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[ September 22, 2017 ]

A Stella Open Thread

[ September 22, 2017 ]

Vanity Fair: “Milo Yiannopoulos’s Fyre-Festival Free Speech Week Is Canceled, Says Everyone but Milo”

[ September 22, 2017 ]

Czech President Zeman: Islamic Refugees are a Trojan Horse Phenomenon

[ September 22, 2017 ]

Belgium: 119 Islamic Institutions Investigated for “Extremism” in 2016

[ September 22, 2017 ]

In Pamela Geller beheading plot, Muslims ‘hoped to achieve martyrdom’

[ September 22, 2017 ]

Britain First leaders charged with harassing Muslim rapists

[ September 22, 2017 ]

Iran President Hassan Rouhani: Security for Israel ‘Not Possible’

[ September 22, 2017 ]

Muslims who plotted to behead Pamela Geller “laughed wildly about beheadings”

[ September 22, 2017 ]

Viktor Orban Calls George Soros a ‘Public Enemy’

[ September 22, 2017 ]

ACLU, Speakers Distance Themselves From UC Berkeley’s Free Speech Week

BLOCKBUSTER Report: “The danger to the homeland has never been greater,” “The largest global convergence of jihadists in history”


“The danger to the homeland has never been greater,” Michael McCaul,Chairman of the House Committee on Homeland Security, said today on a new report on the global jihad.

For years I warned that this was coming. This has been the bane of my existence. My reporting on the rise of jihad across the world was met with attacks, smears and defamation. Even still, even now with the body count in the millions, my colleagues and I are blacklisted.

Ironically, the report on Obama’s gravest failure was released as he was hosting a UN summit on “countering violent extremism” (no mention of jihad, of course.) He said:

We have reaffirmed again and again that the United States is not and never will be at war with Islam. Islam teaches peace. Muslims the world over aspire to live with dignity and a sense of justice. And when it comes to America and Islam, there is no us and them, there is only us — because millions of Muslim Americans are part of the fabric of our country.

Here are the facts:

–US losing the battle to stop Americans from traveling overseas to join the Islamic State
–In the last 9 months more than 7,000 foreign fighters (Muslims) have joined to fight alongside the Islamic State
–Thousands are from Europe and more than 250 are from America
–Nearly 70 ISIS Muslims have been arrested this year
–The threat is getting worse
–We are losing in this struggle
–We lack a national strategy

Today I reported earlier that the top ISIS Commander is an American Muslim.

“We have largely failed to stop Americans from traveling overseas to join jihadists,”

“In just the last nine months, foreign fighters have swelled the ranks of those Islamic groups waging war and committing atrocities in Iraq and Syria by more than 7,000.”

How does CNN report on these catastrophic developments? Their Muslim ‘foreign policy analyst’ framed Carson, Trump, and Cruz for murder before the fact.


U.S. has ‘failed’ to stop flow of foreign fighters to ISIS, Congressional report finds
Posted 3:18 pm, September 29, 2015, by CNN Wire

Sept.29: The U.S. is losing the battle to stop Americans from traveling abroad to enlist in ISIS, a bipartisan congressional task force concluded in a report released Tuesday.

More than 25,000 foreigners have flocked to war-torn Syria and Iraq since 2011 to fight with Islamist terrorist groups including ISIS, according to U.S. government estimates noted in the report.

“Despite concerted efforts to stem the flow, we have largely failed to stop Americans from traveling overseas to join jihadists,” the task force determined in its report.

In just the last nine months, foreign fighters have swelled the ranks of those radical militant groups waging war and committing atrocities in Iraq and Syria by more than 7,000. And while most recruits continue to come from the Middle East and North Africa, thousands of Westerners have traveled to fight in the region — including more than 250 Americans, more than half of which have left in the last year.

Those figures prompted the eight-member task force, commissioned by the House Homeland Security Committee and including three House Democrats, to call for an overhaul of the U.S. strategy to stem the flow and threat of foreign fighters in what the task force called “the largest global convergence of jihadists in history.”

The report’s release Tuesday comes as President Barack Obama is chairing a summit at the United Nations on how to counter ISIS and the threat of extremism worldwide.

Federal officials have ramped up their efforts to stop and arrest individuals inspired by ISIS to either travel to Syria and Iraq or carry out attacks on U.S. soil, but gaps still remain. Of the more than 250 American who sought to travel to Iraq and Syria, U.S. officials caught just 28 before they could make it to the region, according to the task force’s report.

