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French train attack hero Spencer Stone STABBED repeatedly in the chest, near death


French train attack hero Spencer Stone was stabbed in Sacramento early Thursday. This story is just breaking — pray for him.

The 25-year-old U.S. airman 1st class was stabbed with a box cutter when he along with Alek Skarlatos and Anthony Sadler took down jihadi Ayooub El-Khazaani after he opened fire in August. Alek Skarlatos escaped death last week when a gunman opened fire at his college, Umpqua Community College, in Roseburg, Oregon. Skarlatos was in California at the time.

Is Obama going to call a press conference and outlaw knives?



French train attack hero Spencer Stone STABBED ‘four times in the chest’ and in critical condition

French train attack hero Spencer Stone was stabbed in Sacramento early Thursday
CBS reports that he is in stable condition after being ‘repeatedly stabbed’
He was stabbed four times in the chest
Initially police did not believe that Stone would be able to survive his injuries and began treating it as a homicide
Stone was one of the three Americans who managed to take down a gunman as he opened fire on a Paris train this past August

By Chris Spargo For, 8 October 2015

French train attack hero Spencer Stone was stabbed in Sacramento early Thursday.

Stone was one of the three Americans who managed to take down a gunman as he opened fire on a Paris train this past August.

CBS Sacramento reports that he is in critical condition after being ‘repeatedly stabbed.’
French train attack hero Spencer Stone (center) was stabbed in Sacramento last night

french train heros

French train attack hero Spencer Stone (center) was stabbed in Sacramento last night stone stabbing

The stabbing happened at 12:45am at the intersection of 21st and K (above) in the city

The Air Force Times reports that he was stabbed ‘four times in the chest’ and was taken to a local hospital where he is being treated for injury.

The stabbing happened at 12:45am at the intersection of 21st and K in the city and the crime was so violent that two blocks of the street were shut down reports KCRA.

Initially police did not believe that Stone would be able to survive his injuries and began treating the case like a homicide.

A defense official told ABC that he was trying to protect a friend at the time.

The 25-year-old U.S. airman 1st class was stabbed with a box cutter when he along with Alek Skarlatos and Anthony Sadler took down Morocco-born Ayooub El-Khazaani after he opened fire in August.

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  • Joe R Perez

    I wonder if he was one of those terrorist looking for revenge.

  • Daniel Rupp

    When will we know the identity of the attacker? If this was done by a member of a certain religion, I am going to get enrolled in the next concealed/carry class I can!

    • disqus_mo8ewPYVck

      NO ONE is mentioning names. Isn’t that strange?

      • Fred

        No one is mentioning motives or even circumstances either.

      • PapawR1

        Not strange at all just as neither Obama nor the mainstream media mentioned the killer at the Oregon college asked the victims if they were Christian or not before blaming it on the lack of & demanding more gun control laws which only affects those willing to follow the law to begin with.

    • NJK

      I’m looking at weapons. D.C. has betrayed the country. They areally directly responsible. They allowed a questionable character into the White House, and now they are actively importing terrorism, oh excuse me “refugees.”

      • k reed

        People voted in the president, he wasn’t just appointed by some magical group inside the beltway.

        • Dorrie

          Yup, lots of DEAD people! NO county could have 100% (and in some cases OVER 100%) vote for 1 person, but many did! There was CLEAR voter fraud – both times!

        • kookooracharabioso

          I am probably older than you and I have to say that I’ve been questioning the integrity of our process for my entire adult life just through common sense that things don’t add up.

          • Dave from San Antonio

            I’ve been questioning the same thing for at least 40 years…and I’m 63…well I will be in 2mo. When I served in the military…many of us questioned whether or not votes were “really” being counted. But…as Stalin once said(paraphrase),…It’s not who votes or how many vote…it’s who counts the votes that decides who wins. I think that is a problem that has been going on for years and years.

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        • St. Michael Defend Us

          A lot of illegal aliens vote in elections, as well as other non-citizens.

          • Betty4440

            yea and even dead people were rising up and voting for this scum.

          • Dave from San Antonio

            Some of them…several times…and always democrats…I think…;)

        • Dr. Doomsday

          You left out the millions of illegal aliens he suddenly gave citizenship to in time to vote, plus all those towns where a few thousand more people than the registered population were registered to vote, and voted by mail. And lets not forget the voting machines, choose someone else, and it says you chose Obama.

          Such total bullcrap…

        • Peggas

          He was put there by FRAUD!!! He was not legally elected!!!

          • Dorrie

            Yup and never proved he was an American citizen. His white grandmother said just months before the ’08 election that she was IN THE ROOM, IN KENYA when he was born. His mother had denounced her American citizenship before she went to Kenya – so he is NOT an American! But our own media didn’t do their “due diligence” and now, the entire government isn’t! It’s a corrupt place from one side to the other!

    • Jill Stamos

      This was an act of war committed by attacking a member of the United States military on US soil in retaliation.

      And our president continually gets outplayed by Putin. He will ,as usual, do nothing productive.

      Obama hates Americans, the Constitution, and free market capitalism. He destroyed our economy with measures like the ACA and immigration amnesty. The “Affordable” Care Act has been nothing short of a disaster. My health insurance bill is up to $450/month. (Compare this to my $25/month auto insurance from Insurance Panda or my $10/month renters insurance… both private enterprise!)

      His never-ending push to flood America with non-English speakers is motivated by his desire to see America become non-white majority, and therefore guarantee the left a permanent majority. His refusal to call Islamic terrorists Islamic terrorists is evidence that he secretly supports them. His total defiance of the constitution is proof that he wants to tear it up and write another constitution, based on the “values’ of black and brown people. And his hatred of capitalism is due to his Marxist upbringing, belief that such a system is “unfair”.

