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[ August 23, 2017 ]

Dutch JIHAD TERROR: Rock concert evacuated as bus loaded with GAS BOTTLES found near venue

[ August 23, 2017 ]

Child Slavery and the Practice of Camel Jockeying in Muslim Countries

[ August 23, 2017 ]

Boko Haram Child Bombings in Nigeria Quadruple Between 2016 and 2017

[ August 23, 2017 ]

Pope Francis Faces Backlash for Migrant Demands: ‘Italy Cannot Support Everyone’

[ August 23, 2017 ]

1 Million Facebook Fans Can’t Be Wrong

[ August 23, 2017 ]

France: Charlie Hebdo accused of “Islamophobia” for Barcelona cartoon

[ August 23, 2017 ]

Crooks and Liars Stokes Leftist Outrage Over Pamela Geller Protesting Ban From PayPal

[ August 23, 2017 ]

Christian Teenager Who Survived Muslim Raid on Substation Faces Death Sentence — For Blasphemy

[ August 23, 2017 ]

UK lawyer: ‘Zionists should all be shot, Jewish refugees bombed — NOT disbarred

[ August 23, 2017 ]

Hindu Youth Stabbed to Death by Six Muslims in Delhi Mall After Minor Scuffle

The Islamic State Had Warned Europe They Would Send 500,000 ‘Migrants’ as ‘Weapon’


While the media hand-wrings and wails about the poor migrants overwhelming Europe, it is a crisis, but not what the media would have you believe. The crisis is crushing — the scale of which is one not seen in Europe since the end of World War II.

Obama’s “Junior Varsity” team has overturned the order of the world. And it’s only just begun.

It’s all of a piece.

In February, the Islamic State threatened to send half a million Muslim migrants in a ‘psychological’ attack against the West.



Migrants wait at the Keleti Railway Station in Budapest, Hungary, Thursday, Sept. 3, 2015. Migrants are now allowed to enter the station but direct trains from Budapest to Western Europe are currently out of operation until further notice. (Zsolt Szigetvary/MTI via AP)
Migrants wait at the Keleti Railway Station in Budapest, Hungary, Thursday, Sept. 3, 2015. Migrants are now allowed to enter the station but direct trains from Budapest to Western Europe are currently out of operation until further notice. (Zsolt Szigetvary/MTI via AP)
February 2015: Transcripts of telephone intercepts published in Italy claim to provide evidence that ISIS is threatening to send 500,000 migrants simultaneously out to sea in hundreds of boats in a ‘psychological weapon’ against Europe if there is military intervention against them.

Lest we forget, back in May, I reported that the Islamic State was making a fortune smuggling Muslim “migrants” into Europe.

European Union and African officials are scrambling to find ways to stop the migration. On Wednesday the Guardian revealed a 19-page E.U. strategy report to crack down on the smugglers, which included air strikes on boats and possibly the use of troops in Libya.

But while E.U. officials anguish over the plight of people crossing the Mediterranean to get to Europe, the migration has proved an invaluable business opportunity for groups like ISIS. So valuable that international crime experts believe ISIS might have launched some attacks specifically in order to drive people to flee, and then profit from their flight.

And back in July, I warned that hundreds of ISIS members planned on infiltrating Europe, together with masses of refugees from Libya, Syria, and Iraq.

Already in March, a top Libyuan general was warning that ISIS could use Libya as a jumping-off point for a European invasion. General Khalifa Haftar, head of the Libyan army, warned that Islamic State (ISIS) terrorists running rampant in the north African state are set to infiltrate Europe and expand their reign of terror into the West. ISIS will “spread in even the European countries if (the West) does not offer real help to the Libyan people, especially the Libyan army,” he told the Associated Press. He warned the ISIS terrorists “will head with the illegal migrants to Europe, where corruption and destruction will spread just like Libya. But there it will be hard to confront them.”
  • Globalfirm:humanrights&ecology

    Jihadists know they are evil. The question is, do you?

    People are trained by concealed Jihadist who do organized crimes against non-Muslims to look away with various psychological tricks like people were forced to look away in the Jihad by Arafat’s uncle Grandmufti of Jerusalem Amin El-Husseini against Armenian non-Muslims & later European non-Muslims with help of German, European, Ukranian Nazis.

    Reality check: do the Muslim refugees & their Jihadi hosts prove responsibility & consequence by demanding military action against their alleged perpetrators who turned them into refugees, against Isis, Boko haram, Al Shabab, Taliban, Hezbollah, Al Qaeda, other Jihadists, Islamic governments, Sharia tyrannies? Or do they behave indifferent towards their alleged perpetrators, do they praise them, do they continue to brainwash their many children in the Jihad ideology & unalterable Sharia tyranny doctrine intrinsic to Islam, are they more interested in obtaining the host’s government, riches, resources, military, nuclear wepons, women? Do they apostate from Islam by condemning Muhammad’s malign unchangeable Jihad & Sharia manifest? That would be the maturity test I demand from so called refugees & their hosts. Is one purpose of the Islam would be peaceful Taqiyaa dawah deception to provide a public opinion alibi to skip that maturity test? Are brainwashed hosts happily looking forward to the allegedly but falsely claimed peaceful fundaments of Islam to come to reality in their area in contrast to the conditions the refugees flee from?

    Did the Jihadists create a Muslim refugee crisis leading Muslim refugees to rich countries with welfare systems to finance them by sending money from the host-countries back to the Jihadists? The animal rights abusing Halal system by the way includes mandatory taxes dedicated to offensive Jihadism & Halal became a cheap monopoly-like mainstream norm fast food in for example the EU.
    Are the hosts physically capable to understand what I’m talking about?

    Is the Muslim refugee escape a symptomatic evasion not to deal with the causes of the problem, is it even Jihad war against the hosts? Can it become a just world war against Jihad & Sharia?

    Do Muslim refugees & their Jihadi hosts view the welfare system & financial host system as (pre-)Jizya tax, the extortion tax against non-Muslims unalterably commanded by Muhammad in the Koran?

    I’ve read Islamist Gulf states which have racist laws against Atricans (Arabic: slave) for example Saudi Arabia don’t accept Muslim refugees which points to the conclusion that the also U.S. financed  Muslim refugees producing Jihad (Barack Hussein Obama often emphasized that victims of Jihad are mostly Muslims) is a plan to take over non-Islamic governments & Armies for a global Sharia-tyranny.

    Islamic invasion starts in the mind, with Dawah brainwash that Islam would be just & true.
    Faith & deception are crucial concepts of Islam.
    The knower or non-believer in Dawah-lies that Islam would be just must be tortured, murdered commanded unalterably Muhammad.

    Society isn’t prepared for Muslims. Muslims need a leader to lead them to atheism, areligion, human rights the new religion. Total apostasy from Islam is a duty for every human rights respecting Muslim.
    Our nearly superstitious fear of a world government & the betrayal by Jihadists in the education system & military & government leadership created Isis, Boko haram, Taliban, Al Quaeda & other Jihadists (also through arming & financially by the U.S) & a brainwash wall protecting Jihadism, Sharia & the social standing of it’s inventor Muhammad.
    Jihadists want to step by step trick naive policy makers (or are they complicit) into the unalterable Sharia tyranny.
    The Jihadists took our jobs in the government while deceiving!
    This Muhammad glorification programming indoctrination dawah can & must be banned.
    If Police/military/government does not effectively & sustainably protect human rights globally we need to fight until the Police’, Army’s, government’s purpose is globally implemented.
    There would be no Muslim refugee crisis & danger of Jihad refugees obtaining their enemies’ & hosts’ nuclear weapons & firepower through demographic Islam-breeding caused abuse of democracy if Jihadists would be bombed & exterminated, Sharia & Dawah brainwashing deception banned & Human rights protecting law globally implemented.

