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Hindu Youth Stabbed to Death by Six Muslims in Delhi Mall After Minor Scuffle

Pamela Geller, Breitbart News: “1001 Muslim Myths and Historical Revisions”


In his 2006 speech at the University of Regensburg in Bavaria, Pope Benedict XVI quoted a 14th-century dialogue between Byzantine emperor, Manuel II Paleologus, and a Persian Muslim scholar:

“Show me just what Muhammad brought that was new, and there you will find things only evil and inhuman, such as his command to spread by the sword the faith he preached.”

Yes, that more accurately sums up the Islamic contribution(s) to mankind.

“1001 Muslim Myths and Historical Revisions,” by Pamela Geller, Breitbart News, July 26, 2015:

CNN last Wednesday ran a viciously mendacious “article” dragging out the “Muslim inventions” myth – yet again.

This is hardly new; I wrote of it in 2012. CNN is pushing a new book that is based on 1001 Muslim Inventions, a traveling museum exhibit that has appeared all over the West to huge acclaim from the likes of Prince Charles. It has indoctrinated hundreds of thousands of children into a rosy and romanticized view of Islam that makes them less appreciative of their own culture’s achievements and more complacent about Islamization in the West.
1001 inventions

And now we see historical revisionism take on a new life, as history is scrubbed and manufactured Muslim myths are presented as fact. “1001 Muslim Inventions” is almost unfailingly dishonest. It touts surgery as one of the top 10 Muslim inventions, but in reality, surgery began in the Neolithic era and was widely practiced in ancient Greece. Likewise, the coffee plant was discovered in Christian Ethiopia.

Next on CNN’s list is flight: “Abbas ibn Firnas was the first person to make a real attempt to construct a flying machine and fly.” Abbas ibn Firnas was a man who threw on a pair of manmade wings and attempted to fly, but only ended up breaking his back. That makes him the father of the flying machine?

Fourth in CNN’s top ten Muslim inventions is the university: “In 859 a young princess named Fatima al-Firhi founded the first degree-granting university in Fez, Morocco.” The first university? Tell it to the Jews, a people 6,000 years old, with education as the cornerstone of their culture. And Nalanda University of India dates back to the fifth century.

Then comes algebra, and this claim, as well as the others, is utter nonsense. A Muslim, Abu Ja’far Muhammad ibn Musa, is often described as the originator of algebra. But Abu Ja’far lived between 780 and 850 AD; algebra initiated in ancient Babylon, Egypt, and Athens, 2,500 years before Abu Ja’far was born.

Next is optics, which also began long before Islam, in ancient Egypt and Mesopotamia, where lenses were developed by artisans working from theories the Greek philosophers.

CNN even has the audacity to claim music as a Muslim invention, despite the fact that Islamic law forbids music. Are they kidding? Where are the Muslim Bachs, Beethovens, and Gershwins? What about Jewish music, which goes back over 5,000 years? Muhammad wasn’t even a twinkle in his father’s eye.

CNN also claims the toothbrush for Islam, saying that Muhammad, whom they refer to, of course, as “the prophet,” “popularized the use of the first toothbrush in around 600. Using a twig from the Meswak tree, he cleaned his teeth and freshened his breath.”

Muhammad was the first man to use an object to clean his teeth? Color me laughing. In reality, the bristle toothbrush wasn’t invented until 1498, in China. And the crank, the next item on CNN’s list (which was compiled by a crank indeed), dates back to Spain in the fifth century BC. The hospital, the last item on CNN’s list, goes back to ancient Rome.

With the advent of now daily jihad terror plots, arrests, and attacks, the Islamic/leftist machine is in fifth gear. Teen Vogue, the BBC, the Huffington Post, the New York Times, Newsweek and all the mainstream media outlets are churning out lies, myths and Islamic supremacist narratives to counter reality. Damn the truth, full speed ahead.

It’s endless, this sharia scrubbing of history. It’s why our children are not taught true Islamic history in the public schools: the jihadi wars, cultural annihilations, and enslavements or why the hundreds of millions of victims of Islamic wars have disappeared from world history courses.

Many of the inventions the Muslims take credit for are the inventions of the peoples, countries and lands they conquered. The booty from their conquests wasn’t only tangible gold, women, and monies, but intellectual theft as well.

The first Arabic-language medical treatise was written by a Christian priest and translated into Arabic by a Jewish doctor in 683. The first hospital was founded in Baghdad during the Abbasid caliphate — not by a Muslim, but a Nestorian Christian. A pioneering medical school was founded at Gundeshapur in Persia — by Assyrian Christians. The bottom line: the inventions and discoveries attributed to the Muslim world were actually stolen from conquered peoples.

CNN, by spreading this nonsense, shows itself yet again to be more interested in politically correct fiction than news. “1001 Muslim Inventions” is not history, but propaganda – and par for the course for the mainstream media these days.

Pamela Geller is the President of the American Freedom Defense Initiative (AFDI), publisher of and author of The Post-American Presidency: The Obama Administration’s War on America and Stop the Islamization of America: A Practical Guide to the Resistance. Follow her on Twitter here. Like her on Facebook here.

