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Chattanooga Jihad Murderer’s Family: Polygamy, Jew-Hatred, and Wife Beating – Wanted to take second wife ‘because it was allowed under Islamic law’


A high school friend of jihad mass murderer Muhammad Youssef Abdulazeez, said Abdulazeez was “a quiet kid, well liked” from an “average Chattanooga family.”

Obama has imported hundreds of thousands of these adherents to the most brutal and extreme ideology on the face of the earth, with still hundreds of thousands more to come.

The Chattanooga Muslim murderer’s family was religious and violent. They are hardly unique. According to a recent poll, there are high levels of support for sharia law and violence among American Muslims.

A majority (51 percent) of Muslims surveyed said they “should have the choice of being governed according to shariah.”

Almost 30 percent of American Muslims believe it is legitimate to use violence “against those that insult the prophet Muhammad, the Qur’an, or Islamic faith.”

One quarter of Muslims said that “violence against Americans here in the United States can be justified as part of the global jihad.”

Polygamy, wife beating, Islamic Jew-hatred and islamic supremacism are very much a part of the social fabric of the Muslim family. In his acceptance speech for the winning entry in our Muhammad art contest,  former Muslim Bosch Fawstin spoke of growing up in a secular Muslim household. He said that even though they were not religious, wife beating, misogyny and Jew-hatred were pervasive — not just with his immediate family, but with his cousins, aunts, uncles as well.

What is described below is all sanctioned under Islamic law.

Qur’an (4:34)“Men are the maintainers of women because Allah has made some of them to excel others and because they spend out of their property; the good women are therefore obedient, guarding the unseen as Allah has guarded; and (as to) those on whose part you fear desertion, admonish them, and leave them alone in the sleeping-places and beat them; then if they obey you, do not seek a way against them; surely Allah is High, Great.”  Contemporary translations sometimes water down this word, but it is the same one used in verse 8:12 and clearly means “to strike.”

Qur’an (38:44)“And take in your hand a green branch and beat her with it, and do not break your oath…”  Allah telling Job to beat his wife (Tafsir).

EXCLUSIVE: Muslim Marine murderer’s father ‘sexually assaulted wife and beat his son’ – and wanted to take second wife ‘because it was allowed under Islamic law’

Divorce papers obtained by Daily Mail Online reveal Muhammad Youssuf Abdulazeez’s father beat his wife – and his murderous son
Youssuf Saed Abdulazeez also told his wife of 28 years he was going to take a second wife in their native Palestine – as it was permitted under Islamic law
Papers show that his wife, Rasmia, made a series of allegations including that the father of five was sexually abusive
She wanted a restraining order against her husband, according to papers filed in Tennessee in 2009
Papers disclose that family were originally from Palestine and other relatives’ posted ‘Free Palestine’ messages on social media

By Paul Thompson In Chattanooga, Tennessee, For, 17 July 2015

The Muslim murderer of four US Marines came from an abusive and violent home where his mother was physically and verbally abused by her husband.

Court documents obtained by Daily Mail Online reveal that Muhammad Youssuf Abdulazeez was also victim of beatings by his father that were carried out ‘without provocation or justification.’

The Kuwaiti born gunman was caught up in the messy divorce in his senior year at high school in 2009.

The documents reveal that his father Youssuf Saed Abdulazeez also told his wife of 28 years he was going to take a second wife as it was permitted under Islamic law.

Screen Shot 2015-07-16 at 6.00.46 PM

Facade: The shooters mother Rasmia Abdulazeez is second from left in the front row beside her husband Youssuf – but there had in fact been ugly divorce papers. Their murdering son is in orange behind them

Screen Shot 2015-07-16 at 10.27.02 PM

Muhammad Abdulazeez filmed during 2009 amateur MMA fight

As the FBI and other law enforcement agencies continue their investigation into the deadly rampage across the city of Chattanooga,Tennessee, the 24 year old’s formative years will face scrutiny.

Investigators are trying to build a picture of what caused a seemingly ‘all American boy’ turn into a killer who targeted the US military. Abdulazeez, a naturalized US citizen, died after Chattanooga police converged on his silver Mustang convertible outside a Naval Reserve center where the four victims were killed.

Over 24 hours after the shooting US authorities said no links have yet been found to the ISIS terror group who have called for ‘lone wolf attacks’ on US soil. FBI agents removed computers from the killer’s home and two of his sisters were led out in handcuffs.

