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[ August 21, 2017 ]


[ August 21, 2017 ]

Media ignores that Florida cop killer is a Muslim, emphasizes that he’s a former Marine

[ August 21, 2017 ]


[ August 21, 2017 ]

Officials from largest US Islamic charity promote anti-Semitism on social media

[ August 21, 2017 ]

Barbie BOMB: ISIS Plot To Blow Up Aussie Plane With Barbie Doll Foiled

[ August 21, 2017 ]

Barcelona jihadi Younes Abouyaaqoub ‘shot dead’ by Spanish cops while wearing suicide vest after killing...

[ August 21, 2017 ]

Report: Bannon Urged Trump to Move U.S. Embassy to Jerusalem — Was Blocked by Jewicidal...

[ August 21, 2017 ]

MGM Resorts International will match employees’ donations to “civil rights groups,” including Hamas-CAIR, SPLC, and...

[ August 21, 2017 ]

Robert Spencer: UK Gets Tough On Terror

[ August 21, 2017 ]

KIndergarten children “radicalized” in Belgium

Invasion: FIVE MILLION MUSLIMS march on Europe: “We cannot guarantee the public safety anymore”


Apparently the numbers that they’ve been selling to their unsuspecting populations are wrong by at least four million. The latest invasion reflects a truer number of five million, not one million — five million invaders. If that’s not war, what is?

And it’s business, the social and migration industry is big business — the NGOs, resettlement organizations, social workers, etc. Just like here in America. Refugee resettlement is big business —

SPD politician Brigitte Meier said that we cannot guarantee the public safety anymore. “An insisting cry for help”.

migrant slovenia

Title: The truth: Germany recruits refugees systematically. Democratic Post

(distilled version)

It’s unbelievable but true: There are systematic campaigns to get as many
refugees to Germany as possible. Almost no refugee want to go to another country than Germany because no other country does that kind of advertising for itself. Every country knows that would be “asylum suicide”. But Germany is doing exactly that.

Chancellor Merkel and her assistant Thomas de Maizière lure refugees to
Germany with the anglophone TV station “Deutsche Welle”.
The Federal Office for Migration and Refugees produces costly propaganda
videos to advertise for the “immigration country” Germany. Die videos are worldwide available in multiple languages.

update 28th Oct.: The Federal Office for Migration and Refugees has remove
the video (below) from their homepage. It is only available on youtube now.

The former Berlin major of the district of Neukölln from the SPD party thinks that up to five million refugees come to us (Germany) this year.

SPD politician Brigitte Meier said that we cannot guarantee the public safety anymore. “An insisting cry for help”.

But another female SPD policitian, Aydan Özoguz, says that “everyone has to get involved and accept the changes.” and “already one out of five people has a migration background. Germany isn’t the ethnically homogenous national state many still think it is.”

The Germany social and migration industry is now making business many big companies can only dream of. Each month, an asylum-seeker costs 3500 euros, that is 3,5 billion euros for one month with an expected number of one million asylum-seekers, 42 billion euros annually. This is roughly the same sum that is paid to all unemployed (German) people. It’s not only the caregivers, language interpreters, social pedagogues, people smugglers, and landlords. The really big business is done by the social special interest groups, pharma pharmaceutical businesses, politicans and even some journalists. For them, the refugee industry is a future-proof billion dollar business.

  • Patrick Walsh

    A Bullseye for the great liberal death wish!

    • Robbydot1

      China do a pretty good job.

  • ProfShadow

    Behind every blade of grass in Europe cowers a defenseless European….

    • spacearcadian

      it´s the end of germany and europe. during centuries southern and eastern europeans saved europe from murderous, enslaver, rape, thieves hordes of islam. while england, germany, northern europe lived comfortably lifes, happily. Now england germany and northern europe have ruined it all, opening the borders to millions of members of a murderous cult, worse than the mafia or the nazis! it´s the end of europe

      • jim gazay

        The pope won’t authorize a crusade, doesn’t look there will be a battle of Lepanto.

        • spacearcadian

          It´s not necessary the pope authorize a crusade. 200 years before the 1rst crusade, Spanish and French were fighting the invaders muslim already

          • Vance Shearer

            Where is Charlemagne when you need him?

          • NYgal

            Maybe you get lucky and get Sobieski.

          • Keith

            If we can find his grave and dig his bones up we may finally have a leader with a backbone, unlike the current crop.

        • BCPoppy

          jimg – a couple of years ago I was planning for a trip to Europe, including Rome. Checking out events for Italy, I came across a muslim organization that was to hold a convention on when and how i-slam will be taking possession of Rome. Need I add that the convention was being held in Rome? Unbelievable…

          • jim gazay

            Yes Bcpoppy, I understand your dismay, I share that as well, I was saddened that the Pope did not speak out, about Islam invasion as well as homosexual marriage, he had the floor and he missed a great opportunity to redress these issues!

          • The Catholic Church supports immigration jihad. In the U.S. Thry like other supposed charities get paid big bucks by govnt

      • RubyTwoThree

        I never made it to Europe to travel, I had wanted too. It is really sad to think of all the culture and history being destroyed. Just wait until these barbarians destroy the Normandy cemetery. It is one place I have always wanted to go over there. Couldn’t pay me to go to Europe now.

        • jim gazay

          Sadly they have desecrated, cemetarys, they even tried to burn up Joseph’s tomb! The old testament from Genesis, much to my joy, the fire went out and they were highly unsuccessful, they also are destroying churches all over the middle east and lately France! They want to kill all disbelievers.

          • RubyTwoThree

            They will raid the Vatican as well, they take everything and destroy the rest.

