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Seattle mayor seeks to institute Sharia-law plan for Muslim home buyers


Taxpayer dollars for Islamic finance is a violation of the establishment clause — it violates the separation of church and state, or in this case, mosque and state. No special rights for special (supremacist) classes.

Shariah is a unified whole — a guide to every aspect of human behavior. It doesn’t just involve interest and loans. The teachings of Islam regarding war against and subjugation of unbelievers are part of Shariah as well. The mayor of Seattle is opening the door to Shariah, and because he has already shown himself to be compliant, he will receive more demands for accommodation of Shariah in the future. This is a radical, intolerant, violent, misogynistic, antisemitic ideology, and he should not be kowtowing to it.

Seattle mayor’s Sharia-law plan for Muslim home buyers,” Puget Journal, Jul 18, 2015
New program for those prohibited from paying interest

seattle sharia murray2

Seattle Mayor Ed Murray has introduced a plan to reach out to Seattle’s Muslim residents…
For some Muslims, it can be hard to buy a house, and Mayor Ed Murray plans to do something about it.

On Monday, Murray’s housing committee released its recommendations for ways the city can increase housing in the city. Most ideas were what you’d expect, including increasing the city’s housing levy and implementing new rules and regulations to foster development of market-rate and lower-income housing.

One suggestion would help followers of Sharia law buy houses. That’s virtually impossible now because Sharia law prohibits payment of interest on loans. The 28-member committee recommended the city convene lenders and community leaders to explore options for increasing access to Sharia-compliant loan products.

More and more lenders are offering Sharia-compliant financing, according to a USA Today report. The sector has grown to more than $1.6 trillion in assets worldwide over the past three decades, and analysts see potential for continued growth as the number of Muslims in the United States and Europe grows.

It’s unclear how many Muslims in Seattle would benefit from Murray’s plan. The Washington state chapter of the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) estimates more than 30,000 Muslims live in the greater Seattle area, and Chapter Executive Director Arsalan Bukhari on Tuesday said it’s “fairly common” for some not to seek loans.

  • Avan

    Wait…people are expected to go against their religious beliefs to be any part of gay marriage, but the laws are changed so Muslims don’t have to go against their religion in respect to normal interest? Their community should figure it out, not our government.

    • larryh66

      Seems to me that Christian churches should figure out a way to provide loans to their members and that the mortgage payments be both a payment of interest and a donation! Thus the entire mortgage payment would be tax deductible!

  • Brooke

    WHAT???????? HUH??????? WHAT?????????? HUH?????????? WHAT???????? HUH?????????? WHAT THE “F”?????????? HUH???????????

  • WTHisgoingon

    Wow, just insane.

  • Americanpatriot2014

    people we are living in liberal hell here in WA – and we have a community organizer who hates America sitting in the white house……what else could go wrong??????????

    • DrZin

      How can we divest in WA?

  • karl59

    My way of reaching out to muslims is a good swift
    kick in the rear to propel them to the Middle East!

  • jhkjkjklj

    jesus, i need 30 000 bullets, my god

  • bigal

    If I’ve read this right Muslim scumbags can or will be able to get interest free mortgages while the hard working American will have to pay extra. You know what comes next, the Scumbags will DEMAND (they can never ask) that ALL infidels be move away from them as it offends them. God help them at breakfast time when someone is cooking good old eggs and BACON.

    • Brooke

      Mmmmmmmmmmmm….Bacon :-)

    • KP

      You’re *not* reading it right. “Sharia-compliant financing” usually involves something like this.

      1. Lender buys the property for e.g. $300,000.
      2. Lender and buyer enter into installment contract where the buyer pays $500,000 for the house in fixed monthly payments over, e.g. 30 years.

      This works out to about the same as the buyer purchasing the house for $300k on a 30-year 3.75% fixed-rate mortgage, but nobody has to call any part of the proceeds “interest”. That’s all.

      In other words, it’s just a semantic dodge.

      • purplej

        Which is all well and good. However, there may be other considerations as there are here in Australia. The major difference between a normal, say, housing loan and one provided through sharia finance is that the latter does not attract stamp duty. This is a significant difference that essentially means non-muslims are discriminated against financially into paying more tax. Or more correctly, muslims are exempted from paying certain taxes. How is that equitable?
        No semantic dodge there.

        • KP

          We don’t have anything like “stamp duty” here. Just the opposite: owner-occupied mortgage interest for a primary residence is deductible for federal tax purposes, so those who engage in sharia-compliant financing are actually giving up a tax benefit.

  • ThinkBig

    buying house is hard to some Muslims? its hard to any other? Including those Muslims have huge houses. who about some blacks its hard for them too. if you start dividing populations like this for your votes/block of votes we end up in 3rd rated country. this need to be contested in court and also the people behind this, some muslim intellects trying to enforce sharia law called dimmitude that makes muslims control non Muslims in their lands.

  • wearsgirl

    What a farce!

  • CJP

    It’s hard for ANYONE to buy a house. If you want to buy a house, you have to do it the way everyone else does. If that’s against your “religion”, go to a country where they cater to your culture and religion.

