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[ November 20, 2017 ]

Libya: At Slave Auctions, Muslim Smugglers Are Selling Off Migrants For As Little As $400

[ November 20, 2017 ]

Geller Report Exclusive: Pakistani Christian Facing Death on “Blasphemy” Charges Pleads for Help

[ November 20, 2017 ]

Liar-in-Chief: Obama Lied About Al Qaeda Strength Before Election

[ November 19, 2017 ]

Fellow police made my life torture for trying to stop Muslim child rape gangs

[ November 19, 2017 ]

Report: Schools Must Teach Britain Is an ‘Immigration Nation’ to Fight Islamophobia

[ November 19, 2017 ]

Europe: Imams Warn Muslims Not to Integrate

[ November 19, 2017 ]

PA Muslim kids magazine: Muhammad ordered kids to throw rocks at Jews

[ November 19, 2017 ]

French academic: Establish an Islamic state within France to avoid civil war

[ November 19, 2017 ]

SHARIA UK: British politician Jayda Fransen ARRESTED for offending Islam, flown to Belfast, FULL VIDEO...

[ November 19, 2017 ]

‘We are going to kill you’: Villagers in Burma recount jihad violence by Rohingya Muslims

VIDEO German Muslim: “Islam is coming to take over Germany whether you want it or not!” “Your daughters will wear hijab”


German Muslim threatens German man: “we will marry your daughters and they will wear hijab!”

The man, speaking in heavily accented but fluent German, is speaking to a German man with his face obscured….”Islam is coming to take over Germany whether you want it or not…not through war but by the fact that Germans don’t reproduce and Muslims have 7-8 children each…but not only that, your daughters will marry bearded Muslims and wear the hijab, their sons will wear a beard! The Muslims will have four wives and 27 children and what does the German man have? One child and maybe a little pet dog! The German has taken advantage of the Muslim for too long, just so he can drive his Mercedes…now Islam is coming and your daughters will wear the hijab! Ha! I can see the look of hate in your eyes!”

Here is the translation word for word:

Now for real. Islam is going to come (up) in Germany whether you want or not. Your daughter is going to wear hijab. Your son will wear a beard. Ok? And your daughter is going to marry a bearded man. So. And we proliferate more and more. You Germans don’t have children. You have at most two kids. We have 7 or 8. الحَمْد لله Ok, my friend? And then we take four women, then we have 22 children. So. You have maybe one kid and one dog. And that’s it. My friend, that is not our fault, it’s your fault. Because you robbed our countries. Colonized them for you to drive a mercedes and to use your digital camera. So allah the almight god makes it so that we conquer you not with war in Germany but with birth rates, firstly, and secondly, we marry your daughters. Yes? And your daughter will wear a hijab. And now you can really go bezerk. One can see the hate in your eyes.

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  • Dusty Koellhoffer
  • Lynda

    Don’t give them free housing, food, money or medical assistance.

    • RubyTwoThree

      And shut your borders down. Shoot to kill if they refuse to obey.

      • Po Tato

        Only now you guys want to ‘shut the borders”?

        Hey, Europeans, what about the MILLIONS of them moslem invaders who are already INSIDE your countries??

        • RubyTwoThree

          You would have thought they would have already learned what more of the same would bring in.

          • Po Tato


            I do not understand the Europeans anymore

            My ancestors came from Europe, I used to be proud of my European root, but witnessing what is happening, my faith in my ancestry land is dwindling, and dwindling …fast

          • RubyTwoThree

            Americans are no better, at least not at the gov’t level. It’s all coming here.

          • bonnieblue2A


          • conan_drum

            All you gunatics seem to forget that if anybody can get a gun(s) the Muslims can get them also. The 2nd Amendment applies to everybody.

          • Paul A Hall

            There you go again after I tried to assuage your hurt feelings…we are better shots. When they pull a trigger boom! Shoot them when you see the wires…we didn’t give up our guns to Faustian beauties like Merkel! Our guns may be the only thing that saves us, are the EUR o’s going to put a sign on one of their fences asking the hoards to please don’t kill us all.

          • actor44

            Gun free zones are suicide . Coffee shop or ones Country same result.

          • Really

            That is not a good enough reason not to get one.

          • actor44

            There is No good reason !

          • sodacrackers2

            So, you would rather not be able to defend your family?

          • spicefreak

            The solution isn’t taking guns away from law abiding citizens. In Switzerland everyone is required to own a gun, it does not increase crime it prevents it. If you think gun control works look at Chicago. Most gun related crime in the U.S. is gang related.

          • actor44

            Safety is not for Your Safety . The Civilian Citizen is always the intended victim ,100% of the time,and the one denied arms.