      He should be in jail.

      Muslim sympathizer? Anyone?

      • Oliver Grant

        What does Putin have to do with this?

        • Richard

          I think Jill was pointing out that Obama could busy himself dealing with Putin and by his doing nothing, and in that regard we have one more solid example that his only efforts are spent trying to destroy the country.
          Granted Jill went off-topic a bit making her entire comment about Obama, if she’d had kept herself together I think she meant to make a stronger thesis statement that Obama should treat an attack on a member of the military as an act of war. That thesis may not be correct, but I think it’s where she was going with her comment.

          • TacticalYoda

            And then theres this.. Just typing go to would have been obvious. Betting all her posts mention her “low insurance” and where she got it. Any takers?

          • Dorrie

            No, Richard, “Jill” is a spammer. When a person makes their Disqus account invisible, you KNOW they are a spammer!

          • Richard

            Well then, she’s better at it then the idiot who wall papers here in bold font. I wasn’t sensing any stink from her comment other than poor composition skills.

          • Dorrie

            I think spammers are “evolving” to be less blatant. Still spammers though.

        • TacticalYoda

          I think it was the long way around to advertise “Insurance Panda”. Even spammers can wise up.

        • TacticalYoda

          I WIN! EVERY POST “Jill” makes mentions Insurance Panda. Time for flagging.

          • Dorrie

            Jill ALSO has a hidden account on Disqus – even MORE reason to flag it! Thanks for the heads up!

        • Mark T

          Putin has nothing to do with it. It’s an ad. Spam.

      • TacticalYoda

        We’re onto you, spammer

    • wpjokari

      CNN was caught doctoring the photo of the Umpqua school shooter (chris harper-mercer), making his skin bright white and removing large brown birth mark imperfections, then placing right next to his white brit father with zero images anywhere of his black mother…the MSM has a huge bias, if it’s not as they want they withhold the info as long as possible to make the conspiracy theorists pop up immediately, and generally make everyone look dumb and distrust everything.

      • kookooracharabioso

        Yes because all over the Internet I can see Blacks posting on black sites that mass shootings and mental illness are both “white” afflictions.

    • lostlegends

      They don’t know who the attacker is. Get your CCW. In the mean time carry away.

    • Glen Smith

      You should have already… but yea… do that ASAP…

    • PapawR1

      Whether they were of a certain religion or not doesn’t matter when you are the victim of a criminal no matter what their religion, or lack thereof, happens to be. Waiting to get the training & permit until the time you may actually need it is useless.

      • Dorrie

        No it isn’t, it’s an important thing to DO. I did, 8 years ago! Better late than never!

        • PapawR1

          I agree. Still waiting for mine to be approved & mailed to me. I said waiting until you need it to start the process of getting it is useless. :)

    • Folly67

      Supposedly they’re looking for 2 Asian guys in a black Toyota Camry.

    • jojo

      I have learned that whenever the “identity” of the perp, politician (same thing lol) is omitted, it’s because the media has something to hide because the criminal is either an illegal, a muslim, a liberal, or a homosexual. If it’s a TEA party member, conservative, Christian, it’s either in the headline, or the first paragraph.
      I’m going to guess it was a disgruntled muslim that was offended by this young airman thwarting a terrorist attack and felt that he was entitled to kill him.

    • Sifter

      Respectfully, Daniel, you should have already.

  • So the elephant in the room is – Was the stabber a muslim looking for revenge for the foiled attack…? Will Obama come out for knife control? Will Obama visit Airman Stone? I am guessing he won’t even mention him.

  • NJK

    Name, please.

  • Tom Nicholson

    Did the Ore shooter get a phone call from another terrorist to go after hero ( maybe from payphone) ? >>One
    French train hero was supposed to be at Oregon shooting school day of
    shooting & now the other hero- Stone is stabbed just yesterday
    (Thurs) in Calf.!!. just
    announced ! Was the Oregon mass shooting an Islamist attempt to assassinate Alek
    Skarlatos- American hero for thwarting a Muslim terrorist train
    attack this summer in France?:

  • La Lummus

    they are hiding the identity of this pos for reason…. Americans needs to armed themselves.

  • Daniel Apostol

    Let’s just wait this one out for an hour or two. Hope for the best for Spencer and see what the police will say, certainly very soon.

  • lori58

    it must have been another of obamas sons……..

  • lori58

    and remember……..we have had a lot of navy seals die in odd ways too…….

  • Robert Gamble


  • Helga stintzcum

    I would be willing to bet that the attacker was a Muslim. Boxcutters and other knives seem to be the weapon of choice if that pondscum. We should follow Norway’s example and deport all of them, along with the one I n the White House. Maybe ANGELA MERKEL will grant him asylum.

    • Tom Nicholson

      Did terrorist get a phone call from another terrorist ( Payphone?) SOMETHING GOING ON HERE !! Was
      the Oregon mass shooting an Islamist attempt to assassinate Alek

      • Dorrie

        Quite possible, Tom, but no way to know for sure. And as you’ve probably noticed, the press isn’t even talking about the fact that the shooter was either a Muslim or at the very least, a Muslim sympathizer. He had pictures of an ISIS leader on his social media page.

        • Tom Nichols

          Even Fox not saying anything about terrorist which is very strange ! Is this what they mean they don’t want terrorist to get any glory? It should be out there to protect the US !

