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[ September 26, 2017 ]

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ISIS Video of Child Beheader Sends Shockwaves Across World


Shockwaves? Islamic groups are doing this on a daily basis. Obama shrugs, the media yawns — the apathetic response to Islamic savagery by Western elites is as barbaric as the act itself.

Devout jihadis fighting for the Islamic State have taught a young child to savagely behead a Syrian regime army officer, in the first execution of its kind.

The quran says, “when you meet the unbelievers, strike them at their neck.”

isis video child beheader

Brutal murder: The regime soldier is seen being forced to lay on his stomach as the young boy approaches him from behind, pulls his head back by the hair, and uses a small knife to behead him”ISIS Releases

“Video of Child Beheading Syrian Soldier,” Raphael Poch, Israel Breaking News, July 22, 2015

ISIS film a CHILD carrying out a beheading for the first time: ‘Cub of the Caliphate’ is the first seen executing a prisoner by decapitation as the terror group increasingly use boys to kill

Depraved jihadis forced a boy no older than 10-years-old to commit murder
Child is seen executing a Syrian army officer near the city of Palmyra
Approaches the victim from behind and uses a small knife to behead him
It is the first time ISIS has used a child to carry out a brutal beheading
However the terror group is increasingly using boys in its filmed murders

By John Hall for MailOnline, July 17, 2015

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  • DM Taylor

    This world sucks!

    • ArnoldLayne

      My world is groovy! Their world sucks, though!

    • notislam

      The USA sucks because we do not have LEADERS that follow our
      CONSTITUTION! tHE SOLUTION is in the CONSTITUTION AND our forefathers knew we have to fight for it. Right now we aren’t and a tyrant is in the oval office advised by islam-0-nazis

    • IslamDownpressesHumanity

      No, the izlamic world sucks and it always did and it always will…

  • ro

    Only animals are capable of these things…specifically pigs. That is all ISIS is….a group of pigs.

    • yael58

      I wouldn’t insult animals like that–even pigs.

    • Mark Irons

      Pigs are far more intelligent than these feral bottom dwellers. They are VERMIN! MAGGOTS OF THE EARTH!! They must be EXTERMINATED! EVERY MAN WOMAN AND CHILD!

      • Sam

        This is why God, in the Old Testament, commanded the Israelites to completely wipe out, slaughter, an idolatrous tribe such as the Canaanites. These pagan tribes were this evil and could not be allowed to propagate. Once these animals ‘taste’ human blood there is nothing left to do but slaughter them all.

        • manuT

          What you are saying is exactly what ISIS is saying .. Kill everyone else who does not believe in their way of thought….
          Having said that …. There is an urgent need for all human beings on the planet to get together and finish off this creature and send a message that any such misadventures will meet the same fate with zero mercy .
          Along with the ISIS the people ( people in US political establishment included who helped them become this ISIS from a miniscule organization) should be located and executes like the missss did to the olympic terrorists…

          • maxprkr

            R u muslim? The difference between muslims an humans is that muslims started first, and humans need to protect their existence. However humans did notbeven started to protect themselve.

          • Sifter

            No Manu we are not saying kill all who don’t think like us.. We are saying kill all those who descend to a level of barbarism such as training children to cutt the head off another human being, or intentionally rape teens, burn prisoners alive or drown them. Big difference

          • Patricia

            Thank you for clarifying it all for manuT :) If they are not a muslim, then they are probably a democrat.

          • Sam

            You can’t say ISIS is morally equivalent to the ancient Israelites. There is a righteous reason for wiping out a cruel and animalistic culture. Wiping out those with whom you simply disagree is the same as ISIS.

        • patriotpatone

          Very true. They cannot be tolerated. Their memory must even be wiped out.

      • MidWest Patroit

        Cockroaches as they are very hated and very useless.

      • notislam

        This iWAS Nazi Germany –now NAZI ISLAM~

        TOTALLY needs to be taken out!!

      • patriotpatone

        How right you are! Animals are far above these worms and maggots!

      • tracymae

        Time to open season.

