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“Refugees” in Europe young, fit and overwhelmingly male


If these were real refugees, where are the women? Where are the elderly people? Where are the weak and the sick? It is increasingly clear that what I have said is true: this is not a refugee crisis. This is a hijrah, a migration to Islamize a new land.

Aleppo boys

“The New Face Of EU Immigration Is Young, Fit And Overwhelmingly Male,” by Simon Kent, Breitbart, September 6, 2015:

BUDAPEST,Hungary (Sep. 6) – Meet the self-styled ‘Aleppo Boys’. Pictured above, they are the collective face of mass immigration entering Europe from the Middle East. Their story is indicative of so many you can hear right now at Budapest Keleti railway station.

They are young. They are fit. They clearly know what they want. They have no intention of staying and fighting in Syria. Instead they have travelled overland through Lebanon, Turkey, Greece, Macedonia, Serbia and into Hungary. They say their last stop is Germany.

None of them wants to stay in Hungary or any of they countries they have transited. As one they see Germany as a future because Chancellor Angela Merkel told them so. Besides, Hungary police want to fingerprint them, check any travel documents and stop their progress as specified by EU regulations.

The Aleppo Boys want none of it. They understand why some of their compatriots broke out of a refugee camp on Friday night and decided to try and walk to Germany.

“No good here in Hungary. No good,” said their leader Muhammad. “They try and lock us up. But we want Germany, there it is good. We have to worry about nothing there. They give us food and house and job.

“Hungary just want to watch us all the time.”

Which is not to say they aren’t grateful. As one they seem tremendously happy and unfailingly polite. They are also in the majority amongst the thousands who arrive each day on their way north.

Budapest station crowded with refugees and strong police presence

Yes, there are families in the throng at Keleti. Plenty with young children. But if you stand and take a rough count it is hard not to come to the conclusion that young men are in the overwhelming majority. They have been dressed by charity and have cash for tickets. They want to charge their iPhones, eat more pizza and board their trains.

The families sit in tight groups or they sleep underneath the station concourse waiting for their chance to leave. Local Budapest volunteers have delivered food and clothing, showing goodwill which the travellers are only too willing to accept.

Moving around the station the sheer scale of the tide of humanity now crossing Europe is apparent. I spoke to two young men from Bangladesh. There were Pakistanis and Sudanese. I even met a family from Nepal. Syrians are the highest number followed by Iraqis and some Jordanians and they all seem amply versed in the ways and means of securing a passage to Germany.

Social media is the one connecting link. Everyone either has an iPhone or knows someone else who does. They use them to talk to family members on the other side of the world or network with each other sharing information. It also helps them to know what lies ahead.

According to local police, up to 10,000 immigrants crossed the Austrian/Hungarian border over a 24- to 48-hour period after Budapest station was closed to all travellers on Friday afternoon due to the surge in numbers.

Around 1,500 spent Saturday night in Nickelsdorf waiting to be processed, half in the open air, the Austrian Red Cross said. Those left in Budapest heard the news and waited knowing that when trains resumed they would be ready to board them.

For the young men travelling on their own, there is safety in numbers but a deep suspicion of anyone who is not another fellow immigrant. Most do not want their photograph taken but if they agree, it is under the strict understanding their family name will not be included.

Ahmed has travelled overland from Syria to Budapest on his way to Oslo, Norway.

Like Ahmed (pictured right). He refused to let me have his family name. Ahmed, 21, just wants wants to get to Norway and settle in Oslo. He has also made the overland trip from Damascus in Syria, a journey he said cost around US$5,000. He was waiting to board a train to Vienna and when he arrives in Oslo he feels he will be safe.

He told me: “I want new life. I want to go to university. Make money. I want to work in a bank, be a banker. Bring my family.”

I asked why he didn’t stay and fight. His answer revealed he thinks there is nothing left to fight for.

“Oh no, no. There is no future there. I see babies and…” He makes a cutting motion across his neck. “I see families killed. Women die. All people killed who not want to work with terrorists… no future. Europe is the new hope for all of us.”

As Breitbart News has already reported from Budapest, nobody knows how many more are to follow across the Mediterranean, although it could be ‘uncountable millions.’

This is the future that awaits Europe today.

  • ro

    Perhaps the idiot Angela Merkel has the answer to the question.

  • jimbo

    love to see the question asked, do you want to see Europe as islamic one day. be telling wouldn’t it??? or how about… you can go to Germany, but you wont be allowed to protest to make it islamic, and look for their reaction ?

    greater jihad is on the horizon !

  • Susan24

    I’ve been wondering for a few weeks where in hell the women and children are too! There’s something else going on here for sure.


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    • Stephen Honig

      They’ll be raping and enslaving European women. I didn’t realize that there were no women. This is now evident that they are sent by their leaders to take over the new country they invaded. The original crusades Muslims invaded with weapons, but they know that won’t work so they’re taking over without weapons. Satan is clever!

      • Natalia von Richter-Sullivan

        See this news article that my family from Germany sent to me.

        • red troll

          The New Observer also doesn’t think the holocaust was a thing that happened. I’m sure it wants these migrants on a train, just in a different way.

      • red troll

        To be fair, you’d find trouble matching wits with a houseplant. Satan doesn’t really have to bring his A-game when it comes to you.

        • Michelle

          Quack, Quack, Quack…Dolt.

          • red troll

            **slow clap**

          • Aor Hughes

            me too Quack Quack

      • jmw

        According to new figures in Hungary, 72% of the asylum seekers are young males, 13% are women and 15% are children. This is passive jihadi in case you haven’t figured it out.

        • Stephen Honig

          So you agree with me or disagree? I’m not talking about Syrians, but the other scumbags from the Middle East.

          • Aor Hughes

            Syrians are true refugees i would help them

          • Stephen Honig

            I don’t agree with you. We can’t support the refugees. Do you know what per cent of them are ISIS? We have too many illegals now that Obama wants (open borders). Look at Germany,
            they’re going to fall along with Sweden and France. Not only are they a financial burden, but they hate every culture that’s not Islam. The only good Muslims are converts, secular or dead. Read the Koran and get an education.

          • Urgasch

            There should be a tax for your level of stupidity

          • Stephen Honig

            Your an asshole Miuslim. Repatraite!

          • Stephen Honig

            Where do you keep your evil Koran, up your ass!

      • Warring Angel

        According to the UN, 75% of ‘refugees’ are fit, capable, single young men wearing clean clothes and carrying backpacks and even cell phones. How many ISIS fighters are among them?

    • Marko hersh

      They will find women to rape no worry the woman that will complain will be labeled racist

    • paendragon

      They will call for their extended families once they start receiving free benefits!

    • Mark Rosenthal

      Me too. There is only maybe 30,000

      ISIS / Caliphate fighters and i think we have over 800,000 or more young men running. No lie I think this is all planed out to have islam take over.

    • Pocket

      They want to bring the women and children over in a safer manner, most likely. It is too dangerous to take them through the first migration. They do not want to worry about their women and children being raped and abused by fellow migrants on an un-policed route. Better to save up and send them through a safer route that costs more money once they have the funds to pay for protection.

      • Reina Rose

        Oh? So the women and children are safer back home, enduring the very conditions that caused these men to flee? Hmmm. Something doesn’t add up.

  • wilypagan

    They should be forced to shave and publicly denounce Islam on camera using their family name before being admitted to Europe.

  • Summerwarmth

    and as an aside question – what is all this doing to Europe’s tourist $$ How many people are visiting the Greek Islands as they did in the past for vacations? This has got to be impacting Europe’s finances in a big way when the trains and cities are all filled with hoards of supposed refugees.

    • Angry Citizen

      Greece is dead now, it will take years before anyone will even consider going near it, and if the scum remains no one will.

    • Rae

      Europe not so inviting for holidays any more: Went to America last year for the 1st time. Loved it. People warm and generous.

  • The 1

    Coming to a town near you. Wake up people Obama is having them flown here by the thousands!

  • Globalfirm:humanrights&ecology

    The U.S. military betrayed the whole world, human rights arming & protecting Isis,Boko haram, Jihadists worldwide.
    There is no U.S. army, it’s just a publicity stunt.

    Islamists need Islamists. The global hidden Islamist regime aims to arm Islamists through Hijra refugee colonization with the host’s, Taqiyyah, Military & nuclear weapons against Israel & other non-Islamists. That’s why they decided to allow the Iranian Islamist regime nuclear waste production to create nuclear weapons against Israel & other non-Islamists.

    Here’s the solution: Prosecute the global hidden Islamist regime members. Ban Muhammad’s Islam. Put the refugees in comfortable Syrian camps with warmth, hygiene & good, healthy food. Exterminate Isis or other Jihadists. Repatriate people & implement Globalfirm (:human rights & ecology) government. The same should work against other Jihadist & Sharia tyrannies. Jihadists shouldn’t be rewarded with a country like in Pakistan or North Sudan or all other Islamist tyrannies since Muhammad’s Hijrah.

    The Islamist equation protected by the global hidden Islamist regime is that Jihadism gets rewarded with a country (& slave girls, slaves & resources) plus refugee immigration Jihad conquest of non-Muslim countries.

    Deception is a part of the Islamist game.
    These people are not eligible in their attitudinal condition to live in harmony with people. People that are predispositioned to fraud, lie, steal, mass-murder, genocide, torture, pederasty, rape, extortion, theism, injustice, brutality & sadism, animal torture are attracted to Muhammad’s Islam.

    Don’t forget nationalism is surrender to Islamist supremacism, nationalists seem to be able to afford. Nationalism is like an ideological no-look pass as made famous by Lakers’ Magic Johnson, into the hands of Islamist supremacism. Suppressed scientists claim that HIV is not really scientifically proven as virus (with allegedly alleged virus-photos fabricated as if done by the pro-Hamas public relations agency) but Johnson is famous as being HIV infected. We can take what media, policy-makers & their ‘specialists’ present to us concerning biology or Muhammad’s Islam as proof or demand open transparent radical research.