          • WatrGrrl

            While it’s true that Muslims can also get firearms when they meet the requirements, such as being an American citizen and a resident of whatever non-leftwing state, there are still a helluva lot more of us Americans than Muslims at this point. And if we don’t have an Empress or a Socialist in the White House in 2017, I doubt that our Muslim In Chief’s importation of 100,000 Muslims per year will continue. Also, the fed and the state can adopt a policy that may result in a mass Muslim emigration to elsewhere by limiting their benefits and requiring them to work! Hmmm… That might even work with the Black Lives Matter ghetto bunnies

          • Rachel

            And if you gunaphobics disarm US…the Muslims and criminals who don’t play by our laws, will be the ONLY ones with them, you moron. Go hide under your bed, coward.

          • bonnieblue2A

            Yet, what you panty-wetters don’t understand is that CRIMINALS intent upon murdering innocents IGNORE gun laws.
            Self-Defense is a basic human right. No one is forcing you to take the responsibility to defend yourself and your family members. Just lay off those of us who take the responsibility that comes with freedom.

          • Decimated1

            But they also bring knives to a gunfight.. so we’ll get a few of them. I’d rather go down fighting, then what’s going on in Germany right now

          • sooz22

            I doubt they would pass the “background checks!!” There are muslim-free zones in some guns stores too. Gun people aren’t particularly fond of muslims and their “ways.”

          • Robert Hortmann

            Muslims have them already, they don´t need a 2nd amendment! Make sure you will have a gun, when you need one.

          • Vincent Knoll

            that’s the point dummy, and we need to make sure we have more and are better trained DOLT

          • actor44

            Communication without electronics will be needed,and not easy.

          • Awesome Nickname

            #1 carry permits. #2 Atf registration. You’ve obviously don’t have a gun or never purchased one. #3 asking a radical jihad to “please not” obviously does not work. Look at Sweden.

          • Paul A Hall

            All the stupid people stayed!

          • Warren

            We are descendants of those brave enough to come here and tough enough to survive here in the early days.

          • Rachel

            They were tough…but we aren’t, we’ve become soft and complacent and cowardly. Even the military isn’t stepping up. The best Generals have been purged…but have you heard one peep out of them?

          • conan_drum

            Of course every body in USA is smart as a whip. Look at how much money they spend on Halloween trash for a start

          • Paul A Hall

            Just trying to work a li’l humor into the world….speaking of the intellectually challenged, we do have quite a few progressives and even some that think Merkel is a brilliant Teutonic sex goddess..oh that’s right they left for “humanitarian acts in Syria” before they start their European tour… So stupid has been king here as well…don’t forget the walk in closet secret of Obama’s progressive intellect. He’s so stupid that he still wants to see clockboy’s new invention a 3 d clock. Wow 3 d and we’re not even in a theatre ? ( the new “secret” presidential seal)
            Soooo brother from another mother fn continent, the jolly lamp is lit chuck it up a bit, a whole bunch of chums actually voted for Obummer in the last election.

          • Rachel

            What in the eff does Halloween have to do with the price of tea in China? Have you dressed up as a moron for Halloween…or are you this stupid EVERY day?

          • sodacrackers2

            It is the political elite who are doing this, not the people. These are Margaret Sanger kind of leftists. They want a smaller, more compliant population. They will share their utopia with all the evil dictators that they so admire.

          • Rachel

            Well said.

          • laura m.

            Europeans lack brain cells for critical thinking ability. Europeans are self loathing, thus they deserve what they soon get for their apathy and not caring about their future or kids and grand kids. Stupid, pathetic as they don’t even know their history thru the centuries concerning Muslim invasions or what happened in the 1600’s at the gates of Vienna, etc.(see the doc. on you tube to refresh memory) Will Americans and Canadians soon fall into ruin? Seems we are taking them in now, (invaders) in 190 cities and towns at taxpayers expense. Stupid Americans for allowing this and not trying to stop it. I think it is already out of control. It will take more than you tube videos and websites exposing this, to stop invasions and send these people back. Where the H is Oath Keepers, patriot militia’s etc?

          • sickandtired

            But it is happening here the same way. So lets do something about that. I too am from Europe, Germany to be exact. I was born and raised there. I will probably never see my homeland again because of this crap. Please don’t let it happen here.

          • Laverne Bartholomew


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          • Rachel

            The ruling classes in all of our countries are acting like inbred lunatics! It’s like they WANT to destroy their own country and their own people. That, my friends, is NOT SANE.

          • RubyTwoThree

            They don’t care about us, just their greed and power.

          • Rachel

            How right you are! They live in a bubble untouched by any of the results of their perfidious policies destroying the country.

          • RubyTwoThree

            They need to be touched by their results, and quickly.

          • Rachel

            Yeah, it’d be a damn shame if a sniper “touched” them right between the eyes, wouldn’t it? I’d cry and cry!

          • RubyTwoThree

            I would be happy if they had to live in the ‘hoods w/them.

          • actionjksn

            They are suffering white guilt for what they did in WW2, now they are trying to make up for it by destroying their country. The problem is that they did atone for their sins and admit fault and apologize in a straightforward unambiguous way.

        • Don’t buy barbaric halal food

          Don’t get carried away with the idea that the ordinary people want this, they certainly do not. Our governments are responsible for this not us citizens. At least we were not stupid enough to elect a muslim president. Twice!

