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[ September 25, 2017 ]

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[ September 25, 2017 ]

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[ September 25, 2017 ]

Pope welcomes leader of Muslim group tied to financing of jihad terror to Vatican

[ September 25, 2017 ]

Muslim IT worker at center of House scandal accused of abusing three Muslim women

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Has Germany Never Learned?

[ September 25, 2017 ]

Minnesota: Authorities claim motive of Muslim who stabbed people while screaming “Allahu akbar” is unclear

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Islamic Contract Marriages: When Sheikhs Marry, Rape and Divorce Child Brides, All in One Week

[ September 25, 2017 ]

Rich Higgins, On Why He Was Fired From the White House

VIDEO: Muslim “Refugee” Makes Throat Slitting/Beheading Gesture to Television Cameras


This is one image that won’t be splashed across newspapers and broadcast news shows, though it is iconic of what is really happening.

And Europe is taking in millions of these hostile invaders.

Screen Shot 2015-09-06 at 2.29.36 PM

Slow motion:

Tények ma esti adása,érdemes megnézni a “szegény menekült” kézmozdulatát!!!

Posted by Norbert Puskás on Saturday, September 5, 2015

Screen Shot 2015-09-06 at 2.54.41 PM

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  • Globalfirm:humanrights&ecology

    Deception is a part of the Islamist game.
    These people are not eligible in their attitudinal condition to live in harmony with people. People that are predispositioned to lie, steal, mass-murder, genocide, torture, pederasty, rape, extortion, theism, injustice, brutality & sadism, animal torture are attracted to Muhammad’s Islam.

    Don’t forget nationalism is surrender to Islamist supremacism, nationalists seem to be able to afford. Nationalism is like an ideological no-look pass as made famous by Lakers’ Magic Johnson, into the hands of Islamist supremacism. Suppressed scientists claim that HIV is not really scientifically proven as virus (with allegedly alleged virus-photos fabricated as if done by the pro-Hamas public relations agency) but Johnson is famous as being HIV infected. We can take what media, policy-makers & their ‘specialists’ present to us concerning biology or Muhammad’s Islam as proof or demand open transparent radical research.

    Muhammad declared Arabs & Turks as master race & Africans as slave race. Sharia flat rate oil money rich Sharia tyrannies that have castrated African slaves don’t take in refugees & the people envy them for their wealth. The psychological programming is that in order to be wealthy one has to support Arab racism.

    That Anjem Choudary, Cameron, the EU administration, the US, the US Army, the Vatican, the Halal-terror industry, mass media, Boko haram, Isis, the Iranian, Saudi, Pakistani, Somalian, Afghan, Ethiopian, Hamas regime & elsewhere can do their dirty global Shariaization work against the citizens to get a fantasy reward from Muhammad’s probably not existing Allah-deity while Pamela Geller & Robert Spencer are banned from the UK, there blog banned in the UK, on Jihadist U.S.-Army bases & elsewhere is Sharia tyranny. The global hidden Islamist regime must be annihilated for the sake of truth, human rights & animal rights.

    A deislamizing war can succeed sustainably only when the ideology is set to radical deislamization & implenentation of radical human rights, of ethics: human rights, ecology & animal rights.

    Non-muslims have been tossed out of refugee boats in the sea but the Sharia compliant global Islamist regime media doesn’t see that as symbolic to the crisis.

    Islam is racist because Muhammad declared Arabs & Turks as master-race & Africans as slave-race.

    Jihadists know they are evil. The question is, do you?

    People are trained by concealed Jihadist who do organized crimes against non-Muslims to look away with various psychological tricks of the global hidden Islamist regime like people were forced to look away in the Jihad by Arafat’s uncle Grandmufti of Jerusalem Amin El-Husseini against Armenian non-Muslims & later European non-Muslims with help of German, European, Ukranian Nazis.

    Reality check: do the Muslim refugees & their global hidden islamist regime Jihadi hosts prove responsibility & consequence by apostating from Islam by condemning Muhammad’s malign unchangeable Jihad & Sharia Islam manifest, by demanding military action against their alleged perpetrators who turned them into refugees, against Isis, Boko haram, Al Shabab, Taliban, Hezbollah, Hamas, Al Qaeda, other Jihadists, Islamic governments, Sharia tyrannies? Or do they behave indifferent towards their alleged perpetrators, do they praise & hail them, do they continue to brainwash their many children in the Jihad ideology & unalterable Sharia tyranny doctrine intrinsic to Islam, are they more interested in obtaining the host’s government, riches, resources, military, nuclear wepons, women? Do they see themselves as refugees or Islamist supremacist missionaries? That would be the maturity test I demand from so called refugees & their hosts. Is one purpose of the Islam would be peaceful Taqiyaa dawah deception to provide a public opinion alibi to skip that maturity test? Are brainwashed hosts happily looking forward to the allegedly but falsely claimed peaceful fundaments of Islam to come to reality in their area in contrast to the conditions the refugees flee from? 
    Are Jihadists chasing away people to become refugees cause they need space for breeding with the females they enslaved & to gain control over non-Islamist Islamist-refugees welcoming countries? Did the Jihadists create a Muslim refugee crisis leading Muslim refugees to rich countries with welfare systems to finance them by sending money from the host-countries back to the Jihadists? The animal rights abusing Halal system by the way includes mandatory taxes dedicated to offensive Jihadism & Halal became a cheap monopoly-like mainstream norm fast food in for example the EU. Are the hosts physically capable to understand what I’m talking about? Are there plans by Islamic tyrannies subsidized by the world’s Sharia oil money flat rate to subsidize todays Muslim refugees in the US, EU & worldwide in order to Shariaize the countries? 

