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[ September 21, 2017 ]

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Pamela Geller, WND Column: Obama’s legacy: Jihadis with nukes


Read my column this week at WND.

Obama’s legacy: Jihadis with nukes
Exclusive: Pamela Geller warns, ‘U.S. is under siege by a traitorous executive branch’
With the release of some (not all) of the spine-chilling details of Barack Obama’s nuclear program “deal” with the bloodthirsty Iranian mullahs, the overwhelming deluge of bad news just keeps coming. This unending stream of bad news should keep every rational and freedom-loving human being up at night.

Former Israeli Ambassador Michael Oren revealed that sanctions relief will give $700 billion to the world’s leading state sponsor of terror. The sanctions contained this monster. Even Obama admitted: “Hezbollah, for example, threatening to fire missiles at Israel, has no shortage of resources. We have seen that even in times of distress, Iran is able to allocate resources in what it sees as its strategic priority.”

And his lifting of sanctions just enabled Iran to do more of that. It is going to keep funding terrorist groups like Hezbollah and Hamas, only now it’s with a lot more money – American money.

It has even come out that if some rational actor, namely Israel, takes much-needed action to stop nuclear war, America is going to protect and defend Iran. John Kerry warned Israel not to act, saying that if it tried to stop Iran’s nuclear program, “I think that would be an enormous mistake. A huge mistake with grave consequences for Israel and the region, and I don’t think it’s necessary.”

Listening to Kerry try to sell this genocidal war pact is like listening to Joseph Goebbels explain the Jewish problem.

Obama’s Middle East strategy points to one thing and one thing only – a post-Israel Middle East.

There is no other explanation.

Meanwhile, Obama released a nuclear scientist as part of his treasonous “deal,” but left Americans rotting in Iranian prisons. Left behind are American Christian pastor Saeed Abedini, former Marine Amir Hekmati, Washington Post photojournalist Jason Rezaian and former FBI agent Robert Levinson.

Pamela Geller’s commitment to freedom from jihad and Shariah shines forth in her books – featured at the WND Superstore

And yet, when CBS News reporter Major Garrett asked Obama about this during a press conference, Obama mocked and laughed at Garrett.

It just gets worse and worse. Iran Minister of Foreign Affairs Mohammad Zarif bragged that the new U.N. resolution makes all ballistic missile restrictions “non-binding.” The UNSCR text confirmed this as well.

Then Iranian Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei vowed to defy American policies after the deal had been signed. John Kerry responded: “If it is the policy, it’s very disturbing. It’s very troubling.”

Now he is “disturbed”? Iran is not saying anything different from what it has been saying since 1979. Why is he disturbed now? What did he think would happen when the Obama administration opened the floodgates to a nuclear Islamic Republic of Iran?

And why are key documents missing from the Iran nuclear deal that was submitted to Congress and the two leaders of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee for review? What could possibly be worse that what we already know?

As if all that weren’t enough, Obama administration officials refused to address concerns that some senators raised about whether Iran would be allowed to give the International Atomic Energy Agency its own soil samples for inspection of its nuke sites. That’s right: The deal essentially allows Iran to conduct its own inspections of its nuclear program.

After the agreement was announced, the Saudis said they were going to start a nuclear program as well. Imagine, a nuclear arms race in the Islamic Middle East. What could possibly go wrong?

This was easily foreseen. We all talked about it, predicted it, so it cannot have eluded the Obama administration. So why do it? Every answer points to evil.

The only thing more evil than the Rouhani-Obama pact is the deception and outright lies told by the Obama administration to the American people to convince us that the inevitable jihad nukes are not only good for us, but that we have no other alternative than to surrender. His contempt for us has no end.

The world’s largest state sponsor of terror got everything it wanted.

What did the free world get but a ticking time bomb?

Once this genie is out of the bottle, there will be no putting it back.
obama iran

The future terror that is guaranteed, actually ensured by this “deal,” is unfathomable.

For a president who only cares about optics, it couldn’t look any worse – until they drop the bomb, that is.

Jihadis with nukes – that’s Obama’s legacy. And remember, he was desperate for this surrender. He usurped Congress, the American people and our allies. His name will go down in history as one of the most notorious enemies of freedom.