    • Vamp Cherie’ Sullivan

      Um… no its NOT CJP!!!! Actually what is happening is…… its hard for anyone to SELL their house, for what its really worth! Don’t believe me……. you need to do some serious research before you comment. Its been a LONG time — wow very long for anyone to by a house! The lenders are being extremely careful as to not let happen what did several years ago. SO, if your a person who wants to buy, doesn’t have great credit (many say or ‘think’ they do LOL) your not going to get a loan. Lenders do NOT want another crash to happen. However, on the other side, people trying to SELL their homes, are screwed!!!!! WHY? Because we cannot get what our house is actually worth! Why is that…… people say, “sure, you can list your house for what you want.” That”s true! BUT………. the homeowner who is selling their home, does NOT have the say so as to how much its worth!!!!!!!! The appraiser who comes to look at your home (usually from the buyers side, doh) may not agree. BUT that doesn’t even matter still. There is NOW a THIRD party appraiser who is involved! THEY ALSO have a say so as to how much your house is worth etc…they may or may not agree with the first appraiser. AND, the second appraiser, may live across the country from you and STILL make this decision. What I am getting at is, we have been trying to sell our home for a while. We keep facing this delima with appraisers! YES, we can put our house on the market for what we want, but its NOT going to sell!!! The appraisers look at the area you or I live in, and how much the houses are selling for. THIS is what makes THEIR DECISION now! Don”t believe me? LOOK IT UP — appraiser and selling a home………. or however you want to word it. SORRY… BUT i am SO TIRED of seeing posts / comments from people, who don’t know the facts or what they are talking about!!!!!! If I am not sure…… I don’t POST!! I do research! In this case, I lived it and just happened, once again trying to sell several weeks ago. IT IS a BUYERS market, not a sellers. And its been this way for a few years. Many people / places are trying to say its both…. its NOT true, IF you know, finances!! Sorry CJP if I busted a bubble or something. but there are MANY other reasons really to be concerned about when it comes to muslims. Look up – Muslim CAIR (FL) Spend a LOT of time at one.

      • Mickey Emerson

        In a simple to understand way, The fact is people “think” they know what their house is worth. The housing bubble was Clinton forcing the banks to make loans to about anyone. Even threatening the loan institutions if they didn’t. Why? To get votes? Oh wait, he was for the little guy, right.
        Then all at once, they appraise 20,000 starter homes at 60,000, so the guy that bought it for 20,000 sells real quick, a low income family buys it for 60 and of course somewhere along the line reallity comes into play, and everyone gets foreclosed on.
        Lady down the road bought a house, 30,000, then was convinced ever after the cracker box was worth 150,000.
        Sorry, it just is not. Maybe 35,000 And the banks still let them sit at stupid prices even though the freaking loans were insured. Then they go into disrepair, the cites demolsh them or they go to auction. And of course, we the tax payers paid for that.

        Or, People are trying to sell their homes at what they where over valued at during the peek, they were over valued, there , I said it twice. I mean, it’s hard admitting they got ya. So, the people are at fault as well.
        The local govs made out like bandits too with the increased property taxes.
        Then more EPA and regulations, Gas prics, and building materials go through the roof. Yeah for big gov.

      • Covadonga

        “The value of a thing is what it will bring.” -Roman legal maxim.

        For decades politicians came up with schemes for “fairness”, to use taxpayer dollars to buy votes by subsidizing home purchases for members of various favored classes.

        Or they used regulatory pressure on financial institutions to force them to make certain mortgage loans, or other transactions, to favored people. The purpose was the same, to get votes by sounding “fair”, while treating people unequally and subsidizing some at the expense of others.

        All these schemes had the effect of distorting the price of real estate. Subsidizing purchases causes the price of housing to go up. For more details, read the classic book Economics in One Lesson by Henry Hazlitt, or any of Thomas Sowell’s or Walter E. Williams’ excellent writings on the economics of subsidies.

        This reached fever pitch in the heyday of the subprime market of the 90s and early 2000s, with its “NINJA” (“no income, no job, approved”) mortgage loans.

        Some buyers liked this, because they were able to get approved for mortgages, and thereby buy a home, when previously they couldn’t.

        Others liked it because they could get approved for mortgages that were larger than they otherwise could, and therefore buy a bigger house in a fancier neighborhood.

        Still other people, wanting to purchase the old-fashioned way, without a subsidy, or not wanting to buy at all, did not like it, because they found higher prices in the market, or saw other people benefitting at what they knew would eventually be their expense.

        Some prior owners of homes, wanting to sell, liked the subprime mortgages because, with the subsidy for buyers, they had a lot more buyers who were approved for much bigger mortgage loans. Therefore, the owners were able to sell for more than they would otherwise.

        Other owners did not benefit, because they wanted to keep their houses, but now had to pay higher property taxes on them because of the artificially inflated prices.

        The construction industry and the realtors liked it because they got to make money building and selling many more, larger homes, at inflated prices.

        So some liked the programs, some did not like the programs, some benefitted economically, and others were hurt. As is the case for all systematic, longterm government scams, not all the people who were hurt economically realized that the programs were hurting them, and so continued to support these very programs, and to vote for the lying politicians who had created them.

