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Proselytizing for and whitewashing Islam in…Teen Vogue


Teen Vogue is just that: a magazine for teenage girls. Articles featured on its front page today include “Justin Bieber and Sam Smith Are Already Listening to Tori Kelly’s New Album, and You Should Be, Too”; “The 35 Coolest Back-to-School Backpacks”; “7 Desserts That Require No Baking At All”; “The Complete Guide to Washing Your Makeup Brushes — Yes, You Need To”; and the immortal “I Understand My Period, But What’s Coming Out Of Me The Other Three Weeks of the Month?” In that company, “10 Misconceptions About Islam That Muslim Americans Are Tired of Hearing” stands out like Hillary Clinton at a Tea Party meeting, and manifests the indefatigable determination of Muslims to proselytize anywhere and everywhere they can, as well as the naive multiculturalism of Leftist publishers and editors who give them a platform to speak positively about their religion that they would never offer to Jews or Christians or any other religious group.

The Muslim teen laments how trying it is to grow up Muslim in America. How hard can it be? She’s writing for Teen Vogue for goodness sake.

This piece, like so many others of its kind, packages its proselytizing in the guise of clearing up “misconceptions” that people supposedly have about Islam, and follows the pattern of other articles like it in presenting some “misconceptions” that no one really holds and are entirely innocuous anyway amidst others that are more or less straight proselytizing and outright deception designed to keep Americans — even those far more concerned about Kendall Jenner and Katy Perry than about Mohammad Abdulazeez and Usaama Rahim — ignorant and complacent about the jihad threat.

And it starts, unsurprisingly, with a highly questionable anecdote that situates Muslims firmly as victims, and smears opponents of jihad terror as bigots:

Teen Vogue

“10 Misconceptions About Islam That Muslim Americans Are Tired of Hearing,” by Hishaam Siddiqi, Teen Vogue, July 6, 2015:

“Can you grab that bottle of Sriracha on the top shelf?” my mother asked, as we made our way down the “ethnic” aisle at our local grocery store. It was around 5:30pm, my father was almost home from work, and my mother and I were out getting last minute ingredients for dinner. As we waited in the checkout line, waiting to pay for our goods, I hear a voice behind me, “You here to steal something?”

I turn around to find a tall man, broad shoulders, a baseball cap pulled low over his forehead, looking straight at my mother. I stand there bewildered, wondering if this was an acquaintance of hers trying to be funny or make some sort of weird joke.

“Are you here to blow something up? Why are you wearing that?” he barks again, referring to my mother’s hijab and abaya. At this point, everyone within earshot tenses up and I find myself flooding with both embarrassment and panic. What was this guy trying to get at? We were just at the grocery store trying to get home on time, and this man, who we had never seen before, was going out of his way to harass my mother.

Unfortunately, this wasn’t an isolated incident. My mother, petite as she may be, has no problem holding her own and isn’t new to being singled out and hassled for her choice of Islamic clothing. She clearly and eloquently explained her religious garb to the man, told him to not yell at her, and swiftly sent him on his way.

Note the semaphores: “the ‘ethnic’ aisle at our local grocery store” — America is intrinsically racist, “otherizing” racial and religious minorities in innumerable ways large and small, even to the point of labeling an aisle containing food that Muslims eat the “ethnic” aisle, as if it is not quite American. “Baseball cap pulled low over his forehead” — a racist, redneck yahoo. “A tall man, broad shoulders…My mother, petite as she may be” — Muslims are weak, small, endangered victims of monstrous, hulking bullies. “Are you here to blow something up? Why are you wearing that?” — only idiots who do things like berate strangers in supermarkets are concerned about Islamic terrorism. “Unfortunately, this wasn’t an isolated incident. My mother, petite as she may be, has no problem holding her own and isn’t new to being singled out and hassled for her choice of Islamic clothing.” — Muslims are routinely subjected to this kind of treatment, you see. And while there may indeed exist baseball cap-wearing louts who bark at petite hijabis in the ethnic aisle, although I highly doubt it, the claim that this anecdote represents a general tendency is belied by FBI hate crime statistics that show that anti-Jewish hate crimes are over four times more common than anti-Muslim hate crimes — but you don’t see Jews whining in Teen Vogue about creeps who yelled at them in a supermarket.

teen vogue islam

Growing up, I’ve had plenty of these experiences. Whether it was strange looks at my mother or jokes about my Arabic name, life as a Muslim in post 9/11 America isn’t the cutest feeling. The constant villainization of Muslims in mainstream media makes it difficult to do even simple things such as buy groceries or get through airport security without crude jokes or dangerous assumptions, and with the murder of three innocent Muslim kids in Chapel Hill this past year, it’s clear that stereotyping can lead to even fatal consequences.

“The constant villainization of Muslims in mainstream media”? What? Where? When? Has Siddiqi never heard of Christiane Amanpour or Niraj Warikoo or Lisa Wangsness or Manya Brachear or a thousand other mainstream media “journalists” who do their utmost to whitewash Islamic jihad terror and to “villainize” those who oppose it? Is there even a single instance of this “villainization” to which she could honestly point? The mainstream media goes out of its way to distance Islam and jihad from terrorism, and seizes upon every possible opportunity to present Muslims and Islam in a positive light. This claim that Muslims are “villainized” in the media is designed to inhibit even further any honest reporting about jihad terror activity.

