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[ September 22, 2017 ]

Britain First leaders charged with harassing Muslim rapists

[ September 22, 2017 ]

Iran President Hassan Rouhani: Security for Israel ‘Not Possible’

[ September 22, 2017 ]

Muslims who plotted to behead Pamela Geller “laughed wildly about beheadings”

[ September 22, 2017 ]

Viktor Orban Calls George Soros a ‘Public Enemy’

[ September 22, 2017 ]

ACLU, Speakers Distance Themselves From UC Berkeley’s Free Speech Week

[ September 21, 2017 ]

Exposed: The relationship between al-Qaeda and Iran

[ September 21, 2017 ]

New Hampshire: Muslim “refugee” sexually attacks several little girls as young as 7

[ September 21, 2017 ]

Oklahoma trial of Muslim who BEHEADED co-worker: “Slave to Allah” said he did it because...

[ September 21, 2017 ]

VIDEO: Muslim “refugees” go on sex assault spree at church festival

[ September 21, 2017 ]

4 Muslim youth gang-raped Hindu teenage girl for 10 days, forced to convert

Seattle “strict Muslim” charged with murder, terrorism in New Jersey


Here is the background: Ali Muhammad Brown was charged with executing two gay men in Seattle. Brown was previously prosecuted federally following an FBI probe into an Islamic group suspected of supporting jihadists overseas.

This devout Muslim is also a registered sex offender for crimes against a 6-year-old girl, the same age as Aisha when Muhammad married her.

He was previously prosecuted as part of a federal investigation into a sleeper cell thought by investigators to be linked to a terrorism funding organization. “One prominent member of the group is thought to have been killed waging jihad in Somalia after fleeing prosecution in the United States.”

The reporter of this horrible double slaying does not connect the dots.

Seattle has a problem. They won’t run our ads highlighting Muslim oppression of gays, despite this savage reality. If you recall, a devout Muslim set fire to a packed Seattle gay bar during a New Year’s celebration shortly after midnight on January 1. Seattle’s largest and longest-running gay nightclub was doused in gasoline and set aflame by Musab Masmari. He was arrested on his way to the airport.

Where are the left-wing, the gay and LGBT organizations denouncing the Islamic texts that inspire such mayhem and murder of gays? Where is that fierce gay leadership condemning Muslim oppression of gays under the sharia? The silence is deafening.

They were loud and proud against our ads. They were holding press conferences condemning me. Gay organizations in America say nothing, but loudly condemned my ad campaign highlighting Muslim oppression of gays under the sharia. Why haven’t we heard from this City Council, or this Human Rights CommissionSFHRC head Theresa Sparks, but most especially the enemedia that scrubs their coverage of motive? They called our ads hate and issued a resolution condemning our AFDI ad campaign (the first of its kind) against our organization for merely quoting Muslim political leaders, spiritual leaders and cultural voices in the Muslim community who call for the torture and death of gay people.


“Seattle man charged with murder, terrorism in New Jersey,” Associated Press, July 2, 2015:

NEWARK, N.J. (AP) – A Seattle man was indicted on murder and terrorism charges Thursday for allegedly shooting a New Jersey college student last year in a fit of rage over the U.S. government’s role in the Middle East, which authorities said is the first time a terror charge has been brought in the state in connection with a murder case.

Ali Muhammad Brown, 30, fatally shot Brendan Tevlin while the 19-year-old was stopped at a traffic light in northern New Jersey, authorities said.

Brown also faces three aggravated murder charges in Seattle, where authorities said last year the killings were part of a crusade to punish the U.S. government for its foreign policies.

Authorities said in court documents filed in Seattle last year that Brown described himself to detectives after his New Jersey arrest as a strict Muslim who was angry with the U.S. government’s role in Iraq, Iran and Afghanistan because of the death of innocent civilians and children.

“The defendant was on a bloody crusade, executing four innocent men … with the same murder weapon, over the course of approximately two months, and all under the common and single scheme of exacting ‘vengeance’ against the United States government for its foreign policies,” prosecutors said.

Tevlin was shot multiple times on June 25, 2014 as he stopped at a traffic light in West Orange on his way home to Livingston, roughly five or 10 minutes away. Tevlin was home after completing his freshman year at the University of Richmond. At the time, Brown had been a fugitive for three weeks after authorities in Seattle identified him as a suspect in the slayings of two men early on the morning of June 1.

Brown was arrested in woods not far from the site of Tevlin’s killing, in an area that includes a golf course and the South Mountain Reservation, a 2,000-acre park in the center of Essex County.

At the time of Brown’s arrest, Murray said results of ballistics tests from the Tevlin shooting were put into a national database and matched with the gun that was used in the Seattle murders. Authorities said they picked up Brown’s trail after an alleged robbery and attempted carjacking in Point Pleasant on June 29, four days after Tevlin was killed.

The prosecutor’s office announced Thursday it had dropped charges in the Tevlin slaying against West Orange residents Eric Williams and Jeremy Villagran, who were charged along with Brown.

