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Sarkozy signs petition against proposal to turn unused French churches into mosques


A wise move …. that it would even be considered is sheer madness. Dalil Boubakeur, the rector of the Grand Mosque in Paris, and other imams said last month that the number of mosques should be doubled by 2017.

Mind you, no mosque can ever be turned into a church or synagogue. Once a mosque, always and forever a mosque. Just another example of the rampant Islamic supremacism inherent in Islam.

A masjid is normally made into a waqf or endowment (sometimes difficult to establish depending on the legal connotations of endowment in some countries). However, once a masjid is erected, it will always be a masjid and the property of Allah. It cannot return to being the property of any person or community even those who may have paid for establishing it. ‘Allâma Haskafî writes,

If the inhabitants surrounding the masjid wither away and the masjid becomes desolate, it will still remain a masjid according to Imam Abû Hanîfa and Imam Abû Yûsuf until the Last Day, and the fatwâ is on this opinion (Hâwî al-Qudsî)” (al-Durr al-Mukhtâr 3:371). (source)

Al-Islam: A place becomes a mosque when general permission is given to pray in it, whether it is stated clearly that it is a waqf or endowment given for the sake of Allah, or it is not stated, according to the majority of scholars apart from the Shaafa‘is. See: al-Mawsoo‘ah al-Fiqhiyyah, 37/220

It’s funny. If you google “mosque(s) converted into church(es),” the only search results that come up are for “churches converted into mosques.”

It’s that special kind of Islamic reciprocity — it only goes one way. To Islam.

Sarkozy signs petition against proposal to turn unused French churches into mosques
Former French president Nicolas Sarkozy joins string of Right-wing intellectuals to sign petition following a proposal by Paris mosque head that unused churches could be turned into mosques

By Henry Samuel, Paris

8:07PM BST 09 Jul 2015

Former French president Nicolas Sarkozy signed a petition on Thursday criticising a proposal to turn empty churches into mosques, as a poll suggested that more than two thirds of French people are vehemently against the idea.

Other signatures on the petition, called Don’t Touch My Church, included controversial writer and political journalist Éric Zemmour and philosopher Alain Finkielkraut, as well as Jeannette Bougrab, the former partner of Stéphane Charbonnier, Charlie Hebdo’s slain editor.

The petition, published in the Right-wing magazine Valeurs Actuelles, comes after Dalil Boubakeur, the rector of the Grand Mosque in Paris, said he was in favour of repurposing unused churches due to the serious dearth of places of worship for Muslims.

“This is a delicate issue, but why not,” he told Europe 1 radio last month. “It’s the same God, the rites are similar, fraternal and I think that Muslims and Christians can coexist and live together,” he said.

The petition said the French would never “tolerate the prospect of a religious practice other than Catholic in their churches”.

“A church is not a mosque, and to claim that the ‘rites are the same’ is a scandalous denial of reality,” it went on.

Valéry Giscard d’Estaing, another former French president, and Edouard Balladur, a former prime minister, also responded to Mr Boubakeur’s proposal in the magazine’s appeal to “preserve these sentinels of the French soul”.

“The French Catholic churches have been part of the historical heritage of the French population for ten centuries,” Mr Giscard d’Estaing wrote, while Mr Balladur stressed the need to save “the traditions that are largely the image and culture of our nation.”

France is home to around 40,000 churches for a population of around four million practicing Catholics.

The country currently has around 2,500 mosques, while another 300 are under construction. But with more than five million Muslims in France – the largest population in Europe – Mr Boubakeur and other imams suggested last month that the number of mosques should be doubled by 2017.

Calls for more mosques have been supported by France’s Christian leaders as a “legitimate” demand.

“Muslims should, like Christians and Jews, be able to practise their religion,” Monseigneur Ribadeau-Dumas, spokesperson for the Bishops’ Conference of France, told French radio station Europe 1.

However, more than 67 per cent of French are opposed to the suggestion, and are two and a half times more likely to say “totally opposed” than “somewhat opposed”, according to a survey by the French Institute of Public Opinion, Ifop.