    Is the Muslim refugee escape a symptomatic evasion not to deal with the causes of the problem, is it even Jihad war against the hosts? Can it become a just world war against Jihad & Sharia? Do Muslim refugees & their Jihadi hosts view the welfare system & financial host system as (pre-)Jizya tax, the extortion tax against non-Muslims unalterably commanded by Muhammad in the Koran? 
    I’ve read the with the world’s oil money Sharia flatrate getting richer & richer human rights abusing Islamist Gulf state tyrannies which have racist laws against Africans invented by Muhammad & cultivate castrated African slaves (African translates slave in Arabic) for example Saudi Arabia don’t accept Islamic refugees which points to the conclusion that the their & also U.S. financed  Muslim refugees producing Jihad (Barack Hussein Obama stressed that victims of Jihad are mostly Muslims) is a plan to take over non-Islamic governments & Armies, nuclear weapons & females for a global Sharia-tyranny reminding of the Hijra the murdering migration of Muhammad that is regarded as official start of Islam by Muslims. They of course financially support the Shariazation of the world, the Islamist lobby & lobbies also by refugees in their new host countries.
    There is a popluar Jihad slogan: ‘saturday first (mass-murder of Jews), sunday next (mass-murder of Christians)’ which makes one remind of the Islam led mass-murder by Amin El-Husseini, Hitler & European & east european Muslims & Nazis & the prospect of similar future development in Europe. It also reminds of Jews, Christians, Atheists, Areligionists having been murdered since Muhammad in the world where today Islamist tyrannies are.
    The support, solidarity & sympathy of the hosts’ media & government regime as the US & EU is remarkably & unproportianally leaned towards the perpetrators, the Jihadists & their sadist racist ideology unalterably layed down by Muhammad rather than with the non-Muslim victims, which also explains the hosts’ regime undemanding financial Sharia oil-flat rate contract with Islamist tyrant regimes & lately protection for nuclear waste production with high possibility of creation of nuclear weapons with the Islamist tyrant regime of Iran which indoctrinated by Muhammad’s unchangeable, pathetic command openly & constantly declares war against the Israeli government until annihilation, while the EU to gain support of it’s population is pretending to be for human rights & ecology, in some cases pretending to want to stop nuclear waste production. The US, EU lies about Muhammad’s racist & sadist to the core ideology in media, policy-making, Academia to fool the citizens & gain their support, put them under submission (Islam translates: submission) like a scammer. That Allah, Muhammad’s deity is the biggest imposter is written in the Koran. They promote Islam as being peaceful, yea peaceful to a psychopath sadist mass-murderer like Muhammad. That’s why the deceiving US, EU, UN, Islamic states regime must be overthrown & members disciplined by the judiciary system that must become a law of ethics which is human rights, ecology & animal rights. 
    Islamic invasion, through unproportional Jihad-birthrate & violent fascist Islamist brainwash of children would in short time create a closed area where non-Muslims are harassed & forced to pay the Jizya extortion as unalterably commanded by Muhammad: it would create another Islamist tyrannt regime as nearly complete preparation of a world-tyrant theist caliphate.

    Not bombing the known Isis training camps & Muhammad glorification by the global hidden Islamic regime has sent a message to people brainwashed into Islam. They assume that Isis won’t get serioulsly harmed by the world’s regime that it’s certified & that they can join Isis. Muslims refugees are an additional threat to potential attackers against Jihadists.

    Generations of theist ‘Islam means peace’ & ‘no to Jews/Israel’ propaganda brainwash took it’s toll on the world’s sociological sanity.

    Islamic invasion starts in the mind, with Dawah brainwash that Islam would be just & true.
    Faith & deception are crucial concepts of Islam.
    The knower or non-believer in Dawah-lies that Islam would be just must be tortured, murdered commanded unalterably Muhammad.

    Society isn’t prepared for Muslims. Muslims need a leader to lead them to atheism, areligion, human rights the new religion. Total apostasy from Islam is a duty for every human rights respecting Muslim.
    Our nearly superstitious fear of a world government & the betrayal by Jihadists in the education system & military & government leadership created Isis, Boko haram, Taliban, Al Quaeda & other Jihadists (also through arming & financially by the U.S) & a brainwash wall protecting Jihadism, Sharia & the social standing of it’s inventor Muhammad.
    Jihadists want to step by step trick naive policy makers (or are they complicit) into the unalterable Sharia tyranny.
    The Jihadists took our jobs in the government while deceiving!
    This Muhammad glorification programming indoctrination dawah can & must be banned.
    If Police/military/government does not effectively & sustainably protect human rights globally we need to fight until the Police’, Army’s, government’s purpose is globally implemented.
    There would be no Muslim refugee crisis & danger of Jihad refugees obtaining their enemies’ & hosts’ nuclear weapons & firepower through demographic Islam-breeding caused abuse of democracy if Jihadists would be bombed & exterminated, Sharia & Dawah brainwashing deception banned & Human rights protecting law globally implemented.

    Instead of protecting Islamic brainwash the law is obligated to debrainwash, deconstruct it.
    We have to never stop developing, cultivating society’s laws & policies globally for individual human rights, ecology, health & animal rights, ecological best quality & freedom & support to creativity & expression 
    (individual human rights doesn’t include imposition of annoying church-bells, calls to prayers, halal slaughter (animal abuse is not a human right) or pollution, it must protect non-smokers’ rights however).

    Jihadists are scared of a truthful, debrainwashing world government that would protect individual human rights, animal rights & ecology because it would proactively & sustainably exterminate Jihadists & attempts to implement Sharia, expose & ban Muhammad’s crazy, malign immutable, unalterable, ideology dawah brainwash deception indoctrination & ban halal-slaughter for the sake of animal rights.

