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US Embassy celebrates 4th of July earlier out of respect for Ramadan


Why is it we always have to bend, accommodate, submit? This is Indonesia — always held up as a shining example of a “moderate” Muslim country (despite the sharia — i.e., floggings, whippings, gender apartheid, creed apartheid, etc.)

Sharia compliance always give way to more demands for further sharia compliance.

Islamic supremacism supersedes July 4th.


US Embassy celebrates 4th of July earlier out of respect for Ramadan,” (thanks to Jihad Watch), June 6

This is a grand gesture, to be sure, but just one question: when has any Muslim group ever changed its activities, or moved their date, or done anything differently at all, out of respect for the United States? Obama has spoken many, many times of “mutual respect” between the U.S. and Muslim countries. But where exactly now is that respect really mutual? The gestures of respect are always made by non-Muslims to the Muslims — never, ever the other way around.

“US Embassy celebrates 4th of July earlier out of respect for Ramadhan,” by Dylan Amirio, The Jakarta Post, June 5, 2015 (thanks to Patrick):

The United States Embassy enjoyed its annual 4th of July celebration on Thursday, June 4, one month early, in order to respect the upcoming Ramadhan month, which will begin on June 17 and last for one month.

US Ambassador to Indonesia Robert O. Blake and US Ambassador to ASEAN Nina Hachigian presided over the festivities, which involved brass band renditions of the Star-Spangled Banner and the Indonesian national anthem, Indonesia Raya.

Blake explained that the theme of the event leaned toward “green” development, which supported the US’ focus on building and promoting a green economy and more environmentally sustainable development.

He also praised Indonesia’s performance as a fully functioning democracy, aiming for further collaboration between the two countries in the years to come.

“The US will continue to support Indonesia in the future through its democratic achievements. Democracy is an American value which we have championed since [the country’s birth in] 1776,” Blake told the crowd during the festivities at his residence near Taman Suropati, Central Jakarta, on Thursday.

He added that moving the 4th of July celebrations to June 4 was one done out of respect for the upcoming Ramadhan month, which will last from June 17 to July 17.

The event also showcased a number of American products and businesses, including the Zero FX Electric Motorcycles, which Blake explained were an environmentally friendly vehicle used by the California Highway Patrol.

Several high-level Indonesian officials attended the festivities, including Jakarta Governor Basuki “Ahok” Tjahaja Purnama, Transportation Minister Ignasius Jonan, Coordinating Economic Minister Sofyan Djalil, Deputy Foreign Minister AM Fachir and Industry Minister Saleh Husin. Other figures such as Golkar Party chairman Aburizal Bakrie were also in attendance….

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  • David Ellis


  • ArnoldLayne

    Why is that respectful- are there no celebrations during Ramadan? Have we done this in the past? What about all the other muslim countries we have embassies in? What are they doing? Is Obama a muslim?

    • lighteredknot

      100 to 1 it is due to an obuma decree or proclamation (EO).

    • Nina

      Is the Pope Catholic?

      • Actually it’s: “Is a Bear Catholic? Does The Pope shit in the Woods?”


      • defcon 4

        A better question might be is he Christian?

    • Betty4440

      YES HE IS.

  • F**K Muslims, F**K Muhammad, and F**K Ramadan, too!

    But especially F**K Obama and any other American who contributed to this sick, twisted, capitulation to Islam.

    • Betty4440


    • MattBracken

      Obama is a traitor, period.

      • AnthonyBalavendrian

        This Islamic bastard iSIS is obama

      • AnthonyBalavendrian

        u American are ass holes made this monkey your PM he is raping ur American

        • Steven W Graves

          they shoot the best president they ever had and vote back in the one who’s destroying them

    • Mack Pooh


      I have been calling for, and supporting, the COMPLETE AND ETERNAL DESTRUCTION of islam in all its forms. Including the killing of men and women, boys and girls, young and old. Islam is a cancer. The cancer grows with every birth.

      That comic book, the koran, must be tossed into the flames of hell or flushed with American shiite.

      That mohammed freak, is a poster child for “why not to have gay sex”.

      All muslims are filthy, pieces of human inconvenience without purpose, and certainly of no value.

      The middle east and africa must go. The only option is “nuke”. I do not think we are holding on to the nukes for an alien invasion….


      And The Difference Is?????

      • Betty4440


      • Abbas

        You seem to be a son of hitler. not much difference baby killers.

        • Mack Pooh

          Your tunnel vision is obvious.

          Your ignorance is right on..

          You do not know history, nor do you understand, that as history evolves, so do enemy actions and the mannerisms of war. At no time in American history has the country been so dumbfounded. Our enemies challenge us without fear. Our allies and friends have no confidence in the U.S. Our military leadership aligns with the leaderless thug in the Oval Office.


          islam is a cowardly ideology without value, of any kind. Yet, you, and others, appear to be suckin up the patheticism, that is, a belief that muslims are not jihadis, or terrorists. In fact, islam starts at birth, therefore, the absolute and total destruction of islam begins at birth…..

          islam is a modern day nazi…….

        • FrozenPatriot

          Islam and the Nazis were very close at the height of Nazi power. There was an entire Persian Muslim division of Hitler’s army, and the Persian rulers loved Naziism so much that they RENAMED THEIR COUNTRY to Iran, which, in Farsi (the language of Persia) translates to Aryan — as in the “chosen race” Hitler was so fond of…

      • Steven W Graves

        Isreal been trying to tell us here in north america for years,that’s why their under attack all the time,the left don’t want the right to know the whole truth.America has stopped blessing Israel and now God has stopped blessing america.And here in Canada if the ndp or liberals get elected we won’t be far behind the states

        • Mack Pooh

          Agreed Mr. Graves…..