The task force also estimated that women account for more than 30 of the 250-plus Americans who have traveled to join extremist groups in Iraq and Syria.

The group also pointed to gaps in international intelligence-sharing efforts, noting that “there is currently no comprehensive global database of foreign fighter names.”

“Instead, countries including the United States rely on a patchwork system for swapping individual extremist identities,” the report found, calling that system “an inherently weak arrangement that increases the odds a foreign fighter will be able to cross the border undetected when traveling to and from a terrorist sanctuary.”

The fighters pose “a triple threat,” the group wrote in a summary of its findings: “they strengthen terrorist groups, incite others back home to conduct attacks, and can return themselves to launch acts of terror.”

The flow of foreign fighters is continuing to fuel the conflict in Iraq and Syria, allowing groups like ISIS to replenish their ranks even as U.S. officials assess more than 10,000 extremist fighters have been killed by U.S.-led coalition airstrikes since that bombing campaign launched in the summer 2014.

ISIS’s force currently consists of between 20,000 and 30,000 fighters according to the latest CIA estimate — mimicking the group’s numbers in fall 2014.


  • irish7_1sg

    GOD BLESS AND PROTECT YOU, PAMELA GELLER! Thank you for your tireless efforts to inform a very foolish world of the Islamic menace!

    • mezcukor

      I agree with that. Pamela is a heroine.

  • Tammy

    The locust are swarming. Look, here they come.

  • Don Grantham

    Never mix plaid with stripes. If they become woven together, the only recourse is to get a new suit or burn your clothes.

  • Paul A Hall

    No coordination of jihadist information, patchwork of cooperation, agencies working without informing other groups. Does this sound familiar? It should, that’s what led up to our failure to stop 9/11 from happening! If the leader of the most powerful nation fighting terrorism, jihads’ worldwide network, refuses to include the primary ideological reason and motivation for their existence how can we ever expect success? We are doomed to failure because his allegiance is not to truth. Is he just horribly wrong and can’t see it or is he a jihadist?

    • Lia

      You’re right, Paul. I’ve just reread Lt.-Col. Schaffer’s book and he explains how they knew about Atta & others before 9/11.

  • Globalfirm:humanrights&ecology

    The only movement that can destroy Muhammad’s mad plan Islam is Globalfirm.

    ‘Islam is peace’-indoctrination is Jihad-recruitment propaganda. 
    The only way to protect ourselves from Islam’s war & tyranny is by destroying the source which is Muhammad’s unethical manifest by publicly discrediting it. This has been proven again & again.
    Islam-complicit media & governments want to exactly prevent this.
    That’s what we need to tackle.
    It’s called law. Muhammad did crimes & we must punish that.

    Shame on the unworthy establishment for not preparing the public to the righteousness of Anti-Islamism.

    & we shouldn’t give Islam validity & reassurement through reassurement of an existence of a deity that has not been proven.

    What made Hitler a psychopath sadist? Muhammad’s unethical theism.

    The US EU AUS-regime is desensitized to righteous development. They import a Hitler-youth. Hitler is the bestseller after the Koran in Islamic countries. Islamic migrants, Islamic SS of the US EU AUS-regime.

    Our agenda is that of ethics: human rights, ecology, atheism, globalism, English & animal rights. Muhammad’s & those of obeying him, not simulating open or secret Muslims, agenda is that of institutionalized, indefinite sadist psychopath theism, institutionalized insensitivity, institutionalized torture, institutionalized pro-Arab & pro-Turk racism, institutionalized anti-African enslavement,  institutionalized pederasty, institutionalized child genital mutilation, institutionalized crucifixions, amputations, institutionalized murder of atheists & apostates, institutionalized deceit, institutionalized strict enslaving mind-control, institutionalized sadist halal-slaughter, institutionalized Arabic, institutionalized incest & institutionalized forced marriage.

    To hide their institutionalized, unethical hidden agenda the pro Islamic media insensitevely leaves the public blind to the ethical & sensitive moving causes of the human rights Anti-Islam movement & new government. 

    Islam is an insensitive, strong, sadist not to be underestimated unethical force in the world (Churchill said the most retrograde force & he knew fighting Jihadis in Nazi uniforms).
    Governments, media want Muslims (their Hitler youth) because they are currently run by secret Muslims who want a reward in their imagined afterlife. It’s that simple. I might be exact in my evaluation & it’s too dangerous to be unprepared. And after all, may they be Muslims or not, the result is unprogressive: Islamic.
    For the same reason (imagined Islamic afterlife) Muslim migrants don’t protest for military enforcement of the law of human rights in their home countries but for the unsensitive, unethical Islamic law in their new.
    The people who applaud them probably don’t even want to have kids.