    Muhammad declared Arabs & Turks as master race & Africans as slave race. Sharia flat rate oil money rich Sharia tyrannies that have castrated African slaves don’t take in refugees & the people envy them for their wealth. The psychological programming is that in order to be wealthy one has to support Arab racism.

    That Anjem Choudary, Cameron, the EU administration, the US, the US Army, the Vatican, the Halal-terror industry, mass media, Boko haram, Isis, the Iranian, Saudi, Pakistani, Somalian, Afghan, Ethiopian, Hamas regime & elsewhere can do their dirty global Shariaization work against the citizens to get a fantasy reward from Muhammad’s probably not existing Allah-deity while Pamela Geller & Robert Spencer are banned from the UK, their blog banned in the UK, on Jihadist U.S.-Army bases & elsewhere is Sharia tyranny. The global hidden Islamist regime must be annihilated for the sake of truth, human rights & animal rights.

    A deislamizing war can succeed sustainably only when the ideology is set to radical deislamization & implenentation of radical human rights, of ethics: human rights, ecology & animal rights.

    Non-muslims have been tossed out of refugee boats in the sea but the Sharia compliant global Islamist regime media doesn’t see that as symbolic to the crisis.

    Islam is racist because Muhammad declared Arabs & Turks as master-race & Africans as slave-race.

    Jihadists know they are evil. The question is, do you?

    People are trained by concealed Jihadist who do organized crimes against non-Muslims to look away with various psychological tricks of the global hidden Islamist regime like people were forced to look away in the Jihad by Arafat’s uncle Grandmufti of Jerusalem Amin El-Husseini against Armenian non-Muslims & later European non-Muslims with help of German, European, Ukranian Nazis.

    Reality check: do the Muslim refugees & their global hidden islamist regime Jihadi hosts prove responsibility & consequence by apostating from Islam by condemning Muhammad’s malign unchangeable Jihad & Sharia Islam manifest, by demanding military action against their alleged perpetrators who turned them into refugees, against Isis, Boko haram, Al Shabab, Taliban, Hezbollah, Hamas, Al Qaeda, other Jihadists, Islamic governments, Sharia tyrannies? Or do they behave indifferent towards their alleged perpetrators, do they praise & hail them, do they continue to brainwash their many children in the Jihad ideology & unalterable Sharia tyranny doctrine intrinsic to Islam, are they more interested in obtaining the host’s government, riches, resources, military, nuclear wepons, women? Do they see themselves as refugees or Islamist supremacist missionaries? That would be the maturity test I demand from so called refugees & their hosts. Is one purpose of the Islam would be peaceful Taqiyaa dawah deception to provide a public opinion alibi to skip that maturity test? Are brainwashed hosts happily looking forward to the allegedly but falsely claimed peaceful fundaments of Islam to come to reality in their area in contrast to the conditions the refugees flee from? 
    Are Jihadists chasing away people to become refugees cause they need space for breeding with the females they enslaved & to gain control over non-Islamist Islamist-refugees welcoming countries? Did the Jihadists create a Muslim refugee crisis leading Muslim refugees to rich countries with welfare systems to finance them by sending money from the host-countries back to the Jihadists? The animal rights abusing Halal system by the way includes mandatory taxes dedicated to offensive Jihadism & Halal became a cheap monopoly-like mainstream norm fast food in for example the EU. Are the hosts physically capable to understand what I’m talking about? Are there plans by Islamic tyrannies subsidized by the world’s Sharia oil money flat rate to subsidize todays Muslim refugees in the US, EU & worldwide in order to Shariaize the countries? 

    Is the Muslim refugee escape a symptomatic evasion not to deal with the causes of the problem, is it even Jihad war against the hosts? Can it become a just world war against Jihad & Sharia? Do Muslim refugees & their Jihadi hosts view the welfare system & financial host system as (pre-)Jizya tax, the extortion tax against non-Muslims unalterably commanded by Muhammad in the Koran? 
    I’ve read the with the world’s oil money Sharia flatrate getting richer & richer human rights abusing Islamist Gulf state tyrannies which have racist laws against Africans invented by Muhammad & cultivate castrated African slaves (African translates slave in Arabic) for example Saudi Arabia don’t accept Islamic refugees which points to the conclusion that the their & also U.S. financed  Muslim refugees producing Jihad (Barack Hussein Obama stressed that victims of Jihad are mostly Muslims) is a plan to take over non-Islamic governments & Armies, nuclear weapons & females for a global Sharia-tyranny reminding of the Hijra the murdering migration of Muhammad that is regarded as official start of Islam by Muslims. They of course financially support the Shariazation of the world, the Islamist lobby & lobbies also by refugees in their new host countries.
    There is a popluar Jihad slogan: ‘saturday first (mass-murder of Jews), sunday next (mass-murder of Christians)’ which makes one remind of the Islam led mass-murder by Amin El-Husseini, Hitler & European & east european Muslims & Nazis & the prospect of similar future development in Europe. It also reminds of Jews, Christians, Atheists, Areligionists having been murdered since Muhammad in the world where today Islamist tyrannies are.
    The support, solidarity & sympathy of the hosts’ media & government regime as the US & EU is remarkably & unproportianally leaned towards the perpetrators, the Jihadists & their sadist racist ideology unalterably layed down by Muhammad rather than with the non-Muslim victims, which also explains the hosts’ regime undemanding financial Sharia oil-flat rate contract with Islamist tyrant regimes & lately protection for nuclear waste production with high possibility of creation of nuclear weapons with the Islamist tyrant regime of Iran which indoctrinated by Muhammad’s unchangeable, pathetic command openly & constantly declares war against the Israeli government until annihilation, while the EU to gain support of it’s population is pretending to be for human rights & ecology, in some cases pretending to want to stop nuclear waste production. The US, EU lies about Muhammad’s racist & sadist to the core ideology in media, policy-making, Academia to fool the citizens & gain their support, put them under submission (Islam translates: submission) like a scammer. That Allah, Muhammad’s deity is the biggest imposter is written in the Koran. They promote Islam as being peaceful, yea peaceful to a psychopath sadist mass-murderer like Muhammad. That’s why the deceiving US, EU, UN, Islamic states regime must be overthrown & members disciplined by the judiciary system that must become a law of ethics which is human rights, ecology & animal rights. 
    Islamic invasion, through unproportional Jihad-birthrate & violent fascist Islamist brainwash of children would in short time create a closed area where non-Muslims are harassed & forced to pay the Jizya extortion as unalterably commanded by Muhammad: it would create another Islamist tyrannt regime as nearly complete preparation of a world-tyrant theist caliphate.

    Not bombing the known Isis training camps & Muhammad glorification by the global hidden Islamic regime has sent a message to people brainwashed into Islam. They assume that Isis won’t get serioulsly harmed by the world’s regime, that it’s certified & that they can join Isis. Muslims refugees are an additional threat to potential attackers against Jihadists.

    Generations of theist ‘Islam means peace’ & ‘no to Jews/Israel’ propaganda brainwash took it’s toll on the world’s sociological sanity.

    Islamic invasion starts in the mind, with Dawah brainwash that Islam would be just & true.
    Faith & deception are crucial concepts of Islam.
    The knower or non-believer in Dawah-lies that Islam would be just must be tortured, murdered commanded unalterably Muhammad.

    Society isn’t prepared for Muslims. Muslims need a leader to lead them to atheism, areligion, human rights the new religion. Total apostasy from Islam is a duty for every human rights respecting Muslim.
    Our nearly superstitious fear of a world government & the betrayal by Jihadists in the education system & military & government leadership created Isis, Boko haram, Taliban, Al Quaeda & other Jihadists (also through arming & financially by the U.S) & a brainwash wall protecting Jihadism, Sharia & the social standing of it’s inventor Muhammad.
    Jihadists want to step by step trick naive policy makers (or are they complicit) into the unalterable Sharia tyranny.
    The Jihadists took our jobs in the government while deceiving!
    This Muhammad glorification programming indoctrination dawah can & must be banned.
    If Police/military/government does not effectively & sustainably protect human rights globally we need to fight until the Police’, Army’s, government’s purpose is globally implemented.
    There would be no Muslim refugee crisis & danger of Jihad refugees obtaining their enemies’ & hosts’ nuclear weapons & firepower through demographic Islam-breeding caused abuse of democracy if Jihadists would be bombed & exterminated, Sharia & Dawah brainwashing deception banned & Human rights protecting law globally implemented.

    Instead of protecting Islamic brainwash the law is obligated to debrainwash, deconstruct it.
    We have to never stop developing, cultivating society’s laws & policies globally for individual human rights, ecology, health & animal rights, ecological best quality & freedom & support to creativity & expression 
    (individual human rights doesn’t include imposition of annoying church-bells, calls to prayers, halal slaughter (animal abuse is not a human right) or pollution, it must protect non-smokers’ rights however).

    Jihadists are scared of a truthful, debrainwashing world government that would protect individual human rights, animal rights & ecology because it would proactively & sustainably exterminate Jihadists & attempts to implement Sharia, expose & ban Muhammad’s crazy, malign immutable, unalterable, ideology dawah brainwash deception indoctrination & ban halal-slaughter for the sake of animal rights.