    The global hidden Islamic regime, brainwashed policy makers, politicians, media, academia, cultural establishment members, to the detriment of human & animal rights & freedom of speech Dawah brainwash deceive the public that Jihadists are not Islamic, as if Islamic (Arabic: sumissive) would be a synonym for friendly, deceive about the true nature of Islam, deceive Islam would be just & alterable to detract from the theist Jihad-terror & the individual human rights corroding unalterable theist Sharia dogma that they pretend to fight but really don’t fight, creating Islamic refugee migration, to maliciously control public opinion, set a deceptive status quo Dawah brainwash deception paradigm about Muhammad & his really malign ideology, Shariaize regions they got direct influence on with impunity, under the disguise of securing public order & install the as they claim just true Islam which is a Dawah brainwash deception, to later annex regions they gained indirect influence on, which Jihadists control to theirs, while not harming them, instead arming them, not protecting the innocent public, creating an artificial influx of routinely & mostly Jihad ideologically indoctrinated very birth-happy refugees to the, with capitalist sabotage, anti-social egocentrism, theist & national liberalism & similar generally malign culture brainwashed low to non-breeding population, creating with their Taqiyya-Dawah brainwash-deception of the public a situation of abuse of the, as it already is laughing stock, ridiculous, unpractical & inefficiently & disastrously dangerous political concept of democracy (democracy was invented when there was no mass-media), to the detriment of human & animal rights including free speech & the right to true, unaltered information.

    The global hidden Islamist regime Dawah brainwash mass-deceive that Islam would be “the religion of peace” as if Islamic (arabic: submissive) would be a synonym for friendly, that Islam would have just roots claiming the direct opposite of Islam’s true unalterable dogma & if pushed to the wall & confronted with facts from the Koran, Sunnah & Hadiths for example deceive that Islam would have alterable rules, to maliciously control public opinion & intimidate & scare the public, detract from theist Jihad-terror & the individual human rights corroding theist Sharia dogma, create a deceptive Dawah brainwash status quo paradigm about Muhammad & his malicious theist dogma ideology, make Jihad terror appear legitimate & mask the human & animal rights corroding theist Sharia & Jihad dogma terror & tyranny with an appearance of transcendal or psychological necessity, coherence & efficacy, promoting it, like the metaphorical wolf in a sheep’s clothing hoping to get away with it.

    The global hidden Islamist regime might deliberately create Jihad by not protecting the public from Jihad in Jihad areas to create a refugee crisis in non Jihad areas to Shariaize non Jihad areas with birth Jihadist democracy abuse to gain the non Jihad area’s nuclear weapons & firepower, government power & recources.

    The global hidden Islamist regime has a plan & it’s not in accordance with ethics (= human rights, ecology & animal rights). It’s Islamic.
    Halal is against animal rights & part of a human & animal rights corroding, Jihad-terrorism & Sharia-tyranny, theist Sharia dogma subsidizing system.
    Barack Hussein Obama, Cameron, the EU, UN, Armies deliberately swindle themselves out of their responsibility to explain that Muhammad was a psychopath with an unjust psychopath, racist, theist plan.
    Debrainwashing is marked as crime when brainwashed people are policy makers, work in judicial positions.
    Don’t forget: Muhammad was a violent Nazi extremist.
    As long as we don’t get politically correct about this we won’t live by the truth, won’t live for human rights.
    It’s time to put Islam in human rights context.
    Islam is as if planned obsolescence with all of Muhammad’s enslavement  racism against Africans, pederasty &  immutable, unalterable, indefinite, non-expiring, permanent, command to human rights abuse, torture, enslavement, harassment, terror, unjust mass-murder & figment dogma brainwash.

    If we don’t want to become Islamist Slave we need to get our act together.
    We gotta show these Holocause-Jihad Muhammad fan punks who’s in charge here.
    Islam reminds of a wife-beating husband everybody’s falling for & who thinks he’s in charge.
    Instead of sabotaging each other, human rights & ecology with capitalism we need the global government controlled, human rights & ecology protecting global government Globalfirm.

    • Globalfirm:humanrights&ecology

      Have you declared war on Islam? Join Human rights the new religion.
      People don’t want freedom of speech as much as an entertaining life-concept, even when it promises more than reality like an afterlife. Religion is entertainment, a game.
      That’s why join atheism, areligion, human rights the new religion.
      Nationalists, racists don’t care about political problems outside their narrow worldview, their irresponsibility is the architect of Muhammadan tyrannization of the world since Muhammad. Nationalism is surrender to Islamist racism & supremacism. We need a global solution, Globalfirm, a global identity, without any racial discrimination supported by law like in Saudi Arabia where Africans are called slave (Abeed means African or slave in Arabic), where African castrated slaves are held captive & racist Sharia laws & courts annul marriages if one partner is African. 

      We need a global country & that not in unislamic immigration “countries” or ghettos but the goal must be a worldwide open, atheist, areligious human rights & ecology (=ethics) protecting state. Nationalism is surrender to Islamist racism & supremacism.
      Political problems show how important it is to have an ideology that is rooted in ethics: human rights & ecology.

      Besides sadist Muslims that want to tyrannize humanity, mentally misled & misleading people think they can’t change things, can’t change governance for human rights & ecology, can’t change that Muhammad’s immutable, unethical cult exists & tyrannizes humanity.
      Out of this self-deceptive small-minded mindset they change just so much as they believe they can, making everybody’s situation more deceptive & deceiving & therefore even much more dangerous.
      The wishful thinking people have towards Muhammad’s Muhammadism a.k.a. Islam doesn’t make the wishing reality & never will.
      Education about sadist, racist slaver, pederast, torturer, crucifier Muhammad must destroy the Dawah Taqiyya deception brainwash cemented by government officials, policy makers, academia & media.

