your statement straight out of your ass. There are no studies then? Or did the Jews do it?

          • Screeminmeeme

            You call yourself a Christian yet deny the Word of God. Man is born with a proclivity to sin because of Adam’s Fall.(Rom 5:12) God says in His Word (which He magnifies above His own name Ps 138:2) that homosexuality is a sin (Leviticus 18:22, 20:13, a Cor 6:9-10, Rom 1: 26-28 32)

            Romans 1:26-27 teaches specifically that homosexuality is a result of denying and disobeying God. When people continue in sin and unbelief, God “gives them over” to even more wicked and depraved sin in order to show them the futility and hopelessness of a life apart from God.

            Apart from theological considerations, several extensive studies of identical twins (identical DNA) have shown they don’t have uniformity of sexual orientation when, according to the theory, they should. Obviously there are other external factors like family dynamics….exposure to environmental, hormone mimicking, chemicals….being victimized by sexual predators, etc. This is pretty compelling evidence that homosexuality is not genetic yet people like you and the LGBT movement insist that it IS so that the homosexual avoids accountability for his behavior.

            Anyway, just being born with an orientation doesn’t mean it’s okay. If a person is born with the orientation to lie, does that mean that lying is okay. Of course not.

            The social attitude of America is slowly being engineered to
            accept liberal sexual behavior while condemning and silencing those who disagree. Since behavior follows belief, what is to stop our increasingly liberal society from acting on its silence-the-opposition attitude and becoming more and more harsh in its dealings with Christians? Nothing unless people return to their Creator.

            Now, having said that……Just because someone is a homosexual, does not mean that we persecute them, call them names, sue them for not agreeing with us, or get laws passed to silence them. We are to love them.

            Homosexuality is a sin, and like any other sin, it needs to be laid at the cross and forsaken.

        • ShihTzuHappens~

          The Muslims just threw 4 more gays off of a tall building within the last couple of days or so. I’m not sure if it was here, Europe, or Middle East though.

        • The Penitent Man

          Unfortunately you are not our allies. And who is pushing the LBGT movement? The Jewish lobby of course. The same Jewish organizations who push for LGBT rights also own our politicians and push for Muslim immigration into the united States. And no, we wouldn’t do what the Muslims do, and the proof is all around you. Aside from the ignorant acts of a few nutjobs the great majority of Christian people would never harm you for being gay. We hate your lifestyle and find it to be deviant and repugnant but we would not murder you.

          • arich45

            Yep. If it rains and cancels the ball game the JEWS did it!

          • The Penitent Man

            No, but when it is the Jewish elite and their worldwide organizations (present in over 150 countries and counting) then people should know about it.

            Nice try at making a mockery of the truth.

  • jtak101

    Shariah law those with their di*ks

  • Robert Tullier

    Don’t waste time on a trial; don’t waste the taxpayers money other than to ship then back to the countries that they came from and take away their ability to access passports or visas for the rest of their lives.

  • Shirley

    Glock comes to mind

    • WarEagle82

      Frankly, I prefer the M 1911 A1. I never liked that stupid Glock “safety.”

      • Shirley

        Anything that does the job will do lol

  • DB Cooper

    I really hope these scumbags get shanked while awaiting trial

  • Costa

    The solution is to ban penises all over USA, it’s insane that we allow every man to have a penis without a background check.

  • gort1959

    It’s too late unless we separate. Secede that is, drawing new lines, creating a new USA in the vision as it was meant to be….

    • Artemis

      I’m ready to go. My wife and I have already discussed moving to Texas if more Christian persecution comes and more accomodation of sicko moslems.

  • yzwisey

    Just start putting them down. Put it out of it’s misery and our as well.

    • NickFortune

      Hey, it’s all a part of the Democrat liberal Multiculturalism & Diversity. Conservatives see it as a cultural clash liberals see it as a welcoming accommodation to everyone elses America.