    The global hidden Islamic regime, brainwashed policy makers, politicians, media, academia, cultural establishment members, to the detriment of human & animal rights & freedom of speech Dawah brainwash deceive the public that Jihadists are not Islamic, as if Islamic (Arabic: sumissive) would be a synonym for friendly, deceive about the true nature of Islam, deceive Islam would be just & alterable to detract from the theist Jihad-terror & the individual human rights corroding unalterable theist Sharia dogma that they pretend to fight but really don’t fight, creating Islamic refugee migration, to maliciously control public opinion, set a deceptive status quo Dawah brainwash deception paradigm about Muhammad & his really malign ideology, Shariaize regions they got direct influence on with impunity, under the disguise of securing public order & install the as they claim just true Islam which is a Dawah brainwash deception, to later annex regions they gained indirect influence on, which Jihadists control to theirs, while not harming them, instead arming them, not protecting the innocent public, creating an artificial influx of routinely & mostly Jihad ideologically indoctrinated very birth-happy refugees to the, with capitalist sabotage, anti-social egocentrism, theist & national liberalism & similar generally malign culture brainwashed low to non-breeding population, creating with their Taqiyya-Dawah brainwash-deception of the public a situation of abuse of the, as it already is laughing stock, ridiculous, unpractical & inefficiently & disastrously dangerous political concept of democracy (democracy was invented when there was no mass-media), to the detriment of human & animal rights including free speech & the right to true, unaltered information.

    The global hidden Islamist regime Dawah brainwash mass-deceive that Islam would be “the religion of peace” as if Islamic (arabic: submissive) would be a synonym for friendly, that Islam would have just roots claiming the direct opposite of Islam’s true unalterable dogma & if pushed to the wall & confronted with facts from the Koran, Sunnah & Hadiths for example deceive that Islam would have alterable rules, to maliciously control public opinion & intimidate & scare the public, detract from theist Jihad-terror & the individual human rights corroding theist Sharia dogma, create a deceptive Dawah brainwash status quo paradigm about Muhammad & his malicious theist dogma ideology, make Jihad terror appear legitimate & mask the human & animal rights corroding theist Sharia & Jihad dogma terror & tyranny with an appearance of transcendal or psychological necessity, coherence & efficacy, promoting it, like the metaphorical wolf in a sheep’s clothing hoping to get away with it.

    The global hidden Islamist regime might deliberately create Jihad by not protecting the public from Jihad in Jihad areas to create a refugee crisis in non Jihad areas to Shariaize non Jihad areas with birth Jihadist democracy abuse to gain the non Jihad area’s nuclear weapons & firepower, government power & recources.

    The global hidden Islamist regime has a plan & it’s not in accordance with ethics (= human rights, ecology & animal rights). It’s Islamic.
    Halal is against animal rights & part of a human & animal rights corroding, Jihad-terrorism & Sharia-tyranny, theist Sharia dogma subsidizing system.
    Barack Hussein Obama, Cameron, the EU, UN, Armies deliberately swindle themselves out of their responsibility to explain that Muhammad was a psychopath with an unjust psychopath, racist, theist plan.
    Debrainwashing is marked as crime when brainwashed people are policy makers, work in judicial positions.
    Don’t forget: Muhammad was a violent Nazi extremist.
    As long as we don’t get politically correct about this we won’t live by the truth, won’t live for human rights.
    It’s time to put Islam in human rights context.
    Islam is as if planned obsolescence with all of Muhammad’s enslavement  racism against Africans, pederasty &  immutable, unalterable, indefinite, non-expiring, permanent, command to human rights abuse, torture, enslavement, harassment, terror, unjust mass-murder & figment dogma brainwash.

    If we don’t want to become Islamist Slave we need to get our act together.
    We gotta show these Holocause-Jihad Muhammad fan punks who’s in charge here.
    Islam reminds of a wife-beating husband everybody’s falling for & who thinks he’s in charge.
    Instead of sabotaging each other, human rights & ecology with capitalism we need the global government controlled, human rights & ecology protecting global government Globalfirm.

    • Globalfirm:humanrights&ecology

      Have you declared war on Islam? Join Human rights the new religion.
      People don’t want freedom of speech as much as an entertaining life-concept, even when it promises more than reality like an afterlife. Religion is entertainment, a game.
      That’s why join atheism, areligion, human rights the new religion.
      Nationalists, racists don’t care about political problems outside their narrow worldview, their irresponsibility is the architect of Muhammadan tyrannization of the world since Muhammad. Nationalism is surrender to Islamist racism & supremacism. We need a global solution, Globalfirm, a global identity, without any racial discrimination supported by law like in Saudi Arabia where Africans are called slave (Abeed means African or slave in Arabic), where African castrated slaves are held captive & racist Sharia laws & courts annul marriages if one partner is African. 

      We need a global country & that not in unislamic immigration “countries” or ghettos but the goal must be a worldwide open, atheist, areligious human rights & ecology (=ethics) protecting state. Nationalism is surrender to Islamist racism & supremacism.
      Political problems show how important it is to have an ideology that is rooted in ethics: human rights & ecology.

      Besides sadist Muslims that want to tyrannize humanity, mentally misled & misleading people think they can’t change things, can’t change governance for human rights & ecology, can’t change that Muhammad’s immutable, unethical cult exists & tyrannizes humanity.
      Out of this self-deceptive small-minded mindset they change just so much as they believe they can, making everybody’s situation more deceptive & deceiving & therefore even much more dangerous.
      The wishful thinking people have towards Muhammad’s Muhammadism a.k.a. Islam doesn’t make the wishing reality & never will.
      Education about sadist, racist slaver, pederast, torturer, crucifier Muhammad must destroy the Dawah Taqiyya deception brainwash cemented by government officials, policy makers, academia & media.

      The soldiers for human rights have been fundamentally betrayed by current administrations, the global hidden Islamic regime 

      But we can start the global government Globalfirm that protects human rights & ecology.

      Iran, the US, Europe, Russia, Asia all countries must halt nuclear waste-production plans, eliminate Muhammad glorification-programming Dawah Taqiyya & further cultivation of ecological electricity options. Furthermore they must recognize Globalfirm, the consequent act, as global government.
      The Iranian regime must be taken out
      & nuclear waste production banned globally.

      The world is a natural immigration country. It can’t be that we create immigration ghettos, where Jihad-breeding & brainwashing thrives, while we can’t immigrate to places like North Cameroon/ Nigeria, Syria, Saudi Arabia, Pakistan, Iran being areligious, atheist, believing in human rights & ecology as benchmark & definition of ethics let’s say for locational astrological reasons.

      Boko Haram, Obama’s partners (he blocked an helicopter-arms deal from Israel to the Nigerian Army) with as he promoted them “legitimate concerns” keep on murdering the public in Africa, Nigeria, Cameroon, Chad, Mali,… (not many refugees come from there) They have connections of course to Sudan, Al Shabab (Somalia, Kenia..), Isis…

      Obama Hussein must got the whole Hip Hop culture wrong. Cause Hip Hop culture can’t have itself wrong unless.                                                       
      So like when Jay Z rapped ‘nigga what…Nigga  who.’
      Obama Hussein remembering that his pederast, sadist cult-‘prophet’ was a white Arab owning African slaves who proclaimed his theist lie or fantasy turned Africans black so their descandants would be slaves to Arabs & Turks, President Obama went straight up to Saudi Arabia where Africans are called slave (Abeed means African or slave in Arabic), where Africans are held captive as castrated slaves, not making any demands to free them, where racist Sharia laws & courts annul marriages if one partner is African, instead bowed to the King of Saudi Arabia like saying ‘I’m yo slave’. 

      Don’t count on the current CIA administration to make demands to free the slaves. Racist(?) CIA chief Joe Brennan made a religious contract for a radical Islamic afterlife with Islamic specialists while in Saudi Arabia giving the public the impression of Muhammadism as certified religious group, promoting it. Islam: shared moral misery.
      Theism: liberalism gone wrong.

      Government, policy makers, mass media, academia & social media condemning Muhammadism should be the only way kids, people should get in touch with Muhammad’s sadist, racist, pederast immutable, indefinite commandments & agenda. Not in mosques or any other groups. Muhammad & Islam should be regarded as perpetrators & presented from Muhammad’s & Islam’s victims point of view.

      It can’t be that we do nothing while a second Saudi Arabia is formed in Iraq, Syria, Lybia, wherever. We need presidents that promise to eliminate easy targets like Isis (the Obama administration, Central command refuses to bomb the estimated 60 Isis training camps with known location in Syria, Iraq, while arming Jihadists for a long time, while allowing similar training camps on American soil…), 

      Boko haram, Al Shabab, Jihadis in Russia, Asia, wherever. Either through truth about sadist racist slaver, pederast Muhammad or with weapons.
      Presidents that recognize ethics as human rights & ecology & are willing to go to war immediately when these two values are harmed even ideologically like in Islam.
      Presidents that want the global government Globalfirm protecting individual human rights & ecology.

      The mass media, academia, political parties, current policy makers don’t cover in no way Muhammad’s unethical side like his sadist unalterable, indefinite, non-expiring open end, permanent command to mass-murder, torture, enslave, rape innocent people, to enslavement of Africans, his pederasty, instead idealize him.
      The only way people get in touch with these aspects of Muhammadism is through brainwashing terrorist groups (or the counter-Jihad movement).
      That can’t be.

      The cause or effect of the global hidden Islamic regime mass-media’s idealizing lies about the not to idealize person Muhammad who really was an unjust sadist, pederast, rapist, racist slaver tyrant is the suppression of procreation of people who live by & for the truth. I think I’m single cause of that, can’t thrive politically nor financially, economically. This also goes for people who prefer beer & Marihuana over beer & cigarettes or hard liquor who get suppressed.

      We need global governing & army to protect human rights & ecology (=ethics).
      We must destroy Islam through debrainwashing attrition in mass media.
      Truth should make Muslims convert to areligion, atheism, human rights the new religion.
      People need to make sure the Islamic governments don’t use them as human shields in war.
      Matter of fact Muslims use brainwashed people as (psychological) human shields.

