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[ October 19, 2017 ]

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[ October 19, 2017 ]

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[ October 19, 2017 ]

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[ October 19, 2017 ]

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[ October 19, 2017 ]

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[ October 19, 2017 ]

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[ October 19, 2017 ]

Europe’s New Official History Erases Christianity, Promotes Islam

Bishop: ‘Pope Francis Is Wrong, Muslim mass immigration to Europe is an Invasion’


While the genocide of Christians by Islamic supremacists unfolds in the Middle East, the Pope is shilling for their annihilationists. He has not just abandoned his flock, but betrayed them. This isn’t kindness, it’s suicide.

Pope Francis is wrong on the migrant crisis and the wave of Muslim migrants currently sweeping Europe actually represents an “invasion,” a Hungarian Bishop has said.

And the Former Archbishop of Canterbury warned against “Muslim mass immigration to Europe.”

“The frustration for those of us who have been calling for compassion for Syrian victims for many months is that the Christian community is yet again left at the bottom of the heap… Britain should make Syrian Christians a priority…”

Pope Francis called on Sunday on every European church parish and religious community to take in one refugee family in a gesture of solidarity, which he said would start in the tiny Vatican state where he lives.

“I appeal to the parishes, the religious communities, the monasteries and sanctuaries of all Europe to … take in one family of refugees,” he said after his Sunday address in the papal enclave.

The pope’s call goes out to tens of thousands of Catholic parishes in Europe as the number of refugees and migrants arriving over land through the Balkans and across the Mediterranean to Italy and Greece hits record levels.

VATICAN CITY, VATICAN - JANUARY 29: Pope Francis holds his weekly audience in St. Peter's Square on January 29, 2014 in Vatican City, Vatican. After his appearance on the cover of Rolling Stone magazine, today Pontiff was also found to be represented in a graffiti in Rome that portrays him in a superhero vest. (Photo by Franco Origlia/Getty Images)
VATICAN CITY, VATICAN – JANUARY 29: Pope Francis holds his weekly audience in St. Peter’s Square on January 29, 2014 in Vatican City, Vatican. After his appearance on the cover of Rolling Stone magazine, today Pontiff was also found to be represented in a graffiti in Rome that portrays him in a superhero vest. (Photo by Franco Origlia/Getty Images)

Bishop: ‘Pope Francis Is Wrong, Migrants Are Invasion’ Breitbart, September 8, 2015
Pope Francis is wrong on the migrant crisis and the wave of Muslim migrants currently sweeping Europe actually represents an “invasion”, a Hungarian Bishop has said.

Laszlo Kiss-Rigo, Bishop of Szeged-Csanad in southern Hungary, said the migrants “come here with cries of ‘Allahu Akbar.’ They want to take over.” He added that Pope Francis “doesn’t know the situation” and that many so-called refugees are actually economic migrants.

On Sunday, the Pope called on every Catholic parish across Europe to take in refugees. “Faced with the tragedy of tens of thousands of refugees who are fleeing death by war and by hunger, and who are on a path toward a hope for life, the Gospel calls us to be neighbours to the smallest and most abandoned, to give them concrete hope,” he said.

“May every parish, every religious community, every monastery, every sanctuary in Europe host a family, starting with my diocese of Rome,” he added.

However, in an interview with the Washington Post, Kiss-Rigo said the Pope was mistaken.

“They’re not refugees. This is an invasion,” he said, adding that the influx of migrants posed a threat to Europe’s “Christian, universal values.”

He also said that many of them were not deserving of help as they “have money.” They have also been leaving rubbish strewn in their wake and have refused food and water.

“Most of them behave in a way that is very arrogant and cynical,” he said.

Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban has also called the flowed of migrants a threat to Christian Europe and has tried to halt it, a position that other European leaders have condemned.

“I’m in total agreement with the prime minister,” the bishop said.

His comments come as Hungary tries once more to seal its borders in an attempt to stem the flow. Breitbart London reported how Hungary is now rushing to complete a new border fence along the Serbian border by September 15. Special train services for the migrants are also being wound up.

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  • Steven Dietrich

    Excellent and sharing all over.

  • Torch


  • Dusty Koellhoffer
    • Abandon Islam


      Just to add:
      Inquisition was never a Christian commandment/requirement.
      Jihad has always been an islamic commandment/requirement.

  • Thomas Williams

    I think that this Pope Francis doesn’t know what he is talking about.
    Yeah if we electing another progressive liberal that will just about do
    it as far as running the wealth and might of the United States
    Government into the ground. Yes! With some more political appeasement
    with this country’s enemies and feeling the guilty moral obligation to
    the people who were once slaves. Redressing the pass with today life
    styles that is very impossible to do. This country turn to lose a World
    War is become very real.

    Yes! That make a lot of sense because Germany was good friends with the
    Ottoman before the first and Second World War. Germany and the Middle
    East are very close friends. And so the clock turns back once again
    into another buildup to another payback World War III. Because no one
    has really forgotten how badly their ancestors lose in the II world War.
    So the fear of what was once before is rising up out of the same
    emotions for it to begin again. A world at War with the President of the
    United States just another unfriendly adversary to you and I, living in

    If our country’s U.S. Congress doesn’t stop
    Barack Obama deliberate attempt to make the United States military
    weaker than it has ever been before. We will lose to China, Russia, and
    Middle East, in this next World War.

    • Lia

      Could Mr Obama & ol’ nunc Francie become good friends?

      • Betty4440

        y yes two muslims in a pod

        • Lia

          Betty4440, You’ve made a picture in my mind that is endlessly captivating … Thank you.

        • Marsha McGrath

          Betty, could you try, for the sake of intelligent conversation, to make a serious contribution, not just off-hand remarks? Just saying…

          • Alister

            It was a rather clever play on a idiom if you ask me.

      • ssmith

        I think they already are. Apparently the pope helped clinch some Cuba /USAdeal ? and soon he is off to chat with his buddies in the UN. Be very afraid when Francus gets involved with anything, it won’t be good. I feel for good Catholics, hope they see through him very soon if they haven’t already !

        • Lia

          Here & there, it seems to me, the RC are indeed waking up to the fact that ol’ nunc Francie is not good for them or their church.

  • milootoole

    What a perfect plan to kill the Catholic religion. Put a Muslim supporting, Socialist Pope in the Vatican.

    • LuLu

      He’s bought and paid for!

      • Bertha Phelps

        CAIR launches “Bring them here!” campaign…..

        • Betty4440

          cair need to be cut off at the knees. they are as insane as obama.

          • David Cochran

            CAIR needs to be declared a terrorist organization and shown the door. They openly advocate the overthrow of our government and the implementation of Sharia law.

          • LimeyAL

            Is it not true that the United Arab Emirates accused CAIR of being affiliated to a terrorist organisation ?

          • veritas

            The UAE declared them a terrorist organization in their own right.