There is actually no evidence whatsoever that the murder of the Muslims in Chapel Hill was motivated by hatred of Muslims. The fact that Hishaam Siddiqi (along with many other Muslim writers these days) refers to it reveals how rarely Muslims are really victimized: instead of being able to point to an actual murder inspired by anti-Muslim hatred, they keep having to point to this one, in which the victims happened to be Muslim but their religion had nothing to do with why they were murdered. This is because there aren’t any murders inspired by anti-Muslim hatred.

Fortunately we live in the age of technology and open information—we don’t always have to be victims of ignorance and perpetuate harmful stereotypes. Misconceptions can be overcome with a simple but powerful thing, knowledge: here are ten common misconceptions about Islam and Muslims to help you break the cycle.

No one wants to be ignorant and hateful, or to be thought of as such. In this connection, remember the supermarket racist’s question: “Are you here to blow something up?” To be concerned about Muslims because of jihad terrorism, you see, is ignorant and hateful. And now Hishaam Siddiqi helpfully provides the antidote.

1. Muslim women have no rights
This is definitely a hot-topic and complicated issue but one of my favorite misconceptions to tackle. It’s important to realize the difference between cultural influences and religious policy. Many countries across the world, including Muslim countries, have patriarchal cultures (cultures in which men are automatically assumed to lead), which are often socially constructed and influenced by the traditions, gender roles, and practices of that culture. Islam as a religion, however, preaches equality of the sexes. There are many Muslim women who have made great accomplishments in the fields of science, entertainment, academia, art, and politics—just this year, Ameenah Gurib-Fakim, a professor of biology, became president of Muslim majority African country Mauritius!

It’s a common Islamic apologist’s claim that the mistreatment of women in Muslim countries is due to culture, not Islam, but this is absurd on its face. Islam is an all-encompassing system, covering every aspect of life. Does Hishaam Siddiqi expect us to believe that in countries where it has been firmly entrenched for nearly 1,400 years, it hasn’t had any effect on the culture? On the contrary: in such countries, Islam is the culture. And while the claim that “Muslim women have no rights” is an overstated straw man, the mistreatment of women in Islamic countries is firmly rooted in Islam. The Qur’an likens a woman to a field (tilth), to be used by a man as he wills: “Your women are a tilth for you (to cultivate) so go to your tilth as ye will” (2:223). It declares that a woman’s testimony is worth half that of a man: “Get two witnesses, out of your own men, and if there are not two men, then a man and two women, such as ye choose, for witnesses, so that if one of them errs, the other can remind her” (2:282). It allows men to marry up to four wives, and have sex with slave girls also: “If ye fear that ye shall not be able to deal justly with the orphans, marry women of your choice, two or three or four; but if ye fear that ye shall not be able to deal justly (with them), then only one, or (a captive) that your right hands possess, that will be more suitable, to prevent you from doing injustice” (4:3). It rules that a son’s inheritance should be twice the size of that of a daughter: “Allah (thus) directs you as regards your children’s (inheritance): to the male, a portion equal to that of two females” (4:11). Worst of all, the Qur’an tells husbands to beat their disobedient wives: “Men are in charge of women, because Allah hath made the one of them to excel the other, and because they spend of their property (for the support of women). So good women are the obedient, guarding in secret that which Allah hath guarded. As for those from whom ye fear rebellion, admonish them and banish them to beds apart, and scourge them” (4:34). It allows for marriage to pre-pubescent girls, stipulating that Islamic divorce procedures “shall apply to those who have not yet menstruated” (65:4).

2. Muslims worship a different God
A lot of people think Allah is a specific Islamic deity, but really it just means ‘god’ in Arabic. Christian Arabs even use the word Allah when referring or praying to God. And since Islam is an Abrahamic religion, Muslims believe Allah is the same God who Jesus, Moses, and other biblical prophets all prayed to.

This is a proselytizing point, based on the Qur’an (29:46, which says that Muslims worship the same deity as that of Jews and Christians). It is designed simply to mitigate the strangeness of Islam that many feel, arising from the huge amount of violence done in its name and in accord with its teachings.

3. Islam doesn’t mix with other religions Again, it’s important to make the distinction between the behavior of various cultures and politics of countries compared to actual religious theology. Islam is an Abrahamic religion, which is in the same family of religions as Judaism and Christianity. All three of the religions share many similarities, including important religious figures, historical events, and spiritual beliefs. In fact, Muslims are religiously required to believe in Jesus as a divine prophet. There have been numerous periods of history throughout the Middle East where Muslims, Jews, and Christians lived together for centuries.

…as long as the Jews and Christians knew their place, and paid the jizya, a Qur’an-specified poll tax, “with willing submission,” and felt themselves “subdued” (Qur’an 9:29). If, on the other hand, Jews and Christians refused to be subservient, they were massacred — as in the murder of 4,000 Jews in Granada in 1066, following the appointment of a Jewish vizier over the city, which Muslims believed violated the Qur’anic imperative that Jews must be subjugated.

4. Muslims must engage in Jihad, also known as holy-war
This misconception was a huge buzzword right after 9/11 and still does come up every now and then. A lot of people misconstrue Jihad to be a religious agenda to wage war, and is often cited as the reasoning for much of fringe Islamic extremism. However, Jihad doesn’t necessarily mean holy-war, it means to simply struggle for God—an overwhelming majority of Muslims are nonviolent and unfairly lumped with Islamic extremists. Jihad, as most Muslims see it, can include anything from wearing a head scarf to school even though you get teased for it to setting aside allowance money to donate. While fighting for your religious beliefs can be a form of jihad, the term itself refers to any sort of struggle to do good.