          • Dorrie

            The media is almost completely Marxist now and Americans are really on their own for protection. But even carrying a firearm won’t protect you from a dirty bomb and they’re working very hard to get one here. Also, Russia has the capability with it’s ICBM’s to hit the center of this country with a nuke. And Obama isn’t pushing them back in Syria. If Russia hits one of our planes, my guess is that Obama will have our military back down and humiliate our entire military and our country, putting us at HUGE risk!

          • Budvarakbar

            After all – he wun the last election and therefore is much more flexible — be sure to let Vlad know that!

          • Dorrie


          • kookooracharabioso

            Fox has flipped recently I hear.

          • Budvarakbar

            What these rats in the gov’t and media are actually doing is trying to protect their own a$$es from both the American population and the Moo-slimes!

        • Tom Nichols

          This from my word program- Shooter
          in Oregon’s friend posted Jihad material online

      • Tom Nichols

        The hero was said to be attacked by someone drinking so may be not connected with any terrorist ?

        • Budvarakbar

          How dam dumb can you be — First: there have been no reports that the attackers had been drinking — and Second the 9-11 boys had been whooping it up in Vegas a few days earlier!

          • Tom Nichols

            I gave the real update to that event on another post then had computer problems.!!

  • Dorrie

    Am earnestly praying for him to be healed completely!

  • Oliver Grant

    Just a random stabbing, like the Taliban sympathizer veteran killed Christ Kyler in a random mental lapse, and the Putin critic killed Moscow by the KGB.

  • BruceMichaelGrant

    ANOTHER ‘gun-free zone’. Democrats are recklessly importing thousands and thousands more jihadist thugs exactly like this one who will gladly murder thousands more Americans upon command.
    Governments around the world are betraying their own citizens in the name of ‘tolerance’ and political correctness. First they disarm their people then leave them helpless in the face of mounting terror.
    A government which does not serve its people does not deserve to have its laws obeyed. It’s time for each of us to take responsibility for our own safety.

  • Ferdinand Marcos 2.0

    When is obama going to stand up against chemtrails!?

  • ohyan2919

    We know it was a muslim because the lamestream media is not blaming a white racist!

  • Tom Nicholson

    Could be coincidence? Why other hero suppose to be at Ore. school same day of shooting & other hero gets stabbed ? Did the Ore shooter get a phone call from another terrorist to go after hero ( maybe from payphone) ? >>OneFrench train hero was supposed to be at Oregon shooting school day of
    shooting & now the other hero- Stone is stabbed just yesterday
    (Thurs) in Calf.!!. just
    announced ! Was the Oregon mass shooting an Islamist attempt to assassinate Alek
    Skarlatos- American hero for thwarting a Muslim terrorist train
    attack this summer in France?:

  • jazzy

    Everyone knows it was a DAMN MUSLIM..they use box cutters……plus the gang muslim rapes in Rhode Island of an 18 yrs girl.. and the 10 year girl who got raped in Rhode Island too..they were all done by muslims..Time to get an eye for an eye….wipe out the muzzies..sick of this crap..everyone keep waiting and its coming to all our neighborhoods

    • Budvarakbar

      Obie’s private army — being spread to a small town near you!

  • Rocinante44

    the muslims shoot up his home town, and then stab him in the middle of a street, and the police issue the usual “this is not terrorism” bs. we are under being slaughtered by muslims aided and abetted by our own government and muslim-compliant democrat-controlled media.

  • Patti York

    Just heard that he is in stable condition.

  • concern00

    Don’t forget that another of the trio, Alex Skarlatos, is enrolled at Umpqua community college and was (allegedly) supposed to be present at classes on the day of that attack.

  • Spencer Stone is a Hero

    This is horrible news. Spencer Stone is a hero and I pray he will survive.

    I don’t understand why anyone would want to hurt this brave man who saved the lives of others in France.
    I hope they catch the coward responsible or this act of terror. Was it a Muslim?

  • lostlegends

    I happen to live in a suburb of Sacto. Have avoided that part of Sac for a long time, especially at night. Lots of homeless bums and gang banger types. I occasionally buy mining hoses for customers on 19th Street 2-3 blocks from the crime scene. Don’t like to criticize a hero but I wouldn’t let my 18 year old, who’s a brown belt and working on his black belt in Shotokan karate, go downtown in Sac. Sac is full of government mall drones and weirdos and oddballs of all descriptions. Stay away.

    • Richard

      Worse than Stockton?

      • lostlegends

        Now that’s a good question. I think I’ll refer you to Stephen Hawking to answer a question like that. Beyond my pay level. I treat Stockton as a “no go zone.” Besides, my Aztec ain’t very good.

        • Dorrie

          Why trust Hawking with anything?! He’s a dead man walking and his disease has affected his brain. He thinks aliens will take over the earth – and I don’t mean from a different country!

          • IzlamIsTyranny

            Hawking is also anti-Israel.

  • Richard

    I, like others it seems, sometimes rush to comment without reading Pam’s entire entry, let alone the source article. Pam always links to the source and for the most part what she writes are her editorial comments peppered with excerpts from the source, or in some cases the first part of the source un edited. In this case the source is The Air Force Times. From the source article:

    “The assault does not appear to be a random act. It’s believed to be related to a nightclub incident.”

    Police are looking for two suspects, described as Asian men wearing white t-shirts and blue jeans who drove a gray or black Toyota Camry.

    Ok, now we can speculate as to what is meant by ‘Asian’, however in the context of US media I expect they mean East Asian, you know the kind that eat with chopsticks. Further, who goes nightclubbing in jeans and a white t-shirt? Maybe that flies in Sacto, I don’t know if they were barhopping or in an actual nightclub.

