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You Won’t Believe Today’s The New York Times Front Page


The New York Times dedicated its front page to the questionable discovery of a long lost Quran in, of all places, the UK.

The New York Times blew up their front page in order to maximize the opportunity to report on something (anything!) Islamic other than slaughter, oppression and persecution — no matter how silly and dubious the story.

Islamic scholar Robert Spencer explains:

NY Times: Qur’an manuscript discovery “a joyful moment for a faith that has struggled”

birmingham quranThere is a great deal that is questionable about this “discovery,” as I showed in this article. Nonetheless, the mainstream media is making a big deal of it, and this effusion of unbridled New York Times front page enthusiasm warrants closer examination. Clearly mainstream media outlets see this as a chance to write positively about Islam — a chance they seldom, if ever, pass up — and to present their favorite religion in a favorable light, and so who cares if the story is full of holes? Obviously they don’t, as you will see below.

“A Find in Britain: Quran Fragments Perhaps as Old as Islam,” by Dan Bilefsky, New York Times, July 22, 2015:

…The ancient pieces of manuscript, estimated to be at least 1,370 years old, offered a moment of unity, and insight, for the world’s 1.6 billion Muslims. Professor Thomas said it provided tantalizing clues to help settle a scholarly dispute about whether the holy text was actually written down at the time of the prophet, or compiled years later after being passed down by word of mouth. The discovery also offered a joyful moment for a faith that has struggled with internal divisions and external pressures.

Oh, and international jihad terrorism carried out in its name and in accord with its teachings, but the Times doesn’t see fit to mention that.

Muslims believe Muhammad received the revelations that form the Quran, the scripture of Islam, between 610 and 632, the year of his death. Professor Thomas said tests by the Oxford Radiocarbon Accelerator Unit indicated with a probability of more than 94 percent that the parchment dated from 568 to 645….

568 to 645. Muhammad is supposed to have lived between 570 and 632, and as the Times says, to have received the Qur’anic “revelations” between 610 and 632. So if this fragment dates from between 568 and 645, it could just as easily be part of a pre-Islamic source of the Qur’an as of the Qur’an itself — particularly because suras 18-20, the portion covered in this fragment, contain a great deal of material derived from the Jewish and Christian traditions, and from other sources as well. This is an extraordinarily intriguing and important possibility, but the Times gives no hint of it whatsoever.

Tom Holland, the author of “In the Shadow of the Sword,” which charts the origins of Islam, said the discovery in Birmingham bolstered scholarly conclusions that the Quran attained something close to its final form during Muhammad’s lifetime.

No, it doesn’t. The only thing it actually establishes is that this portion of suras 18-20 existed near or during the time Muhammad is supposed to have lived. That it was part of the Qur’an at that time is taken for granted by Holland and the Times, but there is actually no evidence for it: there isn’t even any mention of the Qur’an’s existence in the contemporary literature until some fifty years after the outer-limit date of 645 for this fragment — a fact that is extremely uncomfortable for those who accept the canonical Islamic account that has the Qur’an complete by 632 and collected and circulating by 653. If it was known in this period, why does no one ever quote or even refer to it?

He said the fragments did not resolve the controversial questions of where, why and how the manuscript was compiled, or how its various suras, or chapters, came to be combined in a single volume.

Consisting of two parchment leaves, the manuscript in Birmingham contains parts of what are now Chapters 18 to 20. For years, the manuscript had been mistakenly bound with leaves of a similar Quran manuscript.

Saud al-Sarhan, the director of research at the King Faisal Center for Research and Islamic Studies in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, said he doubted that the manuscript found in Birmingham was as old as the researchers claimed, noting that its Arabic script included dots and separated chapters — features that were introduced later. He also said that dating the skin on which the text was written did not prove when it was written. Manuscript skins were sometimes washed clean and reused later, he said.