          We can only hope Canada stands with the United States…….

          • Robert Hicks

            If that SOB (Son of Barack) Justin Turdeau is elected as Canada’s Prime Monster then no – they won’t. The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree – and his idiot father was a confirmed Marxist Communist. He ruined Canada’s economy, brought in multiculturalism, taxed them heavily to pay for all those entitlement programs and welfare, etc etc.

    • Mike Hoffmann

      Now this an example of PC compliancy? THIS IS RIDICULOUS!Who the f*ck ordered this? Should be shot without trial immediately, traitor!Ramadan, Muhammad…who gives a DAMN!

    • Jerm

      I posted this on my own comment, but I’ll reply here as well.

      This is NOT the American celebration of the 4th of July. This is the U.S. National Day. All embassies do these every year. Ours generally falls AROUND the 4th of July, but all Americans must work these events, so having it ON the 4th of July would suck for Americans anyways. This is the event we hold to invite foreign dignitaries to celebrate our National heritage, history, and culture. It is exclusively for them, so holding it during Ramadan would be senseless, as the host country would not be able to attend. And believe me, no American wants to have this event on the 4th of July! We’d much rather have the day off than serve foreign dignitaries during our Independence Day!

      In my opinion, the author did NO research on the subject. I would be willing to bet all American embassies in Muslim countries will be holding their National Day outside of Ramadan. This is not the Americans celebration of their Independence day. It’s just a day to invite foreigners to have a celebration.

      • Good try.

        Nice explanation. And thoughtful.

        But ANYTHING that even SMELLS of compliance with, to or for Islam and Muslims must be avoided.

        My guess is that the overwhelming majority of “Americans” who work for embassies and ambassadors, ALL POLITICAL HACK APPOINTEES and ALL devoted (in this case) to Obama, are of like mind.

        So they are probably delighted to bow to Islam and comply, and I have sincere doubts that their feelings for the fourth, our nation or America are anything like a true patriot’s.

        My personal opinion of course.

        And as far as Ramadan or any other Muslim holiday, anything we can do to NOT respect it is just fine and should be paramount.

        Until they respect ours and us — which I believe will never occur.

        I know, I know, I’m a RAAACIST.

        Nope. Just an American who loves his country a helluva lot more than Islam, Muslims, or Ramadan.

        • Jerm

          Well, in that case we’d have to close all embassies in any Mulsim nation. I don’t think I’d stretch that far, although I’d be all for eliminating all foreign aid (Muslim or not). I understand your hatred towards Islam, but as an Atheist, I could care less about any religion. I know plenty of Americans that are also Muslim who I served with (both in the Marine Corps, and DOS) and some of them would likely share your opinion on most Islamic issues.
          And I can assure you I am not of the like-minded, although I would agree that there are far too many DOS employees that would, although probably more of brown-nosers than political agreement. Not sure of exact numbers, but I’m willing to bet most probably lean more liberal. I definitely feel like a minority.

          • In the interest of disclosure…

            I served in the U.S. Army 1961-1967, and FDNY from 1969 to 1990. As you know, 343 FDNY firefighters were murdered by Islamists on 9/11 while trying to rescue and save others.

            While retired more than a decade, I KNEW AND WAS PERSONALLY FRIENDLY WITH MORE THAN TWO DOZEN WHO DIED!

            The personal stories are horrific and it is something I will NEVER ‘get over,’ forget or forgive.

            That said, I share Rand Paul’s philosophy about ‘foreign entanglements’ and would LOVE to see us break with not only Muslim countries, but all of the bloodsucking nations.

            And don’t even get me started on the U.N.!

            By the way… I too am an atheist.

            But that said, as far as I am concerned, that has nothing whatsoever to do with Islam per se. Islam is what it is and has been since the seventh century: a violence-prone philosophy (religion) that generally speaking teaches and spreads violence, hatred of others and mayhem.

            I could pen a volume on this, but suffice it to say that it IS personal for me and yes, the Islamic atrocities we are witnessing worldwide make “hatred” of Islam’s perverted teachings probably an apropos word.

          • Jerm

            Thank you for your service to the FDNY (as well as your time in the Army). I was aboard the USS Boxer (LHD-4) coming back from six months overseas on 9/11. I didn’t get to see any of the atrocities until I returned about a week later. It broke my heart, and still does today.
            I think we agree on Rand Paul and the U.N! One word for the U.N – worthless.
            And I’ll just leave it at that. My only reason commenting here in the first place was seeing all the knee jerk reactions about destroying our 4th of July. I just wanted to reassure people our embassies will still be celebrating ON the 4th of July with Americans.
            You seem like someone I’d like to share a beer with and discuss this further.

          • AMEN, BROTHER, and my sincere thanks for sharing and commenting. does my heart a world of good to know we are not alone.

            To your final remark, DITTO!

          • Betty4440

            thank you so much. I am not an atheist. but a Christian, and I hate islam with a passion. to me it is not a religion at all. but a evil cult. and I feel sorry for the ones that want to leave islam. knowing if they do it will be their death ticket. and am proud of the ones that do. and some become Christians and some atheist. but they left it knowing the risk. they are the bravest of all the muslims.

          • Abbas

            Like christians who are leaving christianity in score and becoming either Muslims or Atheists? Sounds somewhat similar…

          • Robert Hicks

            Again you prove you are an ignorant asshat. You are not capable of discussion.

            You are of your father the devil, and you want to do the desires of your
            father. He was a murderer from the beginning, and does not stand in the
            truth because there is no truth in him. Whenever he speaks a lie, he
            speaks from his own nature, for he is a liar and the father of lies.

            Your mother is swine excrement, your father is worse than dog excrement.