      • rhcrest

        Love it! At my kids public school, I purposely go around wishing the teachers a Merry Christmas and it makes them unsettled and they hesitantly wish me a Merry Christmas back. Isn’t that sad?

  • Ozarks Sentinel

    And when a white American ale who goes to church rapes does your headline say Christian rapes women? Of course not – you are simply a racist machine with no journalistic ethics whatsoever. useless crap from a useless source.

    • Budvarakbar

      How about some examples there – oh learned one!

    • scott

      Rape isn’t a cultural norm in the Christian world, dummy.
      BTW…islam isn’t a race…

    • Atikva

      The crap is from you, moron! You have just wasted a good opportunity to shut your trap.

      First, the rapists in that case are technically White. They also are muslims, and islam is not a race, just a totalitarian ideology that masquerades as a religion, so you can shove your “racism” accusation where the sun doesn’t shine.

      Second, in the civilized world a rape is a very serious crime and the rapist, whatever his religion or lack thereof, is severely punished and henceforth treated by society as a shameful, disgusting, repulsive animal.

      All this is in total contradiction with sharia law, which is at the root of the thousands rapes perpetrated by the muslim invaders in the West these last years. Not a day goes by without more news about this outrage and we are fed up with sharia law, its paraphernalia, its works and its pomps. If you don’t like to see these crimes reported in the media, tough luck – but don’t tell us, we are not interested, go tell your muslim brothers.

    • rhcrest

      What race exactly is Islam? Rape and violence define the muslim “culture”. Death and destruction is what muslims are all about. It’s their way of life. Just because you stupid politically correct idiots like to deny it doesn’t make it any less true. You people who defend these subhumans are disgusting.

  • Tommy Lee

    Muslim “culture.” Sickening

  • helpeachother18

    they learn from Islam, Muhammad had a 9 year old wife with his other 12 he rapped. FACT

  • chicobill

    Deport them immediately, and warn all women to avoid these miscreants from the Middle East

  • Darren Wilkens

    I hope other inmates kill them!

  • America the great

    Disgusting Saudi men,

  • Saruman

    revoke their student visas. send their camel-humping asses out of this country. FOR GOOD.

    but only after having removed their offending equipment along with castration. no progeny for Mohamed nor Tareq nor Abdulah or Yasmeed

  • James

    Time to tell the government to get their animals in control or to get rid of them. This BS is not to be tolerated.

  • NC2013

    Export them

  • k.b . mcdan

    Where is our chicken chit news media? Bought and paid for. We might as well be in communist

  • Zinkfreed

    Get a rope!

  • Avatar.

    They’ll be invited to the white house.

  • kathy kalb

    We are getting 200,000 more of the pigs!

  • Wayne Riley

    quranimal filth

  • Steve Fluke

    Immediate deportation!

  • Daisy Carter

    Time for concealed carry license for female students.

  • Artemis

    This happened about only a mile from me. It was on local radio but nobody’s talking about it out of fear of being labeled a bigot. The northeast is so wimpy.

  • Artemis

    Where are these girls’ fathers and older brothers? It’s time to return to family, lethal protection of our wives and daughters.

  • Jimmie W

    Why aren’t infidel women unclean?????? Kinda shows you how twisted Islam is. We should be considered as unclean as pigs….not to be touched!

  • ballotcode

    Incompatible with civilization.
    In all actuality, most mohamedans admit this is Allahs’ and Mohameds’ way [among themselves] proving Mohamed and Allah are not god or prophet.
    This is why getting Sharia passed [or at least not banned] is so important, so they can carry on destroying as they’ve done to their own countries.

  • Artemis

    Don’t forget. Rhode Island is where a murderer, Alfred Bissette Jr., served only 13 years for killing a randomly-selected woman to see how it would feel inside. He and another severed her spine with a shovel. He’s out and probably a moslem now.

