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[ January 20, 2018 ]

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[ January 20, 2018 ]

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[ January 19, 2018 ]

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[ January 19, 2018 ]

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[ January 19, 2018 ]

Bangladesh: Man arrested for posting images criticizing Qur’an on Facebook

9th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals Upholds Sharia Ruling: FBI “Faces of Global Terrorism” Ads Banned


The clowns on the 9th Circuit court have ruled that an FBI global terrorism want ad poster cannot run because it might upset Muslims.

Back in 2013,  the FBI was running a terrorism awareness campaign featuring bus ads depicting photos of sixteen of the world’s Most Wanted Terrorists.


This was a publicity campaign sponsored by the Joint Terrorism Task Force for the State Department’s Rewards for Justice (RFJ) program. The ad featured the world’s leading global terrorists. All but one were Muslim. Islamic supremacists and their leftist lapdogs demanded the want-ad come down, claiming it was insulting to Muslims. The FBI caved and pulled the Seattle-area bus ads featuring the “Faces of Global Terrorism” after receiving complaints “that the ads stereotype Muslims.”
My organization, AFDI, believed this public awareness message was critical to national security and should run. We are constantly being clubbed with the “moderate Muslim” meme, so why would they object? Why would “moderate Muslims” provide cover for jihad-terror? Why indeed.

AFDI submitted  a carbon copy of the FBI to run on Seattle transit. The cowards at Seattle King Metro refused to run the ad, claiming it was disparaging to Muslims. Reality is disparaging to Muslims?

We sued Seattle King Metro. The liberal-fascists in Seattle sided with the supremacists. We appealed to the clowns on the notorious 9th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals. They, as expected, ruled in favor of sharia and supremacism.

We will appeal to the US Supreme Court.


fbi afdi ad

Of all the free speech legal battles I am embroiled in, this one is the most absurd. It illustrates the crippling submission and capitulation of government authorities to Islamic supremacist demands.

“Senseless in Seattle: Pamela Geller anti-terror ad causes new fireworks”

The headline reads “anti-Muslim” when in fact we are anti-jihad, but quisling members of the mainstream media can’t say that — because most folks are anti-jihad.

“Federal court: Anti-Muslim group can’t post ads on buses,” By Martha Bellisle, The Associated Press via Seattle Times, August 12, 2015

A federal appeals court has upheld a ruling against an anti-Muslim group that wanted to post advertisements on King County Metro buses.
SEATTLE (AP) — A federal appeals court says an anti-Muslim group can’t post ads on Washington state buses showing photos of terrorists and saying the FBI offers a $25 million reward for their capture.

The 9th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals on Wednesday rejected the claim by the American Freedom Defense Initiative that King County violated its free-speech rights.

The group sought to display an ad with 16 photographs and a “Faces of Global Terrorism” tagline. King County Metro Transit rejected it, saying the ad failed to meet its policy guidelines, which include that ads be accurate.

The court agreed that the FBI claim was false, saying the bureau doesn’t offer rewards and the State Department offers only $5 million for the capture of a pictured terrorist.

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Lawyer David Yerushalmi said the group will appeal to the U.S. Supreme Court.

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  • Jim McCormack

    Political Correct suicide by the most Liberal Court in the world. Too bad we lost 300,000 men in the Pacific to keep the Japanese from taking the West Coast. America
    would be better with out it. They’re all Communist anyway.

  • Alkimos

    In the future Japan will be the only safe country left in the world…they wont allow those mongrel camel jockeys in…and good on them…they can see the writing on the wall.

    • Rae

      100,000 muslims in japan do you homework

      • vincent bruce

        10,000 muslims is a high estimate. One imam in Tokyo, no immigration.
        127,000,000 Japanese
        Muslims considered ignorant.

        • olyllattoka

          work at home $509.96./day




        • lucky Japan

    • karl59

      The Japanese are smart!!!!!

  • my quotes

    Lol…. you’ll get the same reaction at the supreme court… if Muslims didn’t exist you’d be a prostitute… enjoy.

    • vincent bruce

      If islam didn’t exist what would we do?
      You’d like to pay cash to be with a lady, would you?
      M.Q. you are a tramp!

      • Agent153Orange

        If Islam didn’t exist we’d all be SAFE and all the 9/11 victims would still be ALIVE!

        • KimWilde

          Agent, if our govt. didn’t have moslums to blame it on it might not have happened. You really believe the govt. conspiracy theory ? Really ?

          • Agent153Orange

            And how much are the desert monkeys paying you to spread your MALICIOUS LIES over the internet?!