          • juliathemechanic

            CAIR = Hamas= Muslim Brotherhood. The same Muslim Brotherhood that served as Hitler’s Wafffen SS in World War 2 and their views have not changed one iota since then. Obama’s brother Malik is a member of Hamas. He is the executive secretary for the Sudanese Dawa Fund, one of the organizations that was used to funnel the money to pay for the World Trade Center bombing. I kid you not. How exactly was this connection missed when Obama was vetted? The Brotherhood needs to be removed from America and it’s members and affiliates declared terrorists.

          • Dave the Infidel

            Owebama was never vetted. He was the wonder-boy that Soros and his leftist cabal wanted in the White House. Once he was chosen, there was nothing to stop him. Investigations need to be made to discover exactly how he rose to power so quickly and easily. He came up from obscurity faster than any politician in history. Why?


            They’re not insane.

            CAIR, is EVIL.

            CAIR needs to be shutdown as a racketeering organization which plots with other to overthrow the US and install satans sharia slavery.

          • juliathemechanic

            Well, they’re both Muslim Brotherhood. The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree, after all.

        • honeybee

          We need a ” Leave Them There” campaign”…


            Send Them There -to HELL to join Moohammed chorus line.

          • honeybee

            Better idea.

          • juliathemechanic

            The so called refugees should be re-directed to Saudi Arabia, home of the jihad, where they can live peacefully alongside similar minded people in air-conditioned tents. There should always be at least a thousand miles between us and them.


          Send them there!

          To Russia. Let’s see how progressive KGB Putins Russia is.

          • mer

            Hate to say it, but wouldn’t it be ironic if in a decade, we had to flee to Russia because it was the only muslim free place in the West? Better Dead than Red transforms to better dead than anything islamic. If it came to a choice between soviet style totalitarianism or muslim totalitarianism, I’d choose the Soviet. At least they still had the ballet, art, music, however limited it had a vestige of western civilization.

          • juliathemechanic

            Russia is the European country with the most Muslims, actually – between 16-20 million. They compose about 15 percent of Russia’s population. The Russians don’t fight the Muslims. In fact, they now have a very strong alliance with Iran.

          • Dave the Infidel

            Myself and many millions of other patriots will NEVER abandon this country to those Zombies.

    • Betty4440

      there you go.

    • David Cochran

      Do you think it was just coincidence that the last Pope “retired” early? Look at this picture above. Does that look like a man who would preach love? He is somehow tied in to the Islamists. Someone needs to REALLY research his background.

      • gerard

        A chance photo is of no significance. Most of his photos show a very different person.

        • Jersey Mike

          It’s not the photo that concerns us, it’s his destructive policy on almost every social and economic issue.

          • gerard

            Sure, but the above comment did much of the photo.
            He is a bit of a puzzle, I have to admit. No violence in the Koran? Where did he get that from!?

          • Jersey Mike

            He’s not a puzzle to me, in the least. He’s primarily a South American Socialist who has politicized the Vatican and the Catholic Church toward the political Left. He will be remembered as a Pope who created more problems than he solved. He is very big on symbolic Liberalism as a way of telegraphing philosophy and intent. I don’t care for him in the least.

          • papagrune123

            The Pope is a Jesuit. Society of Jesus. The Society is characterized by its ministries in the fields of missionary work, human rights, “social justice.”

          • Jersey Mike

            Indeed, and I might add…without an anti-capitalist agenda that this pontiff seems to be very familiar with; unfortunately.

          • papagrune123

            He is also a product of his upbringing in Argentina, working with the Peron Government and those that followed Marxism and were part of the The ‘Dirty War” Investigate the Pope’s background during his life before being elected Pope…At the very least it will make you go “hummmm” And I am a Catholic. The Pope should deal with maters of faith,evangelism and how to bring people back to church, as all demonstrations need to do.

          • Jersey Mike

            I’m also a Catholic so perhaps we have standing to criticize this Pope. Yesterday he once again, came out against capitalism like the Marxist he is. I have nothing but disdain for him. If he were serious about helping the poor, he’d sell some of the gold and vast real estate holdings the Catholic Church has in NYC. what a phony…

          • mrs

            Wait, he can’t sell the real estate holdings and other valuable things because as Catholics, those things belong to me and to you. He has no claim on them. Just like no President can sell the White House or stuff from the museums because it belongs to the American people.

          • Jersey Mike

            If you really believe that the Vatican Bank, known as the Institute for Religious Works, can’t divest itself of the 55.9 million in gold it holds or its substantial real estate holdings without your authorization or that of the Catholic faithful, you’d better think again. The Vatican is worth an estimated 15 billion and half the profits for 2012 went to the Pope for religious works. By their own admission, it was a profitable year. I’ll bet it was. Read their first ever published financial report. It’s a real eye opener!

          • juliathemechanic

            No, but why is he taking George Soros money and helping to filter it to fake refugee resettlement? Why is he lying about what’s in the Quran and Hadiths? This man is bought and paid for by some pretty evil people.

          • Jersey Mike

            I think you have a very solid point. I agree.

          • BLACK DAHLIA

            This is not social justice. This is so social injustice to the European people.

          • juliathemechanic

            Not a puzzle to me either. A Communist, a coward and a man who has been shown to take George Soros money. He’s nothing but a politician and he should get the boot with extreme haste.

          • Jersey Mike

            Well said.


        My guess is that he “abdicated” like the nazi king of the UK of the 1930’s who abdicated the throne over his “love affair” with a divorced naziphile.

      • milootoole

        It , most certainly, was NOT a coincidence. I am still trying to make the connection. I cannot imagine why Benedict would, voluntarily, step down.

        Good point.

      • nancy williams

        We have he was a Jesuit. That says it all. The black jesuits has they r called believe in Communism and they r bringing n Chrislam. Sayi.g we worship same God Allah. Wrong my Savior makes it very clear he does not share with any one. Pope is a deciever for Islam and there world domination.(NWO).

    • Logaan-2

      A christian pope, being christan? Oh how dare he? How dare he believe in altruism, the fundament of chirstanity….and that kills the catholc religion how exactly…?

    • juliathemechanic

      Exactly. The hijra and the jihad are upon us once again, and this time we won’t be defeating them at the gates of Vienna. It took Spain 700 years to rid themselves of the Muslim hoards. Will we ever be free of them again?

  • Voytek Gagalka

    There were some very bad popes in their long history, why not to add yet another one? On another side, isn’t the whole essence of their creed based on Immanuel Kant’s “universal imperatives”? That’s the problem. And real suicide. Root of all evil. “Refugees” crisis is just a derivative.

  • Mildred Rosewater



    CIA confirms Hillary’s server had TOP SECRET emails — the highest security level and were classified as such from the beginning and still are!

  • Rachel

    I’m Catholic…and I agree 100%. He’s wrong on a lot of issues…IF the media is reporting his positions correctly. Local church says media is doing alot of dishonest spinning. We know media can’t be trusted, so it’s hard to tell.