“Even if France is deeply de-Christianised since the 1960s, there is a real commitment … to the Christian roots and their symbols,” Jerome Fourquet, Ifop’s director of opinion and strategy, told the magazine.

In April, Thierry Mandon, the Socialist minister of simplification, said that the lack of “decent” places of worship for French Muslims was partly to blame for some believers turning to radical Islam.

His words came as France struggles to calm community tensions in the wake of the January Islamist attacks in Paris.

“There aren’t enough mosques in France,” he told iTele. “The more you let the Muslims of France pray in cellars and garages, the more you hold a mirror up to discrimination that is the basis of anger and fertile ground for radicalisation,” he said.

Mr Sarkozy, who hopes to lead his conservative The Republicans party to the 2017 presidential race, has toughened his stance on Islam. He recently called for France’s ban on the Islamic headscarf to be extended from schools to universities and for halal meals in schools to be scrapped.

Since a 1905 law separating the church and state, France does not fund the construction of religious buildings.

This has led to complaints that many new mosques in France are funded by foreign Muslim states with sometimes radical religious views.

Anouar Kbibech, new head of the French Council of the Muslim Faith, said that it was “up to French Muslims to take themselves in hand”.

The solution, he said, was to build “local human-sized projects, that can be funded by believers themselves” rather than vast “mosque cathedrals”. These should “fit into French architectural heritage” in a harmonious way, he told Metronews.

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  • disqus_HlH4Faibhw

    Let me get this straight. So… There are no nice buildings for rent or sale in France that the muslim community can fund so they can have a decent place to worship? Uh… Aren’t their own people interested enough in their own “religion” that they can donate time, money and energy?

    And this “rector” is trying to say muslim “rites” are similar to Catholic rites. Uh… Excuse me… But obviously this moron has never been to a Catholic Mass, since the center of our rite is Jesus and the Eucharist. I seriously doubt anything is “similar” or “fraternal” since their acknowledgement of Jesus is not the same.

    • Shwayz

      Its just another lie. Totally acceptable for a Muslim to lie to kafir, to further his agenda.

    • Good point. I’m so glad that you brought this topic up for discussion. Muslims worldwide when they are in the minority will lie through their teeth explaining how Islam and Christianity are the same in many ways. That they worship the same god etc. But this is only done for the advancement of Islam. They wish to mildly subdue us by causing us to let our guard down. Wolves in sheep’s clothing. Don’t fall for it because as they grow in strength the radicalization begins to rear its ugly head. It is an ongoing war and we must always be on guard.

  • Paul A Hall

    The G_d of Abraham is not called allah. There is no record other in the cave book of Jesus saying allah. I believe that islam has stolen enough temples and churches and that there are TOO MANY MOSQUES IN FRANCE! Islam is welcome to its moon god however comparing it to Yahweh is sacrilege. The G_d of Abraham and his LEGAL descendants don’t promote lying pedophilic behavior. Jesus is the Prince of Peace, islam doesn’t mean peace or behave in a peaceful manner. The Old Testament states that the descendants of Ishmael would be at war with everyone, not that they would be at peace with everyone. Muhammad took what he wanted from the Holy Bible and changed it to meet his needs. Adultery became holy to meet his sexually perverted needs. Murder and rape was the means by which he expanded his cult and his personal power. When he passed down assassination was the method that picked his replacement. Islam is the ONLY religion that has competing cults blowing up each others places of worship. The G_d of Abraham hates suicide, allah rewards it EVEN when it murders innocents. So please stay out of our churches and synagogues they are truly Holy Ground do not defile their Holy nature with your evil!

    • DrZin

      Well put, Paul!

      • Paul A Hall

        Thank you!

    • You’re absolutely right! allah (read: SATAN!) rewards Mohammedans with 72 Virgin DEMONS with anvil-shaped genitalia!

    • knight

      They only know how to steal, rape, murder and lie.


      Good comment Paul.

      • Paul A Hall

        Thank you!

    • Patricia

      ANOTHER home run Mr. Hall.
      Well done.

      • Paul A Hall

        Thank you again! Always a pleasure!