          • Cliffhild

            Give a few more years…first a Muslim Political Party, then a Muslim Prime Minister, then Prince George will convert…

          • sooz22

            Well isn’t that special – what a moron you are by making assumptions! Not all of us voted for the mf even once!! Don’t ASSUME anything – you know what makes you.

        • Jacky Treehorn

          The left control the EU. I can only hope my country will take the last chance to get out while there may still be time.

        • Ron Cole

          If the gummit can find a “killer” griz in the wilderness it* can find criminal aliens at the 7/11.

          *it : The gummit is an it.

          • Rachel

            I just read an article about how they are tracking fish being mislabeled in the market. They can track fish, but not illegal aliens? TIHSLLUB! (read it backwards)

        • CanofSand

          “Der der, cuz you said control borders now that obv mean you not say it earlier!!111!”

        • notislam

          Likewise USA start the push back now

      • Ron Cole

        This is no longer an option.
        They have declared unrestrained genocide against all enemies of Islam.

        Fly Lieutenant General “Stonewall” Jackson’s CSA Calvary Black Flag –
        no quarter and no prisoners.

        • RubyTwoThree

          I live in Stonewall Jackson country. We could use him right now, same for Mosby.

      • Decimated1

        Don’t give them the chance to think about it

      • Robert Hortmann

        Shoot to kill sounds hard, but if you don´t kill them, they will kill you and your family. Read the koran and you will find all the orders to kill Christians, Jews and everybody who is not a Muslim.

        • RubyTwoThree

          You are correct.

      • mollysdad

        How do you expect this to succeed given that Germans don’t have children any more and the Muslims have as many as you like.

        Germany is gone. Get over it.

        • RubyTwoThree

          Europe is gone. Get over it. America will soon be gone and you can get over that too.

    • actor44

      P. C. in the States will be the same result,.which has been orchestrated ,and is happening now. This is not something that just happened do to recent events.. Many want Western Euro. Culture destroyed . . These are the people being denied arms for personal defense ! Europeans have no defense,other than a few Austrians. The women there have bought all the long guns in recent days/weeks, the stores are empty. Start developing communication lines/ abilities absent of anything electrical.

  • fulham2014

    Now and then they forget they taqqiyya and tell what they really think, still we don’t listen. The level of masochism we have is just bizarre.

    • Don Grantham

      They accuse us of hate and intolerance, yet this short video clearly illustrates the degree of utter contempt they have for Western civilization. If Germany and the rest of Europe don’t start fighting back, they will soon end up on their knees with a very short hair cut.

  • 2 Aces

    Start shooting. That is the only response that makes sense.

    • billlevinson

      Germany already has an off the shelf “solution” for problems of this nature. This time, though, it will be mosques while the police (whom the Islamists intimidate and even assault) look the other way. These Islamists are begging for it every day.

      • Don Grantham

        To paraphrase Walter Sobchak (the Big Lebowski): They are entering a world of pain. A WORLD… of PAIN.

  • Don Grantham

    I hope there was an altercation after that jackass was finished his video. That was outright provocation. I’d have fed him his teeth, consequences be damned!

    • Po Tato

      You’d feed him his teeth … I rather send him on his way to his maker

      • Don Grantham

        I’d be happy with either. Preferably the latter. 72 virgin goats gonna GET SOME!

      • ballotcode

        I rather send him on his way to his taker of his soul

        • stephencarter

          I wonder how long till the Islamic marches and street protests and smashing shop-windows and car-burnings and gang rapes begin? … all as they collect their social assistance checks. How long till hospitals and fire and police departments have mass resignations and collapse? … How long till —

          • Warren

            If the police departments have mass resignations a collapse we will be free to carry out vigilante justice.

          • MiddleSister

            I’m amazed that they even have any police still willing to guard around those vermin. You see they wear masks. The communicable diseases they bring in is sickening (pun intended).

    • Catti

      I’d rather force feed him a large baked ham, then a few bullets with a side order of my dog’s fangs in his arse.

      • Don Grantham

        LOL… what a waste of fine pork products. Although, I hear pigs will eat just about anything. Including bacon-wrapped Quran.

        • sooz22

          Or a toasted muzzie, maybe? Nevermind, may make the pigs sick.

      • laura m.

        Give him a pig’s snout or tail, fried or grilled with XXX hot sauce not expensive ham or bacon, pleese. Also force down a pint of bourbon or gin!

    • Tatonka

      I would’ve brained the bastard before he finished yapping

      • Gabriel A. King

        I would have stabbed him through the eye with a large knife, out the back of his head.

    • Gabriel A. King

      I would have tore his head off, and played soccer with it. And then paid a visit to his brethren….

  • atl slayer

    Let them feed all those kids without your welfare….let their Allah feed them,,,o, brother nevermind you asked for it…….:|

  • The Greatest Freedom

    Evidence that #ISIS has infiltrated #refugee camps in #Europe. Our leaders must be jailed for endangering our security and treason
    Migrant Crisis: The Footage the Media Refuses to Broadcast —

    @ 2:33

  • rambler

    How about those daughters taking those hijabs and stuffing them down the throats of those islamic idiots?

