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[ September 21, 2017 ]

90 Percent of Asylum Seekers in Austria End Up On Welfare

[ September 21, 2017 ]

Media Criticism: NYT Buries Nationalities of London Bombers and Omits Refugee Status in Report

[ September 20, 2017 ]

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[ September 20, 2017 ]

Keith Ellison Compares Illegal Immigrants To Jews In Nazi Germany

[ September 20, 2017 ]

Have a sweet, happy and joyful Rosh Hashanah

[ September 20, 2017 ]

London bombing: Fifth Muslim migrant arrested at ‘halfway house for asylum seekers’

[ September 20, 2017 ]

Albanian Lobby Working On Trump For Kosovo

[ September 20, 2017 ]

ISIS calls on Muslims to commit jihad attacks at hurricane relief centers

[ September 20, 2017 ]

Muslim child sex trafficking leader STOMPED on fellow prisoner’s face for saying ‘terrorists should be...

[ September 20, 2017 ]

Two Muslim Migrants Arrested for Raping 16-Year-Old on German City Street

VIDEO: Germans lose their jobs at four star Hotel Maritim…it will now house Muslim migrants


I predict a civil war — there is no other way.

The workers and shop owners in this hotel, some of whom had worked there for over 25  years, were told a few weeks ago that they would no longer have jobs, because the hotel would be converted into migrant housing.

Screen Shot 2015-10-20 at 11.00.19 PM

Screen Shot 2015-10-20 at 11.02.27 PM

It’s been a glam spot for decades (above)

Screen Shot 2015-10-20 at 11.01.27 PM

The buses

Screen Shot 2015-10-20 at 11.05.11 PMScreen Shot 2015-10-20 at 11.04.58 PMScreen Shot 2015-10-20 at 11.04.01 PM


  • John H.

    No Comments? I’m the first? OK… so when are the German people going to fight back? I would have thought there would have been unions of folks in the streets ready to tussle with the authorities over this…. but I know it is hard to fight for something… but agree folks can be pushed only so far.. Praying for Germany’s people.

    • basspig

      How can the German people fight without guns?

      • Orion

        They need the will first…..

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          • Susan


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      • Charlotta Jones

        I’m sure some old Nazis have hidden guns buried. I am also sure they can make guns in a machine shop. Muslimes can buy guns illegally in Brussels (near the train station) –thats where those terrorists bought guns for the murders in Brussels and that attack on the train that as foiled by 3 Americans I believe. Then of course there’s another way–a 3D printer. And yet another way to incite them and get the army to shoot them-BACON and HAM. Pork them everywhere Pork Pork –little bits strewn all over the place will make the ground haram.Bacon/ham blended in water v finely and into a plastic water bottle with a hole and as you walk along near /in front of them/mosques, drip, drip ,drip. Dogs will come, attracted by the smell of meat. And Dogs as we know are HARAM to them.
        And a cross bow kills silently…

        • Benton Marder

          Swords, daggers, long bayonets, kitchen knives work very well. Nasty mean dogs do likewise. Now, one need not waste good ham and bacon here. The pig farms and processors use every part of the pig except the squeal and the urine. Load up the squirt bottles with pig urine. Once the Muslims catch the smell of Urine, they will twig that it’s pig urine.

        • SheGaveBirth2sAtan

          I’m sure they have guns hidden somewhere, but the issue is ammo. The govt. restricts the ammo similar to how BO is working on now for USA. Still swords, knives, etc.
          a good chemist knows what materials go together and what doesn’t if you know what I mean.

          • ‎‎

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        • Frida pardon

          Well said!!

        • Mickey Oberman

          A good spritz in the face with Wasp Killer will put even a big man down.
          It won’t kill or seriously injure but will stop the assailant and additional squirts will keep him down till help arrives.

      • atl slayer

        The same.way people have before guns, using their two most dangerous weapons their mind and their hands,.(ewoks vs. Storm troopers ?)