  • Susan

    Pamela, I noticed that over the last couple of weeks CNN is becoming more and more biased. In today’s news we have this beauty, notice how Kenyan is first so you know where his loyalties are. CNN will never question anything about this man. “I’m the first Kenyan-American to be president of the United States.” Why not drop the American all together? I know people call themselves Italian or german etc – American, but this seems blatant as he never brought his Kenyan side to the American voters. Sold himself as a Christian and American. No mainstream media has called him on it.

    Another good one, is former Arkansas governor and GOP presidential hopeful Mike Huckabee blasted President Barack Obama on Saturday over the nuclear deal reached between Iran and world powers, saying that by trusting the Iranians, the president “will take the Israelis and march them to the door of the oven.” Well CNN wrote him off as a nut case saying this is not the same as 1938 and they said people have to stop comparing the two deals. How do you win with this blatant deception.

    I can only take a few minutes at a time of CNN it is nauseating

    • conan_drum

      To be fair (which is hard about CNN) they go overboard about lots of things, the popes’ travels for example. In fact they are the greatest propagandists for the Roman church. I called it Continuous Non News as they give the same news every 30 minutes. How it gets voted the best every year I do not get at all, but I expect the bar is not set very high.

      • jimmy john

        The “Roman church”?

    • IslamDownpressesHumanity

      Ditto, I can’t stand CNN. I walked out of a bar once because I wasn’t allowed to change the channel from CNN, nor turn off the TV. The bartender didn’t get a tip that nite.

    • jimmy john

      lol, True. Very true.

    • Surya N. Maruvada

      I haven’t willingly (can’t avoid CNN at airports and doctors’ offices) since Larry King treated BB Netanyahu and Tariq Aziz as on the same moral plane in January 1991!

      • IslamDownpressesHumanity

        Is Larry King that stupid? Does he realize pi$$lam is an inherently and explicitly antisemitic ideology that calls for the extermination of Jews (i.e. in the ahadith)?

      • illiana Micalovich

        UNbelieveable!!! Does the public really believe this Garbage? Watch Tomi Lahren on One American News Networks & You Will Get a Very Pleasant Surprise.Beautiful ,Well Informed & Very,Very Bright.Plus Tomi has More “Stones” than all the male news anchors on
        ‘regular’ news put together!!!!!

    • Steve

      We win by using the media we do have to counter the liberal train of fools.

    • Shakirin Al Ikram

      What would you have a defiant Iran or one coming to the table and negotiate! israel is World bully living and annexing lands they don’t own and killing Muslims like flies! When is America going to be free from Presidents in `Jews-Zionist’ pockets!
      Look around you, who owns most of the world’s Banks and using it to hold Nations and Christians leaders at ransom?
      Heard of the German Rothschilds (Jews) and their `fingers wrapped round the world?’
      The Jews were so reviled that the German Hitler, tried to wipe them out! Why did the British split Palestine into Palestine and they can go back to Biblical time?
      Read and read and read more about who Jews were and why they were initially chosen race, then became accursed and lost their Homeland!

      • Susan

        You can not negotiate with the satan.

      • George Van Apeldoorn

        I was going to reply to this, but then in hindsight it would be a waste of time. Hatred and logical thinking based on unbiased observation are totally incompatible.

  • Shwayz

    The only thing they invented is the suicide bomber.

    • Judi

      And throwing gays off the top of high buildings!

      • They throw gays off buildings to see if they can fly as Muslims claim to the invention of flight.

      • Steve

        Now this is one that is astonishing. The lgbts are still in in love with the islamists. I guess throwing them off a building ensures no gay cakes will be made with christian icons.

    • joker

      In fact the Tamil Tigers probably came up with that brilliant idea. But also in the West we can do that, when necessary.


      And molesting 6 year olds……and then bragging about it.

      • nick

        The minimum age for marriage in the

        US-State of Delaware in year 1895 was 7. Yes, SEVEN.

      • Agent Smith Jr.

        To be fair Mohammed married her at 6 but waited until she was the ripe old age of nine to have sex with her.

    • Dilip

      Even that was invented by the Japanese for missions to blow up allied ships underwater. buhaa haa haa. So muslims only know the art of plagiarism

      • jk

        maybe they invented plagiarism?

    • AlOmega

      That’s a bit unfair… they’ve also invented acid attacks to deform the faces of women who reject them, and their children.

    • jacks

      US kill 4 million muslims in Iraq and get iraq cheap oil.

    • nick

      Thanks for muslims create mathematics, without mathematics we might not have computers today

    • Shakirin Al Ikram

      Which book on Islam have you been reading? Pam Geller’s! She got `hate’ written all over her works! So I wouldn’t even use the pages for toilet paper – probably give me STDs!

  • Paul A Hall

    Lying was thought to have been invented by Muhammad but in all likelihood it was invented by allah when he convinced Eve to take a bite of the apple.

  • Jim Fox

    The Quran describes Allah as the best deceiver there is, a liar who is not above using the same evil and wicked schemes of his opponents.
    But they (the Jews) were deceptive, and Allah was deceptive, for Allah is the best of deceivers (Wamakaroo wamakara AllahuwaAllahu khayru al-makireena)! S. 3:54; cf. 8:30

    • IslamDownpressesHumanity

      The above is one of the most bizarre concepts in the izlamic faith. If allah is all powerful and all knowing, why would he need to lie about anything whatsoever?