          • ariel aisling

            Please, please educate yourself before you decide to speak or write anything else. Saying that “to you Islam is a cult” makes no sense. Islam
            IS a religion, no sensible beings even debate this point. What you said is equal to someone saying that to them a dog is a bird. All it does is show that the speaker is completely out of touch with reality.
            And why in the world would you think that all Muslims wish to leave Islam and would do so if they weren’t under the threat of death?! You are imposing the stories of a few upon millions. And while some Muslims might wish to be free from certain restrictions imposed upon them by so-called Islamist governments that does NOT mean that they wish to abandon their religion.

          • Mack Pooh

            Is your crack dealer as ignorant as you?

            Islam is certainly NOT a religion. Religion does not promote rape, murder, torture, theft, mutilation, moral and ethical deviancy. Cults, like islam, does.

            muslims are cowards.

            islam is a flawed design, based on a comic book, the “koran”. muslims follow a freakshow, and its name is mohammed.

            So, You Make No Sense. And frankly, you really need to crawl back into that “whatsoever”…..

          • ariel aisling

            Thank you for that! Me and my crack dealer got another great laugh out of your “thoughts”! I’ll be honest and admit that at this point I’m only replying in the hope that you’ll provide me with more laughs.
            I wish I thought there was a chance that you’d see the light and stop being so hateful and ignorant, but I doubt it. So just for fun, why don’t you tell me just how you came to the conclusion that: “Religion does not promote rape, murder, torture, theft, mutilation, moral and ethical deviancy.”?
            Unfortunately almost every single one of the atrocities you listed have been committed, at one time or another, in the name of all major religion.
            And if you’d explain why you think Mohammed is a freak show I’d LOVE to hear that! But please also include your opinion on another one of Islam’s prophets, the one you might know as Jesus Christ.

          • Grandpapa Tyler RJ Lorge I


          • Robin Banks

            Islam is an ideology as is Naziism, Fascism and Communism. The difference is that Islam has a religious component along with all the political and military components that the others do not. Islamization presents the religious aspects to the world. It gains concessions from western cultures that allow freedom of religion and gradually erodes the norms of that society to the advantage of the ideology. It’s a slow process but eventually little bits of Sharia get put in place here and there and one day the indigenous population wakes up to find that they have been colonized. Case in point: Belgium. There will be a Muslim majority there by 2030 if something drastic isn’t done.

          • ariel aisling

            Just because you and a few other cowards refuse to acknowledge Islam as a religion that doesn’t make it a political ideology. Islam and Sharia are two different things but people like you conflate them to create fear. And Belgium is not your “case in point”, despite having a large Muslim population Belgium is still a democracy. Have you been there recently? I have, and as a woman I drove my car and went to work without a hijab and I wasn’t stoned or arrested. So you’ll need to find a better example of this creeping sharia if you want to convince me – but PLEASE do try! I’m having fun.

          • Robin Banks

            If you read very carefully, you may or may not glean that I
            stated that Islam is an ideology with a religious component. It is not
            “just” a religion. I didn’t say it wasn’t a religion (as cowards are
            so wont to do apparently).

            Talk to me when you acquire a grasp on what an ideology is
            or in 2030 – whichever comes first. I look forward to your response in 2030 and, in the meantime, have fun.

            Buh Bye

          • ariel aisling

            Here’s a quote from your post: “Islam is an ideology as is Naziism, Fascism and Communism.”
            While you add that it is an ideology with religious components you have still very clearly expressed your belief that Islam is an ideology. It seems to me as yet another weak attempt at discrediting the legitimacy of Islam as a religion, but maybe that’s not how you intended it?

          • Grandpapa Tyler RJ Lorge I

            SHUT UP PIE HOLE! !!!

          • ariel aisling

            PLEASE continue this discussion, I’m in awe of your rational and convincing arguments: “SHUT UP PIE HOLE”
            I LOVE it! Thank you for demonstrating that your kind of xenophobia goes hand in hand with ignorance and a shocking lack of communication skills.

          • Mack Pooh

            You need to study Rand Paul a bit further.

            His covert support of the rights of islam is apparent through his absolute hatred for the Patriot Act.
            Without the Patriot Act, islam runs free…….

            Enough said……

          • Not even close.

            The Patriot Act does more, FAR more to destroy our constitutional rights than it has or ever will harm or catch Muslim terrorists. Bush rammed it through using scare tactics following 9/11 which the dummies and RINOS in Congress buy to this day.

            The imaginary “covert support” you cite may exist in your mind, but not in reality. Paul does not support “the rights of Islam,” he supports AMERICANS’ RIGHTS to be free of the horrendous government intrusion the Patriot Act really is.

            The FISA warrants puppet judges issue without reading them and the other crap the government pulls using the Patriot Act as an excuse affect mostly Americans. And if you really understood anything about which you profess, you’d know that the Patriot Act is responsible for uncovering nearly ZERO Muslim attempts to commit terror.

            Hell, more Muslim would-be terrorists probably sneak across Obama’s open border every day than they could ever hope to catch. The Patriot Act snares NONE of these.

            Virtually ALL the actual captures if you bother to gather a few facts, were via diligent police work by groups like NYPD surveillance, the FBI, and others using ‘good old’ police work and tried and true methods.

            Try again — this time on someone who will buy it. Not I.

          • Mack Pooh

            CONSTITUTIONAL RIGHTS?? Is that all you Think you know?

            You and your boyfriends are defined as tunnel worshippers.

            Liberty cannot be had without national security. National security is a policy requiring White House leadership, a well built military, and intelligence unknown to most. Of which none of the above, are current. Our military, with the right chain of command, and a Faithful AND Dedicated Pentagon, van eternally destroy islam…..

            but clearly, that is not your quest as a fraudulent American…

            You are ignorant to the REAL facts. There are 10 sections to the Patriot Act. Study them, and then boast your patheticism, and misinformation…..