      The soldiers for human rights have been fundamentally betrayed by current administrations, the global hidden Islamic regime 

      But we can start the global government Globalfirm that protects human rights & ecology.

      Iran, the US, Europe, Russia, Asia all countries must halt nuclear waste-production plans, eliminate Muhammad glorification-programming Dawah Taqiyya & further cultivation of ecological electricity options. Furthermore they must recognize Globalfirm, the consequent act, as global government.
      The Iranian regime must be taken out
      & nuclear waste production banned globally.

      The world is a natural immigration country. It can’t be that we create immigration ghettos, where Jihad-breeding & brainwashing thrives, while we can’t immigrate to places like North Cameroon/ Nigeria, Syria, Saudi Arabia, Pakistan, Iran being areligious, atheist, believing in human rights & ecology as benchmark & definition of ethics let’s say for locational astrological reasons.

      Boko Haram, Obama’s partners (he blocked an helicopter-arms deal from Israel to the Nigerian Army) with as he promoted them “legitimate concerns” keep on murdering the public in Africa, Nigeria, Cameroon, Chad, Mali,… (not many refugees come from there) They have connections of course to Sudan, Al Shabab (Somalia, Kenia..), Isis…

      Obama Hussein must got the whole Hip Hop culture wrong. Cause Hip Hop culture can’t have itself wrong unless.                                                       
      So like when Jay Z rapped ‘nigga what…Nigga  who.’
      Obama Hussein remembering that his pederast, sadist cult-‘prophet’ was a white Arab owning African slaves who proclaimed his theist lie or fantasy turned Africans black so their descandants would be slaves to Arabs & Turks, President Obama went straight up to Saudi Arabia where Africans are called slave (Abeed means African or slave in Arabic), where Africans are held captive as castrated slaves, not making any demands to free them, where racist Sharia laws & courts annul marriages if one partner is African, instead bowed to the King of Saudi Arabia like saying ‘I’m yo slave’. 

      Don’t count on the current CIA administration to make demands to free the slaves. Racist(?) CIA chief Joe Brennan made a religious contract for a radical Islamic afterlife with Islamic specialists while in Saudi Arabia giving the public the impression of Muhammadism as certified religious group, promoting it. Islam: shared moral misery.
      Theism: liberalism gone wrong.

      Government, policy makers, mass media, academia & social media condemning Muhammadism should be the only way kids, people should get in touch with Muhammad’s sadist, racist, pederast immutable, indefinite commandments & agenda. Not in mosques or any other groups. Muhammad & Islam should be regarded as perpetrators & presented from Muhammad’s & Islam’s victims point of view.

      It can’t be that we do nothing while a second Saudi Arabia is formed in Iraq, Syria, Lybia, wherever. We need presidents that promise to eliminate easy targets like Isis (the Obama administration, Central command refuses to bomb the estimated 60 Isis training camps with known location in Syria, Iraq, while arming Jihadists for a long time, while allowing similar training camps on American soil…), 

      Boko haram, Al Shabab, Jihadis in Russia, Asia, wherever. Either through truth about sadist racist slaver, pederast Muhammad or with weapons.
      Presidents that recognize ethics as human rights & ecology & are willing to go to war immediately when these two values are harmed even ideologically like in Islam.
      Presidents that want the global government Globalfirm protecting individual human rights & ecology.

      The mass media, academia, political parties, current policy makers don’t cover in no way Muhammad’s unethical side like his sadist unalterable, indefinite, non-expiring open end, permanent command to mass-murder, torture, enslave, rape innocent people, to enslavement of Africans, his pederasty, instead idealize him.
      The only way people get in touch with these aspects of Muhammadism is through brainwashing terrorist groups (or the counter-Jihad movement).
      That can’t be.

      The cause or effect of the global hidden Islamic regime mass-media’s idealizing lies about the not to idealize person Muhammad who really was an unjust sadist, pederast, rapist, racist slaver tyrant is the suppression of procreation of people who live by & for the truth. I think I’m single cause of that, can’t thrive politically nor financially, economically. This also goes for people who prefer beer & Marihuana over beer & cigarettes or hard liquor who get suppressed.

      We need global governing & army to protect human rights & ecology (=ethics).
      We must destroy Islam through debrainwashing attrition in mass media.
      Truth should make Muslims convert to areligion, atheism, human rights the new religion.
      People need to make sure the Islamic governments don’t use them as human shields in war.
      Matter of fact Muslims use brainwashed people as (psychological) human shields.

      Muhammad invented the slavery of Africans by proclaiming that his deity colored them black so their descendants would be slaves to Arabs & Turks, declaring Arabs & Turks as master race & Africans as slave race. He had African slaves, was white & dreamed about a pederast paradise with only whites. Abeed means slave or African in Arabic. This slavery exists together with racist laws in Saudi Arabia, Sudan, North Africa (20% of Africans are slaves in Mauritania) & elsewhere.

      There are 2 parts of Muhammadism: Islam (outward deception/betrayal/Dawah brainwash indoctrination (translated: submission), theist Sharia dogma tyranny) & Jihad (uncoded Muhammadist sadist war) .
      There are no segregated war times in Muhammadism. It’s an indefinite, permanent unjust war all time. War against human rights.