    • bribri

      With Allah as “the best deceiver there is”, anything is possible! Allah’s favourite people may actually be Hindus, or hippopotamuses, or fellow deceivers the Jews; prophet Muhammed could be Allah’s least favourite human ever; and the Quran and jihad for virgins a cunning plot to identify and terminate the nastiest muslims so Allah feels no remorse when he barbecues them for eternity while compensating the martyred infidels with everything they could ever wish for until the end of times.
      In my opinion, He Who Believes, and She Who Believes, every word uttered by self-described World’s Master of Deception and Lies deserve all the S**t He and She get.

  • Tatonka

    The only thing the Muslims have invented was the condom,… they used the rectum of a goat.
    The English improved upon that in later years by first removing the rectum from the goat

    • Chippy


    • June Skelton

      LOL. Nice one!

      (Your joke of course, not the caprine rectum.)

  • karlpov

    I’m surprised Arabic numerals, with the all-important zero, weren’t mentioned. Of course “Arabic” actually meant “appropriated by Arab Muslims from the Hindus they were robbing, raping, and murdering.”

    • AlOmega

      The Arabic-language inheritance of science was largely Greek, followed by Hindu influences.

      The Indian scholar Pingala, of the 2nd century BC or earlier, used binary numbers in the form of short and long syllables (the latter equal in length to two short syllables), a notation similar to Morse code. In his Chandah-sutras (prosody sutras), dated to 3rd or 2nd century BC, Pingala used the Sanskrit word śūnya explicitly to refer to zero. This is so far the oldest known use of śūnya to mean zero in India.

      By 130 AD, Ptolemy, influenced by Hipparchus and the Babylonians, was using a symbol for zero (a small circle with a long overbar) within a sexagesimal numeral system otherwise using alphabetic Greek numerals. Because it was used alone, not just as a placeholder, this Hellenistic zero was perhaps the first documented use of a number zero in the Old World.

      The Mesoamerican Long Count calendar developed in south-central Mexico and Central America required the use of zero as a place-holder within its vigesimal (base-20) positional numeral system. Many different glyphs, including this partial quatrefoil—MAYA-g-num-0-inc-v1.svg—were used as a zero symbol for these Long Count dates, the earliest of which (on Stela 2 at Chiapa de Corzo, Chiapas) has a date of 36 BC.

      Ch’in Chiu-shao’s 1247 Mathematical Treatise in Nine Sections is the oldest surviving Chinese mathematical text using a round symbol for zero. Chinese authors had been familiar with the idea of negative numbers by the Han Dynasty (2nd century AD), as seen in the The Nine Chapters on the Mathematical Art.

      • IslamDownpressesHumanity

        A base 60 numerical system. Now that’s odd. At least there’s some rationale/use for a hexadecimal numbering system, but sexagesimal?
        Thanks for an interesting read.

        • javanaut

          60 has 10 proper divisors, which makes many calculations easier. 10 only has 2.

          • Nomadic1967

            **brain explodes** I salute any and all of you…. (goes back to his comic book)

      • Covadonga

        >”The Mesoamerican Long Count calendar… required the use of zero as a place-holder within its vigesimal (base-20) positional numeral system.”

        Which leaves open the question of whether the Mesoamericans invented it independently of the Hindus, or received the concept of the Hindu shunya from the Old World, along with the Sumerian/Babylonian astronomical data they used to make their calendar so accurate.

    • MightyDog

      Actually the ONLY reason they are called Arabic numerals, is because they were introduced to Europe in the 10th century by Arabic-speakers of North Africa, who were then using the digits from Libya to Morocco. The amount of hate stirred up by Ms. Geller’s ignorance of facts is amazing…

  • conan_drum

    The Chinese were advanced in many technologies long before the alleged birth of Christ, even before the Greeks and Romans, who were great engineers and architects. They (Chinese) used large kites to elevate men in the air to reconnoiter enemy forces 1000 to 500 BC. The Indians were advanced in mathematics (discovering zero) and astronomy; so the claims of the Islamists are clearly nonsense. Furthermore all the major advances that lead to flight were made by European scientists.
    Actually according to Scientific American, Firman (Firnas) jumped from a tower and did not try to take off from the ground. So I am sure did many other rash individuals.

    • Milo

      Alleged birth of Christ? That is like saying the alleged birth of Moses or the alleged birth of Muhamed. Christians, as written about from non-biblical sources such as Tacitus, Pliny, Josephus, and Lucian, did not just spontaneously come into existence because of an alleged birth.

      • jimmy john


      • RonW

        But who actually cares whether ‘christ’ was a historical person or not?

        If there was a non-standard rabbi named Yehoshua, who stirred up a bit of angst in Roman Palestine, what of it? Perhaps Christianity is a slightly more benign religion than that of the Roman Mithraism, or the other sacrifice-demanding religions common at the time, but in actual terms of veracity has little over the other mythologies.

        Religions, from my point of view, are chiefly valuable in providing a non-violent pre-constructed moral code for the masses incapable of reasoning for themselves.

        Islam, of course does not pass that test of as ‘valuable’ religion. It should just be made to go. Permanently.

      • Covadonga

        >”the alleged birth of Muhamed”

        Please read Did Muhammad Exist?: An Inquiry into Islam’s Obscure Origins by Robert Spencer to understand that it would take some doing to put the objective evidence (as against what is written in Islamic books by Muslims who praised the art of lying) for the existence of Muhammad on a plane where we could consider it an established fact.