    Instead of protecting Islamic brainwash the law is obligated to debrainwash, deconstruct it.
    We have to never stop developing, cultivating society’s laws & policies globally for individual human rights, ecology, health & animal rights, ecological best quality & freedom & support to creativity & expression 
    (individual human rights doesn’t include imposition of annoying church-bells, calls to prayers, halal slaughter (animal abuse is not a human right) or pollution, it must protect non-smokers’ rights however).

    Jihadists are scared of a truthful, debrainwashing world government that would protect individual human rights, animal rights & ecology because it would proactively & sustainably exterminate Jihadists & attempts to implement Sharia, expose & ban Muhammad’s crazy, malign immutable, unalterable, ideology dawah brainwash deception indoctrination & ban halal-slaughter for the sake of animal rights.

    Brainwashed policy makers, politicians, media, academia, cultural establishment members, to the detriment of human & animal rights & freedom of speech Dawah brainwash deceive the public that Jihadists are not Islamic, as if Islamic (Arabic: sumissive) would be a synonym for friendly, deceive about the true nature of Islam, deceive Islam would be just & alterable to detract from the theist Jihad-terror & the individual human rights corroding unalterable theist Sharia dogma that they pretend to fight but really don’t fight, creating Islamic refugee migration, to maliciously control public opinion, set a deceptive status quo Dawah brainwash deception paradigm about Muhammad & his really malign ideology, Shariaize regions they got direct influence on with impunity, under the disguise of securing public order & install the as they claim just true Islam which is a Dawah brainwash deception, to later annex regions they gained indirect influence on, which Jihadists control to theirs, while not harming them, instead arming them, not protecting the innocent public, creating an artificial influx of routinely & mostly Jihad ideologically indoctrinated very birth-happy refugees to the, with capitalist sabotage, anti-social egocentrism, theist & national liberalism & similar generally malign culture brainwashed low to non-breeding population, creating with their Taqiyya-Dawah brainwash-deception of the public a situation of abuse of the, as it already is laughing stock, ridiculous, unpractical & inefficiently & disastrously dangerous political concept of democracy, to the detriment of human & animal rights including free speech & the right to true, unaltered information.

    They Dawah brainwash mass-deceive that Islam would be “the religion of peace” as if Islamic (arabic: submissive) would be a synonym for friendly, that Islam would have just roots claiming the direct opposite of Islam’s true unalterable dogma & if pushed to the wall & confronted with facts from the Koran, Sunnah & Hadiths for example deceive that Islam would have alterable rules, to maliciously control public opinion & intimidate & scare the public, detract from theist Jihad-terror & the individual human rights corroding theist Sharia dogma, create a deceptive Dawah brainwash status quo paradigm about Muhammad & his malicious theist dogma ideology, make Jihad terror appear legitimate & mask the human & animal rights corroding theist Sharia & Jihad dogma terror & tyranny with an appearance of transcendal or psychological necessity, coherence & efficacy, promoting it, like the metaphorical wolf in a sheep’s clothing hoping to get away with it.

    They might deliberately create Jihad by not protecting the public from Jihad in Jihad areas to create a refugee crisis in non Jihad areas to Shariaize non Jihad areas with birth Jihadist democracy abuse to gain the non Jihad area’s nuclear weapons & firepower, government power & recources.

    They got a plan & it’s not in accordance with ethics (= human rights, ecology & animal rights). It’s Islamic.
    Halal is against animal rights & part of a human & animal rights corroding, Jihad-terrorism & Sharia-tyranny, theist Sharia dogma subsidizing system.
    Barack Hussein Obama, Cameron, the EU, UN, Armies deliberately swindle themselves out of their responsibility to explain that Muhammad was a psychopath with an unjust psychopath, racist, theist plan.
    Debrainwashing is marked as crime when brainwashed people are policy makers, work in judicial positions.
    Don’t forget: Muhammad was a violent Nazi extremist.
    As long as we don’t get politically correct about this we won’t live by the truth, won’t live for human rights.
    It’s time to put Islam in human rights context.
    Islam is as if planned obsolescence with all of Muhammad’s enslavement  racism against Africans, pederasty &  immutable, unalterable, indefinite, non-expiring, permanent, command to human rights abuse, torture, enslavement, harassment, terror, unjust mass-murder & figment dogma brainwash.

    If we don’t want to become Islamic Slave we need to get our act together.
    We gotta show these Holocause-Jihad Muhammad fan punks who’s in charge here.
    Islam reminds of a wife-beating husband everybody’s falling for & who thinks he’s in charge.
    Instead of sabotaging each other, human rights & ecology with capitalism we need the global government controlled, human rights & ecology protecting global government Globalfirm.

    Have you declared war on Islam? Join Human rights the new religion.
    People don’t want freedom of speech as much as an entertaining life-concept, even when it promises more than reality like an afterlife. Religion is entertainment, a game.
    That’s why join atheism, areligion, human rights the new religion.
    Nationalists, racists don’t care about political problems outside their narrow worldview, their irresponsibility is the architect of Muhammadan tyrannization of the world since Muhammad. We need a global solution, Globalfirm, a global identity, without any racial discrimination supported by law like in Saudi Arabia where Africans are called slave (Abeed means African or slave in Arabic), where African castrated slaves are held captive & racist Sharia laws & courts annul marriages if one partner is African. 

    We need a global country & that not in unislamic immigration “countries” or ghettos but the goal must be a worldwide open, atheist, areligious human rights & ecology (=ethics) protecting state. 
    Political problems show how important it is to have an ideology that is rooted in ethics: human rights & ecology.
    Besides sadist Muslims that want to tyrannize humanity, mentally misled & misleading people think they can’t change things, can’t change governance for human rights & ecology, can’t change that Muhammad’s immutable, unethical cult exists & tyrannizes humanity.
    Out of this self-deceptive small-minded mindset they change just so much as they believe they can, making everybody’s situation more deceptive & deceiving & therefore even much more dangerous.
    The wishful thinking people have towards Muhammad’s Muhammadism a.k.a. Islam doesn’t make the wishing reality & never will.
    Education about sadist, racist slaver, pederast, torturer, crucifier Muhammad must destroy the Dawah Taqiyya deception brainwash cemented by government officials, policy makers, academia & media.

    The soldiers for human rights have been fundamentally betrayed by current administrations.
    But we can start the global government Globalfirm that protects human rights & ecology.
    Iran, the US, Europe, Russia, Asia all countries must halt nuclear waste-production plans, eliminate Muhammad glorification-programming Dawah Taqiyya & further cultivation of ecological electricity options. Furthermore they must recognize Globalfirm, the consequent act, as global government.

    The world is a natural immigration country. It can’t be that we create immigration ghettos, where Jihad-breeding & brainwashing thrives, while we can’t immigrate to places like North Cameroon/ Nigeria, Syria, Saudi Arabia, Pakistan, Iran being areligious, atheist, believing in human rights & ecology as benchmark & definition of ethics let’s say for locational astrological reasons.

    Boko Haram, Obama’s partners (he blocked an helicopter-arms deal from Israel to the Nigerian Army) with as he promoted them “legitimate concerns” keep on murdering the public in Africa, Nigeria, Cameroon, Chad, Mali,… (not many refugees come from there) They have connections of course to Sudan, Al Shabab (Somalia, Kenia..), Isis…
    Obama Hussein must got the whole Hip Hop culture wrong. Cause Hip Hop culture can’t have itself wrong unless.                                                       
    So like when Jay Z rapped ‘nigga what…Nigga  who.’
    Obama Hussein remembering that his pederast, sadist cult-‘prophet’ was a white Arab owning African slaves who proclaimed his theist lie or fantasy turned Africans black so their descandants would be slaves to Arabs & Turks, President Obama went straight up to Saudi Arabia where Africans are called slave (Abeed means African or slave in Arabic), where Africans are held captive as castrated slaves, not making any demands to free them, where racist Sharia laws & courts annul marriages if one partner is African, instead bowed to the King of Saudi Arabia like saying ‘I’m yo slave’. 