This is one of the very few dissenting notes in the entire Times piece. It is exactly the point I made yesterday: the parchment could have been reused, so that it dates from between 568 and 645 but the writing on it doesn’t. And we learn here another salient detail: “its Arabic script included dots and separated chapters — features that were introduced later.” The Guardian reported yesterday that “the significance of Birmingham’s leaves, which hold part of Suras (chapters) 18 to 20, was missed because they were bound together with another text, in a very similar hand but written almost 200 years later.”

A very similar hand. What is the likelihood of this: that these manuscript pages get bound up with another text, and that text is not only written in a “very similar hand,” but the ancient pages contain features that weren’t introduced until later? Handwriting styles change over time; how likely is it that this text from the seventh century that was so far-seeing as to contain features that weren’t introduced until the ninth century was also written in a handwriting style that was for years taken as coming from 200 years later?

Professor Thomas said the text of the two folio pages studied by Ms. Fedeli, who received her doctorate this month, corresponded closely to the text of the modern Quran. But he cautioned that the manuscript was only a small portion of the Quran and therefore did not offer conclusive proof.

“Corresponded closely” — that is, the correspondence is not exact. That again calls into question whether this is really a Qur’an manuscript at all, and not that of a source of the Qur’an, but the Times barrels on, quoting Omid Safi, an extremely arrogant and puffed-up pseudo-academic who once stooped so low as to claim I threatened to kill him and his family (have me arrested if what you say is true, Omid):

Omid Safi, the director of the Duke Islamic Studies Center and the author of “Memories of Muhammad: Why the Prophet Matters,” said that the discovery of the manuscript provided “further evidence for the position of the classical Islamic tradition that the Quran as it exists today is a seventh-century document.”

Once again, this is assuming that the fragment came from a Qur’an, and not from a source of the Qur’an. But don’t expect as dishonest an Islamic supremacist ideologue as Safi to acknowledge that.

The manuscript is in Hijazi script, an early form of written Arabic, and researchers said the fragments could be among the earliest textual evidence of the holy book known to survive.

A manuscript from the University of Tübingen Library in Germany was found last year and sourced to the seventh century, 20 to 40 years after the death of the prophet. Fragments from Tübingen were radiocarbon-tested by a lab in Zurich and determined with 95 percent certainty to have originated from 649 to 675, making the Birmingham text a few years older.

The Tübingen manuscript shows signs of heavy editing; see the photo here.

…Graham Bench, director of the Center for Accelerator Mass Spectrometry at Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory, concurred, and added a caveat: “You’re dating the parchment,” he said. “You’re not dating the ink. You’re making the assumption that the parchment or vellum was used within years of it being made, which is probably a reasonable assumption, but it’s not watertight.”


…Professor Thomas said that the discovery could make Birmingham a draw for Muslims and scholars. But he noted that Muslims did not require a text to feel close to the Quran because for many, it was essentially an oral experience to be recited, memorized and revered.

“The Quran,” he said, “is already present in the minds of Muslims.”

And for those who take seriously its commands to kill or subjugate unbelievers, beat disobedient women, take Infidel sex slaves, etc., that’s precisely the problem.

IMG_6246.JPG copy


  • IndigoRed

    Parchment was very expensive 1,370 years ago and were often recycled by scraping the surface of previous writing to be written on again. Many written forgeries, mostly Christian Gospels, have been on ancient parchments with inks not available in the right time period. Being expensive, parchment space wasn’t wasted with empty areas. That’s why ancient script on parchment is small and crowded. The writing on this parchment is huge and lacks illumination, the decorative border to fill the space. It’s a complete waste of parchment for a holy manuscript. It’s a total fake, a more modern forgery.

    • IslamDownpressesHumanity

      How appropriate, considering pi$$lam is a fake, a forgery of revelation.

    • Judi

      This was my first thought too. it’s probably a propaganda trick by the media to try to prove that pisslam was actually a culture and that muzzrats were actually residing in the UK 1400 years ago so therefore they have every right to be here now. The fact that the NYT have it on their front page shows just how low they have sunk!