Authorities in Chattanooga are treating the killings as a domestic terror incident.

Two fathers, a 21-year-old barely out of boot camp and a Purple Heart recipient who served two tours of duty in Iraq have been identified as the four Marines whio died.

They were named as Gunnery Sgt Thomas J Sullivan, 40; Lance Cpl Skip Wells, 21; Sgt Carson Holmquist, 27 and Staff Sgt David Wyatt, 37.

chattanooga vicitims

The divorce complaint was filed by Mohammad’s mother Rasmia in February 2009 at the Hamilton County courthouse in Chattanooga.

The petition – which laid bare the abuse she suffered at the hands of her husband – was later settled.

Home: The Abdulazeez family home in Hixson, Tennessee. It was raided by law enforcement yesterday

In the seven page complaint Rasmia alleged that her husband had been guilty of ‘inappropriate conduct’ and said he had beaten her so severely that she was forced to seek refuge in a women’s shelter.

The mother of five also claimed that the beatings took place in front of the children and her 57 year old husband had sexually assaulted that she [sic] when the children were present.

Rasmia alleged that her husband told her he intended to take a second wife ‘as permitted under certain circumstances under Islamic Law, in the parties’ native state of Palestine.’

She alleged he had been physically and verbally abusive to the children ‘striking and berating them without provocation or justification.’

Rasmia went on the claim that her brothers had flown to Chattanooga from their home in Kuwait and Washington DC to try and mediate in the situation.

But she wrote that the arrival of her relatives had a negative effect with her husband becoming more abusive and carrying out another sexual assault.

Rasmia adds that she is in fear of her safety and that unless a restraining order is put in place.

‘She is in fear for her safety at the hands of the Defendant,’ the petition said.

‘She avers that unless a Restraining Order is entered removing him from the marital home and preventing him from coming around her, she will be irrevocably injured.’

Cause: A message posted on social media on one of the murderer's sister's accounts shows the family's views on the Middle East

Cause: A message posted on social media on one of the murderer’s sister’s accounts shows the family’s views on the Middle East

Support: The Marine-killing gunman's sister also posted this entry on the murder of a Muslim family in Chapel Hill, North Carolina

Support: The Marine-killing gunman’s sister also posted this entry on the murder of a Muslim family in Chapel Hill, North Carolina

Chapel Hill was a parking dispute. But that doesn’t stop the grievance mongering and faked hate.

The complaint continues with Mohammad’s mother revealing that her husband controls all the finances leaving her no chance to find a place of her own.

‘Defendant has control over all the money and property in the household. Plaintiff has been able to save just a few dollars each week from the limited amount given by the Defendant to Plaintiff for family expenditure. Plaintiff has not job nor funds by which to obtain housing.’

The petition reveals that despite the alleged abuse Youssuf had a ‘fairly good relationship’ with his children and agreed to regular contact.

The petition ends with Rasmia’s attorney John Meldorf requesting the court approve a temporary injunction removing Youssuf from the marital home.

The petition was withdrawn nine days after being filed in February 2009 after Youssuf agreed to sing a postnuptial agreement.

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  • JimmyCWorks

    How sad.

  • s;vbkr0boc,klos;

    Now if only the father had sexually abused his pre-pubescent son it would be a perfect and typical ‘Palestinian’ family.

    • Commieobamie

      Fagism is the 3 highest tenet of islam.

    • rockyh77

      The famous young Muslim boy expression of rubbing their index fingers together while asking “same-same ?” from passing men, comes to mind.

  • G P

    Probably the template for all islamic families, no wonder he went nuts.

    Nothing but a satanic ideology.

    • Linda Prince Johnson

      He didn’t “go nuts”. He premeditated the evil acts of murder against innocent Americans doing their jobs.

  • Its You

    Pamela , keep up the good work. Pray for the the families and the victims.

    • leewacker

      Praying is fine, but how about standing up and FIGHTING BACK?

      • Olog Hai

        Can’t do that without prayer first.

        • phillyroll

          Yes, you can.

          • Olog Hai

            Don’t be so sure.

          • phillyroll

            Oh, please…

          • Olog Hai

            Atheist libertarian?

      • Its You

        The day is coming it seems

      • patriotpatone


  • Paul A Hall

    A good religious Muslim family. The best Islam has to offer. I’m wondering how long it will take Mrs. Obama to demand that her sisters in subjugation be freed.