    Don’t count on the current CIA administration to make demands to free the slaves. Racist(?) CIA chief Joe Brennan made a religious contract for a radical Islamic afterlife with Islamic specialists while in Saudi Arabia giving the public the impression of Muhammadism as certified religious group, promoting it. Islam: shared moral misery.
    Theism: liberalism gone wrong.
    Government, policy makers, mass media, academia & social media condemning Muhammadism should be the only way kids, people should get in touch with Muhammad’s sadist, racist, pederast immutable, indefinite commandments & agenda.

    Not in mosques or any other groups.
    It can’t be that we do nothing while a second Saudi Arabia is formed in Iraq, Syria, Lybia, wherever. We need presidents that promise to eliminate easy targets like Isis (the Obama administration, Central command refuses to bomb the estimated 60 Isis training camps with known location in Syria, Iraq, while arming Jihadists for a long time, while allowing similar training camps on American soil…), 

    Boko haram, Al Shabab, Jihadis in Russia, Asia, wherever. Either through truth about sadist racist slaver, pederast Muhammad or with weapons.
    Presidents that recognize ethics as human rights & ecology & are willing to go to war immediately when these two values are harmed even ideologically like in Islam.
    Presidents that want the global government Globalfirm protecting individual human rights & ecology.

    The mass media, academia, political parties, current policy makers don’t cover in no way Muhammad’s unethical side like his sadist unalterable, indefinite, non-expiring open end, permanent command to mass-murder, torture, enslave, rape innocent people, to enslavement of Africans, his pederasty, instead idealize him.
    The only way people get in touch with these aspects of Muhammadism is through brainwashing terrorist groups (or the counter-Jihad movement).
    That can’t be.

    The cause or effect of the mass-media’s idealizing lies about the not to idealize person Muhammad who really was an unjust sadist, pederast, rapist, racist slaver tyrant is the suppression of procreation of people who live by & for the truth. I think I’m single cause of that, can’t thrive politically nor financially, economically. This also goes for people who prefer beer & Marihuana over beer & cigarettes or hard liquor who get suppressed.

    • Globalfirm:humanrights&ecology

      We need global governing & army to protect human rights & ecology (=ethics).
      We must destroy Islam through debrainwashing attrition in mass media.
      Truth should make Muslims convert to areligion, atheism, human rights the new religion.
      People need to make sure the Islamic governments don’t use them as human shields in war.
      Matter of fact Muslims use brainwashed people as (psychological) human shields.

      Muhammad invented the slavery of Africans by proclaiming that his deity colored them black so their descendants would be slaves to Arabs & Turks. He had African slaves, was white & dreamed about a pederast paradise with only whites. Abeed means slave or African in Arabic. This slavery exists together with racist laws in Saudi Arabia, Sudan, North Africa (20% of Africans are slaves in Mauritania) & elsewhere.

      There are 2 parts of Muhammadism: Islam (outward deception/betrayal/Dawah brainwash indoctrination (translated: submission), theist Sharia dogma tyranny) & Jihad (uncoded Muhammadist sadist war) .
      There are no segregated war times in Muhammadism. It’s an indefinite, permanent unjust war all time. War against human rights.

      Besides of immutable, indefinite, permanent incitement to mass-murder, torture, enslavent, extortion, Muhammadism teaches to be rough to non-Muslims & soft to Muslims. However the Sharia-dogma for “Muslims” remains sadist, racist, unjust, theist brainwash.

      I’m disappointed of Nazi-Germany’s Jihad survivors’ work up, accounting of the past for the most part ignoring the crucial devestating role of Nazi-Jihadist Grand-mufti of Jerusalem Amin El-Husseini who also was involved as General of the Ottoman-empire in Smyrna in the genocide of Armenian non-Muslims.

      Muhammadan Jihad & Sharia is part of Germany’s history under Hitler. The massive immigration of Turks to Germany might had been a search for spiritual identity as sadist Muhammad declared that his deity colored Africans black so their descendants would be slaves to Arabs & Turks. Here a text from my page
      “The Hitler Islam connection: The facts written here are from what I’ve read & remember & could be subject to errors. 
      Hitler said the only prophet he would respect was Muhammad.  
      Muhammad was a sadist torturer who let innocent people burn alive for not praying, a mass-murderer, racist slaveholder who seem to have initiated the enslavement of Africans by proclaiming that his deity colored Africans black so their descendants would be slaves to the Arabs & Turks, he was a rapist who wanted all women to have their clitoris cut out, crucifier, a pederast who kissed little boys’ penises & sucked on boys’ tongues & lips, an unjust man who robbed, murdered parents, enslaved & forced their 9 old daughter to sex with him when he was around 50 years old. He didn’t cared about radical human rights & layed out an  immutable, unalterable, permanent, indefinite command for a theist brainwash dogma tyranny. 

      Jews had to under the Hitler-regime sew a textile star as known from the Israel flag, on their clothes to be vulnerable. This idea, the textile yellow jewish star law was copied from an muhammadan tyranny since probably the 9th century in Baghdad where it was used probably without the more modern star-symbol & maybe for all non-Muslims. 
      There was a terrorist Muhammadan in the middle east who continued Muhammad’s command to terrorize non-muhammadans according to Muhammad’s immutable, unalterable, untemporal, indefinite, permanent commandments. His name was Amin Al-Husseini & he was appointed Grand mufti of Jerusalem, an islamic authority. He was financed by the Hitler-regime, then invited to Berlin where he was further financed & he was spreading his hate in Arabic, weekly through a radio-station from Berlin to the middle east, citing the Quran, promoting Nazis.

      Amin Al-Husseini swore allegiance to the Ottoman Empire during the Armenian genocide & was an officer stationed in Smyrna and & was active in the Armenian genocide that mass-murdered innocent Armenians (Christians).
      He met with Hitler, planned the Hitler-regime death-camps in which Jews (6 million Jews were exterminated), Christians, Gypsies, Africans, intellectuals, human rights activists, homosexuals & socialists were tortured, enslaved, starved, killed. He for example urged in a letter to not let a special number of Jewish children to be freed for ransom money but to kill them. I’ve read he incognito visited the gas-chambers in Auschwitz.
      It was jihad, Islamic war. After Al-Husseini weighed in the Nazis shifted from deportation of Jews from Europe to mass-murder.
      He also overviewed the only religious SS unit, SS was the Hitler-regime terrorist group in uniforms,  it was Islamic of course with halal food & Islamic style SS-uniforms. 
      Al-Husseini’s was uncle to terrorist Islamic Nobel prize winner Arafat. 
      Hitler took over the government in 1933, 5 years after the first mosque in Germany was build in Berlin. 
      These facts should be known to every historian, pupil, student.”

      There wouldn’t be no problem with immigration, the officially non-Muhammadan regions are interesting places of the world, wouldn’t be the government’s of those regions, lack of education on pederast, racist slaver & sadist Muhammad & his unalterably, indefinitely planned  psychopath plan.
      Cause this combination is disastrous. The problem is Muhammad’s racist, theist, sadist ideology dogma. It’s as if Jihadists try to obtain their non-aggressive enemy’s fire-power & nuclear weapons.

      It is a big advantage to be able to potentially choose  for example an African partner from the alleged origins of humanity rather than be just restricted,  limited to a homogeneous range of selection for procreation & culture which leads to a claustrophobic race-motivated nationalism instead of global responsibility & culture. Immigration must be a global thing not a national refugee one way thing however.
      Governments must get clear on ethics: human rights & ecology.

      Here, immigration gone wrong, copy-pasted from a comment from a reader 
      (Another commenter noted this did happened at Medina not Khaybar, to the banu qurayza tribe, anyhow.):
      ” “Khaybar” is thename of a famous incident in 
      which Mohammed led his followers into a ‘battle’ with a peaceful tribe 
      of Jews who lived in the settlements of Khaybar, about 40 miles from Medina.