      • Dilip

        I was just going to state this. And now they can say Islam was part of the British culture, right from the pre-medieval age. What a propaganda!

  • Hugh Lunn

    Our spiritually sick elites alternate between idolizing Bruce Jenner and prostrating themselves before the scraps of Mohammedanism.

    • Sickofliberallies

      Well stated!

    • cerberus

      When it comes to progressive culture even the Kardashers are getting left behind now.

      • disqus_HlH4Faibhw

        If only. I can’t open a browser without seeing kardashikunts and afrohubbies all over the place. Sorry.. Not making a racial dig. It just seems to me that the white female/black male hookups are all the fashion in Hollyhood… I mean.. Hollywood. These relationships happen in real life too. Nothing against it. It just seems to be an attention seeking device there in Hollyhood…. Not real relationships at all… Attention-seeking and notoriety… All for the money.

      • Dr. Doomsday

        Thats LardAssians… just sayin’

  • AAP Rooters

    I’m just waiting for the discovery of Aisha’s hymen.

  • Shwayz

    Who cares?

  • I was dismayed to see a lack of comment here, but then I realized it left me a little speechless! Thank you Pamela Geller!

  • Thomson Figueroa Nancy

    Fake any way you look at it.

  • Eli F.

    They should have burnt it!!

    • honeybee

      Get a match!!!!!!!!

  • Josey fkn whales

    Pam, please keep fighting the good fight. Your voice os heard far and near. GOD BLESS YOU AND US ALL!

  • patrick quinn

    This just in : We(Islamists) have learned that it predates we are the Champions. Signed: Sincerely, New York Times { We mean ..not we}

  • Josey fkn whales

    Pam, you keep fighting the good fight. GOD BLESS YOU IN YOUR JOURNEY FIGHTING SATAN! We hear you near and far…are minds are awakening because of you. DON’T STOP! Just as they take one out, one will grow…THEIR IS ONLY ONE GOD AND HE IS THE LORD JESUS CHRIST. I know he’s got your back!

  • Dennis

    Having read this commentary, I believe that all of these writings lose their veracity when one recognizes that these so-called books of G’D were the writings of men, not angels or representatives of a Higher Authority. While some who wrote these may have been acting out of a Devine “belief” that they were inspired by a Holy Spirit, they all are the creation of humans who lived and died like all of Mother Nature’s subjects. Those who understood that believing in a Higher Authority compelled us to be tolerant, live with others of other cultures and belief system in harmony and good neighborliness, not to kill and to love rather than hate and lust, and act in good conscience, are to be commended and respected, and those who wrote that their belief system and culture were the only acceptable belief systems and cultures are to be rejected and avoided for what they are: A PERVERSION OF WHAT THE VERY CONCEPT OF RELIGION IS ALL ABOUT. While there are many Muslims who recognize the positive characteristics outlined above, the fact that their writings is the trigger of the terrorist leaves me with the obvious conclusion: that to the extent they justify their conduct by virtue of so-called writings of their book, is evidence, in and of itself, that their book is the creation of wrongly perverted minds of those writers who put together the inane writings that support their justification for acts of barbarity. That is the reality of what is facing those who believe in the goodness of religion and those who do not.

    • IslamDownpressesHumanity

      Duh, there no such “positive characteristics” in pi$$lam lying musswein pig.

  • Jon Sobieski

    THe NYT is a pathetic trash paper. may they go broke as soon as possible.

  • IslamDownpressesHumanity

    Instead of talking about the quranus, why don’t they talk about what’s in it? Maybe they could start by talking about how it glorifies the conquest/subjugation of unbelievers in general then go on to discuss the rabid Jew vomit that is more common in the holy quranus than it is in Mein Kampf…

  • PPs43

    Did they find the pork chops that were wrapped up in it?

  • Tatonka

    Leftovers from an ancient book used as butt wipes,..probably found in an old outhouse

  • agarron

    Torah laws predate Koran by OVER 3000 years.
    Koran gets ALL it’s laws from Torah.