  • Tatonka

    ‘T would be far better to flatten every existing mosque in the world than to waste a single nail in building 1 new place of devil worship

  • Fitzroy Jim

    The lack of “decent” places of worship for French Muslims was partly to blame for some believers turning to radical Islam….

    Wow! The denialists are getting pretty desperate with their excuses.

    • purplej

      Yes, that one gave me a chuckle too. “I can’t practise my religion of peace in an expensive building, so I’ll just go kill some people instead.” Seriously dumb.

    • All they are doing is delaying the inevitable. They certainly are not causing it by resisting the advancement of Islams influence. That’s like saying the crusades during the middle ages caused the deaths of millions of Christians. It saved countless unimaginable lives by lessoning Islams influence throughout the world… Where Islam roots grow death and tyranny will soon follow!!!

  • tjp

    I guess that means he wants various Christian denominations to DONATE the buildings and land to Islam? (A donation of this kind happened in Clermont-Ferrand in 2012.)

    As for the claim that they are the same God — suggest he read “Which God” by Dr Mark Durie. There are some solid reasons to believe that God and Allah are not the same.

    • ICH5000

      Agreed TJ. But not “some solid reasons”.
      The whole core of each religion is different.

      As someone told me………….MY GOD looks like Jesus

      • Michael Copeland

        Allah is the enemy of the unbelievers. 2:98
        Allah does not love the unbelievers. 30.45
        Kill the unbelievers wherever you find them. 9:5

        The Koran is part of Islamic law. It is “for all time”. One who denies any verse is to be killed – by anyone, penalty-free.

        See “Allah is the Enemy” at LibertyGB

      • Dr. Doomsday

        While we’re tossing out books, the old venerable, “Your God is too Small” is also a good one..

      • One reads from the Koran and the hadith’s which promote Sharia law and the other reads from the Holy bible which is the Word of God. Christians generally believe in freedom and individual rights. The two belief systems could not be more opposite!

    • knight
    • Leslie

      Our God (Jews and Christians) says, don’t murder, theirs (Islam)says, do murder. Guess who Islam serves?

  • Dennis

    Let us hope that this is yet another step by France’s leaders and its people to come to grip with how Islam is poisoning the culture that has been France over many eons. The commentary here and the deporting of Imam’s who are found to be protagonists of Islamic Jihad to me is very heartening. The attempt to remove the female Muslim from the Headdress cover is also recognition that the medieval practices of the belief system, a belief system that rejects all others and has already caused great damage to the French, is contrary to what is French and I can only hope that France saves itself from that evil belief system.
    On another note, I am mortified that our President and his followers seem to have become tongue tied as represented by their failure to literally say word one about what resulted in the death of that young women on a pier in San Francisco. Without being accused of being racist, because I an not at all, I was shocked by the silence from this administration, Obama was immediately out front when the incidents occurred recently in Missouri, Florida and Baltimore, putting down the police and claiming in his own way that the deaths there were racially related, but when that young lady was killed by an illegal alien, no matter the circumstances of the shooting, our President is deaf, dumb and blind, as is his inane group of followers. I am now more convinced then ever that POTUS is bias to a fault, and should be removed from office. We should be doing here what the French are trying to do there, less we lose everything that is American to these foreigners who refuse to assimilate and become good and productive citizens of this great country.

    • Betty4440

      oh they are productive alright. they produce children like there is no tomorrow haven’t you noticed. while all we working people keep being productive by giving them every thing they need and then some. while the working class has to do with out. and they are productive when it comes to rape,lying, murder, destroying every thing in their path.they really produce a lot. may not be good but they do produce.

      • Producing little head choppers and suicide bombers is Allah’s will!!! Funny but our sleazy politicians havent yet figure that out!!

  • pete1589


    • Roger

      I understand you concern but no thanks. I follow Jesus not the Pope.
      I wouldn’t follow the current Pope to an Outhouse.

      • ICH5000

        agreed Roger………….as soon as I read that kind of stuff it muddles my brain. Seems evil too. Its all about Jesus. Nothing else.