        And, as is always the case with , all of us, “winners” and losers alike, took it on the chin as government became larger, scamming politicians became more powerful and harder to defeat, regulators seized power at the expense of Congress, the Constitution was ignored, and the American tradition of rugged individualism and self-reliance was undermined.

        And the market was distorted, inducing people to make major, unwise economic decisions in their personal financial planning and lifestyle choices. Many who would have been better off in apartments or rented houses wound up purchasing. Many who should have purchased small instead purchased big.

        So if you bought before the (subsidized, inflated) peak, and saw the potential price of your home soar during that era, do not think of your home that “what it’s really worth” right now is that high.

        Likewise, if you did buy at or near the peak, I feel empathy for you in your situation, but those high prices were an illusion caused by Carter, Clinton, various congressmen, and other policy makers who raked in a lot of political advantage (and, in some cases, cash) to themselves, ultimately at your expense.

        Look again at the Roman principle at the head of my reply. The value of your home is what it will bring. If the government creates artificial props to the ability of buyers to purchase your home, what it will bring at that time is more. If those same props later get yanked away, what it will bring then is less.

        But those props carry large direct and indirect costs to everyone in society. Many of these costs go unnoticed by those who have never studied actual (i.e. free market) economics. And politicians, along with their fanboys and support systems in media and academia, are very good at sweeping evidence of these costs under the rug.

        Under no circumstances can the subsidies go on forever. They are temporary, and cannot last.

        • IslamDownpressesHumanity

          Property tax is the scam of the century. It forced my friend’s family out of the house that had owned for decades because once his dad retired he couldn’t afford the now exorbitant property tax rates. I always wonder WTH local, state and federal governments do w/the billions and billions of dollars they get in revenue? It seems like there’s no accountability anymore. It almost seems like civil war is inevitable — just because the government is so corrupt they can’t be trusted. I, for one, don’t believe the 0bamanati0n was legally elected to his second term, I think the election was fixed…

      • Clark Blount

        Yes appraisers work off of comparable values. So if your 3000 sf home is for sale for 700k and your neighbor paid 500k for the same size home in the last 6 months, your not going to get a 700k loan from any lender unless you have a valid reason as to why your house should be worth 200k more than any other house in the area of the same size. You can list a house for any value, but it is still only worth whatever is truly is worth.

      • Tar Andfeathers

        Well Vamp, looks like you should not have posted then. Last I checked this article was about Seattle. I hate to burst your bubble, but Seattle is in a seller’s market and has been for a couple years. There is so little product on the market that any home thats not garbage or in a crap neighborhood gets multiple bids and often time over asking price.

        I live in Seattle, was a broker and still have friends who are brokers. Bought my house two years ago. It received 7 bids and sold for 25 grand over asking price in its very first three days on the market. That was in your average suburb neighborhood (Renton, even).

        We had been renting for two years while looking. It took us two years to find a decent house because very little was on the market and most got snatched up as soon as it hit. And it is still that way. Our house has gained 75 grand in equity over the last two years just because of demand and so few sellers.

        So perhaps you should listen to ‘some’ of your own advice and not post on things you know not about.

      • wesleymethodist

        Sounds as if the housing market in Seattle is in a recession. When there are more sellers than buyers that is what happens. When someone is trying to sell something (anything) it is only worth what the buyer is willing to pay. As seller you do not have to take the buyers price, but you don’t get to sell to sell your item. In real estate this happens frequently when someone overbuilds or over improves based on the neighborhood. When it is a buyers market, the buyer sets the price. When it is a sellers market, the seller sets the price.
        You can always set your own price, but you can’t always get that price.

      • New York Native


      • I know, I sold a house in Mississippi for half of what it was worth. The appraisers said I was in a poverty stricken area, with low average incomes and high crime. My house was a nice country home where there was no crime, but 20 – 50 miles away, it was ghetto everywhere. I sold it to people I knew personally. That’s the only way I got out of that Hell hole.

    • joc22

      The people of Seattle need to do more than whine on outlets like this. The mayor and council need to hear from concerned taxpayers

      • purplej

        Off you go then

        • joc22

          If I lived in Seattle I would, which I would if the Canadian government attempted the same thing. We have many Muslims here that get loans for homes the same way as non Muslims do. We don’t need a Sharia financial system to get it’s foot in the door as it has in the UK and the EU

    • jokon

      It’s just disgusting what we are willing to try to do as a country. Let’s just throw in all the virgins and a Mosque for every 100 free loans we give out. Then the hard working people that pay intrest on loans can help make it up with higher FHA fees. Seattle mayor your a douch!

    • datroofhomez

      If they pass a sharia no interest, no fee, loan law, it will be discriminatory against the majority. They get sued & it will be overturned, or amended to include everyone. I’m sure the banks will love working for nothing.

  • CJP

    What if I told my bank that paying interest was against my religion? They would just laugh.

    • Voytek Gagalka

      Probably. But depending on how that particular bank is in bed with “Islamists,” that is how appeasing dihmies they are already became, that would be a very interesting to find out.