    Koran is just a copy.

    • knight

      Yes they take from the Toorah, and modify what was written and then put it in the Quran., half untrue

  • stealth4

    If western readers of the Koran read the Koran in translated English, they will realize that this book calls for the BEHEADING and subjugation of anyone who is an infidel (not Muslim).

  • Lia

    There have already been vociferous objections from muslims against ‘corresponded closely’. They believe & say that the qur’an was once given perfectly, recited perfectly by mo & written down perfectly by his adherents. So it cannot ‘correspond closely’ … they couldn’t have read your book, Mr Spencer.

  • iprazhm

    The New York Times loves the book ordering the enslavement and slaughter of Christians, Jews. The New York Times are traitorous pieces of dung. They are anti-Christ.

  • Leclem

    But, whether it is genuine or not what does it matter???…. Ok, crusaders or monks brought back from the middle east an ancient text on islam, and???? What is so extraordinary about that????

  • knight

    First things come to mind are lies
    Tawriya, Taysir, Taqiyya, Kitman, Muruna, Darura

    The parchment may be from that time, but I would be checking the ink.

    What ever they have never have the history what is written in the Bible, and the Bible is truth

  • June Skelton

    What’s the fuss? Are those of us with a fully functioning neocortex expected to believe that this is the unadulterated word of God—or Allan or whatever you like to call him/her/it—?

    From the Epic of Gilgamesh (or before, but who cares?), via the Torah, the Bible, down to Joe Smith’s Book of Moroni, this stuff is simply the work of men trying to lord it over others.

    Sorry, boys, do try again, won’t you? Hmmm, yes, no doubt you will—ad goddamn nauseam.

  • knight

    One now knows not to buy the NYT

  • Michael Copeland

    The Topkapi manuscript in Istanbul (?8th century) was examined by
    Ekmeleddin Ihsanoglu.
    It has 2,270 variations from the present accepted text.
    See Jay Smith on youtube:
    the “Historical beginnings of Islam” (at 2.07.36)

  • disqus_HlH4Faibhw

    The bottom line with this “find” is that it in no way proves the muslim teaching that islam was always God’s religion and that Christians and Jews perverted the texts. Nothing has ever been found to bolster their claim. Mighty funny how Jewish and Christian articles have been proven to date back to THEIR stated beginnings. But nothing “islamic” pre-dates that. It seems 1.6 billion people are pretty ignorant about the origins of their “religion”. Again, why they believe someone who they even acknowledge was only flesh and blood with no divinity attached, who was allegedly alone in a cave is beyond me.

    • Isahiah62

      brings to mind a very old joke:
      The quran is at a job interview. The boss asks, “Do you have references?” quran replies, “Torah and Bible, call them.”

      So the boss calls Torah, and Torah replies, “I have never heard of him.”

      Confused, the boss calls Bible and Bible says, “I know him; he is a liar and a thief and is actually from Satan, the devil, don’t believe him.”

      Pressed by the boss, quran defends by saying “they are liars.”

      And the boss reasons: “if they are liars, why do you use them for references unless you are insane?”

      • disqus_HlH4Faibhw


  • Roger

    Maybe they found a version that didn’t preach death to everyone except to the Islamist. They keep proclaiming it as a very early version.
    Don’t be surprised they come out with some kinder, gentler commands from Muhammad written in this (very early version) of their book of hate and death. And they found this version in England? Hummmm.

  • Davey Dunn

    good words allah pig god

  • Progressives are deviant in their thoughts and live on the edge of sanity.

  • JGray1

    the nytimes is an unflushed toilet bowl. this doesn’t change that fact, rather, it underscores it.

  • .madashell

    This find, authentic or hoax, deserves a place in the 9-11 memorial museum representing, not only the perpetrators of this attack, but also the eliminating of their so called “religion” from the face of the earth.