    • Shwayz

      How were the child raping priests punished? How did the Spaniards take the Catholic faith to south America?
      You sound like that idiot Falwell who blamed America for the 911 attacks due to sin. Blame the Islamic fascists. Period

      • pete1589

        650 Spaniards conquered South America by numerous twists of graces from God Who used the predated upon minor tribes, who resented the mass murdering Aztecs’ assaults on them for human sacrifices, to support Cortez’s military actions, to the black slave infected with smallpox to start a pandemic among all the pagan tribes to destroy 90% of them, to the superior weapons and horses to gain military victories.

        And all this because so many souls were being lost in Europe due to the PROTESTant revolt, which divided Christianity into now over 54,000 disagreeing, massively confused sects, each deliriously ensnared by satan’s temptation to make them believe they can be pope and magisterium themselves.

        All in all, it was a miracule crafted by God.

  • pete1589

    Murder your babies in the wombs by the millions, and billions more from birth control as a prevention of responsibility for rampant fornication, and GOD SENDS THE ARM OF HIS WRATH UPON US!! Catholicism ALONE has stood as a bulwark against Islam’s deadly intentions of conversion by the sword. Pagan, secular America and Europe with its empty churches and total void of Catholic priests to provide the Sacraments necessary for salvation, and the world, completely overcome by satan’s trillions of agents roaming about like lions seeking whom they can devour, ignores the obvious CAUSE AND EFFECT of the divorces, the racism, the drugs, the sex, the STD’s and the incessant injection into our willing ears of his perverted messages of immorality via the TV, the radio, the LP, the cassette players, the reel to reel players, the 8 track players, the CD players, the DVD players, the desktops, the pornography, the laptops, the IPhones, the IPads, the so-called “smart” TV’s which can be hacked into for spying upon your neighbors, is now open territory for Islam to FINALLY complete it’s historic goal of the destruction of the Catholic Church.. Oh, yes, so “SMART” isn’t it? SATAN HAS BEEN LOOSED AND THE TIME IS SHORT, PRAY THE ROSARY, YOU DOLTS!!

    • Tatonka

      I agree with you about the killing of unborn babies and fornication that is happening in the west.
      But you are barking up the wrong tree about the Catholic church and praying the Rosary.
      The Catholic church is rife with false Gods,.. Maria and the saints are false Gods.

      Every organized religion is a false religion.

      • Nocturn

        No it is not .When Mary told her Son that the young wedding couple at Cana had no more wine .Jesus without hesitation changed water into wine and the guests were impressed that the best wine was kept for later . In your view she is dead but she is in heaven and Jesus will not refuse her anything she asks for just as he did at Cana . Catholics worshipped the Trinity first ,Mary is only a powerful advocate just as archangels Michael, Gabriel, Raphael and the others assist God in certain things not that he needs the help.

      • Nocturn

        Who says Mary is a God. The Catholic church? Only the Quran says that the Christians idea of the Trinity includes Mary. You must be gradually coming to believe in the Quran?

      • Patricia

        I was with you 100% until your closing comment. May I inquire as to what is your religion? Or do you claim one?

        • Tatonka

          I grew up in the Catholic “faith”.I quit that ritualistic pile of crap 35 years ago and never looked for an other one.
          I don’t have to be associated with a “religion” to believe in creation.
          Most of the current religions are fairly harmless cause they don’t require people to kill for it.
          Islam though is pure Evil and needs to be wiped out.
          I stand by my statement,….All religions are false.

          • Well I wouldnt go quite that far. When you say religion are you also referring to churches? How can they be false? Don’t they recite bible passages in those places? Look, no church is perfect but at least they worship the One that is! I will agree with you to a point and that is that most of mainstream Christianity does not keep the Saturday Sabbath which is one of Gods ten commandments. That needs to change in order for Christians to worship the God of Abraham in truth!

          • Tatonka

            God never required people to build a church.
            AFAIAC The bible is derived from the far older Sumerian writings and it seems to follow only one family throughout the ages and singled out only one God as the Creator of the world.The sumerians had many Gods they called them “Watchers,Jehova or Allah was only one of them and apparently the latter was a minor God.
            I don’t know what the truth is and neither do you or anyone else on this planet.