    Stone is a high profile person, we will learn more about this I believe.

  • kookooracharabioso

    Not a mathematician but the odds of this happening – WOW! They’re definitely here.

    • St. Michael Defend Us

      Yes, I am thinking that as well. That TWO of the Paris train heroes had connections to these incidents, just can’t be a coincidence. Someone is targeting them for retaliation but trying to make the incidents appear random and not connected.

  • s;vbkr0boc,klos;

    One of the heroes of the French train attack – his home town of Roseberg Oregon has a mass shooting by a black man whose best friend was a Muslim Jihadi. Now the other hero gets stabbed with incredible savagery and we are told it has nothing to do with terrorism.

    • Dorrie

      It has EVERYTHING to do with terrorism – Christians specifically were targeted. Obama has said NOTHING about that! He’s more interested in shoving his despicable, Communist policies down our throats!

      • Artemis

        Obama’s a worthless pos.

  • Dr. Doomsday

    I know right where that is, there is a good Hungarian place on J between 20th and 21st. But Sacramento, like much of CA, and especially in that general part of the Central Valley, has been overrun with gangs and other losers. Although there are good businesses in that area, I can see that after hours the rats come out, because during the day, some of them do then as well.

    Drudge has a new link that they are looking for 2 “Asians” -hmm.

    • noindoctrination

      Good point. I don’t think it’s a stretch to think that some or all of these gangs are in some way linked to the Muslim Terrorist Network and that these “Asians” will do the dirty work for a cut in the fatwa/hit money.

  • ken_lov

    The paranoid comments from Gellerites are hilarious. The guy was stabbed in a nightclub brawl. The end.

    • Dorrie

      Were you a witness?? Were you there?

      • ken_lov

        Please spare me the paranoid conspiracy narrative about how the Air Force is covering up the truth.

        • Budvarakbar

          Was Sarah Palin there?

        • Dorrie

          WHAT “paranoid conspiracy”???

          • ken_lov

            I’ve already answered one dopey question from you. That’s your quota.

            Now I need to go take a long, hot shower. For some reason this site always has that effect on me.

          • Dorrie

            Oh … I see … so you think reality is a “paranoid conspiracy” and it’s dopey. I get it.

            Take care that you don’t drown in the shower. I understand that turkeys can drown in the rain because they don’t know enough not to let the rain go down their nostrils.

            Liberals are SO brainwashed … it’s sad. Try reading this, you’ve been brainwashed by it:


  • IzlamIsTyranny

    I hope Mr. Stone makes a full recovery and the scum that attacked him are found and arrested.

  • Globalfirm:humanrights&ecology

    People  better wake up to the fact that we don’t live in Europe or countries but a global world, with global responsibilities for human rights & ecology.

    Pro-Islam migration policy-makers don’t care about righteous consciousness. They just want action, entertainment. They don’t care if Islam is righteous & just, if it’s a theist ideology, if it’s anti-human rights. If it’s racist against Africans, even better they think. They want something powerful they can join. They are not righteous.

    When freedom of religion as argument regarding Islam ceases to exist because of knowledge about Islam’s inherently violent oppressive structure the only arguments for Islam become violent oppressive, human rights abusing entertainment & twisted ‘life assurance’-type organisation.

    Failure of the government to openly & publicly condemn Islam & Muhammad by banning mosks, halal, Arabic & Muhammad idealization leaves harmful marks in the minds of children, people. If their conscience is disturbed or absent they get indoctrinated into Muhammad’s unethical, sadist, indefinite commands to institutionalized & self-initiated violent oppression against atheists & other non-Muslims, if they got a sane conscience, it gives them a feeling of paranoia & oppression.

    In order to prevent losing people, next generations to Islam it needs to be banned -that’s inclusion. 

    The UN-regime differentiates between a harmful Islam they claim is a fraud & a benign Islam I say is Islam propaganda, fraudulent concealment & concealed aiding of a terrorist organisation.
    They sell an illusion of security treating humankind like consumers they can betray, keeping indoctrination into Muhammad’s indefinite commands alive to the detriment of the future of human rights.
    Islam is not led by Mosks but by Muhammad’s unethical commands. Mosks are just facilities for Muslims.

    Every ideology like the roots (latin: radix) of a tree has it’s most powerful sphere, deeply rooted in the subconscience of a person, determining the identity & actions of a person: radicalism.
    Islam’s radicalism is sadist, racist, unjust, deceptive & based on myths, on deceit & not compatible with human rights the new religion which’s roots are human rights & fruits are ethics: human rights, ecology, atheism, globalism, English & animal rights. To think that Islam indoctrinated people would accept a soft version of Islam is unwise.

    Legality of Islam criminalizes the conscience, sensitivity & human rights & we can’t let that happen. The legality of Islam criminalizes human rights by criminalizing cognitive reason, cognitive judgement, sensitivity & intelligence: the conscience.
    Reason is not an unproactive warning of a threat, reason is a proactive, cognitive judgement to the protection of human rights: the conscience. A conscience is absent or disturbed to someone who doesn’t condemn Muhammad.

    Islam is unethical in it’s fundaments & widespread because of it’s violence & it shouldn’t make the rules but be obliterated worldwide to unify humanity.
    The guilty of legal punishment are those who act indifferent to complicit to the crimes done by Muhammad, his indefinite criminal commands & the history of those carrying out his commands. This includes for example Wikipedia, Barack Hussein Obama & his immoral partners in Army, government & elsewhere.