      Besides of immutable, indefinite, permanent incitement to mass-murder, torture, enslavent, extortion, Muhammadism teaches to be rough to non-Muslims & soft to Muslims. However the Sharia-dogma for “Muslims” remains sadist, racist, unjust, theist brainwash.

      I’m disappointed of Nazi-Germany’s Jihad survivors’ work up, accounting of the past for the most part ignoring the crucial devestating role of Nazi-Jihadist Grand-mufti of Jerusalem Amin El-Husseini who also was involved as General of the Ottoman-empire in Smyrna in the genocide of Armenian non-Muslims.

      Muhammadan Jihad & Sharia is part of Germany’s history under Hitler. The massive immigration of Turks to Germany might had been a search for spiritual identity as sadist Muhammad declared that his deity colored Africans black so their descendants would be slaves to Arabs & Turks. Here a text from my page
      “The Hitler Islam connection: The facts written here are from what I’ve read & remember & could be subject to errors. 
      Hitler said the only prophet he would respect was Muhammad.  
      Muhammad was a sadist torturer who let innocent people burn alive for not praying, a mass-murderer, racist slaveholder who seem to have initiated the enslavement of Africans by proclaiming that his deity colored Africans black so their descendants would be slaves to the Arabs & Turks, he was a rapist who wanted all women to have their clitoris cut out, crucifier, a pederast who kissed little boys’ penises & sucked on boys’ tongues & lips, an unjust man who robbed, murdered parents, enslaved & forced their 9 old daughter to sex with him when he was around 50 years old. He didn’t cared about radical human rights & layed out an  immutable, unalterable, permanent, indefinite command for a theist brainwash dogma tyranny. 

      Jews had to under the Hitler-regime sew a textile star as known from the Israel flag, on their clothes to be vulnerable. This idea, the textile yellow jewish star law was copied from an muhammadan tyranny since probably the 9th century in Baghdad where it was used probably without the more modern star-symbol & maybe for all non-Muslims. 
      There was a terrorist Muhammadan in the middle east who continued Muhammad’s command to terrorize non-muhammadans according to Muhammad’s immutable, unalterable, untemporal, indefinite, permanent commandments. His name was Amin Al-Husseini & he was appointed Grand mufti of Jerusalem, an islamic authority. He was financed by the Hitler-regime, then invited to Berlin where he was further financed & he was spreading his hate in Arabic, weekly through a radio-station from Berlin to the middle east, citing the Quran, promoting Nazis.

      Amin Al-Husseini swore allegiance to the Ottoman Empire during the Armenian genocide & was an officer stationed in Smyrna and & was active in the Armenian genocide that mass-murdered innocent 

      non-Muslim Armenians before leading the Holocaust Nazi-Jihad in east & west Europe with the Nazis & Islamic Nazi SS. He later lived in France. It’s like the Germans & French have inherited Islam. I wonder if they could be debrainwashed with my article, if they would feel shame confronted with the true history of their ancestors or if they would keep on cheering the Nazi Iranian regime, Hamas, Hezbollah, the Muslim Brotherhood & Islam as a whole like their ancestors cheered Hitler & El-Husseini & Islam.

      Amin El-Husseini met with Hitler, planned the Hitler-regime death-camps in which Jews (6 million Jews were exterminated), Christians, Gypsies, Africans, intellectuals, human rights activists, homosexuals & socialists were tortured, enslaved, starved, killed. He for example urged in a letter to not let a special number of Jewish children to be freed for ransom money but to kill them. I’ve read he incognito visited the gas-chambers in Auschwitz.
      It was jihad, Islamic war. After Al-Husseini weighed in the Nazis shifted from deportation of Jews from Europe to mass-murder.
      He also overviewed the only religious SS unit, SS was the Hitler-regime terrorist group in uniforms,  it was Islamic of course with halal food & Islamic style SS-uniforms. 
      Al-Husseini’s was uncle to terrorist Islamic Nobel prize winner Arafat. 
      Hitler took over the government in 1933, 5 years after the first mosque in Germany was build in Berlin. 
      These facts should be known to every historian, pupil, student.”

      There wouldn’t be no problem with immigration, the officially non-Muhammadan regions are interesting places of the world, wouldn’t be the government’s of those regions, lack of education on pederast, racist slaver & sadist Muhammad & his unalterably, indefinitely planned  psychopath plan.
      Cause this combination is disastrous. The problem is Muhammad’s racist, theist, sadist ideology dogma. It’s as if Jihadists try to obtain their non-aggressive enemy’s fire-power & nuclear weapons.

      It is a big advantage to be able to potentially choose  for example an African partner from the alleged origins of humanity rather than be just restricted,  limited to a homogeneous range of selection for procreation & culture which leads to a claustrophobic race-motivated nationalism instead of global responsibility & culture. Immigration must be a global thing not a national refugee one way thing however.
      Governments must get clear on ethics: human rights & ecology.

      Here, immigration gone wrong, copy-pasted from a comment from a reader 
      (Another commenter noted this did happened at Medina not Khaybar, to the banu qurayza tribe, anyhow.):
      ” “Khaybar” is thename of a famous incident in 
      which Mohammed led his followers into a ‘battle’ with a peaceful tribe 
      of Jews who lived in the settlements of Khaybar, about 40 miles from Medina.

      The Khaybar community were well known as productive farmers who
      provisioned the whole area, they were also famous for their 
      hospitality, lighting beacons so that travellers in the desert could 
      find their way to some sort of shelter even at night.