      Muhammad invented the slavery of Africans by proclaiming that his deity colored them black so their descendants would be slaves to Arabs & Turks, declaring Arabs & Turks as master race & Africans as slave race. He had African slaves, was white & dreamed about a pederast paradise with only whites. Abeed means slave or African in Arabic. This slavery exists together with racist laws in Saudi Arabia, Sudan, North Africa (20% of Africans are slaves in Mauritania) & elsewhere.

      There are 2 parts of Muhammadism: Islam (outward deception/betrayal/Dawah brainwash indoctrination (translated: submission), theist Sharia dogma tyranny) & Jihad (uncoded Muhammadist sadist war) .
      There are no segregated war times in Muhammadism. It’s an indefinite, permanent unjust war all time. War against human rights.

      Besides of immutable, indefinite, permanent incitement to mass-murder, torture, enslavent, extortion, Muhammadism teaches to be rough to non-Muslims & soft to Muslims. However the Sharia-dogma for “Muslims” remains sadist, racist, unjust, theist brainwash.

      I’m disappointed of Nazi-Germany’s Jihad survivors’ work up, accounting of the past for the most part ignoring the crucial devestating role of Nazi-Jihadist Grand-mufti of Jerusalem Amin El-Husseini who also was involved as General of the Ottoman-empire in Smyrna in the genocide of Armenian non-Muslims.

      Muhammadan Jihad & Sharia is part of Germany’s history under Hitler. The massive immigration of Turks to Germany might had been a search for spiritual identity as sadist Muhammad declared that his deity colored Africans black so their descendants would be slaves to Arabs & Turks. Here a text from my page
      “The Hitler Islam connection: The facts written here are from what I’ve read & remember & could be subject to errors. 
      Hitler said the only prophet he would respect was Muhammad.  
      Muhammad was a sadist torturer who let innocent people burn alive for not praying, a mass-murderer, racist slaveholder who seem to have initiated the enslavement of Africans by proclaiming that his deity colored Africans black so their descendants would be slaves to the Arabs & Turks, he was a rapist who wanted all women to have their clitoris cut out, crucifier, a pederast who kissed little boys’ penises & sucked on boys’ tongues & lips, an unjust man who robbed, murdered parents, enslaved & forced their 9 old daughter to sex with him when he was around 50 years old. He didn’t cared about radical human rights & layed out an  immutable, unalterable, permanent, indefinite command for a theist brainwash dogma tyranny. 

      Jews had to under the Hitler-regime sew a textile star as known from the Israel flag, on their clothes to be vulnerable. This idea, the textile yellow jewish star law was copied from an muhammadan tyranny since probably the 9th century in Baghdad where it was used probably without the more modern star-symbol & maybe for all non-Muslims. 
      There was a terrorist Muhammadan in the middle east who continued Muhammad’s command to terrorize non-muhammadans according to Muhammad’s immutable, unalterable, untemporal, indefinite, permanent commandments. His name was Amin Al-Husseini & he was appointed Grand mufti of Jerusalem, an islamic authority. He was financed by the Hitler-regime, then invited to Berlin where he was further financed & he was spreading his hate in Arabic, weekly through a radio-station from Berlin to the middle east, citing the Quran, promoting Nazis.

      Amin Al-Husseini swore allegiance to the Ottoman Empire during the Armenian genocide & was an officer stationed in Smyrna and & was active in the Armenian genocide that mass-murdered innocent 

      non-Muslim Armenians before leading the Holocaust Nazi-Jihad in east & west Europe with the Nazis & Islamic Nazi SS. He later lived in France. It’s like the Germans & French have inherited Islam. I wonder if they could be debrainwashed with my article, if they would feel shame confronted with the true history of their ancestors or if they would keep on cheering the Nazi Iranian regime, Hamas, Hezbollah, the Muslim Brotherhood & Islam as a whole like their ancestors cheered Hitler & El-Husseini & Islam.

      Amin El-Husseini met with Hitler, planned the Hitler-regime death-camps in which Jews (6 million Jews were exterminated), Christians, Gypsies, Africans, intellectuals, human rights activists, homosexuals & socialists were tortured, enslaved, starved, killed. He for example urged in a letter to not let a special number of Jewish children to be freed for ransom money but to kill them. I’ve read he incognito visited the gas-chambers in Auschwitz.
      It was jihad, Islamic war. After Al-Husseini weighed in the Nazis shifted from deportation of Jews from Europe to mass-murder.
      He also overviewed the only religious SS unit, SS was the Hitler-regime terrorist group in uniforms,  it was Islamic of course with halal food & Islamic style SS-uniforms. 
      Al-Husseini’s was uncle to terrorist Islamic Nobel prize winner Arafat. 
      Hitler took over the government in 1933, 5 years after the first mosque in Germany was build in Berlin. 
      These facts should be known to every historian, pupil, student.”

      There wouldn’t be no problem with immigration, the officially non-Muhammadan regions are interesting places of the world, wouldn’t be the government’s of those regions, lack of education on pederast, racist slaver & sadist Muhammad & his unalterably, indefinitely planned  psychopath plan.
      Cause this combination is disastrous. The problem is Muhammad’s racist, theist, sadist ideology dogma. It’s as if Jihadists try to obtain their non-aggressive enemy’s fire-power & nuclear weapons.

      It is a big advantage to be able to potentially choose  for example an African partner from the alleged origins of humanity rather than be just restricted,  limited to a homogeneous range of selection for procreation & culture which leads to a claustrophobic race-motivated nationalism instead of global responsibility & culture. Immigration must be a global thing not a national refugee one way thing however.
      Governments must get clear on ethics: human rights & ecology.

      Here, immigration gone wrong, copy-pasted from a comment from a reader 
      (Another commenter noted this did happened at Medina not Khaybar, to the banu qurayza tribe, anyhow.):
      ” “Khaybar” is thename of a famous incident in 
      which Mohammed led his followers into a ‘battle’ with a peaceful tribe 
      of Jews who lived in the settlements of Khaybar, about 40 miles from Medina.

      The Khaybar community were well known as productive farmers who
      provisioned the whole area, they were also famous for their 
      hospitality, lighting beacons so that travellers in the desert could 
      find their way to some sort of shelter even at night.

      Mohammed’s agents
      got into the towns pretending to be travellers. They were treated as 
      guests and then got up in the middle of the night and killed their 
      hosts. Victorious in the subsequent battle, Mohammed ordered between 600 and 900 Jewish men beheaded and took the women and children as 

      Mohammed had the one Jewish tribal leader and his son killed, 
      then took the son’s 17 year old widow for a ‘wife’ on the same day. 
      When Moslems chant “Khaybar Khaybar ya Yahud” (“Khaybar, Khaybar, Oh 
      Jews!”) they are remembering this slaughter with pride and expressing a 
      wish to repeat it.” ”

      It is mass-psychologically crucial to expose these things in mass media, educate about Muhammad’s sadism, slavery, racism, pederasty, sadist,  immutable, unalterable, open end, non-expiring, indefinite, permanent brainwash commandments etc., about Hitler’s atrocities in connection to Islam, about Muhammadism’s unjust violent history til today if we honestly don’t want this brainwashing & Jihad-violence to happen over & over again. It is political education.

      Expose & ban the lunatic ideology of the white fascist inventor of slavery of Africans Muhammad, for the pride of Africans!
      If we don’t want Jihad to reoccure again & again we have to educate about this pederast, white fascist inventor of slavery of Africans, (who justified slavery of Africans by saying that his deity colored Africans black so their descendants would be slaves to Arabs & Turks,) who dreamed about an all white people paradise with pederasty,
      publicly shame, expose the rapist, thief, extortionist, deceiver, racist, mass-murderer, unjust torturer, crucifier who burned alive innocent people to death.

      If government officials aint got that political education they are simply a public security threat, not dedicated to their task, not fit to do their job, disrespectful to say the least.

      Apostates of theism unite for human rights the new religion.
      No more power to people who are brainwashed with religious contracts they made with unicorns, Santa claus, deities or pederast, rapist, inventor of African slavery, deceiver & sadist Muhammad.
      Islam works in two ways: Islam (Taqiyya-deception) & Jihad-violence.
      Just like I don’t want the government to be infested with theism I don’t want it to represent any religion of Taqiyya deception or Jihad violence.

      Enough of the retarded brainwash, enough of the arrogant people in the government that are too idle or too retarded to educate themselves about what Muhammad did & open-endedly, indefinitely commanded his army to do. Enough of the Jihad.

      Just like the public, judges, policy makers are uneducated about Islam’s unethical fundaments, they are clueless about the nature of ethics which is human rights, ecology & animal rights.

      Some of Muhammad’s immutable, unalterable, open end, indefinite, non-expiring, permanent, sadist brainwash commandments:

      Quran 2:191 “Slay the unbelievers wherever you find them.”
      Quran 3:28 “Muslims must not take the infidels as friends.”
      Quran 3:85 “Any religion other than Islam is not acceptable.”
      Quran 5:33 “Maim and crucify the infidels if they criticise Islam.”
      Quran 8:12 “Terrorize and behead those who believe in scriptures other than
      the Quran.”
      Quran 8:60 “Muslims must muster all weapons to terrorize the infidels.”
      Quran 8:65 “The unbelievers are stupid; urge the Muslims to fight them.”
      Quran 9:5 “When opportunity arises kill the infidels wherever you find
      Quran 9:30 “The Jews and Christians are perverts, fight them.”
      Quran 9:123 “Make war on the infidels living in your neighborhood.”
      Quran 22:19 “Punish the unbelievers with garments of fire, hooked iron rods,
      boiling water, melt their skin and bellies.
      Quran 47:4 “Do not hanker for peace with the infidels; beahed them when
      you catch them.”

      Surat Al-‘Anfāl

      [Remember] when your Lord inspired to the angels, “I am with you, so strengthen those who have believed. I will cast terror into the hearts of those who disbelieved, so strike [them] upon the necks and strike from them every fingertip.”