Jihad in the White House. This isn’t ill-conceived, this is evil. The U.S. is under siege by a traitorous and malevolent executive branch.

Treachery and treason.

  • Susan

    “This unending stream of bad news should keep every rational and freedom-loving human being up at night.”

    Pamela, this stream of bad news keep growing exponentially and it is keeping me up at night. One of you readers posted this link and it is giving me nightmares.

  • traci94

    I agree with everything you said. I can’t understand why Obama isn’t tried for treason? He is clearly “aiding and abetting” our enemies.

    • He hasn’t been arrested, impeached, or tried for said Treason because we have a bunch of Effeminate DIABLOs* running the House and Senate.

      *Demo☭rats In All But Label Only!

  • Benghazi Cover Up

    Obama is the first black President and that is why he won’t be impeached. Because Obama is black he will not be held accountable for his cover up regarding the Navy Seals and Ambassador Stevens murders in Benghazi.

  • Roger

    The liberals are much dangerous to us in the US that the Islamist. We have every possible problem in this country because of the liberals. We vote the liberals out of all branches of government or the we will have a serious Islamist problems.
    “Something Evil This Way Comes”, it’s called Islam.

  • richardlhartig

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  • harbidoll

    Most “liberals” believe misbehavior is caused by “low self esteem “, (as the last article, Muslim inventions, seems dedicated to raising). They refuse to believe there is such a thing as EVEL! That would force them to choose good & reject evil.(or not)

  • marthadclary

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  • Don Vito

    What is that passage in the bible where it is stated “mountains fall on me”. With B ho at the helm we all need the protection of fallin mountains.

  • Concerned

    First read the agreement:
    Then consider the following:

    The nuclear non-proliferation treaty confers a right of all nations to peaceful use of nuclear power. Iran would never agree to less than what is allowed of all other nations.

    Iran has a large enough stockpile of already-enriched material to build many bombs quickly. All they need to do is crank up the enrichment of their feed stock. Without an agreement, Iran’s breakout time would be, as it is now, about 1-2 months.

    The agreement calls for eliminating 98% of Iran’s already-enriched material and intrusive inspections of all aspects of the fuel cycle.

    With the agreement, the breakout time would be 1 year, but only with massive cheating, which would no-doubt be detected by the inspection regime. This gives more time to plan for Plan B.

    The alternative of “walking away” does nothing to prevent Iran from pursuing the fast track to nuclear weapons, the capability for which they already have. Indeed, it gives them the motivation to do so.

    The US is not the only party to the agreement. There are five others and Iran, all with the same objective, to eliminate the weapons aspect of Iran’s nuclear program.

    Other than immediate annihilation of Iran, what is Plan B for the case when there is no agreement?

    • newsel

      You miss the point: there are negotiations that have a desired outcome or not. First and foremost, will this agreement stop a nuclear Iran from continuing to export it’s brand of terror including turning MENA (and eventually the ROTW) into a blood bath? Why is the US agreeing to defend Iran against a third party? Why are there IAEA sidebar agreements that were kept of the table? The list continues. Plan B is to reject this Treaty as currently written, go back to the table and restart these talks in order to take out the parts that harm our interests and those of our allies within MENA. Last but not least, why establish an end date for the talks? Jaw, Jaw, is better than war, war….

      • Concerned

        Going back to the table and starting from scratch is not an option. Why should any of the parties want to do this? What would force Iran to do it? The sanctions will dissolve now, whether Republicans like it or not.

        Preventing all of Iran’s nefarious activities, such as supporting Hamas and Hezbollah, was never within the scope of the negotiations, nor could it have been. The scope was only the nuclear weapons program. That was hard enough and worthy of a discussion in and of itself.

        It is possible that once Iran’s pariah status is partly eliminated through this agreement, and Iran again becomes an international trading partner, further headway can be made. Understand that the civilian population of Iran is strongly pro-American, and this will increase when the US is seen as part of the agreement that lifted sanctions.

        Consider the situation with China before Nixon opened it up. China is not perfect now, but it is a whole lot better than it used to be. The situation with Iran could be similar. Shutting the door and going to war will not solve the problem with Iran or the Middle East.

        • IslamDownpressesHumanity

          Neither will a hudna treaty, but perhaps you already know that?