      Mohammed’s agents
      got into the towns pretending to be travellers. They were treated as 
      guests and then got up in the middle of the night and killed their 
      hosts. Victorious in the subsequent battle, Mohammed ordered between 600 and 900 Jewish men beheaded and took the women and children as 

      Mohammed had the one Jewish tribal leader and his son killed, 
      then took the son’s 17 year old widow for a ‘wife’ on the same day. 
      When Moslems chant “Khaybar Khaybar ya Yahud” (“Khaybar, Khaybar, Oh 
      Jews!”) they are remembering this slaughter with pride and expressing a 
      wish to repeat it.” ”

      It is mass-psychologically crucial to expose these things in mass media, educate about Muhammad’s sadism, slavery, racism, pederasty, sadist,  immutable, unalterable, open end, non-expiring, indefinite, permanent brainwash commandments etc., about Hitler’s atrocities in connection to Islam, about Muhammadism’s unjust violent history til today if we honestly don’t want this brainwashing & Jihad-violence to happen over & over again. It is political education.

      Expose & ban the lunatic ideology of the white fascist inventor of slavery of Africans Muhammad, for the pride of Africans!
      If we don’t want Jihad to reoccure again & again we have to educate about this pederast, white fascist inventor of slavery of Africans, (who justified slavery of Africans by saying that his deity colored Africans black so their descendants would be slaves to Arabs & Turks,) who dreamed about an all white people paradise with pederasty,
      publicly shame, expose the rapist, thief, extortionist, deceiver, racist, mass-murderer, unjust torturer, crucifier who burned alive innocent people to death.

      If government officials aint got that political education they are simply a public security threat, not dedicated to their task, not fit to do their job, disrespectful to say the least.

      Apostates of theism unite for human rights the new religion.
      No more power to people who are brainwashed with religious contracts they made with unicorns, Santa claus, deities or pederast, rapist, inventor of African slavery, deceiver & sadist Muhammad.
      Islam works in two ways: Islam (Taqiyya-deception) & Jihad-violence.
      Just like I don’t want the government to be infested with theism I don’t want it to represent any religion of Taqiyya deception or Jihad violence.

      Enough of the retarded brainwash, enough of the arrogant people in the government that are too idle or too retarded to educate themselves about what Muhammad did & open-endedly, indefinitely commanded his army to do. Enough of the Jihad.

      Just like the public, judges, policy makers are uneducated about Islam’s unethical fundaments, they are clueless about the nature of ethics which is human rights, ecology & animal rights.

      Some of Muhammad’s immutable, unalterable, open end, indefinite, non-expiring, permanent, sadist brainwash commandments:

      Quran 2:191 “Slay the unbelievers wherever you find them.”
      Quran 3:28 “Muslims must not take the infidels as friends.”
      Quran 3:85 “Any religion other than Islam is not acceptable.”
      Quran 5:33 “Maim and crucify the infidels if they criticise Islam.”
      Quran 8:12 “Terrorize and behead those who believe in scriptures other than
      the Quran.”
      Quran 8:60 “Muslims must muster all weapons to terrorize the infidels.”
      Quran 8:65 “The unbelievers are stupid; urge the Muslims to fight them.”
      Quran 9:5 “When opportunity arises kill the infidels wherever you find
      Quran 9:30 “The Jews and Christians are perverts, fight them.”
      Quran 9:123 “Make war on the infidels living in your neighborhood.”
      Quran 22:19 “Punish the unbelievers with garments of fire, hooked iron rods,
      boiling water, melt their skin and bellies.
      Quran 47:4 “Do not hanker for peace with the infidels; beahed them when
      you catch them.”

      Surat Al-‘Anfāl

      [Remember] when your Lord inspired to the angels, “I am with you, so strengthen those who have believed. I will cast terror into the hearts of those who disbelieved, so strike [them] upon the necks and strike from them every fingertip.”

      Surat At-Tawbah

      And when the sacred months have passed, then kill the polytheists wherever you find them and capture them and besiege them and sit in wait for them at every place of ambush.

      Permanent, Unchangable incitement against atheists & permanent command to violent extortion. A sadist game: “Fight those who believe not in Allah nor the Last Day, nor hold that forbidden which hath been forbidden by Allah and his Messenger, nor acknowledge the religion of truth, (even if they are) of the People of the Book, until they pay the Jizya with willing submission, and feel themselves subdued.” (Qur’an 9:29)

      Surat Al-Baqarah

      “And kill them wherever you overtake them and expel them from wherever they have expelled you, and fitnah [debrainwashing] is worse than killing.”

      Surat At-Tawbah

      The Jews say, “Ezra is the son of Allah “; and the Christians say, “The Messiah is the son of Allah .” That is their statement from their mouths; they imitate the saying of those who disbelieved [before them]. May Allah destroy them; how are they deluded?”

      Surat Al-Ma’idah (5.33), forbids on the penalty of death reformation of Muhammad’s theist dogma as heresy.

      Surat An-Nisa’ (4.89) forbids reformation of Muhammad’s sadist, racist, theist dogma as apostasy ordering apostates to be killed.

      We need memorials & a day of commemorance, minutes of silence for the innocent death & torture victims of Muhammad & of his followers til today.
      Globalfirm stands for global culture (without Muhammad glorification programming), perpetual cultivation for (individual) human rights, ecology & animal rights, automation of work processes, global country & government, English as global language, empowering & supporting the individual & self-realization, cultivation of quality, free ecological best-quality basics (basic human needs), ecology, healing nature, free weed & beer & juices & fruits & healthy food, supporting singles to find a partner if they wish to, areligion, human rights, work on voluntary base (voluntariation of work), service instead of capitalism, locational astrology, rejection of nationalism (Nationalism is surrender to Islamist racism & supremacism), ecological bicycle compliant city & overall architecture.
      Human rights, ecology, animal rights, that should be our value.
      Who wants coins? No one  
      The credit card is an easy way to buy. Free of charge human rights based purchasing, receiving would be even more convenient 

      Globalfirm, making the world an immigration country.