This explanation doesn’t even attempt to claim that jihad warfare is not jihad. It just posits that there are other forms of jihad as well. So what? If they don’t compel jihad warriors to stop killing Infidels, they are of no interest to Infidels.

5. Sharia Law is taking over the United States
I always roll my eyes at this one. Sharia law is the theory of Islamic law, derived from centuries old religious and historical texts, which outlines things such as how to settle finances after divorce, the legality of adoption, social etiquette, economics, and other spiritual topics. Almost every time I’ve heard the word Sharia Law on the news, it’s been fear mongering that’s had little to nothing to do with the actual body of laws. There’s no broad Islamic drive to push religious laws onto other political systems.

The Muslim Brotherhood “must understand that their work in America is a kind of grand Jihad in eliminating and destroying the Western civilization from within and “sabotaging” its miserable house by their hands and the hands of the believers so that it is eliminated and God’s religion is made victorious over all other religions.” — “An Explanatory Memorandum on the General Strategic Goal for the Brotherhood in North America,” by Mohamed Akram, May 19, 1991.

6. All Muslims are Arabs
Couldn’t be further from the truth! Out of the 1.6 billion Muslims living worldwide, over 60% of them are from South and South East Asia, with Indonesia being the most populous Muslim country, followed by Pakistan. In the United States, the largest Muslim demographic is African-American followed by South Asian. Not all Arabs are Muslims either—many Arab countries have very large and historic Christian and Jewish populations.

This one is completely unimportant, and probably only included to reinforce the contention that only racist, ignorant yahoos care about jihad terror.

7. Muslim women are forced to cover up
Although Islamic teachings do require women to dress modestly, how a woman chooses to cover herself and to what degree is under her autonomy. The different ways Muslim women cover varies both religiously (from simple headscarves to full robes) and also culturally, with each region having it’s on take on modest clothing. Unfortunately, many patriarchal societies exploit this and force women to cover in order to systematically subjugate them.

How a woman chooses to cover herself and to what degree is under her autonomy? Really? Tell it to Aqsa Parvez, whose Muslim father choked her to death with her hijab after she refused to wear it; and to Amina Muse Ali, a Christian woman in Somalia whom Muslims murdered because she wasn’t wearing a hijab; and to the 40 women who were murdered in Iraq in 2007 for not wearing the hijab; and to Alya Al-Safar, whose Muslim cousin threatened to kill her and harm her family because she stopped wearing the hijab in Britain; and to Amira Osman Hamid, who faces whipping in Sudan for refusing to wear the hijab; and to the Egyptian girl, also named Amira, who committed suicide after being brutalized for her family for refusing to wear the hijab; and to the Muslim and non-Muslim teachers at the Islamic College of South Australia who were told that they had to wear the hijab or be fired; and to the women in Chechnya whom police shot with paintballs because they weren’t wearing hijab; and to the women also in Chechnya who were threatened by men with automatic rifles for not wearing hijab; and to the elementary school teachers in Tunisia who were threatened with death for not wearing hijab; and to the Syrian schoolgirls who were forbidden to go to school unless they wore hijab; and to the women in Gaza whom Hamas has forced to wear hijab; and to the women in Iran who protested against the regime by daring to take off their legally-required hijab; and to the women in London whom Muslim thugs threatened to murder if they didn’t wear hijab; and to the anonymous young Muslim woman who doffed her hijab outside her home and started living a double life in fear of her parents, and all the other women and girls who have been killed or threatened, or who live in fear for daring not to wear the hijab.

8. Muslims starve for an entire month every year
This one is more of a misunderstanding than a misconception but it always makes me laugh because I hear it every year. Ramadan is a month in which Muslims partake in various charitable and religious activities, most prominent of which is fasting from sunrise to sunset in order to learn humility and appreciate their blessings. But you won’t believe how many people I’ve met who actually think we don’t eat or drink the entire month—not true! Although we do fast for one month, abstaining from food and drink only takes place during daylight hours, which usually ends with a big feast at sunset and way too many people over eating and raiding the fridge at 3am.

“But you won’t believe how many people I’ve met who actually think we don’t eat or drink the entire month” — silliness. More ominous is that Siddiqi never mentions that Ramadan, because it is a time when Muslims renew their devotion to Allah, and because jihad is the supreme act of devotion to Allah, is a time of increased jihad terrorism. “The best acts that bring you closer to God are jihad, so hurry to it and make sure to carry out the invasion this holy month and be exposed to martyrdom in it,” so said Islamic State spokesman Abu Mohammed al-Adnani as Ramadan began this year.

9. Muslim Men are encouraged to practice polygamy
This misconception gets brought up a lot but a little historical context helps us better understand. Fourteen hundred years ago, during the rise of Islam, social structures did not provide women with the same assistance as they do today—women needed marriages not just romantically, but also as a means of protection, housing, employment, and tribalism. The law of allowing Muslim men to marry multiple wives was explicitly introduced so as to help widowed and divorced women retain social wellbeing. More importantly, Muslim men are discouraged from marrying more than one wife if they are unable to provide for them equally financially and emotionally. In many Muslim countries, and even Muslim communities here in the West, polygamy is looked down upon and considered an outdated tradition.