  • Tara

    Obama’s legacy will be turning the US over to Islam.

    • Vamp Cherie’ Sullivan

      ROFLMAO!!! WILL BE?? WOW… where have you been? There is no WILL BE… thats way long gone!

  • frmatthew

    So-called Islamic banking (i.e. Shariah-compliant banking) is institutionalized hypocrisy. This is not a surprise, since hypocrisy is one of Islam’s specialties. Basically, the governing principle is “it’s OK to pay interest as long as you don’t call it interest.”

    • Covadonga

      And as long as the mosque gets its share. Which is then divided into funds for dawah, jihad, etc.

      This is analogous to the Catholic Church in the Middle Ages, which forbade Catholics under severe penalties (the Church had its own police force in those days) from charging interest on loans. But you could still get a loan on interest — if you borrowed from the Church!!

      If the Church got the action, that made it all right with God.

      Jews weren’t Catholic, so the rule didn’t apply to them, either. This led to them dominating the banking industry for hundreds of years.

      Magna Carta had provisions against Jews. Many modern people, especially Jews, have therefore concluded that it was an anti-Semitic document.

      But, whatever the actual anti-Semitic effects of the provisions were, the criticism misses the point of the original intent. The intent was to deny the king the ability to borrow money from anybody but the Church. (Churchmen wrote the document.) This had the effect of giving the Church a veto on the king borrowing money to raise an army (the usual reason for a royal loan in those days) against another Catholic ruler, or against his own noblemen.

      This had the intended effect of keeping power more broadly distributed in England than in other countries, so that its Parliament remained strong at times when France, Spain, and many other countries became absolute monarchies.

      • frmatthew

        No. Anti-Catholic propaganda. The Catholic Church NEVER condoned usury or engaged in it. However, crowned heads did engage in usury often, borrowing from Jewish bankers, and, later, from the Order of the Temple (this was, incidentally, one of the reasons for its suppression). There is, of course, documentary evidence to support everything that I have said herein (cf. the bullaria even up to the pontificate of Gregory XVI). Incidentally, the Catholic Church has NEVER approved of interest banking. The Church, after the 1830s simply decided to shut up about the usury itself and denounce the inequities in the system itself. To this day the so-called “Vatican bank” operates under a usury free financial model.

  • Loyal Phillips-Kuhn

    Violates the separation of State and Church. Somebody kick this idiot meat-head in the balls he doesn’t have to get his attention, and tell him to knock it off!!

    • roccolore

      Liberals support integration of mosque and state.

      • guest444555

        May your loved ones die of cancer you conservative subhuman parasite.

        • roccolore

          May your terror mosque be blown up with your jihadist family inside, you liberal haji parasite.

          • guest444555


          • IslamDownpressesHumanity

            May the fleas of a thousdands of camels infest your armpits,
            beard and choda.

          • guest444555

            I hope your kids and parents all die an agonizing death from cancer.

        • IslamDownpressesHumanity

          MOe-ham-head was a chile molsting, mass murderer and narcissistic pig… Inshallah

        • IslamophobicCanadianAthiest

          May all you cult members become locked in a piggery over the next blood cycle celebrations..

  • Avank

    And in Jewish law, debts are forgiven after 7 years. Will the gov be paying off the remainder of my student loans so I can honor my religious law?

    And let’s add another thing. So as not to offend me, all businesses should be shut down for the Sabbath! It’s just so hard to see others going about their way when I’m trying to rest….

    • DrZin

      Avank, Sue the gov. That would be great.

    • Nina

      So, how does the bank make up that money?

      • Jokar

        Traditionally the Shemittah (or seventh) year waives all outstanding debts between Jewish debtors and creditors. But nowadays, a halachic (Jewish law) mechanism called pruzbul circumvents this loan amnesty. The truth is that it doesn’t actually happen in these days. It’s complicated. It was really something that was between two people and not involving a “corporation” or bank. Hope that makes sense.

        • Mickey Emerson

          I thought t was after every 49th year, 50th year,

          • Jokar

            That’s the Yovel or Jubilee year. It’s seven cycles of the Shemitta. Slaves were set free and lands were returned to original owners.

      • Artie

        Through fervent prayer.

      • oldwhiteguy

        a premium is paid they just don’t call it interest.

      • chuck_2012

        the taxpayer will pay as is the usual practice.

      • jokon

        Can you say bail out in a few years!

    • Every 50 years Jewish law also requires lands be returned to their original owners, usually that meant families regained ancestral lands, but the new application would be interesting. I like the year of Jubilee.

      I think Jews should be pressing the government for equality in finance, etc, just as Muslims are, and let’s not leave out Catholics and others who would like not paying interest.

    • In what verse in the Torah does it say after seven years? I thought it was fifty and besides not sure if it applies to student loans! The next jubilee doesn’t come around till 2040 or Hebrew year 5800 so you could be waiting a tad bit longer.

  • disqus_HlH4Faibhw

    So in order to provide muslims interest free loans I guess they’ll just jack up the interest rates on the rest of us. Natch. Because of course…. You can’t deny muslims something they can’t afford. That’s only a problem for the rest of us.