    The only way to protect ourselves from Islam’s, Muhammad’s war, terror, tyranny, manipulation & indoctrination is by destroying the source which is Muhammad’s unethical manifest by publicly discrediting it through accurate, public mainstream media analysis, by disseminating the following information about Muhammad, Islam’s history, banning mosks & halal & by making Muslims submit (Islam translates ‘submission’) to human rights the new religion, Globalfirm world government. This has been proven again & again. 
    Jihad & Sharia terror can only thrive if Muhammad’s ideology infests a society.

    When people are educated about Muhammad, about Islam they can effectively & sustainably protect themselves from Islam. If not, not.
    Proselytising mass-lying for Islam, shouldn’t be brushed off as minor misdemeanour but instead be prosecuted as serious offence, as fraudulent concealement, as betrayal & as aiding of a terrorist organization.

    Islam, through Muhammad’s indefinite commands to both, self-initiated & institutionalized murder & torture of atheists & other non-Muslims is a threat to innocent people’s lives & to the sanity of people. & we shouldn’t give Islam validity & reassurement through reassurement of an existence of a deity® that has not been proven.

    The lesson we should learn from the crime of Islam is to be radical for human rights. A politically correct Islamism would condemn Muhammad & reject theism®. 

    Muhammad-complicit media & governments want to exactly prevent this, making the truth about Islam, Muhammad’s sadist commands, secret knowledge exclusive to Muslims.
    That’s what we need to tackle.

    It’s called law. Muhammad did crimes, created a mentally ill crime commanding law manifest & we must punish that.

    If we don’t do this it’s like fighting the mythological Hydra that when cutting off her heads, more heads appear, the heads symbolizing children & people brainwashed & betrayed into Muhammad’s unethical, mentally ill system. Children must be taught the truth about sadist mentally ill racist slaver Muhammad so they can grow up to be morally beneficial members of society.

    People are being betrayed & instrumentalized into Islam with lies that there is no causal connection to self-initiated or institutionalized Jihad or Sharia terrorism & Muhammad & Islam, that it’s a distortion of Islam, while Muhammad indefinitely commanded self-initiated & institutionalized terror in the form of Jihad, Sharia & deception. This widespread instrumentalization of people through deceit is a form of mainstream-betrayal & treason & we must be alarmed by it. I urge every awoken citizen to join Human rights the new religion, Globalfirm world government because this might be the last chance to defeat Islam.

    What made Hitler a psychopath sadist?
    Muhammad’s unethical theism.

    The US EU AUS UN-regime is desensitized to righteous development. They import a Hitler-youth. Hitler is the bestseller after the Koran in Islamic countries. Islamic migrants are the Islamic SS of the US EU AUS UN-regime. The exposing truth about unethical Muhammad, about Islam is being criminally, brutally & silently oppressed in culture, media, academia, governance, army & police by a through Jihad-motivated mass-breeding, murder, oppression, deception & mass-migration more & more open & secret Muslims, hollow, superficial & insensitive more & more pro-Islam mono-culture to the detriment of the future of human rights, sensitivity, truth, global cohesion & ethical strategic global responsibility. This must stop. Apostates from Islam must be those worthy of protection & influence. Islam is unethical in it’s fundaments & therefore shouldn’t have any influence on humanity.

    Opposition to racism & nationalism doesn’t include protective opposition to people who are through Islamic regimes indoctrinated into Muhammad’s commands.

    When anti-Islam activism is left to counterproductive leaders without foremost global identity, parties with a not predominantly solidarily universal global but predominantly nationalist, or European, even subliminally racist & religious approach & motive with unclear, blurred, indistinct even complicit not exposing attitude & role towards Islam they will play a part as tool in Islam’s propaganda game, in fact effectively defaming & undermining global anti-Islam activism like an allegedly pro-human rights trojan-horse with Muslims & Nazis in it, eventually hampering freedom of speech, enabling Sharia-tyranny. People shouldn’t be limited by nationalism, religionism, racism or capitalism but be free.

    Appointing countries immigration countries open to Muslims while ignoring countries under Islamic tyranny is a crime & unbalanced. Global responsibility against Islam, for ethics: human rights, ecology, atheism, globalism, English & animal rights must be a priority, not nationalism detached from reality & ethics. Immigration world for ethics not immigration countries for Islam. There’s no movement that is global fighting Islam. That must change. Society needs to stop identifying themselves regionally, nationally or European, blinding out regions under hardline Islamic tyranny & instead identify themselves globally for responsibility against an Islamic status quo paradigm & instead for ethics: human rights, ecology, atheism, globalism, English & animal rights.

    People unfortunately don’t identify themselves globally, but identify or pretend to identify themselves nationally or regionally, blinding out the unethical reality about Islam, which seems to be psychopathological repression & is coupled with the idealization of mentally ill sadist Muhammad created by Islamic propaganda. Anti-racism shouldn’t become a trojan horse for Muhammad’s pro Arab & Turk, anti African racism. 

    The biggest Islamic terrorist became president to not be arrested.
    Social cohesion for the Jihadists of the UN is submission to ‘Islam Is Peace’, something similar to the slogan written above the entrance of the Auschwitz death-camp: ‘Arbeit Macht Frei’.