      • s;vbkr0boc,klos;

        Ask the Jews in the Warsaw Ghetto. If you want a gun you got to kill a German soldier and take one. And if YOUR own soldiers are attacking you and pepper spraying you and throwing you out of your homes they are no longer YOUR soldiers.

      • smokey the bear

        Burn place down. Simple.
        (* kids, get parents permission. Not a call to violence, just a hypothetical statement for conversation.)

    • John J. Stenberg

      Not on the MSM. On social media reports through several outlets show Germans protesting by the tens of thousands. There was a knive attack on the top government official. Germany is comming apart at the seams. This is also true in Austria, Sweeden, Finland and wherever they accept this invasion by 85-95% Arab men. Hardly any women and children.

  • jazzy

    Most of the germans are old!

    • Mary

      Because they have swallowed the garbage this country has exported worldwide. That being abortion, living together out of wedlock, and general break down in the morals of the people. Germans are not marrying or having children. Remember Yassar Arafat’s pronouncement that “the best weapon we have is the Muslim womb!” They proudly proclaim (over there) that in 50 years they will outnumber the Europeans and simply take over. How long will it take here?!

      • Tiina

        Most responsible people don’t want to bring children into poverty. Moslems don’t care about this, as they don’t care about their children and will gladly send them to be suicide bombers.

  • Brewster

    Watch this place become a drug haven/ghetto.

  • Crystal Waters

    They will be protesting their accommodations as soon as they move in.

  • Mary

    My husband’s family lives there. Castles have been remodeled to accommodate refugees. They are given TV’s, phones, food, etc. and they complain!!! The German government has seen that these people live like pigs, so they are going to hire women to go in and clean for the refugees!!! Unimaginable!! The problem stems from “German guilt” over the WW2 atrocities(we were so mean, so now we have to be nice), in addition to a total lack of Christian influence in Germany, and Europe generally.

    • Bradley Lexvold

      Your going to have to get organized and come up with practical plan of action. In the states I am trying to get a state to secede from the union. Trying to ban Islam on a national level won’t work. Investigate if you can ban parts of the country. Don’t let other peoples limitations and inabilities become your own. Another posted here that running pigs over ground will stop them from building mosques. That being said, herd feeder pigs around them. Cheap and may have the result in them leaving. Don’t know until you try, but might be worth the effort as what legitimate options do you have. Going to have think way out side of the box.

      • IzlamIsTyranny

        Any state that secedes from the United Islamic Puppet States of N. America, I’m there.

        • NYgal

          Personally, I consider the United States the most honorable and moral endeavor in the history of nations and do not wish to see it destroyed or diminished in any way, just repaired. Let’s not throw out the baby with the bath water.

          • Mickey Oberman

            Obama has succeeded in diminishing it beyond belief.
            Now you must try to salvage what is left and rebuild from the ruins.

          • Dorrie

            The jury is still out on whether that will be even close to feasible by the end of this year…

      • NYgal

        Why don’t you concentrate on something practical, like electing the right person for President, like Cruz or Carson, instead. To change policy, we need strong and moral leadership and either of those men would fit the bill.

    • devilsadvocate

      I think Germans will have more reason to be ashamed of letting this tide of Islam in to Europe. Maybe it’s not a catharsis they seek? Perhaps Germans are SICK of being reminded of ww2 and subconsciously WANT to destroy Europe?

      Either way history will say : “THOSE BLOODY GERMANS ….AGAIN!!”


        The invading Muslims have the same agenda as the Nazis.
        You don’t replace one disease with another – you eradicate both.

      • Theo

        I was thinking only yesterday that it seems that Germany is determined to destroy Europe one way or another.

    • Betty4440


    • Charlotta Jones

      You are right. Also Merkel is selling them out for whatever reason.(she was allegedly a Stasi spy and may actually be a Russian agent) Germany was involved and responsible for 3 GENOCIDES in the 20th century:

      GERMANY was involved in 3 genocides in the 20thC.


      & Armenia

      and the Holocaust

      • Debbeth

        Don’t forget WWI!