          • jim gazay

            Ruby two three, that is one of the main goals, they see Rome as the center of Christendom, this is a very real possibility especially with their encroachment upon western Europe.

          • RubyTwoThree

            Yep, it’s all written and the powers that be know it, have been warned, and will do nothing about it.

          • jimdavis007

            The vatican has already made a deal with them. Listen to that swine the pope and you will see.

          • random

            They was destroying churches in Kosovo too….
            With help from america and europe… of course

        • Sickofliberallies

          I’ve always wanted to travel to Europe to follow my roots. Now I depend on Google Earth in HD…sitting on my Italian leather recliner with a German beer in one hand and Austrian hand gun in the other.

          • RubyTwoThree

            Sad isn’t it? I watch travel and history shows, and flip through the books at the library.

          • harry


        • FACTS

          I did go about 15 years ago. It was beautiful. I wanted to go again, but forget it. I’ll go to Japan, Australia and South America, instead. No migrants.

          • RubyTwoThree

            South America, all the migrants are here. LOL! I am glad you got to see Europe when it was still Europe. My mom and sister went when I was a kid so they got to see the real deal too.

          • Feet2Fire

            A sib lived in London for a few years and said it was overrun with Pakistanis even back then, a decade or so ago… :(


      The Muslim invaders of Eurabia are spineless bullies. All you have to do is stand up to them and they respond with cries of “islamophobia”, “racist”, ‘bigot”.

      Any Muslim who pulls a knife, gets shot. Eventually they’ll get the message.

      • Bob McMahan

        Except few Europeans own guns or would know how to shoot if they did.

      • Goodee Tooshew

        The only good message sent is a hot bullet received.

    • The Paris End

      Oh, they are not that small -I’ve met quite a few Europeans .
      But anyway Islam will mow them down no matter….blades of grass are no match for the blade of Islam

    • Contrarianthefirst

      Well said.

  • billlevinson

    At some point, the Germans who are being robbed to carry these invaders will take matters into their own hands. And, despite universal revulsion for what happened during the late 1930s, history will conclude that this time it was a reasonable and necessary reaction.

    • The real and only Toedeladoki

      From WW I to WW II to WW III ?

      But is this pure stupidity or something else ?

    • spacearcadian

      That will not happen. there will be NO civil war. Germans don´t have guns, less will to fight.
      Germans will just be subjugated by their politicians and the muslims and will become extint, after decades of crimes, rapes, and terrorism by the muslims. It´s happening now.

      • s;vbkr0boc,klos;

        Yes, the German people do not have guns but the German soldiers driving their own flesh and flood from their arms DO have guns and do not be surprised if at some point they turn the guns in the right direction.

      • jim gazay

        Austria has guns and they sold out recently, but get this, the gun store said it was mostly women buying guns!! Where the he’ll are the men?!

        • Tadpole

          Maybe six million Muslims will round up the entire German population for a second “final solution.”

          • Jean Robertson

            this is the white genocide project… started a hundred years ago… Angela Merkel was awarded the Kalergi European Prize.. Look it up.

        • Kim Smith


          • jim gazay

            But my teeth are cleaner and I am a God spellar! You are clairely mistooken…lol

          • Jean Robertson

            read about the Kalergi white genocide project. Angela Merkel was a recent recipient of the Kalergi European Prize. The Bolsheviks murdered at least 150 million white Christians …

          • jim gazay

            Yes thank Jean, there is a very good book called “Russia’s catacomb saints”, it is very hard to find but very inspiring, we here in the U.S. May be set for martyrdom, we must prepare. The Orthodox Church I belong to considers martyrdom as the highest rank among the saints.

          • MsRain

            I agree.
            “The Hegelian Dialectic”, and “The Cloward-Piven Strategy” among others.
            Merkel, and rest know exactly what they’re doing.
            All of these people are being used as weapons.

        • Joe Adam-Smith
          • jim gazay

            Thank you I meant to post link.

      • Charlotta Jones

        Germans will make their own guns. You can make a gun with a 3D printer. You can buy a crossbow. And I’m betting many ppple have their Nazi grandfathers Glocks and Lugers still. But I must admit a bit of Schadenfreude. Germany and the EU didnt want 6m Jews so they killed them all mercilessly. Now they’ve got 50m Muslimes and counting. Karma is a bitch.

        • Michael B

          Amen to that – what goes …comes around

          • Jean Robertson

            the bad news, Michael B., is that it is also coming around to the other parts of the Western world…. like North America, Australia, New Zealand….

        • Jean Robertson

          Have you seen Natanayhu’s recent statement (the media hated it) statement on the history of the Hitler/Palestinian discussion as to what to do …. Look it up. It is interesting.

      • NYgal

        Hitler thought Christianity was a wrong religion for Germans and Islam would suit them better. Obviously Merkel agrees.

    • you evil fool

    • Rick McCall

      Decent people will never bring themselves to kill these enemy combatants until it is too late. Unholy koran teaches muslims to have NO such moral restrictions, and the advantage in any fight goes to the attacker. Europe may be toast.

    • Kaspar Heinapuu

      And by universal revulsion during the late 30-s and that history will conclude, that this time it was reasonable you mean, that it was not reasonable for the Germans to fight back in the 30-s? GERMANY WAS FACING A COMMUNIST TAKEOVER, 7 MILLIONS UNEMPLOYED AND THE COUNTRY ON THE VERGE OF BANKRUPTCY!! AND FIGHTING AGAINST THAT WAS UNREASONABLE?!?!?!?!?!?

      • billlevinson

        The Brownshirts and Blackshirts were fighting Jews (who could not fight back). If they happened to beat up some Communists, though, well, even a broken clock is right twice a day.

