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[ September 22, 2017 ]

A Stella Open Thread

[ September 22, 2017 ]

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[ September 22, 2017 ]

Muslims who plotted to behead Pamela Geller “laughed wildly about beheadings”

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ACLU, Speakers Distance Themselves From UC Berkeley’s Free Speech Week

Jihad-terror prisoners who were segregated for religious bullying of other inmates win taxpayer-funded challenges at the Supreme Court that it was unlawful


Bear in mind that the prison system is a hotbed of jihad recruitment and widespread conversion of inmates is a worldwide problem. An inordinate number of jihad-terror plots involve Muslims converted to Islam in prison.

If these activities were treated like acts of war and not “law enforcement” issues, these absurd and ridiculous rulings would not be possible. This unconscionable and feckless decision is the poisonous fruit of the denial of jihadic doctrine and its objectives.
The savages who filed a long-running and expensive legal suit (funded by the kuffar taxpayer) against the British penal system were guilty of, among other things, a WMD plot with RICIN, a plot to launch suicide attacks on flights from Heathrow to America and Canada using liquid bombs made of hydrogen peroxide hidden in soft drink bottles.

“Islamic terrorist prisoners who were segregated for religious bullying of other inmates win taxpayer-funded challenges at the Supreme Court that it was unlawful,”
By Richard Spillett for MailOnline, July 29, 2015, (thanks to Todd):

Algerian who murdered policeman was kept away from others in 2010
Terrorist who plotted to blow up airliners was segregated at another prison
They claimed their treatment was unlawful, but lost initial court bid
Supreme Court ruled it illegal to keep them alone for more than 72 hours
Two high-profile terrorist prisoners who were segregated from other inmates for extended periods have won challenges at the UK’s highest court.

Five Supreme Court justices in London allowed appeals by Ricin plot conspirator Kamel Bourgass and ‘liquid bomber’ Tanvir Hussain.

They were alleged to have intimidated and bullied other inmates over matters of religious, and authorities in their respective jails had considered it was necessary to separate them from other prisoners ‘for good order and discipline’.

UK prison jihad
UK prison jihad

In March 2012 the pair failed to persuade appeal judges that their treatment was unlawful.

But the Supreme Court unanimously ruled today that their segregation was not lawful after initial periods of 72 hours.

The judges granted declarations in each case that the ‘appellant’s segregation beyond the initial period of 72 hours was not authorised, so was unlawful’.

The pair, whose long-running and expensive legal case has been funded by the taxpayer, had also raised human rights issues, but that aspect of their case was rejected by the Supreme Court.

Bourgass, an Algerian, is serving 17 years for conspiracy to commit public nuisance by using poisons or explosives in relation to the 2002 Ricin terrorist plot.

He is also serving a life sentence for murdering Detective Constable Stephen Oake, 40, with a kitchen knife during his 2003 arrest at a flat in Manchester.

He injured four other officers during that attack and is serving sentences for attempted murder of two officers and wounding a third.

Hussain was one of three men convicted of a plot to launch suicide attacks on flights from Heathrow to America and Canada using liquid bombs made of hydrogen peroxide hidden in soft drink bottles. He is serving life with a minimum tariff of 32 years.

Tanvir Hussain
Tanvir Hussain, in a video shown to Woolwich Crown Court during his trial over a plot to bring down airliners

hile detained at HMP Whitemoor in Cambridgeshire, Bourgass was segregated from March 10 2010 until April 22 and again from April 23 until October or November of that year.

The judge said today: ‘He was notified by the head of security at the prison that intelligence suggested that he held extreme views, that he exerted a significant influence over other prisoners, and that “we suspect you of being linked to threats to other prisoners”.’

Senior Judge Lord Reed said: ‘Bourgass was locked in his cell for 23 hours a day, and was denied association with other prisoners. He was allowed out of his cell for exercise, which he took alone in a caged area.

‘He was unable to participate in activities which involved association with other prisoners, such as work, education and communal religious services.’

Hussain was segregated at HMP Frankland in County Durham from April 24 2010 until October 2010 after he attacked another inmate following a row about food.

Lord Reed said: ‘The Intelligence information also linked Hussain with the ‘conditioning’ of segregated prisoners who were susceptible to manipulation.

‘Three such prisoners had informed segregation unit staff that they had changed their religion from Christianity to Islam, having been converted through their cell windows by another prisoner.’