    There’s proof (Pamela Geller wrote an article on that) the Army didn’t attack the estimated 60 Isis training camps for a year during which Isis slaughtered & enslaved many & it continues. Like there are no drones. This ongoing inaction is a war-crime & the responsible need to be prosecuted. 
    Obama’s, the US EU AUS UN-regime’s concept for less Jihad terror is: Sharia terror. We had the chance to annihilate Isis, Boko Haram. But it seems Isis, Boko Haram is planned & legimitized before & the Anti-Isis campaign nothing but a publicity stunt.
    Israel is the best compatible power in the middle-east to create a new global government to protect ethics: human rights, ecology, English, atheism, animal rights & globalism.

    The as Barack Hussein Obama & the US EU AUS UN-regime says “holy®” Quran indefinitely commands 5:33 “Maim and crucify the infidels if they criticise Islam.” then for ‘the politically interested’ lies Isis isn’t Islamic, while they crucify on a large scale & arms & protects their Jihad & Sharia terror although they’re Islamic.
    Some people in South-America crucify themselves to emulate Jesus, Muslims crucify atheists, non-Muslims to death to emulate Muhammad.
    ‘Islam is peace’-indoctrination is Jihad-recruitment propaganda.
    When the insensitive, unethical Islam is praised we have to be alarmed.

    Self-initiated Muslim terror-attacks are examples of how public Dawah, proselytizing to Islam & mainstream Muhammad glorification programming creates Jihad & Sharia terror. 
    A truly gun free society without Muslims or other thugs would be great. Legal guns & Muslim immigration just don’t work together. With Muhammad’s indefinite incitements to self-initiated terror covered up by the secretly Muslim media & government as these: “It was narrated from `Ubadah bin Samit that the messenger of Allah® said: “Carry out the legal punishments on relatives and strangers, and do not let the fear of blame stop you from carrying out the command of Allah®.” (Hasan) Ibn Majah 3:20:2540” (Hadith) guns for Muhammad-fans should be illegal.
    Freedom of religion for Islam is an atheist & other non-Muslim suicide. The constitution must be simplified to sustainably protect ethics: human rights, ecology, atheism, globalism, English & animal rights.
    Convenient for the Muslim government: they proselytize for Islam creating autonomous Jihad-terror, then disarm the non-Muslims.
    People should realize that there’s something better than Islam, something Muslims must submit to (Islam translates ‘submission’), something ethical: human rights the new religion, Globalfirm world government, but the government media wants Islam instead. This we must change.

    To hide their institutionalized, unethical hidden agenda the pro Islamic media insensitevely leaves the public blind to the ethical & sensitive, global moving causes of the human rights Anti-Islam movement & new government. 

    Islam is an insensitive, strong, sadist not to be underestimated unethical force in the world (Churchill said the most retrograde force & he knew fighting Jihadis in Nazi uniforms).
    Governments, media want Muslims (their Hitler youth) because they are currently run by secret Muslims who want a reward in their imagined afterlife®. It’s that simple. I might be exact in my evaluation & it’s too dangerous to be unprepared. And after all, may they be Muslims or not, the result is unprogressive: Islamic.
    For the same reason (imagined Islamic afterlife®) Muslim migrants don’t protest for military enforcement of the law of human rights in their home countries but for the insensitive, unethical Islamic law in their new.
    The people who applaud them probably don’t even want to have kids.

    The difference between an open or secret not simulating Muslim & not simulating open or secret human rights person is that a Muslim obeys Muhammad’s indefinite, insensitive & unjust Sharia tyranny & Jihad terror (Islam translates submission) while a human rights person opposes it & fights for human rights instead.

    Claiming Islam isn’t Islamism makes one an Islamist.

    A pro-Islamic stance is a corrupt evasion to not deal with the problem of Islam, hence Islamic studies in universities cultivating this evasion for media & government.
    Islamic deceiving as means of Jihad war, Muhammad said war is deceit, must be understood in context: Non Islamic topics are Unislamic distraction & deviation (fitnah) to Muhammad which is defined by Muhammad as worse than murder & therefore guilty of murder & torture.
    Truth is, the assumption of a deity® as a fact itself is deception. Muhammad’s assertion that his imagined deity® Allah® is the greatest deceiver or imposter leaves out that Allah® is Muhammad’s greatest deception & he an imposter.
    We shouldn’t give Islam validity & reassurement through reassurement of an existence of a deity® that has not been proven.
    Theist institutions as the Vatican organization effectively function as propaganda-tool for Islam. Contrary to a widespread superstition, atheism is hope, not surrender.

    Pro-Islam critics insensitively argue with comparisons over reality forcing us to argue with reality over comparisons.

    The institutionally insensitive ‘Islam is peace’ indoctrinated,-normed people need a tough regime to drive out their ignorant impudence.

    There’s a world war going on since Muhammad & the institutionally insensitive pro-Islamic media picked the wrong side.

    They’re in a game of institutionalized insensitive Islamic mind-control which we naturally oppose & eliminate.

    Islam tolerant people are conscienceless & institutionally insensitive towards human rights.

    The institutionalized insensitive legal status of Islam reflects through the policies & it’s consequences in history (mass-murder around North-East Nigeria, in Syria, Iraq, the establishment of Isis murdering, enslaving, crucifying, torturing people, Sharia in the new North-Sudan, Al-Shabab, Islamic Hitler-youth type migration to Europe, US & & &) & we have to prosecute who’s responsible for this.

    I’m alarmed by the failure to suspect & recognize Jihad as main motivation by Hitler’s & Amin El Husseini’s Jihad by Nazi-holocaust survivors & memorials & the education-system. The history & pro-Islam role of Germany during the Armenian genocide & the Hitler-regime, til today demonstrates the extent, seriousness & danger of concealed Islam & warns of Muhammad’s indefinite commands to concealed war.