  • Pray Hard

    Ah, just more Muslims for target practice.

    • Gabriel A. King

      Yes, indeed. But for fun… I would have shot this punk in the balls. And ask him to reiterate his point while he bleeds out.

  • Leslie Ferguson


    • laura m.

      I’d also classify them as animals like: wolverines, gators, sharks, and hyenas, buzzards, roaches and other filthy scavengers. Satan’s warriors to be exact.

  • billlevinson

    now you can really go bezerk. One can see the hate in your eyes.”

    Something like this, Achmed?

    The last time people saw the hate in the eyes of Germans, the Night of the Broken Glass was not far behind. Except in this case the Islamists are begging for a repetition every time they open their mouths and raise their

  • keelerenator

    I’d like to see what the frauliens have to say about this.

  • atl slayer

    2nd comment on this,,,
    I thought about this for a few minutes and wanted to add a point or two.
    this thing accentuates exactly why I don’t have any progenies, it won’t enslave sons and daughters that don’t exist, they won’t produce any revenue or offspring for islam.
    also, the reason I refuse to pay taxes. I won’t feed or shelter or weaponize those who intend on murdering me and my friends.
    and….a moral man knows that he can’t consume more than he has produced.
    hence, he underlines why Islam is immoral to its core,

    • Don Grantham

      “An honest man is one who knows that he can’t consume more than he has produced.”
      Ayn Rand
      Words to live by.

      • atl slayer

        Exactly :)


    Just send them back to where they came from.

  • Po Tato

    >… “Islam is coming to take over Germany whether you want it or not!” “Your daughters will wear hijab” …

    But will the Germans care?

    I would ventured that them brainless German leftists might even be leaping in euphoria knowing that their daughters gonna be forced to wear the hijab!

  • Andrew Rourke

    Islam hasn´t gotten past the ghetto here in the past 30 years. Why does it think it can change this. This is their reality here in Germany. …no future and no one to blame but themselves.

  • Lysy2

    Why wasn’t this muzzie treated with a baseball bat?

  • Reaper

    He doesnt realize that his muslim plan will backfire. Over time, these people will see first hand what Christianity has given the modern world. Eventually they will abandon Islam and become Americanized. Their is one thing that can conquer all other cultures and religions, and that is American culture. This has been proven true across Europe, Japan, China, Russia, India, etc. Their youth all listen to our music, watch our movies, and dress in our clothing. Once they learn English, it will be all over for Islam. At first it may not seem that way, but within a decade you will see a massive erosion of muslim culture and customs. As long as we are not silenced, and keep pushing the moral limits in music, movies, clothes and food, Islam doesnt have a chance. Every single country that has been exposed to our culture eventually adopts it. When going up against American culture, Islam doesnt stand a chance. Yes they do have a lot of children, but once they see they cant care for them all, and have access to birth control they will have less. These children will also be raised in a western culture, not a muslim one, and with every generation born, the inner muslim will fade into non existence. Freedom is the number one cure for the Muslim Cancer. Freedom is not kind to islam.

    • Petrilia

      I wish I could agree with you but I cannot.

    • Catti

      I live in Kanaduhstan, north of your border. We are already overrun with these maniacs and I can assure you, even two or three generations later they are just as fanatic and dangerous as the refujihad ones in the EU. They are supremacists who isolate themselves from “inferior” Westerners, and they believe our culture is only here for them to take what they want and destroy the rest. This has been their pattern for 1400 years and counting. Over that period they have completely obliterated countless civilizations and replaced them with their barbarism.

      They are not only ungrateful for whatever they’re offered, they commit fraud and violence to screw us out of what they aren’t entitled to. Nothing is ever enough for these invaders, even our laws aren’t good enough and they rush to court on the taxpayer dime to get our laws struck down. They destroy our churches, artifacts, customs, everything that’s precious to us. That’s why they rape our women and children – so they can demoralize us, and impregnate them and taint our blood with theirs.

      The only cure for their type of invasive cancer is surgery – remove and destroy the tumour. In this case, that will require us to take up arms to defend our countries and civilizations. Before that, we must counteract the Islamist brainwashing of the public and educate them about this invasion before it’s too late. I am hoping that eventually the Europeans and other infested peoples will get fed up and rise up against this infestation. If not, then our civilization will be lost – just like all the others in history.

      • David Sinclair

        Great post. Couldn’t agree more.

      • stephencarter

        Yes, I was amazed to read 3.2% of Canada’s population is Muslim. At 5% things start getting sporty. In the US it’s 0.8%. Canada, like Europe, is destroying itself. Socialism always delivers ruin in all areas.

        • Catti

          In fact, that percentage doesn’t tell the whole story of how bad the infestation is. The vast majority of these pests live in or near one city, Toronto. As of 2011 they comprised 8.2% of Toronto’s population, and I’m sure this number is far higher today. And, in the suburb of Mississauga it’s even worse – 11.9%. Mississauga is a hotbed of Islamist extremist groups, hosting the head offces of three of these groups. There’s a mosque practically on every street corner, and woe betide anyone who tries to stop yet another mosque from being built next door!