  • Dennis

    It is always hard to refuse refuge to those being forced to leave their homeland due to aggression directed at them. Prior to WWII, the Jews were subject to the refusal to allow their exodus, for reasons that I believe were related to a general anti-Semitic attitude towards Jews in general. Yet, these Jewish people did not come with a belief system that represented intolerance, nor have those of Jewish culture ever believed that their religious beliefs and culture justified world dominance. Many immigrants have sought refuge here in America, with those immigrants, of many different cultures, bringing with them tolerance and willingness to assimilate and accept what being a citizen of a foreign country means. Unfortunately, those of the Islamic culture and belief system have been shown to disdain assimilation for dominance, as can be seen by what is happening in Europe where now they face “no go zones” of Muslim communities and screams of “Allah Akbar,” and hatred and murder in the name of Islam (even if these events are the conduct of radicals, who I refer to as being the real “apes and pigs” referred to in their Quran).” This phenomenon must raise the flag of caution, and it appears to me that our civil and now some of our religious leaders are failing to see the obvious. They are allowing an already dangerous situation to get worse, simply because they fail to see that the culture which is Islam cannot tolerate those who do not accept their belief system. That being the case, it is mind boggling to me that they all seem so cavalier about these refugees. While Muslim countries refuse to grant refuge to essentially people of their own kind, Europe and America seem to be opening their doors foolishly to an onslaught of major proportion. The simple fact that these refugees can’t immigrate to Muslim countries speaks for itself. Although I support providing refuge to those in need, it is hard for me to simply allow this happenstance when the result could be a disaster. We need to VERY CAREFULLY VET these people, and remove from their midst all of those who are not willing to accept the opportunity to live peacefully with others not of their belief system. To do less is suicidal.

    • David Cochran

      I’ll get behind this as soon as the Middle Easter countries start taking in refugees. You would think that rich countries like Saudi Arabia would HAPPILY reach out to their fellow Muslims in need. But have they? In a word, BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!

  • veritas

    Host a few at the Vatican…..we invite you..and until you do…ZIP IT.

    • Liz

      Actually, the Pope has already put his money where his mouth is. Two Vatican parishes are hosting families. Looks like you have only heard one side of the story, not the other.

      • veritas

        I didn’t mean a parish. I meant in the Vatican. I don’t need to hear the other “side ” of this story. He’s a fool and an anti Semite. End of.

        • Betty4440

          well they can turn all parish and the vatican in to huge mosque donchaknow.


            It’s been done before, in Constantinople.

            St. Catherine church => Hagia Sophia mosque.

        • knight

          The Vatican Created Islam To Take Jerusalem, & Kill True Christians & Jews. Islam & Catholicism

        • ssmith

          I think Islam the worst for pedofilia as Muhammad was one and sanctioned in Islam, and accepted amongst mulsims not just clerics.Not all priests abused and not sanctioned in Christianity so huge difference,

        • Alister

          So he is being a anti-semite by allowing semites into Europe? Hows that work?

          • veritas

            And is it you standing at the various borders checking to make sure ?

          • Alister

            You idiot. Arabs are semites, his welcoming them, so how can you call that anti-semetism. The orwellien double speak is collapsing on itself

          • veritas

            Listen, I didn’t insult you , so what’s the issue ? You have to be agreed with in order to behave like a grown man ? NOT ALL ARABS ARE SEMITES. Libyans are not Semites. They are Mahgrebi. Afghanis are not Arabs at all . They are Afghani , and Turks are Turks.
            And we all understand what the term anti Semite has come to mean, so , on top of direct insults, let’s not stoop to implied either, as fully grown adults.
            Orwell is dead by the way, he isn’t able to double speak or even single speak.

          • Alister

            Idiot.. Libyans aren’t coming, Africans are leaving from Libya, Syrians are semites.
            Orwellien double speak doesn’t refer to Orwell speaking, it refers to the concept.
            I know what you mean by anti-semitism, its when people point out what Jews factually do and end up in prison and fined.

          • veritas

            According to the reports I’ve read Libyans are indeed part of the immigration , as are Turks and Afhganis. The rest of your comment makes no sense. Idiot.

          • Alister

            Libya has population bellow 5 million and still has gadafi era welfare benefits inplace, so any Libyan migration would be miniscule. The Libyans are making big money of the people smuggling ventures.

            What exactly do you oppose or stand for? You’re all over the place, yes I might be an asshole but at least I know where I stand.

          • veritas

            Okay , idiot. The Catholic church has a history of anti Semitism. Fact. Got that or would you like me to type it even more slowly ?

          • Alister

            Why is anti-semitism so evil? Being anti-Semitic is being anti-usury, anti-globalist, anti-homosexual, anti-pornography, anti-immigration, anti-we bomb women and children for no reason.
            Oh yea maybe they also have a problem with them killing Jesus, you know being followers of his and all.

          • veritas

            You are a frothing at the mouth mad man…but don’t worry, you are on the list as well. As a Christian, don’t worry , you are on the list right behind the Jewish . In the Middle East they say..first the Saturday people , then the Sunday people.
            AND AS FOR YOU, moron…..Jesus WAS a JEW….I can’t imagine he’s all that please with your Jew hating shite. And I hope you choke on it.

          • veritas

            YOU , unless you possess some magical power, have NO idea who is in that crowd. DO YOU ?

          • Alister

            What does that even mean?

          • veritas

            Let me type this slowly so that you can read it. NO ONE can know for certainty who is crossing these borders.

          • Alister

            But you can make an educated guess with a certain margin for error as all scientific studies do.
            You can distinguish between a Syrian, afgan, paki or a Nigerian, and if you cant then that’s your problem

          • veritas

            Oh , like the Bulgarian army are supposed to ….and who is the you of whom you speak…Bulgarian soldiers , the train personnel in Germany….WHATEVER.
            I think you come here, Alister because you like to fight….so, whatever.

          • veritas

            Paki is a rude word, Afhgan has an H and you forgot the ‘ in can ‘t.

          • Alister

            The last vestige of someone who has lost an intellectual debate on the internet is to point out miniscule grammar error’s.
            Check and mate.

          • veritas

            Lost an intellectual debate …I wasn’t debating with an intellectual, I thnk what you meant to say was bigoted .

      • TruthWFree

        He wants to reach out to Islam. He is supposed to be preaching the Gospel to Muslims. He is clueless about Islam. Islam is an evil hate filled death cult and the West is importing an Islamic Trojan Horse. Bring Christians out of those Islamic hell holes but not Muslims. They will kill infidels like you and me tomorrow to thanks us for our kindness.

        • Betty4440

          no the pope is going to teach them how Catholic and muslims are so much alike.

          • gerard

            Catholics and Muslims are not alike. They are opposite. Catholics acknowledge Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior. Muslims deny this.

      • veritas

        Because…if the Pope is too important to PERSONALLY take on the responsibility….well, what can one say about that and in an institution that hasn’t changed in ever so long..what CAN they be doing ?