        • Jeremiah Thompson


    • Jill

      Nonsense. That is not the reason. The reason the EU alliance with the Islamic countries neatly tied up in the EuroArab Dialogue.

      • Kelly

        What is the “EuroArab Dialogue”? I’m not familiar with at term and accompanying concept.

        • NYgal

          Read the book Eurabia, The Euro-Arab Axis, by Bat Ye’or, published in 2005.
          The book is about the changes that European Economic Community, a predecessor to EU , made to bring closer Europe and Arab countries after 1973 Arab oil embargo. The instigators of the change were France and the Arab League. France, previous friend of Israel, broke those friendly relations in favor of Arabs in 1967, under de Gaul, who also was anti-American and withdrew France from NATO.

          From the start, the most visible symptoms of the change in policy was European anti-Americanism and anti-Israelism, and support for Palestinianism and of cause the steady influx to Muslims to first to France then the rest of Europe.

          It’s an amazing book that everybody should read to understand how the World around us has changed so rapidly and so radically. Perhaps if European people had read it when the book came out in2005, they would have challenged their government establishments long before the current crisis happened.
          Perhaps if Americans read the book, they would ask the right questions our Presidential candidates.

    • Evidently “no quarter” means nothing to the German elite.

      “German guilt over WW2” is insane considering Muslims (led by the Grand Mufti of Jerusalem Mohammed Effendi Amin el-Husseini) were close allies of Hitler during WW2. There was even a Nazi Muslim Hanzar SS Division. So either the German elite are as ignorant as the day is long or there is something else afoot.

    • NYgal

      I think the passivity comes not from WW2 guilt (Germans let their Nazis flourish, without prosecuting them) but from becoming too soft due to comfortable, affluent life. The fact that the US Army in Germany protected them against the Soviet Union allowed Germans to use savings on defense on social services and on growing the country’s economic might. People who live soft, comfortable lives become soft to the point where they cannot physically defend themselves.

      • rocksagebrush

        Drinking too much fluoridated water.

    • Crystal Waters

      The killing of Jews is at the heart of the Koran. Why don’t Germans who feel guilty about German history shun Muslims and support Jews?

      • Mickey Oberman

        They are Germans. That’s why.

      • rocksagebrush

        They don’t feel guilty about German history. Why should they?

        • Crystal Waters

          My response was to Mary who said “German guilt” was responsible for Germany’s response to refugees. See above.

    • Andrew Rourke

      Hi there Mary I live here in Germany and my wife is German. Everything you said is true and more. The refugees are killing each other, the rape rate has skyrocketed and now these things have access to our medicare system. Staff is quiting all over Germany and refuse to come back. It´s not so much a result of German guilt as it is Merkel´s guilt for supplying ISIS (yes ISIS), Alqueda and Syrian Rebels with Arms alongside the USA. Putin is right!

  • kungalv

    These same workers were the ones who opened their arms to these migrants, at first. They deserved it

  • Treder

    The will need 1000 buildings like this one

  • EJO

    Nein Sprechen sie deutsch

    • devilsadvocate

      Sprechen sie die Arabische? Larhoo Wuckburra.

  • Eddie frOly

    This is the joy of socialism you never really own anything!

  • devilsadvocate

    IN COME THE SCUM! Germany is truly ruined now. This can never be put right without another Hitleresque action that rounds up the looter hordes and turfs them back to Infectastan. There must now be a civil war fought by fed up native Germans. If they’re not prepared to revolt against the traitorous angular merkles they must expect be thrown under the bus. The one carrying 86 muckhammeds. UllaHu Wukkburra.

    • Bill_Levinson

      I never dreamed I or any civilized person would ever want to see repetitions of what happened in the late 1930s, but matters may reach a point where it becomes reasonable and necessary. The problem with the late 1930s was that it happened to some of Germany’s most productive, loyal, and best educated citizens rather than GENUINE subhumans (by behavioral choice, not race or ethnicity) that say openly they are going to take over the country, rape German women, and so on.