        Meccan Trade and the Rise of Islam, by the distinguished scholar Patricia Crone, also casts a great deal of doubt on the early history of Islam, in particular, on the context of the alleged birth of “Muhammad”.

        She documents in exhaustive detail that Mecca, allegedly a great “Mecca” of ancient Arabian mercantile trade before and during Muhammad’s day, with his own clan the most prominent merchants among the citizens there, could not have been more than the most flyblown backwater. It was not in fact located on any possible trade route.

      • Covadonga

        >”Christians, as written about from non-biblical sources such as Tacitus, Pliny, Josephus, and Lucian, did not just spontaneously come into existence because of an alleged birth.”

        Actually, the Church Fathers themselves, such as Eusebius and St. Augustine, believed that Christianity had existed since long before the alleged birth of Jesus.

        So the fact of the existence of Christians noted by those historians does not in fact make your case that Christ was a historical person.

    • IslamDownpressesHumanity

      I believe Democritus or Demostenes, not only knew the earth was round but calculated the circumference of the earth by using trigonometry and shadow length — this was BCE.

      • Covadonga

        It was Eratosthenes of Cyrene.

        The same Eratosthenes who developed the famous Sieve that bears his name, for discovering prime numbers. He died around 192 BC.

  • richardlhartig

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  • Chippy

    Islam has contributed almost nothing to the world except the art of killing. They are really experts at it especially those that do not adhere to their devil inspired belief system..

    • AlOmega

      Killing and propaganda. Muslims have been engaged in invasion, conquest rule and divide since the birth of Islam.

      • jacks

        Hi AlOmega,

        Islam spread in peace since 1400 years ago.

      • nick

        Islam peace religion

    • Sonokar

      No, they stole that one too.

    • DVult

      They didn’t even invent lying.

      • Bill Jeffs

        I’m sure you’ll claim that honor….

        • DVult

          I am reasonably certain that I am not satan.

    • jacks

      Hi Chippy, thanks to muslims invented mathematics..and you enjoy computers nowadays.

  • Daniel Diamond


    In this provocative essay, Waseem Altaf, the author argues that the notion of a golden age of Islamic learning is a myth created to counter the current sorry state of intellectual life in the Islamic world.

    Editor’s introduction

    It is widely believed and taught, including in India, that there was a Golden Age of Islamic learning that made a major contribution to science and the arts. In India we are told that this ‘synthesis’ between Hindu and Muslim thought gave rise to a great ‘syncretic’ civilization that was suppressed and eventually destroyed by the British. However, this flies in the face of the fact that not a single name of a major scientist from the five-plus centuries of Islamic rule of India has come down to us. We have to go to pre-Islamic India to invoke names from the past— names like Aryabhata, Varahamihira and the like.

    It is a similar story when we look at universities or centers of learning. Pre-Islamic India was renowned for its universities: Takshashila, Vikramashila, Nalanda, Ujjain and other places attracted students and scholars alike from far and wide, much like the United States of today.

    After the establishment of the Delhi Sultanate, not a single center of learning (other than Islamic seminaries) was established for over seven centuries. The first modern universities came to be established only during the British rule.

    Also worth noting is the fact that the so-called ‘synthesis’ of learning took place before Islamic invasions engulfed both India and Persia in a Dark Age. The Sassanid emperor Kosrau I deserves much of the credit for work that is wrongly credited to Islamic rulers and scholars.

    Whether one agrees with the author’s radical conclusions or not, it is undeniable that the contributions to science under the great Islamic empires was disproportionately small considering their wealth and power. We already saw that their record in India even during the supposedly ‘great’ Mogul empire was dismal. Part of the problem was that Islamic rulers, instead of encouraging learning, hired foreigners and mercenaries— like Hindus in India and Jews and Christians in the Ottoman Empire.

    • IslamDownpressesHumanity

      I’ve read theories that suggest the Tah Mahaal was not built originally as a muslum mausoleum, but a Hindu temple re-purposed by a muslum Sheikh.

    • CatoYounger

      Not to mention that the Muslims killed 40 – 65 million Indians during their invasion and establishment of kingdoms.

      • IslamIsFascism

        The latest addition to the above body count was the 2.5 to 3 million Hindus slaughtered in Bangladesh in the 1970’s — while retards like George Harrison sang Give Peace a Chance in Kashmir.

  • June Skelton

    Yes, Pam, I looked it up on Amazon:

    They very kindly allow a girl to “look inside” the book. And sure enough, a few pages in are all those “facts” you mention, beautifully illustrated of course, à la “1001 Nights,” and nary a niqab in sight.

    My suggestion? Put up a review. Amazon allows you to do that without buying the book. Tell the truth. Every little bit of honesty helps to combat dishonesty.

  • IslamDownpressesHumanity

    PBS had a program that was spinning the same izlamic propaganda. The algebra lie is a particular laugh — considering the Pythagorean theorem (an algebraic equation) was used by Greeks centuries before mohammud ever existed (if he ever did).

  • Daniel Diamond

    Really where did they have time for inventions,let alone 1001.

    Most of the time was spent conquering,killing,raping,converting,stealing.

    Temple and Churches destroyed and mosques built on top of theme.g.