        • Kaspar Heinapuu

          Couldnt fight back?

          • Kaspar Heinapuu

            They won the war

        • Kaspar Heinapuu

          Do you like Hitler and are a National Socialist or are you a brainwashed person, who thinks that they are bad?

    • Kaspar Heinapuu

      Are you a nationalist, a communist or a democrat?

      • billlevinson


        • Kaspar Heinapuu

          So do you like Hitler? If not, then why?

          • billlevinson

            No, only the National Jewish Democratic Council would like Hitler (if he ran for office with a D rather than an N after his name).

          • Kaspar Heinapuu

            You did not answer completely, why do you dislike him then?

          • Kaspar Heinapuu

            Oh, you still have not answered me, please answer, WHY DONT YOU LIKE HITLER?

          • billlevinson

            The fact that he murdered about 10 million people and also caused the deaths of 7 million Germans might have something to do with it.

    • NYgal

      German’s will not march without orders from a leader. That’s their orderly nature. And their current leader is marching them straight down the precipice.

  • Voytek Gagalka

    OMG! But if it is such “big business” from where in hell government is taking money from?

    If you don’t have answer to that question you really did not pay attention to what kind of enslavement those ruling elites forced people into, and already more that four decades ago. Think: what is “money” nowadays? Who “produces” that “money”? Is it “voluntary” to participate in that system, real “ponzi scheme”? Because it is like ponzi scheme, make no mistake about it.

    • Mildred Rosewater

      Its tax money. The Germans are not only being replaced they are also paying for it.

      Feast your eyes on this….

      • MsRain

        We are all (The West) are financing our own demise.

    • Judi

      They must be getting the money from the oil rich Gulf states. It is already common knowledge that they don’t want these ingrates in their own countries but Saudi Arabia is financing Germany to build 200 mosques.

      • Certified Diversity Trainer

        The USA is paying more than any other nation as per president Obama’s directives. He also wants in on some of Merkel’s action and bring in hundreds of thousands here.

      • Dravaa

        the oil rich states are contributing nothing but mosques, the better to ensure Muslims’ continual mental enslavement and not get out of Islam’s control

    • Dravaa


    • spacearcadian

      i want migrate
      الله أكبر الله أكبر والله وعد الحق يوم يكون الإسلام يحكم العالم بإذن الله….

  • Sickofliberallies

    Well look at it this way, at least the extermination of the white liberal apologist will begin in full force. It’s a shame we can’t round up all the liberal sycophants in the US and send them to Germany too!

    • ljm4

      funny how we haven’t heard a peep from Code Pink.

      • Sickofliberallies

        When they are forced to cover their faces and bow to mecca 5 times a day, that’s when you will hear from them.

        • FACTS

          By then it would be too late.

          • Sickofliberallies

            Sadly for them, yes it would be.

    • Rasputin

      I do feel sorry for the women though. Once you have feminized a society the men no longer feel the impulse to protect the women.

      • dad1927

        Some just need to die out

        • itsallgood4me


      • RubyTwoThree

        Exactly. I find it sad that I am more of a man than most men under the age of 40.

      • Tadpole

        And why would they try, when they get screamed at for being sexist if they so much as open a door. Sisters can do it for themselves, they say – let em then.

        • Frances Sinclair

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      • Sickofliberallies

        Part of me does too…but then there is what Tadpole mentioned below and that is the other half of how I feel.

      • David

        Feminized or demoralized, Rasputin?

      • El Cid

        Remember “Zardoz”?

        • Edward Vix

          I’ve also noted the resemblance to Zardoz, surprising no one else has. Boorman was prescient.

      • Harry Wookiee

        Men protect women?
        Remember, you females have spent the last thirty years telling us that you’re better than men in all ways. Protect yourselves.

    • Teresa

      agree maybe then they would not be so quick to sell America out to the re-colonization of America.

    • itsallgood4me

      Looks like the tide has changed ! For hundreds of years,it was the europeans doing all of the INVADING !!!!!!!! All they did was murder,steal and enslaved,everybody they came in contact with ! While there is no telling what will become of the invaded or the peace in the world . This is just an example of “What go’s around ,comes around “! When europeans were doing the invading ,they had none of these concerns because they were the ones doing the invading ! Too bad but the extermination of the liberals,won’t be the end of the exterminations ,conservatives may be the first to go,since they are the ones who will be first to put up resistance ! Its not just ashame to you ,its also impossible for you to send anybody anywhere !!!!!!! You wanting to round people up,makes you sound like the world war2 nazis ! I am sure that you know ,what happened to the people that they rounded up !!!!!!!!!

      • Sickofliberallies

        Conservatives are the ones holding the guns dumb ass. When we resist, we don’t call a fucking lawyer.

        • itsallgood4me

          You are the DUMB ASS ,because you are so stupid that you think that liberals are ARMED !!!!!!!!! Everybody in america ,has 2nd amendment rights DUMB ASS !!!!!!!

  • Roger Wallace

    My opinion: In those nations who accepted those refugees in way too many numbers has caused their own immediate, economic, total collapse as I write. Those nations are cursed of God with a curse because Islam is not blessed of God to prosper any nation. Only Christianity will stand in these hard times. It is apparent that marshal law needs to be done now and drive the refugees back to where they came from and create safe havens for them in those foreign countries that they came from so that these cannot create problems with Islam here in the free world. .

    • Rosey21

      Obama’s getting ready to do the same thing here. We have the same scenario happening And when they get done taxing everyone for the care of not only out own, but the immigrant leeches as well, you’ll be lucky to have 40% of your salary left.