    • rockyh77

      I hear Obama’s daughters are actually his other two wives. Michael inspired Bruce Jenner.

  • wildjew

    Pamela wrote: “Contemporary translations sometimes water down this word, but it is the same one used in verse 8:12 and clearly means ‘to strike’. ….

    Which is why it is good to look at different translations. Marmaduke Pickthall’s esteemed translation says: “scourge them.” Yusuf Ali, the one I use, on Qur’an (38:44) translates, “a little grass.” Ali has an agenda I believe. These people are slippery.

  • whynoborders

    Looking for excuses while overlooking the OBVIOUS. He is a MUSLIM…. Enough said….

  • leewacker

    HIgh time to start pushing against ISLAM, BANNING IT FOREVER, and start deporting muslim “immigrants!” It is time for all of them to either return to their own countries under their own power or feet first–their choice!

  • Olog Hai

    Aw, but the AP said that the Abdulazeez family were living the “typical suburban life” in a recent headline.


      The suburbs of gaza, isistan, tehran, HELL.

  • jimbo

    OMG ! what a complete surprise. a muslim father who beat his wife. a muslim father who had a son who turned jihadi. good GOD, who would have thought!

    i mean i cant believe it. Islam doesn’t teach this stuff does it ?? really. surely not. its the religion of peace, isnt it?? i mean, Mr Barrack Hussein Obola told us so. and all the good muslim organizations say its so. so it must be so. Peaceful. so im sooo confused.

    islam means PEACE doesnt it ??. and its so peaceful. whats going on in this topsy turvy world. muslims who kill. no. why. they are peaceful arent they. good god i am confused !@!!

    i mean CAIR keep telling me they’re peaceful, and i agree with them of course, so whats up with all this islamic killing ??? Dougie Ibrahim, can you pls help me out here thanks ???

    this islamic killing has got nothing to do with islam. has it ? no. President Obolo told us so, so it must be.

    oh cheese & whiskers….. i think i will go stick my head in the sand and just hide. Seems to work for the lefites. why not me ?

    • pfbonney

      “islam means PEACE doesnt it ??. ”

      Funny you should mention that. And actually, not exactly. I just happened to be watching a video ( not an hour ago, in which the interviewee (Raymond Ibrahim)’s very first answer is about just this point.

      He says that Muslims like to say that, but actually, trickery is involved. Basically, he says what I found, below, in Wikipedia:

      “The Arabic word salaam (سلام) (“secured, pacified, submitted”) has the same root as the word Islam.[1] One Islamic interpretation is that individual personal peace is attained by utterly submitting to Allah.”

      Then Ibrahim goes on to say that submitting to Islam specifically means to either convert to Islam, or to “pay the Jizya with willing submission”.

      Only THEN can you have peace.

      And actually, considering that ISIS is killing their fellow Shia, and Boko Haram (Sunni) is killing fellow Sunni for not being devout enough, in their opinion, you’ll never peace, whether you convert or not. Even ISIS and the others kill each other for the same reason.

  • jimbo

    BTW – anyone notice that the one girl on the bottom left is uncovered in headdress while ALL other women are covered ?? the best looking one too. whats going on there. ?

    wonder if the father bashed her for being so insolent. or if she has been banished from the family. or even if her mother/father forced FMG on her.??

    Love to know, then we could let the world know the truth about this ‘typical’ muslim family.

    • Bronish

      I think I finally understand why islamic females are kept inside those “body bags”…. They are kept covered up so as to hide all their wounds n bruises from the beatings they receive from their husbands and/or other male relatives.

      • Linda Vidal


  • gfmucci

    “A majority (51 percent) of Muslims surveyed said they should have the
    choice of being governed according to shariah. Almost 30 percent of American Muslims believe it is legitimate to use violence against those that insult the prophet Muhammad, the Qur’an, or Islamic faith.”

    And those are the ones being honest. How many who didn’t answer that way are practicing their “taqiyya?” What would then percentages then become?

    • Shwayz

      If they want to be governed by Islamic law, its their right. Provided they are living in Iran or some other Islamic theocracy 4th world hole. They chose America, so they need to obey American law. Any Muslim who commits a crime in the name of Islam should immediately be deported to his country of origin. His immediate family as well. Any assets they own should be used to support the victims of their crimes. I always love it when the family of a suicide murderer claims they never saw it coming. He was a good boy. Pillar of the community. What rubbish.
      If American Muslims advocate Islamic law, then they are complicit in the crime committed. Those 51 percent of respondents should be sent packing.