            Then go away!!

          • MORON!

            You’re the kind of fool who bends down, backside first, and says to the abusing Gestapo-like feds, “Thank you sir, may I have another?”

            You pathetic little fool.

          • Mack Pooh

            YOU WOMB REJECTED ASSWIPE!!!!!!!!

            You live in a tunnel with your boyfriends. You think you are due, only because you think. So, that makes your stupidity a crime.

            You hide behind a Constitution, that you have obviously not read. And you claim to have served in U.S. Army??? And, as a firefighter??

            You of all people should know the PATRIOT ACT as a necessary tool, just as torture…… and you claim a “firefighters relationship” to all the firefighters on 9/11??

            My family is made up of firefighters AND Soldiers. REAL FIREFIGHTERS AND SOLDIERS. And, NOT HYPHENATED Republicans, but REAL Republicans.
            So, in their honor, and as a REAL AND TRUE AMERICAN:

            “I went. I fought. I served. Beside running off with your mouth, what have you done”.

            Shut up, you fake thing!!

            I have seen islam up front AND IN PERSON. They are unlike any foe. But, we kicked their ass on the battlefield, and off. We have given up a lot, to do what YOU HAVE NOT THE COURAGE TO DO. We come home, and to people like you, everything is fine because we, as SOLDIERS, MADE IT FINE.

            IT IS NOT FINE!!!. As Soldiers, we have to lose the flag, grow our hair, remove base stickers, and PROTECT OUR FAMILIES because YOU think the PATRIOT ACT is too invasive. The Patriot Act gives us inside intel on “potential”. If it were not for my family, I Would FLAG UP, MAINTAIN MILITARY HAIR, SHOW MY ARMY AND COMBAT VETERAN PRIDE, AND MOST IMPORTANTLY, MAINTAIN BATTLEFIELD INTEGRITY, HERE AT HOME. And you are hiding behind the Constitution? Like Rand Paul??


            FOLLOW ME!!!!

            Think Bradley “Faggot Ass” Manning. Bergdahl. Muslims in general that live across from you. PATRIOT ACT!!

          • Now I know I am dealing with a liberal troll masquerading as a human being.

            Fools like you who are so transparently full of crap, are the problem in this country.

            I learned long ago that when someone stoops to cursing and professes anger by CAPITALIZING WORDS, they have nothing to really say. They are merely angry little snots disagreeing the only way they know how.

            Ergo, it’s time to stop wasting my time on you, little man.

            You’re as much a soldier as Bruce Caitlin Jenner is.

            Your knowledge of the Constitution and what it really means is so lacking as to be pitiful, as are you.

            You are neither a soldier nor a patriot. You are a loudmouthed little boy angry at something or someone, unable to take the truth, lashing out like the pathetic putz you are.

            Away with you little man, away with you!

            Flake off.

          • Patricia

            Good stuff BL!

          • ariel aisling

            Wow, how surreal! I actually agree with (part of) something posted by someone called Ban Liberals!
            I’m sure it makes you unpopular with all your racists buddies to admit that you do not support the patriot act, but it was fun for me to see that there’s actually one point on which we agree!
            Of course it wasn’t your intention to discover common ground with a voting socialist, but hey, shit happens!

          • Geez, how dumb can you people who think of yourselves as “patriots” be?

            The name “Patriot Act” was specifically and intentionally chosen to dupe dupes like you, and has NOTHING to do with patriotism — rather the opposite.

            It tramples on the Constitution (which if you ever bothered to read you might learn something), abuses nearly all the specific RIGHTS listed in the Bill of Rights (do you even know one of them?), and gives unprecedented power to unelected appointed bureaucrats to abuse the American People.

            Of course I do not expect an ‘intellectual’ like you to comprehend all this, but sadly, it’s fact.

            Few people are nearly as patriotic as am I, and I don’t give a flying zebra of a crap whether you or anyone else thinks so or cares.

            As far as being RAAACIST, I hate equally anyone and everyone working to destroy this country, our government, and way of life. Don’t care if they’re black, white, green or mauve. So call me racist and MAKE MY DAY!

            Then ask me whether I give a damn.

            Sell your wares to someone naive and uneducated enough to buy them. To me, NO SALE!

          • ariel aisling

            Why in the world would you assume that I’d call myself a patriot? Nationalism is pointless.
            And I am familiar with the constitution as well as the bill of rights, I just don’t consider either to be a sacred text.

          • Joe Soap

            I read your posts and kudos to your efforts to educate these dimwits. But I’m sure you realise that you’re wasting your time.

            It simply isn’t worth the bother. The tiniest things, such as this 4th July thing, has them foaming at the mouth and buying more ammo.

            Nice try though. Best of luck.

          • ariel aisling

            Oh, it is almost certainly a waste of time to attempt to educate these people, but I am genuinely interested in learning just what kind of arguments they’ll use to defend their position. So far it is just as I suspected, they turn to personal insults instead.

          • Abbas

            And oh yeah muslims who were part of the rescue team and died came down from those aeroplanes, right?

          • You are mentally deranged if you believe the stupidity that you just blew out your derriere.

            “ABBAS?” As in murdering, thieving, piece of garbage Fakeistinian fake president?

            You pathetic fool! The closest Muslims got to 9/11 was the planes they flew into buildings to murder people.

            “Reascuers?” You sick, sick fool.

          • Robert Hicks

            You are f’ing idiot, full of satanism and demons. You understand nothing.

            Those planes were piloted by muslims, and no muslims were part of any rescue.