    • Ajay

      Hey pls dont insult pigs by comparing with moslems. Pigs dont kill OK?

      • Susan

        Also pigs are very intelligent.

        • disqus_HlH4Faibhw

          And better looking than muslims.

    • James Bell

      Now now thats an insult to PIGS? Please think of all the HAMburgers,BACON & eggs, BACON bitts in your salad ,BACONburgers, HAM sandwitches, the list goes on.Lol

  • Nina

    Let’s not confuse throat cutting with beheading. The latter is accomplished with one swift, professional stroke of a sword. Ask Katherine Howard. The former is done in any dark alley by an unskilled, uneducated, low class thug, which perfectly defines the jihadi.

    • ursulamargrit

      So, are you saying that cutting the head off with a knife is not a beheading?

      • IslamDownpressesHumanity

        Maybe Nina can conduct an experiment on herself to determine which method isn’t a beheading…

    • Susan

      Sure, so Islamic State has got it wrong with all their beheadings they were just throat cutting. Wow that feels better.

    • Ajiesh Thuvanoor

      I dont think anyone here is really interested to know the difference ,Tramps are Tramps where ever they go .This is not a educational subject of any kind for the civilized world .Hope you post some Math or philosophy here !!

    • Lisa

      He holds the poor man’s head up before putting it on his back. No head attached he has been beheaded. IS has just come up with a more ancient & brutal way of doing it so the victim experiences more pain & fear. Similar to halal slaughter.

    • Mr Paul Middleton

      You make a good, and necessary point Nina. Unlike the three folk who replied to you before I did, I thank you for your valid observation. I will remember that and make sure that distinction is thrown back at the scum.

    • IslamDownpressesHumanity

      Yeah and pi$$lam is really a religion of peace isn’t it? Your attempt to make izlamic beheadings any more civilized than izlamic throat cuttings (which they do to cows and camels on Eid)? FAIL.

  • AncientAndGray

    Time for crusades 2.0. This time turn Mecca into a glass parking lot.

    • Rocinante44

      the first stop in crusade 2.0 needs to be DC. let get rid of the domestic enemies here before we go abroad

      • patriotpatone

        That is a pre-requisite for ending this nonsense. Throw out this weak government and slaughter these maggot’s!

      • Rob Porter

        Absolutely! Obama represents the dregs of humanity. Absolutely no sign of revulsion over Muslim savagery from this disgusting man.

      • Carl Showalter


    • jimbo

      and medina, resting place of the devil in carnate, Pro Moh !


      Turn Tehran into a glass rug.

    • patriotpatone

      You got that right! It’s time to annihilate these scumbags!



    • Dr. Doomsday

      Don’t forget Medina and Tehran!

      • donemyhomework

        And Qatar, and Dubai…it’s not twin towers but I’d settle for it. Just kidding, The chance is close to zero.

    • Doc Martin

      Crusades 2? Check your history first – most historians agree we have had at least 7 major crusades (plus numerous minor crusades already). So you want another onw with Christians and Muslims killing each other? As an atheist that’s fine with me – we’ll get rid of the right-wing, evangelical Christian shit-bubbles along with the radial Islamist fucktards.

      • donemyhomework

        Could have made it 2.0 thereby version 1.1, 1.2,…1.7

      • ^Kings_kid^

        what you don’t understand is the islamics want to kill not only christians and jews but all that don’t believe in islam that includes you as being an atheist or any other religion, their goal is world domination, with islam you convert or die, so you’re better to stick with the believers in Jesus.

  • Voytek Gagalka

    Child? A child capable to do such a thing is no longer a child but full grown jihadist and should be treated as such. Humanity does not apply to those who apparently are not human anymore.

    • Lisa

      If you have seen pictures of this “child” looking straight into the camera his eyes are dead. There is no compassion or humanity left in this boy. Now multiply this by thousands & you have the next generation that will be coming for our children if we continue to do nothing.


    Why do you advertise the muslim bank on your site?


      The Al Rayan Bank advert

      • ThinkBig

        Thats probably Google or chrome or fire fox your injecting adds into your browser content. Not necessarily see (at her server side) hosting the adds. Eg: if you can create you own blog and as soon as the traffic goes up, those browser agents may throw adds based on the content of your blog.