    The difference between an open or secret not simulating Muslim & not simulating open or secret human rights person is that a Muslim obeys Muhammad’s insensitive & unjust Sharia tyranny & Jihad war (Islam translates submission) while a human rights person opposes it & fights for human rights.

    A deceiving or new & deceived harmless Muslim assuming he is a product of Islamic indoctrination (dawah) really is means of Islamic indoctrination: Muhammad was an insensitive, sadist psychopath theist indefinitely commanding his sadist, insensitive law-system 
    & Islamic majority (institutionalized deceit & institutionalized outnumbering through the deceitful indoctrination, terror, breeding & migration are Muhammad’s war tactics) turns a system into a racist, sadist, insensitive psychopath theocracy, because Muslims are indoctrinated into not opposing Muhammad’s sadist, insensitive sick law system Sharia & the pro-Islamic public behavior scale ranges from indoctrinated to tolerant to indifferent to complicit to brainwashed to enslaved.

    A pro-Islamic stance is a corrupt evasion to not deal with the problem of Islam, hence Islamic studies in universities cultivating this evasion for media & government.
    Islamic deceiving as means of Jihad war, Muhammad said war is deceit must be understood in context: Non Islamic topics are Unislamic distraction & deviation (fitnah) to Muhammad which is defined by Muhammad as worse than murder & therefore guilty of murder & torture.
    Truth is, the assumption of a deity as a fact itself is deception. Muhammad’s assertion that his imagined deity Allah is the greatest deceiver or imposter leaves out that Allah is Muhammad’s greatest deception & he an imposter.
    We shouldn’t give Islam validity & reassurement through reassurement of an existence of a deity that has not been proven.
    Theist institutions as the Vatican organization effectively function as propaganda-tool for Islam. Atheism is hope, not surrender.

    Pro-Islam critics insensitively argue with comparisons over reality forcing us to argue with reality over comparisons.

    The institutionally insensitive ‘Islam is peace’ indoctrinated,-normed people need a tough regime to drive out their ignorant impudence.

    There’s a world war going on since Muhammad & the institutionally insensitive pro-Islamic media picked the wrong side.

    They’re in a game of institutionalized insensitive Islamic mind-control which we naturally oppose & eliminate.

    Islam tolerant people are institutionally insensitive towards human rights.

    The institutionalized insensitive legal status of Islam reflects through the policies & it’s consequences in history (mass-murder around North-East Nigeria, in Syria, Iraq, the establishment of Isis murdering, enslaving, crucifying, torturing people, Sharia in the new North-Sudan, Al-Shabab, Islamic Hitler-youth type migration to Europe, US & & &) & we have to prosecute who’s responsible for this.

    The as Barack Hussein Obama & the US EU AUS-regime says “holy” Quran says 5:33 “Maim and crucify the infidels if they criticise Islam.”, then for ‘the politically interested’ says Isis isn’t Islamic while they crucify on a large scale & arms & protects their Jihad & Sharia terror cause they’re Islamic
    Some people in South-America crucify themselves to emulate Jesus, Muslims crucify atheists, non-Muslims to death to emulate Muhammad.

    When the insensitive Islam is praised we have to be alarmed.

    I’m also alarmed by the failure to suspect & recognize Jihad as main motivation by Hitler’s & Amin El Husseini’s Jihad by Nazi-holocaust survivors & memorials & the education-system.

    Keeping Islam legal despite Muhammad’s indefinite, insensitive, sadist commands against human rights & atheists, together with legal Islamic proselytising gives people the deceptive impression that Islam is a universal, human rights respecting ideology giving them 2 options: assume that it’s peaceful, join the Jihad. (It also let’s people accept new Sharia governments after Jihad war like the new North-Sudan or the new Muslim president in Nigeria.) It doesn’t give people any space nor reasonal support at all to sensitivity, to reject Muhammad, Islam as unethical. It creates an desensitized error-based status quo paradigm & puts down & defames, destabilises the intelligent instead of empowering them & oppresses men through procreation sabotaging, institutionalized excluding mind-control. That’s why the legality of Islam must be overturned. 