    Hagia Sophia Church,in Turkey,Kashi Vishvanath in Varanasi, alhambra in spain Spain.
    Volume II The Islamic Evidence
    (Second Enlarged Edition)

    For those who don’t believe or do not know of the amount of destruction that took place in India at the hands of the Muslim invaders and Islamic rulers who established themselves in parts of India, we can review the Islamic chronicles of the deeds of these rulers of the day, as written by the Muslim contemporary writers or historians.

    So what follows is a review of some of the books and their authors who recorded the histories of the Islamic rulers, and quotes from some of the descriptions within them about the cities they attacked and the temples they destroyed.

    It really shows how demoniac and cruel these rulers were.

    No different to what happened recently in Afghanistan ,Syria and Iraq

    • CatoYounger

      Yep, almost every great Mosque is on the remains of a Christian, Jewish, or Indian temple, or one they just altered. They are so tolerant.

  • marthadclary

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    • Politically Accurate

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      You’ve been flagged and reported to Disqus for abuse. Kiss your account goodbye, fucktard.


        Politically Accurate AKBAR!

  • disqus_HlH4Faibhw

    I had to laugh at the alleged “muslim firsts”. Without being an expert, everyone knows anything related to math, surgery and science long since pre-dates muslims. Surgery (and sophisticated at that) was practiced in ancient Egypt as was sophisticated math. The pyramids were constructed using mathematical calculations. In fact Egypt is an example of a culture that completely regressed from a land of sophisticated culture under control of pharoahs and ancient Rome into the muslim backass culture that it is today. Tragic. And music?? That’s absolutely ANCIENT.

    They don’t call the medieval period the DARK AGES for nothing.

    Shame on you CNN.

    • Steve Brown

      CNN is one of the BIG REASONS why cable TV is going the way of the T-Rex.. I turned off cable over a year ago. The BRAINWASHING is over. I wish that a ”Patriot TV Network” would start up. A network dedicated to the ideals of our ”Founding Fathers” and original statesman like; Ben Franklin, Thomas Jefferson, James Madison, Thomas Paine, George Washington and John Adams.

      • newsel

        One America News (OAN) might be a good place to start…

      • disqus_HlH4Faibhw

        I’ve been without TV for over two years now. Don’t miss a thing and when I visit my family it’s the same old garbage. Obviously muslims and their 1001 lies and hallucinations are a contributing factor there.

        • JT

          What a sick $hit…TV is.
          I have been without it since 1990…
          NO nauseating since then..

      • Elijah Mann

        Hey Steve give Sky Watch TV a try(on You Tube) it’s only a 15-20 min daily news report but tells the news the way it actually happened. I’m also nauseated by CNN and MSM. they have some interesting links available as well.

    • tut

      CNN is part of Time-Warner which Saudi Prince Al-Waleed bin Talal has a huge stake in. He’s the same snake that donated $32B to the campaign of stifling criticism of Islam in the process of Islamization of the West toward Islamic global domination

  • Brianroysinputvideo .

    Staring with Surgery, anyone can download and read “Surgical Instruments in Greek and Roman Times by John Stewart Milne” from 1907 at

    or pick up and read any number of archaeology and biblical archaeology magazines or papers. One would have to be entirely historically illiterate about medical instruments and medicine to think Muslims invented “surgery”. They did plagiarize a lot and one certain fellow preserved an Arabic version of ancient surgical knowledge by civilizations that existed before him with some added commentary, but big whoop.

    For the glider and flying, we have a toy glider that was found in an ancient Egyptian tomb in 1898 near Sakkara, and we have the legend of the ancient Crete culture where Daedalus and Icarus built hang-gliders, and Icarus went too high and the craft fell apart (likely broken up by high crosswinds rather than how the legend wrongly says the sun melted the wax that held it together). So if this knowledge was each known by 1,000 and 2,000 years (respectively) before Islam, again, those who promote Islam have to rewrite and pretend a goodness in intellect in their heritage that never existed. It begins and ends with a middle aged schizophrenic murderer who is cross-dressed in woman’s close, his nose in a 12 year old’s vagina snorkling her menstruation and moaning “allah” as he recites a quran he dictates to her to write because he himself is too illiterate.
    Don’t blame me…read the quran passage for yourself which reads:
    Surah 6:296: “Said ‘Aisha: The Prophet {Mohammed} used to lean on (and into) my lap and recite Qur’an while I was menstruating.”

    It is a fact that the majority of the modern age of science and medicine is traceable to Christian Enlightenment and Christian Scientists, followed next by those who are Jews, then by Deists and Agnostics, with Muslims lucky if they are even a blip on the radar. The Obama brands of Islam that he promotes, including the Muslim Brotherhood that even Qatar calls a “terrorist organization” in their Islamic Terrorist Organization listings, that group in 2012, in their Egyptian High School Text Books taught:
    “We are allowed the eating of flesh of dead humans under necessary conditions. It must not be cooked or grilled to avoid doing wrong. And, he can kill a murtadd [an apostate, that includes Christians and Jews] and eat him. ”
    — Al-Azhar al-Sharif, Azhari Colleges Section, Central Administration for Books, Libraries, and Teaching Aides for 3rd Year High School, page 256.