      • ljm4

        that’s why the walk in is still easy. sorta saying hurry up, hurry up.

      • dad1927

        200,000 as far as you know

        • can you say infiltration

        • Magicmaninthesky Nothanks

          Hillary’s rug-muncher. She can say Allahuakbar underwater with a mouth full of marbles.

      • migrate to australia

    • David Power

      Mass-Immigration; The truth behind the propaganda:

    • martial law

      • Oracle9

        With the military on whose side? That is the question.

  • atl slayer


  • Wolfgang

    Images from the front lines:


      Why isn’t the Welcome mat out for Muslim “refugees” in Russia???

      There should be as many Muslims in Europe as there are Christians in Mecca.

      • Don Grantham

        Perhaps this will help…

        • dad1927

          I think a simple transfer of them to the camps up north, and put them to work

      • RubyTwoThree

        What about Saudi Arabia, Jordan, and all the other Middle Eastern countries w/land mass? It is the Caliphate. For many, many years people were warned and paid zero attention, and now it is happening and they still don’t get it.

        Japan is the only country in the world that controls their muzz population.

    • The Paris End

      The sign is in English: “Welcome to Germany”.
      Why not in German?
      Are they now giving up even the German language ?

      “Deutschland Uber Alles”…what a joke.

      Deutschland fur Allah.

      • The Paris End

        Or better still:

        Deutschland Unter Allah.

      • Magicmaninthesky Nothanks

        Islam uber Alles.

  • Muztards go home

    It’s time to open season on the jihadists and on the political leaders that are allowing it.

    • John Ford

      I’m concerned that if no peaceful resolution can be reached through the rule of law, NWO will get just what they want — total chaos through armed revolt.

  • Here they come
    • billlevinson

      So they replaced goose-stepping Nazis with braying Islamists.

  • billlevinson

    PsyWar cartoons for Germans. When will they vote Merkel and her cronies out?

  • Michael Copeland

    Germany abolishes itself? No. Merkel and politicians abolish Germany.
    A nation’s “sense of … homogeneity and difference from others”, says
    Peter Sutherland, UN spokesman on migration, is “precisely what the European
    Union, in my view, should be doing its best to undermine.”

    The “grandfather” of the EU, Richard von Coudenhove-Kalergi, wrote “The man of the future will be of mixed race. Today’s races and classes will gradually disappear. The Eurasian-Negroid race of the future … will replace the diversity of peoples…”.
    The EU gives a prize in his name: it has been awarded to Merkel.

    • Dravaa

      yes, it’s some kind of social experiment; we know where Germany’s last one ended up.

      • Michael Copeland

        It is the conspiracy by the elites against the people .

    • Tim Ireland

      I believe love always conquers, but when it comes to islam – that’s when we have to say NO and point them in the direction of where they came from.

  • Dravaa

    hah, perhaps Merkel thinks she can replace the Jews Germany wasted with Muslims? If so, she’s got another thing coming .. literally. Not all “foreigners” are alike. Guess it’s just another social experiment.

    • dad1927

      Mohammed is Fritz’s retirement plan. But Mohammed has a very
      different type of plan. Fritz is counting on Mohammed to work while he
      relaxes. Mohammed relaxes and expects Fritz to work. Fritz is not
      related to him and therefore Mohammed sees no reason why he should work
      to support him.

      European social democracy reduces society to a
      giant insurance plan in which money is pooled together. But insurance
      is forbidden in Islam which considers it to be gambling. European social
      democracy expects him to bail it out, but to Mohammed, European values
      are a crime against Islam.

      Mohammed’s Imam will tell him to
      work off the books because paying into the system is gambling. However
      taking money out of the system is just Jizya; the money non-Muslims are
      obligated to pay to Muslims. Under Islamic law, it’s better for Mohammed
      to sell drugs than to pay taxes.

      That’s why drug dealing and
      petty crime are such popular occupations for Salafis in Europe. It’s
      preferable to steal from infidels than to participate in the great
      gamble of the European welfare state.

      Mohammed isn’t staking
      his future on the shaky pensions of European socialism. He invests in
      what social scientists call social capital. He plans his retirement by
      having a dozen kids. If this lifestyle is subsidized by infidel social
      services, so much the better. And when social services collapse, those
      of his kids who aren’t in prison or in ISIS will be there to look after
      him in his golden years.

      As retirement plans go, it’s older and better than the European model.

      Mohammed doesn’t worry much about the future. Even if he doesn’t make
      it past six kids, by the time he’s ready to retire the European country
      he’s living in will probably be an Islamic State. And he is confident
      that whatever its arrangements are, they will be better and more just
      than the infidel system.

      • MsRain

        “The Hegelian Dialectic”, and “The Cloward-Piven Strategy”
        Our leaders know exactly what they’re doing.
        These people are being used as weapons, and many (if not most) agree to be the hammer used to bring down the West.

    • Vance Shearer

      Look on the bright side. After her the Germans will finally be over Hitler with a leader they can hate and feel ashamed of for the new century.

  • All roads lead to Kazakhstan, a huge country which is 70% Muslim.

  • maturner

    Now is the time for all good men to roll this immigration back.

    • David Power

      Yes, but before that can happen, the not so good men will have to be dragged from their positions of power and dispensed with.

      • Don Grantham

        But before ANY of that can even begin to happen, we need to get over our collective fear of being labeled ‘intolerant racist Islamophobes’. These and other weaponized words are the ammunition social destructors use to keep the population as a whole cowed and unwilling to mount any sort of significant resistance. Few of us have the strength of character to stand apart from the crowd and proclaim “The Emperor has no clothes!”
        Pamela Geller is one such individual, and I admire her tenacity in holding the line against ceaseless opposition. That takes real guts.