      The Khaybar community were well known as productive farmers who
      provisioned the whole area, they were also famous for their 
      hospitality, lighting beacons so that travellers in the desert could 
      find their way to some sort of shelter even at night.

      Mohammed’s agents
      got into the towns pretending to be travellers. They were treated as 
      guests and then got up in the middle of the night and killed their 
      hosts. Victorious in the subsequent battle, Mohammed ordered between 600 and 900 Jewish men beheaded and took the women and children as 

      Mohammed had the one Jewish tribal leader and his son killed, 
      then took the son’s 17 year old widow for a ‘wife’ on the same day. 
      When Moslems chant “Khaybar Khaybar ya Yahud” (“Khaybar, Khaybar, Oh 
      Jews!”) they are remembering this slaughter with pride and expressing a 
      wish to repeat it.” ”

      It is mass-psychologically crucial to expose these things in mass media, educate about Muhammad’s sadism, slavery, racism, pederasty, sadist,  immutable, unalterable, open end, non-expiring, indefinite, permanent brainwash commandments etc., about Hitler’s atrocities in connection to Islam, about Muhammadism’s unjust violent history til today if we honestly don’t want this brainwashing & Jihad-violence to happen over & over again. It is political education.

      Expose & ban the lunatic ideology of the white fascist inventor of slavery of Africans Muhammad, for the pride of Africans!
      If we don’t want Jihad to reoccure again & again we have to educate about this pederast, white fascist inventor of slavery of Africans, (who justified slavery of Africans by saying that his deity colored Africans black so their descendants would be slaves to Arabs & Turks,) who dreamed about an all white people paradise with pederasty,
      publicly shame, expose the rapist, thief, extortionist, deceiver, racist, mass-murderer, unjust torturer, crucifier who burned alive innocent people to death.

      If government officials aint got that political education they are simply a public security threat, not dedicated to their task, not fit to do their job, disrespectful to say the least.

      Apostates of theism unite for human rights the new religion.
      No more power to people who are brainwashed with religious contracts they made with unicorns, Santa claus, deities or pederast, rapist, inventor of African slavery, deceiver & sadist Muhammad.
      Islam works in two ways: Islam (Taqiyya-deception) & Jihad-violence.
      Just like I don’t want the government to be infested with theism I don’t want it to represent any religion of Taqiyya deception or Jihad violence.

      Enough of the retarded brainwash, enough of the arrogant people in the government that are too idle or too retarded to educate themselves about what Muhammad did & open-endedly, indefinitely commanded his army to do. Enough of the Jihad.

      Some of Muhammad’s immutable, unalterable, open end, indefinite, non-expiring, permanent, sadist brainwash commandments:

      Quran 2:191 “Slay the unbelievers wherever you find them.”
      Quran 3:28 “Muslims must not take the infidels as friends.”
      Quran 3:85 “Any religion other than Islam is not acceptable.”
      Quran 5:33 “Maim and crucify the infidels if they criticise Islam.”
      Quran 8:12 “Terrorize and behead those who believe in scriptures other than
      the Quran.”
      Quran 8:60 “Muslims must muster all weapons to terrorize the infidels.”
      Quran 8:65 “The unbelievers are stupid; urge the Muslims to fight them.”
      Quran 9:5 “When opportunity arises kill the infidels wherever you find
      Quran 9:30 “The Jews and Christians are perverts, fight them.”
      Quran 9:123 “Make war on the infidels living in your neighborhood.”
      Quran 22:19 “Punish the unbelievers with garments of fire, hooked iron rods,
      boiling water, melt their skin and bellies.
      Quran 47:4 “Do not hanker for peace with the infidels; beahed them when
      you catch them.”

      Surat Al-‘Anfāl

      [Remember] when your Lord inspired to the angels, “I am with you, so strengthen those who have believed. I will cast terror into the hearts of those who disbelieved, so strike [them] upon the necks and strike from them every fingertip.”

      Surat At-Tawbah

      And when the sacred months have passed, then kill the polytheists wherever you find them and capture them and besiege them and sit in wait for them at every place of ambush.

      Permanent, Unchangable incitement against atheists & permanent command to violent extortion. A sadist game: “Fight those who believe not in Allah nor the Last Day, nor hold that forbidden which hath been forbidden by Allah and his Messenger, nor acknowledge the religion of truth, (even if they are) of the People of the Book, until they pay the Jizya with willing submission, and feel themselves subdued.” (Qur’an 9:29)

      Surat Al-Baqarah

      “And kill them wherever you overtake them and expel them from wherever they have expelled you, and fitnah [debrainwashing] is worse than killing.”

      Surat At-Tawbah

      The Jews say, “Ezra is the son of Allah “; and the Christians say, “The Messiah is the son of Allah .” That is their statement from their mouths; they imitate the saying of those who disbelieved [before them]. May Allah destroy them; how are they deluded?”

      Surat Al-Ma’idah (5.33), forbids on the penalty of death reformation of Muhammad’s theist dogma as heresy.

      Surat An-Nisa’ (4.89) forbids reformation of Muhammad’s sadist, racist, theist dogma as apostasy ordering apostates to be killed.

      We need memorials & a day of commemorance, minutes of silence for the innocent death & torture victims of Muhammad & of his followers til today.
      Globalfirm stands for global culture (without Muhammad glorification programming), automation of work processes, global country & government, English as global language, empowering & supporting the individual & self-realization, cultivation of quality, free ecological best-quality basics (basic human needs), ecology, healing nature, free weed & beer & juices & fruits & healthy food, supporting singles to find a partner if they wish to, areligion, human rights, work on voluntary base (voluntariation of work), service instead of capitalism, locational astrology, rejection of nationalism.
      Human rights, ecology, animal rights, that should be our value.
      Who wants coins? No one  
      The credit card is an easy way to buy. Free of charge human rights based purchasing, receiving would be even more convenient 

      Globalfirm, making the world an immigration country.

  • sosoome

    Looks like a “humanitarian” Trojan Horse to me.

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  • logdon

    The BBC now refers to them as merely migrants.

    As if they just stepped off a plane with a passport, visa and all the rest.

    They are not. They are the dross of the world and will end up in scummy ghetto’s, reliant on welfare, scamming the system, commiting petty crime escalating to jihadi activity as the resentment grows.

    They’ll look at the wealth around them as the rage grows That will fester as the diminishing of a work ethic works in a direct opposite trajectory to demand.

    It is insane.

    • Josef Balbozar

      Some would say – permanent Refugees, this implies status and also the right to return home in perpetuity. Very important for all the generations. Incidentally, BBC reports from the past days refer to refugees which is correct under the circumstances..


      Perhaps the BBC will let the migrants settle into its offices? Corner offices are best.

    • veritas

      and to add insult to injury..the NHS in Britian, has just been caught hiding the fact that 4,000 disability claimants DIED after being forced back to work. Natural born citizens of the UK , whose whole family history back for generations has been about building a nation…and were denied basic costs of living and DIED. As a cost saving measure , the contracts to assess for disability were privatized and those individuals were given bonus to do
      these in bulk.
      Four thousand destroyed families.

      • LindaRivera

        Financing mega millions of Muslims BANKRUPTED Britain and Europe. Tax money is seized to finance massive Muslim immigration invasion and massive Muslim breeding, including financially supporting Muslim males and their harems of polygamous baby factory wives and their huge numbers of children so the money is STOLEN from what rightfully belongs to our native people and spent on Muslims from the moment Muslims set foot on our soil. UK ruling elites are GUILTY of the deaths of our people. “The NHS in Britain, has just been caught hiding the fact that 4,000 disability claimants DIED after being forced back to work.” Traitor Cameron just agreed to take in many thousands of Syrian invaders. The money to financially support the Muslims will be STOLEN from what belongs to native Brits in great need who suffer massive discrimination and are treated as the scum of the earth because they are non-Muslim, white, indigenous Brits. JUSTICE NOW FOR OUR PEOPLE. Because of massive Muslim colonisation, there is not enough housing for our native people. Muslims are given top priority in everything, including housing. Send ALL the Muslims to the huge, filthy rich, swimming in oil wealth Arab countries who have more than enough land and riches to take in all of the Muslims in Britain and Europe.