    And to this day in Saudi Arabia, they advocate drinking fresh camel urine as a “health” ritual which many Middle East Muslims will follow and practice as sound medical science? That’s what the Saudis teach. In fact, one Saudi Arabian Medical Journal Report from King Faisal University in or about January 2010, by Amira Hassan Abdullah Al-Abdalall, department of Botany and Micro-biology, by example in the report at least strongly infers to the effect that it should be viewed no differently than drinking coffee as some of the same medicinal inhibitions against fungus and mycotoxins in coffee are also found in camel urine. He then goes on and recommends that not only drinking the urine of camels should be done, but that drinking the urine of “goat, sheep, buffalo, elephant, horse, camel, donkey, etc.” as was also practiced by Muslims (in times past) should be done also, as animal urine was a cure all for everything from being paralyzed to being sick with cancer to a loss of appetite.

    So I guess instead of writing another 1001 Arabian Nights, we have a new thing of 1001 Islamic Historic and Plagiarist Myths? Yikes! You go get ’em, Pam. A “Semper Fi”, ” Hoo-rah”, and “Good job” affirmation to you!

    • IslamDownpressesHumanity

      You’ve never had a camel urine cocktail? Four cups ice cold camel urine, shaken w/crushed ice (never stirred) w/a garnish of lime and a couple of tablespoons of sugar is delicious….NOT.

      • George Van Apeldoorn

        Obama is a pathetic suit filled with lies

    • tut

      Obuma is spreading faux Islamic contributions here …

  • Shuki Oren

    In order to understand the Muslims tradition one have to know about Hudaibiya agreement. It is a license to lie.
    Less than two years after making a treaty with the people of Mecca that should last for ten years, Muhammad returned with an army and took the city by surprise.
    Muhammad was the first to violate the Treaty of Hudaibiya. Even the Qur’an acknowledges this, which means any knowledgeable Muslim must as well.

    Bukhari 78:618 – “If I take an oath to do something and later on I find something else better than the first one, then I do what is better and make expiation for my
    Bukhari 52:269 – “The Prophet said: ‘War is deceit’.”

    So, Arabs/Muslims take an example from Muhammad, they deceive, lie, and break agreements to support their cause. After Yasser Araft signed the Oslo agreement he admitted it in Johannesburg speech May 1994.

    Few examples.
    – Who Discovered America? The Muslims in 1178. Erdogan made the claim during a conference of Latin American Muslim leaders in Istanbul – “Muslim sailors arrived in America (Cuba) in 1178 and built a mosque”. Till now there is no evidence to it.

    – Who was Jesus? Young Palestinian named Jesus.

    Nothing new with the “1001 Muslim Inventions” it is a part of this trend.

    • AlOmega

      “Khaybar” is the name of a famous incident in
      which Mohammed led his followers into a ‘battle’ with a peaceful tribe
      of Jews who lived in the settlements of Khaybar, about 40 miles from

      The Khaybar community were well known as productive farmers who
      provisioned the whole area, they were also famous for their
      hospitality, lighting beacons so that travellers in the desert could
      find their way to some sort of shelter even at night.

      Mohammed’s agents
      got into the towns pretending to be travellers. They were treated as
      guests and then got up in the middle of the night and killed their
      hosts. Victorious in the subsequent battle, Mohammed ordered between
      600 and 900 Jewish men beheaded and took the women and children as

      Mohammed had the one Jewish tribal leader and his son killed,
      then took the son’s 17 year old widow for a ‘wife’ on the same day.
      When Moslems chant “Khaybar Khaybar ya Yahud” (“Khaybar, Khaybar, Oh
      Jews!”) they are remembering this slaughter with pride and expressing a
      wish to repeat it.

  • Communoislamism runs rampant in Amerika

  • jeff dee

    The only thing Muslims invented was suicide bombing.

  • DrZin

    Perhaps the most significant moslem first is the sanctification of lying.

  • byronmullet

    Islam needs to be given a moral IQ test and it’s adherents and proponents motivations should be psychoanalyzed, because to accept Islam’s premise as acceptable, to do evil to the innocent is to do good, is the definition of insanity. To excuse it or blame it on religion, is just religious insanity. To help advance this premise or to legitimize it, even if done out of fear of it, is an act of recruitment for more jihad insanity.

  • joker

    Thanks to Islam I can read these rubbish over the Internet. Internet is a clear Islamic idea, Great allah came up with the Internet. My DVD (for watching xxx movies produced in Mecca) player was really developed in Mecca and not in Holland. The list of Islamic achievements is too long.
    Satellite was thought up by Islamic engineers. Also the nuclear bomb was developed somewhere in the Arabian desert. Thank you Islamic world!

  • atl slayer

    This message if straight from dear.leader,,,
    you think you invented the flying machine and algebra, but you didn’t build that, somebody else, made that happen for you.
    you Islamist think you’re smart, but let me tell you something, there are alot of smart people out there, ………hey what’s good for the goose is good for the, doofus.

    thieves and liars and murderers.

  • CNN Muslim Owned

    CNN is owned and operated by Muslims.
    I feel sorry for Jewish broadcasters like Jake Tapper and others who have no other options in life except to work for this dishonest Jew hate corporation.

  • Islamic Death & Destruction

    Muslims biggest contribution to the world is death and destruction.

  • pennant8

    Yea, Muslims are so inventive and science minded. This is why they have to rely on infidels to show them how to get oil out of the ground. It’s why they have to hire Western engineers to design the gaudy buildings in places like Bahrain, and then build them with slave labor. It’s why they don’t have any flight schools of their own. They have to send would-be pilots to US flight schools, who then skip the part about landing the plane.