          • Really… What about the Temple in Jerusalem. What about the many synagogues that Jesus and the apostles spoke in. They spoke in front of a group of people. Isn’t that what is going on today in our churches!! Teaching the word of God?

          • Tatonka

            Man did build the temple in Jerusalem on orders of whoever was Israel’s ruler at that time. I never heard of God coming down to earth and said “build me a Temple”.
            In church they’re preaching what MAN wrote in the Bible,(who says it is the word of God?, God did not write the Bible, did(same as the Qu-ran)
            A lot of people seems to have both long and short term memory problems and need to be reminded of the same thing over and over and ask forgiveness for past sins, yet the next day they go and screw their fellowmen all over again.
            Jesus was a good man but he did not write the NT either,…again man did.

          • Man are you ever biblically illiterate!!! Read 2Timothy 3:16. All of scripture is God breathed. Clearly the temple was built under Gods instruction. Why? To house the Ark of the Covenant? The entire bible is perfect and without error. The prophets were directed by the Holy Spirit. Your faith is dead. Read 2 Corinthians 4:3. The truth is hidden for people like yourself. Synagogues and churches are centers for learning teaching and obeying Gods Word. You need to get a life and soon.!!!

          • Tatonka

            You sound like Muslim.
            Never question, swallow everything hook line and sinker.
            First there was one God,..the Creator.
            Now we have three, The Father The son and the Holy Spirit

            I think i have a beautiful life thank you.
            A lovely wife ,4 beautiful kids, a fairly big ranch and all the freedom in the world

          • That is really hitting below the belt pal!!! Calling me a Muslim! WTF….Nothing I’ve said even remotely sounds like a Muslim…Another one of your brain f#rt remarks perhaps??? Yea okay you have a great life… Have you ever taken the time to thank the Lord for it?? Because sir I will tell you if he wanted to all of it will disappear tomorrow!!!

          • Tatonka

            Hmmm,.. sounds like you you have long toes and get offended fast,..another trait members of the religion of peace display… and they swear a lot too
            Don’t get your panties in a knot man.
            I never said you was a Muslim, just that you sounded like one. They get upset in a hurry too when someone questions their God the Qu-ran or their “prophet”.
            Yes i am aware that everything i have can disappear in a hurry but that can happen whether i pray or not. My God knows how i think feel and act and if He wants to punish me there’s nothing i can do or say that will make Him change his mind although some people think they can.

          • The apostle Matthew stated in 10:14: That I am to wipe the dust off my feet whomever will not receive my words. Go ahead and keep it up with your insults. I see this all the time. People like yourself with all of your needs taken care of. You don’t need God for anything. And with your childish petty little insults you are doing everything possible to deny or neutralize the message that I’m trying to get across. Therefore the dust has been wiped off my feet!!!

          • Tatonka

            That’s the problem with devout believers in all the organized religions.They are a self righteous pricks that never got beyond the brain washing they received as a child.
            Shackled to a doctrine, their way or the highway.
            I worked hard for what i have and i work hard to keep it, it was not given to me, not a single buck of it.
            There is a passage written in the bible about 3 people receiving a dinar each and send out in the world. one became a successful merchant and another one afraid to loose it buried his dinar in the sand, (i can’t remember what the second guy did). As a bible pusher You must be familiar with that passage i take it so quit pointing a finger at me cause you got 3 fingers pointing right back at you.
            have a good day

          • Yes, I am familiar with that parable. However that story isn’t about how much one can earn for himself in this world as you might think. It is not to be taken literally. Did that event actually occur. No doubt it did. However the parable that Jesus spoke were in symbolic terms as well. Gods ways are not our ways and vice versa. The true meaning that Jesus was conveying here has to do with our skills and talents to do good in the world. If you do not make good use to teach others about Gods salvation and the coming kingdom to those you come in contact with then yes you will be thrown in with the hypocrites where there will be weeping and knashing of teeth. If we have been taught the Word of God at some point in our lives then it is up to us to gladly spread that message to others. All are given a certain level of talent to do just that. Obviously someone like Billy Graham was given many talents and he made very good use of them. On the other hand take for instance Madeline Murray O’Hare who was able to take God out of our public schools. I’m glad I’m not in her shoes!!!