    The (useless) law of freedom of religion can’t be equal to or tolerably above the law of human rights & that must be transparently effective, perceivable through all other laws. The law of religious freedom is not a ticket to bend the law of human rights but instead to responsibility to human rights. Freedom of religion is subpositioned, subordinated to the law of human rights & that must be transparently recognizable in law & pedagogy especially when the ideology of the alleged religion is insensitive like the Islam doctrine & unethically subversive to the main-law of human rights in which case the candidate religion must be banned. Human rights is the best religion. 

    Children with Islamic background need to learn that it’s not just ok, but sensitive, courages & righteous, ethical to discriminate against Muhammad’s indefinitely insensitive, sick doctrine (Muhammad made Hitler the sadist he was), just as Jihadist terrorists & Sharia Islamic governments/ tyrannies disrespecting human rights (the new religion) must feel the enforcement of the law of human rights of the new human rights & ecology government, just as ‘Islam means peace’ normed & hypnotized fascists need to feel the might of a new radical, radical is the opposite of simulating & thus powerful government dedicated to ethics, to human rights, ecology & not to Islamic fascism, or simulation of ethics.

    Giving Islam, Muhammad, Isis, Sharia, Jihad, Boko haram, Iran, Saudi Arabia some transcendental meaning is manipulative betrayal, brainwash (dawah).

    The whole ‘Islam is peace’-indoctrination is just so people accept (or submit to (Islam translates submission)) Boko haram, Isis, Omar Al-Bashir’s new North-Sudan, Sharia-tyrannies, Islamic Hitler-youth type migration, oil money & subsidizing to Islamic governments & pro-Islam media. ‘Islam is peace’ indoctrination desensitizes people to Islam in a passive role through indifference & complicity & active role through fighting. Islam would be peace-indoctrination is Jihad-recruitment propaganda. Islamophobia is a discriminatory Islamic code for infidel & therefore should be banned. Describing Islam as peaceful is like describing a horror-flick as meditational movie. Muhammad was the personification of human rights-abuse, not human rights. Human rights are not a matter of negotiation but go without saying. Legality of Islam creates a misguided, ethically corrupt & criminal political subculture that hampers psychosociological & political progress. Instead of law protecting human rights, Islam opresses human rights through Muhammad’s law of Jihad terrorizm & Sharia-tyranny under the pretext of theism, an unproven deity. Atheism is not surrender, on the contrary, it is hope.

    We know what happens when we got an Islamic president. We catch Obama, the Islamic US EU AUS-regime ruled by the mind-con-‘trolling’ hidden Jihad slipping again & again. They impudently proclaim ‘Islam would be peace’, Boko haram would have “legitimate concerns” (Obama), sabotaging Israeli arms deals to the Nigerian army while Boko haram slaughters, protecting the estimated 60 Isis training camps (there’s proof (Pamela Geller wrote an article on that) the Army didn’t attack the camps for a year during which Isis mass-murdered & enslaved many & it continues. This ongoing inaction is a war-crime & the responsible need to be prosecuted. Like there are no drones.), arming Isis, rewarding mass-murdering Islamic psychopath sadist theist Omar Al Bashir with a new country (North-Sudan) for a Sharia-tyranny. We got to prosecute the whole administration as it already slipped into a tyranny.

    We need to stop reacting & stop assuming that they’re reacting & instead be proactive & realize they are proactive but in an institutionalized insensitive, psychopath theist way, Muhammad’s way, too.

    Nazis after their Jihadist slaughter under & with Amin El-Husseini & Muhammad adoring Hitler (he hailed to the back- to Muhammad? Did he secretely identify as Turk?) are no longer of use to Islam so it’s only convenient for the Islamic media to cloth the Nazi-movement as Anti-Islam movement & defame the human rights Anti-Islam movement as insensitive & Naziistic, putting Nazis who are suspectingly compatible with Islam in charge of the Anti-Islam human rights movement (in the eye of the public). To hide their institutionalized, unethical hidden agenda the pro Islamic media insensitively, leaves the public blind to the ethical & sensitive moving causes of the human rights Anti-Islam movement & new government. The US-EU-AUS regime is desensitized to righteous development. They import a Hitler-youth to protect Muhammad’s agenda. Hitler is the bestseller after the Koran in Islamic countries & the word Isis reminds of SS the Nazi police that had an Islamic division led by Arafat’s uncle & Ex-general of the Armenian genocide Amin El-Husseini.