The judge added: ‘Intelligence suggested that Hussain was preaching Islam through his cell window to others in a determined attempt to convert non-Muslim prisoners to his own interpretation of Islamic ideals.

‘There was concern that his interpretation of the Quran was in line with his terrorist beliefs, and that the promulgation of his ideals had the potential to cause serious disruption both in the segregation unit and in the general prisoner population.’

  • Tatonka

    If they feel lonely… send them to Allah.
    Bullet in the brain.

    • Susan

      Send them down to allah.

  • mike

    feed em pork & beans, the murdering dogs. better yet send them to sheriff joe arpaio

  • Agent153Orange

    It’s a shame we don’t have those secret CIA prisons anymore!

  • paendragon

    Thousands of Black criminals convert to Islam while in prison. Liberals teach Blacks to hate America and the West and to hate White people, which makes converting to Islam seem like a good way to get back at Whitey. Muslims can rape infidel women, attack infidel men, and have sex with little girls as Muhammad did. Islam has great appeal to misogynists, rapists, pedophiles, those who hate America and the West in general, and Blacks who hate Whites.

  • paendragon

    PS: muslims and liberals only hate Jesus and Judeo-Christianity because the idea of personal freedom is anathema to them, because their ‘god’ is only their #1 idolatrous, predeterministic excuse to avoid all self-reliant responsibility for their crimes; they WANT to be slaves of allah, so they can always claim: “The allah made me do it!” and “In fact, I didn’t do it at all – ONLY the allah did it! Capisce?”! A God that separates itself from its creation to enable free-will choice is a notion they cannot tolerate; in stead, they place limits on their God’s power by claiming it has no desire to do so, that it is, was, and always must remain both unknown and unknowable to us. The idea that, even though we might be limited to being unable to understand God, God can nevertheless make Himself known to us, to relate to us on our own terms, by incarnating among us in the body of Jesus Christ, would insantly deprive them of their excuses for their crimes:

    The ‘theological’ notion of Allah’s “oneness” is CRUCIAL to their main criminal, might-makes-right alibi, that “we aren’t responsible, and no one is ever really a criminal anyway, because we’re really all only victims:

    [8.17] So you did not slay them, but it was Allah Who slew them, and you did not smite when you smote (the enemy), but it was Allah Who smote, and that He might confer upon the believers a good gift from Himself; surely Allah is All-Hearing, Knowing.

    Sura 4:77: “Those who whined “Hold back your hands (from attacking)” were corrected:
    “War is compulsory for us – the good and bad both come from allah!”

    Liberals will try the same, saying we’re all really only helpless fallible and potentially dangerous victims of society, and products of our environments. Idolatry = excuses for crimes.

    And yet, logically, a god which is so-described as only being generally “everything,” is also thereby specifically “nothing;” existentialism IS nihilism! Like their liberal brethren, muslims are atheists.


  • paendragon

    Islam is the “religion” of crime, wherein the “holy mobster” gang members get to blame a sick twisted version of a “God” for their own criminal desires and actions.

    “Submission, the religion of Pacification” = “Extortion, the religion of Thieves!”

    Here’s islam’s “holy Message from god” as exemplified by the collective words and deeds of it’s Founder:

    “I will save humanity by lying to, extorting, torturing, robbing, burning out of their homes, kidnapping and ransoming, enslaving, raping and murdering everyone who even only verbally disagrees with me – and you can, too!”

    – Muhammad –

    Muhammad was really only a con-man and bandit-king, an arch-criminal who always blamed “god” for his own penchant for committing crimes. If Moe got away with committing a crime (and he tried them all, enthusiastically, more than once, but instead of ever showing contrition, bragged about how much fun it was to commit them, and advised everyone else to join in the fun, too), then it was held to be “obvious” that “god” wanted him to get away with having committed those crimes!

    Islam is a threat to everyone because it says it is.

    According to their own Eastern histories, islam has an official 1,400 year history of “holy” lies, extortions, robberies, tortures, arsons, kindappings, slaveries, rapes and 270 million murders (that’s OVER A QUARTER-BILLION INNOCENTS SACRIFICED TO ALLAH, so far – it’s a larger death-tally than that of EVERYONE ELSE, both secular and religious, COMBINED, and with an historical average of less than 1% of the global population to have committed it with, too)!