          • defcon 4

            Muslims in uniform who have betrayed their oaths:
            1. the muslim who fragged members of the 101st Airborne while they slept
            2. the muslim sailor who shared ship berthing information w/Al Qaida (leading to the bombing of the USS Cole)
            3. Ft. Hood shooter Major Hassan

          • Patricia

            Thanks man, how soon some forget!

        • Abbas

          you don’t have any other option, else leave that country. In your terms. How does it sound. nobody gives a shit to your porky celebrations.

          • Mack Pooh

            Hey, Womb Reject….

            I am pretty sure one of us dropped you over there. Do I need to summon Ghostbusters?

            You are making .y case for total destruction of islam….

            AND IT WILL HAPPEN….

          • Robert Hicks

            And nobody with more than 2 working synapses gives a shit about your porky celebrations of a pedophile false prophet who spoke to demons in caves.


      • Mack Pooh

        Our 4th of July is the 4th of July is the 4th of July…………

        No deviations!!

        No exceptions!!

        Here, in our United States of America, how often, and how many holidays, or special occasions, do we alter, or change, or deviate from, to appease islam, or others??

        ALL OF THEM. Especially the holidays that are either patriotic, or religious, in whatever manner.

        The calender is the calender. The 4th of July is the 4th of July.

        In the United States, cinco de mayo is celebrated to appease mexicans. This is NOT an American holiday nor is it an event to be recognized by Americans , bit it us treated as a national event.


        No matter, any holidays or days of national recognition, are to be celebrated on its original, and given day. NO MUSLIM COUNTRY WILL APPEASE ANYTHING OUTSIDE OF ISLAM. PERIOD!! WE HAVE TO APPEASE RAMADAN IN THE USA….


        • Betty4440

          no way. it is their holiday. not ours. I do not celebrate no holidays for no one. except AMERICAN HOLIDAYS.

          • Mack Pooh

            I don’t know if you misinterpreted my post/reply, or what….

            I DO AGREE WITH YOU…





  • disqus_SFuH2o3nbA

    This is hogwash! The embassy could have totally accommodated those observing Ramadan by having a FEAST in the evening when it was dark, when it is OK for observers to eat, WITHOUT the need to move the symbolic date of July 4th.

  • atl slayer

    July the 4th 1776 ……..has now become so irrelevant we can move it around to wherever it doesn’t offend anyone, ??? Hahahaha

  • Cate

    Ridiculous! I’m truly sick of this crap, this constant capitulation.

  • Islam is dominating the world with their evil, cruel and unjust laws. We are a Christian county- so why is the government allowing Islam to countermand our primary christian traditions, beliefs and values? Makes me sick!!! I don’t respect Islam- it is not a religion. It is an evil cult who’s leader was the devil himself.

    • Eat a Metaphor, Call It ‘god’

      There is no such thing as a Christian nation

      Christians were not commissioned by Christ to build nations

      Some who profess Christianity, and are about nation building are disobeying Christ.

      ***We are a Christian county***

      A reading of the Book of Hebrews will tell you that Christians have no country.

      Christ commanded you, if you are Christian, to read, and heed EVERY word of God – Matthew 4:4 KJB

      Had you obeyed Him you would know the above

      • balafama

        america does have a christian culture and christian traditions . we celebrate christian holidays and this has been done for more than 250 years and so its viewed as a christian country in a broad sense. most of our elected officials and the populace is christian .

        • knight

          I never really viewed many recent Presidents since LBJ took office. All in deals to sell out the USA and the world with UN’s help.

      • Mark_Trail

        Yeah. NO. Christ commissioned his disciples to go to all the nations and preach the Gospel, baptize and forgive sins in the Name of the Father, Son and Holy Spirit. God judges the heart, and only He alone can say what is and isn’t a Christian nation, but the outward signs of the inward grace which God has shed on this Sweet Land of Liberty throughout her history is undeniable.

        Don’t confuse the “nation-building” of our corrupt government with the advance of the preaching of the Gospel.

      • Sunflowergirlntx

        Looks like we have a “cherry picker” here, one that picks tidbits from the Bible to use to is advantage. Sorry dear. Those of us that KNOW the Bible (for real) know that you are a con artist

        • Eat a Metaphor, Call It ‘god’

          Nasty little beast, aren’t you dear?

          • sandra schmidt

            Why are you attacking her for expressing her opinion? Can’t you win a debate with her on the facts?

          • Eat a Metaphor, Call It ‘god’

            IF you could comprehend what she wrote, you would have noted her attack.

            But, obviously you can’t comprehend things well.

      • Grandpapa Tyler RJ Lorge I

        SHUT UP PIE HOLE!!!

        • Eat a Metaphor, Call It ‘god’


          Preach the word; be instant in season, out of season; reprove, rebuke, exhort with all longsuffering and doctrine. 2 Timothy 4:2

    • sandra schmidt

      Even if it were a religion, you would not be obliged to respect it.

    • jlh243_1

      Ash Rosetti, it is because we as a Christian nation have become “lukewarm” as the Lord said in Revelation 3:16, So then, because you are lukewarm, and neither cold nor hot, I will vomit you out of My mouth.

      We as a nation and as individuals need to repent and call on the name of the Lord so that He will hear from Heaven and forgive us and heal our land! He won’t do this until we REPENT of our evil ways. He is allowing our destruction because we have allowed ourselves to be seduced by satan and the pleasures of this world. We have allowed the liberals to take over and murder about 3500 babies PER DAY. We have allowed queer marriage to become common place and it’s about to be made the law of the land by the supreme court.