    To those who surveil this website, are new to this topic, have been mislead by pro-Islam indoctrination or are potential apostates from theism:
    1.: Islam is NOT a universal, human rights respecting ideology.
    2.: Humanity needs to come to terms with Muhammad’s indefinite institutionalized insensitive command & agenda to sadism through Jihad-terror & Sharia-tyranny against atheists & with Muhammad emulated institutionalized pederasty, institutionalized mythology found enslavement of Africans, institutionalized crucifixions, institutionalized deceit & insensitivity, institutionalized strict enslaving mind-control, institutionalized torture, institutionalized child genital mutilation, institutionalized sadist halal-slaughter, institutionalized incest, institutionalized Arabic & institutionalized forced marriage. Muhammad institutionalizedly, insensitively, indefinitely commands to ‘slay atheists wherever they are found’ in the Koran. Therefore no one should be allowed to promote Islam nor himself as Islamic. Islam also oppresses men through procreation sabotaging, excluding institutionalized mind-control. Creating a proactive culture of discrimination against Islam protects human rights, sensitivity sustainably in the long term militarily, to establish the rule of ethics: human rights, ecology, atheism, globalism, English & animal rights. 
    3.: Humanity needs to learn that the genocide of Armenian non-Muslims in the 1. world war & genocide of non-Muslims in west & east Europe (Germany, France, Poland, Ukraine…) in world war 2 were participated & led by Jihadi-‘Nobel prize-winner’-Arafat’s uncle who was appointed ‘Grandmufti of Jerusalem’ Amin El-Husseini who was stationed as General in Smyrna after joining the Armenian genocide by the Turks, ‘the Ottoman empire’ joined by Germany & who later formed the Muslim Nazi SS-division while organizing the slaughter of non-Muslims with the Nazis. After the war he lived in France.
    4.: Islam is a racist system. Islam is even racist against Africans:

    I’m sick of Africans being betrayed into Islam. Muhammad invented the slavery of Africans. Should that be legal in America or any other place on earth? I mean, we still have to free slaves! Are we taking this task serious? Castrated slaves in Saudi Arabia & we promote Mecca, Muhammad & Islam with Malcolm X,  Farrakhan, brainwashing rappers & subsidize it? That must immediately stop.
    Muhammad’s racist slavery ideology against Africans:
    Muhammad invented the slavery of Africans by proclaiming that his deity colored them black so their descendants would be slaves to Arabs & Turks, declaring Arabs & Turks master race & Africans slave race. He had African slaves, was white & dreamed about a pederast paradise with only whites. Abeed means slave or African in Arabic. This slavery exists together with racist laws in Saudi Arabia, new North-Sudan, North Africa (20% of black Africans are slaves in Mauritania) & elsewhere & in every Muslim knowing it.
    5.: Muhammad was a pederast:
    Muhammad was seen tongue- & lip-sucking little boys & ‘kissing’ boys’ dicks frequently.
    He also dreamed about pederasty in his paradise fantasy.
    6.: Our agenda is that of ethics: human rights, ecology, atheism, globalism, English & animal rights. Muhammad’s agenda is that of institutionalized, indefinite sadist psychopath theism, institutionalized insensitivity, institutionalized torture, institutionalized pro-Arab & pro-Turk racism, institutionalized anti-African enslavement, institutionalized pederasty, institutionalized child genital mutilation, institutionalized crucifixions, amputations, institutionalized murder of atheists & apostates, institutionalized deceit, institutionalized strict enslaving mind-control, institutionalized sadist halal-slaughter, institutionalized Arabic,  institutionalized incest & institutionalized forced marriage.
    Worldwide memorials for the slave, torture & death-victims of Islam since Muhammad’s indefinite command to Jihad-terror & Sharia-tyranny, instead of mosks !
    Muhammad was a racist, psychopath theist, as long as we don’t get politically correct ’bout this human rights won’t prosper. Eliminating the shameful discrepancy between ethical & legal is the foundation of the Globalfirm government to which I invite everyone.
    Join Globalfirm: free basics & free base for creatives.
    By the way, I’d like to run for president in all countries (including Cameroon, Nigeria, Sudan…) but need partners.


    Th BHO administration has put the US in a time machine set to September 10, 2001.

  • Ben Hur

    Mr. Obama, it doesn’t matter how many ‘good Muslims’ there are in the world. The problem is the IDEOLOGY behind Islam which is Terrorism, Sharia and anti democracy/freedom (Quran 8:12 et. al.). The Quran means what it says and says what it means. It is set in concrete and wants to take over THE WORLD (Quran 8:39 et al). The only thing I can conclude is that a man of you intelligence must be ‘in on this scam’. You must know you are destroying freedom and therefore you must be, well I don’t want to say.