In reality, there are as many as 100,000 polygamous Muslim families in the U.S., in clear violation of U.S. law, and Islamic polygamy is not considered an “outdated tradition,” as it is sanctioned in the Qur’an (4:3).

10. Muhammad was the founder of Islam
Historians might consider Muhammad the one who introduced Islam, but Muslims believe Islam to be the same message revealed by Jesus, Moses, and all the other Biblical prophets. Additionally, Muslims do not pray to or worship Muhammad, if anything it is emphasized that he was human just like everyone else.

The same message revealed by Jesus, Moses, and all the other Biblical prophets. See? Nothing to be concerned about, unless you’re a baseball cap-wearing hijabi-harassing boor. So relax, Teen Vogue readers — only hatemongers care to resist Islamic jihad terror. Go back to Justin Bieber, and don’t worry about a thing.

  • Susan

    How can that stupid mag get away with this BS. God help us.

    • Dr. Doomsday

      Probably funded or owned by the Saudis and a few dhimmi communists here.

      • Susan

        I am sure you are right. Dam all of this.

    • Daniel FX Dravot

      Because the Magazine’s readers are even more stupid. Have you seen what is coming out of the public school systems?

  • Islam is a gateway religion to murder, violence and rape. That doesn’t mean all Muslims are bad or evil. Just like not everyone at the bar is an alcoholic.

    • Commieobamie

      Yeah, but when the drunk at the bar get rowdy, they KICK his ASS OUT!

    • Brooke

      “That doesn’t mean all Muslims are bad or evil” It sure does, especially, since that is what they are supposed to do, read the Quran.

      • It’s like saying all Jews are Kosher, are all Catholics avoid birth control. But the kicker is about 10 to 30 percent of Muslims are radicalized, where was only about 5% of heroin users are full time addicts. So Islam is 2 to 6 times as dangerous as heroin.

        • Brooke

          Quran (8:12)
          – “I will cast terror into the hearts of those who disbelieve. Therefore strike off their heads and strike off every fingertip of them” No reasonable person would interpret this to mean a spiritual struggle.

          Quran (8:15)
          – “O ye who believe! When ye meet those who disbelieve in battle, turn not your backs to them. (16)Whoso on that day turneth his back to them, unless maneuvering for battle or intent to join a company, he truly hath incurred wrath
          from Allah, and his habitation will be hell, a hapless journey’s end.”

          Quran (8:39)
          – “And fight with them until there is no more fitna (disorder,
          unbelief) and religion should be only for Allah” Some translations interpret “fitna” as “persecution”, but the traditional understanding of this word is not supported
          by the historical context (See notes for 2:193). The Meccans were simply refusing Muhammad access to their city during Haj. Other Muslims were allowed to travel there – just not as an armed group, since Muhammad had declared war on Mecca prior to his eviction. The Meccans were also acting in defense of their religion, since it was Muhammad’s intention to destroy their idols and establish Islam by force (which he later did). Hence the critical part of this verse is to fight until “religion is only for Allah”, meaning that the true justification of violence was the unbelief of the opposition.
          According to the Sira (Ibn Ishaq/Hisham 324) Muhammad further explains that “Allah must have no rivals.”

          Quran (8:57) – “If thou comest on them in the war, deal with them so as to strike fear in those who are behind them, that haply they may remember.”

          Quran (8:67)
          – “It is not for a Prophet that he should have prisoners of war until he had made a great slaughter in the land…”

          Quran (8:59-60)
          – “And let not those who disbelieve suppose that they can outstrip (Allah’s Purpose). Lo! they cannot escape. Make ready for them all thou canst of (armed) force and of horses tethered, that thereby ye may dismay the enemy of
          Allah and your enemy.”

          Quran (8:65)
          – “O Prophet, exhort the believers to fight…”

          Quran (9:5)
          – “So when the sacred months have passed away, then slay the idolaters wherever you find them, and take them captive and besiege them and lie in wait for them in every ambush, then if they repent and keep up prayer and pay the poor-rate, leave their way free to them.” According to this
          verse, the best way of staying safe from Muslim violence is to convert to Islam (prayer (salat) and the poor tax (zakat) are among the religion’s Five Pillars). This popular claim that the Quran only inspires violence within the context of self-defense is seriously challenged by this passage as
          well, since the Muslims to whom it was written were obviously not under attack. Had they been, then there would have been no waiting period (earlier verses make
          it a duty for Muslims to fight in self-defense, even during the sacred months). The historical context is Mecca after the idolaters were subjugated by Muhammad and posed no threat. Once the Muslims had power, they violently evicted those unbelievers who would not convert.

          Quran (9:14)
          – “Fight against them so that Allah will punish them by your hands and disgrace them and give you victory over them and heal the breasts of a believing people.” Humiliating and hurting non-believers not only has the blessing of Allah, but it is ordered as a means of carrying out his punishment
          and even “healing” the hearts of Muslims.

          Quran (9:20)
          – “Those who believe, and have left their homes and striven with their wealth and their lives in Allah’s way are of much greater worth in Allah’s sight. These are they who are triumphant.” The Arabic word interpreted as “striving” in this verse is the same root as “Jihad”. The context is obviously holy war.