      • Muslims need to sign an agreement and also swear an oath to the U. S. Government before becoming legal citizens that they must obey and follow the laws of the Constitution, that the coran submits itself under the Constitution of the U S of A. Any coranic literature which teaches a doctrine which attempts to weaken our constitution shall be eliminated. Some other rules that guarantee our freedoms upon entering is that Muslims have the right to criticize their own religion and the teachings thereof. Also they can freely leave Islam if they so choose. I’m sure there could be many more changes as well!

        • Shwayz

          The only problem is the Koran allows them to lie to achieve their goals. They have a ceasefire agreement in place with Israel, and have broken in 100 times.

          • Okay so it allows them to lie. Then when caught its a one way ticket back to the middle east…

          • Shwayz

            Only problem is that when they are caught, it is usually in the midst of a suicide murder spree.

  • _UnknownMale_

    Don’t let muslims in America. They will destroy this beautiful country. Deep inside they are all supporters of terrorism.

    • Judi

      They are not only destroying America, but are destroying every country they emigrate to.

      • DolphinArtist67

        It’s not immigration; it’s INVASION!

  • Rocinante44

    yeah, let’s import more philistines, they add so much to the fabric of america

  • Rocinante44

    it also appears the “lone wolf” was raised in a loving wolf pack

  • patriotpatone

    Obama is a sympathizer and enabler to America’s number one enemy Islam. And he’s getting away with it!

    • Maynard

      True, and he gets away with it because we have a wimp as the speaker of the house and a traitor as the Senate majority leader plus, the dupes in the supreme court bow to Obama to kiss his but.

      • patriotpatone

        The supreme court is now lost because of all of the Democratic appointments and the republicans cowardice. The media and the educational system has been hijacked as well by the left. Outside of revolution or a coup there is little hope.

  • Sheila

    Absolutely no excuse. A lot of people have grown up in really messed up homes but don’t murder. It’s just an excuse.

  • Davey Dunn

    this is blocked Obama a Muhammad pig fucking god fellower

  • chris wolf

    The ever clueless Don Lemon had a woman guest from some tax-payer funded social parasite ethnic group who said this sickening creep was said to have “changed” after he returned from “his trip home” — to Jordan.
    Lemon of course immediately made hay over that statement, interrupting to remind everyone that the low-life POS was born in Kuwait but lived most of his life in the United States, purportedly making him “as American as anyone else.”
    To which the federal grant-receiver doubled down with a brazenness that sounds all too common after years of obama proclaiming American “person-hood,” rights and welfare for every jihadi and illegal who crawled across the border yesterday.
    She said plainly that she only meant that the muslim world was where his heart was, his true “home” and where his heritage was and his ancestors came from — not to be confused with his willingness to live in the United States and have us support him, of course.
    At which Inside Baseball kind of talk Lemon cut her off again, saying, “I know what you mean. I know what you mean.”
    Absolutely laughable.
    All these lowly, desperate, irresponsible, stupid people in our country and presuming to claim legitimacy.
    A catastrophe.

  • Commieobamie

    “All American” obamadung! islam is the opposite of America and Freedom!

  • IslamDownpressesHumanity

    Jew hatred is part and parcel of the izlamic faith. Moe-ham-head himself was a rabid Jew hater and so is his sock puppet allah.

  • IslamDownpressesHumanity

    The enemedia has been in full spin cycle on this story, I saw part of an interview w/a izlamic-nazi propagandist insisting pi$$lam is a religion of peace, most musswein R peaceful etc. until I was about ready to vomit. Europe/Eurabia and the USA need civil wars to take their countries back from the izlamic-nazis trying to turn them into izlamic states.