          • Tatonka

            I use the talents i am given, i am good at producing livestock and i am good in repairing machinery.
            I let you do the spreading of the word of God.
            I ain’t concerned about Hell, its another invention of man to keep the masses under control.
            I can’t see a God that is only good and can do no wrong revert to burning people for all eternity if they happen not to toe his line at all times cause that would be the ultimate of cruelty.

          • Fair enough. I will let God judge you on how you have lived your life. Certainly not everyone was cut out to be a Billy Graham. And God will not send everyone to hell that does not preach the Word of God. However it is important to have the love of the truth in your heart. Your earlier posts saying things that are false about the Holy bible is a big negative. You would be far better off not to have said anything at all. Let that be a lesson for you!! Also some of us will spend some time in the lake of fire but not eternity if I understand scripture correctly. Not positive on that however. There will be many that will not be saved and will be destroyed forever and ever and ever. They will cease to exist. As far as burning forever for all eternity it will only be the Dragon, the False Prophet and the Beast. Jesus did say however that anyone that calls on his name will be saved….

          • Tatonka

            How nice of you that you will let God judge me,…you almost had me worried there.;)
            Maybe you have a different bible than me, or maybe yours includes a good lawyer and trial by jury
            If i understand the scripture correctly then whoever(not just the dragon) is put on the celestial barbeque is gonna be fried for all eternity no escape possible.Although i really have a hard time understanding how a spirit(soul) as it has no consumables can burn that long.
            So according to you i can live like beast on steroids and as long as i call for Jesus and tell Him I believe in him before i die i have her made.
            Not bloody likely.

          • You are a strange one! Less worried if God judges you and more worried if harmless little me judges you. I really wish you would stop emailing me back! I’m beginning to get the feeling that I’m arguing with a fool!
            When the bible says being saved it does not mean you will have access to the kingdom or heaven. It only says you will be saved. Read Rev. 20: 7-14 & 22: 12-17 & 21: 6-8. Also read Romans 10:13 & Acts 2:21.
            I’m just telling you what the bible states. Look, God loves you infinitely more than you love your wife. He is ready to forgive you anytime but first you must repent of your sins and unbelief!

          • Tatonka

            You started it.
            Bye now

  • pete1589

    “There aren’t enough mosques in France,” he told iTele. “The more you let the Muslims of France pray in cellars and garages, the more you hold a mirror up to discrimination that is the basis of anger and fertile ground for radicalisation,” he said.

    The more Europe begins to understand that Muslims have absolution nothing of value to offer a society other than their dedication to (a) bankrupt the welfare rolls of socialist states and (b) destroy the Catholic Church and convert by the sword, the more they will push it out of western civilization. But who today, utterly ignorant of the influence of satan going on, would fund a crusade, while Islam is funding jihad with impunity??

    • MuslumophobicCanadian

      So the common sense idea would be to deport the excess immediately then there would be lots of room.

      • pete1589

        You think their massively expanding numbers, born out of an 8.4 kids per family rate of population growth, compared to the 1.3 kids per family in the native European family, which is a mathematical certainty of annihilation of the entire populace, as it grows older and older and less and less fertile in addition to the millions of abortions and BILLIONS of birth controlled abortions, anal sex, oral sex and all the other dysfunctional methodologies arising out of a well conditioned devotion to the Pleasure Principle. How’s THAT going to work out in the long run? Europe can’t even raise a decent army, and you expect them to displace the 50 million Muslims growing exponentially exactly how?

  • Daniel Diamond

    The solution, he said, was to build “local human-sized projects, that can be funded by believers themselves” rather than vast “mosque cathedrals”. These should “fit into French architectural heritage” in a harmonious way, he told Metronews.

    Not good enough.We need big supremacist mosques so that we are in your face.