          Quran (9:29)
          – “Fight those who believe not in Allah nor the Last Day, nor hold that forbidden which hath been forbidden by Allah and His Messenger, nor acknowledge the religion of Truth, (even if they are) of the People of the Book, until they
          pay the Jizya with willing submission, and feel themselves subdued.” “People of the Book” refers to Christians and Jews. According to this verse, they are to be violently subjugated, with the sole justification being their religious status. Verse
          9:33 tells Muslims that Allah has charted them to make Islam “superior over all religions.” This chapter was one of the final “revelations” from Allah and it set in motion the tenacious military expansion, in which Muhammad’s companions managed to conquer two-thirds of the
          Christian world in the next 100 years. Islam is intended to dominate all other people and faiths.

          Quran (9:30)
          – “And the Jews say: Ezra is the son of Allah; and the Christians say: The Messiah is the son of Allah; these are the words of their mouths; they imitate the saying of those who disbelieved before; may Allah destroy them; how the


            “I will cast terror into the hearts of those who disbelieve. Therefore
            strike off their heads and strike off every fingertip of them”
            – “Therefore”! Quite interesting. Those who are made to internalize this verse well from their childhood on will tend to automatically suspect people who look frightened as infidels, disbelievers and tend to be aggressive toward them. They’ll even be unable to empathize with children.

        • Brooke

          It always goes back to the Quran, though. If you read the Quran, it outright states, they are to kill all, but Muslims. The problem so many, non-muslims have, is understanding that just alone, Muslims, are to be violent to those that are not Muslim. PLEASE read the Quran. Here you go, sir : http://www.thereligionofpeace

        • IslamDownpressesHumanity

          Yeah and most Nazis were peaceful…
          One factoid that dissolves your idiotic contention about a “moderate” pi$$lam is the fact ALL musswein states persecute people of other faiths and have enforced blasphemy and heresy laws. Why don’t you move to any of them and try criticising pi$$lam or its holy prophet publicly? After all, if most musswein are good people you’ll have nothing to fear right?

        • Brooke

          So, now you understand, better, yes? Not sure who you hang around, hopefully, they are not Muslims who feed you nonsense and inform you how nice they are. Nice gets you dead, pretty fast

  • ThisIsSparta
  • Brenda

    In VOGUE magazine??!


    Are they going to talk about FGM, then? And the problems FGM causes in female sexual response?! The lifetime physical and emotional problems associated with the Islamic practice? What Moslem girls can do to avoid FGM? How they need to be “liberated” from this male oppression?


    Maybe Cosmo will be the next to go pro-hijab, pro-FGM!

    • LarryC

      Didn’t you hear? Next month Teen Vogue will have an article on the benefits of FGM along with reports from nice Muslim girls that it doesn’t hurt that much.

  • ThisIsSparta

    Female Genital Mutilation . Is that in their future too? That is no myth but will Teen Vogue tell us about the joys of being a Muslim girl getting cut?

  • ServosT

    Oh, well, now I feel much better about islam. I think I would like to invite ISIS over for brunch and hash things out. I will read them this article. They will cry. I will cry. We’ll hug and everything will be fine.

    • atl slayer

      Hahahahahagahahahahah,,,,yep, that should should wrap everything up in a neat little bow,,,hahahaha,

  • Tatonka

    Here is a simple solution.
    Ditch the murder religion, pull on some western clothes instead of the garbage bags and the towel and start living like a normal person.
    Or get the F back to yer dung hole country.
    In other words,…fit in or get out!

    • karl59

      Since fitting in will not happen—theyshould get a one way ticket
      for the Middle East!!!!

    • Brooke

      They can’t fit in. Well, they can, they just do not wish to. Reminder : Their sole advancement in their lives is to kill non-muslims so to live happily ever after. Which means to them, to keep killing whatever the heck they can, as that is all they learned. Can’t unlearn violence, unless you have a great therapist, though, they already killed them all ;-)

      • carol

        to true brooke, theyre invaders to whatever country are unlucky enough to get them. thier sole intent is to murder us all and dominate. sad that the ones letting them push thier cult and sharia law onto us are the very people that were elected in to keep our respective countries and people safe from danger. what traitors in power we all seem to have. time for civil wars in all non muslim countries. the peoples uprising against amoral, greedy, corrupt , traitors to the people. as for islam, i will never ever call this a religion as it isnt.

  • Graeme Gardner

    There are a mix of facts and pure nonsense in these ten misconceptions. The greatest lie in Islam is a women must wear a headscarf. The koran is instructing women to conceal their breast not the head or hair. The second is Sharia Law. Sharia Law is a conventional man made body of jurisprudence from the 8th century and has nothing to do with Islam. In fact, it contradicts the Koran. There is only one death penalty in the Koran and it is for murder.There are no amputations and the correct penalty for adultery is one adulterer should only marry another adulterer and they should receive 100 lashes with the whip

    • Susan

      You are lying islam is sharia law. What do you think their evil leader practiced, murder, rape, beheading, enslaving and of course four wives that a husband is allowed to beat for obedience. You know like in slavery. What koran are you reading the one with pretty little flowers on it and of course very thin because all the bad stuff especially against females has been removed the one they give to stupid girls. A little reality check for you some nice peaceful verses from the koran.