      • This is why… (See photo)

        I’m sure it isn’t the first time…and, I doubt it will be the last. ;)

    • ThinkBig

      Thats probably Google or chrome or fire fox your injecting adds into your browser content. Not necessarily see (at her server side) hosting the adds.

      Example: if you can create you own blog and as soon as the traffic goes up, those browser agents may throw adds based on the content of your blog.

    • Macky

      Pam needs to be sharia compliant. This is America after all.

  • s;vbkr0boc,klos;

    Amalakites. A line has been crossed by islam. A terrible destruction will fall on them.

  • Armaros

    Obama wants to lay down the defences of the West’s enemies

    I don’t like the American exclusive statements like “enemy of America” because he is MUCH WORSE, he is an enemy of humanity, civilization and liberty world wide.

    Obama wants to assure that no future US president, ISraeli PM or even Saudi King could harm his Iran. He sees Iran like the way far left Democrats and communists in the US saw the USSR. The “righteous” balance to “our arrogance”.

    Ted Kennedy went in the back of Reagan and contacted Soviet leaders…
    Democrats appeased the USSR and saw it as a force of good. As did many Euros who’s intellectual progeny has signed on their behalf for the EU on the deal.

    They saw the USSR as a good force keeping the “unpredictable”. “racist” and “inferior” Eastern Euros under control.
    Incidentally the same countries which today are acting against the Jihad, closing their borders to invaders and making it hard for Islam to settle in their lands. For this they get the scorn of the likes of Mogherini, the most evil woman in a high place in centuries… Poland, Hungary, Bulgaria, etc…

    Bill Ayers fantasized about Russian and Chinese Red Armies invading the USA and putting its people into concentration camps.

    The USSR is gone and China is too capitalistic and a threat to the globalist idea to which Obama and Mogherini (the EU negotiator, Hamas / FATAH supporter Arafat fan and Islamism supporting Communist Youth leader turned infiltrator) are advancing.

    The left needs a centre. It needs a power and a symbol where its utopia can be seen in action. ISIS won’t do because it is too honest about its savagery.
    Russia is just a banker and arms supplier to bad forces and no longer really wants to carry the flag for any particular ideology. Putin is a nihilist in essence, just wants to create chaos. Incidentally Obama and Hilary tried to appease and ally with Putin. He refused to be their buddy so they needed a new ally. A new progressive icon. One which can represent traditions and the futuristic utopia at the same time.

    Enter Iran. Iran which can control the ME and has “Modernized” Islam into a living utopia pure and just to itself (not like those bourgeois fake commies in China) called the ISlamic Republic.

    Islam is the religion of the future for the left and Iran is the one which can be seen as having modernized it enough to sell it to the moronic millenials unlike Saudi with its princes, kings and public beheadings. Iran is like a new way. The left has been covering for it since Sartre declared Khomeini the rebirth of Russeau’s “Noble Savage” and since then it has crept into the space the Soviets left behind. It is now behind the Far Left regimes in Latin America. It is now funding and training antisemitic parties in Europe and prepares a generation to enact the next holocaust. It uses Russians funds and channels to access those who want to dismantle western civilization for good. A loose coalition of opportune alliances of far left and far right forces. The same forces which brought Obama to the forefront. Don’t forget that in EU the far right is collectivist. It is not like the Militia or the racist survivalists and gun runners. It is “pro environment”, “pro health care” and often sounds like a Green Party rather than a Nazi inspired jack boot bunch of brown shirts. Antisemitism is what binds them. Antisemitism is at the heart of the neo isolationist and new socialist movements. Antisemitism was an essential part of Obama’s election strategy in 2008. Antisemitism is behind this deal also.

    Israel made a fundamental mistake which it made with the greatest of intentions.

    It restrained itself from doing anything against Iran in consideration for America and Americans. Israel knows that any action they take against Iran will be avanged on America. To top it off, the “Enemedia” will present such action as one to undermine the legacy of America’s first black and antiwar president .