        • sodacrackers2

          The Church has certainly not survived because of the holiness of its members, but only by the grace of God. And it will survive until the end, which is more than likely sooner than later!

      • Petrilla

        Symbolic, I suppose, are his two families Christian?

  • chapman hilton

    He’s putting on a Kerry face, stinkin’ leftist!

  • EJO

    There is definitely something wrong with this Pope. And isn’t he living behind an unpenetratable wall that goes all around the Vatican? So no Muslim terrorist are going to get anywhere near him.

    • Petrilla:

      Commie, look at his past.

    • Ellen King

      Never. It is all being full filled in the Bible very rapidly. I still believe the pope is the “False Prophet” and Obama is the “Anti-Christ”. Just saying

      • Marsha McGrath

        You could be right…all the signs are there.

  • ro

    Another voice in the wilderness…when will Europe, and the world, learn?

  • Petrilla

    This pope is wrong. But what do you expect when the Good Pope Benedict was shoved out of power by a Jesuit Italian Communist named Bergoglio fromslums of Argentina. More interesting is what did the Vatican do to the only Pope who spoke out against Islam in the once Christian Church, now mosque in Turkey? Retire him. Has any other Pope been retired? not retired. Popes don’t retire. Killed maybe, way back when, never retired. Now we have this so called modern pope joining Obama on climate change. Oh and he is taking two families into the Vatican. Forgive me for asking my original question. Why when it has never happened before, OK might have, was a real Pope forced to retire and an activist pope who meets all Obama’s requirements for change…but not hope. But a Pope coming from the slums of Argentina feels free to LECTURE the Free World on global warming? Why? If this pope thinks he is doing Catholics a favor by sucking up to Obama, he is wrong. His followers will make it a big deal, but Pope Francis is wrong. I refuse to mention abortion here, 60 million dead American babies since Roe vs Wade, 1972, so I won’t. I am sure those two will enjoy all the accolades they may get. I will not be among them.

    • Marsha McGrath

      Perilla, here in Canada, our Liberal candidate, Justin Trudeau, was asked on a TV interview last night, “What is the first thing you would do about the economy?” His asinine answer was to “meet with the premiers and discuss climate change”. This “climate” agenda has made them all look like poor, left-wing fools, including the pope. Do they really think government can change the climate?

  • Louise from Canada

    I’m Catholic and I always stand by the Pope but may God forgive me, not this time. I’m happy he did not ask Canadians parishes to take some.

    • Marsha McGrath

      As Catholic Canadians, we would be happy to assist those refugees who are not Moslem. We are not willing to entertain the evil enemy…Jesus did not ask us to do that…we are to reject all aspects and people of evil intent. End of story!

      • DowntotheBone

        The Pope is arguably asking folks to assist Satan.

  • disqus_HlH4Faibhw

    Somehow I don’t see Catholics taking in a “refugee” family. What will they do with them? Where would they house them? And hasn’t the pope read the Islamist rape culture? I trust the average Catholic has.

  • Po Tato

    Pope Francis called on Sunday on every European church parish and religious community to take in one refugee family in a gesture of solidarity, which he said would start in the tiny Vatican state where he livesYou guys need to read in between the line, folks !The Pope said “take ONE refugee family in a gesture of solidarity, he did NOT mention the religion of that ONE refugee familyWhen Slovakia mentioned that they are going to take only the Syrian Christians they got all kinds of flaks from the repressive aggressive politically correct numbskullOf course, as the Pope, he can’t say what he had actually been wanting to say out loudSo go ahead, all the Parishes in Europe and America and Canada should go ahead and adopt one Christian refugee family, whether they came from Iraq or Syria or Libya or Sudan … doesn’t matter !

    • Marsha McGrath

      Why could the pope not say what one expects from him? That is to implore all Christians everywhere to assist their fellow Christians in need among these refugees. Except, I believe, there will not be any Christians to be found among this lot of migrants. All Islamic invaders, I suspect. And, no way could I accept giving aid to the embodiment of evil, unless there is some chance of conversion!

  • Infinity_Plus_one

    Asylum in Europe is not the solution for Islamic world
    Social evolution is a very painful and many times a bloody process . Those living in Middle East countries see the current European society or American society and when they compare these peaceful societies with those of conflict zones of Iraq, Syria, Libya ,Yemen etc. they start asking why they are being killed while those in Europe or US are living in peace and prosperity ! And then they start searching excuses like US invasion as the root cause of their problem.
    But the real problem lies somewhere else ! When Iraq captured Kuwait, it was the responsibility of Arab States, Iran and Egypt to liberate Kuwait . But what did these neighbours do ? Nothing ! And then US had to intervene on request of the legitimate government of Kuwait.
    U.S had also attacked Vietnam but once US left, Vietnam didn’t go under civil war ! Even Koreans didn’t go under civil war ! Britishers left India after two hundred years of rule , but once they left, Indians didn’t fight a civil war . So is the story with South Africa .
    But once US left Iraq , civil war broke out . Same is true with Libya and Afghanistan . Why ?
    Let us go into the history of social evolution to find the answer .
    You become angry many times and start abusing Europeans / Americans for your own bloody fate . But you never realise how much sacrifice those European countries have done in past to achieve their own freedom ,peace and prosperity . You fail to realise that millions of Europeans died to achieve their freedom from kings , feudals and dictators . You fail to realise how Europeans fought with their church to free their state from religious fanaticism . You fail to realise that during French Revolution alone, they had to kill thousands of Christians priests to achieve secularism .
    You fail to realise that when their freedom was threatened by a monster called Hitler , none of Europeans fled as refugees to Asia ; rather they stayed back in their own land and fought with that dictator . Nearly thirty million Europeans / Americans/ USSR people voluntarily fought and sacrificed their life to protect their freedom during Second World War .
    If today Europe or Americans are free and peaceful, this is because their ancestors made great sacrifice for their future generation .
    Now compare this with Middle East ! Where is the equivalent of Glorious revolution of 1688AD or French Revolution of 1789AD in Middle East ? Where is the fight against the political Islam just like what happened against church in Europe ?
    Even today, majority of Muslims ( except Kurds ) are fighting in the name of Allah and not in name of freedom ! So, if you are fighting in the name of Allah, you can get only what Allah has prescribed for you ! How can you expect to get freedom when you don’t fight in the name of freedom ?
    This is the real dilemma which the Muslim world is facing . You can’t love your faith and at the same time expect freedom like Europe because Europeans achieved their freedom by fighting against their religion .
    Europeans can write anything , against anyone , even against Christ and can even make fun of him and the state will protect them !
    But what is your laws in Middle East ? Can you write against the God and his prophet ? No . Because if you dare to write so, forget state , even those who are seeking refugee status will kill you . Now, if this is the status of your social evolution currently , how can you expect to live in freedom and peace like Europeans or Americans do !
    With this much little social evolution, you are bound to live under either a dictator like Saddam, or a tyrant monarchy like Saudi or under extremely barbarians like Isis ! You have no other option right now . If you want to get your true freedom , your generation too has to make great sacrifices like Europeans did in past . May be millions of young people of your generation would have to die so that your children may enjoy freedom for ever . You have to create your own equivalent of French Revolution ? You have to die fighting against not only Isis but even against the Islamic preachers . Let it be very clear , if you don’t fight against political Islam , you better forget the dream of getting absolute freedom like Europeans.
    But unfortunately people in Middle East have so much affinity for political Islam that they don’t realise that this is the root cause of problems .
    And this is the main reason why the Europeans are not willing to accept you as refugees . In the past they took Algerians , Moroccans, Somalians, Afghans etc . And the result ! The result is Charlie Hebdo !
    The French society which killed thousands of Christian preachers during French Revolution to get freedom from church , the society where even Christ can be mocked ; suddenly now finds that some morons are objecting to the cartoons of Muhammad . Do you understand what does it mean to the French society ? This means that the great sacrifice of the French revolutionaries has been undone by unevolved stupid refugees .
    What does this further mean ? This means that Europeans / Americans have to fight back to preserve their freedom . And one step of this fight back is to stop accepting refugees from unevolved societies ! This is what is happening now ! They are not willing to accept refugees because these people are a threat to their freedom .
    This is bound to happen . No free society will like to lose its freedom . They can go to any extent to preserve their right . And let us not forget that history has been very cruel to those who refuse to evolve with time . Free societies hit back and sometimes hit back very hard, that may even appear very barbaric but this is on what the goddess of freedom survives . Japanese tasted this brutal response of the free society during Second World War .
    So what is the solution of the Middle East crisis ! No near term solution appears in sight . The war may go on for long and you have to fight for your future generations. Running away as refugee is not the solution for two reasons , one , that there is limit to what any country will accept you as refugees
    and second , that running away is not going to evolve your society and problem remains unsolved . Even increase in refugees in free societies may create unrest in future and if that happens then where will you go !
    So, the path to bright future is only one . And that is the path of sacrifice and martyrdom ! This is what Kurds have started . Muslim youths of other countries have to learn from Kurds , come forward, say clearly that the days of political Islam are over and fight for democracy and secularism . Freedom, democracy and secularism are inseparable. Anybody who claims to fight for freedom under any religious banner is a fraud ! Either you fight for democracy and absolute secularism with modern pro human laws or you prepare yourself to live under brutal monarchs or dictators with sharia as state law .
    Choice is yours . Asylum is not , not the solution ; it is going to be one of major problems in long term .