          • KimWilde

            You really are a sheeple aren’t you ? Do you believe everything told to you without doing any research? Try reading a book that the 9-11 supposed “truthers” hate. It asks a simple question “Where Did The Towers Go” by Dr. Judy Woods.

          • Agent153Orange

            Judy Wood is a LIAR — she FLAT-OUT LIED about the amount of debris produced during the collapse, I saw the photos and there was RUBBLE ALL OVER THE PLACE!!!

          • KimWilde

            Did you read the book or did you just listen to the talking heads ?if you can read you would possibly understand the logistics of the total mass. You might also understand the points she makes to question the conspiracy theory put forth by the govt.
            I do like your music and video selections. We are on the same side but the govt. isn’t our friend!

          • Agent153Orange

            I’ve read the synopsis, and that’s enough — in it she said that there was “very little debris” in the basements, and I know FROM THE PHOTOS that this is a BLATANT LIE!

          • KimWilde

            The synopsis written by 9-11 truthers who hate her ? Even if it was true that the 5 stories of basements were packed full of debris, where is all of the rest of the buildings ? Oh, and I guess that you believe that building 7 collapsed due to fire ? REALLY ? If you believe that than you really are prime for the loss of FREEDOMS BECAUSE ITS FOR YOUR OWN GOOD!

          • Agent153Orange

            The synopsis SHE HERSELF wrote on Amazon, you fucking liar! As to where’s the rest of the buildings — it was in a HUGE PILE OF RUBBLE on top of the foundations and spread across the whole fucking plaza as well as a few city blocks around! And yes, Building 7 DID collapse due to fire!

          • KimWilde

            I’ll forgive you for your lack of language since you do state that you’re suffering from agent orange! As far as the synopsis either state where you read it or realize that she has many enemies that write against her. As far as building 7 collapsing from fire I want to thank you for starting my day off with a great laugh. You remind me of the people who got on the bus to be safe @ the superbowl during Katrina. PT Barnum described you to a tee ! Find the book and look at the complete photos or shut up. Reading it would be much better but maybe the photos might be all you can handle.

          • Agent153Orange

            Here’s the damn synopsis: And yes, Building 7 DID collapse from fire, and I DID look at the complete photos of the 9/11 disaster — so I have NO NEED to read the book because I know it’s all LIES!

          • IslamDownpressesHumanity

            Yeah, all the hundreds or thousands of witnesses who saw two 757’s hit the twin towers were just hallucinating, as were the thousands of peeps who personally saw the mountains of rubble where the twin towers were. So where did those 4 757’s go on 9-11? Mars? Where did the passengers on-board those planes go? Saturn?

        • Rae

          Not to mention all the people they have killed over the last 1400 years and the ones they will kill tomorrow.

          • Agent153Orange

            Exactly! They destroyed entire civilizations, and will stop at NOTHING to destroy EVERYONE who’s not like them!

      • Uselesscrap

        You shuold send your head to ISIS. Got a knife?

        • vincent bruce

          It’s up your anus and around the corner.
          You are not catching on to me, I think.
          What’s your issue with me.

      • Ajay

        If Islam didnt exist more than 100 million hindus killed would have lived full lives. All the Armenians in Turkey would have survived, ..

        want the list loser ?

        • vincent bruce

          My attempt at sarcasm has been taken the wrong way twice now.
          I would love it if islam is exterminated like in Japan.

          • Ajay

            hahaha next time put the words sarcasm in brackets LOL !

    • IslamIsTyranny

      If muslims didn’t exist the ongoing ethnic cleansing of non-muslims from izlamic states would stop — as would the worldwide izlamic terrorism. The world would instantly be a more peaceful place w/o pi$$lam — especially in Israel and India. FO musswein scumbag.

    • KimWilde

      if you stopped and realized that you needed JESUS as your SAVIOR, you could guarantee yourself eternal happiness. I pray that GOD will open your eyes and send someone to help you.

      • vincent bruce

        No guarantees
        Without mercy

    • Uselesscrap

      You are a pig. And an asswipe.

  • Ajay

    Terrorists have no religion!

    moslems are not terrorists, but 99% of terrorists are moslems .. beat that!

    • Betty4440

      and that is 99% of all muslims.

  • ArnoldLayne

    I have just sent an email to editor at the Seattle Times:

    Sent: Wednesday, August 12, 2015 6:52 PM
    To: ‘’
    Subject: Martha Bellisle

    Ms Best,

    In the following story today by Martha Bellisle,
    both in the title and the body of the article repeatedly
    refers to the American Freedom Defense Initiative, AFDI, as an ‘anti-Muslim’ group.