  • Daniel Diamond

    “In April, Thierry Mandon, the Socialist minister of simplification, said that the lack of “decent” places of worship for French Muslims was partly to blame for some believers turning to radical Islam.”

    Opps I thought it was poverty.


      Poverty of Morality.

  • DrZin

    The moslem god is not the same as the Judeo-Christian God, They are not even alike.

  • DrZin

    Western countries should pay moslems to leave, or at least pay them to undergo sterilization.

    • KimWilde

      I believe that it is very important to martyr as many islamists as possible. I believe sterilization with a blow torch works well also. Or, they could wake up and accept JESUS as their SAVIOR.

      • MuslumophobicCanadian

        If they reform after the sterilization by blow torch though just in case they decide to lie a bit.

      • Patricia

        Ms Wilde, I prefer your Final Solution ;)
        > > > Pray for the souls of the oppressed women and children, that they come to know and love the Lord of All Peoples.
        < < < I would say pray for the males, but as the Sons of Ishmael, their fate is a defiantly self-imposed reality that few have the strength or will to change.

        • KimWilde

          Mr. Pat, should I assume that you just like the feminine sound of Patrica ?

          • Patricia

            I beg your pardon, in my world Kim is a feminine name. I assure you I am female.

          • KimWilde

            Ignorance abounds Kimberly is a female name. The name Kim Anglo Saxon or Welsh is for leader, in Welsh also as Chieftain. I don’t know where you come from or do I care but your avatar fits very well for you just like mine does me.

          • knight

            I also think it as feminine, but I found one male using Kim many tears back when I was small school child.

  • DrZin

    Whenever you hear a moslem lie, remember that satan is called the father of lies. The true God doesn’t have to have his people sin in order to promote Him.

  • Five million Mohammedans in France is five million too many!

    • JUILLE

      Agreed, one is to many.


    Forget new Mosques. Islam should be made illegal in all western countries.
    If we don’t deal with the sharia “fools” regardless of how messy it will get, our children and grand children will want to know why we didn’t act , and they will be right.

    • knight

      Do what China does with Muslims up in the north western part of China, then you have other countries ban on Burqa and Hijab in public places and so on.

      One big thing they need to c!amp down on demonstration, their black flag and any supportive way of terrorist and downing anything from another religion.
      Be good to stop them gathering together in groups.

      Ramadan stoping
      Boarding public transport while veiled
      Prayer In Mosques outlawed
      Muslim shopkeepers must sell alcohol or face prosecution
      Imams were forced to dance

      • JUILLE

        Agreed, if our “leaders” will not do what is necessary to stop their progress( ,we the people ) must get organized and do what has to be done.
        I’m in.


    There are four Mosques in Moscow to accommodate two million Muslims,
    Putin and is people understand the problems that follow when giving in to the demands of the cult and will not allow any more Mosques in the city.
    Unlike Hussein in the white house , Vladimir stands up for is country.

    • Well send our traitor in chief over their and I’ll take Putin for our president any day of the week!

      • JUILLE

        Thanks anyways, here in Canada we might have our own traitor in chief
        in the name of Justin Trudeau if he’s elected in federal the election to be held in October.
        You can verify what I am saying by googling Trudeau’s response when asked his opinion on the Boston bombing,

  • on my out of Saudi

    Islam should be outlawed PERIOD! It only destroys.

  • roccolore

    The last thing Europe needs is more terror mosques.

    • knight

      Ban the call to prayer, ban the Burqas, make it illegal for any Muslim to be outside a no go zone. Confiscate all property that is outside a no go zone.

      • Don’t stop there also ban the coran, eliminate Sharia law from their religion. Rewrite their religious doctrine to where Muslims can freely leave their faith without fear of persecution…

        • JUILLE

          Correct without the ” death to apostates rule ” Islam would eventually cease to exist.

  • romain reuter

    OT: in Germany, Bavaria, a (probably muslim) man has gone on a rampage and shot several innocent people, of whom some are already dead. One of his victims is a 82 years old lady.
    How long will it take our foolish politicians to acknowledge that with muslim mass-immigration to Europe, there will be no safety for anybody anymore?
    God damn it!