    Today those who defend the deal are saying that America had enough of fighting others’ wars. That if Israel wanted to act it should not demand the US to do it. To demand US pilots to die or be captured. Yet they speak a double talk for they have never mentioned (esp in the “Enemedia”) that Israel preferred it that way because it didn’t want to be blamed for terrorism and high oil prices coming to the USA after any Israeli action.

    If the news out of China is correct and their markets are tumbling like Wall ST did in ’29 or Japan did in ’87, it will sink their economy into deep recession and cause demand for energy and resources to plunge. That may be the window in which Israel could act.
    Israel may even be able to convince the Saudis to push back oil prices should they jump after an attack on Iran. Since they are now de facto allies.

    Obama may have laid down the foundation for peace between some important Arabs and Israel. If there may be a silver lining in his treachery this may be it.
    But time is of the essence. Russia will arm Iran and Iran will break this deal as soon as it accumulated enough $$ and has seen the sanction regime dismantled .

    We can wait for that, play out another Lebanon or Hamas proxy war and take the risk that Obama goes fully against the Jewish state as he will blame it for damaging his legacy or act sooner and create a new state of play and force reality down his throat . COngress and the people, even people in the ME would support it.

    We can pray that those who make these decisions are guided by faith and assess the information which I do not have accordingly. The window is temporary.

  • Rob Green

    Workplace violence, according to Obama

    • Rocinante44

      and a lone wolfie

      • Susan

        Sounds like a puppy.

    • Yea, it has nothing to do with Islam the religion of peace.

  • jjjjj

  • manuT

    This is just one organization… It is the American hungry corrupt politician like bush , Obama , McCain who help these organizations grow and make a profit in the process but leaving their citizens and the other people in the world tondie at the hands of these mindless maniacs..


      It’s OPEC oil money hungry corrupt socialists like KGB Putin, EU, Saudis Fascist Iran who help these organizations grow.


    burnt them alive, shot them dead and tortured them to death what gruesome, sadistic murders are left for them to do? Perhaps the prophet Mohammed provides the shocking clue when for his pleasure he ordered the bodies of men and women torn mercilessly in two. He did this by tying the victim’s arms and legs to two whipped camels which pulled them asunder from opposite directions….as Mohammad and his men praised Allah.Is this what ISIS will be showing us next?

  • Bob W

    WTF…are you people stupid?? You don’t some fucking child cut off your head! What’s wrong with you???

    • guest

      You think this scenario is a one on one between the victim and one child?

      Really? LMAO!

      Guess you don’t understand that there are numerous adults standing near
      with AK-47’s

      Note the way the victim is tied up. He was undoubtedly thrown down where he lays by those adults.

      Seems the only stupid one here is you.

  • Donald Dow

    So you think you can reason with these people?

  • jimbo

    WHAT? Beheading ! this has nothing to do with Islam.

    Smite at the necks… nothing to do with Islam.

    Killing infidels or those that fight against you. Nothing to do with Islam.

    i dont understand why anyone thinks that Islamic State has anything to do with Islam.

    islam is peaceful, isnt it? like the loving Buddhists. or Hindus. or others. surely. tell me this isnt so. think i might go ask Obama, i am sure he can confirm it for me.


      Why doubt a man who spent 20 years in Rev Wrights “church” yet say he never heard anti-American sermons spewed from dress wearing Rev Wright?

    • Sifter

      Islam is the only time I wish abortion was retroactive.

    • nfliman

      The reason that Non Isis Muslims say that Isis is not Islam is only because they are killing other Muslims. If they were killing non Muslims then it would be Islamic. The media says ‘Isis is not Islamic’ but they never say WHY they are not Islamic. More deception from our own governments and Islamic apologists.

  • NYgal

    I wish it this would send shock waves around the world, but unfortunately it doesn’t. The world accepts Muslim depravity and looks the other way.

    How many were shocked and revulsed by the photos of children in Gaza photographed with guns and suicide vests and trained in UN -paid summer camps to become future terrorists. Not too many. This will be a 3 second news on Fox (the rest of the media will ignore it).