    • Po Tato

      To Ben Hur,

      Let me put it this way —

      If the notion of a ‘good moslem’ is valid, then the notion of ‘GOOD CANCER‘ is equally valid

      • Ben Hur

        Your analogy makes sense but It all depends on your definition of a Muslim. A ‘good’ Muslim (from our perspective) is ultimately one who has the sense and or courage to leave Islam. Muslims who don’t follow the Quran really aren’t Muslims, although their nominal support of the system through ignorance, fear and apathy is still incriminating.

        In another sense a good Muslim is bad and a bad Muslim is good (i.e. doesn’t follow Sharia/Islam). Still better is a non-Muslim. Even better non-Muslim and anti Islam.

        • Po Tato

          Question: Do you still count those former Christians who have converted into islam as ‘Christians’?

          To me, those who have left islam are no longer ‘moslems’

          • Lia

            People who have left islam should be called ex-muslims.

          • Ben Hur

            or living legends.

          • Lia

            Yes, Sir! You receive a curtsy for that beautiful explanation.

          • Jim Fox

            That IS what they call themselves– CEMB–
            Council of Ex Muslims of Britain
            All under threat of death for apostasy, of course.

          • Lia

            I’ve read some of what they post on the site – brave, brave people. May their numbers grow and grow and grow.

          • IzlamIsTyranny

            Um, Wafa Sultan and Aayan Hirsi call themselves ATHEISTS not ex-muslums.

          • Lia

            Yes, our terminology seems not to have caught up totally with the wide expression of faith/non-faith among Ex Muslims. Raymond Ibrahim and father & son, Walid & Theodore Shoebat, are Christians as are various others. But some have indeed become atheists. Perhaps my own desire to have things clear, organised & labelled is a problem here.

          • Ben Hur

            You would be correct in my opinion.

    • Gordon Miller

      Well, I’ll say it : He is an enemy of America and a disgrace to the presidency.

  • Drew the Infidel

    Now you understand why I carry a Beretta 96-A1 with laser sights.

    • farflung

      Best be proficient, When this war is in full swing, you will not have time to play with those sights

      • IzlamIsTyranny

        Or get a 12 gauge, auto-loading shotty where precise aim isn’t as important.

  • Herb Brownell

    Will American Veterans, frustrated by our own “Rules of Engagement” and “No Win War Policy” happily join Putin and the Russians as Mercenaries in a “No Holds Barred” march across the Middle East, killing Muslims until they liberate Persia from these fanatical Islamic butchers? A successful Crusades II vs. Jihad? What will the Muslim Obama do to stop them?

  • SeeCamp

    Scott Severin still very much loves you, Pamela!

  • Stephen Honig

    We are at war with Islam, but the Muslim psychopath won’t admit it.

    • Rocinante44

      actually, he is at war with us, he’s winning, and most americans are just too dumb to know or care


      Actually izlam (sic – on purpose) is at war with US; but the muzlim psychopath won’t admit it!

  • John Cunningham

    If Barack Obama had invaded and occupied America for last seven years or so, he couldn’t have done anymore damage than he has so far. Our Republic is crumbling and why their isn’t a call for Obama to step down, I don’t know. The Country is at each others throats and our foreign policy is non existent. No one is this feckless, this is on purpose and, he should be arrest for treason at the extreme and, at least told to resign at the least.

  • pogee

    Actually, we need to let them all leave, simultaneously stripping them of citizenship. It is equally important that we do NOT let them clog up our legal and penal systems, only to proselytize in prison, then become free jihadis here upon their release from prison….Yes, God bless you, Pamela!

  • reggiec

    Never mind US citizens leaving to join ISIS. How many of the thousands of Muslims Obama is letting into the US are Jihadists?

  • Patrick Roy

    Some people ELECTED A MAN NAMED BARACK HUSSEIN OBAMA – 2X !!!! Great work people – its REALLY PAID OFF.

  • Gordon Miller

    This is REALLY getting serious.
    Pam, tell us what we can do to help. Can a United Congress stop Barry?

  • IzlamIsTyranny

    Hopefully the izlamic-nazis start by killing lieberals. Of course, that’s unlikely considering lieberals are their puppets (I’d say allies, but lieberals are the ones grabbing their ankles and bending over).

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