          So the invaders are all concentrated in one area, which gives them strength in numbers. That strength is apparent when you see the Islamics enjoying preferential treatment in the Toronto area, including more rights than Canadians, better access to social programs and health care, housing and clinics taken away from Canadians and reserved for Islamcs only. And if there’s a wait list for a service they are always ushered to the front of the line. Public schools are being changed to mosques serving Halal food and pushing a pro-Islam curriculum on children whose parents pay taxes to the school boards, while the Islamics collect welfare and don’t contribute a dime. That means Toronto might as well be Syria or Saudi already – BEFORE the floodgates open on the latest wave of invaders. Already, everywhere you go in this city is infested with tarp heads pushing gigantic SUV strollers stuffed with their multiple whelps. Public places in Toronto look like Saudi Arabian markets, full of niqab and burka wearing women .


      That might have been true in the 1990s, it no longer is. The world is much less infatuated with American culture than it was a generation ago

    • Dravaa

      They know that, and that’s why they immediately build mosques, enroll their kids in its “school”, and live in enclaves that become no go zones eventually. Also why they wrap their daughters in hijabs, niqabs, and demand public prayer spaces so they will have no excuses and lots of peer pressure to keep to their Islamic ways. They exert untold pressure to remain in the communities, even “honor killing” their own daughters should they try to escape. All the daughters wear hijabs while just a few decades ago their own mothers didn’t. The mosques normalize devout behavior which is supremacist, xenophobic, and radical. And entitled. It always amazes me how one of the first things they do is seek power, run for public offices, push to run things. This is like no immigrant group that ever came before.

    • St. Michael Defend Us

      You are dreaming. Wishful thinking will not make it so. We’ve already had muslims in the USA for YEARS, and they ARE NOT assimilating! Muslims are NOT the same as the people in Europe, Japan, India, Russia, who are eager to adopt an American lifestyle.
      This has ALREADY proven a failure in the UK, France, Sweden, Denmark, Germany, and USA. How much longer do we have to keep trying to do it?

  • Reaper

    Obviously this guy has never met a red neck from the deep south. Islam wint have a chance against southern pride. If the Northern liberals want to become islamicized, then thats on them. The south tried to secede once and we will do it again, successfully this time. But i have my doubts about this guy…mayne in socialist germany, but the deep south? Its laughable

  • mauricemojo

    The whole of Germany should go on strike and demand merkel is brought to justice,and secondly all these people are returned home

  • spacearcadian

    The only way is to do what the Italians did to Mussolini. Organize yourself, choose the highest traitor politician in your country, and do the job.

    • Gabriel A. King

      Merkel should be burned at the stake in the street, and any cop who commits treason trying to stop it should be brutally executed.

      Then…. attack the invaders and show no mercy.

  • Petrilia

    When will we Westerners face it? Here is an ordinary Muslim, speaking German, saying the plan for Germany and the West. He should be thanked for telling us the plans these all muslim migrants have. To take us over. To have the entire Free Western World under the califate under sharia law. What is our response? Take more, under all weak willed leaders except Hungary’s Viktor Orban. Hundreds of millions of economic migrants, mostly Muslim, coming to take what your forefathers and mothers secured for you during generations of law and order and war and sacrifice. The German and Swedish governments NOW have no problem kicking out renters or giving summer homes away to these invaders. Can we agree that this is madness?


    That Muslim just produced another voter for AfD.

  • devilsadvocate

    They plan to take over..They SAY they will take over. It ‘s not like this is the first time they said it either.
    Why doesn’t the German government put money into encouraging the native Germans to have extra children?. Giving financial incentives to proper Europeans MUST BE CHEAPER than supporting and paying for this influx of blacks and arabs. I dont care if thats racist its how I feel. The importing of the uncivilised into a civilisation with a rich heritage of thought and imagination , creativity and respect for women is MORE racist to the white Europeans, to them its genocidal…these smug arabs are bragging about it and it makes me both sick and ashamed of the once great cultures who are now laying down for the rape of their society and of their children and their children’s children.


      They aren’t laying down, I don’t reckon. The government is muzzling any resistance to it and the top-down controlled media is presenting a picture to the world that isn’t reality. At this rate, however, they won’t be able to do either for much longer

  • If you keep trying to find the right button to push moslems, the machine will turn on.

    Another Crusades appears to be on the horizon.

  • apparently Germans cant even do fuzzy math….you should have stopped this invasion long ago…
    We in the US are facing the same problem ….open borders …
    We also should have stopped this long ago…

  • flame

    If Merkel fully comprehended what it is to live with Arabs in Israel she would
    never encourage them to come to Europe. But Europe always ready to condemn
    Israel and give their sympathy to Arabs. Arafat was Europe darling.
    As Raymond Ibrahim write in his article: “The one benefit of accepting Muslim migrants.” …If the West cannot learn about Islam from doctrine, history, and current events, then let it learn from up close and personal contact.