    From India with Love to the Entire Europe and the West.

    • Red Alert

      Boring, keep it short. Or write a book, no need to comment 10 pages.

    • David Cochran

      You have the whole concept of jihad a little confused. Muslims are not fighting for freedom. They are not fighting to gain what other countries have. They are fighting for subjugation. The want to destroy the entire world and make it over in Muhammad’s image. They want all women dressed in tents, all men, praying to Allah. There is no middle ground, unless you count paying the jizyah, a “tax” that allows non-Muslims to live as second class citizens in Muslim society. In Islam you accede or die. There is no other choice.

      • Marsha McGrath

        It is only FEAR which keeps Moslems faithful. That is where we need to show them their error…but, good luck with that, eh?

    • Marsha McGrath

      This is a good summary of why refugees must fight back, but secularism is not the answer. Freedom is rooted in Christianity, as any good research will show. The values of democracy are at one with Christianity, a moral code and charity, i.e. love your neighbor and uphold the virtues of a dignity that comes from Biblical concepts, especially Jesus’ teaching in the NT. It is not wise to connect secularism with freedom. Freedom of that kind is unfettered and dangerous!

  • Lia

    Thank God for bishop Kiss-Rigo & the former Archbishop of Canterbury both! They see & grasp the truth. Bless them, please, God, for speaking out for Your own people.

  • Robert Bayer

    Pamela and readers … I reposted the lengthy AFDI Proclamation of Governmental Steps to Stop Islamization and to defend ourselves from Islamic attacks at a yahoo news story on Islamic immigrants … 31 thumbs up .. No thumbs down …

    Really glad to see that!

    Links to this site are difficult to post at most news sites but we can repost the crucial information at other sites in the comments sections

  • Andrew

    we need to make treason as common as a speeding ticket – you either love America (or whatever western country) or you don’t; and moving their to betray it’s inhabitants is treason period. There would be hundreds of examples, but being a danger to whatever host country – whether the danger is physical, cultural and arrogant – doesn’t matter. We have seen brilliant examples of people from around the world immigrating, keeping their original culture alive and to themselves…..however this culture and everything else has never really been at odds with the new host. This is Treasonous.

    My parents are Czech, I can speak Czech however I love Canada and all it stands for. If I’m in public with someone who speaks Czech too, we speak together in English – this is Canada. However in my younger days before getting a car, or having to ride the bus due to drinks – i can recall occurrences where arabs laugh and speak arabic to each other – as a gang practically …and then make rude statements to other patrons in English. Throughout my childhood my parents did stuff to be more Canadian any chance they could find – they/I truly love this great country, and don’t want it to become more Czech. Czech is Czech, Canada is Canada. Any Attempt to change that should be viewed as treason period.

    and all this idiotic multicultural dogma has essentially been received (to the best of my awareness) as weakness, it is as though we are realizing our own culture sux – and we need to change it. I know for a fact that was not the intended message.

    All lefty westerners love to believe that if you are kind you will receive kindness, every religion is designed to benefit all people – thus they are essentially equal; all misdeeds/terrorist attacks towards us are our own fault.
    “you got another thing coming” Yes let me get this strait, i recall one of the reasons America went into Afghanistan was because the taliban was terrorizing their own people. I don’t understand why a man is “greater” then a woman; and I believe that if I searched world wide, only a muslim could answer that question.

    Jeez I could continue forever on this, but I got stuff to do…..thanks for reading.

    • Marsha McGrath

      Andrew, thank you for this post! Canada is still a great and tolerant nation, but we have to remain ever vigilant, thanks to our prime minister, Stephen Harper, who is not willing to turn our country over to the Left, those who would welcome the enemy, like Trudeau, Mulcair, etc.
      I, too, have stuff to do, but we feel so compelled to speak to these issues, hoping to make a small difference…Again, thank you!

    • DowntotheBone

      “…brilliant examples of people from around the world immigrating, keeping their original culture alive and to themselves….”

      But, an edit:

      “…keeping their original HERITAGE alive….” – but ASSIMILATING into their new country’s CULTURE.

      • Andrew

        Indeed, this is a better choice of words to describe my point.
        Nonetheless, they are very proud to be Canadian, and would not want to see Canada changed.
        This is how European immigrants, or really any non muslim immigrants are.

    • Pope Jean Paul with the terrorist Arabs.
      So,where is the photo I included?