        • veritas

          Because WHERE ARE those wealthy ARAB nations in the face of this crisis ????? WHERE ARE THEY ??!!

          • farflung

            They are the nations wanting this mass migration of jihadists. Notice in the pictures the large numbers of young men that are capable of arming destroying and mass murder.

          • veritas

            Hell has lots of rooms , I am sure.

          • veritas

            We all wish that the babies and children didn’t have to pay the price for the choices they did not make. The Christians that will suffer, the Yazidi;s

    • A Bristolian

      Search for ‘Syrian boy drowned because his father wanted new teeth’ on youtube. The insanity has only just started.

    • James Evans

      The isis propaganda machine must be delighted with all the free exposure that the BBC has unwittingly given the cause of islam. Nothing about their news gathering can be described as neutral, very often presenting the nation as heartless and inhumane. It is nothing more than psychological warfare intended to touch the raw nerve of our guilt complex, especially in regard to the hundreds of thousands of illegals, many of whom will be alien to the country foolish enough to let them in. The BBC needs to remember to act responsibly for the sake of the nation and stick to reporting the news and not to interfere with events which may yet prove to be the downfall of the United Kingdom.

      • logdon

        I agree with all of that apart from ‘unwittingly’. The BBC knows what it is doing, as do they all.

        That is the tragedy.

        I’ve been watching, ‘The Nazi’s: A Warning From History’ which offers quite an insight as to why so many were gulled into the creed.

        The media was absolute and just like el-Beeb, the dogma had to be followed.

        It saturated minds and whether any self examination proved in the opposite, that was brushed aside under the weight of a totalitarian media.

        That, basically is what we are facing. It’s not only the BBC. It’s the whole bloody lot.

    • HessenBalkan

      BBC is just one of the main stream medias..they say all the same….not much of problem, we can help….

  • Mal M

    The Hungarian Prime Minister said that this wave of Islam is the end of the Christianity in Europe. I agree with him. Today they are immigrants/refugees; tomorrow they will build mosques in every street corner, the day after tomorrow they will impose the Sharia low all over the EU.

    • Lia

      The man is absolutely right.

      • Always On Watch

        Yes, he is.

        • Lia

          So is the President of the Czech Republic. He refused to withdraw what he’d said on the grounds that it would be blasphemous to apologise for the words in the qur’an.

          • Keith

            Have you got a link for that by any chance?

          • Mal M
          • Keith

            Thank you Mal M that was an interesting read and so very true.

          • Mal M

            It is
            quite amazing that the PM of the Czech Republic and the PM of Hungary are
            standing alone against the wave of Islam. The big countries in the EU such as
            Germany, France and the UK are silence.
            One should read the invasion/immigration
            to the Rome Empire from north of Europe to understand the process that we see today.
            Finally Rome fall to the Visigoths in the year
            410 AC. In fact ISIS claims that all of it is a plane to control Europe, but
            nobody listens.

          • Keith

            I know that no one listens, I live in the UK and before our last election, May 2015, the liberal democrat candidate actually knocked on my door. She asked me what I thought of the way the country was so I let loose about Islam. I do admit I could have been a bit more discrete in the wording of my question to her, maybe asking her what she thought of that vile violent pedophilic slave owning/trading misogynistic supremacist religion wasn’t the best way of phrasing things. We did have a 20 minute discussion but she left thinking I was a bigot and racist Islamophobe.This was just before the election campaign started.

            Once the campaign started I emailed links to the 1990 Cairo Declaration and faithfreedom article about the Muslim Manifesto for the UK, released in March 2015, to all 5 candidates for my constituency needless to say she was the only one to respond or even read them.
            She responded saying that the links do throw up some concerns and if she got elected she would like to discuss them with me.

            She didn’t get elected but I did get an appointment to see our new MP and explained my concerns gave him the links again plus some others and asked that he gets back to me. That was July 17th, still have not heard anything back from him.

          • Beedeekay

            I don’t think you can rely on politicians doing the ‘right thing’. They all tend to be so enthusiastic, and promise to do things they can’t possibly do! Then once elected, they have to tone it down a bit and conform. I think the time has come for ‘people power’, off your asses and take your Country back, coz the pollies ain’t gonna do it!

          • Lia

            Found it on Google under: Czech President Zeman refuses to apologize for quote. .

          • Keith

            Thank you

          • Lia

            My very great pleasure!

    • timetorun

      they dont care, they think they are safe in their protected villas, etc. the EU needs to decided if they want to survive or not…it dont look good.


    Eurabia doesn’t like Jews.

    Maybe Eurabia will like their Muslim overlords better.

    • Lia

      For sure they will, for islam is the religion of peace. Who can object against peace?

      • thinkwell

        No, no, no, mo’bomb-head-ism is the “religion” of “pieces” — cutting people to pieces, shooting people to pieces, blowing people to pieces…

        • Lia

          Come, Thinkwell, what’s a spelling difference between friends? Pieces here & pieces there …

    • veritas

      In the UK , biggest dog owning country in the developed world…guess what ? Dog owners, pig owners, pig farmers, people who drink, people who smoke
      gay people, women who wear dresses, women who wear make up, women who wear their hair uncovered…the list is ENDLESS…all these things will have to change in a Sharia compliant society.

    • Andy_Lewis

      It’s not as if they’ll have a choice.


        The Road to HELL is administered by Socialists.

        • honeybee

          Good comment.

        • Super Wulfe

          Who in turn are supported by Jews or are Jews themselves.

    • Super Wulfe

      Eurabia was created by the Jews who shipped in millions of Muslims and now are trying to escape into Asia.

  • H.S. Wells

    Welcome in the multicultural hell!
    Here in Germany everybody warning against the Muslim invasion is being harassed, loosing his job or being marginalized. Worse, the Jewish community welcomes the Muslim infiltration. As Pamela mentioned before, they are just worthless “Judenrat”.

  • John Cunningham

    It is sort of like the Trojan Horse or maybe, more like the Scorpion hitching a ride across the river on a Frog. Once across the Scorpion stung the Frog and the Frog lay dying asked the Scorpion why it stung him, said, “that’s what I do!” Either scenario works. Europe was going down for the count anyway. They had better hope it doesn’t happen while Obama is President. While he taking his time deciding what to do the Jihadists will already have won.

    • Bonnie W

      You forgot the point of the story which is the scorpion and the frog both drowned.

      • John Cunningham

        I guess their is two endings to the story. Depends on the point you are trying to make. The other is the Frog gets the Scorpion across the river and then is stung. Unfortunately that ending is happening all over the World.

        • Bonnie W

          Not quite so many scorpions on the west coast of North America as in Europe so far….

          • John Cunningham

            Workin on it!

  • Always On Watch

    Look at the hordes of young men! They are going to want women, and there are not enough muslimas to go around. So, they will be grabbing European women and girls off the streets.

    Within six months, there will be hand-to-hand combat in Europe (Eurabia).

    • honeybee

      I agree, where are there women or children in these photos. This is an army without uniforms.

  • Commieobamie

    Let em starve and wallow in their own urine and dung. No food, no water, tell the SLIME to go home.

    • Always On Watch

      They should never have let the boats land, and they should have shot the migrants as they tried to cross into Europe.

      No other way to stop this. But now it’s too late!

  • Always On Watch

    Welcome to the New Dark Age (21st Century).

  • Steve Brown

    What would happen if 10 Million Christians per year started immigrating into ; The United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia, Yemen, Somalia, Iran, Syria, Iraq, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Egypt, Libya, Indonesia, Algeria, Sudan and Bangladesh. Does anybody think that these Christians would be welcomed with; open arms, welfare housing, free health care, free food and be allowed to live in ”Christian no go Zones” in the aforementioned Islamic Nations.