      Similarly, I would never want the U.S. to do something of which it is rightly ashamed, i.e. what Democratic saint Franklin Roosevelt did to Japanese-American citizens, but Islamists who say they want to take over the country and implement Sharia law should be kicked out.

      • devilsadvocate

        You’re right Bill. Sharia will remove us if we don’t remove IT. So it could be argued Germany would be stopping another holocaust by throwing Islamic Sharia out.

  • Yeah, idiots, it’s called free market capitalism.. which, I’m confused.. I thought you folks would be all for?

    It’s simple, the hotel will be more profitable as housing. Sorry to the staff but frankly, the place looks atrocious and hardly like a “glam spot”.

    • Tiina

      Profitable to the owners. The tax payers are the ones who are paying for this fun.

    • JC

      “The hotel’s structural situation, particularly the high
      number of single rooms, make it difficult to fill the building
      permanently and profitably on the market,” Gerd Prochaska,
      managing director of the Maritim Hotel Group.

    • atl slayer

      Hahahaha, I don’t think you understand free market capitalism. Tax money is not part of the “free” market” it was stolen at the point of.a gun. That stolen money is not profit.
      lets just take your position for a second and play this out, how profitable is it going to be to have to gut and remodel that hotel after a few weeks of these suicidal animals “living” there??
      piss.poo and garbage everywhere….?

  • spacearcadian

    dont worry, just wait a couple of years and everybody will be integrated and living in harmony, trust your politicians

  • Tiina

    Setting up these refugee centers is a huge business right now here in Finland. There are companies who are buying old unprofitable hotels, or even just large unused buildings and then taking in the invaders. And the state, aka the tax payers are the ones who pay for the moslems upkeep in these places.

    • NYgal

      Don’t think “refugees” aren’t a big business in the US, as well. Michael Savage cited numbers, how many millions of taxpayer dollars specific charities and organizations get to help those refugees. Otherwise why would let’s say a Catholic charity involve itself in bringing in Muslims, except big bucks that have turned it into a “charity”.
      NGOs and many charities became quite profitable for people who run them. And of cause there are private enterprises whose businesses profit from services and goods provided to refugees. All those people are heavily invested in keeping the flood of refugees coming.

      • mtmla

        As always…follow the money…. untill the heads of these traitors are separated from their necks…by their own poor refugees.

  • Andrew Rourke

    Well John it´s election time next year. We´ll try it the democratic way and if that doesn´t work we have alot of alternatives.

  • jwmiller

    The so-called ‘European Sophistication’ re. Multiculturalism getting bitten in ass. Welcome to the NWO. Certainly hope they make sure the WIFI is working in Muslim’s new Digs.

  • spacearcadian

    Boycott Europe! Boycott Germany! it’s outrageous what european and German politicians are doing, they are destroying europe, its culture, its heritage, its meaning for human civilization forever, they are giving their countries to the followers of a murderous, enslaver and criminal cult-mafia, who since 1500 years ago dream of destroying europe. those politicians are traitors to the european people, and traitors to the entire world which has always apreciated europe

    • Theo

      Don’t worry. Anybody with an ounce of sense would not want to visit these hellholes anymore. They are now no better than the Middle East.

  • David Norwood

    Walls are going up around germany the guns will be given to thous that know how to use them, then the will be a civil war, germans armed with guns saving Europe who ever have thought it, hopefully the British army and Police will wake up give us Guns i know how to use 1,

  • Michael Morganson


    • Debbeth

      FINED? Oh there’s a lot worse than that coming if they DON’T speak up!

    • Cat

      Well dear, you can also lose your job and the custody of your children, isn’t that fun?

  • Jill

    Forget the fighting. The should run pigs over the premises.
    But you can’t put them down, they’re not aware of why their country was sold out from under them and everyone is attacked/betrayed on an individual basis.

  • Jan
  • beerfanatic

    Outrageous…this is absolutely maddening. There needs to be a revolt, since that seems to be their only option. Terrible injustice that must be addressed.