  • David Power

    Make No Mistake, Europe is in Very Serious Trouble.

    But Mass Immigration, rather than being the cause, is merely the symptom. The symptom of a far more insidious disease which infected Europe several decades ago.

    And the name of that deadly disease, is the cultural Marxist hate-cult known as FEMINISM.

    In his famous essay “Managing Oneself”, Peter Drucker advises strongly the need to understand your strengths and weaknesses, and observed that you can never win by improving your weaknesses but only by improving your strengths.

    By wholeheartedly adopting the feminist doctrine of androgyny, Europe has done exactly the opposite. And so has been chronically weakened by building on it’s women’s weaknesses in an attempt to make them the equal of it’s men, rather than encouraging them in their natural strengths.

    And while this charade has been going on, it’s men have been encouraged to adopt ever increasing feminine attitudes and lifestyles at the expense of their own natural strengths, now deemed unnecessary in the new gender-neutral economy.

    “The strongest sign of a decaying nation is the feminisation of its men and the masculinisation of its women.” (Taylor Caldwell 1970)

    In fact, once Europe adopted the bogus feminist narrative of androgyny, it’s decline was inevitable. The whole continent, from its Education System, Legal Framework and Political Institutions, was essentially feminised.

    But it’s not just Europe, all western nations have been guilty of blindly accepting the bogus teachings of feminism and are currently experiencing a corresponding rapid decline.

    Which is hardly surprising when you consider that the impact of this perverse gender flipping strategy on our society, is… plummeting marriage and birth rates, combined with ever rising numbers of childless women and fatherless children, together with the grotesque increase in abortion rates, and exploding national debts.

    But that’s just the half of it. The real problem for today’s Europe is that with its wholesale adoption of feminine priorities and the implementation of fem-centric national policies, the west has weakened itself to such a degree, that it is now ripe for take over by a more predatory and far less tolerant culture.


    Well, as any Evolutionary Psychologist will tell you, the male and female psyche’s are in fact very different. They will explain how Men and women faced quite different survival threats throughout the vast majority of human history, and thus evolved very different psychological survival imperatives.

    For instance, in our past, when one tribe was conquered and over-run by another, the consequences for the Men and Women of the defeated tribe were very different. The Men and male children of a defeated tribe were very likely to be slaughtered by the invading tribe. This would have been in stark contrast to the fate of a defeated tribe’s women and girls, who would usually have been eventually assimilated into the invading tribe.

    So throughout history, the burden of border guarding fell almost exclusively to the male of the Species. Consequently, men evolved a psyche which has a much more heightened border guarding (an extension of mate guarding) mentality compared to Women.

    And so, the consequence of the rise of feminism and the feminisation of national priorities, has left western societies dangerously vulnerable to being over-run by more predatory cultures. Cultures which are far less tolerant, particularly towards women, than anything seen here in the west for centuries.

    But this is nothing new. Despite what contemporary feminists would have us believe, adopting female priorities as been tried many times throughout human history. In fact, it usually heralds the decline of a culture.

    The oxford academic J.D. Urwin, happened upon this phenomenon in his exhaustively researched book “Sex and Culture” in which he analyses 80 primitive cultures and a number of past empires.

    He found that, without exception, the level of decline of these cultures was directly paralleled by the degree of political influence given to their women. His historical examples include the Sumerians, Babylonians, Athenians, Romans, Teutons, and Anglo-Saxons (600s – 900s), and English (1500s – 1900s).

    In every case, he found that all of these cultures were established and thrived while controlled entirely by Men and thus embracing masculine priorities, and began to rapidly decline when the cultures priorities shifted towards the feminine after women were given increasingly greater political influence.

    So it would seem that Europe is merely following in the footsteps of countless past cultures that were eventually over-run, due to foolishly allowing female political power to over feminise their laws, politics and national priorities, particularly in the areas of border guarding, national sovereignty and a sustainable birth rate.

    Unfortunately, towards the end of his book, Urwin concludes that once this process has begun, it is all but irreversible.

    • See The Future

      Excellent……….You are 100% correct.

      It is very sad that what you observe is coming to pass.

      And there are not enough real men left to reverse the future.

    • Joe Adam-Smith

      A good point. There are, of course exceptions to the rule. The obvious one in the UK was Margaret Thatcher – I cannot see her rolling over to Merkel’s idea of mass immigration. Likewise, the former MP, Ann Widdecombe. She stated that if women wanted to be in politics they’d better start working hard and not complain about the current system.

      • David Power

        Absolutely there are exceptions to almost every rule and Mrs T was certainly one. But remember, she always made a point of saying that she had no time for the feminist movement and in no way thought of herself as a feminist.

        Also she had very little time for other female politicians. Indeed, she very rarely promoted any to her cabinets.

        She was also acutely aware, that as the first female leader of a major western country, that she would be judged as weak if she didn’t robustly stand up against Britain’s enemies. And to that end, always asked for and acted upon advice from the men she surrounded herself by.

        But to elect a woman into a position of ultimate power and expect to get another Margret Thatcher would be a grave mistake. The truth is that Hillary Clinton is as different to Margret Thatcher as Obama is to JFK.

  • NortyNina

    *Isis conflict: Saudi Arabia reaffirms commitment to oust Syrian President Bashar al-Assad*

    International negotiations on reaching a political solution to the crisis in Syria moved forward over the weekend, Saudi Arabia’s foreign minister has said. Adel al-Jubeir reiterated calls for Syrian President Bashar al-Assad to step down from power after holding talks with his Egyptian counterpart in Cairo on 25 October.
    He did not specify how much progress had been made, but backed the creation of a transitional government that would write a new constitution and prepare for elections.