    • Keith

      Of course they would the muslims always need new slaves.

  • Ghost

    GREAT info Pam! And really sick… I marvel at how well-fed, nicely dressed, and strong-looking these “refugees” seem to be. They aren’t in trouble. They ARE trouble.

  • Coming to US! Do you think Muslim Obama will turn them away? Make room in YOUR neighborhood!

  • thinkwell

    Dear Senator [your senator’s name here],It is time again for your annual performance review. To enable me, your employer, to complete your review, please respond to the following requests.Please acknowledge that we are not at war with terrorism or even with islamic terrorists. We are at war with islam. It is the meme of islam itself that warps minds and produces killers and terrorists. We are at war with anyone who propagates this disease to the next generation and, even if they themselves are seemingly “asymptomatic” non-violent practitioners of islam, they are silent carriers of this killer cult. The only good moslem is either an ex-moslem or a dead moslem. It is islam itself that must be entirely eradicated from our shores, including all its practices, mosques, written texts and teachings. This is an ugly truth, but one that must be acknowledged. Please do so now.The next ugly truth that you must acknowledge is that our putative president does not work against the USA and Israel and for Iran and ISIL out of naivety or idealistic hope for change. The ugly truth is that he is a deliberate traitor to this nation and, as an undeniable islamophile (if not an actual moslem and member of the moslem brotherhood), he is actively supporting our enemies with aid, weapons and political deference. If you do not acknowledge this truth, then you are part of the problem and will be terminated. Please acknowledge now.Thank you for your service. Your continued employment depends on your response. Failure to respond or an insincere form letter response will result in your termination at the next employment cycle.Sincerely,Your attentive employer, [your name here]

  • Pazuzu

    The EU is helping this happen as much as they can by threatening members with financial extortion.

  • Alice

    Pam, I just wanted you to know that there was an ad for Islamic relief between two of your articles. I tried to close it and it said this ad covers this page…I reported it as inappropriate.

  • Mark Rosenthal

    All country’s are raciest for not sending troops into the country’s to make a safe place for people in their country. That will stop people from crossing sea’s to reach safety…………..

  • Mark Rosenthal

    Keep them were they are safely because you make it safe there or they come here and you still have to make it safe for us. The UN sucks and the UE for not putting troops over there

  • chris wolf

    Congratulations to Carol Costello and CNN — you’re leading the islamic desecration of everything good in the world and all of Western Civilization forever.
    Here is hoping you feel like you’re good people!
    That’s what’s most important after all, isn’t it?
    You don’t need Christianity or Judaism at all.
    You think you can live without it — LOL!

    • Jerry Rivers

      I know, I just watched the propaganda she put out.

  • Brain Washed Fools

    The media blitz is on. Image after image is being broadcast of suffering women and children, mostly Syrian Muslims, trying to get into the countries of the hated infidel. Most of these migrants are young Jihad-aged men, but the media focuses on the faces of crying children instead. Destinations include Austria, Germany, Sweden, etc.

    Problems with these Syrians have already begun as a mob of them recently attacked and nearly beat to death a man accused of tearing some pages out of a Koran.

    Look for massive problems as these cultural/religious/ethnic aliens are welcomed into the West….

    • Jerry Rivers

      Syrians and Afgans DEMANDING to be allowed into Germany. They aren’t in any position to demand anything yet they do. Let that mindset soak in.

      • Rat Bastard

        Germany is already set to take 800,000 of these Syrians. Guess that isn’t good enough. The U.S. will probably take in over a million after the media does their softening up job for Obama.

        • Carly

          I can see it now. After CNN and Fox do their heart-strings reporting, Obama makes a nationally televised statement: “We must do our part to relieve their suffering. It is the Christian thing to do. I have directed the head of Refugee Resettlement to clear the way for the immediate admittance of two million Muslim refugees into the US”.

          • Shelli Barnes

            Dear Grizzly Bear, PLEASE eat barack obama while he’s still in Alaska!

          • Benton Marder

            Mama Grizzly wouldn’t eat trash or garbage, would she?

          • HessenBalkan

            Hahahhaha….yeah right…

          • Beedeekay

            But Obama isn’t Christian! Why would anyone believe him (or trust him)

      • Juanita


        “You ain’t seen nothing yet!”

      • D A

        The Mexican Illegals do the same thing in the USA. Break the law to come…..then DEMAND things from Americans and DEMAND that they be supported.

        Up to 70% are on some form of welfare all paid for by those Americans still working.

        Working Europeans will be subject to the same thing if they don’t demand a stop to this.

        • HessenBalkan

          I’ve lived many years in the States….you have not had thousands of Mexican storm your border like this, no way!
          And they are not muslims and they are not demanding mosques …….

          • D A

            I didn’t say it was an equivalent scene. But yes we DID have Tens of Thousands storm the border last Summer. And we have now about 25 MILLION Illegal Mexicans in the US ! And they DEMAND Welfare and Schools and entitlement money and healthcare etc..

            And I didn’t say they were muslims !!

            Which by the way we in the US ALSO have Hundreds of thousands of muslims being dumped on us right NOW…..and they ARE demanding mosques and welfare and….Shariah law.

            Europeans and Americans should stand together on this Invasion of our Borders !!!

          • HessenBalkan

            What I meant is you can’t compare the Mexican immigrants with these Muslim immigrants. The Islam is a very aggressive religion, that can activate lot’s of people if needed. They also don’t respect our freedom, western law or women rights. That’s what worries me.

            Lot’s of Europeans probably would say now America deserves to have a couple thousand/hundred thousand Muslims dumped on their shores…because of the wars America is wagging in these Middle Eastern countries.
            If we stand together we would first have to limit the influence of military interests, banking interests and everything that makes huge profits on these wars.

          • First Nation

            Well you can’t demand US to take refugees from Iraq or Afghanistan. But it doesn’t mean we should do it.

          • HessenBalkan

            I don’t demand the US to take any refugees from the Middle East but it would serve them right to get some of the extremist that are storming Europe. Especially wanting to go to Germany because of their good welfare system….oh and I guess because of the moron European/German politicians that keep saying “welcome, welcome…we need you as qualified workers”.
            I actually don’t care to much anymore, I don’t live in either of the countries. Let them chop each others heads off….preferable starting with all the politicians.

          • Dave Nowak

            Obama will take thousands more into this country. I do believe that he is a Muslim. educated in a Muslim School

          • Prashant S.

            True! And all these refugees will want Sharia in Europe soon – the very things they ran away from.

          • HessenBalkan

            They might not want it in the begin but they will want mosques for prayer, then you will start having the more extremes there too. These will put more pressure on the more moderates. It’s always the same.

          • whatevermeh

            You are right we haven’t had thousands of mexican and various other illegals sneak over our boarder..not thousands but MILLIONS.

          • HessenBalkan

            Yeah but that goes on since many many years and you do need them as farm workers, Americans don’t want to do this kind of work.

            The difference of situation is: American is waging wars in the Middle East and the people fleeing these wars are coming to Europe.
            Europe is not waging a war in Mexico and you have to deal with the Mexicans because of that. You also don’t have a million Muslims coming up from Mexico, it’s a very different mentality.

          • whatevermeh

            Yes and no our ridiculous policies cater and support them. They commit horrifying crimes along with robbery. They bring drugs. Also they do sometimes cut peoples heads off but this is rare. They take up huge amount of resources and kill in large enough numbers that it is a concern. Now I realize that it’s only fair to compare monetary cost of supporting them with the islamic invasion Europe is experiencing. God help you all, your politicians have invited in psychotic demons. I’m sure my country will have many brought here too. Also remember we have already taken in many Syrians for the last several years but not on the scale Europe is experiencing. I would think that the governments of the world would refuse to take in those devoted to another governmental system. islam is a totalitarian governmental system that rules with sharia, masquerading as a religion. Religion is faith called from freewill. islam has no freewill. It’s doctrine commands death to anyone that is not of islam. smh Seems politician’s the world over have 1 thing in common, they all seem to suffer from head-up-the-ass-itis. Also it should be said because of an incompetently ran government we have no idea who is coming across the boarder. :(

          • whatevermeh

            We do not need them as farm workers smh that is a misconception.