  • Kriemhild

    The oldest known Ten Commandments are in the USA — Israelite sailors from the time of King Solomon came to USA and carved the Ten Commandments (or Decalogue) into a stone in ancient Hebrew writing. This ancient inscription can be found at Historic Mountain, south of Albuquerque and west of Los Lunas, on Route 6, New Mexico. The writing that was used was Paleo-Hebrew, the kind of Hebrew used for a 1000 year period, ending about 500 BC!!! The Holy One of Israel led colonies of righteous Israelites to the land of America prior to the destruction of Jerusalem and the Babylonian Dispersion that occurred in about 587 BC. Experts have verified the authenticity of this discovery. Some 2,500 years ago the area around Los Lunas was an Israelite Wilderness Tabernacle with its high Altar inscriprion to “the Lord our God” of the Bible. Decologues have also been found in Ohio and Colorado. The Israelites converted the Indians to Judaism, and there are many Native American Indian customs that confirm the fact of their Hebrew oriigins. Some American Indian People observe annual holy days which correspond to the appointed feasts of the Bible. Also many Indian words have the same sounds of Hebrew words.
    This article is rather Long and full of interesting Details. It can be found at: “Oldest Known Ten Commandments is in America”.

  • reggiec

    Islam and their entire Koran have no legitimacy! Because
    Islam claims that both Allah and Mohammed are perfect in every way and cannot
    be contradicted. So they have a very serious problem. The problem is that the
    whole religion is based on their infallibility.

    Since Islam takes the stance that Allah is perfect and
    Mohammed as his prophet is also perfect; how can they explain the necessity of
    the doctrine of “naskh”?

    This aspect is what is called the doctrine of abrogation or naskh
    found in Islamic theology. This states that any revelation given to the prophet
    that came after earlier revelations abrogates earlier revelations. If any
    conflict exists in the revelations, the latter cancels the earlier version. (Does
    this mean Allah changed his mind after earlier revelations to Muhammad or did
    Muhammad make a mistake and had to be corrected by Allah?

    In either case who is
    to say that Mohammed got it right the second time or maybe the pervert changed
    what he claimed were Allah’s revelations (they were probably made up by
    Mohammed in the first place) to further his murderous ideology. The very
    existence of the doctrine of abrogation “naskh” negates the
    legitimacy of the entire Koran.

  • Dr. Doomsday

    It never ceases to amaze me, the poor reasoning of liberals and their sheepish followers. They have no reason, only agenda.

    Isn’t this like saying, we found an original manuscript copy of Mein Kampf, and so this justifies viewing Hitler and what he did as ok, while we face modern day Nazis who are killing people and torturing them by the thousands?

    What complete morons and / or willfully ignorant rats these news snakes be!

  • Dr. Doomsday

    Oh and since we’re talking ancient manuscripts in the British collection, one would think this might be more interesting…

  • Jack Niclson

    568 to 645 ! Mohamed Born 571 ac !!
    Wtf ???? so this quran is for Raheb Buhaira , which he was writing the quran to Warak Bin Nofel !!!! Before The born of the stupid mohamad !

  • The bottom line is that the “Qur’an” has writings that totally contradict the bible, and they even call Christ a liar and fraud by saying he was simply a “prophet” and nothing more. Anything that counters the true word of God, the bible, cannot be good and should be discarded.

  • IanHaines

    Fake Faiths always struggle!

  • We want to burn the fucking rag they’ve found and putting on public display. After all the destruction of Christian archives and ancient relics in Syria, the least we can do is return the apparent pleasures upon the dirty Qu’an. You’ll note the BBC is happy to report this Islamic cuniform is found, but they do not transmit is translation, which of course, will probably come to the sanction of genocides, raping little kafur girls, or burning jewish guys for money to fund the backward mohammadists.

  • Marinus Hoogedoorn

    What ever they want to tell you, be aware of you enemy who want to destroy you with the help of you own ”elite”.

  • Covadonga

    >”…Professor Thomas said that the discovery could make Birmingham a draw for Muslims and scholars.”

    Just what Birmingham needs: to be a draw for more Muslims.

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