    It came after US Secretary of State, John Kerry, held talks with the Saudi leadership in Riyadh, with both sides pledging to boost military and financial support to rebels fighting against Assad.

  • Thomas Didymus

    I wonder where they think that money is going to come from.

  • Dusty Koellhoffer

    It’s called invasion. It’s time to get guns to stop them. Rape gangs and riots, all they bring with them is the evil of Islam.

    Islam cannot be “reformed” to abandon the teachings of Muhammad. Jihadi terrorism will never end so long as the Koran and Hadith are taught and the people brainwashed with his message of hate and oppression

  • CityZlin
  • spacearcadian

    It´s the end of germany and europe. during centuries southern and eastern europeans saved europe from murderous, enslaver, rape, thieves hordes of islam. while england, germany, northern europe lived comfortably lifes, happily. Now england germany and northern europe have ruined it all, opening the borders to millions of members of a murderous cult, worse than the mafia or the nazis! it´s the end of europe

  • spacearcadian

    you will get nothing attacking some muslim, when your politicians bring them by millions, and also your politicians and your army are in the muslim side. you will just be another dumb breivik. it’s necessary to take the italian way against Mussolini, as a warning to the rest of your poiticians

  • CadaveraVeroInnumero

    Thought my friends over at the USCCB (Bishop’s Conference) would be interested in this piece. Below, copy of note:


    Me again. Europe is disappearing,utterly. Cardinal Marx is returning to Bavaria from the Synod where, soon, Sharia Law will legislate that every “gay” to be tossed off Munich’s highest building – or steeple With Germany now being invaded by millions upon millions of sturdy, healthy young Muslim males, the German bishops will be busy preparing their people for a civil war.. The Kasper proposal will give them very little solace.

    I don’t think they – or you – are aware of the urgency of the moment . Please withdraw from the Refugee Settlement Program before it is too late. Germany villages of 60 being assigned 1500 (mostly) Muslim males portends our future too.

    Unfortunately, human nature intrudes, doesn’t it. Read the linked post carefully. Towards the bottom is a paragraph on how many will become enriched by the so-called refugee crisis: federal and state agencies, NGOs of all sorts. Programs will be lavished, new staff hired; new programs installed with more staff;; rents will be paid on time along with salaries; bonus dispersed. For some this Migrant Crisis is a candy store.

    You have your millions upon millions of federals grants so why passed the collection plate in our churches?

    The linked piece’s primary concern is the horrific panic from Europe – the shock that this is the end. Except in Christian Hungry and Poland (Slovenia? The Czech Republic? Soon Orthodox Serbia & Bulgaria?)

    Why ask us to participate in an invented crisis just so German industry can have cheap labor (out of a horribly unskilled population) and healthy, young hordes of Muslim male can demand jiza tribute payments from Europeans in the form of free phone service, apartments, and blond women

    On that last: Sweden has had the highest rape record (per ratio to population & in absolute numbers) in the world (minus a few small countries in Southern Africa). Due to the migrant invasion army Germany will soon take that record trophy. Thousands have occurred, as reported by various NGOs on the ground. State governments (on orders from Merkel?) have told their police forces not to maintain records or to aggressively follow thru.

    Time to start a PEDIGA/America or a PEDIGA/Catholic movement. Now, that would be wise use of your federal grants.

    Maybe the only salvation here will be Putin on a white horse!


      Putin is another kind of Evil.

      Imperialist Putin invades Crimea, Ukraine and now Syria.

      And Obongo plays golf.

    • Patsy Barrett

      FB – Stop the Islamization of the USA Pegia USA. New page.

    • John Ford

      I don’t know what Pam’s position is on American organization against this problem, but this is the most organized group I’ve found so far:

      Pam and Brigette are truly the Joan of Arc’s of our time.

  • Rajan

    No humane person likes or approves the holocaust; but one more is in the making in Germany and humanity will be stuck in its decision by this mistake. And to think that it is again Germany for WW3 is sad indeed.

  • Mark Millich

    The Walking Dead

    • Don Grantham

      Well, have we not been preparing for the ‘Zombie Apocalypse?’

  • nanza

    Wait, there are more coming. They want will re-unification with their families, they left (ditched) back home. I can hear the rioting already, if they are refused their demands if their families will not be allowed to join them, in Europe. They will yell that Europe has no humanity in them for keeping their poor families separated from them. Yeah, probably 4 million times at least 4 family members. Europe has no defense. No armies, no strong police force. Already parts of Europe have been ethically cleansed of non-muslims. They are afraid of them (no-go zones anyone??!!) They will cave in of course to riotous demands.

  • marlene

    There isn’t any other group of people in the entire world who could pull this off with such deliberate precision. So, who’s supplying the resources and pre-planned organization to pull this off? FOLLOW THEIR SMELL and expose them.

  • Benton Marder

    Maybe I’m a dinosaur, but I have to ask—What is an army for? Is the Bundeswehr to be construction labour to house the invaders? Is the Bundesheer to be made into traffic cops? Angela Merkel should have been hanged before the inviting words came out of her mouth. It surely looks like the Hungarians are the only ones with any sense—them and the Swiss.

  • Kim Smith

    so Angela merkel and the rest of the European leaders have turned into traitors just like our leaders here in America.

  • Guest

    FIVE Million? Is that ALL? The US has closer to 15 Million, so Europe is getting off easy. Well, at least most of the (illegal) “Immigrants” in the US aren’t Muslims.