  • Feet2Fire

    Four-Star Hotel? No wonder they are flooding into Europe! “Movin’ on up to that deluxe apartment in the sky!”

    Too asinine for belief. Germany needs to oust Merkel immediately, then proceed to oust the invaders. This is just unbelievable. Praying for Germany’s citizens, but they need to WAKE UP and DEMAND A REVERSAL OF THIS INSANITY!

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    • Don Grantham

      Please Ms. Geller: remove this offensive spam and ban the idiots posting it.

    • Bill_Levinson

      Why should we care, you subhuman piece of filth?

      By the way, here is what happened to somebody just like you a little while ago. I’m the one who did it, too. Kiss your sorry Web domain goodbye.


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    • Bill_Levinson

      The abuse reporting address is

      abuse at

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  • Infidel Knight

    This is total bullshit. @Germany’s citizens, resist with all force. Remove Merkel and place her on trial for Treason. If you do not stop this and remove the ones already there, your nation will be forever lost.

    • Commieobamie

      Yeah, that worked out so well in the United States against the TREASONOUS obuttboy, NOT!

      • Infidel Knight

        Appears the traitor will do no jail time, but an invitation over for a beer in the Rose Garden; it’s being discussed.

    • Mo86


    • mtmla

      The German people should first of all demand Merkel and all her minions to be ousted from power, only then they may stop the transfer of a huge islamic army to their country…without removing the traitor politicians, nothing will change..more muslimes parasites will come .

      • Infidel Knight

        True, Merkel must go, today. Personally I think she should be put on trial for Treason.

  • Benton Marder

    The Hotel Maratim will be trashed, condemned, and destroyed by Spring. Also, since the invaders refuse to clean up after themselves, is the local school district going to provide the very young servants to do for them?

  • Cat

    I live in Germany and I have to be very careful what I write here because the basic right of freedom of speech is long gone, it can even take you to prison to say or write one wrong word. Also we are far from press freedom, because all people protesting against Merkels politics are “Scum” and “Nazis”. From what I can see, Germany (first) and Europe (soon) is lost and there is no alternative but leaving. There is no future for our children (we have 2 daughters)

    • Don Grantham

      Well, come to Canada. We welcome all German refugees. Except Merkel.

      • Cat

        Dear Don, do you need doctors and teachers in Canada? ;))) You know, we are the well educated ones that were promised us to come from Syria (now look what we’ve got…highly experienced pharmacists selling directly out of the lab ;))))

    • Bill_Levinson


    • Commieobamie

      Come to the U.S., just say you’re an ILLEGAL from south of the border, or an islamo. And you’ll get free housing, healthcare, food, money, and a phone. Then get your own place, lots of weapons, register to vote against the commie Dems, and join the war.

  • vlparker

    Germany is not going to need any hotels anyway now that the leftists have succeeded in destroying their tourism industry.

  • Don Grantham

    Want to bet this will be completely ignored by ‘mainstream media’? Used to be ‘the truth shall set you free’. Now, ‘Freedom is Slavery’. You were right, Mr. Orwell… you were right.

  • antonio borg

    In a couple of months the hotel will be filthy the surrounding area will be degraded and criminality will soar. Than Germans in the vicinity will leave to a better place and more migrants will take their houses until they take the whole town. In the local council elections their people will be elected and bye bye to Germans. Anyone want to bet.

    • Bill_Levinson

      “In a couple of months the hotel will be filthy the surrounding area will be degraded and criminality will soar.” i.e. totally halal according to the militant “Muslims.”

  • Bill_Levinson

    Let’s see, then, the hotel will stop paying taxes (at least the kind of taxes that paying guests would support) and stop paying workers, while the invaders leech off the German taxpayer.