    Keeping Islam legal despite Muhammad’s indefinite, insensitive, sadist commands against human rights & atheists first of all criminalizes the intelligence, conscience & human rights by criminalizing cognitive reason & cognitive judgement.
    Furthermore the legality of Islam, together with legal Islamic proselytising gives people the deceptive impression that Islam is a universal, human rights respecting ideology giving them 2 options: assume that it’s peaceful, join the Jihad. (It also let’s people accept new Sharia governments after Jihad war like the new North-Sudan or the new Muslim president in Nigeria.) It doesn’t give people any space nor reasonal support at all to sensitivity, to reject Muhammad, Islam as unethical. It creates an desensitized error-based status quo paradigm & puts down & defames, destabilises, financially, socially & politically oppresses the intelligent, destroys their career  chances instead of empowering them & oppresses men through procreation sabotaging, institutionalized excluding mind-control. Islam, through Muhammad’s commands to both, self-initiated & institutionalized murder & torture of atheists & other non-Muslims is a threat to innocent people’s lives & to the sanity of people. That’s why the legality of Islam must be overturned.

    Children with Islamic background need to learn that it’s not just ok, but sensitive, courages & righteous, ethical to discriminate against Muhammad’s indefinitely insensitive, sick doctrine (Muhammad made Hitler the sadist he was), just as Jihadist terrorists & Sharia Islamic governments/ tyrannies disrespecting human rights (the new religion) must feel the enforcement of the law of human rights of the new human rights & ecology government, just as ‘Islam means peace’ normed & hypnotized fascists need to feel the might of a new radical, radical is the opposite of simulating & thus powerful government dedicated to ethics, to human rights, ecology & not to Islamic fascism, or simulation of ethics.

    Islam would be peace-indoctrination is Jihad-recruitment propaganda & criminal motivation. ‘Islamophobia’ is a discriminatory Islamic code for infidel & therefore should be banned. Describing Islam as peaceful is like describing a horror-flick as meditational movie. Muhammad was the personification of human rights-abuse, not human rights. Human rights are not a matter of negotiation but go without saying. Legality of Islam creates a misguided, ethically corrupt & criminal political subculture that hampers psychosociological & political progress. Instead of law protecting human rights, Islam opresses human rights through Muhammad’s law of Jihad terrorism & Sharia-terror tyranny under the pretext of theism®, an unproven deity®. Atheism is not surrender, on the contrary, it is hope.

    We know what happens when we got an Islamic president. We catch Obama, the Islamic US EU AUS UN-regime ruled by the mind-con-‘trolling’ hidden Jihad slipping again & again. They impudently proclaim ‘Islam would be peace’, Boko haram would have “legitimate concerns” (Obama), sabotaging Israeli arms deals to the Nigerian army while Boko haram slaughters, protecting the estimated 60 Isis training camps, arming Isis, rewarding mass-murdering Islamic psychopath sadist theist Omar Al Bashir with a new country (North-Sudan) for a Sharia-tyranny. We got to prosecute the whole administration as it already slipped into a tyranny.

    We need to stop reacting & stop assuming that they’re reacting & instead be proactive & realize they are proactive but in an institutionalized insensitive, psychopath theist way, Muhammad’s brutal & unjust indefinite commands-way, too.

    Nazis after their Jihadist slaughter under & with Amin El-Husseini & Muhammad adoring Hitler (he hailed to the back- to Muhammad? Did he secretely identify as Turk?) are no longer of use to Islam so it’s only convenient for the Islamic media to cloth the Nazi-movement as Anti-Islam movement & defame the human rights Anti-Islam movement as insensitive & Naziistic, putting Nazis who are suspectingly compatible with Islam in charge of the Anti-Islam human rights movement (in the eye of the public), while sustainable human rights protection is global & areligious & is opposed to nationalism, religionism or racism. To hide their institutionalized, unethical hidden agenda the pro Islamic media insensitively, leaves the public blind to the ethical & sensitive moving causes of the human rights Anti-Islam movement & new government. The US-EU-AUS UN regime is desensitized to righteous development. They import a Hitler-youth to protect Muhammad’s agenda.