      That’s just two of the biggest things wrong, but there are literally thousands of examples of how we as a nation and individuals in this nation have turned our backs on God. Then we wonder why He is allowing the muslims to take over and destroy us! Until we as a nation and as individuals repent and come back to God, we can not expect His intervention on our behalf to save us from the destruction we brought on ourselves by turning our backs on Him and His protection that this nation has enjoyed since it’s inception. We are the problem, our sin against God and nature is the problem!

      • Mack Pooh

        Whoa there, dudette…..

        I suggest you prove that god exists and will save you, because at this point in American history, it appears he is failing. Royally!!

        Islam is invading the free world with rape, murder, torture, theft, lies, manipulation, extortion, deviancy, and Americans still believe islam is correctable. Are we to sit around and wait for god’s big return to save earth from the cancers known as muslims.

        The ONLY recourse(s) are: nuke the african continent along with the middle east, and/or, eternally destroy islam in all its forms including men and women, boys and girls, from birth to elder. PLAIN AND SIMPLE!!!

        Beat around the bush as you may, it is only time. Muslims are cowards and unearthly, and have no right to life…..

        • Abbas

          you pussies can’t even finish those mother fucking terrorists even after being the so called “best army” in the world. Suck my dick you mother fucker. Keep dreaming and die.

          • Mack Pooh

            You womb rejected thug.


            Whoa, there hussein, We ARE the best Army in the world. We beat your boyfriends in Iraq, and that idiotic piece of human inconvenience in the Oval Office, obama, (I believe he is yo daddy) gave back all that we fought for, AND WON…………..

            Are you a ghost or something? I thought we dropped you in Iraq..

            By the way, you never talked like that when we were together. Stop it……

            Now go away, you distorted vision of toilet bowl residue.

            You are precisely why we need the PATRIOT ACT. There are folks on here claiming to be American and not supporting the Patriot Act.


          • Grandpapa Tyler RJ Lorge I


        • Grandpapa Tyler RJ Lorge I


      • Abbas

        You mean your lord the bastard son of a slut?

        • Grandpapa Tyler RJ Lorge I


  • mycorrado

    Islam allows for exceptions, most folk unaware. Cant prey at work? No worries make them up later, no penalties.. We should not be changing jack.

    • sandra schmidt

      “Prey” is right when it comes to islamofascists. The only question is whether it is we who will be the prey or them.

  • Alisa Lisa Isbell

    So much for our Independence ! They just give it away !

    • Nina

      “They” don’t have the power to give anything away. When July 4th arrives, cookouts will be taking place all day in my area. At night, fireworks will be seen all over our neighborhood.
      “They” can have any sick, delusional party they want in their private little room. It will change nothing in the real world of real Americans.

      • sandra schmidt

        I think the change was just for the embassy party. Even creepy Obama knows that if he tried to change the 4th of July here it would be the last act of his Presidency.

      • knight

        Let the people of the USA can tell them where to stick June 4th

      • Betty4440

        we have the whole week end the 4 th lands on Saturday. start celebrating on Friday night. it will be a great weekend don’t you think?

      • Alisa Lisa Isbell

        I agree , but to the world it looks like we are folding under this administration . I don’t know about you but I am tired of seeing so many things that people fought and died for, destroyed or changed to keep from offending people that either don’t live here or have came here for he benefits .But everything America stands for makes them butt hurt .Our way of life ,our traditions and our laws all offend them but our benefits don’t .

    • knight

      It is a crime to the people of freedom a d those of the USA

  • Kett

    Sickening. Truly sickening. Have the people at the Indonesian embassy lost their minds?! I feel like I’m living in the Twilight Zone, only this is real people! It’s maddening and frightening at the same time.

    • knight

      Why bow to them when they slowly enforce Sharia.

  • RCCA

    From Pew Research Center, The Pew Forum on Religion & Public Life.

    “The World’s Muslims: Religion, Politics and Society”

    p. 123 Relationships with people of other faiths:

    “In every country where the question was

    asked, a large majority of Muslims say all or

    most of their close friends share their faith.

    The survey finds that even in countries with

    substantial non-Muslim populations, a large

    majority of Muslims say most, if not all, of

    their close friends share their faith. For

    example, in Lebanon, where non-Muslims

    make up nearly 40% of the population, 94% of

    Muslims describe their circle of close friends

    as exclusively or mostly Muslim.36 In Russia,

    where non-Muslims make up 90% of the

    population, 78% of Muslims say most or all of their close friends share their Islamic faith.” 37

    • Betty4440

      well I guess they do share their faith they are muslim also and serve satan.

  • Duffy

    Screw ramadan….like they would move any of their holidays for us?! Are you kiddin’ me?

  • NoBamaYoMama

    Stupid Dhimmi’s!

  • s;vbkr0boc,klos;

    All of them graduates of the Ben Dover School of Islamic Relations.

  • bobcchicago

    “Ramadhan which will begin on June 17 and last for one month”

    OK, so no 4th of July celebration out of respect, Ramadhan last for 1 month …. OK ……. but let me ask you ——>>>>> will Indonesia respect Christmas, Chanukah ….. just pasted Easter and Passover, any respect there ……. in this month of respect will there be any women, children and gays that will be respected? Will there be any special islamic terrorist events in Indonesia for this celebration, if so who will the victims be?

  • vlparker

    So Ramadan is coming up. Big effing deal. It’s inside the US embassy. It wouldn’t even have any effect on Indonesian muslims. Talk about groveling.

    • Charles Rodriguez

      If you knew anything about embassies, you would know the majority of the staff is local nationals and the embassy is closed for local holidays and US holidays.