      Slay the unbelievers wherever you find them(2:191)

      Make war on the infidels living in your neighborhood (9:123)

      When opportunity arises, kill the infidels wherever you catch them (9:5)

      Kill the Jews and the Christians if they do not convert to Islam or refuse to pay Jizya tax (9:29)

      Any religion other than Islam is not acceptable (3:85)

      The Jews and the Christians are perverts; fight them (9:30)

      Maim and crucify the infidels if they criticise Islam. (5:33)

      The infidels are unclean; do not let them into a mosque (9:28)

      Punish the unbelievers with garments of fire, hooked iron rods, boiling water; melt their skin and bellies

      Do not hanker for peace with the infidels; behead them when you catch them (47:4)

      The unbelievers are stupid; urge the Muslims to fight them (8:65)

      Muslims must not take the infidels as friends (3:28)

      Terrorise and behead those who believe in scriptures other than the Qur’an (8:12)

      Muslims must muster all weapons to terrorise the infidels (8:60)

      The Qur’an certainly proclaims that when the time is appropriate, Muslims must use force to convert the unbelievers to Islam. For the non-Muslims, the alternative to this is to pay the humiliating protection money (Jizya tax) or be killed (by beheading, of course). A militarily dominant Islam, without doubt, precludes the peaceful co-existence with the unbelievers if the Muslims have to abide strictly by the unalterable stipulations of the Qur’an.

      • knight

        Your so right, Islam is evil.

    • Blitz2b

      Graeme “….The greatest lie in Islam is a women must wear a headscarf….”

      Really? which version of the Koran did you read? one for dummies and leftist idiots?

      Qur’an (33:55) – “It shall be no crime in them as to their fathers, or their sons, or their brothers, or their brothers’ sons, or their sisters’ sons, or their woman, or the slaves which their right hands possess, if they speak to them UNVEILED”

      Quran (24:31) – “And say to the believing women that they cast down their looks and guard their private parts and do not display their ornaments except what appears thereof, AND LET THEM WEAR THEIR HEAD-COVERINGS over their bosoms, and not display their ornaments except to their husbands or their fathers, blah blah blah…..”

      A woman is only allowed to present herself unveiled to family and slaves.

      You said …”There are no amputation…”

      Quran (5:38) “[As for] the thief, the male and the female, amputate their hands in recompense for what they committed as a deterrent [punishment] from Allah . And Allah is Exalted in Might and Wise..’

      Quran (5:33)”…The punishment of those who wage war against Allah and His Messenger, and strive with might and main for mischief through the land is: execution, or crucifixion, or the cutting off of hands and feet from opposite sides, or exile from the land: that is their disgrace in this world, and a heavy punishment is theirs in the Hereafter;…”
      Don’t be an idiot…. Read the book of hate…

      • Graeme Gardner

        You have decontextualised the koran. I take my counsel from Muslims who have told me there is nothing in the Koran for the hijab. Read all the various interpretations to the koran. The entire focus of the veiling are the breasts not the head or hair. The fact that the pre-islamic pagan Arabs wore headdress with a cape attached is purely incidental to the veiling process. As for shariah law, 90% is not in the koran. As for amputations, that is at a specific time in Islam and is description not scripture. Ask any Muslim with brain between their ears and they will tell you so. And I am not a leftist or dummy, but well to the right of George W Bush. In fact, a lot of Republicans come across to me left wing

        • Susan

          There is only one version and it is out and out evil. Never take you counsel from muslims they are authorized to lie to further their cult. I guess it worked on you. The last person to ask is a muslim what planet have you been living on??

          • knight

            Your so right. I guess he has been sleeping with evil.

        • knight

          Only take your council from Muslims, who we know are liars. Wake up your in danger.

        • IslamDownpressesHumanity

          Hey lying musswein pig, why don’t we look at the several ahadith that call for the extermination of Jews? What context R U going to use to explain away those pig?

        • Demsci

          Islam gets criticized here, by “counterjihadists” for being Patriarchal, Theocratic, Totalitarian, Supremacist, Discriminating etc. And this is because many Muslims preach(ed) and practice(d) this, because they interpreted Islam in that way.

          Many Muslims and people who wish to be impartial and fair to them, many of whom can be called “Apologists” portray a different kind of Islam, more peaceful, neutral, less dangerous.

          But I want to present a third way of judging Islam and it’s danger and disadvantages. That is that the Quran and the most important Hadits have not been updated for more than 1200 years and must now be considered Obsolete, incomplete, vague on many issues, interpretable for many equally valid interpretations.

          And so Islam as an ideology is in my view irresponsibly and almost criminally prone to very bad interpretations, bad for our democratic system and values and security.

          And religion should be considered a choice, not an inevitable feature of a person. It follows that loyal democratic citizens can resent the choice of Muslims to place such a religion, so very often validly bad interpreted, at the center of their lives and to educate their children in it, inside Democratic Countries.