  • Infidelnight

    Those who wish to follow sharia law should stay in or move to muslim countries. Interest on loans would then be a non-issue. The United States should not be expected to implement sharia law to satisfy the insidious, sneaking, lying, murderous cancer that is islam.

  • Voytek Gagalka

    Mayor Ed Murray is a disgrace to the great city of Seattle. Who elected him?

    • ServosT

      The great city of Seattle.

    • Cliff Trudeau

      All the queers elected him as they voted him into Office as head co@ksuc&er

  • Eddie Evans

    Religious freedom laws apply to all religions. Didn’t Christian churches realize that when when they violated division of church and state to lobby for those laws, that they couldn’t apply to just them? Can’t have your cake and eat it too. America has no national religion.

  • cmh

    If this is a violation of the establishment clause then someone has to pay a lawyer to litigate this.

    • Vamp Cherie’ Sullivan

      And your finding this said attorney and starting the fees to him / her, right?

  • Nathan

    They still pay interest, so it’s not a free loan or anything like that. They just structure it /call it something else.

    Normally they just borrow it off an Uncle. Sorry, borrow it off the wife’s brother. :-)

    What’s wrong with this is the religious aspect entering into our contracts of law. The law is being moulded to take into account peoples religious standings. That’s wrong. It makes one religion (you know the one) more advantageous than any other.

    Will people convert to islam to get a cheaper rate to their mortgage? I think they will. Then what? Yep another islamic hell hole…. Haven’t we got enough?

    • Covadonga

      My understanding of Shari’a finance is that interest gets paid, but a cut goes to Islamic “charities” associated with the Ikhwan (Muslim Brotherhood) or other dawah organizations associated with the mosques. From there it gets divided into dawah funds, jihad funds, etc.

      So the mayor will be overseeing a system in which a doctor buying a house on Puget Sound will finance the launching of a rocket to blow the legs off a little Jewish boy in the Negev.

      • KP

        Your understanding is wrong. It’s all about avoiding calling anything “interest”, as Nathan said above.

        For sure, some lenders might well send part of their proceeds elsewhere for nefarious purposes, but there’s nothing inherent in Sharia-compliant mortgages that would require that.

        • IslamDownpressesHumanity

          I’m much more inclined to believe Covadonga, especially considering the entirely vile nature of pi$$lam…

  • Gary Kuemper

    Islamic banking set to boom in Canada

    Expert says it would be a win-win, opening Canada to more Shariah-compliant capital investment DECEMBER 26, 2014

  • DrZin

    What about ‘honor killings’? Recently a moslem lady in England killed her own son–her own son!–because he was slow in learning koran verses. Then she burned his body. I love diversity!!!!

  • DrZin

    Stare down moslems whenever you can.

  • Gary Ellis

    Must be a scared old white man.
    But its discrimination why did the poor whites and blacks get it. Now where r the law suits.

  • Dukers

    Very dangerous move. Jews also provide 0 interest for their people. Muslims too already do the same. Why must everyone else pay interest at all? Bank gouging citizens would want even more interest from the infidels as they will be losing from this kind of competition. We are slaves to government and banker corruption already….right from birth. Citizens are marked as chattel as soon as our birth certificate is written.

  • Tim Burrows

    These comments are really meaningless, all of them. This A hole of a Mayor will get his way, just look at the state of some major cities in England today, the Brits are powerless to do anything about it in their own country and now it’s coming to you in America. Allah akbar

    • Clark Blount

      Yes Tim but unlike you Brits we have lots of guns and ammo.

      • Tim Burrows

        I may be a Brit but I live in the good ole U.S.A an i would venture to bet that I have more guns and ammo than you clark.

  • Jim Batausa

    The mayor is naive and ignorant about muslims. Cair is a terrorist organization using democratic process to gain the benefitsof Islamization. They will be muslims first Americans never. Soon they have enclaves in the city that is not America. They will encourage killing the infidels. Ed Murray you are decieved. I hope you are not converted yet. Your liberalism will destoy Seattle. You are now a pothead.

    • IslamophobicCanadianAthiest

      Really sounds like he THINKS that if he buy’s off islum he and his family will be spared. This fool is in for a Hugh surprise if he starts giving away parts of America to a slime ball cult.
      Let a cult member have his sharia law home interest free if they accept the free gift of a pot bellied pig as a house warming gift.

    • IslamDownpressesHumanity

      “naive and ignorant” or corrupt and on the take?

  • Cliff Trudeau

    Is this asshole simply stupid or what? You have to separate religeon from government and this quack cannot give preference to those Sharia Law people as it will cause an upheaval and we will cremove this almost man from office. It is wrong period. This is what happens when idiots in Seattle elect a gay mayor and a demorat to boot.
    Seattle is a fruit cake of the North West surpassing the age of queerism left by San Francisco. This Crackpot Mayor Murray plays with a penis, get anally humped and goes around shaking peoples hands with poo and possibly HIV stuck on his lips and under his fingernail. Sharia law actually calls for him to be removed and tossed off of the Space Needle a s he is a HOMOSEXUAL deviant.