      • defcon 4

        “The majority of staff is local nationals”. Wow that must make the embassy staff feel secure, after all, it’s not like musswein have a predilection for terrorism or anything…

  • dockilldare

    US Ambassador to Indonesia Robert O. Blake and US Ambassador to ASEAN Nina Hachigian presided over the festivities,” these two ambassadors need to be in the unemployment line. ASAP that is a fucking disgrace plain and simple.

  • Mark_Trail

    People say Pamela Geller is encouraging Muslim violence, when all she is doing is making sure her rights and by extension all human rights are kept free, but kow-towing to Islam like changing the time when celebration of American freedom occurs in deference to Ramadan on American Free Soil (which is what any American Embassy is) is what encourages Muslim violence.

  • Mic

    Contemptible !

  • Larry Morris

    Who says Obama doesn’t lead? By example he shows us submission to Islam. Better safe than sorry though- Remember what happened to the Ambassador in Benghazi.

  • Lisa Miller

    We are the fools! The Muslims hate us and all our religions. They hate our holidays. They dishonor our soldiers. They want to change our laws and create a nation ruled by Sharia. Our president has told a UN official that the US will be an Islamic nation by 2016 before he leaves office. And yet, there are still people out there who think that this vile person walks on water and pretend that nothing is going to happen to our great nation. WAKE UP, WAKE UP, WAKE UP. We are constantly accommodating these poor excuses for human beings, yet they wouldn’t give us ice in the winter! They are vile creatures that crawled out a hole in the desert. Ignorant and stupid people.

    • knight

      I would have given them marching orders on their first day of demands.

  • Stuart Stephens

    I guess Obama just signed an executive order to change the date of US indepenence


    that July 4th was celebrated on the 6th anniversary of Obama’s Cairo, New Beginning (suck up to Islam) Speech which did nothing to improve US/Islamic relations? Or US/Egyptian relations which have been set back decades? June 4th also fell on the 26th anniversary of Ali Khamenei becoming Iran’s 2nd Supremo. Did Obama notify Khamenei that he was the reason for the June 4th date? Absurd you say? Not for this ass kissing prez who celebrated the Iranian New Year in the White House.

  • Shwayz

    Wow.. I cannot think of any other country in the world, changing the date of one of its most important celebrations. Period. What does an American holiday have to do with Rubmybum? Nothing.

  • that was done this past Thursday here in Jerusalem where 90% of the invited guests are Arabs

  • Melanie Schielder

    how many damn time a year do those camel jockeys have such a ridicules holiday? I mean really I think i heard about this BS crap about 5 times last year, we only have one NATIONAL BIRTHDAY, why does it have to take a back seat to something that happens more then once a year?

  • Betty4440


  • BonniePrinceCharlie

    How come the US Government and the Prophet Obama are so respectful of Muslims but not of other faith groups?

    • disqus_HlH4Faibhw

      Because muslims are just oh-so-special.

      (Gag gag hurl)

    • sandra schmidt

      Because O is a black Muslim.

      • Betty4440

        you said that right. but in the end it want help him any he is their slave. and he hasn’t got the brains to see it.

  • marlene

    The biggest theft by the globalists and their minions in our own government is of our identity – as a country, as a people and as individuals. Everything that defines us has been re-defined. Everything that works to unite us has been divided. Our military, our families, our races, all being forced to take “sides” when there is only one side that truly matters – freedom, liberty and prosperity. Everything we believe in as patriots has been censored – by executive fiat, unconstitutional laws and outright tyranny. “Global” implies all of us but in truth, fact and practice, it refers only the few corporate demons whose agenda is to impoverish and control those of us who are left after they murder us and call it “depopulation.” So, folks, what are we-the-people going to do about it? Read the constitution, read the bible and ACT – now before it’s too late.

    • sandra schmidt

      It won’t be the Christian extremists who save America. They are too busy acting like ISIS light, going after women and gays in our own country. You secretly admire ISIS because they do what you would like to do, impose your belief system on others.

      • defcon 4

        I don’t think any Christian extremists compare in any sense w/the likes of ISIS. ISIS doesn’t merely oppose LGBT rights, they oppose their rights to exist, live and breathe.

        • sandra schmidt

          You are correct, but people like Fred Phelps who picket military funerals and Scott Lively who “community organized” the gay criminalization laws in Africa and Russia are pretty close – they are now suppressed by our civil society so no executions yet.

          Afghanistan, Turkey, Syria were on their way to becoming more civilized and egalitarian. Then the religious fanatics took over.
          It could happen anywhere so it is good to be vigilent.

          • defcon 4

            Turkey? Syria? Afghanistan? Civilised? You’re kidding me right?
            Turkey committed the Istanbul pogrom in the 1950’s, annexed/invaded Cyprus in the 1970’s (and ethnically cleansed it of non-muslims). Two synagogues were blown up in Turkey on the same day some ten years ago and the longest sentence handed down to the all muslim perps was six years.
            Syria ruthlessly persecuted its Jewish population for decades (under both Assads), fortunately nearly all of them have escaped.
            Afghanistan might have been a tolerant country — back when it was still run by Hindus and Buddhists.

          • sandra schmidt

            I am not saying I would ever want to live in any of those hellholes, just saying that the islamism is getting worse there. From the point of view of Jews or Armenians any muslim majority country is a collection of people who want to genocide them. However the Russian influence in Afghanistan and Syria and Ataturk in Turkey served to attempt to drag them into the 20th century and they seemed to be making progress. The veil was actually banned in Turkey under Ataturk and women used to be lawyers, judges and doctors in Afganistan before the Taliban, who were originally supported by the US to push the Russians out. That didn’t turn out so well. Neither will all the weapons “lost” to ISIS.

    • knight

      Start by indentifying you by the Labarum Cross and picking one to use. Have posted links above with one of my posts, marked Off Topic.