        • Betty4440


        • Blitz2b

          Graeme says “….You have decontextualised the koran. I take my counsel from Muslims who have told me there is nothing in the Koran for the hijab….”
          Ha! You “take your counsel from Muslims”, that is the most cruelest joke one can play with themselves, but you seem to be content with it.
          Using your logic, maybe, during the second world war the allies should have consulted with the Nazis about the “context” of the Mein Kampf before they jumped to conclusions and obliterated them.
          FYI, the whole context of the Koran is the glorified status of ‘righteous Muslim men’, [98:7] the wretched Muslamahs are subordinate to these brutes. [3:34] Why then do you suppose that a different context be derived from that scum, other than what the Shariah already instates?
          Unbelievers like you and me are merely the brunt of Islam’s anger, worthless in this life and fodder for Allah’s flames in the afterlife. [4:56] So it boggles my mind when I hear people in the west spew condescending nonsense like this.
          The Islamic world is in shambles all because of this “context”. If you haven’t noticed, and women are merely baby making machines, that suffer from the injustices that were imposed upon them ever since the inception of the curse of Islam. Unbelievers are second class citizens in every single Islamic nation, who suffer endlessly.
          The stupid Muslamahs who defend Islam, suffer from Stockholm syndrome, and think that their submission to the brutality of their male “masters” is somehow “liberating”.
          Mohammed’s child bride Aisha rightly said about believing women, that she had not seen any others suffered more then these wretched ones.
          Please stop defending a lie…. Islam has done enough damage to civilization. It is time for civilization to fight back…

    • Susan

      You are really pathetic you upvoted yourself. Desperate much. Who is Brooke you relative.

      • Brooke

        What!!!???!!! I do not know this person, he seems not to know himself or even understand what is going on in this world. He is lost.

    • knight

      At least we see the true side of you.

    • Betty4440

      you are nuts.

  • Judi

    Well, if they are so terribly unhappy, let them f**k off to one of their 57 other countries where I’m sure no broad-shouldered guy in a baseball cap will taunt them and call them names.

    • ArtBrecher

      Well, no that broad shouldered guy won’t be harassing them but they’d better be on the lookout for the Islamic Police; you know, the guys who walk around looking for something that women are doing that is not in compliance with their interpretation of the Koran. Like walking around with their ankles uncovered or with a male friend; that might be enough to warrant a face full of acid.

    • Shwayz

      Although he will probably beat them to death with a baseball bat for being unaccompanied by a male relative.

  • Keshav

    The media loves to portray muslims as innocents who are oppressed and need your love but the same media if they ever criticise Islam or Muslims is bashed not just by words but by bullets and bombs.

    Never forget all Progressive roads lead to Iraq..

  • LarryC

    Let’s get a boycott going of the sponsors of Teen Vogue ASAP. While we are at it let’s get a petition going.

  • LarryC

    “My mother, petite as she may be, has no problem holding her own”

    I am sure she doesn’t. Chickens have been fitted with Jihadi bombs so I am sure she is plenty big enough to take out a city block.

    • Plus they are researching putting bombs in breast implants.
      I am sure the 150 billion Asswipe is giving to Iran will help similar research.


        Tazer their boobs. If they blow up, ya got a terrorist.

  • The Last English Prince

    Muslims DO worship a different God. “Far be it from Allah to have begotten a Son.”
    Allah is not the father of Jesus. Nor is he part of a Trinity.
    Those who believe Allah is the same God of the Judeo-Christian tradition have never researched the issue.
    Christians, will never follow Allah. Period.

    • knight

      This helps to back up what you said.

    • carol

      allah, a dirty little tosspot crook who dared use religion to get followers. theres no religion in islam. its sick ,its evil , its a cult -ideology that should be crushed along with all its followers.

  • Lilith Wept

    This little Muslima doesnt know her own religion that well. The article is full of lies and Taqqiyah of course. But one that sticks out is Allah is a name, like Mohammed or John. The Arabic word for god is illah. Muslims will say that Allah is the word for god, but there is a seperate word used for god in the Shahada or declaration of faith that says ” there is no god but Allah and Mohammed is his prophet” …….if Allah was the word for god then the Shahada would read like this ” there is no allah but allah and Mohammed is is his prophet”……..listen very carefully the ext time you hear a muslim saybthat phrase, if on video, slow it down so you can actually near each word being pronounced instead of all run together as they usually do. Allah was the pre Islamic name for the highest ranking idol that lived in the kabbah in Mecca.the word Allah could be translated as al-illah or The God also.

  • atl slayer

    Teen vouge,, teen girl, where is my clitoris? and why is my husband 53years old, and wearing makeup that if my father sees me wearing will beat me so bad I’ll need makeup to cover it up.. :/

  • Aye Freeman…;25…gal.1;’s.curse…

  • sheikyermami

    If there are enough dumb people in the U.S. to vote for the Obamster twice, there will be even more dumb twats who believe the Islam-promo in Teen Vogue. The da’awa is turning into a tsunami. America will be Islamic.

  • Dee Dunbar

    muslim ISN’T a RACE! lies after lies after lies!

  • Alula Shocking Egypt

    I read all these crap; As you can read through, a Muslim never admit anything wrong. Islam is founded based on lies, deception. You can see from all this writing there is no admission or short-coming, it is all deceiving and defense Mechanism, We know Islam well and we do not need a Muslim to explain to us. Even Al-jazeera could not hide it and told us their studies show 81% Muslims support ISIS. This article 100% lies. There is no any truth in it. Denial, deception, lies, … is in the Quran. A muslim has to lie as much as he or she can to deceive infidels. People never take this crap article. You action speaks louder than your words. You lie by your teeth. I suggest Sadiqi to go to Saudi Arabia and enjoy no racism.