      Surat At-Tawbah

      And when the sacred months have passed, then kill the polytheists wherever you find them and capture them and besiege them and sit in wait for them at every place of ambush.

      Permanent, Unchangable incitement against atheists & permanent command to violent extortion. A sadist game: “Fight those who believe not in Allah nor the Last Day, nor hold that forbidden which hath been forbidden by Allah and his Messenger, nor acknowledge the religion of truth, (even if they are) of the People of the Book, until they pay the Jizya with willing submission, and feel themselves subdued.” (Qur’an 9:29)

      Surat Al-Baqarah

      “And kill them wherever you overtake them and expel them from wherever they have expelled you, and fitnah [debrainwashing] is worse than killing.”

      Surat At-Tawbah

      The Jews say, “Ezra is the son of Allah “; and the Christians say, “The Messiah is the son of Allah .” That is their statement from their mouths; they imitate the saying of those who disbelieved [before them]. May Allah destroy them; how are they deluded?”

      Surat Al-Ma’idah (5.33), forbids on the penalty of death reformation of Muhammad’s theist dogma as heresy.

      Surat An-Nisa’ (4.89) forbids reformation of Muhammad’s sadist, racist, theist dogma as apostasy ordering apostates to be killed.

      We need memorials & a day of commemorance, minutes of silence for the innocent death & torture victims of Muhammad & of his followers til today.
      Globalfirm stands for global culture (without Muhammad glorification programming), perpetual cultivation for (individual) human rights, ecology & animal rights, automation of work processes, global country & government, English as global language, empowering & supporting the individual & self-realization, cultivation of quality, free ecological best-quality basics (basic human needs), ecology, healing nature, free weed & beer & juices & fruits & healthy food, supporting singles to find a partner if they wish to, areligion, human rights, work on voluntary base (voluntariation of work), service instead of capitalism, locational astrology, rejection of nationalism (Nationalism is surrender to Islamist racism & supremacism), ecological bicycle compliant city & overall architecture.
      Human rights, ecology, animal rights, that should be our value.
      Who wants coins? No one  
      The credit card is an easy way to buy. Free of charge human rights based purchasing, receiving would be even more convenient 

      Globalfirm, making the world an immigration country.

      • Phil106

        Your idea of mass immigration and inter-mixing of races sounds good on paper, until you consider the following:
        1) Muslims do not believe in any theory, except their own.
        2) Muslims, esp. from the Middle East are hell bent on flooding Europe and North America, which they view as infidel nations and would like to convert and transform both continents to an Islamic state. The reason being they will use the prosperity, modern infrastructure and freedom under democracy to carry out their agenda rather than invade or let’s say for arguments sake, go to neighbouring African or Middle Eastern nations, which they view as poor and under-developed with little to less resources (monetary) to exploit.
        3) If nature so deemed, then who are we to question the existence of different races. If we all evolved from apes, then most of us would be identical in facial features and skin coloration.
        4) Even if racial mixing takes place, most races will retain their identity while the white race will be wiped out. In a racial sense, this points out to bigotry on the part of anyone suggesting mixing of races as only the white race will be targeted.
        5) Lastly, everyone has the right to close their doors. Isn’t that the basic human tendency that each of us exercises. Same goes with nations and human races.

  • s;vbkr0boc,klos;

    Pope Francis says we should welcome a few of these poor dudes into our homes to groom and rape our daughters. It is the charitable thing to do.

    • wildjew

      One can only wonder if the popes ever bother to read the Bible, in particular the words and the warnings Moses gave the Israelites.

      “Your eye shall not pity them, neither shall you serve their gods, for that would be a snare to you….”

      • harbidoll

        a snare ? LOL mild word. A terrible, hard warning! Many are already fallen into it.

    • Shawn Warren

      When Pope Francis opens the doors to the Vatican and starts selling off the vast wealth of the Catholic Church and Vatican, I might listen to him!

      • s;vbkr0boc,klos;

        So another words loot and destroy the last vestiges of the splendor of the church and Western Civilization as a ‘gesture’. You are SO original (yawn).

      • Blitz2b

        I wish this idiot Pope did something for the Christians being persecuted under ISIS, when the Syrian and Iraqi bishops were screaming for help. With his kind of influence he could have gotten shiploads of Syrian Christians and Yazidis into Europe, long before Muslims were on the move.

        With the resettelment of minority syrian Christians and Yazadis, Europe would have flourished, because unlike Muslim immigrants who start demanding soon after they become established, the religious minorities of the middle east would be grateful and law abiding citizens. Muslims operate under different rules, in that once the virus of Islam creeps into their brains, they start their koranic ordained mission to conquer their host nations for the moon god Allah.

        Shame on this disgraceful pope…. His willful ignorance will surely bring to fruition the dream of Mohammed, which is the conquest of Rome, and the destruction of the Church.

        • harbidoll

          The “Church” is people/believers in the Book. That CANNOT/ will not be destroyed. At worst jmoved back to home groups.

          • Blitz2b

            You are absolutely correct, however i was speaking of the organized church, and the traitors that are left in charge of them.

            The real church of the future is a different story. With the defeat of the organized church, home churches may even go underground like the early one, because in the event of an actual clash between our civilization and the forces of Islam, which is guaranteed to happen in the future, the leftist politicians, the enemedia and even our church leaders will defend and fight for the rights of their Muslim invaders against patriots, jews and Christians, like they are presently doing.

            We have to put our faith in Jesus when He promised us that even the gates of hell would not prevail against His true church.

            God help us, for the tribulation will be truly upon us.

        • NaughtyChimp

          This is one of the many, many reasons I’m proud to be Protestant.

        • Kathy Prendergast

          I wonder if his indifference is due to the fact that most Christians being persecuted by Muslims are not Roman Catholics.

      • What’s It 2 you/2.0


    • Phil106

      Yes and Pope Francis should open St.Peter’s Square to these so-called refugees. They can squat there!

      • Blitz2b

        You can bet they would do exactly that, squat and bow in worship to Allah in the direction of Mecca right there in the open in st Peter’s square, and this complacent Pope would not only readily allow it, but even provide them with running water from the fountain for their ritual abolition and prayer rugs to worship a god other than YHWH.

    • Natalia von Richter-Sullivan
      • s;vbkr0boc,klos;

        READ THIS. WOW.

    • Kathy Prendergast

      I have to admit the one who wants to go to Oslo and become a “banker” (lol) is pretty dishy; too bad he’s almost 30 years too young for me and a member of the Islamic death cult, otherwise I might be tempted.

  • Dave

    “They give us food and house and job.”

    Well, what’s not to like?

    So, what is a “refugee”?

    Someone of Islamic religion invading Europe for the freebies, the women, the party time with friends… They are in the minority. Less in the minority are families with kids, s ares out of their wits and traumatized.

    THEN there are the out-and-out jihadists–someone of Islamic religion invading Europe to set up terrorist operations BY INVITATION.

    The real question is: WHERE, OH WHERE, are they getting the $5000+ U.S. dollars to make the journey? And WHO is funding the invasion?

    Follow the money.

    • Pavelina

      My country’s never given me a job , a house and food. I had to work to pay for those things myself.

    • Kansas Kate

      They all seem to have nice smart phones on them too……

  • AlgorithmicAnalyst

    Thanks Pamela, there are analogous situations in USA, for example the street criminals are often physically fit young males, not poor people desperate for a loaf of bread …

    Possibly the EU could fund housing voucher programs, in *safe* areas of Africa and the Middle East and elsewhere, and make housing vouchers available to refugees, for those who want to live there …

    Private organizations create housing complexes, handle most of the paperwork, security, deal with local officials and red tape, etc. Then they are compensated by those housing vouchers. All the EU has to do is provide the cash :)

    That would benefit both the private sector and governments of countries hosting those housing complexes, and stimulate their economies.

    It would be a lot cheaper to house them in countries where housing prices are low, than in expensive countries like Germany :)

    And not everyone wants to live in a freezing cold climate, like Northern Europe :)

    Since such programs are voluntary, and none has to take the vouchers if they don’t want them, there are no losers, everyone is better off, it is a win-win for all concerned …

    And the host countries might gain some well-educated, skilled, and productive new residents, who could contribute a lot to the local economies with their skilled labor …

    • Linda Vidal

      There are entire empty cities built by the Chinese in both China – every sort of city – mimicking English, Italian, New York, etc., and they have entire empty cities in Angola Africa. Plenty of space for these refugees and their entire tribes to make nnew homes for themslelves. Why are not these European country leaders making deals with China or Angola to take them in, instead of overcrowding Europe. This will cause the loss of European culture, and loss of tourism for fear of the Muslim hordes.

  • jimguyy

    Remember the mass murderer Anders Breivik, the guy who murdered 77 people in Norway back in 2011? Does anybody care to know why in his mind, he was able to justify these killings? He thought that he was part of a resistance, (actually the originator of the resistance), to stop the islamization of Europe. Crazy I know. But here we are today not knowing what to do about the exact same thing. Maybe we should ask the “nut” what his opinion is on what is happening hmm? btw/ below is a link to his 1500 page ‘manifesto’ if anyone wants to peruse it…

  • Julian B Duron

    YOUNG and Fit?
    2012 and 2013 England, Germany, France and Italy had Muslims RIOTS through Europe. How soon European countries, Forget!
    How soon Europe forgets about the MUSLIM PROBLEM. By not Securing its own borders and allowing these “SO-CALLED” IMMIGRANT MUSLIMS to overrun its various BORDERS these “SO-CALLED Syrian war REFUGEES (TERRORISTS NO BACKGROUND CHECKS) will create MAYHEM and RIOTS in EUROPE OVER and OVER AGAIN!
    Obama has granted ASYLUM to 1 Million MUSLIMS “WITH OUT FBI VETTING”! United States needs to stop this MUSLIM INSURGENT in the WHITE HOUSE from ALLOWING these SYRIANS REFUGEE STATUS into the United States!