  • Politically Accurate

    Pam, Pam, Pam. There are many contributions from the Islamonazi death cult to cite:

    Fostering a culture of ignorance and stupidity
    Manufactured rage
    Homicide bombings
    Collective psychosis
    Misogyny on a psychotic level
    Female genital mutilation
    Pathological anti-Semitism
    Decay, filth and welfare-addiction wherever they go in the civilised world
    Sharia injustice
    The world’s most finely-honed cult of victimhood
    and, last but not least
    The schwarma.

    Perhaps Comedic News Network or PMSNBC could update their fairy tale narrative and start anew from this list.

  • bobcchicago

    The politically correct progressive liberals will destroy America if we let them. Muslims have been a plague on the World stating with mohammed.
    How can people follow a ‘prophet’ who was a murderer, pedophile, thief and slaver?

  • bigal69

    Don’t forget, this is what the Traitorous Muslim President declared, I quote “The Muslims have helped shape America” and “America is one of the largest Muslim countries in the World” unquote. In fact they rank around the 38 largest. Where does he get this BULLSHIT?

    • Politically Accurate

      Like everything else, the turd pile pulls it straight out of his rectum (when it’s not otherwise being penetrated by one of his Islamonazi buddies like Erdogan or the genocidal towelheads in Tehran).

  • JenJen Long

    What’s with this islam hype. Why is there so much attention suddenly? In Germany (where I’m from), everyday in every newspaper, there’s at least one article about Islam (most times its about they’re being victims). Why is that? No other religion is being discussed. I’m sick so of it.

    • joker

      They will be very soon a real victim!!

  • harriet

    I like to remind people, that the true islam is found in Yemen and the Hejaz and in Arabia where islam did not encounter the fabulous civilizations of the Persians, Assyrians, Hindu, Byzantine-Greek and Roman cultures. Even in Yemen and Arabia the moslams stole from Jews and Christians.

    What did moslams accomplish in Yemen and Arabia without stealing form other civilizations?

  • Sonokar

    Is CNN still around?

  • I recommend the sarcastically-titled “The Muslim Discovery of America,” which debunks many Muslim claims of being “first.”

  • Did you know that the muslims went to the moon in 1635 on a flying carpet and built a mosque on the moon that was later destroyed by the first AMERICANS that went to the moon?
    This from the leader of Turkey, Erdogan.
    I would bet all lot of these so called intelligent muslims believe it.

  • Dusty Koellhoffer

    The only “Golden Age” of Islam is the two centuries after they conquered educated Roman peoples. After that their ideology subsumed civilization.

    You can no more reform Islam away from Mohammad than you can
    reform Christianity away from Christ.

  • Judi

    Something hey actually HAVE invented…MERS (Middle East Respitory Syndrome). Two cases have just been confirmed today in the UK.

  • So Muhammed invented the toothbrush but Muslims still wipe their arses with their hands? I don’t think so.

  • Lilith Wept

    Look at the site and see a other attempt to re wright history. The author claims that Islam was not brought by the sword. That the people who lived in what we call I dia, viewed the muslim invading armies as liberators. Tell that to the millions killed, millions enslaved and millions forcably converted.
    This propaganda makes me sick!!! Now I know how a Roman citizen felt as he watched his world crumble around him. Islam is taking over America, slowly, baby step by baby step. CAIR and groups in the US ( and abroad) like them have a long range plan to take our country away from us. Everything we know and love will not just be gone, kt will be obliterated, as if it NEVER existed. This fight againstvthe Islamification of America is a fight for our lives…….do you want to tell your grand and great grand children , This is all my fault, I didnt fight against Islam when I could , I was afraid, or I didnt want to be called a racist, or I didnt know Islam was so bad…..
    I have given a lot of thought of how to solve the muslim problem….
    First, how can we tell a muslim who is happy to be here, and just wants to provide for his family and maybe practice his religion a little it, from the muslim that hates the US, wants to overthrow the goverment and make America Islamic?
    And how moderate is moderate? What about the moderate muslim that gives money, shelter, a vehicle to another muslim that is planning terrorism? How about the moderate muslim that knows of someone planning or actively doing terrorism but doesnt say anything to authorities? Todays moderate muslim is tomorrow’s muslim terrorist in the headlines.
    How about the fact that Islam requires its believers loyalties to be towards Allah, the Koran, Mohammed and the Muslim umma, not a country with a man made democratic goverment? How aboutvthat lieing, or decieveing ny misunderstanding or mis direction (taqqiyah) is allowed if it futhers Allah’s cause, ( and Allah’s cause is the conversion of the world to Islam and the overthrow of all democratic goverments)…….How about that Islam requires every muslim to wage Jihad “until there is no other religion than Allah’s”? How about that it is the ongoing goal of Islam to convert every person in the world to Islam?

    The only solution is we must steel ourselfs to be ruthless. And the left will scream civil rights are being denied….but we must remove Islam from the protection is is afforded by the freedom of religion amendment, then we need to not just restrict the practice of Islam, nut ban it completely as being comtrary to the laws and Constitution of the US and presenting a clear and present danger to those same laws, constitution and the citizens of the US.