          • Concerned

            I disagree with the analogy of a hudna. In a hudna the sneaky Muslim side declares a temporary cease fire in order to regroup and gain strength. The nuclear deal is not a hudna. Under the agreement, Iran’s nuclear capability would be drastically curtailed (remember, loss of 98% of inventory, and only LEU < 3.67% remaining) plus strict inspections. If they cheat, all bets are off. As framed, I think it is more like a sword of Damocles.

            You are assuming, I think incorrectly, that the P5+1 would be afraid to act. You apparently think that the P5+1 should be hostile now, when the situation now is far more dangerous in terms of breakout time than it will be after the agreement is implemented. To me, that logic is backwards. You are also apparently assuming that after 15 years Iran will magically have a bomb that was developed in secret. Right now, if the agreement were called off, they could have a dozen bombs in two months.

            When would you like to attack?

      • IslamDownpressesHumanity

        “Jaw, Jaw, is better than war, war…” Really? The Chamberlain negotiated peace initiated by the UK allowed Nazi Germany to swallow Czechoslovakia whole, further develop its military reserves and equipment (i.e. tanks, aircraft, submarines, battleships) then amass its troops and tanks on the border w/Poland and then attack it. Surprisingly enough, Iranistan is doing the same thing…

        • Concerned

          Not every lesson in history is an exact analogy. So far, Iran has not annexed any territory. They are engaging in Shia vs. Sunni conflict, as are all the Muslims in the middle east, as they have been off and on for 1400 years. We have no dog in the Shia vs. Sunni fight other than the side objectives to protect Israel and to prevent ISIS and Al Queda (both Sunni) terrorism from coming home.

          The time to start flattening things is when there is an actual existential threat to Israel, not an imagined one. Iran swallowing Iraq would be equivalent to Germany swallowing Czechoslovakia. Discovery of a violation of the nuclear agreement might also do it.

          Remember that Turkey and Saudi Arabia, both Sunni, also have an interest in containing Shiite Iran.

  • Drew the Infidel

    There is no conceivable way for the US to have been so thoroughly kicked around on foreign policy, including this deal, but that our enemies were reading Hillary’s unsecured private email server in real time.

  • Cliffhild

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    feel that perhaps you might well find it of great use when speaking or writing
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    You are welcome to pass on this recommendation.

    • @:-}>…MoMeetsAisha

      Stephen Coughlin is excellent. He’s shared the stage with Pamela several times i think.

      I would strongly recommend to watch his 6-part series of lectures. Google “Stephen Coughlin jihadist” and click the ‘video results’ tab. Its the same content of the book. If you want to go deeper and check his sources, the book is heavily footnoted.

  • Obama Marching Israel to Oven

    US candidate Mike Huckabee said Obama is marching Israelis to “Door of Oven”.
    Many thanks to Mike Huckabee for speaking the truth.
    Mike Huckabee is right and he has the courage to tell the truth when the media and Obama won’t.
    His statement drew condemnation from anti-defamation league, Democratic groups and the National Jewish Democratic council. These groups are pathetic.
    G-d bless Mike Huckabee.
    Israel is Forever!

    • ted

      The same ADL that puts Pam on a shitlist – real suprise.

    • wildjew

      You know who has his or her head up Mr. Obama’s derriere by their reaction to Gov. Huckabee’s appropriate comment. I doubt too many Israelis were troubled by it. Mr. Foxman supported the forcible uprooting and transfer of peaceful, law-abiding Jews from Gush Katif, Gaza, August 2005.

  • Walter Sieruk

    The Obama legacy will be one of extreme folly and foolishness. It must be that Obama, Kerry and the other naive and gullible politicians of the West are no match in negotiations with the sly ,insidious and deceptive Islamic fiends who now have so much power in this tyrannical Islamic regime of Iran. This so called “deal” is a sick and tragic joke. Any thinking person after really looking at this “deal” with Iran will see that it’s a farce,a hoax and a disaster.

  • IslamDownpressesHumanity

    The Zero, Lord of the Flies…

  • Mark Rosenthal

    Pamela yes islamdisease is keeping me up at night… It’s none stop bad fallout

  • Artemis

    Obama hides behind his skin color.

    • nick

      Islam peace

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