      • Globalfirm:humanrights&ecology

        Here’s the solution: Ban Islam. Put the refugees in comfortable Syrian camps with warmth, hygiene & good, healthy food. Exterminate Isis or other Jihadists. Repariate them & implement Globalfirm (:human rights & ecology) government.

        • Richard

          Here’s a new one. Not only the usual cut and paste crap from Globalblahblah, but now Global has replied to itself to make it look like someone is actually reading its crap, and then replied to the reply. This spamming is beyond tiresome.

  • Congleton
  • Unknown

    You are so full of crap pamela

    • olddog

      splain (d)at HO..

    • deason33

      No she is right on…open your bloody eyes

    • CrushGOP

      Use your real name Jeb.

    • Politically Accurate

      Spoken like the brain-damaged, dhimmi, leftard you are.

      Do yourself and civilized human beings a favor and FOAD.

    • Lynne Marton

      Either you really have no clue, or you are one of them, “Unknown”!!!!!

  • Jeff Benton

    Tell every one in Europe to say hello to their new “peaceful” neighbors….

    • Artemis

      Western nations have to muster the courage to begin shooting illegals, that’s all. Do they really think these immigrants are coming over to conform to their new countries?

      • Jeff Benton

        Well, I’ll have to agree that machine gun nests along the borders of countries IS the tried and true way of preventing illegal entry LOL…
        Problem is, they are often used to keep peeps from leaving too…
        In this case, they need to hold their fire on folks leaving HAHAHA…

    • mjazzguitar

      Once they outbreed the native Europeans, their new home will be just as bad as the one they left, they will have nowhere to go, yet they will be unable to take responsibility for themselves and will look for something else to blame.

      • Jack Richards

        There’s always America and Canada – and Australia.

        • Dorothy Pohl-Scot

          Unfortunately,they are already coming to America.

        • Tim Ireland

          Thank God for Tony Abbott. I hope he remains PM for many years to come.

        • dj

          Australia has announced they will only take Christians.

    • Lynne Marton

      INVASION!!!!!!!!! Absolutely not “refugees” or “immigrants”!!!

    • Tyree Bruce

      wow…if that aint something…

    • joker

      Merkel do you have a death wish?

      • dj

        She’s an idiot. They need to throw her out of office for doing this to their country. Then again…..muslims sided with Hitler during WWII….so maybe there is still a love affair going on.

  • olddog

    The EU=PU (D)ivesity crowd importing Head-Hunters..Kinda like the Choomer importing…MS-13 Head Hunters..OH THE JOY!!!

  • mjazzguitar

    He should be fingerprinted and singled out for deportation, with an attitude like that.
    Or shot.

  • Regina Edna

    there will be NO peaceful neighborhood with this kind of people around.

  • mjazzguitar


  • Frank M

    The Saudis have bribed US and European to take these moslem migrants.

    • Dogandcat

      I agree……….not sure why however. But it isn’t just blind stupidy and willful suicide of culture and prosperity. I keep feeling I’m missing something is trying to puzzle this out. Are the political elites so removed and out of touch, so unable to plat consequenses? Don’t think so……..

  • Jack Richards

    There’s an empty house in my street. I’m really hoping a nice family of devout fundamentalist Muslims move in. Muhammad, his four first-cousin wives, and 28 children will be a real asset particularly if most of the kids are not suffering mental retardation and physical anomalies as a result of generations of incest.

    • ltcdmward

      Where do you live? Truth or Consequences, NM? Or Enabling, ME?

      • ort

        I believe he is exercising his sarcasm mode.

  • Lysy2

    Hungarians are no Swedes, French or Belgians, they will not tolerate this sh…! They are tough sob’s! For now muzzies just move on thru their land, and Orban is not showing them much love, but if they stay and behave bad, as they ALWAYS do, the Hungarians will deal with them accordingly!

    • Lia

      The Czechs under their pres. Zeman are also fired up.

    • dj

      Hungarians allowed them to run rampant. They did not stop them, nor keep them camped until they could get them processed. The poor muslims complained that they were not being treated well. Hmm….where do we hear that all the time? Their favorite m o……they have RIGHTS….everywhere and they demand them everywhere. This HAS to stop.

  • madeleine7

    OMG!! I have a terrible feeling about how all this is going to turn out! My heart goes out to all who suffer BUT I know that Islam is inherently evil and murderous. W should give refuge to Christian refugees only.

    • Dorothy Pohl-Scot

      I feel the same way. I am hearing stories of the ‘refugees’ that landed in Hungary, throwing rocks and such at police and others because there is no halal food available. Islam isn’t compatible with western society. No Muslim nations are taking them for fear of terrorism! It’s as if this was orchestrated so Islam could take over the west. God help us all!!

      • Lou Hodges

        Ever notice it’s always germany causing world problems, you would think after all those death camps and wars, they would reform, but now they’re worse than ever!

        • Dave

          Uh the problem is being caused by the muslim refugees and the article is about one of those refugees making the throat slashing sign. He is a muslim refugee not a German.

          • dj

            Germany rolled out the welcome mat, by announcing the refugees were very welcome there. Lou has a point.

        • Jackson Caldwell

          You’re a special kind of stupid. By “all those wars and death camps”, you mean WWII?

      • Betty4440

        it was orchestrated. you notice every time ob is on vacation. or making his crappy speeches some thing bad happens. and he is letting 5000 more in the us.and what is already some are joining withe the B.L.M. now how cool is that?