      • Andrew

        That is as Treasonous as you can really get…in my opinion. Seems like it was really Obama who started all this. He likes muslim people and doesn’t like non muslim people.

    • Lyra

      I’m Danish, a woman and blonde and usually very sweet; if they impose Sharia law on us, can I come to Canada and hide?

      • Andrew

        If…lol, more like when. If it were up to me I would say yes, but around here their is no need to hide.
        I believe the islamists will keep pushing and pushing until the entire non muslim world comes together against them.
        Funny how these suremacists always say “there is 2 billion muslims in the world…how could they all be wrong” and same time they will pull the minority card. First of all pick one. and second of all not all muslims believe in Allah, many are scared to leave because they will be butchered. Islam was spread by the sword primarily, therefore the number shouldn’t be something to be proud of.

  • Betty4440

    the pope a do needs to stay out of AMERICA. he is a jerk in my eyes. no I’m not Catholic nether am I a traitor. the pope a do is insane.

  • Susan

    Sure, take these savages into your home, and if you have daughters, they will feel especially welcome, they can rape them. That should make them feel very welcome. Straight jackets for all!!!!

  • Glen Benjamin

    The Pope is an idiot. The Vatican went from killing Jews to killing Christians by embracing Islam. Let the pipe support these refugees by selling his golden throne or paintings.

    Otaly unde siege by African migrants. They refuse to go to other African nations. Muslims by passing rich gulf states with Merkeks help to destroy Europe. In fact German girls at school told to cover up so as not to offend Muslim refugees. The takeover and capitulation has begun. Blame the Pope, Obama and liberals.

    I can see a Science Fiction book where Muslims have killed the Majority of Christians in Europe. A few Christians left who have to pay a tax to Muslims. The Pope in hiding at some inaccessible mountain retreat. While Saudis and other Muslim nations laugh and proclaim their world domination is almost complete.

    • Marsha McGrath

      We must pray this does not happen. Let Truth prevail. Do not succumb so easily, please.

  • DowntotheBone

    “Pope Francis called on Sunday on every European church parish and religious community to take in one refugee family in a gesture of solidarity,…”

    It pains me to say this about the spiritual head of our sister Church; but, what a dangerous fool.

    With barbarian savage invaders that want to slit your throat, and rape your women and children?

  • knight
    • Blody idiot is the so-called pope..
      What I want to see are what is down there in the catacombs.
      Open them all ..then we will see the REAL truth and not a made up FAKE religion..same as the Islam.
      2 little dangerous dicky birds..
      Mirror,mirror on the wall….who’s the better of us two?
      Catholisism/christianity= Islam
      One worse than the other.
      Have any of you seen the picture of the late pope John from Poland who took the quran and kissed it..

  • ssmith

    The pope is wrong on just about everything. Also wants global warming deniers prosecuted. !! He is just a communist useful idiot
    Or worse one of the elite. Benedict was shoved out to make room for this charlatan and muslim appeaser. I think he knows very well what he is doing.
    Avi Lipkin alias Victor Mordecai says the NWO is the USA EU and the Vatican.
    I have also read that Putin was also in NWO but rebelled and left. This is why EU and BO were so tough on him and meddled. He is now an enemy to be reckoned with. If all this true, no idea ,but makes some sense.
    I rarely listen to MSM anymore as quite honestly they make me laugh and I cannot for the life of me understand anyone still taking them seriously as I admittedly used to until my very dramatic awakening.

  • wildjew

    This is what happens when a man claims the Bible is his favorite book, especially the “Old Testament,” and it is not. Winston Churchill (not a religious man) probably read the Bible more than Pope Francis has. At least Churchill recognized the enemy.

    (CNN) Of the 4 million Syrian refugees who have fled attacks by their government and ISIS, the United States has taken in 0.03% of them.

    That’s a pitiful number that needs to be changed immediately, a growing number of Americans say. Both Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump and Democratic candidate Martin O’Malley agree: the U.S. needs to step up…..GOP frontrunner Donald Trump, whose campaign often focuses on expelling illegal immigrants, said the United States should accept more Syrian refugees due to the “unbelievable humanitarian problem.”

    “I hate the concept of it, but on a humanitarian basis, with what’s happening, you have to,” Trump told Fox News.

    • Richard

      Good for the USA for not allowing this sudden and enormous hijrah to reach us as well as Europe. There is no need for us to be in a headlong race with the EU toward the bottom of the abyss. The way to deal with the so-called ‘humanitarian crisis” is to solve the problem in the country in which it occurs and strive to leave people in place.
      It is beyond stupid to treat as an unalienable right the privilege of coming to live in America. This country has the moral right to limit immigration to only those individuals that will actually benefit this country. Multiculturalism is a fail, our culture is superior and our federal government should be protecting and serving its legal citizens, not bending over to solve the world’s perceived problems.
      Unfortunately it is the UN that is responsible for identifying who gets refugee status and Obama wants to import jihadis. And the UN is run by the OIC, it’s always Muslims fleeing conflict created by the nature of Islam who are identified as refugees and never the truly persecuted non-Muslims.

  • Ang Shoo Cheng

    It’s black and white what this Hungarian bishop and it’s prime minister could see down the road.

  • Yeshayahu Hollander

    No, Pope Francis is showing love for people in sad circumstances. One family per parish means – ONLY ONE. One Muslim family living in a Christian community – as long as that community agrees, of course. NOT threatening masses in Muslim neighborhoods where police do not dare enter. Dispersed immigrants, forcing them – by friendship – to learn the language, to get to appreciate the culture of the host community. What is necessary is to make it impossible for the new immigrants to enter the Muslim no-go zones. OK, maybe this is not really possible – but if it is not – forget the whole Papal project.

  • Pathfinder0100

    The downfall of the Christian World marches on with the help of stupid governments,Presidents and now the Pope. God Bless America!!


    I would have left the Church by now in protest of this Pope. He’s to the Church what Obama is to America.

    • St. Michael Defend Us

      Have you left America in protest of Obama?

      • If Obama were president for life I would have.

        • St. Michael Defend Us

          Luckily, although usually a Pope serves HIS lifetime, the same Pope does not serve MY entire lifetime. So far, during my life there have been seven popes. (And so far, twelve presidents.)
          It is just unpredictable when the next one will come along!

  • david wilson

    It all seems to be coming down around us, we are like voices in the wilderness.

  • frank the crank

    maybe this is the reason he will be the last Pope

  • ramrodd

    On Francis

    Posted by Ann Barnhardt – March 14, AD 2013 10:34 AM MST

    Let me start with a positive comment. Remember, this is the best I could come up with:

    If we had gotten the pope we DESERVE, we would now have Pope Snoop Dogg.

    And thus ends the positivity…..