  • Arlene Brown

    something just doesnt see right, you see all men i would be very
    skeptical and i would check information if they dont have it and will not give their names send them back

  • wildjew

    Europe is one massive Jewish grave yard. Now the Europeans are turning inexorably against Israel in favor of the ‘Palestinian’ savages and Islam. Calls for boycotting Israeli goods and produce are gaining strength by the day. Americans elected and then re-elected this dangerous Muslim-born president. The world is becoming more and more evil. So many of my fellow Jews love this evil man. It is very disheartening.

    • Pat Fealy

      Your fellow Jews are Jesus , Mary, and Jhoseph. Wake up.

      • wildjew

        One day Americans will be ashamed to admit they voted for and supported Barack Obama.

        • Pat Fealy

          the day he won I got sick. I knew he would be a devil.

        • Grandhuff

          I think the majority of us are by now.

        • Lisa Hawkins

          Hope I live to see that day but I doubt it!

        • At least half of us already think that way. The lame stream media is covering up for him. Its getting worse as the days pass!

    • Lisa Hawkins

      Yup, too many drank the Kool-Aid of the Civil-Rights Era. To many Jews, Martin Luther King Jr was akin to Jesus or Moses. And this is the end result.

  • Lydia Long

    They are cowards for not staying and fighting. The want the freedom that other men have bled for.

  • Jandre Kroeze

    Unarmed invasion of flesh. By numbers alone they shall take over the Western world. They come to plunder, rape, steal and murder.

    • Angry Citizen

      All of of Europes football firms who like to fight, should unite and stand together incase these invaders decide to turn on Europe.

      When our governments see their citizens standing strong and defending their countries, our governments will be forced to show their true colours publically, do they stand with their people or do they stand with islam.

      This is not a declaration of hate or of war, it is self defence.

      In the UK we have common law:

      “If you have an honest held belief that you or another are in imminent danger, then you may use such force that is reasonable and necessary to avert that danger.”

      We should stop blaming each other, this is islam using Divide and conquer (Divide et impera).

      • red troll

        Wankers of the world, unite!

        • Angry Citizen

          Left wing c***s will be the first to have their necks smited you moron.

          There is no freedom or equality in islam, you and the likes of you will be butchered as the worst of the Kafir, for you represent everything that islam despises.

          • red troll

            Settle down there champ, I’m not disagreeing with you. I’m all for sending you guys to the front lines in case of holy war. Two birds with one stone.

          • Angry Citizen

            People like you are worse than the savages you protect. At least they have the excuse of 1405 of heathen barbarity, sick indoctrination from birth and the threat of death should they speak out against the evil or try to leave the evil.

            You have no such excuse, you will stand there and watch your granny beheaded and sisters raped because it is the savages culture and Satanic beliefs.

            Carry on living in ignorance, you are beyond salvation.

          • red troll

            I think the guy spouting headless granny rape fantasies is the far more immediate concern.

          • Mark Rosenthal

            I’ma thinking your a ass wipe muslem coming in here starting trouble.
            Go back to your cave…

          • red troll

            Your English is a lot worse than mine. Maybe you’re the “muslem”. I’m on to you, “Mark”.

          • Mark Rosenthal

            Good watch me read my statements maybe you’ll learn something.

          • red troll

            I’m amazed you managed to write and post all that, between the crushing weight of Obama’s USSR style state oppression and your obvious mental disability. I admire that. Well done, sport. You’re an inspiration to handi-capable people everywhere!

          • Mark Rosenthal

            lmao Your still an ass wipe

          • red troll – what if you’re wrong? There were people who accused those who predicted the holocaust of being alarmist. Even those who witnessed it weren’t always believed. We get it – you’re being ultra sarcastic and sardonic because you don’t believe there is any threat from the Syrian and wider middle eastern/North African migration, but none of us really knows for sure. Do you know anything about history? The one thing that we can all conclude from thousands of years of human history is that men really do like to fight each other. The young men arriving in Europe are no different from any other men. They will take exception to the differences in culture of the host countries they are travelling to, they will want to establish themselves & they won’t like the competition (i.e. the young men who are already there), because that is what practically all young men do – compete with each other. Peace rely’s on cohesion and harmony. The more you upset this “apple cart”, the more potential you have for conflict. You have a keen wit, you are clearly intelligent and you write very skilfully, but none of that makes you right. Satire won’t save us from the ignorance of men. Never has and never will.

          • Steve

            Hence the term; Useful idiots.

          • MominMich

            So you’re for the draft?

          • red troll

            I prefer it over canned or bottled.

    • Blitz2b

      “… Those who fail to learn from history, are doomed to repeat it…” George Santayana

      Homer’s historical or legend of the siege of Troy, they obviously learned nothing from it…

    • Lisa Hawkins

      One of the BEST cartoons on this!

    • Guest234

      I refuse to fear them because once they get a taste of western life, and their kids get iPhones, the vast majority will assimilate quickly. This will make up for the declining birth rate in the west. Additionally, if I can find where Obama brings em in I’m gonna meet em with tracts and Bibles (until Obama unilaterally outlaws the Bible)

  • Michael Copeland

    The EU’s much-vaunted “Core Values” are a scam. Dishonestly promoted as “for economic benefit”, their real purpose is Nation-Breaking (“EU Nation-Breaking” at LibertyGB), to undermine and destroy the national identities and cultures, so as to create a brave new Afro-Eurabia with the EU’s unelected elites in control (“The Eurabia Stitch-Up” at LibertyGB).

    Free Movement, Asylum Granting and Welfare Provision have together created a
    dire and dangerous Gold Rush.

  • Michael Copeland

    “And then I bring my family in” …..all thirty-five of them.

  • Michael Copeland

    “The man of the future will be of mixed race.
    Today’s races and classes will gradually disappear ….. .
    The Eurasian-Negroid race of the future,
    will replace the diversity of peoples …..”

    Richard Coudenhove-Kalergi, “Praktischer Idealismus” (Practical Idealism) 1922

    Richard Coudenhove-Kalergi, is considered the “grandfather” of the
    EU. In the 1920s he was dreaming of a Pan-European State long before the EU’s predecessors were founded.

    In his memory The EU awards a Coudenhove-Kalergi Prize to politicians who have helped his dream. Merkel and Hollande have both received it

  • Always On Watch

    Nostradamus said, “The camel will drink from the Rhine.”

  • Dan McKenna

    I will never listen to Pope Francis. He is just a bad joke, a hypocrite who wants to take away our guns (while he keeps his) and institute global government.

    And why does he encourage us to take in the venomous snakes of Islam? That is social, political, cultural suicide.

    By its nature, Islam cannot coexist peacefully with other religions. Islam always seeks to impose itself forcibly on everyone.

    • Blitz2b

      True Dan, yet like a bad drug, we want more and more of this venomous ideology virus carriers to infiltrate our peace loving nations….. Why?

      With socialist leaders like Francis, Obama, Cameron, Merkel, Mohammed’s dream of world domination of Islam is quickened.

  • Lou Sander

    Yes, but a little boy drowned.

    • Angry Citizen

      And your point is?

  • Judy Resnick

    I have news for you. Germany is not the end point. After learning fluent German, pretending to convert to Christianity, and obtaining German citizenship, there will be a new goal. (Maybe it was the goal all along). German citizens, holders of German passports, are allowed to enter the United States on a short visit (less than 90 days) without visas. Right now that is a very good policy. Germans are mainly affluent, decent and law-abiding individuals, and when they visit the United States they spend a lot of money here shopping for goods and presents to bring back home. Many stores and attractions love German tourists and just wish there were more of them. Within five, seven years or so, these migrants will have German citizenship, and like any other German citizen, they will be allowed to come to the United States. No visa necessary.

    • Blitz2b

      You are dreaming in technic color… The German government is spoiling these immigrants rotten.

      Why do you think most of them are opting for Germany rather than any other nation in Europe? It’s because they will get clothing, shelter and healthy welfare cheques from the German government. Why would these parasites even bother to look for a job? Most of them adhere to an idea that they deserve to live by handouts rather than hard work.

      Your statement about conversion is absurd, they don’t have to fake conversion to Christianity. Europeans have shed their Christian heritage like a filthy garment. They have no regard for it anymore.These Allah worshippers can keep their barbaric Islam as Angler Merkel has shamefully declared Islam to be an integral part of Germany. Maybe now more so than ever, because they breed like roaches and Merkel knows that the future of Germany is in the guaranteed bondage of Islam.

      Coming to the US serves these maggots nothing as it is in a recession, and the socialist Muslim POTUS is doing more than his share to recruit them into the country directly, terrorist and all.

      Whereas the German economy is thriving, the US is suffering. So no your analysis on the situation I’d incorrect.
      Germany will become Islamic in two decades more or less.

  • gofer1

    Its so bad, that they abandoned their families and left them to suffer. Heartless people who expect charity from others. If the welfare benefits are not limited to citizens only, it will destroy the countries. There cannot be enough for millions of permanent leeches attached to the system forever and the new babies they will father with the gullible native women…..think 15-20 years ahead, if that long.

  • Judy Resnick

    Don’t worry. Once they get to Germany, they will waste no time in becoming German citizens. Takes a few years, they will have to learn fluent German, but they will do it. Once they are German citizens with German passports, they can enter the United States as short-term visitors without a visa. For most Germans, who are mainly affluent and law-abiding, it’s a great policy. They visit, they shop, they spend a lot of money here, and they go home. Most American cities love German tourists. However, these new migrants are going to become Germans, but not tourists. Once they get to the USA (their final destination), they will stay here.

  • Helena Beck

    Refugees my arse cowards of the highest order.. Who abandons thee country and there parents by the looks of it for a few hundred jihadists?