  • ICH5000

    Its not the same God . How can it be.
    That would make Jesus a liar !

  • Voytek Gagalka

    If indeed churches in France are becoming dissolute and unused they should rather turned into National Monuments or museums than be surrendered to that “waqf” for Mohammedans! I agree with Sarkozy on that 100%. Where is that petition – I will sign it myself!

  • Wade Hunnicutt

    The French Republic is a secular state. Should the Islam wish more worship centers, it is up to that community to build them.

  • knight

    Time to tell them to take the 5 million and walk over all the terrorist, trample them to death if you do not stand up and fight

    No need to keep the 5 million and with other countries.

    Get out of my home, your welcome is not wanted. Your abused it, and you cannot have it.

  • MuslumophobicCanadian

    There must be at least 1 garbage dump available that could allow cult members ass sniffing time in France?
    Even if they use incinerators that would cut the methane emmissions down and they could be used to burn more useful garbage cuts down on wasted time for allhumans and mooslums even. Cost efficient and mentally calming at the same time as to lowering fears of moderate mooslum cult member beheading or raping a kid or ewe wouldn’t it?

    Or Remove and localize 10 cult meeting sty’s for each beaten down church proposed as a mosque then build an incinerator around the church..Win Win- they get their virgins French finally get actual Peace not Piece from this cult and the ground can be used for something useful after it cools..

  • LarryC

    I hope Nick Sarkosy’s vote of NO accelerates the changes necessary in the laws to protect the people from the Islamic threat. Laws like a Mosque will be shut-down and seized if an Imam preaches against Western values and promotes the barbaric shariah.
    We need to stop the bullshit and start treating terrorists and facilitators of terror and terror ideology the way they should be treated — as the worst kind of criminals.


  • knight

    Little by little we bite back, but need that big chunk.

  • Building mosques is like building nests for venomous snakes.

    • yvehc_telorvehc

      lol. good one.

  • Leslie

    Maybe the French might consider using these churches, ring the bells, fill the pews.

  • Nocturn

    Dalil Boubakeur, the rector of the Grand Mosque in Paris, said ,”“It’s the same God, the rites are similar, fraternal and I think that Muslims and Christians can coexist and live together”.
    How could this be when the inscription on the inside tiled walls of the dome of the rock (mosque) in Jerusalem says ….” In the name of God the Merciful, the Compassionate. There is no god but God alone, without partner. Say: He is God, One, God, the Everlasting, who has not begotten and has not been begotten. He is without equal. Muhammad is God’s messenger, may God bless him”. From Qur’an 112.
    So will they put a banner with these words once they are allowed(God forbid) to use these Catholic churches with all it’s religious items like crucifixes ,statues ,paintings? Of course they will cover these Catholic iconography up and later demand that all these things be removed to fully transform it into a mosque just like Hagia Sophia cathedral was once changed into a mosque and later into a museum and now there are raucous calls for it to become a mosque again. Waqf property?
    French Christians (and Jews) must oppose these proposals in the strongest language possible.

  • PeterMBeck

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  • whats up

    Thats why I hate foreign media when they blame hindu nationalist party in india

    becoz they dont know what Muslims doing here actually and our so fucking sickular media try to portray them as a moderate Muslims by not asking and criticizing them about these facts and every time they use there minority as a shield in vote bank politics
    all these is allowed In the name of multi culture and socialism
    in India multi culture exist becoz of hindus diverse religion and Abrahamic religion dont understand that specially islam most insecure religion which is against every culture and religion on this earth at the end becoz hate is there prayer and it precisely say our is last and final one which is indirect challenge to every other culture and most notorious thing ab8 them is at the end they r against each other
    our so called sickular leaders and media
    ignore the Demographic facts ab8 Pakistan , Afghanistan , Bangladesh or take any other muslim country that how hindus , Buddhist , Sikh and other minority population declined over there within decade on the other hand its more flourishes in India and other countries and at the end these so called modern Muslims , left sickulars say that it has nothing to do with islam

  • June Skelton

    Never had much time for the man after those scandals, but now—at a stroke—Sarkozy has gone up in my estimation.

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