  • Radegunda

    “Muslims do not pray to or worship Muhammad, if anything it is emphasized that he was human just like everyone else.” — That’s a lie: Muslims claim that ol’ Mo was “the perfect man” — not at all like everyone else. And they go murderously berserk if someone says an unflattering word about him, regardless of how well-supported it is in Islamic sources. By their actions, Muslims worship Muhammad with a more ferocious zeal than Christians worship Christ.

  • IslamDownpressesHumanity

    Let’s cry for the poor, persecuted musswein — while they murder, enslave and otherwise persecute everyone non-muslim in every izlamic state on the face of this earth today.

  • noreligon

    Vogue has nothing to do with islam…….

  • deja-view

    So, why isn’t she in school in one of those Middle East, African, or Indonesian Muslim paradises?

  • Gufo

    Boycott them, too. Boycott all the media that are obscenely presenting islam as an acceptable life style in a civilized society, especially for women … actually, does anybody have an e-mail address, someone to send a nice message to at Teen Vogue?

  • Brit

    Allah is NOT the same deity that the Christians and Jews worship. Allah is the Babylonian moon “god.” When Muslims say, “insh’Allah” we, the ignorant, think, “They’re saying ‘god willing.’ This is NOT true. It means, specifically, ‘allah willing.’
    Just like when they say, “allahu Akbar” – it does NOT mean ‘god is great.’ It means, ‘Allah is GREATER.’ Implied is ‘than other gods.’
    There are hundreds of authoritative articles out there backing this up. See for yourself.
    May the REAL God of Abraham, Jacob, and Isaac bless us all.

    • vincent bruce

      What about the God who spoke to the infidel Abraham’s first son Ishmael.
      Do the Jews worship Jesus, whom is God, according to Christians.
      the moslems and Jews are old testament brothers sons of Abraham.
      Jesus did not speak highly of Abraham.

  • carol

    hishaam siddiqi is a spreader of hate for non muslims. these kind of people spread nonsence like this to gain sympathisers. i loathe all muslims for bowing to a tinpot false god who tells them to murder, rape, mutilate, torture, steal, dominate and practice paedophilia. why would anyone in thier right mind bow to a fake who tells them to do these things.? and islam is NOT NOT NOT a religion and has sweet f all to do with christianity or any other religion. its the devils spawn and the sooner its damned from the earth the better for all.

  • UncleVladdi

    Taqiyya Template Terminated at last! Thanks, Robert and Pamela!!!

    The common liberal trope stance today is that not having one’s feelings hurt, trumps risking being offended by the often-painful truth – as if all humans didn’t naturally first react in denial to all new ideas (see Elizabeth Kubler-Ross and others).

    Since they do, it’s not the responsibility or right of any other human to short-circuit their natural learning process – of going from fear to hope – by retarding them or allowing them to retard them selves by indulging in their first instinctive response:

    “But I don’t want to learn that!”

    Unfortunately, this is exactly what the corrupt traitors in today’s so-called education system are abusing the children in their charge with, by dint of tempting kids with it:

    “Remember, kids – there’s no wrong answers! Whee!”


    But islam can be easily studied and known in its entirety, by anyone. It will never change!

    So, when Western people won’t educate them *selves* about islam because our culture defers all thinking to those “authorities” we PAY to do our thinking and research for us, while they secretly know full-well that the salesmen in charge will always sell us all out, they ARE CRIMINALLY NEGLIGENT INFANTILE DELINQUENT TRAITORS TO RATIONALITY AND CIVILIZATION!

    It should never be allowed by backwards people to be considered “illegal” to accuse these criminals (muslims) of their crimes, allegedly because the painful truth might offend them or hurt their feelings, and so “make” them commit even more crimes!

    No problem was ever solved by ignoring it, and nobody is doing even these muslims any favours, by indulging their historic lies that islam is a “religion” (at all, much less one “of peace”) or a “race” (much less one of poor oppressed “People Of Colour”)!

    Pretending there is NOT a Muslim problem but only a white racist problem accepting diversity, is criminally negligent TREASON.

    Keeping the muzzie masses ignorant of their own hate-crime death-threat canon seems to be the self-imposed mission of most of the enemedia, government and of course their corporazi owners these days – it’s most likely why they keep lying about islam being a “great religion of peace” all the time! That, and their inherent racism, of course!

    We wouldn’t want any of these poor oppressed mentally-inferior swarthy holy-mobster criminals to suffer any “blowback” retaliation (i.e: JUSTICE) for their crimes, now, would we?

  • Shane

    The problem with Muslims is their religion is a religion of war. Every Muslim in the USA is a potential jihadi, a supporter of jihad, or a parent of a jihadi. Barbaric Islamic sharia law is incompatible with the values of Western countries. Muslims belong in Muslim countries, so we should end all Muslim immigration now.

  • I hope for a better future where all peoples live in harmony. But that day is a long way coming, or so it seems.

  • Melody Szabo

    The USA is intrinsically racist. I’m from the UK. Every time I have been in the USA some Black Man has pulled the race card on me, trying to bud into line, trying to claim that I did this or that or said this or that to him, it never ends. As for white folks, they’re about what you would expect: trying to keep their jobs in a country that is declining very rapidly into a third world nation. Oh by the way I’m not white, so I cannot be racist… or can I?

  • Gina

    DId anyone ask her about the practice of “nicking” or mutilation of the female genitalia?

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