      Let’s give us all a indentity for starts as Constantine had done

  • Janet Mohrman

    What is next?? Canceling Christmas???

    • disqus_HlH4Faibhw

      Don’t give them any ideas.

  • Islam, Ramadan, Allah, and all of Satans filthy Pigs of Islam can kiss my American A$$! Islam is the Syphilis of the Soul and Allah is nothing more than Satan!

  • disqus_HlH4Faibhw

    When they come here we capitulate. When we go there we capitulate. If it wasn’t for the good old US of A half the world would still be living in caves. But we are still the capitulators. What else is new.

  • noreligon

    all they had to do was wait till the sun set then they good of handed out the spare ribs and beer.

  • GeoffreyBenFriedberg

    dirty filthy b@zt@rdz

  • wulff

    anyone doing this is a yellow scum sucking coward. Americans should NEVER EVER bow to some sheite heads that want to destroy this country or even if they didn’t. Americans BE Americans not yellow curs.

  • knight

    It is not right that one can abuse this day as it is like spitting on the American flag. Very much respected Independence day where lives and liberty have been the foundations of the American people

    Moving this to another date to please another country is an act of treason and those responsible should be arrested even the President as he does not represent the people.

  • mezcukor


  • Zarko

    Our Government is run by fucking DHIMMIS. Cowards that submit to intimidation by a group of cultists.

  • 1PierreMontagne1

    So what kind of precedent does this set for U.S. Embassies in all the other Moslem Nations?
    It wil be interesting to see what Deerborn Michigan will do. N0 doubt they will be encouraged to take a pass on the 4th of July by the “Great Divider” B. Hussein Obama
    What will happen to Americans who do want to celebrate the 4th in Deerborn?

    • Betty4440

      do it. this your country not theirs. not unless you are a muslim. never let them rule over you and yours. now is the time to take a stand. if the musims don’t like it the know where they can go.

  • gskeers


  • Jerm

    This is NOT the American celebration of the 4th of July. This is the U.S. National Day. All embassies do these every year. Ours generally falls AROUND the 4th of July, but all Americans must work these events, so having it ON the 4th of July would suck for Americans anyways. This is the event we hold to invite foreign dignitaries to celebrate our National heritage, history, and culture. It is exclusively for them, so holding it during Ramadan would be senseless, as the host country would not be able to attend. And believe me, no American wants to have this event on the 4th of July! We’d much rather have the day off than serve foreign dignitaries during our Independence Day!

    • jlh243_1

      You weak kneed, capitulating coward.

      • Jerm

        How so? Again, this event is something ALL embassies do. The author of this article is deceitful and did no research. ALL embassies do this. Most don’t do it on the 4th of July, since the employees at the embassy would rather have the 4th of July off to celebrate. This isn’t the normal “PC” stunt, believe me, I’d be the first to call foul. I HATE working on the 4th of July.

  • defcon 4

    The muslim-nazis respect Ramadan so much they attacked Israel on Ramadan in 1973.

  • Terry Newberry

    Obama grabbing his ankles for muslim pigs

  • Terry Newberry

    Boy Obama grabbing his ankles for muslim pigs

  • ariel aisling

    Wow… Why would you even bother to get upset about this? Although a US embassy is US territory, this particular embassy happens to be hosted in a Muslim country.
    I’m sure that you’d love it if any foreign embassy in the US was respecting so-called American culture, so why get so upset when the American embassy respects their host nation?
    If you read the article you posted you’ll see that many Indonesians attended the celebration. I’m sure an even greater number of locals worked to make the celebration happen. If the celebration had taken place during Ramadan those guests wouldn’t have been able to participate and and the organizers would have had difficulties finding local workers.
    Besides that, what is so wrong with being the (in your opinion) first party to show oneself willing to compromise?

  • Robin Banks

    Wait a generation or two and if Islamization continues as it has been, July 4 will be celebrated in deference to Ramadan right in the good ol’ US of A. Wait a couple more generations and Ramadan will be celebrated in lieu of July 4.

  • Patricia

    Imagine the poop if that were tried here in the Homeland.

  • Daniel Snow

    Bunch of retards. The point of an embassy in another country is to foster healthy relations with that country. To celebrate your most important public holiday, with respect to their highest religious holiday, is why you have an embassy there in the first place.

    But everything has to work in favor of america, or for america, otherwise its not okay.

  • Robert Hicks

    An Embassy is considered part of whatever Sovereign nation that built it. This is an American Embassy. It is legally considered to be part of America.

    That muslim @$#@ in the People’s House had to okay this first because an Ambassador does NOT have the legal authority to make such a decision as this.

    Blake explained that the theme of the event leaned toward “green”
    development, which supported the US’ focus on building and promoting a
    green economy and more environmentally sustainable development.

    That is even more proof of the Obamination’s fingerprints all over that decision: green sustainability and development, a green economy and shafting every American in all her history as a nation has been destroyed all in one fell swoop!

    I’m surprised Obeyme didn’t have Robert O Blake bow down and apologise to ASEAN Nina Hachigian for America’s still being in existance.

    That idiot Blake is too stupid for words.

  • Hank22

    Why? mohammed was no prophet. That’s the biggest hoax of the 21 century that been going on since he was robbing and pillaging people back in the 8th century.
    he contributed nothing to life, but “murder as a commandment”.

  • Elie Challita

    No actually, that’s an entirely separate celebration. Embassies usually celebrate National Day close to July 4th, but not on it. On National Day the embassies in foreign countries invite local dignitaries to celebrate US culture and history.

    It would complicated to host that celebration during Ramadan because of dietary and chronological constraints, therefore the embassies almost always reschedule it when it would conflict with local custom.

    Don’t get your panties in a bunch prematurely.

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