  • VladtheImpaler

    I’d say this is a declaration of war and Imam Obama is leading the charge with Heil Merkel.

    • Gabriel A. King

      It’s nothing short of betrayal, and foreign invasion.

  • stephencarter

    Just give them the business end of an AT4 munitions system using 84 mm rounds.

  • whats up

    In india thats (cowardly ) we called sufi islam tradition (killing softly ) which also allow 4 wife’s when we ask why u r moderate Muslims speak against such tradition they say Islamic law 1st not our constitution we allow that becoz who will take care of divorced and poor women ……our paid media say that’s there culture

    even if they criticize them our stupid media and politician say why u r spreading communal hate ….and according to liberal we should tolerate such thing in the name of multiculturalism
    we really need people like Pamela Geller in india

  • ChristGangster

    This is insanity!

  • Tim Ireland

    Oh Germany, you do NOTHING – just like you did nothing when that Austrian b!tch took over your country and everyone appeased him, except Churchill.

    Again in 2015 you sit back and do nothing while everyone appeases the invaders, except Farage.

    #UKIP #NigelFarageforBritishPM

  • Laverne Bartholomew


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  • Drew the Infidel

    Guns don’t kill people. Guys with daughters do.

  • stoni

    It’s fake. The voice does not come from the man. Plus, the voice doesn’t speak a heavy accent. It’s a native German accent!!!

    • Gabriel A. King

      What the Hell do you think is going on over there moron ?

  • Mal M

    Give him a fingernail and he’ll take your hand.
    Give him a hand and he’ll take your arm. Give him an arm and he’ll grab you by
    the neck to throw you out the window.

  • “Your daughters will wear hijab”, we will force them into marriage to allah’SS ugliest paragraph Q65:4, Sahih al-Bukhari Vol. 4, Book 52, #143

  • A normal Germany citizen of Hamburg says, “Thank to [ traitor PhD in Islamic studies & German Chancellor Dr(phys.) ] merkel, we are now behave like LITTLE ‘Adolf Nazis’ “

  • The birth-Jihad, is far more effectiv than terrorism. 4:3 allah allows to marry FOUR wives (for many soldiers of allah)

  • conan_drum

    I say bring it on the more of this they dish out the quicker people will wake up to the situation

  • Det. Snide


  • Benton Marder

    Too bad that the German didn’t shove a loaded Taser in the loudmoth’s solar plexus and light it off. Teach him manners. Or, shove it in lower down, perhaps? Really teach him manners.

    • Gabriel A. King

      Uh… no. KILL HIM. And then kill the rest.

  • Themis1968

    I think the obvious response to this is, “And we’re going to cut your welfare and send you home.”

  • Jacky Treehorn

    Their grasp of history is worrying. I thought they were colonised by the Turks.
    By the time western countries were in charge, Islam had sucked out most of the wealth.

  • Lapsed Altruist

    As soon as he said “your daughter” he should have been taken down.

  • Julain Farmer

    Europe will fall this year-Germany and Sweden first…

  • St. Michael Defend Us

    I do not understand how Merkel is getting away with this. Don’t they have elections in Germany? What, is Merkel like a “King” (like Obama) who makes “decrees” and they just happen? Don’t they have other elected officials, don’t they have a “recall” procedure?
    Or, are the German natives just fine with all this? Are they THAT brainwashed about multi-culturalism ?

  • St. Michael Defend Us

    These muslim A holes really enjoy spouting off on camera, don’t they? Why have they not developed guns which look just like cameras or video cameras? Point and shoot!

  • joe kulak

    Explain to me just how the ‘German has taken advantage of the muslim’. They would still be living in the 7th century if not for Western Civilization. What has the muslim EVER contributed other than slaughter, rape, and mayhem? If not for the good fortune of oil, they would still be wearing dirty nightshirts, raping goats, and causing trouble with their neighbors. Oh… I guess they still are. They even squandered the gift of oil. I guess their ‘Allah’ forgot to teach them how to behave. That is going to be up to us, the West.

  • Jim

    I think the first thing to do to save Europe is to overthrow the leftist governments, preferably by force, and the new patriotic leaders should do anything necessary to overturn the situation asap. A pan European reconquista.

    • Gabriel A. King

      Kill the treasonous politicians. Burn them in the streets for all to see.

  • Really

    Europe, make a trip to the Czech Republic, or Belgium for that matter, and buy yourselves a gun on the black market!

  • alistair1537 .

    lol – their children will want to be Germans – not muslims…….joke is on them.

    • Gabriel A. King

      We don’t want their stink, or their genetics in the west. PERIOD.

  • Purvigiggle InChrist
  • Dear Pam,
    I love reading your blog, but some of the ads are very sexualized, graphic, and pornified. I find it very disturbing seeing myself – as a woman – portrayed that way. These pornified ads seem inconsistent with your message about women being treated as equals.