  • wibbys1

    Shock is right! I refuse to watch the video. If something like this does not revive the walking dead nothing ever will! Forget revival, forget revolution, forget it all! There are way too many following the lame stream media in their goose stepping toward doom.
    I had made up my mind to quit smoking and then I read this news. Went and got my smokes and said, “yeah right, I want to hang around this prison planet and watch this. Screw it!”

  • Sifter

    Though i cringe at using the word with all of its historical implications, fact is we will have to EXTERMINATE Isis if we wish to truly defeat them. There is no bother way.

  • Dan

    My vote for president 2016 will include what his plans are to deal with Muslims in America and radical Islamists abroad. I hope millions of voters will do the same.

  • The Greatest Freedom

    Never trust a progressive leftist about justice His main interest is western culture bashing.

  • Backdoor Barry

    If Barry had a son…


      he would be transgender, transexual.

  • peter jacob

    Let’s not forget this is the ISIS intent – to indoctrinate children to a life as brutal terrorists by whatever means including beheadings .
    Meanwhile leaders in the civilized world dither and talk about a generational struggle when we have highly trained Special Forces from many countries,including Arab countries, that could degrade and destroy the ISIS cancer without delay, under the auspices of the United Nations .
    This is not about Iraq, Syria, Yemen etc.- we need to destroy ISIS, a savage religious ideology, knowing no borders and increasingly mounting ISIS inspired attacks against the civilized world in our own backyards.
    This is the time for the United Nations to take the lead rather than the United States – intent on ‘kicking the can down the road’ .

    • Edmund Long


    • Covadonga

      The United Nations was created by Communists in Moscow and their agents in Washington, such as Alger Hiss.

      Today it is largely controlled by the OIC — the Organization of the Islamic Cooperation — i.e. the ummah, i.e. the proto-khalifa.

  • Amici Journal

    It is INCUMBENT upon us to destroy these BARBARIANS, they can be in the streets of our city at anytime, I am aware of Nine Training camps in America, lock and load, if you do not have a weapon, get one, train and prepare..For we now have IRAN, the #1 supporter of ISIS and Al Qaeda, with the possibility of having a Nuke withing 6 Months, not 10 years!

  • s;vbkr0boc,klos;

    Muhammad’s Chucky Dolls.

  • Vicki S

    cluster bomb them all

  • Do not surrender to these evil scumbags!

  • James Bell

    All these comments mean absolutly nothing unless something is done about it.Let your government know howyou feel.

    • disqus_HlH4Faibhw

      We do. They call us racists.

      • munchenfez

        We are little Englanders, xenophobes, and regressives. We need a wake up pill…..

  • paul

    Show it to Novocaine McCain… … and dumbo Kerry.Wind them up and hear them parrot “Its nothing to do with islam” And tens of thousands come pouring in from the UN.

  • bobt

    May God continue to protect Pam Geller. Keep up your heroic work…

  • Michelle

    I’m afraid even this child has now become demon scum and could not ever come near our kids cos he’s done such evil and will be rewarded by what next rape of a slave so all must be wiped out as I don’t think there any coming back from that innocence lost

    • munchenfez

      The next generation is being prepared. They will be in our communities soon enough.

  • This little fiend shows that anyone old enough to call himself a Muslim is just that, a Muslim.

  • bbbaaabbb

    Obama is a Sunni Muslim and he and Qatar and Saudi People started Isis to get rid of the Shia in Iraq …

  • anwar

    Madar Chod, Gando, American Bharway. Kon inlogoo ko Musalman Kehta hay, inkay kartoot say pata chal jata hay keh yeh kiraye kay, apni maa behan kay Bharway hain. In gado Salaloon say tu Kuttay behtar hain. Musalmanoo kay nam pe ganda dhabha hain.

  • MW EF

    Not only the Adults we have to watch but the Inbred little Bastards too.

  • aznative

    Great role models for our nation not!

  • aznative

    THE CURE – THE SOLUTION for the entire world:

    For 1400 years the world has endured invasions by this radical tribe. The world needs to stand up now and deliver a message to Muslims and Islam. It is a sweet and simple request for world peace.