      • dj

        They are throwing more than rocks. They are throwing their feces at people too. These people are heathens…..barbaric. Europe is making a HUGE mistake. And, we MUST hound our reps here in the US that we do NOT want any more of them to come here.

    • Troy

      Plus Jews too.

      • madeleine7

        Yes, of course! I doubt there are many left in that part of Mid-East.

      • Trevor Smales

        lol it’s the “jews” that caused all of this

    • Dogandcat

      Not sure if I agree with this any more. I did. Now I’m wondering if the Christians are going to be Arab culturally first? That now doesn’t appleal to me.

      • Betty4440

        Christian’s and Jews have been, have always and will keep being butchered by these savages. and ob is causing most of the worlds problems right now. no one else. just like with Iran giving them a nuke is like putting a gun to Israel head.

    • Chris Bone

      Who is W are you about?

  • Satu Salmivirta

    Not all invaders have good intentions…

  • freedomseaker1 .

    And like I keep saying, The ONLY good Muslim is a DEAD Muslim……..

  • Mudlark

    Europe is committing suicide.

  • AND,,, They wonder why non muslims miss-trust them, and hate them??!!

  • TexanForever

    This is why I like this blog. … Tells it like it is.

    The bloody Koran tells Muzzies not to assimilate but just bide their time until numerous enough, then take over and kill (preferably by “striking at the neck”) or enslave all who disagree.

    Islam is a death cult not compatible with civilization.

  • Hannah Szenes

    All too familiar…

  • Ricky gervais

    Why are they letting this happen? Who is going to pay for these people – it’s going to be carnage

    • Betty4440


  • Palmtree

    You take them…you deserve what is coming. No sympathy!

  • scottmc

    I had some punk do the same to me while I was on a bus in Egypt…mostly harmless but it reduces the tourist experience. Not as bad as the recent incidents in Tunisia, another place Im not particularly interested in going back to.

  • Tim Ireland

    Let’s be honest, this jihadist gesture is not a surprise.
    My thoughts are prayers are for the Syrians who are fighting FOR Syria.

  • Lou Hodges
  • Is that not the same gesture used in broadcasting to say “cut the filming”? Maybe that is what the young clown was doing. I didn’t see anyone asking his permission to shoot the scene. Everybody calm down.

  • Oscar

    LOL! We should be so lucky as to get such polite guests. Why can’t these refugees be restricted to a geographical area until they can be vetted?

  • nanza

    Crazy, the European leaders are leading the people as sheep to slaughter. Unbelievable!! They are so blind!! Do they not see, that a majority of these so called “refugees” are men who are miltary age??!! Not only that, why don’t they flee to other muslim countries who are alot closer??!! Is because they do not need to spread Islam in those countries!! It is Europe that needs invading!! If they were so desperate to flee, why oh why, have they left the wives and kids back home??!! Only reason, is that it will be safer for them back in their homelands, then the continent of Europe. This is a total invasion handed on a silver platter. Who in the world lets killers with arms wide open??!! Assisted suicide is what it is!!
    Unless the leaders decide to stop believing the BS and say enough is enough, I think the all non-islamic people themselves would be wise to leave Europe all together or prepare for war, because from the looks of all the arrogant islamic men, that is what their true intentions are!!

  • Egyptian hawk

    Dear Europeans.You have to revolt to stop this mess or you will lose your continent soon.It is evacuation of middle east muslims&sending them to Europe which means in few years Europe as a Christian continent will cease to exist

  • Don’t hate

    According to which revelation is Islam”evil”? Islam has NOTHING to do with terror. Show me one verse from the classical understanding and works where a single verse is evil in Quran or the Hadith narrations? Have you spoken to or lived with any Muslim ever in your life? May God guide Pamela and all haters to peace and tranquility.

    • Shirley

      Your right but it’s pushed in the publics faces so much they can’t tell the difference between a extremists and Muslims

  • ISIS = Mossad

    ISIS is created by Mossad, UK and US Intelligence agencies. Google it.

  • casmoneansthefourth .

    That guy was acting weird….

  • ort

    I, as an American Patriot, will not put up with muzzie b.s.
    Any of you ISIS scumbags pull that crap here, and you’ll be swallowing a .556 Round right quick!

    • Shirley

      His also an American patriot have forgotten who trained him

  • Euro2000

    In Europe the Left will love him!!

    They’ll tell us – the slitting of the throat action – is just something we don’t ‘understand’ – but with a better understanding of what cutting one’s throat or severing the head means in Islam – then we can stop the ‘racists’ who would criticize it.

    What was the first gesture that he made – hanging or something other to do with the head?

    Red carpet treatment for him!

  • Chris Bone

    It is not shocking anymore. Only Babylon issues are troubling me

    at this moment. That and our stupendously Stoopid pos!

  • Raz Gul

    He ruined the suprise for us, what a bad boy.

  • Senatus Populusque Romanus

    You’re invited to join us to discuss the Idiot Genius of Karl Pilkington:

  • Senatus Populusque Romanus

    I’m stunned by the current paradigm. Lots of Muslims want to murder us for no reason other than to further their religion–and instead of expressing any concern for the people they ARE murdering, the only interest people take is making sure white people don’t judge every Muslim by the action of others.

    …what about the people they’re murdering, preparing to murder, and are organizing to murder all over the country with their fellow Muslim murderers?

    Why is fairness to their enablers the end of the thought process?

    The first move of cowards under pressure is to cloak their cowardice in principle.

  • Senatus Populusque Romanus

    You’re invited to join us to discuss the Idiot Genius of Karl Pilkington

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