    • mjazzguitar

      She has nothing to do with the ads.
      The ads I see are totally different.

  • MannheimerBub

    Yes, say thanks to Merkel, the fight for Europe will start soon and we can only hope America will resque us one more time!

    • SJS

      Doubt it.

  • Steve Brown
  • Steve Brown
  • Rachel

    They say out loud what their plan is, and Merkel says Germans need to continue to be invaded by these animals because Germany must allow it. WHY? To pay for the sins through WW2? None of these Germans were alive during WW2! And these are Muslims are not JEWS! Jews are civilized….Muslims are medieval animals. This is lunacy!

  • nam
  • Gabriel A. King

    Start killing the Muslims, and don’t stop until they are all dead. Leave their bodies in the street for all to see….

  • RAW

    Merkel actually APPROVES of this cultural invasion behavior!

    Which leads me to the word ‘Treason’.

    Merkel needs to be put in chains, now!

  • TXinSC

    Send these bastards back where they came from.

  • semsem5

    Oh my G-d.

    He has a German accent and tells him that Muslims have 7 kids while Germans only have 1.

    That the Muslim men will marry their women and make them wear the Hijab.

    He then says I can see your hatred in your eyes.

  • Rev. Roy Trepanier

    Do you really want to know what is coming ??? Rev. 20:4 (KJV)….”And I saw thrones, and they sat upon them, and judgment was given unto them: and I saw the souls of them that were BEHEADED for the witness of Jesus, and for the word of God, and which had not worshipped the beast, neither his image, neither had received his mark upon their foreheads, or in their hands; and they lived and reigned with Christ a thousand years”.
    Are you ready for what is happening right before your eyes ? Do you see the 3rd WW of Hijrah…the 1,400 year old Muslim war tactic of INVASION and OCCUPATION by IMMIGRATION that has begun ? It is already in phase 2 with 10’s of thousands of them leaving the refugee camps and infiltrating the civilian populations of Sweden. Denmark, Germany etc. This is an invisible army that these nations are “hosting”, and they will feed off of the people and states until they are ready to strike. This “INVASION” will only peak when about 50-60 million of them have invaded and “conquered” Europe. Will the people rise up ?? Doubtful, because what used to be Judeo-Christian people with morals and a spine have degenerated into God hating secular humanists with no morals or spine.
    One could draw an analogy that these are people (Sweden and Germany, and others) that are openly anti-Semitic and this Islamic Invasion is the beginning of God’s judgment on them. Gen. 12:3…27:29 and Numbers 24:9.
    Are you ready ?? The next item on God’s end-time program is the Rapture of the church, those blood washed saints who have accepted Christ’s atoning sacrifice, in their place, have repented (turned away from their sinful lifestyles) and invited Him to their hearts and desire to follow Him at whatever the cost.
    He is the only escape to the hordes that are coming (under the control of satan) to kill and destroy and ruin everything that is good, moral and just. Look around you !! Wake up to the times we are living in. Eternity is an awful long time to spend in the wrong place.
    His name is Jesus and He loves you so much that He died for you. Return His love and accept His FREE offer of Salvation !! You have Heaven to gain and nothing to lose.
    Rev. Roy…..<

  • Pkm

    Pam u must form linkages with the RSS in India they are the most powerful right wing force in India if not in the world.u must take a cue from the jihadists in the fact that their greatest strength lies in their unity, plus forming an alliance with RSS will give u access to a vast network of RSS members scattered across the globe .

  • Antony Hayes

    I would be happy to kill every last one of these fuckers. However, the government isn’t yet on our side so the first one you shoot means you go behind bars for life. We need a movement going.

  • brian crawford

    when these clowns come to texas they get to say hello to my little friend

  • Brandon Pickel

    just like their will always be those of us to defy the hijabi bullshit, we ain’t scared.

  • actionjksn

    They plan to try that crap here too. What they will find out though is that a bunch of Americans are very capable of violence when our way of life is threatened. We can get just as crazy as them, and we are far smarter and more organized and well armed than the Germans. And crazy and rebellious is in our roots, our ancestors 240 years ago pretty much told the super power of the world to go f themselves and get out of this country because it’s ours now. We’re not as much like Europeans as people would like to think. We are much better, at least a large portion of us are. We’re descended from the Europeans who were too crazy and rebellious to stay in Europe bowing to some stupid king.

  • Egyptian hawk

    The true question to be asked to americans&europeans is why are you silent about this cancer invading your countries?are you waiting to lose your countries&deliver them to Islamic scum?!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    Who is responsible for letting these people in? It is clear that it comes from the same progressive mindset that has infected the west sense the last wars. The muslim uses this and the peoples generosity and guilt to gain advantage. islam manipulates. One only need read the qur’an to see this is no religion but a set of mandatory rules for a people with the inability to have their own thought process. We only need to look at history and see what islam has done to the muslim. A people who had the potential for greatness having the largest learning centers in the world but devolved into the savages of today. The only treatment for savagery is death and remove any trace of islam from the earth for it has no redeeming value.