    Francis, like his homeland of Argentina, is a total disaster. He has overseen the near-total destruction of the Church in Argentina. He hates and despises the Tridentine Mass, which is to say that he hates the Mass – let’s not mince words, and is a rabid persecutor of anyone in Argentina who shows ANY signs of tradition. A priest in Argentina literally risks the end of his career if he wears a cassock in public. He has forbidden the Tridentine Mass in Argentina, which is an act of direct disobedience, specifically against the papal decree Summorum Pontificum, but embraces horrific “charismatic” and “Superfun Rockband”-type liturgical sacrilege.

    Which brings us to his
    regard for the papacy, and the Church itself. He said yesterday in his bizarre
    little speech, again and again, that he was the Bishop of Rome, which is true,
    but in being the Bishop of Rome the pope is the head of the Universal Church,
    not just the city of Rome. Francis does not believe this, and even made a
    reference to the idea that the pope is “first among equals”. This means that he
    regards the Church as a mere loose confederacy, and also that he thinks the
    Church is, or should be, a democracy. The proof of this is, again, his blatant
    disobedience to Summorum Pontificum. He will never do anything to clean up the
    sodomite infiltrators in the Church outside of Rome because he doesn’t feel that
    the pope has any authority outside of Rome. Bottom line here: many bishops and
    archbishops have been kept in line over the past eight years because Benedict
    was relatively aggressive in booting out extremely bad bishops. Benedict was
    feared in a healthy way. This guy is basically the big green light to every
    Marxist-homosexualist to just go ahead and do whatever, because they know
    Francis will never remove them or even chastise them, because Francis doesn’t
    believe that the pope has any universal authority and is merely the bishop of
    the city of Rome proper – at least that is the excuse that will be given when
    nothing is done about abuses and heresies **that Francis is sympathetic

    BUT, like all insecure leaders who say that they reject
    authority and obedience, reports from Buenos Aires are that he is an iron-fisted
    totalitarian against traditionalists, precisely because he has no confidence in
    or respect for his own authority, and thus assumes that no one else does either,
    and thus wields power against his perceived enemies only from brute force.
    Again, this is TEXTBOOK 20th century Marxist worldview and psychology. It is
    also the diametrical opposite of the virtue of MEEKNESS, which is power under

    Next, he is an “ecu-maniac”, which is to say that he is in the
    “all religions are equal and can’t we all just get along” camp. In Buenos Aires
    he knelt before and received the “blessing” of a Superfun Rockband Church
    “pastor”, and even received “communion” from a Protestant. There are pictures
    floating around of that episode. This is terrifying. He clearly does not have a
    strong belief in or understanding of Our Lord, His Church, the Mass or the Real
    Presence of Our Lord in the Eucharist. But, as I have stated repeatedly, almost
    none of the men ordained in the 1960s, 70s or 80s do.

    Next, he’s a
    Jesuit. Now, I must disclose that I have a deep personal, seething, visceral
    hatred of Jesuits, but my hatred of them is a corollary to the fact that they
    long ago descended into truly evil heresies and apostasy. Jesuits, in addition
    to being a cult of sodomites who hate God, are also … wait for it … Marxists.
    Now Francis has in the past put up some token resistance to so-called
    “Liberation theology”, which is just Communist Totalitarianism in religious
    drag, but he is huge, huge, huge on “social justice”, which is merely code for
    Marxism. This guy’s worldview revolves around giving people free stuff because
    it’s nice, which as we have discussed is contrary to logic and reason,
    specifically in the subset of mathematics, and thus is contrary to Our Lord who
    is FIRST the Logos, with the Divine Caritas (charity) proceeding out of the
    Logos. Bottom line, there will be zero positive assistance to the world from
    Francis with regards to the inevitable economic collapse. Not only will there be
    nothing helpful coming from him, he will almost certainly come out in favor of
    more debt, more “free stuff”, and more rhetoric about how people are “entitled”
    to physical and service commodities (which are someone else’s man-hours,
    remember) as “rights”.

    But Ann! He has gone on record against homosexual “marriage” and abortion!

    Wow. Is this really how far we have sunk? The
    Roman pontiff is on record as being against sodomy and killing babies and we
    cite this as proof of ORTHODOXY? Really? I wonder if he also believes in
    gravity. Does belief in gravity constitute a conservative worldview now?

    Benedict thought that between the “Natural Solution” (the passage of
    time yielding the death or retirement of the bad guys) and the appointments he
    was able to make over the last eight years that he had set up the College of
    Cardinals to elect a successor that was very much in the Ratzingerian camp.
    Benedict was wrong. Not only did they not elect a Ratzingerian, they elected the
    anti-Ratzinger. In the 2005 conclave Francis came in second to Ratzinger, which
    is to say that Francis was the “opposition”. In what must have Benedict’s mind
    reeling today, after eight years of purging and priming the College of
    Cardinals, the very men Ratzinger placed turned around and elected the
    anti-Ratzinger. This proves, as I have said all along, that playing prevent
    defense, namely the “natural solution” of waiting for the bad guys to die is
    UNSOUND. In war, you fix your bayonets, say your prayers, and you charge.

    Tridentine Mass-goers and clergy, this guy will be on the warpath
    against us at some point. Prepare. Brace. He may attempt to undo Summorum
    Pontificum either directly or through intense passive aggression. Any hopes of
    reconciling the good guys in the SSPX is now totally over. Beyond that, the
    splinter factions will now claim that “they were right”, and sadly even more
    schism will result, and more people will remain outside the Church. So sad.

    We got what we deserved, and probably better than we deserve. God’s
    chastisement of His people is sending them bad priests, bishops, and now, in all
    likelihood, a bad pope. What do you expect? Look around. The world is awash in
    staggering sin and blasphemy and no one will lift a finger to do anything about
    it. And, as my last essay on penance proved via my email box, no one is sorry or
    has any desire to make reparation to Our Lord for any of it. No one has the
    slightest comprehension of the notion of taking on the burden of guilt for sins
    that they didn’t directly commit, which blows my mind because that is LITERALLY
    the ENTIRE POINT of the Incarnation. The mind reels at the collective obtuseness
    needed to miss that glaring point…

    No one has the slightest comprehension of the idea of seeing Our Lord in agony and simply stepping over to Him and asking, “What can I do to help You? What can I do to make You feel better? Let me take some of Your burden. Let me go with You.”

    Nope. So long as we all leave Him alone in His Passion, He will leave us to our
    self-absorption and indifference.

  • LimeyAL

    Only Christians should be allowed to come west, and besides if these people are so desperate to get out of Muslim the muslim rat holes that have blighted their existence so far surely they would be willing to convert to Christianity in order to live a decent civilised life.

  • Truth Triumphs

    Seems Pope doesn’t Know, ‘All that Glitters is Not Gold’. Really there is No Refugee Problem. The Muslim Migrants to Europe are not Refugees but Jihadis to Islamise Europe.
    Who knows, in the History, Future Generation may have to Study, about this Pope, as the Church Head pushing Rome into the Fate of Constantinople.