    If Muslims truly are the tribe of peace they would self deport back to Saudi Arabia and leave the rest of the world alone because we are tired of hearing about them.

    Dr. Bill Warner on 1400 years of history:

  • aznative

    I AM SICK…..and so is the rest of humanity. ……..any one with love and respect for others faith and love for life is tired of hearing about them. Every nation is in great turmoil and danger of losing their heritages because of this radical cult. This tribe wants to destroy the world. How can such a hateful cult exist in this world in this day and age of mankind? Bigger question why are we tolerating it and giving them a foothold in any nation?

    If Muslims truly are the tribe of peace they would self deport back to Saudi Arabia and leave the rest of the world alone because we are tired of hearing about them.

    Every nation is in great turmoil and danger of losing their heritages because of this radical cult.

    Our nation has gone from talking about beautiful roses, job promotions, new businesses, beautiful sermons, school carnivals, class field trips, excitement about the birth of a grandchild, volunteer programs to a nation that wastes it time every moment of the day talking about sharia, islam, muslims, terrorists, beheadings, rape, stoning, murder, child brides, pedophiles, the koran, phony racism, riots, hatred of our veterans, hatred of our flag, hatred of our constitution, hatred and breaking of our laws by this illegal unconstitutional foreign federal govt now operating in our nation illegally, including illegal UN authority.

    Do we really want our nation to be a nation of extreme turmoil daily, worn torn streets and living like the savages do in the Middle East.

    It is time to restore the greatest nation to ever exist the United States of America. We were a peaceful, kind, loving, giving, productive nation until we gave the devil a foothold in our nation.

    Americans – choose life!
    Americans – choose liberty!
    Americans – choose freedom!
    Americans – choose the restoration of our constitution and sovereignty!
    Americans -choose to honor our heritage, history, founding fathers and founding principles! And our flag!
    Americans – choose PEACE!
    Americans – choose to honor OUR GOD!
    Americans – CHOOSE exceptionalism!
    Americans – choose pride of country and our veterans!

    As an American I’m honestly sick and tired of hearing about Muslims, Islam, the Koran, sharia, burkas, beheadings, banning bacon, banning guns, banning pastors, banning food from our children (they have the right to eat whatever they want) in my homeland. Our country has been in turmoil since 9/11. Why? Because Muslims have no place in our country period. I’m tired of hearing about them. Their heritage has no place in my homeland. It is time to restore our heritage, jobs, industry and patriotism. It is time to show honor to OUR GOD, OUR MILITARY, OUR HERITAGE and it doesn’t include Islam and Muslims. No this is not a Muslim nation period. This is our homeland. We have not had one moment of peace and quiet since this radical tribe arrived neither has any other nation. My dad did not fight for the Islamic way of life period.

    Every nation they enter is in turmoil, fighting, having their heritage and ancient landmarks removed, their way of lives challenged. The problem is that they have no right to say or demand anything in any country. It is time to Send them all back to Saudi Arabia. We can love them there, but no country will ever have any peace with this cult in their nation. They only Come to dominate and destroy and take what we and our founders built.

    The United States is the greatest civilized nation to EVER exist. Muslims and Islam will take this nation back to the prehistoric ages.

    It is time to pack their bags now.

    Look at their heritage, they have lived like scavengers their whole existence. Do we really want our country to look like the Middle East, uncivilized and war torn and barbaric. Hello.

    Really Americans we are going to allow this and settle with what this illegal foreign radical unconstitutional terrorist syndicate is doing in OUR nation. We owe our founders and soldiers more than this. Their deaths, fighting to preserve our heritage must not be in vain.

    It is time to honor this nation, our heritage and kick the traitors and enemies out.

    I honestly don’t care if I ever hear words tied to Muslims ever again. After 9/11 and their barbaric ways we shouldn’t waste our energy or time on this radical cult. They deserve nothing from
    This great nation. Absolutely nothing.

    Send them all home, all of them. We can love them in Saudi Arabia. It is time for peace again in the world.

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