  • Michael Wallis

    The Aleppo jihadis will be hitting social media in short order announcing their dedication to establishment of an Islamic Europe. They will be founding offshoots of ISIS declaring a European caliphate.

  • RCCA

    “As Europe gears up to take in those fleeing war, many who seek a better life are taking note – and losing their passports”

  • You suck

    All of these refugees seem to have cell phones. I would like to know where they charge them when they are camping. You need electricity for that, and it takes an hour or so.

  • Linda Vidal

    There are entire empty cities built by the Chinese in both China – every sort of city – mimicking English, Italian, New York, etc., and they have entire empty cities in Angola Africa. Plenty of space for these refugees and their entire tribes to make new homes for themslelves. Why are not these European country leaders making deals with China or Angola to take them in, instead of overcrowding Europe. This will cause the loss of European culture, and loss of tourism for fear of the Muslim hordes.

    • Van

      Old dumbass

  • Metis

    The Pope puts you people to shame.

    VATICAN CITY (AP) — The Vatican will shelter two families of refugees who are “fleeing death” from war or hunger, Pope Francis announced Sunday as he called on Catholic parishes, convents and monasteries across Europe to do the same.

    Francis cited Mother Teresa, the European-born nun who cared for the poorest in India, in making his appeal in remarks to pilgrims and tourists in St. Peter’s Square.

    “Faced with the tragedy of tens of thousands of refugees who are fleeing death by war and by hunger, and who are on a path toward a hope for life, the Gospel calls us to be neighbors to the smallest and most abandoned, to give them concrete hope,” Francis said.

    • Angry Citizen

      The Pope betrays his people, he should remember history.

      The Pope should not be welcoming islam, he should be calling for a Holy Crusade to defend Christianity from the barbaric rise of islam, we don’t want another savage Caliphate.

      • Metis

        I understand what you say about Islam and in many ways I agree. I especially oppose the treatment of women under Islam and the hatred towards other people and religions.But the problem of these refugees is not so easily solved by Europeans. They have to take them in, come what may. Did you see the photo of the refugee camp in Jordan that I posted?

        • Angry Citizen

          Why should we take these muslims into Europe, when the so-called ‘pure islamic’ countries will not take them?

          They have all declared publically that they will not take in ‘their muslim brothers’ because they fear that they may be terrorists.

          So why should we take them?

          Would you leave your children alone in a room with them?

          I would feel safer leaving my family in a room full of pitbulls.

          Even before they enter our countries they are behaving like savages making demands, not one of them showing any gratitude.

          This is suicide, personally I would open our borders to throw out the ungrateful ones we already have.

          • Metis

            The reality is Europe is accepting them. We’ll see what happens over the years.

          • Angry Citizen

            What will happen?

            – More civil unrest.

            – More demands placed on Europe to meet the needs of the muslims.

            – More housing being lost, so making our burgeoning home grown homeless problem even worse.

            – Increased taxes to pay for all the benefits that they will be claiming (most likely for life).

            – Increased protests from the ungrateful muslims.

            – More sharia controlled no-go areas for non-muslims.

            – More terrorist attacks.

            The truth is the list is endless, look at the problems we are having today and multiply it ten fold, that is our future.

            ISLAMIC HELL.

        • veritas

          And where are the Gulf Arab states in all of this ?

          • Metis

            Lebanon has a huge camp for Syrian refugees. As for our friends the Saudis, etc. etc., who knows?

          • veritas

            and shame on Bharain, the UAE, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait. SHAME…..they won’t take in refugees because they know it will destabilize their countries and it is more in their interest to see that happen in Europe than in their own countries. And while Israel makes the efforts it does, Jordan have their own people in a refugee camp that is now 67 years old.

  • Metis
    • Mark Rosenthal

      It’s not right… all thees islam people running from 30,000 fighters. over 800,000 young men moving into the EU and 10,000 coming to the U.S. soon. This is a setup

  • Nick Angel

    These are individuals……not whole families and appear strong…..

  • Welcome to the new invasion without force of arms.

  • Rae

    what the bloody hell are the United Nations doing: NOTHING!!

  • ward34

    ….and sucker country Holland is their next and final stop. And the idiots who keep on voting for the socialists and other bleeding hearts, will pay for it all because there’s no way Jose that any of those imported parasites will ever work.

  • Gordon McElwain

    right, Pam…Isramerica arms Sunni terrorists in Syria to take down Assad’s regime…Syria disintegrates into murderous civil war…sunni terrorists morph into ISIS…politicians owned by Judeo-banksters take down Europe’s borders…millions of ragheads head for Europe…while Jews aliyah to Israel. Looks like win-win for Zion, catastrophe for White Europeans

    • veritas

      What in the HELL are you talking about….is this more frothing at the mouth from a conspiracy ridden hater of the Jewish people…Judeo bankers….prove it. Back it up with something …other than the spit flying off your face.

  • Nicole

    I assume most of the people posting here are Christians. I have only one question for you, and that is What Would Jesus Do? If fellow human beings were in war and lost their homes, how would he have responded? Now, ask yourself, if your life was bombed out, what would you do? What if your friends and families and churches were also bombed out, and you had nowhere else to go? What if your only option was to take a challenging and expensive one way trip to China? Wouldn’t you rather stay in your home?

    Many of these people may be men who have left their families at home so that they could create a safe space for them before coming, because they did not want to expose them to the journey. Or maybe they are lucky because they are single young men who did not have a family to struggle with the stresses of brining or leaving. Some people may have lost their parents. You don’t know their individual stories any more than they know your stories. I don’t like to look at other people and assume the worst, I was raised believing that I should not judge and I should keep an open heart.

    I don’t know what is going to happen in the future when these people settle. I don’t know how that is going to affect any local cultures or what kind of culture shock will happen on both sides, but I do like to think that it’s not a negative thing when cultures mix. Look at America, where are you from? Where are your families from? We’re all from somewhere else. Syria is a mixed population as well, anyways, they themselves have a diversity of their religious views also that is understated in the media. What about fellow Christians in the Middle East? How do you believe we should treat them? Because many of them feel they must first of all be of their country and second of all be Christian as they suffer a prejudice whatever their religion. All of this is not as important as the point that these people are a small, small portion of the populations of all the countries they are going to. For America, taking 100,000 people is taking only 0.0003% of our population. Yet, for those 100,000 people, that’s a new life. Just as all of our ancestors, recent or historical, had a new life (unless we are Native Americans).

    What it all comes down to is the question I first asked you: What Would Jesus Do? When I am faced with a situation that invokes a certain level of fear or uncertainty, I think of the new testament, and I find a lot of truth in the words of the Bible. I take a lot of truth and meaning in the words and like to practice as much of them myself as I can.

    • Angry Citizen

      Lambs to the slaughter.

      The end of Christianity.

    • Lyra

      I really hope Jesus would say leave them, because Mohammed or what’s his face says “Kill the infidels”…. So assuming they’re going to follow their religion, we’re all gonna die, to a religion that’s the worst thing that’s ever happened on some aspects. As a woman, I hate Islam when it’s practiced in extremes. Christianity is bad too in extremes, but there, people are people and women aren’t treated worse than dogs…

      But that’s just my silly, western, atheist opinion as I await my impending beheading because I refuse to bend to medieval nonsense.

  • Victor Redlick

    Cue up the courtrooms, the jails and the Coroners Offices “The Muslims are Coming, The Muslims are Coming”. Life is certifiably over as Europe once knew it. And it was once such a nice place to have your picture taken in front of. Wait until they turn it into another Palmyra. The mosques and the minarets are thunderously advancing thanks to its popes, presidents. chancellors and prime ministers. Who needs women when there’s alluring livestock to be had.

  • Justina Pinch

    The only women and children I’ve seen are being sent on stupid rafts or broken down boats and IF they make it to a shore, they’re on their own to try and survive…they’re not important to them except that it looks good on the media to show dead babies and women laying on a beach somewhere so everyone can feel their heart strings pulled and then allow them into their countries…THAT is the PLAN, PEOPLE!!

  • Natalia von Richter-Sullivan

    See this article and then tell me you want to help them.

    German Girls Must Cover Arms and Legs to Appease Syrian “Refugees”

  • Nikki

    You really think that the weak, elderly and sick would survive such a long, overland trip in harsh conditions? Have you ever heard of survival of the fittest???

  • farflung

    Absolute correct Ms Pam. 90% young male Jihadists and will be the rape of Europe and soon to be history and Islam with Islam ruling. Can this Nation survive one more year of the Muslim POS Hussein Obama?

  • farflung

    Husseins Nuke Deal ensures that Iran gets the bomb. Ensures Nuclear war and ensures world annihilation. Israel has no choice, we as a nation under the regime of Hussein Obama have abandoned Israel. To say the least, this will put the world civilization in peril.

  • farflung

    Most of these young Jihadists are set on overturning the world, they have no skills except to cut off heads, they are the dredges of world society and yes shall, if we do not finally take a stand against this Democrat anti American left we are all finished!