In the New Jersey case Brown is also charged with felony murder, carjacking, robbery and multiple weapons offenses.

An attorney representing Brown didn’t return a phone message left after hours Thursday.

  • So would it be RAAACIST to say that black Muslims are terrorists?

    • Roger

      Depends on whom you ask I suppose; the liberals is YES; the rest of the world probably NO. It’s doesn’t really matter anyway, people have eyes..

      Just my opinion.
      Stay alert and keep your powder dry.

  • James


    (Time is running out).

    There is nothing in this country the government will not
    sell or give away!

    The main point is this. Our president is a socialist muslim With
    a UN socialistic NOW agenda.

    And a good part of our government are muslims with the same
    agenda. Their intent is to bring the USA down dividing the country along racial
    lines and destroying the economy. All
    that is required is enough strife and lawlessness in the country and there will
    be excuse to declare marshal law.

    (Notice to all countries) We have been infiltrated and the takeover
    in our country is imminent.

    No visas for Christian immigrants in muslim countries
    because they are Christians. (Muslim immigrants accepted). (Mass migration)
    equals mass invasion.

    The destruction of Israel as a nation making it totally

    The destruction of the Constitution and American might and
    trust worthiness among the nations.

    There is a RFID chip in your future so government can track
    and control you. And a cashless society to insure that control.

    Persecution of Christians, and the Christian military
    personal that exhibit and practice their faith.

    And a one world church controlled by government.

    Perversion is readily acceptable and practiced while being
    forced into the military by government.

    Division of the country along racial lines (Divided and
    Conquer). Open borders.

    Total disarmament of the people is being pushed politically
    from the president’s office down.

    The complete implementation of EU, UN agenda 21, (sustainable

    A dictatorial government to regulate and control your life
    based on the EU, UN agenda 21. Sustainable living.

    ISLAM, GOVERNMENT and the socialistic UN and NWO.

    War and the failure of our economy guarantees (EVERYONE)
    will be affected. No escape and nowhere
    to run.

    A radical socialistic UN and a bought and paid for Republican
    and democratic government.

    (Rep. and Dems) are
    importing muslim people from Syria and
    other failed muslim countries (to the USA) by the Hundreds of Thousands. Open
    borders divide the country racially. They will slander anyone who disagrees
    with their agenda and I disagree. Furthermore I am saying enough is enough.

    It is past time to stand up as an Americans (UNITED) and ORGANIZED
    and put government in its proper CONSTITUTIONAL rightful place. NO MORE LAWLESSNESS.
    Freedom is not free and if the people fail to protect their God given rights
    they will have no more rights or freedom.

    If I had my way I would tell the UN to go to hell. It is the
    UN forcing these immigration issues in America through our treasonous government.
    Who are your representatives working for?
    (You or the UN)?

    Then I would round up
    every one of these Dems and Rep. who are forcing this invasion on the American
    people and demand they are tried for treason. Those who were not convicted I
    would send to Syria or some other failed muslim hole. Let us see how long
    before the muslims remove their heads.


    I do not promote
    Islam in any country and for sure not in my own country where islams only
    concern has been to corrupt the system with more (TERROR) like sharia law and
    their barbaric RELIGION and political principles.

    You better wake up people this is nothing less than an
    invasion with the intent of destroying the country, (USA) the Christians, Jews
    and your way of life while promoting the socialistic NWO using Islam in the
    process of producing a world socialistic caliphate. .

    You want to face a knife at your throat or watch them rape
    your wife or daughter, just ignore these warnings and do nothing.

    Keep your guns, stock
    up on ammo and pray while growing in faith.
    If you do not have guns then buy one and get plenty of ammo with it. The
    first step to bringing down a country is to disarm as many of its people as
    possible. Unarmed people are helpless to stand against tyranny.


    Country these muslim people have come into, (our) country
    and other countries are now being forced to accept duel government with islam
    and sharia law dividing the countries they immigrate into.

    Their intent to the host country is for the host country to
    support them. They do not assimilate into the countries they migrate into but
    settle separately often taking up to four wives. They procreate like rabbits
    letting the welfare systems take care of them. When they become strong enough
    demographically they infiltrate the political system and demand the countries
    adopt their life style and laws. Always the intent has been to divide and

    THIS stinks to hi heaven, AND I SAY ENOUGH. PAST TIME TO

    A muslim president and government are not acceptable or
    compatible in a Constitutional republic or democratic society. Muslim will not
    accept Constitutional law, as muslims they consider themselves
    to be above it.

    Your law and you yourselves are considered inferior and
    therefore you are to be subjugated as a slave or killed. (YOU HAVE NO RIGHTS

    I am a Christian and if this government thinks I will set
    quietly by and let them destroy my country and eventually destroy my family and
    myself I say NO!

    (ENOUGH) I am going to say lock and load America. (Organize)

    I am not an animal and I am not going to be slaughtered like
    and animal or forced to accept islam or pay as a slave to live in my country.
    Nor am I going to set idly and do nothing while my family is set up for this
    satanic system.