    Muslims who are muslim in name only or apostate will be fine with this. many devout muslims will leave. There will still be the problem of muslims that say they are not muslims but who are planning some terrorist act. We must keep ex muslims that stay in the US on a watch list, keep an eye on them and their behavior.

    • tut

      The only way to win against them is to do what China is doing against the Muslims: control their population, forbid their rituals, mercilessly hunt down the terrorists and kill them like rats. China is predicting it will be Islam free in 10 years. It’s not just the government’s, it’s Chinese people’s war against the death cult. 4 Muslim hijackers were beaten up by the passengers on AIrChina flight and by the time the plane safely landed, 2 hijackers died.

      • IslamDownpressesHumanity

        Maybe the PRC is the only hope for the future, because the corrupt governments of the Western world sure aren’t.

    • IslamDownpressesHumanity

      It’s argumentative whether Rome was worth saving. The Rome that died was a totalitarian dictatorship that encouraged the worship of said dictator. Gladiatorial contests had dozens of people fighting to the death, not in self-defense, but as entertainment. Judea/Israel revolted against a Rome that was evil and decadent, not the Roman Republic, which was already dead.

  • tut

    Muslims have won 11 out of 850 Nobel Prizes, or %1.2, while Muslims makes up %23 world population. That means a non-Muslim is 25 times more likely to win a Nobel Prize than a Muslim is. Hard to to imagine Muslims were any smarter or more contributory to sciences in the past.

  • Vicki S

    thank you, excellent article

  • LimeyAL

    Same Bull S**t they spout about Algebra being invented by muslims, LIARS ! actually invented by Diaphantus the Greek 300 years before the murdering paedophile was born.


    I think most people intuitively know that muslims have contributed virtually nothing to the world. Which is why these people have to lie about their “accomplishments”!

  • Mark I.

    They stole everything from arithmetic to philosophy, & then tried to take credit for it years later

  • Steve

    The islamists deluge people with their outrageous claims about inventions and rely on the ignorance of most people about historical facts. They also put their audacity right in your face lending a certain cognitive dissonance to reality that temporarily has people questioning what they do know. The west has developed much respect for the scientific method and the use of support references and, being trained to get all the facts and promotion of debate in our society, we sometimes become taken off guard by islamists trying to “pull the wool over our eyes” coming up with their stuff often showing a certitude brought on by brainwashing and/or simple contentiousness followed by jihadis in their dealings with non-muslims. My dog, that recently became a “black lives matters only” proponent, barked that to islamists its all just a state of mind, or mindlessness if you prefer, and i promptly gave him two tasty dog biskets for such insight and he’s an atheist no less.

  • Globalfirm:Humanrights&ecology

    Pamela Geller the CNN, news decoder. ?
    We gotta make a movie of Muhammad’s life, him enslaving Africans & saying that it’s justified because his deity turned them black so their descendants would be slaves to Arabs & Turks, him torturing, crucifying, burning people alive for not following his pathology. Thanks to digital technology we can show him tongue-kissing boys, ok, we can’t fully show Muhammad kissing their dicks.

    Join Globalfirm: atheists versus liberals.

  • EJO

    If someone has already mentioned this, I apologize.
    Muslims discovered America before Columbus, claims Turkey’s Erdogan

    By Ishaan Tharoor November 15, 2014

    In a televised speech in Istanbul, Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan claimed that Muslims had discovered the Americas three centuries before the voyages of Christopher Columbus. He was addressing a summit of Muslim leaders from Latin America.

    “Contacts between Latin America and Islam date back to the 12th century. Muslims discovered America in 1178, not Christopher Columbus,” Erdogan said. “Muslim sailors arrived in America from 1178. Columbus mentioned the existence of a mosque on a hill on the Cuban coast.”

  • Carole

    Another load of TAQQIYA (deception) we have to listen to!
    They`re good at the art of lying, but that`s about all!

  • MightyDog

    WOW…the facts in this article are so far from being facts it’s comedy. Pamela Geller is nothing but a hate-monger who spouts off lies to complete her hateful agenda….it’s no wonder her group is officially listed as a hate group, along with the KKK and Black Panther party……lol

  • Shakirin Al Ikram

    No wonder so many elites and Professionals hate Islam so much that they have become Muslims by the Droves. Some even went further to join IS! Pamela Geller your books and diatribes failed to convince them after they read the Quran.
    Guess to you from Truman to JW Bush, American Presidents were Guradian Angels that they had to kill and villfy Islam and Muslims Nations – in order that US may survive!
    Now Obama is pushing hard TPPA so that American don’t starvetoo!
    You goota have your brain examined and rebooted!
    Maybe you think that spreading Islam was like that Pope said `Religion by the Sword too!’
    So those who converted and are now converged in Makkah are morons with scrambled brains!
    And why is IS, which Muslims disowned attractive to the West, for Money?
    Please do a piece on them? If you still think the world of yourself and the Christian and Hebrews’ religion!
    I got news for you the Quran is not written by Nabi Mohammad SAW but from Allah via Jibril, think you can muster what are in the 6.667 verses and reproduce it in American English so 300 million American can read it?
    Beware, you may convert to Islam too after understanding it!

  • jk

    oh come on pam, flying planes into civillian buildings [9/11], an ideology advocating decption and violence to further there cause, and burning babies in oil [Delhi Sultanate] were novel revolutionary firsts for mankind, and all invented my islam.

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