    It is by definition and by fact an anti-jihad group that has
    no animus towards Muslims.

    How can you print these smears, not even couched in
    ‘alleged’, which are indicative of yellow journalism.

    Shouldn’t your newspaper report facts, not smears?

    In addition, it is the policy of the US federal government,
    that so-called Islamist Jihadis and other terrorists are not Muslim, but are
    Violent Extremists.

    Please respond.

    Thank you,

    • Don’t buy barbaric halal food

      Very well done, please print their response (if any)

    • Excellent. Now go for Bellisle’s Twitter and Facebook pages.

  • Saiful Rimkeit

    I heard from some that the FBI use to collaborate with the Longshoremen and Mafia to catch Nazis as they entered the U.S. by port during WW2. Perhaps the FBI can bypass the Courts today by hiring “consultants ” and “contractors” again during WW3. Judges should be made fully aware this is WW3.

    • Glen Benjamin

      During WW2 crime boss lucky Luciano kept the docks safe in NYC from the nazis. He was deported to Italy but had his guys keep the ports safe.

      • Saiful Rimkeit

        Thank you very much for providing the name. Sometimes I forget historical names and/or have to search, so I sometimes write in generalities. Always good to be accurate.
        I forget the deportation detail. In retrospect, he must have made a good deal with the U.S. Government. Hit The Road, Luciano…

    • Rae

      Judges are part of the problem.. they are away with the fairies most of the time.

  • Agent153Orange

    The Terrorism Task Force should simply ignore this ruling — under the Authorization for Use of Military Force, anti-terrorist operations approved by the President are EXEMPT from judicial review! And they should also arrest the 9th Circus for supporting terrorism!

  • Daniel Diamond

    Pamela best not to call senior judges of the 9th Circuit court,clowns.

    Does not win you any points anywhere.

    Focus on their verdict and explain why it is wrong.Focus on the ball not the man.

    • KimWilde

      Daniel, you’re so correct. Ms. Geller shouldn’t call the flaming idiots “clowns” @ the ninth court of insanity.

      • Michael Garfinkel


        A more fitting way to address members of the Ninth Circuit would entail the use of the Latin “Podex perfectus es.”

        • KimWilde

          Michael, great mock Latin ! Yes, they are !

    • Thaaff

      Why not, Daniel? The 9th Circuit Court is definately a ridiculous group of clowns! Those so-called Justices are morally and intellectually bankrupt! They should be totally disbanded as a group of traitors! You go, Pamela!

  • marlene

    The 9th circuit is historically on the wrong side of right. If muslims are offended because we find them offensive, what’s the offense?

    • Lia

      Of course the ad stereotypes muslims, just as they do themselves, by their actions.

  • Rae

    Call a spade a spade – a muslim is a jihadist

  • vincent bruce

    When Mr. Trump is president he can hire Japanese experts on islam to help guide our cultural relations with islam, instead of obama’s moslem experts.

    No halal, no mosks, no burqas, no koran, no gathering in groups.
    No problems with islam in Japan.
    No terror saves lives.
    Non muslim lives matter.

    • Sandra VanFredenberg

      Dump the Trump! Trump certainly talks tough on China, jobs, and trade, but he doesn’t back it up with his own actions – while many manufacturers fight to Make it in America in spite of the odds. You think if Trump were President he would start making, buying American made products! Not!

      • vincent bruce

        Says he wants American Cars to be made in America, not korea, japan, and mexico.
        80% of all industry is related to automobiles, rubber, glass, steel, parts, assembly, roads, bridges, etc. etc.
        Mr. Trump is a skillful man, turn him loose on the cavemen around the world, he is out of their league.

    • There won’t be a fair election because Obama is fast tracking citizenship to his millions of invaders so their votes will be legal. I don’t know why this is not becoming common knowledge faster, but here is more to read.

  • disqus_HlH4Faibhw

    Actually I can’t make up my mind if the ninth circuit is muslim supremacist or islamophobic. What’s the difference between posting these pictures or the pictures of public enemy number one? Or the ten most wanted? Or any pictures of any criminals on the run every day??? It’s offensive now to report a crime??? Are they saying muslims don’t want you to report terrorism????

    Uh… Yeah… Sounds islamophobic to me.

  • Jack

    The Media labels the AFDI every time to obfuscate and deflect from from the central character in the article. We need to some incorporate in the quotes given so that it can’t be edited out “Hamas supporting CAIR” “unindicted co-conspirator CAIR” “terror listed organization CAIR in the UAE”. There must be a way to interweave this into a quote whereby it won’t be possible to remove

  • Bo

    I love how MSM characterizes free speech and truth as “Anti-Muslim” They have already drank the CAIR KoolAid!