  • Marco

    This is just the begining with the hundreds of thousands of these brain dead zombies obama is importing.

  • WarEagle82

    And the actual “War on Women” continues through Democrat proxies.

    Do these blokes look like Obama’s sons?

  • Oreoboots

    Render them all irreproducable , cut off their testicles and send them back to wherever they came from

  • Greytigertx

    Castration and surgical removal of their tools. Then give them to some redneck or brother in prison.

  • Greytigertx

    Better yet.
    Turn your back and give me 15 minutes with them. Dont ask why or what.

  • paul

    The Saudis are very rich! Good luck, likely on diplomat status.

  • Charlotte Whitaker

    Obama is a evil man.

  • Woome

    R.I. is full of Obama lovers who voted for him twice….. Hope they learn a lesson from this!!!!

  • Eric Scott

    Our college girls need to be informed, warned and instructed to stay away from moslems. Period. Then we start deporting all foreign national moslems, we can start with all name mohamhed. Revoke religious status of islam. No tax exemptions, open the books. Tear down all mosques. And be done with the death cult that is islam. Screw your moon fairy allah!!!

    • rhcrest

      American mothers and fathers need to teach their sons and daughters to stay as far away from muslims as possible. Our children’s safety and security should not be sacrificed on the alter of political correctness. I see too many parents who don’t warn their kids about certain groups of people and teach their kids that everyone is equal blah blah blah and then their kids get mixed up with the wrong people with severe consequences. American parents need to get their politically correct heads out of the sand.

  • keith

    … I’m against private gun ownership… always have been… but my daughter just became a teenager… so… does anyone have a pump-action, 12-guage Remington they want to sell..?

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  • gapeterson

    Every American mam, woman and child needs to be heavily armed today, these immigrants and refugees are not coming here for “a spot of tea” they are coming here with the soul purpose of taking the United States and making it an Islamic caliphate…ALL MUSLIMS MUST DIE IMMEDIATELY, it’s them or us….they already have their chief line drawer…AMERICA NEEDS TO WAKE UP, congress needs to impeach King Barry immediately….impeach this muslim piece of garbage, remove him from office and banish him, the wookie, their 2 daughters, his dogs and his entire administration from the U.S. immediately…..WHY??? is nobody in congress listening….they are just sitting on their butts doing nothing, well not exactly, nothing….they are real worried about birth control….but they continue to do NOTHING to save America from this muslim piece of garbage’s trek to fulfill his agenda…WAKE UP!!!

  • Mark Langford

    This is my favorite new article…Islam’s Rule of Numbers. It is spot on. And thanks Pamela for never ceasing

  • Mark Langford

    Islam has their own laws and legal “system”….you can’t have two legal systems in a single country. Christian “laws” are individual, and you answer to God and the church you belong to, at WORST with excommunication with the Church. There is no secular counterpart to church punishment that would overrule the rights of a free american. Islam, on the other hand, has their own laws and punishments. And when they have the numbers, they will seek to make their laws and punishments legal within the framework of our country. It is impossible. You can’t rule the death penalty on someone for religious reasons in the United States. But you can if you declare your “legal system” to be superior to the US legal system. It is the war of the systems. Constitutional law vs. Sharia law. You CAN’T have both work together. CAN’T. If you choose to live as a Muslim in America, you should be required to abandon Sharia consequences for other consequences that work within the framework of the constitution.

  • brendag

    We can only hope R.I. has some serious rape laws on their books. You never know with so many deviant Democrats in office.

  • KathiB.

    RAPE is “PART of their CULTURE”……………………kick them out!

  • Contrarianthefirst

    I have a box of ammo that contains far more than 4 rounds.

    Just sayin’…

  • weiss217

    Why are this POS’s still suckin’ air? The victims don’t have any brothers?

  • MrLogical

    Doesn’t say whet these Muzzy thugs are majoring in. Perhaps elecrical engineering?