    Do the math: 270 million divided by 1,400 is almost 200,000 per year, or over 500 per day, or over 20 per hour or about one person every three minutes being murdered by Muslims ever since Islam was founded.

    So, simply and precisely because of their “THOU SHALT KILL!” cultural indoctrination, MUSLIMS ARE STILL FROM BETWEEN FOUR AND SEVERAL HUNDRED TIMES MORE LIKELY TO ENGAGE IN MURDER (and all other crimes,) THAN EVERYONE ELSE IN THE WORLD!

    • Landez

      The math is astounding Paendragon.

      Muhammad claimed to be obeying Allah. Allah is not God.

      It is amazing that such a murderous, thieving, deceptive concept could exist.

      • paendragon

        It’s more amazing that so many people still pretend to believe him.

  • paendragon

    Here’s the most recent American prison-inmate-by-religion stats:

    US Inmate population religious preferences

    58% Christian
    29% Muslim
    13% Other (including Atheist)

    Since muslims are at most 3% of the total population in America, it’s obvious they are TEN TIMES more likely than their numbers would indicate, to be in prison.

    And I believe Americans in general poll at 80% Christian, so they are under-represented in prison, by at least 30% or one third less than one might have otherwise expected, based on population percentage alone.

    But it’s not surprising, really:

    ALL muslims are criminals: by their own rules, they must endorse in public every word in the Qur’an, which tells them that they are so “superior” to all non-muslims, that it’s not only their right, but also their holy duty to their god, to extort, enslave, and murder all the non-muslims in the world, simply for the “crime” of not being muslims.

    So the Qur’an is a clearly-written, us-versus-them hate-crime book, endorsing a permanent might-makes-right death-threat.

    ALL muslims are criminals, as being members of the ancient, ongoing global extortion racket called islam. In sharia law texts, muslims are SUPPOSED to be regarded as threats (as “objects of fear”) by all the unbelievers, whether or not the individual muslim has itself actually committed any crimes.

    That’s why we have laws against simply being a MEMBER of a crime-gang or ‘criminal enterprise’ because their membership endorses the inherent threat. Threats are crimes in themselves: they are psychological attacks, also known as intimidation, bullying, coercion, duress, harrassment, activist agitation, extortion, and “terrorism.”

    And even any “only” attempted crimes are still considered by civilized people to be crimes.

  • Drew the Infidel

    I once worked at a Texas prison where some black inmates decided to pass themselves off as Muslim. The other black inmates ridiculed them by referring to them as “Taliban folk”.

  • conan_drum

    We really need to have the death penalty and apply to these terrorist animals.

  • Ed Miliband

    This looks like another screw-up by the British government and the establishment. As I understand it, prison governors can remand a prisoner to solitary confinement for up to 72 hours. Any extension of this requires an order signed by the Secretary of State for the Home Office or the Secretary of State for Justice. For some reason, this was never obtained; so these prisoners were being held in solitary confinement illegally. But why the British government did not accept this when it was brought to their attention and take appropriate action is totally beyond me.

  • June Skelton

    Clearly Brenda Hale doesn’t do much flying.

    Who? Brenda, otherwise known as Baroness Hale of RIchmond, is deputy president of the Supreme Court. Alongside her 11 male colleagues, she voted to overturn the ruling against those two Muslim terrorists.

    Were Brenda to use Heathrow and other airports with any frequency, she’d know that because of Tanver Hussain and his ilk, a girl may not take so much as a bottle of fizzy water on board a plane. No make-up either: the rules state that … if you do take liquids [including make-up] in your hand luggage:

    – containers must hold no more than 100ml

    – containers must be in a single, transparent, resealable plastic bag, which holds no more than – – a litre and measures approximately 20cm x 20cm

    – contents must fit comfortably inside the bag so it can be sealed

    – the bag must not be knotted or tied at the top

    – you’re limited to 1 plastic bag per person

    – you must show the bag at the airport security point

    Charming, isn’t it? So who’s side is Brenda on? Ours—or the disgusting terrorists who think nothing of slaughtering hundreds of innocent passengers?

    Here’s her Facebook page:

    • St. Michael Defend Us

      I’m reasonably sure, that, if this gal flies anywhere, it is on either her own private jet or one supplied to her by the taxpayers. You couldn’t expect her to fly with the peasants, now would you?

  • Michael

    Our Supreme Court is a Supreme joke.

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