  • jjeeessusus

    it is hard to stand up and fight when for 25 years you lived quite lazy life. society of old people will not fight, onlt young viral man can do that, germany is a desintegrated garbage as we speak, even their cars are not what they used to be, bye bye germany, , hihihih, the history is laughing

  • bruce

    You know there is still a side of me that likes to see Germans suffer because of the war, I have to admit that. BUT this is so obviously going too far. Are there any psychologists on this board who can explain why Merkel is doing this? I don’t see ANY up side to this, am I wrong? What is the benefit here?

  • Mo86

    My God, it’s unbelievable!

    And they’re going to try this crap here in the U.S. as well!

  • luk

    dear John, i am not german, but i live here, in germany, germans are peacefull people, really, you will never see this. german people are Not violent, they like to have a peacefull life, they start now to move in small villages, in big towns….you don`t see so much germans.if you go in small towns, you will fell the beauty of germany, and the german people.

  • Amici Journal

    They started 2 wars, look like they’re going for number 3.

  • Joan Finley

    Come on my German friends! Stand up for yourselves. Is this what you want? When it happens here, and it will, I will be in the front of the line screaming the loudest. You can bet on it. If you don’t care what happens to YOUR country do nothing. If you don’t want to be invaded and completely have your laws changed, you have got to unite and stand up and fight for your Country!!! This American supports you!

    • Dorrie

      Reread that, Joan, I think you meant ” if you do NOT care what happens …”

  • Anticonservative

    If only I had known all you had to do is eat, sh-t and breed to get into Germany without contributing back in any way shape or form I’d be goose stepping around Berlin this very day. I find it odd people would compare these leeches to immigrants of past years. When my ancestors arrived in Virginia in 1635 there were no welcoming mats offering free room and board- no free healthcare, no welfare, just back breaking work. Basically blood, sweat and tears. These people who are unskilled (unless of course indiscriminate breeding is a skill), uneducated and have nothing to offer have arrived to take, take, take. You could blame Merkel but in truth unless the common man finally stands up and says enough is enough they can only blame themselves. This invasion hasn’t hit the U.S. yet but it’s coming to a theater near you- very, very soon. So don’t get too comfortable in your cozy little homes because they could take it away from you at any time- and don’t say “They can’t do that!” because “They” seemingly can do anything “They” want.

  • Sauli Iihola

    Cry havic and let slip the dogs of war…can be no peace with Muslims. .

  • mtmla

    Imagine what the hotel will look like in a few hours? A huge septic tank and a garbage dump…complete with the usual foul stench you can feel miles away…cleaning crew? German children…

  • Blue Defender

    What has happened to the leader of Germany and other European countries? They care for other (terrorist) and not their own people. What has happened to the people of Europe, so spineless and paralyzed. These refugees are coming to Europe to spread Islam and sharia law. Before coming to Europe and demanding Sharia law, they should enforce sharia law in their own countries. Drugs, alcohol, prostitution, murders you find them in KSA, Kuwait, Pakistan, Syria, and many other Islamic countries.

  • Andrew Rourke

    Despite the media blackout sponsored by Empress Merkel & Co. anyone demonstrating against the refugee crisis will be demonized as a Nazi. PEGIDA (Patriotic Europeans against the further Islamification of the West) and the AfD (Alternative Party for Germany) have made huge advances. According to a poll 20th of Oct. 2015, 16:20 hrs. Germans were asked; “who would the vote for if elections were to be held next?”CDU/CSU 10,5% and SPD 10.1% ( the reigning coalition)
    FDP 8,4% LINKE 7%, AfD 54.2% other parties 7.9%

  • Mrs.D

    And what is Angela Merkel going to do..???? For sure she is not going to give up her palace and servants. German people watch your back you’ll be under Sharia Law before you can say hatchuuu….and maybe a m………..d bless you..???? Good luck Germany.

  • brian

    merkels gotta give up her crib!!!

  • Juanita

    The US has 100 milion unemployed citizens. Can you imagine what will happen if the few US citizens and illegal aliens who are employed by major hotels are told that they are out of work because the hotels will be housing Muslim immigrants?

  • Joe

    What are all these people going to do for work? How will they eat? Is this all just welfare for life?

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