  • haveittodayray

    How many more attacks will it take until America gets the message?4 Marines and one sailor are dead, as a direct result of the Mosques, Islam and the Quran what more is there to know?Have studied Islam and the Quran for several years now, have been inside Mosques and spoken to their Inmans. Let there be no mistake about it. Islam, from its beginning, has been a religion of the sword. The concept of Holy War (Jihad) mandated by Allah, requires all of Islam to completely subdue the earth through military and violent conquest. The Quran says it all. When will America wake up? One sad sick religion. They place a premium on death versus life. They will never grasp the concept of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness on earth. Women are treated as a sub class under Islam with no rights at all. They will never adapt to our customs and culture but rather want to force Islam and Sharia upon the World.. And if they can take a Jew, Christian or infidel to their death along with them, they view it as an honor. Like it or not, politcally correct or not, we are at War with Islam. And until America recognizes that fact, more tragic deaths will result. Sharia law will continue to expand. . Mosques are hiding places for terrorists and we have 3400 plus in America. Read the truth here about Islam and the Quran and Sharia. Get a copy of “heretic” by Ayaan Hirsi Ali. a former Muslim that speaks from experience.. Violence is inherit in Islam. it is not a religion of peace. When they are praying 5 times per day they are praying for death to Jews Christians and infidels and most people are clueless. The threat is real folks. Read the book now and get the real truth. Also google “theprojectmuslimbrotherhood” and see their plan to destroy America from within. Again read the book “Heretic” a must read for all America, for truth about Islam.

  • phillyroll

    Show me one country where muslims have migrated to that they’ve elevated it or helped build it for the betterment of all. Show me a country where muslims have migrated to where they haven’t become a burden, haven’t caused terrorism, haven’t alienated the citizens and have actually contributed to society.

  • rockyh77

    Has anyone heard of where the father of the wolf pup is? I have suspected that some Muslims are passing their multiple wives off as daughters. Like Obama? I see no way that he is anything other than Wahhabi. But really where is wolf pup’s daddy?

  • Muslims are repulsive, and so are the liberals who let them into this country and stick up for them.

    As for calling this Mohammedan p.o.s. an “all-American boy”, that’s not only inaccurate, it’s offensive.

  • pfbonney

    I like that. “END Hate Speech. END Hate Crimes.” Then her brother goes off and commits hate crimes. A completely dysfunctional family. Of course, what she was really saying was that only Muslims are allowed to commit hate crimes here in the United States.

  • CoulterWatch

    Surprisingly, Coulter is in denial over this threat, despite the fact that her friend, Pamela Geller, was the victim of a terrorist attack.

    See “Coulter Denies Islamist Threat” at

    • KimWilde

      It took you this long to realize the truth about this hack ? I guess I should be happy your at least awake !

  • arcturus

    If they want to live under sharia then they can go back to where they came from. It is no secret that they come to the west as part of a plan to undermine our laws and values.

  • godisvictorious

    thank you for your courage, Pam

  • mezcukor

    Why do we let this Muslim trash in? What do they bring us? problems shooting of good citizens and so forth.Pack them back to Islam lands

  • Up Huff

    Islam is NOT a religion as noted elsewhere, it is an IDEOLOGY………. (noun, plural ideologies.
    the body of doctrine, myth, belief, etc., that guides an individual,social movement, institution, class, or large group.
    such a body of doctrine, myth, etc., with reference to somepolitical and social plan, as that of fascism, along with the devicesfor putting it into operation.
    the study of the nature and origin of ideas.
    a system that derives ideas exclusively from sensation.
    theorizing of a visionary or impractical nature. (From

    As such it has NO right to protection under the First Amendment as a “religion”, simply because it is not.
    Having no such religous protection AS A GROUP, Muslims can, and should be, dealt with for what they are: a group advocating, promoting, and actively engaged in the overthrow of the legally established Republic IN ORDER TO REPLACE IT WITH SHARIA law and the ESTABLISHMENT OF A “RELIGION”. All of which falls under the category of treason against the US. As such, practioners of such an ideology (mislabeled as religion) should be dealt with accordingly. Administering the normal punishment for sedition and treason is called for and should be administered promptly to all of those who’re “polled” and found that THEIR ideology should overthrow and replace the Constituionally established one.
    And it should be done immediately to, at the very least, forestall such individuals as Abdualazeez and those of his family who follow such beliefs. Too many have already died since our Government and ‘political’ leaders don’t have the testicles to call them out for what they are.

  • Linda Vidal

    For anyone who wants to read them, to find the truth for themselves, here is a link to islamic texts: I personally have hard copies of both Ali and Pickthalls qurans.

  • donemyhomework

    Nicolai Sennels, seems to have a pretty good handle on the psychology as well as interpersonal and family relationships that have been going on in Islam form the beginning.

  • Henry Smallwood

    That they consider themselves citizens of “Palestine” is glossed over by the media. Motive? How about growing up in a home where one’s holy book is filled with commands to kill non-believers, especially Jewish ones. Give them a “Palestine” and they will use it as a wedge to finish off Israel, then the Arab countries will take “Palestine” from them to divide as they see fit.

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