          • HessenBalkan

            In California I saw lot’s of them working on farms and in all the gardening companies that take care of your lawns. Oh and the car washes there, seems like mostly Mexicans working them.
            On the other hand, haven’t seen many Mexicans in NY…

          • whatevermeh

            Just because you saw them working there doesn’t mean they are needed. Some like to take advantage of people that are not suppose to be here with paying them lower wages. We have plenty of out of work American’s that could do the jobs. smh No country deserves to be invaded by parasitic, violent people.

          • HessenBalkan

            Wow, you really hate them.
            I must say if I lived in a poor country I would probably try the same as them…sneak over to a richer country and make some money.

          • whatevermeh

            You’d be breaking the law. Illegals cost the United States over 300 Billion dollars a year. I don’t hate them we just can’t afford them.

          • HessenBalkan

            But you think your government will spend that money on the American people ? I don’t think so. The government first of all wants you to hate them. It’s easier to control people if they are afraid of something, someone or mad at someone (can be a religious group or a certain nationality).

          • Dave Nowak

            Time to elect TRUMP and deport all of them and them deport all the Muslims

          • Dave Nowak

            Tons of them in CITY

          • Dave Nowak

            American is bought Backing ISIS in Syria and fighting then elsewhere. Obama is all messed up

          • Dave Nowak

            you must be an idiot. Mexicans don’t pray in Mosques. Only Muslims do

          • HessenBalkan

            Nice language…very grown up you are. I have to open my other post but I don’t believe I said Mexicans pray in Mosques….lol

        • First Nation

          You can’t compare the American situation to the European. Mexicans don’t want to destroy the western civilisation, Mexicans don’t belong to a death cult , Us and Canadian social welfare is non existing compared to germany and Sweden. Us citizens are allowed to bear arms and can defend himself from muslim/ marxist lynch mobs. Mexicans dont lynch you for not being a catholic.

          • HessenBalkan

            The Americans are lucky they are allowed to bear arms and can defend them self if needed. The European are all neutered.

          • D A

            Actually Mexican Illegals have been responsible for Tens of thousands of murders and rapes and robberies…DIRECTLY. And the number of those is increasing as the number of Illegals increases. Also a leftist Radical Judge in thE US said Illegals have a 2nd Amendment right… now they have a “right” to be armed against US Citizens.

            Mexicans do inddeed belong to a drug/death cult and are openly hostile to BOTH US Culture and Whites. Mexican illegals kill you for not being Mexican.

            In addition to Mexican Illegals we have our own muslim problem with Obama flying in muslim refugees. We have BOTH problems. As the recent attacks in Texas and other states by muslims attest to.

            The Point is to Unite in this onslaught against our Borders…..act together. Because BOTH The USA and Europe are being subjected to Conquest by outside hostile cultures and people.

            In Europe it is the muslims.
            In the US it is the muslims AND the Illegals ( Mostly Mexican and Latin ).

          • Prashant S.

            You do not understand the nature of Islam.

          • D A

            Yes I do understand it. I have studied it for the past 21 years, and read their local papers and know exactly what islam is and who and what muslims are.

    • Guessed Worker

      I would expect a good number of actual Jihadis are mingled in with these crowds and will do their work for Allah after infiltration.

      • Don Vito

        In crowds this large no vetting would be possible. Why aren’t they fleeing to some of the wealthy Arab states like Dubai?

        • Keith

          Because they have seen how Islamic countries have treated the Palestinian refugees over the years. Why would they want to flee to an Islamic country?

          • Prashant S.

            If they ae running away from Islamic countries, are they willing to give up Islam? Doubtful.

        • Danny

          Dubai and none of the Arab nations will take any of the refugees! FACT

        • cinda anderson

          Because Saudi Arabia, oman, etc won’t take them. They are the other sect of Muslim.

    • VietVET

      you’re exactly right….most are young, healthy muslim men…..the world’s new BLACK PLAGUE of death…..ISLAM

    • HessenBalkan

      On the Greek Island of Lesbos daily arriving over 5000 migrants. 1000 Afghanis tried to storm a ferry to be brought to Athen and to travel north from there. I saw the video…what a mess it was there. I doubt the regular police forces in these neutered European countries are able to stop them.

      • Jason

        That’s the worrying thing if Isis do sent 500000 killers into Europe and plant a few in towns and villages all over Europe armed to the teeth and they all start attacking innocent people at the same time all over Europe that would be disastrous and I doubt there would be enough resorses to counter all at the same time

        • HessenBalkan

          Already in Germany, they bus a couple of hundred Migrants to some “Welcome center” where they are housed first and supposed to be registered, and the next morning a quarter of them has disappeared. The main media and the politicians ignore this problem but it will be a bigger problem in the future. It is estimated that about 4000 Terrorists have come up north with these migrants. It will not need 500.000 to make a mess…..

    • SolHachuel

      Of course the children are crying. Any parent who ever traveled with a small child knows that they have short fuses and no patience. It’s propaganda.

    • emma

      Remember one of the boats earlier this year- where a fight broke out on board between muslims and christians on their way over? And a couple of the muslim men threw a number of christian men off the boat to their death- they drowned… but then the remainder people in board both christian and muslim formed a chain to prevent these guys throwing the rest of the christians overboard? Chilling stuff…

  • Metis

    Oh I see. Half a million desperate people with their children should be ignored and left to drown or something.

    • why do they not go to other countries in the ME? Saudi arabia could take them all in right?

    • Mo86

      What nonsense. Haven’t you seen the floods of young MALES coming in? Spare me.

      How about some MUSLIM countries doing their share? Anything to say about that? Fool.

      • Metis

        I’ve seen lots of women and children. And I don’t appreciate your name-calling. That lowers my opinion of you considerably.

  • atl slayer

    The enemy says exactly what their plan is and then implements it. No surprise. Its like watching the black water of the tsunami rushing towards you, and then your ” leaders” push you from behind ever closer to the approaching wall of death, thanks a bunch, see you all in……

  • Metatrona

    Where are the Muslim countries in all this? They have millions of dollars, lots of land, and lots of resources. Where is their care and concern for their brother Muslims?

    • Mo86

      Exactly. Which is more proof that this is invasion, not immigration!

  • Juanita

    You told them so.

  • Torch

    I really wish the reporters covering the story would interview the Muslim colonists not from the “Oh, you poor dear” angle and instead ask them whether it is true or false that the marriage of a GROWN MAN to a PREPUBESCENT GIRL is not just WRONG but SICK.

    If they say false, end of conversation. If they say true, ask if they will denounce the Koran for endorsing child rape, or alternately if they will denounce the prophet Mohammed for molesting Aisha.

    Anyone who says no needs to be turned right around and “encouraged” to RUN AS FAST AS THEY CAN in the opposite direction.

    Syrian Christians or secular humanists or of any non-child-raping belief system, really, should be given quarter in refugee camps and then returned to Syria once the Western powers have finally nutted up and bombed the piss out of ISIS.

  • John Rashi

    See pic

  • Rocinante44

    i’ve been shouting this for a month. these are the best-fed “refugees” i’ve ever seen…most of them look positively chubby and clean and hairy. this is the obola and muslim form of 21st century warfare against the civilized west…send hordes of illegal aliens and muslims at the unwalled western world and dare us to do something mean. it’s actually quite brilliant. however, it is easily faught via two means: one is a big wall with armed guards, the other is good old-fashioned imperialism. I favor american imperialism, as it always resulted in a huge improvement in the lives of the average schmuck in these 3rd world armpits, and gives them a reason to stay in their own country and, in muslim countries, to quit going to the mosque and being turned into kamikazees. look at the obvious difference between Nogales, Arizona and Nogales, Sonora if you want to see proof of my argument, or the israeli side of the fence and the philistine side of the fence.