  • ac287149

    That dude is educated- he’s speaking German. Is he the typical “migrant”? In light of that, what in Sam Hill is he talking about! What Muslim land was taken over by Germany so that Germans could drive Mercedes Benz? Was Germany always theirs? Is any European nation theirs just because!?

    I get the feeling that they think that all nations are occupying their lands, not just Israel. Puts a new spin on that one doesn’t it.

    The only person who could resurrect the Nazi Party in Germany: Barack Obama

  • ac287149

    Karma: The Europeans were condemning and mocking the Americans for wanting a fence at our southern border with Central America…

  • Klaus Krauthammer

    Germans need to get their cranial rectal reversals reversed and take their country back by kicking out every fucking mid east creature. The German government should give huge incentives to Germans to have children. Most of all each German should be required to own assault weapons and know how to use them. The German Air Force should carpet bomb the miles of muslims who are trying invade Germany. All the fruits running Europe should be ousted and let the nationalist save their countries from these stinking inbred barbarians. Get some balls Europe.

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  • Simon Allach

    Nothing to hide?
    200 mostly Eritrean migrants protested against asylum rules on the island of Lampedusa on Thursday as the European Union steps up pressure on frontline countries to enforce the regulations.

    “We are human beings! No fingerprints! We want freedom! We want to move from the camps! Italia respect our rights!” they shouted in English. Some also carried signs in both English and Italian. One read: “We are refugees. No fingerprints”.

    most migrants have simply refused to be identified, moving north from Greece and Italy by foot, train or bus.

  • William L. Finucan
  • Jonnyarlathotep K’haos

    LOL The night is dark and full of terrors

    So the god of night (Star and Crescent/moon and stars) is coming for the god of light (the son/sun of god….the light the truth the way)

    wait what? where did i read about this before didn’t my imaginary friend Penemue i mean Thoth, i mean Hermes Trismegistus tell me about this in the Prisca theologia?

  • QuiCreva

    The solution to this problem is simple and obvious, although not politically correct:
    First, stop permitting Muslim refugees into western countries. Instead, tell other Muslim countries to take these migrants. After all, the refugees have made it plain that they prefer sharia law to democracy, so obviously they would be happier living someplace where sharia is supported;
    Second, to ease the refugee crisis, take in all the persecuted Yazidis, Christians and other non-Muslims from these war-torn countries. Such displaced folk would be both grateful for the chance and happy to assimilate, unlike their Muslim counterparts;
    Third, deny all Muslim immigrants free housing, public assistance and the like until they have lived in their host countries for at least a year and have shown strong progress in assimilation. That means the women have abandoned hijab, the men have rejected scuzzy beards and polygamy, adults are gainfully employed, and the entire family is rapidly acquiring fluency in the native language, along with firm grasp of local laws and customs;
    Fourth, deport any Muslim immigrant who commits a crime IMMEDIATELY, along with ALL who have not demonstrated strong progress towards assimilation within three years;
    Fifth, shut down all Muslim schools and impose severe restrictions on mosques. Imams who preach hatred of the west, jihad or the like should be arrested and their mosques automatically closed. Muslim congregations that spill out into public spaces during prayer times, obstructing business and traffic, should be forbidden;
    Sixth, eradicate Muslim ghettos. Force Muslim citizens to relocate to integrated neighborhoods where the majority of residents are native Europeans;
    Last, impose stiff financial/legal penalties on Muslim men who secretly maintain more than one wife or insist upon producing more than two children. Ditto for Muslims who arrange marriages for underage girls, and those who arrange for their daughters to undergo female genital mutilation. Penalties should apply regardless of whether the arranged marriages or FGM took place in the host country or abroad;
    Other helpful suggestions would be to ban the Qur’an as hate speech (as Mein Kampf has been banned in many European countries) and criminalize sharia law.
    Will any of these steps ever be implemented? Yes, but probably not until Europe has suffered far more from Islam than it has thus far, and/or the last foolish multiculturalist government leader dies.
    Are these suggestions racist? No, because Islam is not a race. They would also not constitute a violation of religious freedom, since Islam is primarily a political supremacist ideology rather than a faith. It actually constitutes treason towards the host country, as Islam advocates the overthrow of all man-made forms of government. Does suggesting such procedures mean that I hate Muslims? Again, no. Rather, I pity brainwashed Muslims, as they are usually the first victims of the Islamic death cult when it runs amok. Making it supremely difficult for Muslims to practice their traditional creed would, in the long run, be doing them a favor.

  • Michael Dockens

    That is the dumbest most Xenophobic bit of tripe I have ever heard. And the idiot who is saying these things is clearly delusional or being paid to stoke the fires of racial fears. How many Muslims are in Germany? Enough to justify this type of fear mongering? I always though Germans were braver and made of stronger stuff than to be fearful on this level. Thought you would have learned the lessons about demonizing a minority from world war II. But maybe not, we will just all gather around the fire and sing the Horst Wessell lied, we will try to ignore what you plan to put in the fire.

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