    Even if they end up flunking out, they’ll still probably figure out how to create a timing device and detonator for a bomb.

    Just sayin’

  • MrLogical

    Of course, with Obama inviting 100,000+ of these camel jockeys in every year, this problem won’t become worse…

    Will it?

  • oldrndirt

    Maybe they could spend a weekend at the Whitehouse with Obama’s daughters.

  • Aleteia

    Thank you Pamela for informing us day by day! God keep you safe from all harm!

    • RWJetzt

      And thanks also to your friends in world Jewry, who worked right from the start to bring them all over here and to implement hate crime laws to prevent us from doing anything about it!

      Jews – they really are our greatest ally!

  • LimeyAL

    They haven’t been to trial yet, their Dhimmicrat lawyers will say that the ladies were provocatively dressed and led them on, their Imam will swear they are all good muslims who pray every day, they will be found innocent and sue the police for wrongful arrest and Imam Obama will invite them to the White Mosque oops I mean House. Well that’s the kind of outcome we used to get in England.

  • Muslim rape gang …meet US Prison rape gang!

  • hiskid1964

    ban islam

  • petar

    i agree that angela merkel will pay dearly for what she did to germany

  • petar

    third world new order

  • Pete Dinglas

    Muslim is everything they can think of for their advantage… these people should not be allowed in Western societies, even for a visit.

  • guestification

    Then the jews should please stop forcing these subhumans onto white countries, then.

  • John Connor

    Never forget it was the Jews who opened gates to muslim immigration and promoted white genocide through multiculturalism. And never forgive.

  • It is the nature of wild animals to behave as wild animals. Everyone on this site knows that Moslems behave as wild animals when given the opportunity. Although granted, there are many new counterjihadists on this site waking up, we do need to move on.

    The question is, who are those traitors who have promoted multiculturalism and mass migration of these wild animals into formerly civilised nations, along with the degradation of said societies?

    What group, through domination of academia, the media and finance, has relentlessly promoted a multicultural, value-free society, while simultaneously demonising white, Christian hetrosexual males?

  • spacepuppy

    Because we know that real God fearing Christians in America would never rape, or commit any crimes in fact! More racial bullhooey from racist Pam Geller.

  • Debbie

    Maybe Dr. Carson or Trump can discuss these savages whilst on the campaign trail. What a shame too. Media would only report a trend if it’s white criminals, meanwhile, young college women may be at risk and have NO IDEA.


  • MadMax

    is there a bounty on them?????

  • William L. Finucan

    It’s authorized by “their” good book.

  • Loki Mischif

    I need followers, we need to stand up for ourselves, How do these people even get into collage? You would think they wouldn’t want to come to america we have to many laws for them.

  • Woody

    How is this different from the literally thousands of similar events that take place on colleges every year with non-Muslims? Oh, wait — because they’re Muslims!

  • cleantruth

    The women were obviously Islamophobes – I’m sure Lynch will arrest them for defaming Muslims.

  • Terry B

    Their god allows them to rape non-Muslims as non-believers. Animals! This while Obama will bring in over 300,000 in 2016 to overwhelm our social services, police, and prisons.

  • Terry B

    Likely the Muslims public defender will argue that the rape was invited by the drugged passed out girls.

  • Knowitall

    You are absolutely correct. Because these piss ants are barry’s fellow muslims nothing will be said. So much for race relations getting better in the USA. My thought is to send them to Florida, and tie them to s take over a Fire Ant mound and watch them die a slow and tormenting death. Did I make my point clear?

  • jenshadus

    In Islam women are nothing more that property. This ‘religion’ has no morality or it’s 100% imposed on women. According to Sharia, if a woman is raped she can only prove rape if she can find four male witnesses. If she can’t she’s an adulterer punishment is whipping or stoned to death. Nice religion. Don’t understand why women become muslim. They aren’t even considered people, nor have a chance to go to a heaven. Guess they are well brainwashed.

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