    • Vamp Cherie’ Sullivan

      SO SORRY, I could NOT comprehend what you wrote? Its um……. well, not readable material. Many words spelled incorrectly along with grammar. I wish I knew what you were saying….. but I can say this. This guy is a moron to even think this way. However, we have MANY politicians now who think Muslims should have many rights, even though, we the people (such as myself) can look up how many muslims live in the US compared to, white, blacks, hispanics etc…. the sad part is… the muslim community is seriously LOW compared to the rest of us. BUT YET, they are gaining very much attention. OUR news media and maybe our politicians are the blame for what is currently happening. CAIR – Who is not accepted in many eastern countries because of being and have been involved in terrorist attacks, funding them, Have been ostracized from Saudi, and other countries. THEY are the one who are provoking all of these changes!!! LOOK up those specific statistics You’ll see. Washington state, IF i remember correctly, has MANY muslims living there. (look up which states have the most muslims.. or something like that!) —- LOOK UP — CAIR (fl) – but they are in many states. CAIR in FL is seriously has issues. Their comments are terrible, seriously against us. The real news in the US is there… but only to their agenda! Muslims.

  • Patti York

    Watch that state’s economy start circling the drain. Financial institutions make money by charging interest. This mayor is utterly clueless, what a pox he has brought down on Seattle.

  • V Lester

    Hey Seattle grow a pair and RECALL Ed Murry he is a traitor.

  • antranchers

    I want the same deal. This is discrimination!!!

    • Vamp Cherie’ Sullivan

      ROFLMAO!!! I was thinking the same thing… really I was! Read CAIR in Tampa! I mean… read it, click on many links.. they do NOT like us. They call us names etc………….. BUT they are so peaceful and have this wonderful faith, right? NOT!!!

  • Fromafar

    More Fools in the Progressive Northwest….

  • David King

    I don’t have a problem w/ this. He wants to follow sharia laws, cool. Let them cut his fucking head off first ’cause he doesn’t go by sharia law. There we go, good on ya, or you head on ya or whatever, you stupid POS!

  • Nina

    Pamela, you’re right on target as usual. And the facts you’ve discovered are also outrageous as usual. So now, what do we do?

  • jjkhaywood

    Seattle ,
    You are so screwed.
    In turn you screw everyone else.

  • pete1589

    What the Blessed Mother said about Seattle to the late Fr. Gobbi when he visited St. James Cathedral in Seattle:

    Jesus is today
    again despised, scourged and wounded in his Mystical Body. How the
    permissive attitude of many priests and of some bishops who justify even the
    gravest acts of impurity makes his divine Heart suffer!

    Precisely here, in this very place, the Heart of Jesus has been despised,
    wounded and outraged by the welcoming of so many of my poor children, consumed
    by this terrible vice and by the public encouragement given to them to continue
    along the road of impure sin against nature. Impure acts against nature are
    sins which cry for vengeance in the sight of God. These sins draw down upon you
    and upon your nations the flames of the justice of God.

    The time has come to proclaim to all, with clarity and with courage, that the
    sixth commandment given by God to Moses: “Do not commit impure acts,”
    (cf. Ex. 20:14) still has its full force and must be observed even by this
    corrupted and perverted generation.

    Every pastor who, in any manner whatsoever, would justify these things, draws
    down upon his person and upon his life the fierce fire of Divine Justice. The
    cup of iniquity is now full, is more than full and is flowing over everywhere.

    And so I invite you to multiply your cenacles of prayer and to offer me your
    lives, made fragrant by the virtue of purity, as a powerful force of
    supplication and of reparation.

    I promise you that even now the heavens are on the point of opening upon this
    poor corrupt world, to cause the fiery dew of Divine Justice and of Mercy to
    descend so that it may again become a new garden of light, of purity and of

    What homosexuals think of Seattle Christians:

    • guest

      ***the Blessed Mother said ***

      That thing you call blessed mother ISN’T, and it has NOTHING to do with the Biblical Mary!!

      *** to the late Fr. Gobbi ***

      If ANYTHING said something to Gobbi, it was Satanic in origin.

      ***Jesus is today***

      Sitting at the right Hand of God…

      But this man, after he had offered one sacrifice for sins for ever, sat down on the right hand of God – Hebrews 10:12 KJB

      • pete1589

        Go ahead and dis Jesus’s holy Mother (see Luke 1) and see how well it goes for you in the next life.

        1:41. And it came to pass that when Elizabeth heard the salutation of Mary, the infant leaped in her womb. And Elizabeth was filled with the Holy Ghost.

        1:42. And she cried out with a loud voice and said: Blessed art thou among women and blessed is the fruit of thy womb.

        1:43. And whence is this to me that the mother of my Lord should come to me?

        • guest

          I didn’t “dis” anything, or anyone

          You blaspheme God with your pretend ‘mary’

          • pete1589

            Pretend Mary? And, once again you dis the Mother of God. What did Mary tell us in Holy Scripture:

            1:48. Because he hath regarded the humility of his handmaid: for behold from henceforth all generations shall call me blessed.

            “Shall call me blessed”… These words are a prediction of that honour which the church in all ages should pay to the Blessed Virgin. Let Protestants examine whether they are any way concerned in this prophecy.