  • kosmopolis

    as you will find in the refugee convention, which australia has signed, you do not need to only be a women or elderly person or disabled to be refugee (see article 1(a)(2) -page 16 in link attached). and if that was written in there it would be blatantly discriminatory. what you do need to prove is that you fear persecution for reasons of either: race, religion, nationality, membership to a particular social group or political opinion. when refugees arrive in any country they all most go through a refugee court and the judge in the court looks at their case and decides if they are a refugee. so the good news is that even if people are coming who are not real refugees- the courts will find them not to be refugees and then they will be deported. so its not actually anything we need to worry about at all because the courts will do their job.…/convention%20and%20protocol.pdf

  • kosmopolis

    Also, why are people here making comments that refugees are likely to rape women? can someone please show me statistics that support this argument? in the meantime here are some real statistics: in the US, 52% of rape perpetrators are white men and 66% of the time its someone you know (friend, relative, neighbour). So if you want to be concerned about rape- you should be looking towards your friends and relatives first. the statistics i have discussed are found here:

  • Gio

    AS a note to “As one they seem tremendously happy and unfailingly polite.”
    Context on
    “Around noon on Friday, a massive brawl broke out between Afghans and Syrians near the main port of Lesbos, and after breaking it up, police forced all of them back into the streets and moved hundreds of people from the two nationalities into separate refugee centers. The one for Syrians is an open camp conveniently located next to a large supermarket and a short walk from the port. The one that houses Afghans and other Asians is farther inland, at the end of a desolate road, and has high barbed-wire fences that smack of a prison even if its inhabitants are mostly free to come and go as they please.

    Antonios Gkagkarellis, the police lieutenant who was in charge of the camp for Afghans on Saturday afternoon, says that all the migrants have mostly been gracious toward locals, and have been especially careful to hide any ill will toward Greek officials and police. “We hold the keys to Europe and we give it to them,” he says. “So with us they behave better.” But among themselves, the migrants do not always observe such bounds of etiquette. “They have big problems with each other,” says Gkagkarellis.”

  • Eileen McRae

    I am glad that you have used the word “Hijrah” because that is what ISIS is planning. I posted this several times over the past week or two. I am happy to see that more and more people are recognizing who these refugees/migrants are. I have heard the work economic migrant used in many articles.

  • Kafir Kitty

    Watch out white females…

  • Miki Vega


  • Charly Wostenberg

    this is one of the dumbest, least informed things Ive read on the internet in a while. And that is saying something indeed

    • Blitz2b

      Yeah it is saying that your head is stuck way too deep up your rear end.

      You are one of them leftist idiots who metaphorically let the Trojan horse through the gates and then decided to take a long slumber while the savages burst out and plunder and ravage your nation, rape your women and destroy your homes.

      But go on dreaming…

    • Mark Rosenthal

      What is dumb? you don’t elaborate on your statment

  • Cabai Rawit

    WTF is this

  • Merv

    The European women are going to get harassed and rape will increase through out the continent. Third world where women are property does not mix well where women are free and empowered, but “oh well” is the motto of the enlightened liberal!

    • Mark Rosenthal

      No more topless beaches in France I take it…

  • paendragon



  • Siddharth Ghosh

    well i am thinking about those people who are non european and non muslims , say for example the Indians (Hindus) who have a huge population in particularly U.K. and they are also inimical to muslims. Indians (Hindus) in U.K. I know do not favour a muslim takeover of Europe in general and U.K. of particular and are never going to tolerate this. I think the right wing european parties should forget the racial issues and should form an alliance with the groups who are non europeans and also non muslims like Indians and say Chinese and other Asian immigrant groups in these times of dire needs and unprecedented times. The Indians in U.K. are more comfortable to leave their family in presence of a white neighbour than a muslim neighbour when they go for work. We feel more safety in presence of europeans than muslims, believe me.
    Even in Australia there is a brewing tension growing between muslims on one side and Indians and Chinese (thankfully together) on another which the main stream media do not report. With an ageing populaton and diminishing demographics in future the real war in U.S.A., Europe and Australia will be between muslims and non muslims (non european).

  • Guest234

    Maybe they’re just trying to escape the failed state of Syria, because Obama’s hands-off policy to foreign relations didn’t pan out so well. Next will be Venezuelans on our southern border. There are plenty of nefarious people, to be sure, but there are some people who would like a better life for their kids, too.

  • Debi Scott

    Yeah they all have iphones probably gave to them by isis. Hide your wives, daughters and granddaughters, with such a large male population of refugees they will be wanting to multiply!

  • Mak

    just let in the woman and chillden…

  • Damozo

    Really suspicious? the dude says why he’s there alone and rather than comprehend that you all start trying to spread fear. : “I want new life. I want to go to university. Make money. I want to work in a bank, be a banker. Bring my family” they won’t give their family name because the extremists will hunt them down and murder them, if anything what he says is that he wants to make an honest living, not abuse the system and then bring the family over once he has achieved this!

  • Alex Vasilenko

    Pope Francis and Angela Merkel will be responsible for the destruction of Europe.

  • vldbzh

    These “asylum seekers” are not even refugees, just illegal migrants. And authorities don’t worry about that at all …

  • MicoB

    “If these were real refugees, where are the women? Where are the elderly people? Where are the weak and the sick? It is increasingly clear that what I have said is true: this is not a refugee crisis.”

    What a stupid statement. Given everything that was written afterwards, such as: “I see families killed. Women die. All people killed who not want to work with terrorists… no future. Europe is the new hope for all of us.”

    How can the be qualified as anything other than refugees?

  • nfliman

    Here is a thought. Arms sales have skyrocketed in the ME but there is no increase in the level of war against Isis. What are these Islamic countries planning on doing with their large armies and powerful weaponry? Is it just for defense? Large numbers of young Muslim men are migrating into the heart of Europe and establishing themselves in tight Islamic communities to be available to the service of Allah when the Islamic states decide to invade Europe. How will Europe stop them from taking control of nuclear warheads and blackmailing any country who does not convert to Islam with nuclear destruction. Europe has no will to prevent unarmed masses invading their countries and the result will be worldwide cataclysm. When susceptible infrastructure is destroyed overnight, and chaos and riots appear out of no where what will political leaders do to defend the helpless non Muslim population. Islamists will be well armed, and supported and once the political elite give up because they have no plan against the ‘Trojan horse’ planted in their midst, it will be convert or die. What will Obama’s response be to an Islamic invasion? Will he rush to protect Western allied states? I see him standing by and pretending he had no idea this could happen, then stating ‘I have no plan’.

  • Emilia Dotcheva-Huban

    All those so called “refugees” must go home. There is no place for you here. If we get United and do not offer them jobs they will have to leave. This is our land and it is not for share!

  • Warring Angel

    Every one of the empty-headed, posturing idealist lefties holding up signs stating ‘refugees welcome,’ should be asked if he or she will take a refugee family into his or her home for an indefinite period, and pay for their food, medical treatment and education. We won’t see so many ‘welcoming’ Germans if they were faced with such a challenge.

  • thomas chandy

    European countries must be very careful….these young Muslims will deceive your women, rape them. They are trying to take over your country. They are cheaters, murderers, rapists, like their prophet. Read their Quaran, and you will find shocking revelation. I would say go after the Muslim first, before you go after the Cobras.

  • Deck Travis

    Seems the Marines added a verse (to shores of Tripoli) or two to their song, that was back in 1801. The pope added a verse back in 1095. Seems we need to add another verse (something like……radiant glow in the East…)

  • Mick

    pfft they dont even want to fight for their country. They just want to ride on the coat tails of western countries success.

  • Jobg


  • J_Rudkus

    We all know where Pamela Geller and her gospel of hate stands. This is just another rumor spread by Muslim hate groups and fueled by the right wing media and bloggers. These right wing anti-muslim groups are exploiting a tragic event to fan the flames of fear and hatred. Humanitarian organizations are reporting closer to 50/50 male to female with a large percentage of families consistently throughout the refugee crisis. Muslim extremest groups including ISIS will be the beneficiaries of hard line policies that close western borders and send refugees back to Syria where they will face the choice between certain death or joining ISIS. By sending hundreds of thousands of refugees back into the Middle East the West will give ISIS exactly what they want – a growing pool of radical Muslims

    • Mark Rosenthal

      Wow dude get your head out of your ass. Your making a fool of yourself

  • Mark Rosenthal

    Declare Islam (by virtue of its political/legal/military wings) much more than a religion and therefore not a candidate for religious protection in the West.
    Then outlaw it as a terror group, like Hamas or Hezbollah. Then shut down their hideouts, the Wahabbi funded mosques which are where all the radicalization is coming from. Without mosques the radicals will leave. Every time there is a terror attack, a Saudi funded mosque should be demo’d. It’s not so shocking.Just as there are no churches in Saudi Arabia, there should be no mosques allowed in the West, until Islam completely removes its expansionist doctrines that have nothing to do with religion, from its playbooks. Just so there don’t continue to
    be these “misunderstandings of the faith”. Until then, sorry, not considered a religion, and no mosques.
    Islam is not merely a religion. It is a comprehensive system – military, legal, political, social, dietary and religious.

  • Rob Close

    Do you have any actual evidence that the overwhelming amount of refugees are men? I saw someone repeat this on Twitter today – also 0 sources. Someone gave two sources on Reddit – one link was broken, the other had an unsourced graphic with numbers that didn’t add up.

  • Gregory H. Bontrager

    Liberal nations letting citizens become terror prey
    The Hutchinson News | March 28, 2016

    Islamic State linked to worst mass shooting in U.S. history

    The European continent has been thrown into chaos by hordes of uninvited Muslim immigrants who are disproportionately comprised of young men who have abandoned their own women and children to seek safety for themselves. They show contempt for the indigenous population and have a psychopathic sense of self-entitlement.

    Everywhere these so-called immigrants have been permitted to nest, crime rates have skyrocketed and civil chaos has followed. In countries like Sweden, Germany and France, women and children can no longer walk down once-safe streets for fear of being accosted by these violent sociopaths. Peaceful neighborhoods have become hunting grounds for gangs of predatory refugees.

    Instead of protecting their citizens from these barbarians, the liberal governments of Europe and the United States are allowing the brutalization of their own populations at the politically correct altar of multiculturalism. In the masochistic liberal mindset, the defense of your own citizens from predation by foreign invaders has become an act of intolerance.

    Can anyone answer the question why other Muslim countries refuse to accept these refugees who share their own faith? Take a look at Europe and the answer becomes obvious.— Gregory H. Bontrager

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