  • Ron McMullen

    Please help me get an appeal to the American left. I am a Socialist and a great admirer of the Kurdistan Workers’ Party, whom the American left has neglected.
    I turned against the Conservatives after the fall of the Soviet Union made it appear that the “Conspiracy Theory” was wrong. The John Birch Society had postulated that super rich “Insiders” intended to rule the world using the Soviet Union as their vehicle.
    Well, the Insiders are back with a new horse – Islam. The West has destabilized Middle East dictators who had been keeping the Jehadists suppressed. In the middle of a major crisis they drastically cut aid to refugee camps. I postulate that that was done deliberately to send those refugees on to Europe and America.
    The Kurds have plans for a better Middle East based on equal rights for women. But the US government prefers to please Turkey instead of the Socialist Kurds. Meanwhile American Socialists fail to support the Kurdish cause.
    Anyone who makes excuses for Islamic suppression of women does not deserve to be called a Socialist!

  • LibertyChick

    We need to keep any religion that threatens other religions out of America. Freedom of religion can only exist with religions that accept other religions. Muslims don’t fit that profile.

  • Super Wulfe

    ISIS is however supported by Israel through weapons and even assistance. Jews destroy Arab countries and then flood Europe with them, in turn leading to white genocide. Why not Israel take in a few thousand refugees?

    • bill reitzes

      Please tell us where your house is, so that we can send an illegal migrant family to live with you.
      Why didn’t your anti-Semitic a$$, call for Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, and the Gulf states, to open their borders to their co-religionists?

      • June Skelton

        Exactly. The Saudis are getting a free pass in all of this.

        Saudi Arabia…hmm, rings a bell. Oh yes, I remember now: wasn’t that the homeland of most of the terrorists responsible for 9/11? Strange that Bush and Blair opted to invade Iraq and not Saudi Arabia. Looks as though a similar myopia is afflicting Obama and Cameron today.

        • bill reitzes

          I’m Jewish, so why is the Jewish State of Israel so important for us?
          It will ALWAYS be a refuge for Jews, and we do NOT have to rely on anyone else again.
          Israel has already absorb over 1.5 million Jewish refugees, and I think, that it is, a perfect example of how to absorb refugees.
          In no way, should the Europeans, step up and help mos lems who are dedicated to sharia law.
          Let the mos lems help out their own kind.

          • D A

            God Bless Israel !

            And no I am not Jewish. But I can tell Good from Evil.

  • Turbo

    This is insane. It’s like a WMD suddenly being used against much of Europe. It;s likley a devastating blow. And all so quickly. Wondering who orchestrated this?

  • First Nation

    The situation in Sweden is surel right now. Politicians asking people to house “refugees” in their homes and the left wingers are more insane than ever before. The few sane people has become preppers. We stockpiling dry goods and cans and cultivating survival skills.

  • Bobbie

    Bet their true colours will become evident as soon a they have reached their destination…

  • Beedeekay

    Pamela, are you telling us, out of all the Presidents, Prime Ministers, all World leaders, you have been chosen and given information about what ISIS or whatever name they go by, has planned for us? To authenticate your claims, we need proof that what you are saying is fact. You provide us with the proof, and we’ll go from there. If we don’t have a response from you in the next 24hrs, then we’ll know you are another propagandist, bent on stirring the pot of bullshit

    • D A

      “The pot of bullshit”? … “The pot of BULLSHIt ? “.

      The evidence is right before our eyes. The pot of BULLSHIT is the one you are sitting in and flinging on everyone else actually.

  • Beedeekay

    Just thought I’d let you all know, I have challenged Pamela Geller to authenticate her claim that she has been privy to information World leaders haven’t. It was not published on here. Sooooo?

  • Benton Marder

    The glorious elites will remain in DeNial right up to the moment Jihadi John saws their heads off. Some years ago, a friend and I speculated that Europe would become Islamic by the end of the century–and the USA Hispanic.. Time is moving a lot quicker than we then thought. By 2050, Europe will be Islamic and the USA Hispanic—at the latesat, thanks to the glorious elites. Europe will live to remember the old monarchs fondly—and curse democracy.

  • worried

    My parents, grandparents and great grandparents made huge sacrifices to build a great country for me. A country that was democratic and free and would give me more than they had. And I am eternally grateful to them for that. Now the do gooders have opened the doors to islam. Now hundreds of thousands of muslims will flood my country. They will refuse to integrate and do everything in their power to turn my country into an islamic state, and sadly I believe they will succeed. It is ironic to think that the grandchildren of the do gooders will probably end up as refugees, fleeing from a brutal society that their do gooder grandparents helped create, and they wont be thanked for that.

  • Joff

    Sick agenda to destroy Judeo-christian western nation by the NWO.

  • Beedeekay

    Ms Geller, I didn’t expect such rude reply to my comment. I am well aware of the situation along with the rest of the World. I was referring to you being privy to all this information.

    • pamelageller

      Where did I reply to you? What are you talking about?

  • alsky

    Europe is finished.

  • Dave Nowak

    In 20 years there will be no Europe . There will only be a hugh Islamic State that will take over all of Europe. And then all the great artifacts of Europe will be destroyed. And then the United States will also be taken over by ISIS and we will just let them in. Our grandchildren will all, be Muslims

  • GI Joe

    Why are all the able bodied men not fighting for their country that are invading Europe? There are videos of them going ape feces and destroying public property. Imagine this filth coming into your city like a hoard of huge cockroaches to destroy everything in their path. I was looking at the middle east and northern Africa. there are so many people abandoning that part of the world for tiny Europe. All its thousands of years of traditions are about to be wiped out by muslim filth.

  • Gayle Parker

    People in the UK aren’t getting the news I’ve been told.

  • Gayle Parker

    When there is no will to defend a Nation for it’s principles and safety. . . the right to life, liberty and the pursuit of individual happiness, what do you expect? America needs to get back to those principles and fast!

  • Mike

    The Islamists are much more clever than they get credit
    for. They cannot beat the massive
    firepower of the west. So they go into
    Europe and commit relatively small ‘atrocities.’ In retaliation, overwhelming bombing
    campaigns are carried out against their ‘facilities’ in the Middle East. This creates an influx of ‘refugees’ and the
    terrorists who walk among them. These
    people then manipulate the multicultural liberal European leaders to welcome
    this influx of migrants who reproduce at 4 times that of the western
    world. Speaking in politically correct
    terms, this inevitably leads to population replacement. And where will this new, militant Eurabian
    continent want to focus on next? The
    great serpent, our home sweet home – the USA.
    European leaders are too weak and these extremists too strong. Thought Hitler was bad? Just wait until the genocide of European
    Christians/Jews at the hands of the Islamic European state begins….

  • Ian

    This invasion is the work of the devil to infiltrate every country and drag it down, infect every nation with their vile and evil satanic belief system where it is ok to slice the private parts off women destroying and sensual feelings, and stone women to death just because the may have spoken to another man. This inhuman race is a vile barbaric evil which has been allowed to infiltrate every country. there is only one way to prevent these bastards taking over breeding in mass where they plane to get rid of you. Your governments of the world will do nothing, because they answer to the puppet masters who are behind this mess. Take action and in mass go to every city and round up and kick the filth out of your country, it is no good feeling sorry for them, their plan is to get rid of you. they hate us yet they are infiltrating into our countries. You need to have people with machine guns on the borders to let them know wee do not want them and if they com in shoot them then the bastards might get the message, go back to you own vile evil and wicked evil country and solve your own problems.

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