    To those who surveil this website, are new to this topic, have been mislead by pro-Islam indoctrination or are potential apostates from theism:
    1.: Islam is NOT a universal, human rights respecting ideology.
    2.: Humanity needs to come to terms with Muhammad’s indefinite institutionalized insensitive commands & agenda to sadism through self-initiated & institutionalized Jihad-terror & Sharia-tyranny against atheists, apostates & other non-Muslims & with Muhammad emulated institutionalized pederasty, institutionalized mythology found enslavement of Africans, legal self-initiated murder of atheists & other non-Muslims, institutionalized theism, institutionalized crucifixions, amputations, beheadings, stonings to death, institutionalized deceit & insensitivity, institutionalized strict enslaving mind-control, institutionalized torture, institutionalized child genital mutilation, institutionalized sadist halal-slaughter, institutionalized mass-terror, institutionalized mass-murder, mass-theft, mass-enslavement & rape (Jihad), mass-migration, betraying mass-indoctrination, institutionalized extortion (Jizya), mass-breeding, institutionalized incest, institutionalized Arabic & institutionalized violent forced marriage including pre-teen girls, institutionalized & self-initiated legal murder of homosexuals. Muhammad also let people burn to death cause they were not praying. Muhammad institutionalizedly, insensitively, indefinitely commands to autonomously ‘slay atheists wherever they are found’ in the Koran. Therefore no one should be allowed to promote Islam nor himself as Islamic. Islam also oppresses men through procreation sabotaging, excluding institutionalized mind-control. Creating a proactive culture of discrimination against Islam protects human rights, sensitivity sustainably in the long term militarily, to establish the rule of ethics: human rights, ecology, atheism, globalism, English & animal rights. 
    3.: Humanity needs to learn that the genocide of Armenian non-Muslims in the 1. world war & genocide of non-Muslims in west & east Europe (Germany, France, Poland, Ukraine…) in world war 2 were participated & led by Jihadi-‘Nobel prize-winner’-Arafat’s uncle who was appointed ‘Grandmufti of Jerusalem’ Amin El-Husseini who was stationed as General in Smyrna after joining the Armenian genocide by the Turks, ‘the Ottoman empire’ joined by Germany & who later formed the Muslim Nazi SS-division while organizing the slaughter of non-Muslims with the Nazis. After the war he lived in France.
    The forced yellow badge for Jews during the 2. world war was an old Islamic invention. 
    4.: Islam is a racist system.
    I’m sick of Africans being betrayed into Islam. Muhammad invented the slavery of Africans. We still have to free slaves! Are we taking this task serious? Castrated slaves in Saudi Arabia & we promote Mecca, Muhammad & Islam with Malcolm X,  Farrakhan, brainwashing rappers? That must stop.
    Muhammad invented the slavery of Africans by proclaiming that his deity® colored them black so their descendants would be slaves to Arabs & Turks, declaring Arabs & Turks master race & Africans slave race. He had African slaves, was white & dreamed about a pederast paradise with only whites. Abeed means slave or African in Arabic. This slavery exists together with racist laws in Saudi Arabia, new North-Sudan, North Africa (20% of black Africans are slaves in Mauritania) & elsewhere & in every Muslim knowing it.
    5.: Muhammad was a pederast:
    Muhammad was seen tongue- & lip-sucking little boys & ‘kissing’ boys’ dicks frequently.
    He also dreamed about pederasty (not clear) in his paradise fantasy.

    Worldwide memorials for the slave, torture & death-victims of Islam since Muhammad’s indefinite commands to Jihad-terror & Sharia-terror tyranny, instead of mosks !
    Muhammad was a violent, racist, psychopath theist extremist. As long as we don’t get politically correct ’bout this human rights won’t prosper. Basing governing on lies about Islam or other ethics related, human rights, ecology, animal rights, atheism, English related topics is wrong & a crime. Eliminating the shameful discrepancy between ethical & legal is the foundation of the Globalfirm government to which I invite everyone. Human rights & ecology.
    Join Globalfirm: free basics & free base for creatives.
    By the way, I’d like to run for president in all countries (it’s my birth-right) (including Cameroon, Nigeria, Liberia, Sudan…) & create a global government, set up a global Hip Hop radio-station & media & basics-production but need partners.

  • joker

    Revenge is coming!

  • RJD

    Time to invest – personnel side arm & Lightweight Concealed Carry Jacket

    • Dorrie

      “personnel” or personal? Both words mean something entirely different.

      • RJD

        oops the spelling/grammar/vocabulary police are HERE !….

        personnel who wear it
        personal gear….

        you pick one….

        • RJD

          or how about… personal wear, for all personnel, who wear it.

        • Dorrie

          I prefer not to try to figure out what someone MEANS just because they are unable to use correct words.

          • RJD

            i say…. they are both good…. now what does spelling/grammar/vocabulary have to do with the ISSUE ?

            why not try to post something more productive?

          • Dorrie

            Like you just did? LOL!!

  • bejocy

    Attackers called ‘Asians’. UK comes to mind.


    Ben Carson the Republican candidate is under fire for saying that if Germany didn’t have such strict gun controls then maybe things would have been different Jews.

    Very interesting point considering how the world is changing under Obama and his support of terrorism and releasing billions to Iran the influx of Muslims and Islamic refugees to the US and Canada.

    I think Ben Carson’s point is worth considering. Too bad he wasn’t running against Obama. Ben Carson has my vote next election.

  • Artemis

    ‘Tis time to start terrorizing moslems.

  • unhappyjesus

    box cutters are made for slashing not stubbing, only retard would stab with 1″ blade, was he attacked by a retard? was he under influence? can we get a story instead of a sound bite? what happened to his fighting skills?

    • Dorrie


      Keep in mind he has one arm in a sling, happy pants.

  • RJD

    Time to invest – personnel side arm & Lightweight Concealed Carry Jacket

  • Aranna Vallotton

    The attacker at UCC in Oregon was a Muslim, he was after Alex Scarlotos! Fortunately Scarlotos wasn’t in the building that he was scheduled to be in, but maybe if he was, he could have taken down this guy too? So that tells me Mr. Sadler should watch his back. Whoever the French gunman was, it looks like his brothers are trying to get even, and it wouldn’t surprise me, if Obama helped the Muslims get here. Imho…

  • Mr Paul Middleton

    It’s payback time! If they can kill Kuffar for cartoons, they must pay for this!

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  • Merlin WandMaster

    We all know who done the attack, often when news don’t give names you know it’s the old familiar but perhaps it was a lone wolf Buddha or drug tripping Buddhist, as we know their peaceful too,
    Of course it’s Moslem it stinks of cowardice

  • Sunshine Sunset

    There is a store video somewhere that shows the attackers were asian, i believe. Still could be filthy muzzies

  • Girtupyourloins

    Arm yourselves people

  • Caped Crusader

    No one else thinks its weird these guys have both been tried to be killed? Someone tell the third to watch his ass.

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