    Americans for Americans.

    Jesus Christ is Lord.

    • LoveToCompost

      Well said, James. I would like to share your alarm with my relatives and acquaintances, many of who are indifferent, or too absorbed in their own immediate problems, or fear being fired if they discuss or write about such political issues even outside of work, or they say what can I do about it and why aren’t the rich or powerful stopping the islamists?

  • rambler

    Those who won’t face the problem will never fix the problem.

  • Roger

    I doubt there are s many things in this world that Islamist hate more than Homosexuals. The gays have opened a Pandora’s box that will never go away. They run through the streets wearing their Rainbow panties with their Rainbow flags fluttering in the wind. This has opened the eyes of an Islamic monster
    They Gays have written their names on documents as proof of their intentions.
    The Muslims take being married to only a woman or many women rather seriously I suspect. .
    The Gays should have stayed in the shadows and kept their mouths shut.

    The party has only begun.

  • thorntme

    It’s worse. The question is will gay activists say anything at all about ISIS who throw gay men off the tops of tall buildings in areas they control? Not only that but they find them by trolling for them. At the same time, gay activists complain about Ist Amendment concerns on the part of observing Christians. Are we meant to conclude their outrage is highly selective?

  • Welcome to Seattle the land of fruit and nuts.

    The city where the openly gay mayor refuses to name the Muslim fire bomber of a gay night club on Jan 1 2014

    Liberal politics. Pro diversity – meaning Muslim – is more valuable than being gay.

    I guess that means it is OK for Muslims to throw gay men off the tops of buildings.

    At least we know this portion of the liberal totem pole.

    • Fred Smith

      Seattle is a very beautiful city as far as location and surroundings go. It’s socio-political structure is very weird. Extremely liberal and Democratic. King Co. went 89% for Obama the first time. Boeing aircraft used to employ about 45.000 people around the area. Unions are very strong and the wages are only 2nd to LA on the West Coast. The University of Washington is a liberal bastion. Over 40,000 students! Microsoft employs tens of thousands of people in Redmond and Bellevue. Gates and Paul Allen have spent huge amounts of money on new construction and sports stadiums. But underneath all that is a social fabric of allowing anything to go as far as what people do with and to each other. The gay and lesbian scene is enormous all over the Puget Sound area. I was living and working in Seattle during the 1999 WTO meeting and the riots that took place protesting it. Complete insanity. We had to stop work because the anarchists went crazy near our building site. The gay pride parade on Capital Hill is a bona fide freak show. Especially the Dykes on Bikes. Naked lesbians on Harleys.
      I say all this because when the gays and lesbians do get a dose of inevitable reality from ISIS members, it will blow their minds. Right now, the LG community is in serious denial or else total ignorance about the Salafists plans for them. Lots of very tall buildings in Seattle from which to toss the occasional gay man or lesbian woman. And it is coming.

  • hurricanepaul

    The “gay community” obviously “provoked” this otherwise peaceful Muslim into murdering the two gays.

  • John

    One paragraph stands out in this article…
    “Where are the left-wing, the gay and LGBT organizations denouncing the Islamic texts that inspire such mayhem and murder of gays? Where is that fierce gay leadership condemning Muslim oppression of gays under the sharia? The silence is deafening.”

    Now THAT is one paragraph of WISDOM!…

  • Steve ChenRobbins

    That might have been his point; that Pamela Geller et all have been victims of the “blame the victim” game, so that being targeted by the Islamic Insane Extremists was because of “provoking” them. The same folks who have been attacking Geller for her anti-Islamic stance and the various anti same-sex-marriage folks who say they don’t want to be involved in marriage have nothing to say about the folks who murder gay men and women wholesale and with great cruelty… but even when someone brings it up, they turn the conversation back to Geller (as you just did) rather than speak up about the greater threat. Or I could be wrong; anything is possible.

    • Jim Fox

      Having trouble following your reasoning… what’s the ‘greater threat’ you refer to? My objection was this-
      “The Gays should have stayed in the shadows and kept their mouths shut.”

      Which is what some in the media told Geller after the Garland Texas assault. Looks like we are in agreement, broadly speaking?

  • WarEagle82

    There MUST be a mistake. This couldn’t have happened in New Jersey because they have STRICT GUN CONTROL LAWS in New Jersey and guns aren’t allowed.

    Oh, and it is ISLAMOPHOBIA to mention that a Muslim commits any crime.

  • Everyone running for high office should be required to state if they believe Sharia law can or should coexist, side by side with US law.

    Ask your representatives:

    What are their views on Sharia Law?

    What do they think about the following statements:

    The West Will Tolerate Itself To Death.

    Why Do We Tolerate Violence Against Women?

    We need a bigger effort against:

    1) Female genital mutilation
    2) Punishing rape victims
    3) Honor killing
    4) Strapping bombs to children
    5) Sexually enslaving women
    6) Murdering homosexuals
    7) Child marriage
    8) Domestic Violence
    9) Disciplining or Punishing Wives

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