          • guest

            That thing you ‘hail’ is NOT the Mary of the Bible!

            The Mary of the Bible has no powers you attribute to her.

            She would be quite embarrassed by the blasphemous things you say about her.

  • Mickey Emerson

    He probably has a website, could always post comments there if he allows them I suppose.

  • Andrew Rourke

    The problem with most politicians is that they are convinced that Islam is just another religion because they don´t do their homework.

  • roccolore

    The irony is that the same Ed Murray that criticized Indiana has no problem catering to those who would have him killed.

  • Artie

    The City of Seattle could use the city employee’s retirement fund to finance no interest loans for it’s growing muslim population.

  • James Smith

    This is getting really old. People of all faiths have struggled and made it without these advantages. But they didnt have a president in office that created laws just for them. Broke the Constitution just for them.
    Its bad enough that Muslims get college loans interest free. Now they are going to get home loans the same way?
    Just so you know “Free means YOU pay”

  • Catholics should also have their own special programs because their belief is the same, about not paying interest, etc.

    • IslamDownpressesHumanity

      LOL, yeah like the izlamic collaborating mayor of Seattle cares about what Catholics want. It’s obvious who’s back pocket he’s in.

    • St. Michael Defend Us

      I never heard that. I had a bank loan like everybody else.

  • knight

    How easy is it to over throw a Mayor out of office, must be a way if the majority say your sacked.

    Then to make it even harder for Muslims to own anything and allowing confiscation of property.

  • joc22

    The good citizens of Seattle and Washington state should be pounding on the doors at the mayors office over this attempt to introduce Sharia into the US

  • rockys65

    Seattle Mayor = IDIOT.

  • Pazuzu

    So, who gets to pay the muzzles’ interest to the bank? WE (taxpayers) DO!

  • Pazuzu

    Why do we want them them be able to live in our country, since they miss their home.

  • Pam, I support you concern about the expansion of Islam. But you need an editor and researchers to help you write. Because you don’t write convincing blog posts. Your need to come across as thoughtful and not shrill. And you need facts. Get in touch and I will help you.

  • eyeswideopen

    the road to hell is paved with good intentions!!

  • James

    Taqiyya=Liar and is
    totally acceptable and supported by sharia law.

    There is no such thing as a moderate muslim. Either you are
    a radical muslim killing and destroying for allah (Jihadists) or are supporting
    radical muslims who are killing and destroying. Shari law demands it.

    Obama and his cronies
    are muslims doing what muslims
    do. (Perverting the truth, killing, stealing and destroying everything that is
    not related to Islam).

    The longer Obama is left in the Presidential office the more
    he his cronies will destroy and disgrace Israel and the USA.

    If the people continue to allow Obama and his cronies to
    remain then they also become complicit and a part of it. You are supporting
    sharia with your taxes and failure to condemn it. You are paying the Jizya

    Muslims will attempt to disassociate themselves from the
    terrorist acts and attrocieties. Taqiyya=Liar. Do not be deceived. There is no
    such thing as a moderate muslim. Either you are a radical muslim killing and
    destroying for allah (Jihadists) or are supporting radical muslims who are
    killing and destroying. (Sharai law demands it) there are no exemptions. (DO

    60% of the Quran contains verses about killing the kuffar,
    (unbelievers or non-muslim) forcing the non-believer to pay Jizya dhimmi, (a
    servitude tax). The only alternative is to lose your head.

    Sharia law requires (ALL) muslims to pay a charity tithe
    called Zakat which a portion is used to fund jihadists (Which equals terrorism
    be it passive or aggressive).

    Since 911 muslims have committed over 23.000 acts of terror
    or 90% of all terrorist acts are committed by muslims and presently there are
    about 6 million of them in this country with more coming.

    Jesus Christ is Lord

  • Linda


  • dondh


  • Jim Moore

    I think this is quite the dilemma isn’t it? Let’s see. Sharia law forbids usury, So they need to confiscate money somewhere to put that system to work. Ok, There’s a large “Gay Lesbian Transgender BiSexual population” on Queen Anne and Capitol Hill there in Seattle. The Sharia Law forbids homosexuality by enforcing the death penalty on violators, especially infidel gays. I’m sure they’ll kill off a lot of these infidel gays, confiscate their properties and use the money to fund Muslims who are in compliance with Sharia Law. I’m waiting to see how that works out.

    • IslamDownpressesHumanity

      The LGBT community is whistling past the graveyard WRT pi$$lam.

  • Under Irish law, debts are forgiven when you’d rather spend that money on beer. Come on Seattle! Get with it!
    ( Is that a parody site? Seriously. )

  • citizen xyz

    This is an outrage! Can’t believe they would even consider this….Get out the way Americans and turn over your land to a sharia law state….One more reason Democrats can’t be trusted. Sharia law doesn’t belong in America, it should go back to the Middle East quite frankly…..Democratic plan to replace Americans with foreigners backfiring!

  • IslamDownpressesHumanity

    All hail the glorious Seattle Izlamic Reich! Allah Ackbar! Allah Ackbar! Allah Ackbar!