  • DragonLord

    The European cowards only have themselves to blame. They let them in, not they will suffer for their stupidity.

  • Rick McCall

    Liberals are dreamers. They think they are intelligent, open-minded,and caring, but they are fatally gullible and stupid. They are so open-minded that their brains are falling out.

  • David

    the invasion has begun, the only problem is that the liberal morons who run europe cant see it, when they do it will be too late.
    what i dont understand is why they do not go to other muslim countries but rather come to countries that they do not like.

  • Zach Watkins

    These Muslims are the trash of the earth.

  • pdxnag

    If the Europeans want to stimulate the economy by giving money away they could just as well give it to Europeans, who would spend it.

  • Contrarianthefirst

    At this point, I suggest Europeans of the several nationalities arm themselves, via means fair or foul, and prepare to defend their very lives.
    This is socialism on open display, and it’s going to get your loved ones killed.

  • Carlo Martell


  • Mr. Avatar

    Maybe it’s time for the German people to rise up like Hitler and exterminate the Muslims this time.

    • John Ford

      You got it. Those who haven’t learned from history…

    • random

      isis literally called man women and children…. of that plane that they recently destroyed … crusaders.

  • brian

    there goes europes tourist money down the drain

  • soliel67

    This is so disturbing! Why do the leaders hate their people so much to destroy them?

    • Really really stupid people

      They’re just really, really stupid people. Just like our leaders. They live in ivory towers and have absolutely no idea of what it’s like to be a normal citizen.

  • Rafael129

    It really is astonishing that the German people are letting Angela Merkel destroy their country.

    Is no one capable of saying NO MORE.

    As Hillel said, “If I’m not for myself, who will be for me”.

  • Mangela Irkel

    Each EU nation should withdraw from the EU, give the EU the finger for any debts owed, protect their borders with guns, and start over. The EU is a failure.

  • Teresa

    seriously how did this get to be about women? Its about refugees taking over another country. Im also cracking up about the feminist crap. Let me tell you. Not one of my female friends believes in that bullshit. Anyone that spouts that men hating don’t touch my door crap is just a bitter bitch. All us real women know this and ignore them. I just wish men did not label all women with that feminist bull crap or compare all women to their ex’s. I really makes it hard for us real women that don’t have all those identity issues.

  • Ben

    What is the problem with this? Have earth excavator’s dig big trenches. Order the army to shoot them and bury them.

  • sakovkt

    I have been forwarding links to these Flughttlinge articles to my senators and representative in Congress, mit Bing ubersetzung.
    I think Google has an online translator also, where required.
    “Regarding immigration and Syrian “refugees” : link”
    I think the articles speak for themselves.

  • Tim Ireland

    Yes 5 million sounds absolutely correct. I’ve always believed the German media are not telling the truth – despite the truth being obvious when you see any pictures.

    At the moment the hijra is lucrative for the industries mentioned above. But give it a another few years and there simply will not be the money to pay for this.

    Germany on 1 August 2015 was a completely different Germany than it is today; as it will be a completely different Germany by Christmas. Already with the snow – the migrant camps are becoming squalor, there is going to be outbreaks of disease, not to mention the rioting that will occur – and yet there will still be migrants walking into Europe – demanding welfare and mosques.

    If you have always dreamed of seeing Germany, GO NOW because it is a country in rapid transformation from Germany to that of Rebel controlled Syria.
    The only hope for Germany is a collapse of the Bundestag and for Germany to split into its Federal States, each protecting their own territory from the invasion. But, the European Union has destroyed national identity and sovereignty.


    I know that Muslims don’t like dogs for some reason. I’d get a couple of Doberman Pinschers and German Shepherds. I love dogs. I’d take the dogs everywhere I go. That’s what the Germans should do. If every German did that, the Muslims would go crazy.

    • John Ford

      And pigs. Start pig crossings everywhere.


    I wonder how many of the LGBT crowd from America is going to plan a vacation to Germany? If they’re really pro-immigration, they should go visit Germany and show us how to assimilate with them.

  • Billygabe

    Must be a tough job for Geller stoking fear and bigotry day in and day out.


      Billygag, Must be a tough job for you pretending that Islam isn’t invading Eurabia, bombing passenger planes like Pan Am 103, bombing Marathons, beheading and immolating captives and putting the video on the Internet, murdering filmmakers, trying to kill writers like Salman Rushdie, murdering cartoonists at Charlie Hebdo, bombing London transport, bombing each others mosques because the other Muslim is a heretic/apostate/Jew/Christian/Bahai/Buddhist/Hindu…

      • Billygabe

        I don’t live in fear. Stuff you mentioned has been going on for decades, you have a better chance of being shot by an American then a terrorist.

      • Billygabe

        You should be worried more about guns.

    • John Ford

      What you call fear rational people call common sense.

    • Torch

      Bigotry is when you oppose something simply because it is different. Islam condones the rape of children. It is the nature, not the fact, of the difference in this case that causes me to oppose Islam.

      If you are a knee-jerk xenophile who always embraces exotica simply because it is exotic, you will eventually learn the hard way that “different from” does not automatically = “just as good as”. The problem you pose for the rest of us who don’t need to learn that lesson is that you are feeding us along with yourself to the regressive Islamic supremacist culture. In the future please be more considerate of how your actions affect others.

      • Billygabe

        There’s plenty of horrible stuff in the bible Torch, and have you forgotten the children raped by priests in this country and the church covering it up?

  • Midwester

    Kaiser Wilhelm II admired Islam. Is it any wonder that modern Deutschland is embracing Muslim “refugees”?