  • Glen Benjamin

    How can you identify wanted terrorists if you do not know what they look like. You and FBI doing a public service. It shows how dumb many of these judges are.

  • Instead of stomping on Mooslim terrorism and sharia, liberals are sustaining it. Which is why we must stamp out liberals and liberalism. SAVE AMERICA!

    • Thaaff

      You are so right! Liberals are traitors who have no business even calling themselves Americans! The entire democrat party should be done away with once and for all, and if muslims are offended at anything we say, TOUGH! Offending muslims is a good thing! We all need to keep on offending them until they leave this country!

  • Dick Ellis


  • Mr Paul Middleton

    Note how Mozlems didn’t perform their usual stunt, and issue death threats to the FBI for slandering Islam! That’s a big, big shame and a missed opportunity!

  • How much did Big Oil grease everyone’s palms to get that decision? Including the writer of the Seattle article, Martha Bellisle. She needs a visit on her Fb and Twitter page.

  • karl59

    Does this 9th circuit give a rip that Islamic terrorists
    are killing Americans?

  • Edward Lewis

    The 9th Circus Court: Justice is not only blind, but on the Left Coast it is also deaf and dumb.

  • Jaem

    If the Muslim population are offended that the top most wanted terrorists are Muslim, then maybe they should be offended by what they believe as well.

  • Raphael ben Avraham

    These judges need to be hung.

  • Christine

    “The court agreed that the FBI claim was false, saying the bureau doesn’t
    offer rewards and the State Department offers only $5 million for the
    capture of a pictured terrorist.”
    Your own article states the reason for the rejection which doesn’t jibe with your “The liberal-fascists in Seattle sided with the supremacists. We appealed to the clowns on the notorious 9th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals. They, as expected, ruled in favor of sharia and supremacism.”
    Obviously, your ad isn’t accurate. Fix the inaccuracies, and problem solved, no?
    I also wonder why you want to run this ad in Seattle. Do you think any of these terrorists reside in the United States and that people in Seattle will track them down? What’s your point, really? I’m not defending the terrorists. I honestly am curious as to why you are spending money on something that isn’t going to accomplish anything concrete.
    Accurate information on terrorists and rewards is readily available, so there is no excuse for getting it wrong.

    • mohdanga

      Why should someone have to justify their reasoning for running an ad, whether in Seattle or elsewhere?? Maybe it’s to wake people up to the fact that,notwithstanding the Muslim-in-Chief and the rest of his minions prattling on that ‘Islam has nothing to do with terrorism’, that the vast majority of these terrorists are Muslim.

    • mohdanga

      Actually, you should do a little research. The Rewardsforjustice has an ‘up to $25 million reward’ for one of these scumbag terrorists so if she had said that the State Dept was offering this would the ad have been OK in your eyes? Or is this still ‘insulting’ to Muslims?

  • vincent bruce

    If someone captured one of them, would they receive a reward, if so Pam has provided a valuable service.
    It is unconstitutional to prevent citizens from performing a valuable public service
    No slander is present
    Except the judge’s, accusing Pam of being anti-persons instead of anti murderers

    • Thaaff

      I think that nine out of ten judges should be summarily removed from the bench, since they are nothing but puppets of the left! True justice is a joke to them; if you doubt my assessment, and if you live in Washington State, just drop in on any Family Court in progress and you will totally see what anti-family, anti-mother institutions they really are! You will be disgusted, I promise! The great northwest is very beautiful, but is sadly a liberal enclave; actually, this can be said about the entire west (left) coast….what a waste!

  • Thaaff

    Y’all might be glad to hear this, as I am….the Holy Bible describes very clearly events that will be upcoming in the near future! Biblical Prophesy totally spells out how World War 111 will come about, and it’s a whole lot closer than many think! This is not the same as the War of Armageddon, which is a little further down the road. It will be during that time that God Almighty is going to directly intervene, since that battle signals the end of the age, during which time EVERY jihadist will be utterly destroyed, and the description of it is pretty gruesome! The Bible, in the book of Revelation, tells how their faces will melt, how their eyeballs will then drop back into their skulls, and how their tongues will cleave to the roofs of their mouths from intense heat (must be nuclear), and how the flesh of their entire bodies will melt right off even as they stand! EEEW! That ain’t good! In the end, these muslims will definately get what’s coming to them! Even yesterday, they blew up a little baby just to demonstrate their latest suicide-bomber apparatus….these “people” are totally sub-human!!

  • Phelony Jones

    When did “Might” become an issue at law?

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