  • Dicedealer64

    This pope is the architect of doom for the Catholic Church. Their fall is imminent and it is exactly what their pope wants. He is as anti catholic as Obama is anti American.

  • Jersey Mike

    As this Pope asks us to provide shelter for our own executioners, I’d like to know how many he is taking in at the Vatican? Just asking…

  • St. Michael Defend Us

    This Pope just has one heck of a nerve telling Catholics to take in refugees. Next, yes, he’ll be telling Canadians and the USA to take them in, too. As if they haven’t been already. As long as I can remember, local churches and synagogues have been sponsoring REAL refugees- the ones who could escape from behind the Iron Curtain for example, now the ME. They help them get settled, get employment, show them how to go shopping, get around locally, and get English lessons. This has been going on for as long as I can remember.
    I do not want the Church spending my donations funds on these phony refugees, and I do not want Obama spending my tax money. We have a homeless problem in my area, and our local churches have programs to house and feed the homeless. We have a food bank for hungry people and many religious organizations have soup kitchens and food ministries. If we have to bring in and house these refugees, what will happen to our other programs? They will be stretched further and the homeless and needy will be kicked to the curb.
    How about the Pope ship some of these refugees off to Argentina?
    The only advantage I can see to each church taking in ONE refugee would be to keep them separated and isolated so they cannot work together to riot and take over. In isolation, maybe someone can pop them off one by one- accidently on purpose.

  • Objective Thinker

    pictures say a thousand words don’t they?

  • 1PierreMontagne1

    Seems that in short order we need a book tiled;
    “The life and times of Pope Francis or the Pope who went insane”

  • Mark Anthony

    57 Muslim states won’t take one refugee. What do you think that means? Is it a planned invasion and a war on Christianity? Very very likely terrorist just got a free pass. Give aid to the Muslims but what about the thousands of Christians beheaded and made to convert and thousands more impregnated as slaves. Yeah stupid stupid politicians can’t see throw the forest. Complete idiocy. Trump find a Patton cause we are going to need one very very soon.

  • disqus_aROVQ5HitJ

    So let me get this straight; this Pope is encouraging the Vatican and churches across Europe to house ‘MUSLIM’ refugees, nonbelievers in Christianity, who want to destroy or forcibly convert Christians????? Even the most non violent Muslims I have ever met want to destroy Christianity by conversion rather than violence! All the while there are hundreds of thousands of Christians all over the world including Syria and Iraq who are being persecuted killed and the women kidnapped and raped!!!! Which one of these Christian refugees is this traitor going to rescue, house and help oh I forgot apparently none!!!! has the world just gone mad???? This has been the worst two Popes in history one after the other, the guy who resigned and now this NUT and I’m a Catholic although maybe not much longer if my church leader prefers a false religion over its own and ignores helpless Christian refugees!

  • Aussie

    This Marxist ,”Professional South American Peasant” is a Loon.

    If only he were, he knows exactly what he is saying and why, he, like so many “Christian Church Leaders” have surrendered to the UN’s Satan on earth, Islam, and believes that come the “Revolution” he, like so many like him will be spared what he knows is the fate of those he claims to represent should his new best friends achieve their objectives.

  • bob e

    god bless you, on this solemn day, pam. thanks for all you do ..

  • lizwagner2

    Clearly, the folks at the top of this planet’s food chain made a decision some years ago to get the Muslims of the Middle East to disperse themselves throughout the West. Why would they do something so stupid? Presumably, we’re all supposed to become Muslim automatons, good at obeying rules and not asking too many questions.

  • Lazerus Long

    This Pope, when he was a Cardinal in Buenos Aires did not have any Church, or Church office. He was a free agent in the slums of BA. I, as a Catholic, cannot understand where he is coming from. Just remember, the Pope only speaks with the authority of Jesus when he is speaking about something directly related to the Catholic Church or Catholic Religion. Otherwise, he only has the authority of the smallest country in the world and in many cases either you or have a better understanding of what he is talking about. He is in the process of creating a grind swell in the Catholic Church that could very well cause a schism deviding the Church into 2 different factions. This has not happened since Martin Luther did in the 15th century.

  • jupiter

    where are four Syrian families to be put up in Vatican that Pope Francis wanted to house? where are Syrian families Bob Geldof wanted to house? Something is cooking and idk what it is and idk what outcome will be but Germany will again be in trouble and i don’t like it. Something not quite right about arab spring and mass migration from other illegals joining band wagon. something doesn’t feel right. I pray I am wrong but ………

  • Suchery Robin

    Don’t do it flock. He is an antipope.

  • Wolfman

    Obamas payback to America for allowing slavery and other social injustices and if Obama gets his way importing Islam Muslim so called refugees,terrorists the same thing will happen in the USA


    I am Catholic and I don’t care what Pope Francis says about Catholics helping out refugees. The only refugees I can see myself helping are the Christians who were being killed off by the Muslims in Arabic countries. This is a total invasion, mostly by young man and their young jihadi wives. Their goal is to bring ISLAM INTO EUROPE PERMENANTELY, TO GET OUR FUTURE GENERATIONS TO CONVERT TO THEIR CULTIST RELGION AND TO DESTROY CHRISTIANITY. For many years white Catholic Central Europeans have faced discrimination by Germans, French, British governments yet these same governments took hundred of thousands Muslims, Arabs, Indians and Pakistanis in during the 1990s. An Arab or Turk can speak their language in Germany, if your caught speaking Polish in Germany you can be fined. Western Europe has asked for Terrorism to happen on its soil, their obsession with multiculturalism and acceptance of non-Christians has all proved deadly. If Malachi’s prophecies are accurate- the end of the world is coming, and Pope Francis maybe the anti-Christ pope or the last pope of Rome. I am proud of my Polish government and Conservative President Duda for not taking MUSLIM migrants into our homeland. As a Pole, right now the safest place is to stay put in Poland unless Russia invades us- well then God helps us all!!!!

  • Patti York

    allowing muslim prayer and reading from the koran AT the Vatican tells me all that I need to know about this guy.

  • Peter Shaw

    What I really dont get is this man is meant to believe that Jesus was the Christ. If he believes that he has a duty to state that later revelations such as Islam are not from God and therefore must be diabolical. He is quite entitled to believe differently. He has freedom of conscience. But in that case he is under a duty to state that he does not believe in Christian teaching

  • Mark Jones

    He is am absolute traitor to the Christian people. Long will he be hated.

  • Scott Tactical

    Dang it. People stop sending me links. Although the conspiratard comments are pretty entertaining. I should start my own.

  • juliathemechanic

    And Progressivism kills Catholicism with a thud. I was born to very religious, Catholic parents. At one point, they both simply refused to go to church and I wondered why. They said “Vatican 2.” Vatican 2 was the growing Progressive/ Communist wave within the Catholic church. There’s no two ways about it, Progressives kill everything they touch. Pope Francis is a Communist, not a Catholic, and certainly not a pope. The Catholic Church should be ashamed.

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