  • Frank

    I cannot understand why this criminal activity is being poo-pooed in the western media –

    Real time Animation of Muslim migration/invasion of Europe :

  • jwbaumann

    When the Muslims have raped all of Germany’s women, would it be wrong to say “they were asking for it”?

  • Sue Borden

    Not to many years ago our brave soldiers laid down their lives for Europe against one of her own. Now their graves will soon be desecrated by these 9th Century invading savages.

  • Tutankamen TretMan Vimentu

    Business That Will Kill The Business as Usual

    ADD 50mil. Refugees from
    Afrika & KALKULE

  • TexanForever

    Look at the bright side. Vast open spaces are getting fertilized.

  • Feet2Fire

    But another female SPD policitian, Aydan Özoguz, says that “everyone has
    to get involved and accept the changes.” and “already one out of five
    people has a migration background. Germany isn’t the ethnically
    homogenous national state many still think it is.”

    Yeah, well, Aydan Özoguz is not exactly a GERMAN name, now, is it?
    Unbelievable, what’s happening in Europe. Those people are insane to be deliberately importing Vectors of their own DOOM.

  • Jay Dillon

    Europe is no longer safe for Jews and Christians, so why is it safe for Muslims? Where’s the “equality” on that front?

  • Frank frivilous

    You shouldn’t be intimidated by liberals. They were conditioned to be compliant after all. The real danger is allowing neo-cons run your government and formulate policy. Yes you might also consider deporting the Pam Geller types too.

  • Orvill Higgins

    Germans need to arm themselves, take that Chancellor and all of her Cohorts, string them up by lampposts and whip them to death.
    Then kick the heathen hoard back to where they came from.
    How’s that for politically correct !

  • frank kydd

    How can western feminist women condone treatment of muslim women under sharia law? muslim women have no rights under sharia law.

  • Frank Müller

    Hello, my Name is Tom i live in Frankfurt City Germany today i saw the next Trains income to Frankfurt with a lot of refugees…..

    in this year 2016 germany expects 1,5 million refugees last year it was 1,1 Millions…

    2017 all refugees are allowed to bring the Family Members to Germany so Germany expects another 4 Million people…

    That is a fact its officiall numbers what our Government make official in numerous press releases in total numbers that means 2018 we have around 7 Million Muslims as refugees and around 8 Million Muslims from earlier times…

    2018 Total Muslim population in germany: 15-16 Millions…

    i think Its to late for us Germay will fall to Islam…Christians in Germany are fucked up….

    Rescue your countrys, rescue your Family your People….

    End of Message

  • Pat

    Germany also want to use these refugees as ultra low paid staff for their industries, while getting rid of native Germans. All this to get more profit. But at the end of the day it will destroy German industries as these refugees will never have the work ethic of native Germans. Maybe in 20 years BMW or Mercedes will have the same reputation as Lada.
    Now German birthrates are very low and one of the reasons is that many German women do not want to have children anymore is that in Germany working mothers are not very well considered and discriminated at the work place.
    If women in Germany were not discriminated at the work place they would have more babies. Germany does not need more refugees it needs to treat it’s women better and give them satisfactory work opportunities.

  • Elizabeth

    They live like dirty filthy pigs. I have never been a racist or never gave it much thought until I saw what is happening in germany. Muslims should be shot and killed. My hatred for them grows more every day. I wish I could drop the big one on them and wipe them out!!!!!

  • Paul Noel

    The problem with this situation is that it is so poorly understood and so often discussed with hateful rhetoric rather than reasoned understanding.

    Let’s be clear about the situation. The size of the situation is far greater than is being discussed. Due to the collapse of incomes in the region and the growth of population coupled to the limitations of the environment of the region, there are 1.2 Billion people who are going to be either refugees of war, economy or environmental disaster. That is the size of the problem.

    Regards the EU or the North American acceptance of these people, they have neither resources nor can they hope to have such to accept these people. This is impossible. It is not an option of compassion. Worse yet it is painfully clear that these people “Do not play well with others.” In fact this situation is much of the cause of their need to move. The sad fact is that their Islamic culture is incompetent to provide people with their daily needs or the safety and security necessary for them to dream their dreams and pursue them without unreasonable interference by others. Literally this culture is fatally flawed on this account. Importing it to the EU or the USA portends the destruction of our ability to survive.

    Sadly the late oil fortunes of the region have created a population of people who neither understand nor to do they easily adapt easily to the industry necessary for them to survive. Their cultural understanding of the respect of others and their points of view is totally absent. As such their presence is not a matter of the kindness of the people of the host country. It is a matter of these people turning our lands into the very hell holes that they ran from.

    Just for the record: I am in the USA. We have a long history of being the most accepting and friendly people towards those needing a new home. History shows this fact in that we every year accept more people than the combined total of all other nations on earth. My own State of Alabama saw a migration of people refugees from Hurricane Katrina of nearly 600,000 people in just one week. None of these people was ever turned back or refused a place in our society even though we knew more of their situation and might well have had reason to reject them. For the EU friends, this was a nation of 4 million with 500,000 of its own citizens homeless due to the storm taking in 600,000 more people. Almost none of those people ever went back. We are a most caring and helpful people but we have no obligation to help those who demand we change our ways or wish to command our world.

  • Gerald burnham

    The European ethnic cleansing has begun.

  • willr3

    The Pope is a big part of the muslim invasion . The satanic power there wants to see the rise of the 4th Holy Roman Empire.. The pope, in conjunction with the new German .4th Reich [ empire] will rule to the west [eastern Holy Roman Empire and Istanbul [western HRE] The Calefite over all islam rules jointy. The plan is to dominate the EU and then focus on a further invasion of the US

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