  • Artie

    The City of Seattle employees retirement fund could possibly provide no interest mortgages to these folks, Mr. Mayor. While you are involved with these folks please ask them when they can be expected to live and abide with our laws and not those of some seventh century era.

  • Ms Gloria

    Impeach this asshole. This is a america everyone is treated the same. Screw Sharia law American law stands here.

  • Daniel J. Wojcik

    Banks have ALWAYS done this, as far as I can recall. If your religion forbids you paying interest, they just jack up the price of the home, and divvy it up into 360 payments. If the Mayor doesn’t know that, and no one who works for him knew that…well, it says something, right?

  • Tommy Guns

    What a coincidence, I’m against paying interest as well. I demand an interest free loan too!!!!

  • citizen nano nano

    Abusing the constitution with new perversions of representation has to be stopped at the door. That calls for an amendment that indirectly strips the outrageous before it can take hold. My father didn’t fight for this country to be turned over to twisted foreign ideals or Americans will have to fight for it all over again. If it cost 200 billion dollars to send them home and build brand new homes for them there then it’s money well spent.

  • citizen nano nano

    President Obama is out of tune with Americans because he and his staff are primarily not American…..Congress should impeach him, nobody will care if the evidence is insufficient or not……I see Democrats more interested in people overseas all too often…How ironic that a gay major would be interested in accommodating the potential rise of an ISIS group in his own backyard, they are probably laughing at him. They want more high tech access and can find it here.

  • vincent bruce

    Moslems should pay a protection tax to live here, like their holy book orders them to do to us, to be donated to those oppressed by islam worldwide, otherwise be sent to an islamic state.
    Islam will crumble if it can’t expand and is boycotted by the unbelievers of islam.
    Muslims must not be inside our houses, it is a well planned takeover.
    Never allow islam to be treated as a religion, it is at war using terror to control and our own naivete to infiltrate. obama is the king.
    Do, We the People choose to allow islam is the big question,
    or do we see a war machine aimed right at us?

  • gregzotta

    Financial institutions are already doing it.

    The following financial institutions are Shariah Compliant Finance:


    Amana Mutual Funds Trust

    Ameen Housing Cooperative

    Bank of America

    Anchor Finance Group


    Al-Baraka Bancorp


    Beam Capital Management


    The BMB Group

    BNP Paribas

    Calyx Financial

    Century 21

    J.P. Morgan Chase

    CIMB Group



    The Coca-Cola Company

    Credit Suisse


    Deutsche Bank

    Devon Bank

    Dow Jones

    Ernst & Young

    Failaka Advisors

    The Fairfax Institute

    Fiqh Council of North America

    Fitch Ratings

    GE Capital

    Goldman Sachs

    Guidance Financial

    Guidance Residential

    Harvard Law School


    Iman Fund/Allied Asset Advisors

    Ijara Loans

    International Institute of Islamic Thought (IIIT)

    International Islamic Financial Market

    International Shariah Research Academy for Islamic Finance (ISRA)

    Islamic Financial Services Board (IFSB)



    Merrill Lynch & Co.

    Moody’s Investor Services

    Morgan Stanley

    Bank of New York Mellon



    Royal Bank of Scotland (RBS)

    Shariah Capital

    Standard Chartered Bank

    Standard & Poor’s

    Thomson Reuters


    UIB Capital

    University Islamic Financial Corporation

    Virji Investments

    Wafra Investment Advisory Group

    Wellington Management


    Bank of Whittier

    Wolters Kluwer Financial Services

    World Islamic Economic Forum

    Zayan Takaful

  • Kangaroo Edwards

    Can I get an interest free sharia loan too or would I be discriminated against for reasons other than meeting the loan criteria {excluding religion}. And yes, it’s hard for ANYONE to buy a house, as CJP noted. Preferential treatment because of your brand of skygod ? Clearly Mayor Ed Murray is uninformed & needs to do a bit of reading around the subject instead of taking someone else’s word for it.

  • I’d wondered if this were actually true or not. It sounds pretty ridiculous to give mortgages to people who believe they don’t have to pay debts to non Muslims.

  • Klost killman

    Raises excuse me, but how do you prove Someone is Muslim? couldn’t anyone say they are and get one of these amazing loans?

  • Klost killman

    Hippie lettuce in action.

  • Jonnie Montoya

    Now that’s a handy little requirement for your religion…”we don’t pay interest for loans”…Special interest groups give me a pain sometimes…….

  • Sheila Mulwane

    Your an idiot! Why kiss up to the ones whose own koran says that you should be killed if you aren’t a muslim.

  • Davie Says

    The Constitution clearly states: “No foreign laws shall be administered or considered.”

  • kathman

    So, if I say I have converted to Islam do I get an interest free loan also?

  • fedup taxpayer

    its all a religious ideology wedge that is slowly being driven into the west to change the rules and benefit this special group.

  • 75skydog

    How you good folks in Seattle haven’t lynched that idiot muslim mayor is a testament to your extreme tolerance

  • Dead Dog

    Why don’t they ( Muslims ) get a interest free loan from a Sharia-law Bank.

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